Changing the Tittle

“Evaluating the Barriers for Launching and Surviving a Fast Food SME in UK.”

Reducing it to 300 words. While providing more critical insight to it, so assessor may get a clear picture of what has been approached and achieved by following project.

1st Chapter:
• • • • • • • Referencing will be revised. Aims and Objectives will be refined. Reasons for the research will be included. Significance of the study will be included. Applicability of the Research will be added. Organisational profile will be presented of the subject organisation. Summary of the chapter will be provided.

2nd Chapter:
• • • • • • References will be revised. Context of the developed country will be added to the literature. Contents of the literature provided will be changed. The wider choice of literature will be presented while developing more emphasis on certain areas of subject topic. Analytical part including the research tools will be replaced by critical review of modern literature in similar context. Summary of the literature will be enriched and made more critical.

3rd Chapter:
• References will be revised.

5th Chapter: • • • References will be included. Research Tool for external and internal environmental analysis will be revised.• • • • • • • Data Robustness will be discussed Sampling Unit and Variables will be included Research Variables will be further discussed Selection of a particular research variable and tool will be justified. Chapter summary will be provided. Chapter Summary will be included 4th Chapter: • • • • • • • • References will be revised. Discussion will be reflected with the literature review. The analysis will be made more critical. Graphical representation of the data will be critically discussed in the main body. Sample size will be revised and justified. Key findings of the chapter 4 will further be discussed 6th Chapter: • Recommendations will be based on the findings of the current research . The complete chapter will be reviewed and adjusted as according to the changes made in chapter 3. The data accumulated for the current project will further be critically evaluated to provide effective results. Overall research methodology will be revised. Personal reflection and consultation to the literature will also be provided.

• The coherence between the literature. analysis and findings will be conjoined with the recommendations. i. Sample questionnaire will be added Research ethics and data robustness policy as provided to the participants of the research. A large selection of Research Articles as referenced in Literature Review. . ii. Bibliography will be provided Research Portfolio: • Research portfolio will be attached to the soft coy of the project that will include the following. iii. Sample of the consent letter as provided by sample organisation participating the research. References: • • References will be updated as according to the changed made in main draft. iv.

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