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30 Day Musical Theatre Challenge (but rules are made to be broken so I'll probably do them all at once) 1- Your

favorite song from a musical 2- Your favorite character from a musical 3- Your favorite scene from a musical 4- A musical that you hate 5- A musical that you want to watch next 6- Your favorite pop musical 7- Your favorite villain in a musical 8- Your favorite actor in a musical 9- Your favorite actress in a musical 10- You favorite child actor/actress in a musical 11- A character you can relate to 12- A musical you can relate to 13- Your favorite book that was based on a musical or vice versa 14- Your first musical 15- The musical you would like to be in 16- An actor/actress (from a musical) that you would like to meet 17- Your favorite musical movie 18- Your Musical obssession 19- A musical that is your guilty pleasure 20- Favorite off-broadway musical 21- First musical obsession 22- A musical that makes you happy 23- A musical that makes you sad 24- A song from a musical that youve listened to a billion times

25- Your favorite Boubil and Schonberg musical 26- A movie that you think should be a musical 27- Your favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical 28- Your favorite Disney musical 29- A musical that has changed how you thought of things 30- Your favorite musical 30 day musical theatre/er challenge! AKA: the next thing Im gonna do to annoy the shit out of my followers lol Every day for a month, post a song: 1. From the first musical you saw/heard. 2. From your latest musical obsession. 3. Demonstrating how underrated you think a musical is. 4. Demonstrating how overrated you think a musical is. 5. Which makes you happy. 6. Which makes you sad/teary. 7. Sung by your favourite female singer in a musical. 8. Sung by your favourite male singer in a musical. 9. From the musical you know all (or nearly all) the lines to. 10. From your least favourite musical. 11. From the musical which made the most impact on you. 12. You could listen to all day. 13. From the musical you loved from hearing the first note. 14. From the musical you havent listened to (or seen) in a while. 15. By your favourite musical composer. 16. From your least favourite musical, by your favourite composer. 17. With the best music. 18. With the best lyrics. 19. From a musical which disappointed you. 20. From your guilty pleasure musical. 21. Which inspires you. 22. From the musical you wish was (never) made into a movie. 23. From the musical which everyone should see performed live. 24. Which makes you laugh. 25. Which is your current favourite. 26. Sung by the character in a musical you can most relate to. 27. From a musical youd love to see featuring/starring all your favourite performers. 28. Sung by the musical character thats so bad/cruel/evil (etc.) you love them OR Sung by the musical character you love to hate. 29. From the musical you would love to be involved in (directing, singing, etc.). 30. From your favourite musical.

30 Day Musical Challenge(full list) 1. The most underrated musical. 2. A musical that makes you happy. 3. A musical that makes you sad. 4. Favorite song from a musical. 5. First musical obsession. 6. A musical that was cut too short. 7. A musical from your favorite composer 8. Favorite Off-Broadway musical. 9. A musical that you once loved but now you hate. 10. Current musical obsession. 11. A musical that you hate. 12. A musical that is your guilty pleasure. 13. Favorite Broadway Diva. 14. Favorite Broadway Divo. 15. A musical you would have loved to see on stage. 16. A musical that disappointed you. 17. Favorite adapted musical. 18. The musical that youve seen most recently. 19. A musical that was robbed of the Tony. 20. A musical that you think is overrated. 21. Least favourite musical from your favorite composer. 22. A musical that had a huge impact on you. 23. A musical that youve been in. 24. A musical that youve seen more than once.

25. A musical with the best choreography. 26. A musical that you know by heart. 27. Best revival of a musical.> 28. A musical with the best costume design. 29. A musical with the best all around cast. 30. Favorite musical of all time.