GRILE A/F MFC-CIG: Comunicare de afaceri in limba engleza 2-2008/2009 TRUE/FALSE 1) In a leasing contract, the person

giving the lease is called the lessee or tenant and the person to whom it is given is the lessor. ANS: F 2) A practical alternative in collecting past due receivables is to use the services of a collection agency. ANS: T 3) In addition to personal information, a CV (resume) should include personal descriptions and a philosophical statement. ANS: F 4) Cereals, precious metals and raw materials are traded on the stock exchange. ANS: F 5) Financial accounting reports may provide information concerning future performance as well as past performance. ANS: F 6) Business Writing Memos never use indented paragraphs. ANS: T 7) Financial accounting is less constrained than the management accounting. ANS: F 8) In a semiblock style (Modified block) business letter the complimentary close begins slightly to the left of the center of the page. All lines of the signature are aligned with the salutation line. ANS: F 9) Memos omit both the salutation and the complimentary close. ANS: T

.10) Accounting is the daily recording of financial information while bookkeeping is the design and maintenance of the accounting system. ANS: F 11) In accounting a gradual loss in the value of something. ANS: F 20) The Romanian equivalent for " Accounts receivable" is "conturi debitoare". such as a vehicle. ANS: T 17) In a semiblock style (Modified block) business letter the first line of each paragraph is indented five to ten spaces. request or suggestion. ANS: T 16) Business Writing The term "memorandum" can be used instead of "memo". ANS: T 13) A sole trader is a natural person. ANS: T 12) Stretching accounts payable is a cost-free method of financing a business. ANS: F 15) In a memo there is no salutation and complimentary close. ANS: T 14) The Board of Directors is appointed by the Managing Director (MD). requirement. ANS: T 19) Gerund is frequently used in business writing to express a demand. ANS: T 18) Accounting terminology In a cash flow statement expenses are entered as paid. a machine or any ASSET that wears out with use and age is called depreciation.

ANS: T 22) In an alphabetical filing system. ANS: F 30) Accounting terminology Inventory is a synonym for stock. ANS: F 25) An insurance certificate is a proof that the goods are covered for risk of damage or loss during transit and is often asked for in the documentary credit ANS: T 26) Chronological filing means to file documents by date ANS: T 27) A deposit account is a bank account in which you usually leave money for a long time and which pays you interest ANS: T 28) Rent is what you pay to shareholders. the less you need a logical system for filing it. ANS: T . ANS: F 29) Creditors are people who owe you money. ANS: F 24) A signed advertisement does not include the name of the firm placing the advertisement.ANS: T 21) Financial accountants are not responsible for the forecasting of the company’s future. ANS: T 23) The more information passes through your office. all information is filed in ABC order. but it is signed by the firm’s manager.

ANS: F 36) Most often. ANS: T 32) The average is the total amount of something.31) The opposite of a loss is a profit. ANS: F 40) A supplier must not reply to a customer’s letter of order. ANS: F 35) Pre/tax profits are the same as net profits. express thanks and assure the buyer the goods will be supplied in due time and proper conditions. ANS: T 39) A Letter of order is a company’s reply to a claim and complaint letter. they prefer to use special order forms. ANS: F 33) An auditor is a person who keeps accounts. skills and experience. ANS: T 38) Letters of complaint must to be accurate. ANS: F 41) The companies are not at all organised along product lines. . clear and concise. ANS: F 34) Fixed assets is a synonym for tangible assets. when companies decide to place orders. ANS: T 37) A reply to an order is meant to acknowledge the receipt of the purchase order. ANS: F 42) Your CV or resume is a concise statement of your background. education.

ANS: T 49) Some companies are divided into different business units. ANS: T 47) You need to ask your interviewer about the responsibilities of the position you apply for. you have to find out all you can about the company. ANS: T 48) Silicon Valley is full of software companies. ANS: F 45) In a Letter of Application you should create interest in your disabilities and state your desire to work for more companies at the same time ANS: F 46) Before you apply for a job with a particular company. often also called profit centres.ANS: T 43) The company’s Research and Development Department selects the applications and prepares a shortlist of candidates for an interview. ANS: F 44)During an interview you should not show too much interest in understanding your prospective employer’s needs. ANS: T .

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