Test – 3rd Term

Form: 12th School Year: 2011/2012

5th December, 2011

English Written Test


The hippie culture shook the foundation of conformity to its core. NY on August 15-18. The youth of the 1960's all came together with similar ideals and became the most popular counterculture archetype. Joe Cocker.000 youthful individuals gathered peacefully at Woodstock 1969 creating the largest gathering of human beings in one place in history.English Written Test School Year 2011/2012 Test – 3rd Term 12th Form A. Individuals able to organize in that magnitude for a common interest was something that those in power were absolutely terrified of and had every right to be. the world would be an entirely different place today. Woodstock 1969 defined an entire generation and its effects on music and American culture can still be felt today. Legendary performances by such music icons as Jimi Hendrix. What began as a paid event drew so many viewers from across the world that the fences were torn down and it became a free concert open to the public. reports of attempts to disperse the half a million individuals have been surfacing ever since the event.com 2 . 1 5 Woodstock was the pop culture music event of the decade and arguably to this day the single most profound event in the history of music. the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin are still considered landmarks in music history. The crowd at Woodstock in 1969. Woodstock in 1969 was also among the last performances of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin who are seen as some of the best in their respective fields. Fans got a taste of a variety of music styles which came together in perfect harmony. 10 15 20 25 30 In http://www. and The Who. Joan Baez. Hollywood movies are still being made to celebrate the event such as Taking Woodstock. the story of Elliot Tiber. The Woodstock 1969 poster has come to be one of the most famous images in American culture as well as a symbol of peace. Acts from all around the world met at Max Yasgur's Farm in Bethel. 500.woodstockstory. Had Woodstock 1969's focus turned from music to revolution. Santana. Such an extravagant event warranted the production of an academy award winning documentary of Woodstock 1969 and a number of popular Woodstock film and album releases. Janis Joplin. The entire psychedelic music vein became popularized at Woodstock 69 and still influences bands of all ages to this day. Hippie is a term that has not diminished in popularity or as a subculture to this day. 1969 for a celebration of peace and music. Woodstock '69 featured one of the most prolific musical line-ups in history including such icons as Jimi Hendrix. Santana. Joe Cocker. which reached near a half a million people sent a message to the world that individuals could come together peacefully to celebrate peace and music. The music at Woodstock in 1969 embodied extraordinary popular acts from all over the world. Read the following text carefully.

GIVE COMPLETE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS BELOW. USE YOUR OWN WORDS AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. An entire generation ________________________________________________________________ 2. People still use the word “Hippie” with its original meaning. COMPLETE THE SENTENCES ACCORDING TO THE TEXT. its (line 7) 3. in the end. They were about half a million people showing the world that individuals could come together peacefully” Max Yasgur stated … 2. Local people took advantage of it to earn huge amounts of money. C. FIND SYNONYMS IN THE TEXT (paragraphs 3/4) FOR THE FOLLOWING WORDS: (4x5p=20p) 1. FIND EVIDENCE IN THE TEXT TO SUPPORT THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS: (4x5p=20p) 1. top E. Never before … 3. (2x10p=20p) 1. it (line 5) 2. exuberant 2. popular 3. 3. (8X5p=40p) 1. Janis Joplin was one of the main performers at the show.B. Woodstock turned out to be a free festival. Youthful individuals showed the world they could gather and enjoy the concert peacefully. but it was also an icon of America. At Woodstock 69 people could ________________________________________________________ 3. Clarify what is meant by “Had Woodstock 1969's focus turned from music to revolution. their (line 23) 4. N. (3x10p=30p) 1. Woodstock defined an entire generation and the American culture in general.Y. Not only was the festival’s poster considered the symbol of peace. The ideals of the Hippie Movement ____________________________________________________ F. Even though it was intended to be paid. What was the impact of the festival in the American society? 2. WHO/WHAT DO THE WORDS REFER TO? (4x5p=20p) 1. G. “During the festival fans got a taste of a variety of music styles which came together in perfect harmony. In spite of … 5. its (line 27) D. Janis Joplin… 4. 2. 4. An entire generation … 3 . She was against conformism and materialism. REWRITE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES BY USING THE PROMPTS GIVEN. the world would be an entirely different place today”. This kind of event had never been done before. remarkable 4. Such an extravagant event was not well received at Bethel.

If… 8. Woodstock was a free concert. correct and concise.000 youngsters." Instructions:       Comment on the statement focusing on its core parts.united in a message of peace. Good Work and Good Luck! 4 . Half a million youngsters … 7. Write a coherent conclusion. openness and cultural expression – and demonstrated how a generation could be heard. a monumental music festival changed our world. The Beat Generation was never a large movement in terms of sheer numbers. Use a diversified variety of vocabulary and connectors."In 1969. Keep to the word limit. but in influence and cultural status they were more visible than any other competing aesthetic. More than half a million people came together . The festival was so popular that it gave its name to the era – The Woodstock Generation. WRITE ABOUT 150-180 WORDS ON ONE OF THE TOPICS PRESENTED BELOW: (1X50p=50p) 1.” 2. a new cultural and literary movement staked its claim on the nation’s consciousness.000 youthful individuals. If Woodstock … H. The musicians of the festival sent a message to 500.”In America in the 1950s.6. Be clear. therefore it gathered peacefully 500. Refer to ideas/people/films that have been dealt with in class.

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