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Flight to Medina

For many years the Prophet Muhammed had lived in Mecca, the city where he was born. It was from here that he heard the words of Allah, and where he started to preach the message Allah had given to him. Many people came to listen. They listened eagerly and very soon became Muhammed's followers. However he also gained many enemies among the city's merchants and rich people. They were scared of the power Muhammed seemed to have. No amount of money could gain this trust and power. They were afraid of losing their own position and power so they started to persecute Muhammed's followers and plotted to kill Muhammed himself. One night, a group of hired men set out to the house of Muhammed. However Muhammed had been warned by the Angel Jibril, who had given him Allah's message in the cave, not to sleep at his home that night. When the assassins burst into his house, with their knives gleaming and ready to kill, the man they found was not the Prophet, but his cousin, Ali. Meanwhile, Muhammed hurried to the home of his friend, Abu Bakr, who had two strong camels waiting. There was no time to lose. They mounted the camels and set off for the city Medina, and safety. But, to confuse the enemies they knew would follow, they went by a very roundabout route, so their tracks in the desert criss-crossed in the sand. When they reached a cool, quiet cave in the mountains, they stopped and hid. Sure enough, Muhammed's enemies were not far behind. They were furious at being tricked, so the merchants offered a reward of one hundred camels to anyone who captured the Prophet. Even though the tracks confused them they soon reached the cave. The people in the cave were scared. Whatever shall we do? said Abu Bakr. If they find us, they will definitely kill us. Allah will protect us, have faith, Muhammed told his friends. And so Allah did protect them. Even though their enemies found the entrance to the cave they did not come inside.

Theres no-one inside, they muttered. Look at the spiders web right across the entrance, and that birds nest on the ledge. No one has been in there for years. Its obvious. Then they rode away. Allah had put the web and the bird there and kept the two men hidden. A few days later, when at last it was safe to leave the cave, Muhammed and his friend made their way across the desert to Medina, and they were given a very warm welcome.

Suggested Comprehension Questions for Medina Story 1. Where was the Prophet Muhammed born? 2. Why do you think the rich people didnt like Muhammed? 3. Do you think rich or powerful people now would hate somebody like Muhammed? 4. How did Muhammed know that people were going to come and try and kill him? 5. Who did the assassins find when they burst into the cave? 6. Who did Muhammed go to Medina with? 7. How did they get to Medina? 8. How did Muhammed confuse the assassins who were following him? 9. What was the reward offered for the capture of Muhammed? 10. In the story how is the cave described (the one that Muhammed and friend hid in)? 11. Why did the assassins not look in the cave? 12. Do you think that Muhammed ever lost faith in Allah? Possible Spelling Lists 1 cave gain faith safe Allah house burst spider power camel 2 prophet Muhammed confuse knives desert preach listen Allah Medina capture 3 Muhammed prophet cousin eagerly assassins definitely route entrance Allah persecute