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Apple iPhone 1.

Introduction The concept of supply chain connects suppliers, production, distribution, delivery and customers together with the constant flow of information and by getting feedback from and to supplies (Shieh 2010). Supply chain consists of phases including getting raw materials, production, planning packaging, logistics, inventory, warehousing and finish manufacturing (Dawande M, Geismar H.N, Hall G.N, Sriskandarajah C 2006). In a supply chain, one important element is the sustainability that requires making indefinite production maximizing the profit and minimizing the cost. Inventory management is essential component of sustainability; there will be waste if there is no inventory control system in an organisation which includes unexpected and manufacturing costs. Krivobokova discussed that quality directly means customer satisfaction and adds value to product. Therefore quality and product life cycle affect the supply chain. It can be stated that customers do have a huge impact on supply chain; it starts and ends with customers. There will be no need for production without the presence of customers. This report aims to discuss the concept of supply chain on a popular mobile phone brand; iPhone and the effects of each element of supply chain on the productivity. This report has a significant long term objective on the requirements for constant innovation and the importance of interactions in supply chain components. 1.1. The Product and the Key Characteristics: Quality is a process that built sustainable relations with customers by fulfilling their requirements and expectations. Customers expectation differs from product to product; expectation might be uninterrupted calling for a mobile phone, or being long lasting for a pen. Apple is one of the top leaders in mobile phone industry. Apple makes innovations and developments since joining the sector. Quality is an important term for Apple due to the fundamentals of the company. Apple is dedicated to offer unique

productions to its customers. Research and development, continual improvement and innovations are essential for this company. For instance, iPhone is not only a mobile phone; it has changed the perspective of customers expectations from just a mobile phone to an irrevocable quality of our lives. IPhone brings about the general mobile phone duties including connecting internet, web-browsing, listening music, watching videos as well as high functioning applications in various kinds to attract the attention of customers in different age groups. A good mobile phone includes some dimensions to explain its quality such as performance, special features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics and brand equity or reputation (Boyer, Verma 2010). All these standards need to be considered as product quality standards.