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a.2.5 A b. 6.

3 A

c. 6.5 A d. 7.5 A

14. For 55 V voltage equipment can be used on 220 V, the applied voltage transformer: a. The number of secondary winding 1 / 4 x coil primary winding b The number of secondary winding x primary winding c.The number secondary winding 2 x primary winding d. The number of secondary windings 4 x of primary winding 15. People who do research on the relationship between energy of motion into electrical energy is ... a.Ampere c. M. Faraday b. Oersted d. Maxwell 16. Induced current occurs when: a. Magnets placed in the coil b. Magnet-driven approach and avoid coil c. Coil placed adjacent to magnets d. Coil placed in a magnetic field 17. EMF induction magnitude is influenced by the following things .... 1) Changes in the magnetic lines of force 2) The speed of change in magnetic force 3) The number of winding coils 4) The magnetic False statements are a. 1 c. 3 b. 2 d. 4 18. The parts of the transformer is ... a. Primary coil b. Secondary coil c. Soft iron core that not be coherent d. All the above answers correct 19. Portion which moves or rotates in the generator is called ... a. Stator c. Alternator b. Rotor d.Transformer v666666666666666666666 20. Differences AC generator with DC generator located at .... a. The existence of brush b. Existence of glide ring c. the existence of permanent magnets d. the number of coil windings

21. Here are four tools that work on the principle of electromagnetic induction 1) Transformers 3) Komulator 2) generator 4) Dinamo False statements are a. 1 c. 3 b. 2 d. 4 22. A step-down transformer is used to lower the AC voltage from 220 V to 110 V. The ratio of secondary to primary winding is ... a. 1: 3 c. 2:1 b. 2:3 d. 3:2 23. In the transformer effect relationship: a. Vp: Vs = Ns: Np c. Vp: Vs = Is: Ip b. Ip: Is = Np: Ns d Vp: Vs = Ip: Is 24. Transformer can not be used for .... a. Changing the voltage b. Changing electric currents c. Changing electric power d. Electric energy transmission 25. Transformer can not be used to direct current for .... a. the current is too strong b. Voltage is too small c. There is change the direction of magnetic force lines d. No changes lines of magnetic force 26. In the normal transmission of electrical power over long distances should use a. high voltage c. Large power c. low voltage d. Strong large currents 27. The voltage generated by power generators are generally much smaller than the transmission voltage. To be transmitted to a high voltage power then be used .... a. Transformer c. Step-up transformer b. Low transformer d. Inductors 28. If trnsmision electric power high voltage power, then the current is strong .... a. Great c. Fixed b. Small d. Change-change 29. Electrical appliance that is used to obtain a high voltage AC current from low voltage DC current is called ..

a. Adapter b. Powersuply

c.Transformer d. Inductors

30. Alternating current dynamo can be converted into direct current dynamo using a. Strator c. Komulator b. rotor d. Adapter II. Essays do the following questions with brief, clear, and precise 1. Number of primary winding of a transformer 4 is 12 x the number of secondary winding. When strong secondary flows 6A. Determine the primary currents! 2. The number of primary and secondary windings of a transformer is 25: 1 if the power transformer is 1.100 W, while the primary voltage of 220 V, calculate the primary current and secondary current! 3. A transformer has a ratio of the number of primary and secondary windings as 20: 1 secondary current 80 A. If the transformer is given primary voltage at 2.5 KV, calculate: a. primary electric current b. Secondary voltage c. The power transformer 4. Efficiency of a transformer at 20%. Calculate large electric power transformer is lost every second at 500 W 5. A power plant produces 500 MW and use voltage 1,000 KV for long-distance transmission. Determine the magnitude of current that flows on the transmission wire.

PRACTISE PROBLEM II Choose one best answer! 1. The emergence of the electric current due to changes in the magnetic field on the coil wire. This statement put forward by .... a. Ampere c. Faraday b. Oersted d. J.J Thomson 2. EMF magnitude induction in a coil that penetrated by the magnetic field depends on several things below, except: a. Number of winding b. Magnetic velocity c. No changes in the magnetic field coil d. Too small magnetic 3. When the magnet is not moving then on coil not happen EMF induction. This is because: a. Magnetic loss their properties b. In coil no magnetic field c. No changes the magnetic field on coil d. The magnet too small 4. To obtain a high voltage of alternating current used equipment: a. Transformer step-up c. AC Generator b.Transformer step down d. DC Generator 5. A house located in a village far from the center power plant, doesnt have bright lamp.To change the voltage we use .... a. Fuses c. Electric meter b. Transformer d. Fitting 6. Sometimes, an electrical appliance work at low voltage that does not comply with the voltage in our homes. To change the voltage, we use a. Commutator c. Transformer b. Rotor d. Inductor 7. The generator that stay called ... a. Rotor b. Commutator

c. Stator d. Radiator

8. The instrument used to lower the voltage is ... a. Step up transformer b. Step-down transformer c. Transistor step up d. Step-down transistors



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