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Startup key combinations for Intel-based Macs

Startup key combinations for Intel-based Macs

Summary Learn about the startup key combinations you can use with Intel-based Macs. Products Affected Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac

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You can use the following startup key combinations with Intel-based Macs. Keystroke
Press C during startup Press D during startup Press Option-Command-P-R until you hear startup sound a second time. Start up in Startup Manager, where you can select an OS X volume Press Option during startup to start from. Note: Press N to make the the first bootable Network volume appear as well. Press Eject, F12, or hold the mouse or trackpad button Press N during startup Press T during startup Press Shift during startup Press Command-V during startup Press Command-S during startup Ejects any removable media, such as an optical disc. Attempt to start up from a compatible network server (NetBoot). Start up in Target Disk Mode. Start up in Safe Boot mode and temporarily disable login items. Start up in Verbose mode. Reset NVRAM
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Start up from a bootable CD, DVD, or USB thumb drive (such as OS X install media). Start up in Apple Hardware Test (AHT).

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Start up in Single-User mode.

Press Option-N during startup Start from a NetBoot server using the default boot image. Press Command-R during startup 1 Start from Lion Recovery 1

Available on Macs that ship with OS X Lion. Some CPUs require an EFI BootROM update to support this feature.

Additional Information
For the best experience with startup keys, press the keys immediately after the startup tone plays.

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Startup key combinations for Intel-based Macs

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