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THE PROJECTS THESIS FOR MBA STUDENTS: International Management and Business: Doc. Ing.

Iveta Ubreiov, CSc. Dept. of Management 1. International Business Environment: A Case Study of Selected Country 2. Globalization - Positive and Negative Factors of Globalization /e.g. global terrorism, antiamericanism.../ 3. International Business Ethics: Selected Ecological and Social Problems 4. Hunger and the Globalization System of Trade and Food Production 5. Cultural Differences in Selected Countries and Regions 6. Foreign Direct Investments : Challenges for Better Strategy and Competitiveness 7. Own proposal of project Human Resource Management Doc. Ing. Mria ajbidorov, PhD. Dept. of Management 1. The Leadership The Tool of Motivation of Employees (tl vedenia ako nstroj motivcie zamestnancov) 2. The Selection of Employees and Their Access into Working Process (Vber zamestancov do pracovnho procesu 3. The Effective Communication at the Working Place (Efektvna komunikcia na pracovisku) 4. The Evaluation of Employees in Organization (Hodnotenie zamestnancov v organizcii) 5. The Adaptation and Education of Employees in Enterprise (Adaptcia a vzdelvanie zamestancov v podniku) Strategic Management Doc. Ing. Jn Murga, CSc. Dept. of Management 1. The Measurement of Competitive Ability Methods (Meranie konkurennej schopnosti metdy) 2. The Competitive Advantage and Its Resource (Konkurenn vhoda a jej zdroje) 3. The Competitive Ability of Business (Konkurenn schopnos podnikania) 4. The SWOT Analysis Theory and Modification (SWOT analza teria a modifikcie) 5. The Observation of the Enterprises Environment Theory (Skmanie prostredia podnikov) 6. The Evaluation of the Internal Environment of Enterprises Theory, Methods, Interpretation) Hodnotenie internho prostredia podniku (teria, metdy, interpretcia)

Basics of Management Ing. Radovan Savov, PhD. Dept. of Management 1. The Evaluation of Planning in Selected Company (Zhodnotenie plnovania vo vybranej spolonosti) 2. The Evaluation of the Organizing Process in the Company and Changes Suggestion. (Zhodnotenie procesu organizovania v podniku a nvrhy zmien) 3. The Managerial Techniques and Methods in Managers Work (Manarske techniky a metdy v prci manara) 4. The New Trends in Management (Nov trendy v manamente) 5. Managerial Function of Leading in Selected Company (Manarska funkcia vedenia ud vo vybranej spolonosti) Total Quality Management Ing. Zuzana Kapsdorferov, PhD. Dept. of Management 1. Allying of Total Quality Management Quality Council, Quality Statements, Deming, Juran, Crosby, Feigenmbaum Philosophy, Quality costs - Taguchi Quality Loss Function, Barriers to TQM Implementation, Principles of TQM, Leadership Concepts, Role of Senior Management. 2. Quality planning and assuring Quality Planning - Customer satisfaction Customer Perception of Quality, Customer Complaints, Service Quality, Customer Retention, Employee Involvement Motivation, Empowerment, Teams, Recognition and Reward, Performance Appraisal, Benefits. TQM Tools Benchmarking Reasons to Benchmark, Benchmarking Process, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) House of Quality, QFD Process, Benefits, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Concept, Improvement Needs, FMEA Stages of FMEA Building and implementing of Quality managerial systems in company Needs for quality system (ISO 900.:2000, HACCP, GMP, BRC, OHSAS), Quality System Elements, Concept, Benefits, Requirements, Implementation of Quality System, Documentation, Auditing. Continuous Process Improvement Types of quality improvement process,implementation and benefits of the continuous process