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Laetitia Tisserand

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foreword Introduction
1. What is the Mayan Calendar 2. Who are the Classical Mayans 3. How does it work? 4. How to calculate your kin 5. The Shamanic Calendar 6. About 2012 and the time of Cauac 7. How to understand the psychological action of a kin in the life of a person

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Interpretation of the solar seals
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Imix The Red Dragon Ik The White Wind Akbal The Blue Night Kan The Yellow Seed Chichan The Red Snake Cimi The White Worldbridger Manik The Blue Hand Lamat The Yellow Star Muluk The Red Moon Oc The White Dog Chuen The Blue Monkey Eb The Yellow Human Ben The Red Sky Walker Ix The White Wizard Men The Blue Eagle Cib The Yellow Warrior Caban The Red Earth Etznab The White Mirror Cauac The Blue Storm

Ahau The Yellow Sun

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Interpretations of the Lunar Tones
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Magnetic Lunar Electric Self-existing Overtone Rhythmic Resonant Galactic Solar Planetary Spectral Crystal Cosmic

The energetic body The healing process Different classification of the solar seals Glossary Bibliography About the author


This work is based on my study of the Mayan signs (Nawals) and on my personal experience of the influence of the calendar (Tzolkin) upon my life, my surroundings and the life of friends. It will offer you a way to develop your own interpretation and understanding of the calendar that you can incorporate and incarnate through your everyday life. But be aware. Do not accept what is written until you have tested its reality. This is just a guide, a stick to help you walk on the path of your own destiny.

“A real warrior does not make assumptions, does not follow anyone, but finds direction with the no signs that he perceives on his own path” ( From the Pop Wuj, one of the three surviving codices from path”
civilisation). the Mayan civilisation In this book, you will find understandings gathered from my study of the work of many different people that have been deeply touched by the wisdom of the Maya, including Jose Arguelles, the precursor of the ‘new law of time’ and the rediscovery of Mayan wisdom, making it accessible to everybody on the planet; Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner, who undertook deep meditations to reach understanding of the Mayan Kins and who inspired much of my own work; Bertrand Lepont who learnt from Mayan shamans- and many others. The main focus of this book, though, coming from my own connection and experience with the Mayan calendar, is to help you to understand more deeply the significance of the Kins and the way they work on your own psyche. The Mayan Calendar teaches us about the present moment in which we are living. It is an amazing gift to help us to penetrate deep states of consciousness. My journey with this calendar has shown me something of the meaning of each of the solar seals and lunar tones of the calendar. That is what has been synthesized in this book. However, their meaning is infinite. Each Kin can take you through a profound journey of transcendental knowledge and transformation of consciousness. So it would be wrong to limit them to words and structured sentences. This book is just one of the infinite interpretations that you can give to this wisdom. I hope it can inspire you to penetrate more into the amazing universe of the Mayan civilization and introduce you to its profound wisdom.


In other words. as it spreads through the entire Universe and penetrates the particles of our cells. the Mayans understood that human beings had receptors inside each of their cells constituting their ‘light body’ and because in the creation of life. A thousand years ago in Yucatan in modern Mexico. Their Calendar exposes a very deep mathematical explanation of the entire principle of creation. they describe each of the different possible frequencies of the Universe and their order of appearance. you can actually transform your own genetic code and your own destiny. when you start to connect with your light body. the Mayan Calendar offers a means to understand the different movements of energy arising in the Universe. According to the Mayans.Introduction 1/ What is the Mayan Calendar? At its essence. On and on. light brings life. K’ Hunab K’u is usually translated as “One Giver of Movement and Measure”. The Ancient Mayans called it “The Cosmic Womb”. The Mayans recorded the rotation of every planet in our solar system as well as the movement of our solar system inside the Galaxy. the centre of the Universe. It shows the subtle movements happening all around you and inside your light body. instantly all other particles around it take on the same pulsation. It is the heart of the Milky Way. Through the Calendar. affecting your thoughts. it was not a concept but a reality that they experienced every day. then this light body can influence DNA. your emotions and feelings. K’ the creator of energy (movement) and of any form and specific rhythm (measure). the Mayan people developed an understanding of life that quantum physics has only recently discovered: the physical Universe is composed of infinitesimal particles moving at a velocity that creates the visual illusion of solid matter. To the Mayans. Their understanding of numbers was not like ours today: quantitative. but qualititative. the Universe can be seen in each of its parts as small as it can be. the Universe was a movement of different energies that were guiding material manifestation. the Galactic Core. It is the principle of life. So the Calendar does not only explain what is happening in the sky but also what is going on inside our own being. With numbers. For Jose Arguelles. Our Sun K’ 5 . For the Mayans. So. The idea is that when a particle starts to pulsate on a specific frequency. They also developed the concept of resonance. the Mayan people were not recording unitary value but describing very precise vibrational qualities. Hunab K’u uses stars as lenses to send energy to the planets. All the different vibrations and manifestations rotate around a cosmic centre called Hunab K’u. It reveals why you wake up one day feeling so good and why on another you feel so sad. The Mayan understanding of the Universe and of the principle of life is ‘holographic’.

the Earth communicates with K’ Hunab K’u. 6 . a walkieK’ talkie. Kuxan Suum: “the Road to the Sky leading to the Umbilical Suum Cord of the Universe” is the invisible cord that connects each human being to the planetary field of the Earth. the absolute unity. the galaxies. the sun and the earth. and the centre of our DNA.” K’ According to the study of Jose Arguelles. Hunab K’u passes and resonates through each centre at K’ all levels of creation: the the receptor-emitter of Hunab K’u energy and through the classifying each and every one of the different universal harmonic possibilities. the very Source. In Guatemala. the Earth. Its pulsations are the language that the Tzolkin (the Mayan Calendar) attempts to decode . It is everything in this world but K’ at the same time. every human being is related to Hunab K’u K’ through the heart and the solar plexus. like the K’ K’ yin and yang symbol.” (See The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles for further information). It is represented at the centre of the Tzolkin. light and darkness and all that exist are mere songs of Hunab K’u K’ Hunab K’u sleeps in all named and unnamed things. Everything is working according to the same symphony. The pulsations of Hunab K’u move in two opposite directions simultaneously. but on different levels. Hunab K’u is the principle of life. providing a continuing channel of communication. the centre of each cell. a cosmic lifeline. It is like “a resonant path way. it is nothing in particular. “Hunab K’u radiates in everything. the heart. K’ the universe. then to the Sun and finally to Hunab K’u itself. they describe it as “Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth”.

the Mayan civilisation was fully flourishing. During the 10th Century.2/ Who are the Classical Mayans? (information coming from the work of Jose Arguelles) Arguelles) When and where did the Calendar originate? The Mayan civilisation remains a great mystery in modern archaeology. So when the Spanish arrived in Yucatan in AD 1527. a strong decline started to occur. During this period of Mayan culture. thriving between AD 435 and AD 830 (coincidentally. you would see and know the gift that awaits you. This lasted until AD 830. appearing as humans. ‘those who built us have been here. with a culture of temples and pyramids.’ Jose Arguelles’ view of the Classical Mayans is that they were galactic Masters. as well as the Mayan hieroglyphic code. the monuments seem to sigh out to us. like you. The Book of Chilam Balam and the Annals of the Cakchiguels. almost the whole wisdom of the Classical Mayan time had already been lost and forgotten. The recording of dates and the counting of days appeared around AD 300 at Uaxactun and then spread to Tilak. can you not understand what it is that we left for you? Could you open your eyes without attachment. We know there was a huge development of civilisation from AD 300 until AD 830. the development of arts and sciences. you of the Earth’. the hieroglyphs on the stones. Can you not see. at the end of Baktun 9. This is exactly what happened in the late 20th century as scholars. Copan and Quirigua. how to tune themselves with the pulsation of Hunab K’u. They developed a perfect synchronization of their whole being with the movement of the 7 . such as Jose Arguelles. The Mayans knew exactly the cycle of each planet in our solar system. At this time. oh Earthlings. Specific religions based on human sacrifices started to develop with a particular political organisation called the League of the Mayanpan. representing the time of mastery). There were no more signs of dating or astronomical observations. Divisions between tribes began to appear. as if waiting for a future consciousness to decrypt once again their mystery and understand once again their wisdom. Arguelles wrote in “the Mayan Factor” (p50): “ the Baktun 9 Classical Mayan appears as a veritable cosmic calling card ‘Oh. Today there are only three remaining codices: Pop Wuj. the Baktun 9 in the Mayan Calendar. There were markers counting calendar movements in intervals of 5 and 20 years. started visiting the Mayan sites and through intense studies and development of their own awareness started to understand what had happened and what a huge teaching was carved on these stones. Palenke. by a perfect mastery of the harmonic resonance. Suddenly all records stopped. the use of paper started to spread under the name of codices. stayed fixed in stone. was well ahead of its time. By AD 500. They understood. astronomy and mathematics. Only the monuments. sadly. the symbol-covered sculptures and the calculations of the calendar itself remained. which disappeared in the middle of the bloody wars of AD 1441. They also followed an apolitical organisation. however.

They leave the place physically but they leave the spiritual doors fully open on the planet for whoever who would like to walk through. However. The Mayans would then incarnate on it and describe the movement of life and of the Universe with the appropriate tools. 8 . They mastered the movement of their DNA by understanding the movement of the Universe. It is up to the inhabitants then to communicate with them by using their own personal link with the other stars: the Kuxan Suum. And they became the agents of the cosmic consciousness to spread and to increase harmony and awareness everywhere in our Galaxy. The Classical Mayans are fully around us but on another level of vibration which we can only reach on rare occasions. This observation has to be lived and experienced by each one of us in order to build his or her own understanding and is not to be believed blindly. it will never occur.Universe. They would work to align the planet with its Sun to allow its inhabitants to connect themselves with the other stars and with the centre of the Galaxy. they would leave the place because it is very important that the inhabitants find of their own free will and with their own powers and potentials the path to the stars. They learnt to harmonize themselves with the specific vibration of a planet and thus to change their being in order to incarnate themselves on different planets. it is important today that people try to open their minds so that such an experience has the opportunity to take place. They were even able to travel from planet to planet and to change form according to the laws of the different spaces in which they penetrated. And they discovered the power of creation and the power of materialization in the physical world of their Spirit. My own point of view is that the stars are just the physical manifestations of other dimensions. When their work is over. awareness and languages of the inhabitants of this planet in order to make help understand it. Many people like Jose Arguelles who have worked with the Mayan culture and its Sacred Calendar have indeed felt telepathic connections with the great Mayan Masters or experienced visions. if our mind is closed. Otherwise. Their mission was (and apparently still is) to find the planets that are ready to increase their vibratory level and to align their collective consciousness with the centre of the Galaxy. Each one of us is free to choose.

29 days and a half to move through one full moon to another. Because the Earth rotates around the Sun. out ofutThe day out-of-time occurs annually on the 25th of July. from the Earth. This was also the day of the New Year in Ancient Egypt.Overtone Red Moon for 2010-2011 . the Sun and the Earth aligned in a single axis. The Haab This calendar of 365 days is divided into 13 moon months of 28 days: 13x28=364 and one day out-of-time. The energy of the new year that then follows is marked by the kin of the first day of that year: . It is a day of celebration for everything that has been accomplished during the year that has just finished. which followed the cycle of the Tzolkin Earth around the Sun and of the Moon around the Earth with 365-day cycles. rises 5 minutes before the Sun and thus aligns with the Sun from an Earthly point of view. and the Haab.Magnetic Red Moon for 2006-2007 . Carrilho in their “13-Moon Diary of Natural Time” 9 . according to the calendar. the Moon completes 13 revolutions around the Earth. it takes. This association of each month with the animal totem is based on the work of N.Rhythmic White Wizard for 2011-2012 *Explanation of each month of the Year with its specific energy and totem animal Explanation Each of the 13 months of the year also has its own vibratory energy. which is why the Mayans divided the year into 13 months. The moon takes 27. recognized as the centre of the Egyptians Masters. It is the only day in the year where Sirius. It is a very good time to receive the teachings of the Galactic Masters of Sirius for the New Year. reserved for celebration and opening of the cycle of the New Year.Lunar White Wizard for 2007-2008 .work? 3 / How does it work? The Mayans used several calendars. integrating approximately the cycles of the Earth around the Sun and of the Moon. (For a conversion of our Gregorian Calendar to the Haab see the dates below each explanation of the lunar months from the p10-14). Zonderhuis and S.Self-Existing Yellow Seed for 2009-2010 .Electric Blue Storm for 2008-2009 . Only on this day are Sirius. Two were particularly important: the Sacred Calendar with 260-day cycles known as the Tzolkin.E. But during one Earth revolution around the Sun. and a day of meditation to discover intentions for the year about to begin.3 days to complete one rotation around the Earth.

From the 23rd of August to the 19th of September. to find your strongest desires concerning the New Year to come. The scorpion is inviting us to look at both sides of life and not only the shining one. There is no need to fight shadow by shadow: it is only by watching them with the light of our awareness and love that we will slowly manage to dissipate the suffering and ignorance. It is an electric time when everything starts to accelerate and become activated. to dive into your unconscious before flying back to the light and life. Like the bat. The walk is starting. Just stay in the right direction. Like a pyramid. It is a deep symbol of wisdom in the Mayan culture. they will just return to our unconscious where we do not possess the possibility to work on them.• The Magnetic Month: The Bat The power of the Bat is rebirth. we should use the polarity of the energies in order to walk on our way to the stars. It is a time to let go of your old self: a process of dying in order for the ego to be reborn anew. as well as loving our own wounds. From the 20th of September to the 17th of October. for understanding what is stopping us from realizing our deepest dreams and from letting our soul fully incarnate in the world. we need to accept to look at our weaknesses and darkness and not to ignore them. The owl gives us the ability to see reality very clearly which enables us to give a perfect definition of what we want to create and thus to manifest it properly. because the owl can see what others cannot. This animal has the ability to see into the night and knows the nature and location of any sound. The fourth month is a time of concrete clarity about what we want to realize for the year ahead. Nothing can be hidden from the owl and it knows all the characteristics and roots of everything. It is a time for watching our own shadow. The scorpion demands to transcend our own poison. By loving the hurt parts of all the wounded people who try to stop us realizing our dreams. Otherwise. The self-existing month is a month to define our projects and give them shape. to give roots to our dreams and intentions in concrete reality. 10 . From the 26th of July to the 22nd of August. all resistance slowly melts and disappears. For this however. It is a strong time for introspection. in order to connect more sincerely with your soul and your deepest wishes. • The Lunar Month: The Scorpion The Second tone is about polarity. it is the time to bathe in your cave. It is the time of the ‘shamanic death’. the owl is considered the eagle of the night. • The Electric Month: The Deer The deer is the power of love that destroys all obstacles in its way. It is a time to incarnate it in the material world. • The Self-Existing Month: The Owl In the Mayan tradition. The third month is the time of synthesis for the two polarities of our being. It is a month to realize your dreams and to understand what you really want to do with your life.

This is the cycle of life. destroyed the Earth and animal kingdoms through ignorance and disrespect. and reorganize what we wish to accomplish. revealing to us our mistakes and weaknesses through his caricatured displays of our own behaviour. Through deep introspection. For the Mayans. we receive strong inspiration and channel very high frequencies. • The Overtone Month: The Peacock The peacock represents radiance and empowerment in the Mayan tradition. From the 13th of December to the 9th of January. This first species disappeared because of their own foolishness and the action of the Father Sky to stop their wilful destruction. hence the name of the month: ‘Overtone’. forgetting their Divine origin. It is a time when we should attune ourselves with our surrounding environment and with Hunab K'u. It is the animal who knows everything that is going to happen because he saw it before in a dream. Our earlier experiences and preparations now enable us to change our level of consciousness and resonate on the same tone with a higher pitch and frequency. Now it is teaching us what it learnt. When he loses a tail. the lizard represents strong faith and the awareness of the impermanence of life. We feel strength from our previous experiences and self-reflections of who we are and how we are ready to use our power to direct our lives and realities in the way we choose. • The Resonant Month: The Monkey The monkey is the clown. We are changing in dimension and consciousness. From the 15th of November to the 12th of December • The Rhythmic Month: The Lizard The lizard is a totemic representation of dreams and dreaming within many Native American cultures. The number seven in 11 . the shortest day of the year. In Mayan mythology. then comes again. the joker. The seventh month rests at the centre of each year. the centre of everything. It is an animal who knows how to reveal and display its talents and potentials. When we open ourselves during this time to the wisdom of the Universe. It contains the winter solstice. the monkeys were descended from a human species made of wood without a soul and heart who. Everything comes and goes. the law of rhythm. It reminds us to be in tune. in resonance with the Universe and not to follow blind egoism or to be led by a mind without a heart.From the 18th of October to the 14th of November. the lizard is able to know the past and the future since he is fully aware of the present. to get some detachment. It is a time to balance ourselves and everything we have done. It is important during this month simultaneously to keep our feet on the ground and to develop humility instead of arrogance and pride. We have passed through the four steps of the first cycle of preparation. The sixth month is a profound time for introspection and for the death of the ego. The fifth month is a time for action and the use of our power. The fifth month takes us almost on the magical side of reality. he just grows another. Now we are passing again through a beginning but this time with a higher awareness.

the sun and the sky. This month is a time to manifest our dreams and intentions on Earth. it is important to stay loyal to our own heart. in accordance with the movement of the stars. The dog also brings a heartfelt connection between people. Only those wise enough to read the sky and understand the movement of the galaxy. It is a time of mastery towards the outside world and within ourselves. Ten is written by two lines on top of each other. Ten is the number for manifestation for the Mayans. This month is ideal for creative activities and for letting inspiration enter inside everyday life. It is a time when we stand firmly on Earth. They observe and analyse in order to act properly.Mayan culture is a magic number. the sun carried the deep wisdom of Hunab K'u. It carries the power of the elders who can analyse the underlying elements of any given situation. • The Galactic Month: The Hawk The Hawk is the messenger of the sky for the Mayans. The way we act is a direct expression from our soul. For the Mayans. structuring our intentions to act efficiently and appropriately. He is a good guide when we are lost and will never abandon us whatever the difficulty of the situation we are in. The power of the solar month is realization and intention. Only if we are open to it can magic become real. We can learn from the monkey’s playfulness. to become children once again. representing a time and space where everything is possible. of deep understanding of what is happening. joy and flexibility. and manifest but only if we are acting directly from our heart. The number eight represents harmony and integrity in the Mayan tradition. ever ready to protect love against any intruders. From the 7th of March to the 3rd of April. representing the alignment of our Spirit with our personality. The jaguar is the representation of wisdom and consciousness. It is a time to act according to our deep wisdom through all our words and deeds. the centre of the Universe. in tune with the pulsation of the world around us. • The Solar Month: The Jaguar The jaguar was a highly sacred and symbolic animal in Mayan mythology. and be astonished by the wonders of the Universe. It is a time to produce. It shows the soul and the universal consciousness lying inside everyone and allows us to open ourselves 12 . The power of this month is to model: to create and express properly our deeper truth and Spirit. On this month. act. The dog symbolises loyalty and trust. • The Planetary Month: The Dog The dog in the Mayan tradition represents the ability to act according to our heart. This month represents a time when influences from other realms and our own Higher Self ask us to incarnate and manifest wisdom and knowledge upon the Earth. From the 10th of January to the 6th of February. During the ninth month. From the 7th of February to the 6th of March. to play with life. which represented the Milky Way. we are centred upon ourselves. had the capacity to receive the wisdom of the jaguar. Only shamans were allowed to wear its skin.

• The Spectral Month: The Serpent The snake symbolizes the death of the ego for the Mayans.and to communicate with everybody. we are now liberated from their will to be fulfilled and our creation can now live its destiny by itself. the Source of everything. From the 2nd of May to the 29th of May. he can always outrun these patterns. symbol of the Divine Unity. The rabbit knows that. symbolizes the clear manifestation of our soul . Quetzalcoatl was the snake God with feathers who came to Earth to found a new state and died on his way back to Heaven leaving behind a son born of his union with the demonic goddess of the mushrooms. In the full moon. The crystal Moon is consequently a time to universalise our energies and to examine reality through all the points of view brought by the Universe. another part is dying in our being. the rabbit accepts to be pursued by the Lords of the underworlds to help Ixabalanke find a new head for his dead one point. and understands how to remain alert yet detached from all the movements of our lives and personalities. but it can seem a painful and difficult time from the point of view of our ego. We have expressed and accomplished what we were supposed to do and this in turn creates the space and time needed to open ourselves to a new dimension of ourselves. It is the silent witness. • The Crystal Month: The Rabbit The rabbit in Mayan mythology is connected with the Moon. The rabbit consequently symbolized the courage and strength of feminine energy in human beings. to a new creation. He is not afraid of the Lords of the underworlds. Junapju. with the jaguar. In the Pop Wuj. He represents the inner wisdom of our consciousness that always knows it cannot be possessed by our unconsciousness. Our ego needs to die if we wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The number eleven. Each time we change a part of ourselves. We should accept the letting go and not resist this change. Having manifested our dreams and projects of the year. because of its ability to shed its skin throughout its life. Now that our projects of the year have become manifest and are finding 13 . It does not require our constant investment any more. the Mayans saw the shadow of a rabbit on the planet. and the Lunar Goddess was often represented carrying a rabbit in her arms. It is a liberation for the soul. The old accomplished part of us is dying and a new consciousness can take birth in our being. The rabbit is aware of how beneficial it is for our souls to help one another and offer our support to each other in order to grow and enable our souls to be born on this Earth. to a new dream. He recognizes that they represent only our unconscious patterns and blockages. The snake was. Hunab K'u. represented by two lines. and we release one part of our past and the patterns that were fixed in the identification of our ego. with love and trust. Its eyes give to the rabbit the ability to see in every direction with an angle of almost 360 degrees. We all came to Earth to learn to evolve and to grow. ever present yet never caught. the most sacred animal in the Mayan tradition. It is a time to open our mind to new perspectives and dimensions. From the 4th of April to the 1st of May.

and to feel totally at home. This month is dedicated to the opening of our soul and to our cosmic connection with others and our place in the Universe. As there are thirteen months in each 365-day calendar. known to the Mayans as ‘Haab’. It is a time when. urging us to develop wisdom within our lives. through being detached from our ego during the previous month. and her outer shell divided into twenty-eight partitions like the number of days in a lunar month. She carries. and to other types of experiences. It brings a change in the quality of our consciousness. she carries the knowledge of time: Its inner panels. for the Mayans. connected with our transcendental wisdom and consciousness. • The Cosmic Month: The Turtle The turtle is known for her old age. It is a very metaphysical month. we are able to connect with a Universal point of view and envision our life within the world. we are free to open ourselves to others. She belongs to a very old species. From the 30th of May to the 26th of June. suddenly everything becomes clear and it is easier to see the deeper truths beneath the surface. out of our ego. It is a deep time of observation and of opening to new points of view with the transcendant reality. It helps us to detach ourselves absolutely from the cosmic game and to take an outside look at it. On her shell. It demands from us to be present in the moment whatever situation we find ourselves in. to rest and to analyse everything that has been accomplished during the year. presence in the moment. She never runs and seems always at peace. Tzolkin: The Tzolkin The Galactic Calendar The Maya used the Tzolkin as a sacred calendar. each month can also be analysed as a step within an annual wavespell. her patience. From the 27th of June to the 24th of July *The Annual Wavespell Each month of the year is a part of what the Mayans called a wavespell. The thirteenth month is a time to stop acting. and to transcend reality. a very deep and ancient wisdom. It shows the evolution of energy during a 14 . Our level of vibration becomes pure and we are able to tune into any energy that it touches. It is a time to melt different medicines together and to share with others our own understandings of life. representing the evolution of energy during a cycle of thirteen lunar orbits. which survived many ages and saw many civilisations come and go on Earth. she is protected everywhere and feels at home in any situation.a way to stand on their own feet. and her wisdom. Like a crystal. It develops our connection with universal consciousness. Thanks to her shell. divided into thirteen partitions like the thirteen moons. It is a time to develop endurance.

called the procession of the equinoxes. of elements (the wind. or any unit that cannot be divided. There are strong connections between the development of our senses and the different parts of the body. There are many different rotations upon the Earth: the rotation of the Earth around its own axis every 24 hours. Each combination of a different tone with a seal is called a kin. the centre of the galaxy.’ etc. As our being is a fractal of the whole for more information and “The Mayan Factor” for maps of the Tzolkin with the body parts) 15 . The 20 solar seals are represented by glyphs and take the names of planets (the sun. the heart of the Milky Way. The quality of our shoulders is not the same as the qualities of our knees. Each lunar tone is connected with a different joint. and the changes in influence of different planets on Earth. This calendar gives the specific energy of each day so we are in tune with the pulsation of Hunab K'u. It is called Galactic Calendar because it is a representation of the movement of our solar system inside the Galaxy (the Milky Way). dog. Our alignment with the Sun and the centre of the galaxy changes according to the movement of the axis of the Earth. in his book ’The Mayan Factor’. the Maya became familiar with its movement. and the rotation of the Sun around Hunab K’u. naturally in tune with it as it takes a human ovule and a spermatozoa approximately 260 days to develop into a complex human being ready to be born.260-day cycle. by birth. different parts of ourselves are touched and vibrate according to the energy of the Universe around us. We are. which moves through a cycle of 26. ankles or anything else. The Calendar is also attuned with the cycle of different planets and to the natural cycle of the human body. ‘magnetic. etc). to understand how it works and learn what it can offer us. etc). A kin is the kin smallest possible particle that still carries all the characteristics of the whole.000 years. incorporating it into their everyday life. A kin can be a day. -The 260-day calendar consists of 13 lunar tones combined with 20 solar seals. By recording the Milky Way. of animals (monkey. the star. a fraction that contains all of the characteristics of the full cycle. etc) and of symbolic objects (a mirror for example). of human qualities ( warrior. (see www. When we move into the Calendar. The 260 day Tzolkin is a fraction of this cycle. describes an association between the Tzolkin and our different senses and body parts. Each column of the Tzolkin is connected with a different sense and a different organ.tortuga. We are now going to study this Galactic Calendar in more detail. Each solar seal is connected with a different meridian (an energy line within the body). the movement of the cosmic dance travels also inside our body so on each day we receive a different sensitivity toward a different part of our body.’. the moon. It is still possible today to observe how the 260 day cycle affects our bodies and the whole of creation within the solar system. Jose Arguelles. The thirteen different lunar tones are represented with numbers in a dot/bar notation and named with adjectives such as ‘galactic. the rotation of the Earth around the Sun every 365 days. etc).’ ’lunar. It gives 13x20: 260 possibilities. a human being.

246 … 247 ... 87 --------- 165 166 . 12 … 13 . ----------- 112 . 129 … 130 . 258 .. 97 .. 162 . 2 … 3 ….. 30 31 . 80 260 Nb: notation of the lunar tones: one point: .. 28 … 29 …. 203 …. 158 … 159 …. . 116 … 117 . 89 . 82 83 . 227 . 243 244 . --------- … 21 . 43 44 ... 132 … 133 …. is one unit. ------- 151 ... ______ _______ 114 . 204 205 . --------- 101 . ------- 72 … 73 …. --------------------------- 154 . 32 .. 236 … 237 …. 24 .. 206 . --------- . 48 49 . 40 58 . 46 … 47 ….. 128 . 219 ... 256 257 . 253 . 6 . .. 35 36 .. 254 … 255 ….. ----------- 88 .. 215 … 216 ….. 61 62 . 136 . 186 187 . --------- 241 … 242 …. 38 . 142 … 143 . 17 18 .... 131 .. . . 144 . -------- 152 _______ _______ 192 . 121 122 . 90 … 91 .. 170 . 11 .. 171 … 172 …. ---------- . 124 … 125 …. 63 .. 79 . --------- … 221 ..... 45 . 183 . 188 ----------- . 240 . 145 … 146 …. .. 201 . 66 . 14 . 98 … 99 ….. 178 179 .. 7 … 8 ….. 251 252 .. --------- … 81 …. 157 . 212 213 . . 230 231 . ------- 189 … 190 ….. --------- 111 . 259 ... one line: ___ is five units 16 . --------- 22 23 . 180 20 39 . ------- 50 .. 225 226 . 71 . -------- ….. 197 … 198 ….. 147 ----148 .. 105 . 217 ----218 . 181 … 182 . 56 57 . 207 … 208 .. 19 . 118 . 196 . 214 .. 175 . 119 … 120 155 … 156 ..... 238 ----239 . 202 . 27 . ---------- 149 . 106 … 107 …. 233 … 234 . 100 115 . 163 … 164 ... 9 10 . 84 . 220 85 … 86 …. 4 5 . 139 140 64 … 65 .... 193 . 103 … 104 . 92 .. 228 … 229 …. 74 75 . 235 .. 223 … 224 …. 137 … 138 …. 123 .. 222 . 53 ... 199 200 113 --------------- 153 . -------- 150 .. 59 … 60 77 … 78 .. --------- 110 . 184 … 185 …. 102 .. 191 -------- 51 … 52 . 1 .. --------- . 249 … 250 …. ------- 161 . 194 … 195 . --------- …. 15 … 16 …. 126 127 . 108 ----109 . 33 … 34 …. 209 . 134 135 .. . . 210 … 211 …. 37 .. 54 … 55 …. 76 . 141 .. 41 … 42 …. 232 . 248 .. _______ _______ 96 .. 167 . 93 … 94 …. 160 176 … 177 …. 67 … 68 …. 25 … 26 ... 173 174 . . ---------.The tzolkin with the 260 kins Imix Ik Akbal Kan Chicchan Cimi Manik Lamat Muluk Oc Chuen Eb Ben Ix Men Cib Caban Etznab Cauac Ahau . 245 . . 95 --------- 168 … 169 . 69 70 .

The Yellow Seed (4) represents the time to bring out our deepest inner desires and dreams into the manifest and concrete world. the breath of life that is inside each being but that can never really be seen. The visible and the invisible realities merge together. The White Worldbridger (6) represents the death of our ego and of the need for control and power in front of other beings and dimensions of life that the consciousness is 17 . It is a very strong time for meditation and healing and to focus on ourselves and on the present moment. This sign is the guardian of the emotional part of the brain. At this time. These days have a lot of spiritual energy and can help us to connect with our Higher Self. Seven is the mystic and magic number for the Maya. These are days when the doors of other galaxies are fully open to us to exchange and get strong inner connection and awareness. The Blue Night (3) is the power of introspection. that Tzolkin. The design that they form is called the “loom of Maya". The Core Days These are the twenty days of the central column. Each seal occupies its own position in the genesis of the world and falls within a consequential frame or specific order. They are situated in the ‘consciousness’ columns – the 6th and the 8th – and are like a highway for our consciousness to discover the sky. the way we are in our relationships with other human beings and how they can touch and affect us. which represents the spine of the Galaxy. These days brings mystic power. the idea that the Universe is just here to fulfil all the wishes of our Soul and to nourish ourselves fully. The more we open our consciousness on these days. The Red Snake (5) is a time of perfect alignment and acceptation of our instinctive nature and body bringing up a deep spiritual opening. They help us to connect with the here and now. They are in the seventh column of the Tzolkin. the distance between different dimensions is destroyed. the more we can receive deep and powerful teachings and understandings. They are very auspicious and powerful days. The Twenty Solar Seals These are arranged as a circle of creation. the guardian of the reptilian brain (the instinctive part of the brain). The Red Dragon (1) is the primordial Mother. The White Wind (2) is the invisible Spirit behind everything.The GAP: Galactic Activation Portals These are the 52 days marked in black in the Tzolkin. The White Dog (10) guides the second group of five signs. signify very powerful days. of looking inside ourselves to find our inner truth. Spirit appears easily through the manifested and concrete world. tuning and channelling. For example: The first five signs carry primordial energies that create the Universe and are guided by the Red Snake(5). resonance. where the energy is rising towards higher dimensions. There are two central lines of ten galactic portals in the middle of the Tzolkin.

the beauty of sharing unconditional love between us on this Earth. the contentment and simple 18 . The Yellow Sun (20) is the guide of the fourth and last group. we can receive a very high energy and become a channel for spiritual energy on Earth. to prepare our being for the last initiation before enlightenment. The Yellow Sun (20) is the bliss. The White Dog (10) is the celebration of the heart. deep within ourselves. The Red Earth (17) is the awareness that everything can be found in the present moment. It is the guardian of the collective part of our brain. It is the wish to show our inner light and to pass it to others and into the world. The Blue Eagle (15) is the guide of the third group. The Blue Monkey (11) connects us with the Divine Child inside each one of us and shows us the magic of life. The Yellow Warrior (16) is the warrior of Light. the planetary wisdom. The Red Moon (9) is the realisation that when we are fully bare from all the patterns of our ego. the pure and simple state of presence. It is the guardian of the spiritual part of the brain. in the present. It embodies the awareness that we possess a lot of spiritual potential that we are not using in this world and that need to develop and express in our world and life. It connects us with the clarity of our Spirit which knows exactly what needs to be done to get to the expression and manifestation of our real Self. It is the wisdom that our mental structures need sometimes to be dissolved if we want to evolve. lies an infinite source of wisdom in tune with the Universe allowing us to create magic through our own life and others’. It has transcended its own individual condition and is dreaming for the best of the human condition. expectation or judgment of the world we inhabit. The Blue Eagle (15) is the planetary visionary. The Red Skywalker (13) is a time for expansion of awareness. It carries the realisation that we have a universal link between each other and that our hearts are beating on the same rhythm in the whole Universe. The White Mirror (18) gives us the sword of truth to break all the illusions in our life and those of others. we can connect with a different state of being in which we are absolutely fulfilled and that we are able to direct our life perfectly with our consciousness. The White Wizard (14) is the recognition than in our heart. It shows us that abundance is infinite and depends only on the quantity and the quality of energy and wealth that we wish to receive. The Yellow Human (12) teaches us to open up and to receive the teachings and energy that our conscious mind would never have expected before. The Blue Storm (19) represents the ecstasy of freedom. It is also a time of acceleration. The Yellow Star (8) is the energy and will of celebration with others of our inner harmony.not at first able to grasp. in order to express and share it with others. It is the inner connection with our transcendental wisdom in our awareness. It gives us the ability to fly from one part of the Universe to its opposite when we are no longer attached to our ego and have no anticipation. for travelling alone and freely to ever-higher dimensions. for example. to bring the galactic wisdom on Earth. The Blue Hand (7) is a time of realisation of our mystical wisdom and light through fixed forms in the concrete world like a piece of art. The knowledge that. It shows us what our bigger visions are and opens our power towards much wider dimensions than our individual life and surroundings.

to experience the love and loyalty of the Dog. (These different classifications are outlined within the annexes). And to transform the perception of time of the Wizard And then. They can also be classified in four groups according to their four different colours. The Night lets the senses penetrate the psyche through dreams and gives the abundance of the Universe In order that the Seed affirms them in flowering of matter.happiness of being fully who we are without fear. The Wind makes them move and communicates their spiritual meanings. to see all that has been created by the eye of the Eagle In order to be able to question without fear as the Warrior And to navigate in synchronicity in the evolution of the Earth In arriving at the reflection of the transparency of all the relations of the Mirror To cause a transformation in the Storm And to peacefully shine in the Sun. It is the feminine energy of the power of the kin. The thirteen lunar tones These are also arranged into a circle of creation. "the one walking on heavens". And enjoy the magic of life as the Monkey Until able to manifest the free will of the Human to understand better To explore the space of the Sky Walker. For example. the Angel. The Association for the Law of Time of Jose Arguelles has also classified them into five different families. The Snake maintains the vital force of survival to transcend death And contacts the other dimensions of the World Bridger. And then. There is a beautiful poem describing the dance of the creation of the twenty solar seals. The cosmic dance of the moon in the creation of the Universe can be described like this: 19 . Here it is: The Nation of the Rainbow The Dragon gives birth to things and feeds them. Its energy also influences the power of the solar seal. the magnetic (first lunar tone) and the cosmic (last lunar tone) are very powerful and increase the energy and power of the solar kin associated with these tones. Their energy is subtler and more refined than the solar seals. There are many ways to define and deeper understand the solar seals. doubt or guilt. It gives us the ability to understand the healing mission we realize through the Hand To embellish everything in the life of the Star In relation with the emotional purity of the Moon.

The galactic tone (8) carries the bliss of unconditional love and communion with the cosmic diversity. The planetary tone (10) leads to perfect alignment between the personality. 20 . These cycles are called wavespells. the outside manifestation and expression of the being. see appendices). The electric tone (3) creates the movement. The lunar tone (2) brings the polarity of life. alchemy and mystical experience of life. The overtone tone (5) manifests the accomplishment of the individual and separates individual beings. The resonant tone (7) allows travelling from the two opposite sides of creation. The self-existing tone (4) teaches the incarnation and the rooting inside the material world. The cosmic tone (13) leads to bliss and spiritual communion with the wisdom of the Universe and its permanent movement. In turn. The spectral tone (11) brings surrender in front of the Divine wisdom and teaches how to accept death and let go in order to evolve and to grow. discovering the whole Universe on all levels. The solar seal that lands on the first day of each wavespell gives its specific power to the next thirteen days. and his Soul and Spirit. The crystal tone brings (12) tolerance and harmonic combinations of the whole diversity of life through love and openness. a highly significant tone for the Mayan civilization. The solar tone (9) shows how to incarnate the wisdom on Earth and become a master. creating transmutation. The Wavespell The Tzolkin is made up of twenty cycles of the thirteen lunar tones in succession. the energy of creation inside each wavespell is precisely divided and described. (for additional information. The rhythmic tone (6) teaches it to attune itself with the cosmic movement and power. each cycle lasting thirteen days.The magnetic tone (1) is the Divine and cosmic unity.

to develop our own potentials brings us back to the universal white light that we all carry and helps us to bring this pure light into the manifest world. Step 3: Now add the number of the day of the month on which you were born. add 20. their year number is 227. It is very fruitful to meditate and learn to feel your Nawal inside yourself. Consequently each Nawal carries many of its own challenges. (There is a quick and convenient means to transfer the Gregorian calendar into the Tzolkin which is explained below).in the month chart. and 465-260=205 21 . (The 29th of February is not counted in the Galactic Calendar. and at the time of birth. to the universal wisdom. Step 5: Look at the Tzolkin on page 16 to find your Galactic Signature. our souls select a Nawal. Each Nawal is full of the potential and wisdom that we wish to bring to the universal creation in order to nurture. if you were born on the 20th of January. to the centre of the universe. you then need to subtract 260. promote and sustain a better balance and more harmonious light in the world. In the Mayan culture. so simply count it as the 28th of February if born in the first part of the day and as the 1st of March if born in the second part of the day. Consequently. Their month number is: 212. For example. At the same time. Before birth. Step 2: Add this number to the month number connected with the month you were born in the Gregorian calendar . in order to incarnate in the world and to participate fully in the planetary rainbow cultivated in the cosmic dance of creation. we are rays of white light melting with the cosmic light. essential to develop inside ourselves and offer to the world. below. almost as if the nawal were a specific colour and specific quality of medicine. below. Calculation Your Galactic Signature is one of the 260 different possibilities shown on the Tzolkin. to know upon your Nawal was very sacred and powerful revelation given by the shaman. The kin of your birth is also called your Nawal. All the kins are dancing around the centre of the Universe and are all a tool and path to return to the year chart. 26+227+212=465.4/ How to calculate your kin Your kin corresponds to the kin which was in the Tzolkin on the day of your birth. Step 1: Find the year number for the year you were born in the Gregorian calendar . a specific vibration. Example: If someone was born on the 26th August in 1971. the more you alchemise its power and can penetrate the transcendental reality. The more you develop the power of your Nawal. It carries all the potentials and wisdom that your soul sought to acquire and develop during your lifetime. By facing these challenges. (The Solar Seals are on the left side of the Tzolkin and the lunar tones are represented by dots and bars inside the box bearing your number). we can succeed in going back to the source of our being.) Step 4: If the total number you have added is greater than 260.

and according to the Tzolkin. they are a Planetary Red Snake Gregorian year of birth 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979 1978 1977 1976 1975 1974 1973 1972 1971 1970 1969 1968 1967 1966 1965 1964 1963 1962 1961 1960 1959 1958 1957 1956 1955 1954 1953 1952 1951 1950 1949 1948 1947 1946 1945 1944 1943 1942 1941 1940 1939 1938 1937 1936 1935 1934 1933 1932 1931 1930 1929 1928 1927 1926 1925 1924 1923 1922 1921 1920 1919 1918 1917 1916 1915 1914 1913 1912 1911 1910 1909 1908 1907 1906 1905 1904 1903 1902 1901 1900 1899 1898 1897 1896 1895 1894 1893 1892 1891 1890 1889 1888 1887 1886 1885 1884 1883 1882 1881 1880 1879 1878 1877 1876 1875 1874 1873 1872 1871 1870 1869 1868 1867 1866 1865 1864 1863 1862 1861 1860 1859 1858 Year number 217 112 7 162 57 212 107 2 157 52 207 102 257 152 47 202 97 252 147 42 197 92 247 142 37 192 87 242 137 32 187 82 237 132 27 182 77 232 127 22 177 72 227 122 17 172 67 222 117 12 Gregorian month of birth January February March April May June July August September October November December 0 31 59 90 120 151 181 212 243 13 44 74 167 62 22 .So this particular person’s kin is numbered 205.

Akbal(3). Caban(17). In the same example. Ix(13). It has the same colour as your destiny kin and it changes according to your lunar tone. Oc(10). To find it we need to make this calculation: subtract 21 from the number of your solar seal. take all the solar seals of the same colour as your solar seal in a chronological order. guide Recapitulation of the number of the solar seals in the Tzolkin: Imix(1). Manik(7).To calculate your analogue. Start at your own solar seal and count to the right. To calculate this. (Ahau. Eb(12). you will have to move from 3 signs to the right from your own solar seal. the Yellow Human (12): 19-7=12 19 • The ‘antipode’ partner is situated on the left side of your destiny kin and is placed at ten left solar seals more than your own (in other words. Each kin is surrounded by four other kins which complete its significance. cosmic dots: 4 dots self-existing. Cimi(6). Tzolkin: Chicchan(5). Cauac(19). Manik has for antipode partner Caban. Ben (13). Men(15). and look at the small board below. your analogue partner is Eb. Etznab(18). occult. Lamat(8). For example. the yellow sun is number 20 or 0). Lunar tones dot: 1 dot: magnetic. the Red Earth (17). resonant. and spectral dots: 2 dots lunar. Chuen (11). antipode. Muluk(9). • The ‘analogue’ partner is situated on the right side of your destiny kin (your own kin) and to find it you have to make this calculation: subtract 19 from the number of your solar seal. Ahau(20 or 0) Caban(17). Kan(4). the Blue Hand (7). rhythmic. add ten to the number of your solar seal). • The ‘occult’ partner is situated below your destiny kin. continue over on d the same line to the left side of it. crystal dots: 3 dots electric. If your lunar tone has for example to dots. Manik has for occult partner Ix. In the same example. if your solar seal is Manik. If you reach the end of the line. Ik(2). Cib(16). the White Wizard (14): 21-7=14 21 • The ‘guide’ is situated upon your destiny kin. solar 1 bar: overtone. galactic. planetary same +3 +1 +4 +2 Blue solar seals: Yellow solar seals: Red solar seals: White solar seals: 23 .

you have to move over four seals of the blue line existing to the right. And now you can draw your own Galactic Chart. It shows your light and helps you to increase it. The more you develop its energy and connect yourself with it. if you are a Self-existing Blue Hand. so your guide is the Blue Night: first seal of the line. The more you follow its teaching. It is your polar friend. which you are very familiar with. The Kin Analogue is like a best friend who walks along your path by your side. • Kin Antipode The Antipode is the energy directly opposite yours within the circle of the twenty solar seals. It gives you the energy that you know and every feel very familiarly. and this energy knows and feels you just as easily too. Now we can draw the Galactic chart of the Self Self-existing Blue Hand.For example. Galactic The action of the Kins around your Nawal • Kin Guide This is the energy that gives you inspiration and puts you on your path. Occult Partners and your Guide. then start again at the beginning of the line. ready to extend a supportive hand to you at every turn and obstacle. Its energy in the universe comes to balance your own energy and medicine. It is the one that connects you with the energy that you need in your life. the more you open to the possibility of your deeper potentials. • Kin Analogue This is the energy that supports you. Antipode. It s 24 . according to the work of Jose Arguelles and the Foundation for the Law of Time: Tone: SelfTone: Self-existing Guide: Blue Night Antipode: Red Earth Kin: Destiny Kin: Blue Hand Analogue: Yellow Human Occult: White Wizard Calculate and find your Analogue. You find a lot of its potential already within yourself. the more you can connect with your own sign and develop its potentials.

It is an innate wisdom and medicine that you have from birth and that is necessary in order to manifest truly and fully who you are. It is the one that brings you the specific challenges in your life that you need in order to evolve. it is the power that makes you grow and the one that helps you to change your level of awareness in order to connect with your inner Divine Wisdom. At the same time. When you successfully connect with your antipode energy. 25 . It is the one that will show you everything that your ego does not want you to see and develop in yourself. the more you become able to manifest the light and wholeness of your being. • Occult Kin The Occult kin is an almost unconscious energy. without being touched by its shadow. The antipode partner might appear as your biggest enemy but is actually your best friend. It is the energy that pushes you to confront your shadow and show your potentials. The more you become aware of this inner medicine inside yourself. It is the hardest energy for you to connect with because it is the furthest from you in the Tzolkin. the Centre of the Galaxy. When you become fully aware of your Occult Kin.brings a lot of challenges and obstacles. it becomes like a second medicine that you carry inside yourself. You alchemise your individual limitations and melt with a universal awareness. a potential that you carry in order to manifest your kin. you will have crossed all the kins of the Tzolkin to become a conscious part of Hunab K'u.

in their counting. the Galactic energy seems to work on our first four energetic layers and the Shamanic on the last three layers. Naturally. All the ancient wisdoms are available to anyone but we still need to learn discrimination and have the ability to feel what is right for own spirit. Every four years the difference between the Galactic Calendar and the Shamanic Calendar increases by one kin in the Tzolkin. The influence of the Shamanic Calendar is much more subtle and refined. All the ways are open to us and we need to know how on our own path.5/ The Shamanic Calendar The Tzolkin today is used in two different ways. they take the 29th of February into account with its own kin. The ‘Galactic Calendar’ was first described by the Foundation for the Law of Time and does not take into account the 29th of February for mathematical and geometrical reasons. From my own experience. It seems to me that the Shamanic Calendar works on the Soul level and that the Galactic Calendar works on the individual and personal level. It is easier to feel the Galactic kin of people and of days. this was an adjustment of the Tzolkin to our new Earth and vibration. because the 29th of February is still a day with its own energy in the same way as all other days. However. However. I can feel that the influence of the Galactic Calendar in everyday life is very easy to see and feel in the concrete world. This approach of not counting the Leap Year has provoked a lot of disagreement. With individuals. seeing the Galactic kin as the masculine and solar energy of a day or a person and the Shamanic kin as their feminine and lunar energy. For Jose Arguelles. I think it is up to each person to experience the two different calendars and to build their own idea. their Shamanic kin seems to describe the power and potential of their Soul while the Galactic seems to describe more the ‘medicine’ – or path of learning – that they have chosen to incarnate during this lifetime. 26 . Below is a chart to transfer any date from the Galactic Calendar to the Shamanic. In auric terms. The Shamanic kin is more subtle to detect but also deeper in wisdom and knowledge. So the kin for the 29th of February is either taken as being the kin of the 28th of February (in the morning) or the kin of the 1st of March (during the second part of the day). the tribes descended from the Maya have also kept alive their use of the Tzolkin and their own method of counting the days. working on different levels of energy and vibration than the physical and emotional. an adjustment that cannot be fully explained rationally but needs simply to be felt. Many people disagree with the galactic method of counting and choose to use only the Shamanic Calendar. This old way of counting the days has been called the ‘Shamanic Calendar’. This is the confusion coming with the power of our times. Others look at both. There is not anymore just one way.

you can also calculate your own shamanic kin: You take out the number of your year written on tabs above from the number of your kin and look in the Tzolkin.47 -48 -49 -50 -51 -52 -53 -54 -55 -56 -57 -58 -59 -60 -61 -62 -63 -64 -65 -66 -67 -68 -69 -70 So now. if you like. 27 .Dates From 29/02/2012 to 21/12/2012 From 29/02/2008 to 28/02/2012 From 29/02/2004 to 28/02/2008 From 29/02/2000 to 28/02/2004 From 29/02/1996 to 28/02/2000 From 29/02/1992 to 28/02/1996 From 29/02/1988 to 28/02/1992 From 29/02/1984 to 28/02/1988 From 29/02/1980 to 28/02/1984 From 29/02/1976 to 28/02/1980 From 29/02/1972 to 28/02/1976 From 29/02/1968 to 28/02/1972 From 29/02/1964 to 28/02/1968 From 29/02/1960 to 28/02/1964 From 29/02/1956 to 28/02/1960 From 29/02/1952 to 28/02/1956 From 29/02/1948 to 28/02/1952 From 29/02/1944 to 28/02/1948 From 29/02/1940 to 28/02/1944 From 29/02/1936 to 28/02/1940 From 29/02/1932 to 28/02/1936 From 29/02/1928 to 28/02/1932 From 29/02/1924 to 28/02/1928 From 29/02/1920 to 28/02/1924 From the Galactic to the Shamanic calendar .

According to geologists. waiting for all the beings ready to penetrate new dimensions and levels of awareness. They believed that the way of counting the days would change from this date and could not be predicted beforehand.000 people. Many people have different visions and ideas about what is going to happen at this time. If this is the case. Some people think that the magnetic field of the Earth is going to reverse itself because of the channel between the strong polarity of the two poles of the Galaxy. this process has already happened in the history of the Earth and the resulting changes provoked environmental and ecological cataclysms. free 28 . in a cycle of 26.6/ About 2012 and the time of Cauac The 21st of December 2012 is considered to be the end of the Mayan Calendar. allowing the survival of our planet and granting the ability to create a new reality on Earth. Many people disagree with this sad and elitist vision of our planetary destiny and call on all the people who are working on themselves to increase their own awareness and level of energy. influencing the spirit and consciousness of people without significantly affecting the physical plane.000 years and that on this day the Earth and the Sun will be aligned with the centre and the counter-centre of our Galaxy. Some believe that just the souls which are open and pure will be able to penetrate and realize this new awareness. sharing their wisdom with the world. the Sun and the rest of the Galaxy. as if they were waking up from a long dream of ignorance and fear. it would mean that the Sun’s light might disappear momentarily. This process of the movement of the Earth is called the precession of the equinoxes. to stay in the middle of the world and to develop real compassion in order to help the planetary consciousness to rise harmoniously and to propel the whole of humanity into a new collective consciousness. Many seers have envisioned the enlightenment of more than 50. and in this dark time tsunamis and earthquakes might occur before balance is restored to the Earth once more. Their combined vibration will be so resonant that it will raise the entire vibration of Earth and enable the collective consciousness to shift consequently. Hawaii seems to be the ancient North Pole. From my own perspective. Other people have predicted that the passage between these two galactic centres will be much more subtle.000 years. It is said from Mayan astronomic calculations that the 21st December 2012 marks the end of the last cycle of 26. They believe that galactic doorways will become fully opened. while other people who are not vibrating at a high enough level will not realize or recognise what is happening. we are the creators of our own lives. for example. During this time – when some human souls will enter new dimensions and receive high blessings and teachings from the Galactic Masters – others will remain on the physical plane and disappear with the destruction of the planet. This alignment is very powerful and according to the Mayan tradition. brings unpredictable changes and shifts in space and time. Actually. giving different alignments between the Earth. Then everybody on the planet will be able to remember and feel the Christ consciousness. the Tzolkin is based on the movement of rotation of the Earth on her own axis relative to her position with the Sun.

all of our collective ways of acting. At this time. Bryner describe in their book. the Yellow Sun. lasting approximately 394 years). From 1992. And in 1973. we entered the last Baktun of the Mayan Calendar. This is what has to be remembered and the wave will pass and bring light in all of the souls that we have touched. it can be very difficult to connect with this light. which is the Baktun of the transformation of matter (A Baktun is the biggest unity of measuring time for the Maya. That is why we need to support each other to keep this inner wisdom alive in ourselves. the more we receive each time on a higher level with a stronger power. the Baktun of choose our planetary destiny. It is important for us to remember that we all came here out of our free will because we knew that it was the best thing to do for ourselves and for the world. ‘The Mayan Oracle’. 29 . in which they explain that we all chose to come to Earth during this incredible time of transformation in order to change and heal ourselves deeply and to help the Earth in this amazing process. Katun Yellow Cosmic Sun (the last sign of the Tzolkin). when we are in the middle of a challenging pattern. This process is very frightening for our ego and asks a lot of strength. The amount of new information we start to receive seems so huge that there is no limit or boundary to what we can learn. All the fixed structures that were not useful for the growth of our Souls need to be dissolved in order to create a more flexible society where free Spirits can incarnate who they really are. it is very important to realize that the influence of the power of the dual polarities of our Galaxy is already in action upon our planet. These processes lead to unpredictable sicknesses which are part of the purification process of our body. Sometimes. to strong emotional imbalances which are useful to let go of toxic past memories and collective sufferings. The only light that should be followed is that which lies inside each one of us. This process of Baktun transformation is very powerful and affects all the dimensions of our being. There is a beautiful vision that A. The power of transformation is increasing in an exponential way. It brings a lot of deep wounds that are hidden in our unconscious and in our cells to the surface of our beings. I choose to nourish the second vision because it corresponds to my deepest wishes and dreams. The more we decide to open our mind. feeling and being need to be changed and alchemised. The transformation on earth is going so fast that the collective mind cannot follow or control it anymore with its rational and limited way of thinking. we have occupied the last period of the Tzolkin: Baktun of the Sun. In 1618 AD. thinking. it is very important to help and support each other in order not to fall into despair. even as outside events seem to become more and more imbalanced and out of control. A lot of collective patterns need to be released and healed in each individual consciousness. Meanwhile. Spilsbury and M. This process of healing our planetary consciousness is very intense and can sometimes be very confusing. faith and surrender to the cosmic wisdom. we entered the Katun of Cauac the Blue Storm which increased the process of transformation. During this strong time of transformation.

So when we stop expressing our feelings because we assume others feel them directly. self-rejection. it is still indistinguished and undifferentiated. Consider perception: everyone assumes that everyone else shares the same perceptions of the world. Then it chooses a specific power and energy that it wishes to offer to Earth and to itself. When a human being is born. And yet. The kin is the energy that penetrates and vibrates inside each particle in the Universe on this day. The main one is surely the difficulty of communicating and understanding who we are. He builds a hole inside his being that eventually nothing can fill. we fall into a great confusion and lose all our powers of true communication. So at this moment each body is totally open and receptive to the vibrations. The body will vibrate with this power during all its lifetime because this is the shape that the soul has chosen to take. only himself. The child then surrenders all his power to the outside world to grow and teach him who he is. with all its potentials and shadows. recognition. fully absorbed within the universal white light. everyone has different potentials and sensitivities. shared reality. Everyone feels and lives differently within the same. He wants most of all to find his place in the world and to receive love to fulfil his soul.7/ How to understand the psychological action of a kin in the life of a person While giving Maya kin readings privately. There are no memories stored inside the cells of this life. in the life of a person. coming from the infinite realm of possibilities. and other wounds. To bring up a child may be the most difficult task in the world and demands a lot of awareness and wisdom. and develops different ways of balancing their inner distress. How does the shadow develop itself inside our psyche? It comes from different factors. it enters matter and the physical realm for the first time. Each one of us inhabits our own little world. At the same time. who do not have the same kin and the same sensitivity. confidence and strength. the child starts to feel some guilt towards its own Nature or feels that it is not an appropriate way of acting and feeling. However. From psychological prostitution. As the child sees differently than the adults around him. the only wish of the child is to learn how to behave in this world. I started to realise that there are several psychological constants in each sign that allowed me to understand accurately how the kin was sculpting a specific personality. the principle always remains the same. A child comes with a lot of potentials which grant a specific sensitivity towards the world and its surroundings. Automatically the cells and molecules take on the specific vibration of the kin of the day and store this medicine fully in all their being. the child loses his own inner connection with the divine energy and starts to become fully dependent on the outside world to receive love. It is important to realize that we are all responsible for what 30 . he begins to reject or disconnect himself from his own sensitivity and inner light and wisdom. When a soul chooses to incarnate. Naturally each kin reacts differently to the world. When we start to think that everybody else feels like us. we enter a world of misunderstanding. Automatically. confusion and tension. with the wish to inhabit and the desire to become integrated in the world.

So the desire of the child to be integrated into this world. When we connect again with our true soul intention we have then returned home. Slowly. reactions. just as our soul wished before our birth. our fears. our angers. however. We can incarnate the power of our kin. Emotions are only tools to understand the aspirations of our spirit. We simply need to accept them and to see what messages lie behind them. with our consciousness and love.we feel towards the Universe and for expressing these feelings to others. We need to learn to listen to one another and to start to break our loneliness. The Universe is infinite. and our sadness. 31 . we go back to our real nature. leads to him losing his connection with his own nature. we will gain the ability to dissolve all the unconscious blockages and wounds that we have collected in our lifetime. We have a lot of work to achieve as human beings in the matter of communication. and feelings. Thus we fulfil our own destinies. it is really important to look at all the potentials of its solar seal and to imagine how life and the world can be seen when you are born with this strong sensitivity. As they come in a circle. to the pure expression of our soul. knowing at the same time that we are not limited to this kin. each child that is born with a specific kin has inside himself received and assimilated the teachings of the precedent kin. The foundation of our being is never bad. At the same time we reconnect fully with our original soul and are no longer attached personally to the destiny that we chose. Our perception of it is just a small window opening up on it and we are the only ones to see the view from our window. thus surrendering his own potential. Our shadow. We start to become all of them. By journeying through our resistances. can be our biggest tool for the growth of awareness. This inner disconnection and the weakness of our ability to communicate seem to me the strongest traumas and attitudes that push a being to develop a ‘shadow’ in this life. How does it feel? Which reactions will hurt you? What will be your biggest dream and desire? Another interesting point to take into account is that each solar seal carries the assimilated wisdom of the precedent seal. Our consciousness is finally connected with the universal wisdom and the white light of the centre of the Universe. So in order to interpret a kin. and as a cycle of evolution. It is only hindered in its ability to express itself by all our fears which then create pollution and interference in our actions. our uneasiness. We will then be able to connect again with all the potentials and wisdom that our soul wished to incarnate in this world. because we have realized fully which medicine we carry with us and we can use it.


Dragon IMIX The Red Dragon Imix. It brings us back to a state of primal trust in the life and the universe. The life and the Universe which surround us give us whatever we desire. It is neither given nor taken. Bryner explain in ‘The Mayan Oracle. They are receptive to our desires. Imix guards the space of the Divine embrace of the tantric couple. As A. and we just need to remember our true nature and understand what we are really asking from the Universe. and in the middle of the universe (its essence. According to The Mayan Oracle. And as they write: “Love just is. Through deep honesty. This trust allows us to make decisions moment by moment and to surrender totally to the guidance of our Higher Self without fear. It is the energy that manifests in our life what is lying deep inside us. Imix represents the source of life. like the most amazing mother we ever had. Imix brings us back to the expression of our deepest nature. and the primordial waters where everything is created. then it is just flowing out universally regardless of the way that it is received. To block this spiral is a destructive action. Once we can express them. the primal nourishment. it offers support and nourishment to the Divine child inside us to help him to grow and to create fully who he really is. creating infinite forms. Spilsbury and M. Imix brings us back to the initiation of life itself. It asks us to accept to receive from the Universe and it challenges us to let go of the idea that giving is better than receiving. support for being alive.” When the gift is not given from the ego. It is an energy that offers all the possibilities for our consciousness to incarnate itself in this universe. the root of life that desires to create itself 33 . by incarnating the pure expression of Shakti (creation of forms) inside our consciousness (Shiva). to the source of our being. It pushes us to see our sensitivity and vulnerability. Shiva-Shakti. It helps us to remember and feel that the whole universe is fully listening to us. We are fully responsible as creators of our life and its events. or the Red Dragon. It is a time of deep receptivity. where pure consciousness residing in the middle of our being (our essence). is the first solar seal of the Tzolkin.’ to receive is a very important part of the spiral of love and life. all the time. in a way of our choosing. rather it is simply discovered and allowed. most of the time unknown to our own consciousness. It shows us the path to the mythic beginning of life. Imix is the expression of the deepest parts of our being. that is the same) . It is the place where everything starts. It carries the primordial energy of the beginning of life. perhaps the only reason our soul has chosen to incarnate on this planet: to experience this aliveness. Whatever happens to us in our life is just the fulfilment of our own thoughts and desires. inside us. the womb of the Divine Mother. The spiral of Imix also represents the process of evolution. at all different levels of life and consciousness. To receive fully give an opportunity to the loop of love to take a shape on the physical plane and then to expand infinitely. this pure love met by our consciousness through all our five senses. it brings us back to all the needs and wounds of our inner child. Imix asks us to open our own receptivity.spirals in the primordial waters of matter.

between our body and our Divine Spirit. It is also a day that will help you to realize more deeply who you are. On this day. This primordial creative energy is universal and identical inside all living beings. It is a day to ask the universe what you need and what you really want from life. The healing of the fourth layer will slowly expand to our whole energy field until that we fully open ourselves to our Divine Being. It is the first day of the Tzolkin and it asks you to define your intent and intention: what are your needs and what do you want? It is not a day for being shy and afraid to ask. everything becomes so much easier and more beautiful when we start to accept love into our hearts. Moreover. with life and the universe. This healing mainly affects the fourth layer of our auric field. It is a day to deeply nourish your soul and your heart. teaches us how to heal our heart. In that sense Imix has the power of unity. linking everything. Imix connects us with the first chakra where our vital energy is stored. Sometimes it can be very difficult for our ego to accept our vulnerabilities and our weaknesses. the layer where we exist in relationship with others and the world. to develop our faith and trust in life and the Universe. through all space and time. Even if we are very strong people. Its energy is at the base of the whole universe.we realize that we no longer need specific and personal relationships to nourish ourselves. It is always important to realize our own pride and to develop humility by showing who we really are. So if you accept awareness on 34 . to nourish ourselves on the Earth. Then all the strings of dependency in our old relationships start to appear to our heightened consciousness. These strings are manifest in our fourth layer and block us from fully expanding and developing unconditional love. This double connection between the Earth and the Sky. We start to develop healthy relationships that are not based on dependence. it is your deepest wounds that are revealed. The opening of our seventh chakra gives us trust and faith in the universe and in life. You may feel very vulnerable on this day because when your deepest desires start to express themselves. It is this energy that allows telepathy and synchronicity to occur throughout the whole universe.and when we surrender and trust in the universe to bring into our life all that our soul really needs to grow . We resist ourselves. And the creative spiral of Imix pushes energy up our spine to open our seventh chakra. Our soul chooses to come on Earth to share love and light. our ability to nourish ourselves properly . we discover our own freedom and start to express ourselves as we really are in front of others. it is important to let our wounded inner child speak and to drink the nectar of life generously given by the maternal Universe. desires that can be hidden from your consciousness on other days. It is a day to nourish ourselves. you will feel deeply connected with the desires of your soul. On a day ruled by the energy of Imix. Whatever happens to you on a day of Imix is an expression of the deepest part of yourself. Imix is a beautiful day for deep healing to occur. When we become independent. we cannot walk alone all the time. to be full and ready to walk on your path during the 19 other days. When we regain our own power.out of the primordial source. to fall in love with ourselves. It is a day to express them to the universe and to your surroundings.

like massage or tender touch. material gifts. They forget that we are all one and that the Universe always gives us just what we want. They are in love with their own capacity to give and to support their surroundings. They know what the Soul of others needs and they love to manifest it for them. a day of Imix increases telepathy between people and helps them to understand and exchange together at a deeper level of consciousness than usual. They lose their primordial trust in the Feminine Divine Nurturer. They feel and live their connection with the Universe. Owing to this basic misunderstanding in communication during childhood.this day. In the shadow side of Imix. They forget their links with the Universe. people lose their trust in the Universe and its ability to support them. Their very strong sensitivity to the needs of others makes them believe that others share the same capacity to feel. The fourth layer of their auric field is highly developed. Relationships exert a huge influence on their life. so they never get quite what they expect. By connecting with the universal energy of love and nourishment. Their first chakra is very strong and developed in them. they start to develop a feeling of unworthiness. harmonious relationships full of love and support. The world becomes an empty place without support and nourishment from other human beings. and discover new parts of yourself. physical contact. They like to give nourishment and to express themselves through cooking. • Their potentials and their challenges o An amazing mother for others with an abandoned inner child. This feeling makes life seem very hard. Others however do not often possess this telepathic sensitivity. They have a very strong intuitive connection with the outside world and know easily what needs to be done or given to keep life flowing. They have a lot of grounding energy to give to others. They incarnate the Divine Mother. So it is a beautiful time for meetings and exchanges of love. a feeling that they are unworthy of receiving. From their hurt feelings they then develop the idea that they are 35 . it will help you to go deeper and deeper into your own nature. nourishment and wisdom. They invest considerable energy in creating beautiful. comfort and love. They have strong telepathic faculties and can read the cosmic signs. They are very generous and nurturing people. Imix or the path of the unselfish gift • General psychological profile People born with the power of Imix have a very strong receptivity that allows them to feel what the people or the world around them need or desire. They love Nature and the physical realm. and they struggle to survive and to find the footsteps along their path. They assume that others have this magic capacity to know what they need without the need to express it. empathise and nurture.

mainly. of the people that they love. people start to lose their own personality and forget about their own needs. Then when the universe is in contact with our aura.” And this is the wish that the Universe fulfils. projecting.and another gives it to them. The need to give to others in order to exist is just a way of running away from our own reality and becoming dependent on others to prove to ourselves and to the world that we are good and worthy enough to exist. Then they decide that to give is better than to receive.independent and that they need nothing and no-one to help them. It is an independence that will not free their Spirit. This shadow comes from a feeling of unworthiness (so you need to do a lot of good things to get forgiveness for existing on this Earth) and an over evaluation of the importance of giving. This independence however does not come from strength and freedom but from sadness and a feeling of abandonment. It has to be understood that we cannot give freely if we are not fulfilled by our own life. they forget about themselves and start to live a life totally directed toward the fulfilment of the desires of their surroundings and. The person was simply expressing their need and thus becoming a tool of the Cosmic Mother to fulfil that desire. it will only increase their sadness and loneliness. these are gifts that are not coming from pure love and they in turn create dependence in the person who is receiving. o The free gift Another shadow of Imix is to become a caretaker. it does not mean that this person is dependent on them. They develop an incapacity to receive. Sometimes. Therefore. and expecting from it. It is OK to cry. In fact. If someone needs something food. and their soul will start to feel like an abandoned orphan who has to do all the work of love and compassion alone. They become transparent. it reads a signal that appears to say: “I don’t need anything. we refrain from our own growth and creativity. They decide that to receive means to be dependent on the person who gives to them. When we repress desires in our unconscious. In this shadow. as we walk on our paths. Also. for example . At this point. It is a hurt reaction and not a free action. the very opposite will occur. I can do everything by myself alone. It will harden their heart. The outside world is our own creation and it is evolving according to what we are thinking. a cosmic mother who is constantly sacrificing herself for the good of others. it is very important for people to accept that they have needs and to take their own responsibility for expressing them and not to be scared to cry and express their vulnerability to others and the Universe. it just creates more and more space in our heart to share love. the Universe would have found another way to realize the wish that this person was expressing. People in this shadow of Imix need to stop being scared about having needs and expressing them. a puppet of 36 . We only lose our freedom when we get attached to them and we die to ourselves in order to have them fulfilled. On the contrary. Therefore. They will not lose their freedom by showing their vulnerability. If the giver had not been there. By developing their receptivity to others’ desires. however. desires come in order to increase the beauty of our life and its intensity. love or attention. they need to remember that the Universe is here to provide us with what we desire. People in the shadow of Imix have to understand how this work occurs in the universe.

the life that is going on around them. They lose their connection with their own being, playing this role that can exist only if there are people and life around them. They start to create a net of dependencies. By answering to everything and being so nice and so helpful, they make themselves indispensable to their surroundings and they wait for a reward of love and affection for all the services that they have given to others. They forget to live their own life. They create relationships based on dependencies, emotional terrorism and guilt. To break this pattern they should reconnect with their own needs and remember the real meaning of giving. It is very good for them to reconnect with their own physical needs and take some time in seclusion to re-centre their energy inside themselves and to look at the source of the emotional patterns that make them so dependent upon others’ affections. o Integration of the polarities

Their strong potential is to be able to feel the outside world through telepathic connection and so to be able to fulfil its needs. That is how they manage to have such a strong fourth layer in their auric field. The task for them is to disconnect their interactions with others from their own unconscious emotional needs. Energetically it means that they need to detach the second layer of their auric field, connected with their own emotions, from their fourth layer. Their biggest challenge is to be able to feel their own feelings and emotions as well as they feel the emotions of others and to create an independent, honest, healthy and conscious way of fulfilling their own needs without unconsciously using others. They should remember that it is really ok to ask others for nourishment so long as they do it honestly. Real independence only comes from real fulfilment. They can only be really abundant and generous with others if they are first abundant and generous with themselves. And they will be really able to listen to others only when they become free of their own subjectivity, created by their unconscious emotions. So they need to remember their own emotions, to find out who they are – without anybody else around them to take care of or listen to. In this way, they can find their own identity and place in the world. They have to go back to the source of their being and give a lot of love and attention to the small child that they were and who got hurt when they discovered that the universe was not immediately fulfilling their wishes before they expressed them. It will enhance the energy of their third chakra, that can be quite weak for them, and their independence. They will regain their self-acceptance and self-worth. They need to recreate their relationships with others then in freedom and without the links of dependency. They have to stop looking for outside recognition and for outside approbation of their existence. They should reconnect with their dreams, their truth, their needs and their feelings and express them honestly to the world without being afraid of being bad or dependent on others. In that way, they will regain transparency. In this evolution it will help them to work on their first and seventh chakras to increase their connection with their primordial needs and to recreate their faith in the Divine wisdom to soothe their Soul. They need to realize that they are the carriers of a very primordial energy and medicine for the consciousness of humanity, very difficult to express through words or to grasp with the mind, and that it is their task to transmit it to others around

them. • Spiritual powers

The more they release their own unconscious emotions, the more they open their telepathic abilities to feel different levels of consciousness in other beings. Slowly they can develop an ability to connect with the Higher Self of others. They can channel wisdom and deep guidance for others that can help them on their own path. Then they move from fulfilling the needs of the egos of others (in their lower chakras) to fulfilling the needs of their highest consciousness (in opening their upper chakras). This depends on their own level of self-awareness and their ability to be totally detached, emotionally and energetically, in what they exchange with others. They can then develop their telepathic ability to access the grid of universal consciousness, of Christ consciousness that surrounds the Earth (as explained by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book “The Flower of life”.) They are naturally people of service. As they can feel the interconnection between every human being, it is in their nature to enjoy serving others as much as they love serving themselves. By birth, their fourth chakra is open as a potential. Their destiny and sensitivity pushes them to walk on the path of selflessness. In order to keep their sensitivity alive without being hurt by others, they have no choice but to slowly develop their consciousness to release their own emotional wounds and to develop a strong discernment towards healthy relationships. They learn to fully open their fourth chakra, to serve others out of love and not any more out of their own needs of their second chakras. They also learn to serve the interests of wisdom in others and not anymore the interests of their ego. This slowly leads them to understand real, unconditional love. Combining these two capacities they can become pure servants of the universal will of love and light. They have a great potential for surrendering their personal will and offering their being to the path of karma yoga. The meaning of karma is action and of yoga is union. Karma yoga is the ability to act in unity with the universal will, to consecrate all your being and potential to the needs of the Universe and of unconditional love. The glyphs surrounding Imix • Its Analogue Partner: Etznab, the White Mirror

The power of Etznab is the clarity, the power of the mind and the ability to see the world as a reflection of ourselves. Imix is close to Etznab power because its energy can see the truth behind words. Etznab is what gives Imix people their psychic capacity of knowing intuitively and telepathically what other people need and want. Etznab carries the power of the sixth chakra that breaks all the illusions and the masks of the mind. The big wisdom of Etznab that people born with an Imix kin should develop is the clarity of mind to look inside themselves and to really accept who they are.

Etznab teaches that reality and the outside world are just reflections, mirrors of our inner truth. And because most of our wishes and desires are suppressed and unconscious, we don’t understand the reality in which we are living and we don’t see that we are totally controlling it and creating it. Etznab gives us the capacity to dive into this unconscious and to see it on a magic living screen through every minute of our life. Etznab is a major tool for Imix people to become masters of their own life and no longer a victim or a lonely Soul who has to fight alone to survive on this Earth. Etznab offers them the sword of Truth to break the illusion inside and outside themselves. • Its Antipode Partner: Chuen, the Blue Monkey

The power of Chuen is the Divine Child. Chuen likes to play with the magic of the life, to jump in the disruptions of life, to be spontaneous and to create art and beauty. The message of Chuen is to be playful and never too serious. It helps us to remember that we all have a child inside ourselves that needs space and freedom to live and to enjoy life. When people born with the energy of Imix are meeting Chuen’s power, it helps them to express their own magic and creativity, to let their own Inner Child speak with total freedom. Chuen is a very sensitive energy and carries the vulnerability of a child. So even if he never shows it, he is very sensitive and needs deep emotional support from the outside. When Imix people discover Chuen inside them, they open to their emotional wounds and to their inner child, and can start to open their arms to receive support and healing from the Universe and their surroundings. Chuen teaches them to be vulnerable and to take what they need from the Universe. When there is no more wound, life can then become a magic game. • Its Occult Partner: Ahau, the Yellow Sun

The power of Ahau is enlightenment, to be fully with ourselves, our own inner Light and wisdom. Ahau carries the understanding of real compassion. It is the projection of Hunab K’u in the Tzolkin. Because we feel so good with ourselves, Ahau shows us that we don’t need anything from the outside the world. We are just spreading our own Light and Love that we have in excess inside ourselves. Our gifts become free and without any expectation. They are pure expressions of the will of creation and of sharing our deep truth with others and the Universe. It is from Ahau that Imix people can become real nourishing mothers. It is only from this beautiful shining sun in the middle of their being that they can give to others. When people born with the power of Imix dive inside themselves, they find the power of Ahau. They understand and feel that they have everything inside themselves and that the Universe has given everything to them. They are then full and free to give and to create whatever they want and to be whoever they wish.


IK The White Wind

The Wind is the Divine Father, the Spirit who is everywhere in the Universe. However, he is invisible to inexperienced eyes and nobody can catch him or limit him. He is the great mystery of life that cannot be comprehended by the rational and logical brain. He can only be felt and experienced directly. The Wind incarnates the movement of life and is constantly moving through space and time. According to The Mayan Oracle, Ik is the Divine breath of life, the invisible essence in each living being, the energy that gives life to everything. It is also the magic wisdom that lies under all happenings in the Universe. As Ik carries a very high vibration of consciousness - the wisdom of the GrandFather, the big Spirit - it brings the power of inspiration, intuition and new direction to our human life. It is the Chief Orchestrator of the Great Cosmic Symphony of our planet. Its color is the color of white light. All the colors of the rainbow appear in a beam of white light. Likewise in a human life, Ik is asking us to integrate the totality of who we are in the present moment. White also carries the power of simplicity, honesty, purity and truth. According to “The Mayan

oracle”, “Ik represents spontaneity and simplicity” and “embodies the concept of presence”.
Represented by the number 2, Ik carries the responsibility of unifying all the polarities of our life. It represents Spirit without form and has as analogue partner the Red Earth, which carries the power of pure manifestation. It is the Divine Dichotomy, the union of Spirit with matter, the sacred union of the Divine Father with the Divine Mother. Ik gives us the possibility to integrate the two polarities inside ourselves. That is in fact what presence means: to be totally ourselves in the now, from the highest level of our consciousness to the tiniest particles of our body. Ik breaks the apparent duality between matter and spirit, life and death, feminine and masculine, past and future. It asks us to make peace and brings union with the two different hemispheres of our brain: the right one - intuitive, sensitive, feminine - and the left - analytic, rational, masculine. By unifying our masculine and our feminine sides, we give birth to the Divine, androgynous consciousness inside us. It is a beautiful alchemical process bringing us inner harmony, inner love and wholeness. This state of being can transmute all of our relationships with the world and with other human beings and helps us to discover and to create a new reality. Ik is asking us to be whole in the present moment. Ik wants to see the Truth in the physical world. Ik is in everything and everything is the expression of Ik. Ik is all the time the same but under billions of different masks, always evolving and changing. Ik is the breath of life: all the time coming and going without any end. The White Wind asks us to be totally transparent, permanently moving through the flow of life without any resistance, like the light. It accepts no compromise. It links us straight away with our Spirit, our Divine Self and asks us to act from this level of consciousness inside ourselves. It nourishes the seventh layer and the fifth layer of our aura and realigns our axis of intentionality. This energy carries the wisdom of our Soul and opens our ability to surrender to it. It brings deep

Ik or the path of expressing the infinite in each moment • General psychological profile People born with the power of Ik don’t like stability and have a lot of ‘air’ in their personality. And it can be difficult for you to fix yourself in a particular place or situation. It teaches us how to be and to manifest our spiritual wisdom through the physical. Thoughts evolve and change very fast like the wind and. connecting us with our intuition and our deep inspiration and pushing us to express it and manifest it at each moment of our life. very difficult to catch. your Higher Self has a stronger capacity than usual to direct your life. Be spontaneous and follow the wind. Usually they develop a very strong mind because thoughts seem for them the nearest expression of their airy nature. they have the power of the storm and can be sometimes very unpredictable and violent in their change of direction.purification of our being and our life. It is also very hard to put them in a box or to give them a specific definition and personality. They are a direct expression of their own Spirit and they need to learn to control their impulsiveness without resisting the changes that they need to make in their life. When we follow its wisdom. However. they lie at the base of all creation. During this day. they will rarely speak out or show their feelings and emotions. Furthermore. Like the light. Like the wind. it opens our fifth chakra. Ik pushes us to accept this challenge and to remember who we really are. It is the perfect day for it. They can be very sharp in their comprehension of the reality in which they live and they will shine their understanding all around them. combined with intention. remember that this is a day to listen to your Spirit and your Soul. It is a very ethereal and subtle energy. Their fifth and third chakras are naturally well developed. Everything that happens on this day is a teaching from your Higher Self. Maybe you need it to move things in your life. the emotional and the mental realms. They like movement and feeling free. to feel or to incarnate. In days directed by the power of Ik. But take care not to fly away from reality and make efforts to communicate your deepest truth. this is their inner gift. it is very difficult to hide in front of them or to try to stop them. it is hard to follow any kind of plan. They want to discover and to experiment with everything. The combination of these two chakras usually creates in them an urge to follow their intuitions no matter what: it is almost impossible for them to do something that they don’t want to do or to hang around if they have a feeling that they should move 41 . People with the power of Ik can be difficult to understand even in intimate relationships because of their permanent state of transformation and the difficulty they have in defining themselves. They are very independent people and greatly value their autonomy and freedom. Things do not turn out as expected or predicted and you can find yourself in very unusual situations. Nevertheless. You can also get a lot of inspiration. Accept its storm even if it surprises you. It is hard for them to fix themselves on anything or to concentrate their life on one particular thing. This gives them a lot of intuition and guidance throughout their life with all its changes. So listen to it! It is a day that can make you very dreamy because you are experiencing a deeper reality.

as if they were two very different worlds that cannot be combined. It can seem impossible for them to express who they really are in front of other beings. Their Soul is already pushing them to accomplish what they need to do to nourish their Spirit and to walk on their destined path. As a result it can be hard for them to express and to define who they are in the material world or through any kind of structure. It is from this difficulty of accepting compromise that their impulsiveness derives. As a result they can feel a strong pressure to simplify and synthesize who they are in order to be able to communicate with others in a way that can be understood.that can be introduced safely to others. It also protects them from negative influences in the outside world. It is the yearning for total honesty. And their Divine connection is working all the time to destroy the resistances that their ego has developed against the full realization of who they are. This pattern can develop in them from birth. The physical realm can appear too rigid and opaque to bring any true reflection of who they feel themselves to be.on. this impulsiveness becomes a beautiful tool. as a result of the marked difference in levels of consciousness between them and the people around them. they can easily see the unity in everything and connect with the essence of every object or being that they cross. If they do resist. They feel a very strong separation between their inner reality and the outside. By nature. So as children they often end up creating another ‘self’ . Wind people feel that a certain part of themselves is totally unpredictable and a little bit crazy and they know that they cannot resist this energy that their rational mind judges as madness. This important connection with their Divine wisdom pushes them constantly to purify and to transform themselves and their own self-limitations. or a strong spiritual connection without the power of incarnation People born a day Ik have a huge seventh layer in their auric field and a strong seventh chakra. They are people with a huge inner wisdom and as children they have many ways of expressing themselves without words or in different ways than most humans beings use to connect with each other. This means that they can connect easily with a universal reality where everything is already one. they can fall into a very deep depression and lose their will to live.very limited to their own taste and sensitivity . 42 . They connect with the higher dimension of reality and of consciousness and connect with the formless aspect of life and spirit. They thus create a split inside themselves and then transfer this feeling of limitation towards the outside world and the human world. Most of the time. To escape this they need to break the jail that they have built around themselves and to express the infinite freedom of their soul with as much love as they can. Those with Ik also have a very strong seventh layer in their auric field. Yet if they fill their need for wholeness with wise understanding and love. Thus they can feel locked in their life and body to a material reality that does not truly reflect their essence. • Their potentials and their challenges o A huge Spirit in a limited body. therefore.

the only power that can take us away from this Infinity is the belief that we are separated from it. At this time on Earth. a jail. their infinity. we stay in the un-manifested. There is no specific word or defined form for this communication. Because we are conscious.and each particle of the Universe is a part of the Infinite Essence. the highest suffering is to lower our own nature. their inspiration. the forgetting of our inner Essence. So it is important for them to remember that they came to this Earth as Wind. In a way this is done deliberately: The Essence Self of each human being has chosen to forget his own fusion with the universal Unity in order to participate in the transmutation of consciousness on Earth. to take a limited shape. It is the task their Soul chose before its birth.This separation can create a lot of bitterness that Wind people may then project towards their life. the physical realm and the idea of being human. to play the big game and the huge and amazing challenge of expressing the infinity of his Spirit in matter. free from any separation. this is a very important gift that they can offer to the collective consciousness of the planet. They are here to remember fully their deeper nature. people carrying the power of Ik are mainly focused in their life on breaking this belief in duality. Only through spontaneity and a deep state of presence in every moment will they be able to show fully who they are. This can generate a lot of anger against a world that seems to limit or not accept their deep nature. Looking at it this way. to help people to remember their freedom. In order to create and to manifest something we need to build a structure. And life becomes just a burden for their Spirit. the idea that we are left alone here. They have to fully open their fifth chakra to express their Spirit and their wisdom as it comes to them. As the Ik person knows only too well. On the other hand. that the body and the Spirit are separated from each other and that there is no salvation on Earth. It is the illusory belief in separation between Earth and Heaven. It can only be felt and perceived directly through the harmonious movement of life. 43 . However. they are called to heal themselves and through their life to free much of the collective rigidity and thoughts that they have indirectly taken upon themselves. to enter a physical body is the only possibility for experiencing the creation at this level of vibration. to change and to open the consciousness of humanity. Thus the Divine divided itself into billions of conscious windows in the Universe to observe its own Infinity . If we stay in the realm of unlimited possibilities. In this case it becomes very hard for them to incarnate on the planet and to show who they are in their life. and it is a very difficult challenge to accomplish in our rational and materialistic world. as Spirit. This is the suffering process of the infinite Soul who has chosen to incarnate herself in a limited body. in a fixed physical form. It is really hard for them to release this anger because they experience their separation like a fatality and the limitation then seems to them to be the nature of life itself. They need to channel their anger into a creative process to express and show who they really are. So they repress it deeply in their unconscious. This demands a lot of courage and of letting go of all the fears of the rational mind – fears of going crazy or being rejected. They have to fight against the resistances of the collective mind and they have to accept sometimes to be rejected by society and thus be alone.

The strong development of their seventh layer tends to give them a lot of difficulty in defining who they are. the more Ik people are prone to being ruled by unconscious behaviors that will govern their life through sometimes surprisingly spontaneous emotional movements and crises that can be totally unpredictable and incomprehensible to their rational mind. The only way out is to release all of the masks and rational structures they have accumulated . they have really separated themselves from their own Divinity. Even if they forget it all. And because of this fear of their own nature. As they are Wind. most of the time. In their energetic field. In a sense they are obliged to follow their intuition and their wisdom. So. life will bring it back to them. they find nobody to understand them.o A free spirit with a rigid mind Most people carrying the power of Ik have developed a very strong rational mind. the seventh layer of their auric field is by birth strongly developed. they choose to develop a very strong and rational mind that will fix them in reality far away from any risky craziness and that will help to guide them in this physical world without any surprises or unpredictable events. As a result it is really hard for a Wind person to totally believe in their outer personality. It directs their life often against the 44 . Fortunately. they accumulate a deep anger at being caught in this limited world. The rigidity of their mind helps them to stay far away from their “crazy” Spirit and from their emotional body full of fears of being different and not understood by the outside. So at this point. And the more rigidly they build their own mind the less freedom they leave to their Spirit to express itself and to survive. At the same time. That is the only way they can heal their first and third chakra. Most of them build a personality according to the personalities that appear in front of them and according to a very rational analysis of the idea of what is good or bad to be and to do. The more asleep they become. This feeling of inadequacy then creates a lot of fears in the child who immediately answers to it by learning how to behave and act on this Earth by watching others. He assimilates his strong connection with Spirit: he starts to view his need for movement and his spiritual potential as something negative. A lot of Wind people thus disconnect themselves from their emotional body and it is very hard for them to know what they feel and even harder to express it. As they grow up they are constantly moving and changing personality and are communicating on a very high level of vibration. It does not ring true to their own deeper sensibility. forgetting their deep nature of pure freedom. they are unable to stray very far from their deepest nature. All these emotions that terrify them during their very early childhood then get hidden very deeply in their unconscious and direct their life from underneath without them being aware of it. rigid atmosphere. Most the time. It also damages their sense of self-worth and self-love. as craziness because nobody is speaking this language.using the natural power of their fifth chakra to express the unlimited consciousness of the seventh chakra. as something dangerous for him because it seems to separate him from others. as children. especially as children. It is as if they are not speaking the same language as the people around them and they are not part of the same tribe. this situation deeply damages their root chakra and this increases their difficulty to ground themselves and to exist in the physical world. Wind people therefore grow up in a quiet.

They need to understand that words and rituals are just a bridge to touch more subtle realities and to open to a wider understanding of the world. defined word or rule. Faith cannot be nourished by ideas or concepts. o Integration of the polarities Their great potential is to be able to connect very deeply with higher levels of consciousness that most people don’t even suspect. This living experience of our Divine Nature is what most of the traditional religions (which have become more like cultural. or of spirituality in a discussion can make them angry. Thus their seventh and fifth chakras are very developed by nature. means to try to incarnate the formless Spirit. Secondly they are strongly in tune with the real Spirit and the real Divinity inside themselves. This fear can be so strong in some people born with the energy of Ik that just to hear the word of God. This rejection is nourished by different sources in their being: the first of them being their innate need for freedom that cannot accept to be limited by any concept. They need to accept to release all the rigidity of their mind and to let go of their fear of 45 . The more they resist. However. They have to be ready to listen. They are not the final object and should not be taken literally. but rather to the heart and Soul. and to have a strong intuition and connection with the essence of life. of mysticism. But their highest wisdoms of grace and intuition are challenged by the process of incarnation as a human being. And this totally scares a lot of people born with the power of Ik because they need to let go of all the rational mental control that they have built during their childhood to protect themselves from rejection and from becoming too spaced out. o Strong spiritual nature and rejection of any spiritual labels People born with the power of Ik can sometimes refuse any religious concept or behavior. social and political organizations to protect people from collective fears of change) are afraid to experience and thus reject as acts of heresy. as most human beings do. the more painful it will be. their rejection of religion also comes from their own blockages and fears: Because religions at their highest are not speaking to the mind. It needs to be felt in the heart and experienced throughout life. This means that their life will automatically bring events or people to help release and to open the rigidity of their mind. It has been forgotten inside them from early childhood. A strong challenge for them therefore is to remember their deep nature and to accept to surrender their will totally to their inner wisdom. They are just tools. they don’t even realize that they carry a special wisdom. Sometimes these tools can be very useful to accelerate the opening of our consciousness and should not be neglected. This rejection by Ik is a positive reaction towards the disappearance of spiritual understanding from our religious organizations.wishes of their personality. and are asking to be experienced through the emotional body. And when they grow up in a very rational human society. like the original saints and mystics. They are just vessels to find our own infinite freedom. So it can easily alienate them from religious rules.

and not any more in opposition.craziness. to shine through their physical body the pure white Light that they are. This will totally transform their perception of the world around them and their life. The glyphs surrounding Ik 46 . By accepting to be fully who they are. transformation and initiation back to the Source. Their biggest work is in releasing the fear of expressing who they are. To assist this evolution they should learn to develop absolute honesty at all levels of their being. They should learn to surrender totally to it and to offer all their being to it. They are also separating their inner world and consciousness from the outside world. They will have the ability to access their essence as a true human consciousness on this planet. They have the power of transforming and purifying the world around them. they will get the ability to go back to the origin of human consciousness. Then they will be able to incarnate a deep state of presence in their everyday life. Once they accept to follow their intuition. Thus they can receive a lot of responsibility in helping the transformation of consciousness of human beings on Earth. It will teach them to become more and more themselves within their own infinite nature. Slowly all the unnecessary borders in their mental. material and emotional world. they enter on a path of spiritual initiations. People incarnating the energy of Ik become a strong channel of Light and wisdom for any human crossing their path. They will then be challenged to feel again their emotions and their physical body. Their third chakra and their mental body will become gradually aligned and in harmony with the higher centers and layers of their auric field. which is universal. Their biggest challenge is to manifest their deep nature. Then they will reconnect with their own essence and start to be able to share it with the world. They are blocking their throat and fifth chakra. Ik people naturally have access to a deeper level of consciousness inside themselves than most other human beings. emotional and physical body will go away. • Spiritual powers Once they accept to follow their intuition and to act with honesty and spontaneity. people can receive deep realizations and an opening of their consciousness. They just need to be able to express it properly. Their life and presence inspire people and they are able to induce a high level of consciousness. in order to become fully transparent. If they can release their fears and inhibitions and heal their anger and frustration towards the physical. Their path is a path of purification and truth. They need to learn to be fully honest. The universal essence of consciousness will start to shine through their being. their personality will start to become transparent and they will be able to channel universal truth and love through their being. So when other people look at them they will be able to see deeper parts of themselves that they are not able to see alone. Just by being in the company of a person carrying the power of Ik. their Spirit will take them on an inner journey of healing. and even to connect with the universal truth and the origin of life. They become a door of expression for the Universal Spirit.

They start to experience life without their mind. Then the foundations that it gives are so strong . They lose their fear of following their Spirit and intuition. • Its Occult Partner: Cauac. Cauac ushers in a time of deep spiritual transformation. It helps us to be totally present in the now without carrying any past or future. It allows them to exist fully in the physical world. It brings a period when everything is accelerating and nothing can be put under control. From this very centered place. without any mental conception of how one should behave or be. • Its Antipode partner: Eb the Yellow Human The power of Eb is to receive the abundance of life. Cauac doesn't fear being accepted or rejected by the outside world. they discover what it really is to surrender. Cauac is in the unconscious of people born with the power of Ik. It is the last jump of the 47 .that nothing can break them. It carries their need to be free without any boundary. Eb is a big challenge for Ik because it asks him to enjoy and to drink all the advantages of its human existence. It is the nineteenth sign of the whole calendar and it embodies the wisdom of all the other signs. When people born with the power of Ik manage to meet the energy of Eb.• Its Analog partner: Caban the Red Earth The power of Caban is the power of real presence. Eb asks Ik to totally forget about his idea of what he needs. fully centered in the present moment. Cauac carries the knowledge that freedom is our deepest nature and is the only way for our Spirit to live on this Earth. the Blue Storm The power of Cauac is the ecstasy of freedom and the absolute surrender to the unknown. of being here and now. their human emotions and the blessing of Divine grace that we can receive when we are fully incarnated on Earth. Caban is the true grounding of the Spirit on earth.based on absolute honesty of Spirit . It is the last preparation for the human being before it enters into the state of absolute realization of the totality of its nature. you gain the ability to act appropriately to the circumstances. to be fulfilled and to let the Divine grace fill him up with what his Soul really needs. When people born with the energy of Ik get in tune with the power of the Red Earth. Caban is a very powerful healing energy for them to disintegrate their fear of being and to express who they are. Its symbols are the harvest and the empty glass that is filled up by the nectar of life. Caban has the power of navigation: because only from a stable space in the present do we have the capacity to take a good direction. Ik is nourished by Caban’s energy because it is a very grounding energy that cannot be removed. It brings the celebration of all the pleasures that human beings can taste on this Earth through their physical and emotional body. and they act efficiently and meaningfully in the physical world. Eb pushes them against their greatest challenge and leads them to taste all that was missing in their life and that which they were most afraid to meet: their physical body with its joys and needs. they find the real stability that they have always been looking for in their life.

people born with the energy of Ik remember their spiritual nature and lose their fear of listening to the irrational wishes of their Spirit.Soul before it goes back to its Source in the unknown. 48 . They connect again with their Soul and take back their spiritual power. They stop limiting themselves and this allows them to finalise the process of liberation of their Soul. By connecting with the energy of Cauac. Cauac is the deep yearning of the Soul to let go of all the attachments that keep it away from the unity and true nature of its being.

49 .

the darkness of Abkal is bringing us back to the inner world. if we have some repressed anger it can manifest itself in our life through a body pain. Akbal carries the power of our dreams to discover the totality of who we are. Akbal looks at the outside world through the inner window and asks us to use the apparent disharmonies in our life to discover. For example. It will show us all that we have repressed inside us. between the shadow and the light. there is so much unconscious in ourselves that we cannot see it. The glyph of Akbal represents the enclosing darkness taking us to our inner temple. However. Beside. The night is a time to look deeply to all the emotions. Akbal takes the light of our consciousness through the unknown territory of our unconscious. If we wish to change our life. It means that some energies inside us are directing our life without that we are aware of their existence in you. Akbal asks us a lot of courage to journey alone through our own night. to understand and to heal our inner wounds. to stay silent and to observe. It is the guide of the unconscious part in ourselves. the guardian of our inner abyss and of our inner sanctuary. Akbal plays with our fears and helps us to pass through them. it means that some parts of ourselves are fighting between each other. between the inner world and the outside world. Akbal asks us to close our eyes. we will taste the ecstasy of being with our truth and our full potential and we will find the total freedom of creation that is offered to us in this world. The two hooks symbolize the polarity.AKBAL The Blue Night After that the Universe has been created and awaken by the flow of life and Spirit. fears lost their power and slowly disappear. Akbal is bringing us back home to the sanctuary of our Divine Self. It is the process of introspection. If our life seems to be a mess. From this point. a sickness or an unhealthy relationship or situation. There is no other way. to the womb of our Soul. Akbal helps us to align our whole energetic field with the deepest intensions of our Soul. all the thoughts and dreams that we can have repressed. It wants to show us the totality of who we are. It can be a lot of negative feelings but also a lot of light that we are afraid to show to ourselves and to the world. then we need to become aware of who we really are and of what do we really want. In front of love and consciousness. Akbal helps us to wake up from our unconsciousness and offer us to become a conscious dreamer in this life creating consciously and totally freely his own reality. 50 . It is a very strong medicine sign and it asks us a lot of courage to jump in the darkness of our unconscious with the light of awareness and forgiveness. Nothing can be hide inside us with Akbal. The life is just our own dream and creation. that find its unity inside the pyramid of the transcendent truth of our Higher Self. all what we don't want to see and to know about ourselves. If we have the power and the courage to follow it. Akbal teaches us that darkness is just light that has been repressed and that the outside world is just the projection of our own reality. The whole universe is inside us. because they are just ghosts protecting us from strong realizations about the Universe in which we are living and ourselves. The night is taking us through the mysterious journey of self-discovery.

depending of what are their dreams. Akbal or the path of exploration of the human psyche • General psychological profile People born with the power of Akbal are very intuitive people and living dreamers. On this day. There is no one special type. just remember that this is a day of cleaning and purification and that all the courageous Souls on this process (yourself being a part of them) need to receive love. It is a very good day to increase your self-awareness. It is a feeling that can appear when your awareness is moving in a deeper level of understanding. It means that you are jumping in the middle of your unconscious mind. They are very clear people upon what they want in life. They are strongly pushed by their nature to realize their dreams in their life. For example. Out of this quality. forgiveness and a clear mind to recon fort them. They have only one similar quality is to be passionate dreamers attached to create their own reality in this world. Or they can be very concentrated people focus to realize a dream of living in harmony in pure simplicity. They have a strong connection with their inner world. It is not really an appropriate day to organize a big party. If they get stuck in this realization. to do any activity that helps you to look inside yourself. people carrying the power of Akbal can have many different faces. So even if you don't feel to do anything because you are tired. It is a time where everybody can see his own subjectivity through his life and his own projection of himself on the world. massage. A deep sleep is a very good sign of a strong healing. It is a day to give and share deep and intimate love with people and the world. You heal memories that were blocked in yourself for years and your cells need to adjust and restructured themselves with the new impulse of energy that has entered your energetic field and to release the toxic energy.The days of Akbal are very quiet days that are good to rest and to meditate. It is like they can not escape from their desires. They can journey very deeply in their consciousness and touch the base of their desires and intensions toward their life. they will keep on until it gets manifested. They have to find a way to fulfill them. because it is a day that is touching deeply everybody. a lot of people fall a sleep during a good healing session. Most of the time. you can see a lot of your fears and shadows that are impeaching you to be free. every Akbal person has a little beat of all of these different qualities and it is very rare to meet someone that correspond exactly to one of these description. • The potentials and their challenges I want to point out that this explanation is very caricatured of the different possibilities that can happen in a life of a person born with the energy of Akbal. It is a good day to exchange healing. You can feel very tired on these days. Those are more general tendencies and archetypes that people born with 51 . They can be very extravagant people travelling all around the world to fulfill all their fantasies and phantasms. If not they can become depressed or frustrated.

But most them can limit it to fulfill the desire of their inner child. They consciously choose to detach themselves from the deep wise men inside themselves that show them the path toward their own inner temple because of the fears that they encounter on the path. This can push them to develop a kind of laziness or nonchalance toward any structure and discipline. letting the time passes and missing their life on this planet. devils and entities that are acting in a destructive way in their life and that are parts of themselves. So very easily they are able to see their own patterns and the way they act in their life. they got a lot of fire and inspiration and they are 52 . This is a beautiful potential very useful for a deep spiritual life. fulfilling the desires of their inner child and their second chakra. discovering all of their symbolic reality and their unconscious emotions and desires. Their consciousness took the habit of not wanting to face negative emotions. They have the ability to journey deeply through their own psyche. creating a deep suffering in our being. to taste it. So they have a very strong power of introspection. There are not only beautiful fairies and wonderful landscapes in our unconscious brain. They like to enjoy the life and to experience it. in order to release the blocked energy and turn it to Love and Light. It can push them to focus mainly their attention toward the outside world. However for a small child it can be also a really strong responsibility and a scary gift. And in the same way they detach themselves from a deep part of their unconscious brain. anger and fears is a dead end. They want to stay just in a secure and imaginary state of mind. They can even have the tendency to reject the deepness and seriousness of life.the energy of Akbal can develop. they realize very early that life is just a dream and they can create whatever they want out of it. If they didn’t receive strong guidance from the outside world. o A strong ability to see their inner shadows and a fear of their own nature They have a deep access to their unconscious brain. This capacity leads them through the shamanic path. And they think that they will never come out of it. So for them. That is a very strong responsibility for a child and a very scary space to be without strong state of presence and detach awareness. They can be also repressed emotions like fears. Because if they start to face their own shadows in their psyche. They look at the reality as a playground where they can realize all their dreams and they go for it full power ! From all their inner journeys. with their deep ability of introspection. As a child. In their own dreamfield they can encounter monsters. The child develops a watery nature that likes to flow in a space of dreams without going too deep inside it. Each time they meet one inside or outside of them. o The ability to create their own dreams and the risk to lost themselves inside. it is like a failure for them. And they will fall in a never ending depression. anger and frustrations. a mistake. they can see that it is going to be a very long journey. They like to forget themselves in the lightness of life the playfulness of their inner child. most the time the fears take them away from it. to look at their hidden sadness. where the warrior of Light has to face its own shadow.

their ego can be very frightened and opposed to this change and it can resist against the wish of their Soul. when they understand that they have to build a personality. For my point of view. Anyhow. the more they are resisting. Their shadow starts to develop when they start to over-identify themselves with the role that they choose to play and when they start to build an over-inflated ego nourishing itself from the richness of its success. In their life. It is also the expression of the deepest dream of who they were in the past. Their Spirit by choosing Akbal wanted to go back to its inner essence and to incarnate it. the more life will teach them through situations. Relationships are an initiatic path to self-discovery where you can’t run away from yourselves. they cannot escape from the Contract of their Soul. confrontations and inner feelings or understandings to surrender to the higher will of their being and to let go of the wish to control of their ego. they will start or not to adjust themselves with the deepest intension of their being and not anymore the one of their ego. For achieving one of these dreams the person have no choice than to face their own fears and shadows. A piece of art can not exist without reflecting the Soul and sensitivity of its creator. having a family or entering the artistic path. Nonetheless. Nobody can influence or stop them when they made their choice and they can even be too much stubborn. they will see their own inner conflicts. they need to let go and to surrender to the new wish of their Soul. They develop a very powerful intension. When they will be alone. who develop dreams that will push them toward introspection and letting go of their repressed emotions. The other one becomes an amazing mirror. o A strong dream as a malediction for the ego However there are a different challenge and shadow appearing for people born with the energy of Akbal. Their dreams are growing and if they want to keep the freshness of their Spirit with as much truth and fire that they had in the beginning. a human being is all the time evolving and his consciousness is widening every day. The role that they play is just one part of them and not their full Spirit. Their dreams send them to the path of inner transformation and transmutation that is not really well 53 . So people born with the energy of Akbal and developing this kind of dreams have no choice than to face all their repressed emotions in order to manifest it in their life. Otherwise they get stuck into auto-dependency or conflicts that have nothing to see with love.boiling to express themselves in front of others or to go through amazing adventures in their life as they do in their dreams. This is the case for example of wanting to experience a harmonious couple relationship. they go to their deepest dream with which they can connected themselves and go fully into their role in rejecting any doubt or fear. And it is exactly the same with art. This is a good strength. they will be all the time confronted with the resistance of their ego against their Spirit. Depending of the level of their awareness and the power of the influence of their ego on their consciousness. However. there is no healthy loving relationship without that the two people accept to develop this quality. Whatever they will do. During their childhood. Their third charka can become over-developed and it can start to impeach them to move on in their life by fear of losing the power of this beautiful ego that they build through their play.

This can damage their third chakra and they can develop an archetype of victim. They pass through the Dark Night of the Soul. They mainly use this power in order to fulfill the desires and dreams of their egoistic self. This is quite a difficult level of consciousness to keep because all the times. All their challenges in their everyday life become deep teachings and benedictions for their Spirit. even depression. Their big steps toward transformation start when they surrender fully to their deep power of introspection and start to understand why the child inside them don’t want to listen to their deep power of wisdom and detachment. Without any explanation upon this path and their inner nature thinking that to experience some heavy emotions are a failure of their spirit and a weakness of their mind in its ability to control themselves. the ego wants to explain everything differently and to go away from a situation in which its supremacy is in danger. This is a very strong challenge for them. o Integration of polarities Their strong potential is to be able to journey inside themselves and their own psyche. As they have strong shamanic potentials without being aware of them. They got a split in their being between their personal needs and their Soul needs. It is good to accept to fulfill our deep desires and if it is done consciously. they can feel very weak and develop a low self-esteem of themselves. They need to realize the deep wisdom of their journey and to look at what happen in their life as strong spiritual initiations and not just simple dreams of their ego. they enter the spiritual path of self-discovery and selftransformation without knowing it and without having any guidance and support through it. This misunderstanding can let them stuck in pain and suffering. they can feel that their relationship or their artistic creativity is something destructive in their life taking them away from their inner peace and stability. an initiatic journey. because they can feel helpless and their project can appear as impossible to realize. as a ritual. encountered by most human beings who walk on the path of self-discovery. From their point of view. It gives them a strong ability to create their own reality. Their whole perception of reality can shift and they enter the path of Self-discovery if they accept to transform their point of view. it is sometimes very hard for them to understand how to transform their own patterns. That is why a lot of people with the energy of Akbal turn their energy and intension toward their professional life and just want to develop light and independent relationships. If they didn’t have proved their own value before in realizing any strong project in their life. when actually they are living a very special and beautiful experience of liberation of their Soul. All this is created by their ego who resists the transformation. in following those dreams. and pass through some very weird emotional states. they will have no choice that to jump into the pool of their unconscious if they want to go forward. They can enter sometime deep state of sadness. It is as if they have a very wise men inside their consciousness and they use its power to obey to their inner child. As their desire to achieve it is burning inside them. Their dreams and their desire can start to appear to their ego as a malediction and a pure source of sorrow. it seems to me that it can help faster human consciousness to 54 .understood and explained in our modern society.

It is a yoga in which people focus their intensions using their emotions. according to the Hindus tradition. They come out of non-contentment and they disturb the inner peace. even when they choose still to live them. their concentration and their will power in order to manifest whatever they want in their life and to transform themselves. desires are a source of suffering in human being. It can be quite scary for them in the beginning and they will need a lot of love and spiritual support. They can also easily work with hypnosis and auto-suggestions. • Spiritual powers Once they accept to explore their consciousness and to release their own repressed emotions. of pure renunciation to the worldly life. they keep on coming and disturbing our mind. they become amazing traveler of the human psyche. The deepest challenge of people born with the energy of Akbal is to accept to journey till the end of their inner night. which are in the same family than the yoga the mind. They need to accept to go at the roots of their desires to understand why there are not already fulfilled inside themselves. Any negative emotions become a beautiful tool of transformation. To balance their nature. We need a strong guidance or a deep wisdom to walk on this path because it is easy to get lost on the way. If we try to fulfill them just through the outside world. It is call the Tantric Path. it is good for the people born with the energy of Akbal choose to transcend their desires. pushing us all the times to act. They will have to stop to be afraid of their unconscious emotions and to accept to love them and let them go.develop transcendence than by following strictly the ascetic path. They can become master of the yoga of the mind. If they choose to shift their consciousness toward the inner path. Suffering becomes gift. It is a faster path but also more dangerous path than the one of the Right Hand. they will discover the integration of the polarities. They can easily explore their own dreams and become lucid dreamer. their imagination. They can develop their understanding of the effect of symbolism on the human brain. They need to develop their power of concentration in order to counteract their water nature that has the tendency to push them toward the world of their imagination and sleepy state. they can create special psychological rituals than can help people to uplift their level of awareness and transform their life. It is important to know the limits and realize where the real abundance is in life. the Red path or the path of the Left Hand. Pain and sickness transform themselves in benediction and teaching… They can touch the origin of our consciousness where the whole universe and life come from. Any desire a source a releasing a lot of repressed energy asking to come out. Then they have strong ability to enter in the unconscious part of their mind. Darkness becomes light. It is a perception of life where all our conception of the opposite reverses itself. They have also a very strong ability to understand the power of our unconscious to create our own reality. As it is explained in all spiritual paths. which affect their objectivity. With their strong power of manifestation. 55 . They will have to face and bring love and consciousness in their wounds of childhood. They will have to ask their inner child why he doesn’t want to grow up and is acting out of harmony with their wisdom.

It helps to be a channel for the Light of higher consciousness. between our personality and our Higher Self. between our everyday life and our mystical experiences. It is pushing them on a spiritual path. Ben is a bridge between the Earth and the Sky. It is 56 . It is the greatest challenging energy for Akbal people because it asks them to not get stuck in a specific understanding of the reality and it asks them to incarnate and to share all the light and the inner knowledge that they get through their inner introspection. It gives also to them the wish of expressing their inner truth with the others and the world. The glyphs surrounding Akbal • Its Analog partner: Cib The Yellow Warrior Cib is the spiritual warrior. the faster their consciousness will grow and shine. Etznab offers the sword of Truth and of awareness to Akbal people. opening and clearing the three last layers of their energetic field. the more he will develop his intuition and align himself with the wish of his Higher Self. Ben is a permanently evolving reference point. Cib asks a lot of courage to spread its truth in the world and a lot of faith in its teaching because its wisdom is coming only through inner experiences and is difficult to manifest in this very materialistic contemporary society. The White Mirror Etznab carries the power of clarity and of confronting the truth hidden under confusion and ignorance. The more the person will be in tune with Cib. • Its Occult Partner: Etznab. The more they connect to it. The intuition is the best tool to show to people born with the energy of Akbal the best action to do in any particular situation. By slowly releasing all their subjectivity and limitation of their personality. Cib is giving to Akbal people a very strong spiritual potential. Ben pushes Akbal people to grow and to open increasingly their mind. they become pure expression of universal consciousness. Its power is intuition and deep connection with spiritual realms. When the power of Akbal merges with the one of Cib.Their highest potential and realization is to come out of illusion. • Its Antipode Partner: Ben. Cib power will help him to get them back by showing to them the vastness of their Soul. The Red Skywalker The power of Ben is to fly all the times higher in the Sky and to bring back all the insights that he got during his flight back to the Earth. Or for an Akbal person that lacks of self-love and confidence. the Warrior of Light. helping them to open their reality to the wish of their Soul. It can help an Akbal person to come out of the control on his life by his ego against his Spirit. it gives to the person very deep inside experiences and helps him to connect with a higher consciousness inside himself.

so they all the times have it in themselves and they can be more or less aware of it. it helps them to come out of their own illusions and to see what is their real intension towards life or who they really are. the more their subjectivity towards life and them will disappear. By carrying Etznab as their occult energy. Etznab is like the laser of a very clear mind that can dissolve all confusion.their occult power. the more they become align with their spiritual path and sure of its direction. Etznab gives them the perspicacity of the mind and its love for order and structure. The more they connect with it. it is helping them to realize increasingly who they really are and push their life through a quest of seeking for the truth (even if they are not aware of it). Etznab opens the sixth charka that breaks illusions. 57 . Etznab gives to Akbal people the ability to see their Higher Self through their dreams and impeach them to get lost in the infinite world of phantasms that can develop their ego. When Akbal people connect to it. The more they connect themselves with this unconscious power.

Like a flower knows how to grow and blossom on the Earth. It can also be represented as a net. we impeach the expression and will of our Higher Self to manifest itself in our life and we close ourselves from new possibilities to happen in our life. What blocks the power of Kan to express itself is the interaction of our willpower that thinks that we can know better how it should manifested. Because if our personality is build on artificial bases that are not in tune with our Soul. It is good opportunity to open your arms to new directions in your life.KAN The Yellow Seed Kan carries the power of growth. using the talent of our mind. Accept to step toward the unknown. we need to release the need of our mind and ego to control the way that we think it should grow. In the book “Light Emerging” of Barbara Ann Brennan. Heyoan who is the spiritual guide that she is channeling explains that our dreams are small indicators that our Higher Self has left inside ourselves at our birth in order to show us back the path to our own essence. Enter in the big trust of the magical power of creation of the universe. the strongest intension of our Spirit will be to take back its freedom and to destroy the limits that have been created by our personality in order to exist. Our ego can be totally frighten by these dreams and can give us a lot of good reasons. To choose to realize our deepest dreams in our life can bring a lot of fears from the side of our ego. to look for your deepest dream in your Self. Kan is the magic movement from the wish of our Essence Self to its expression and realization in the physical world. They are 58 . after the long inner journey in which you have been through with Akbal. not to try or even wish to realize them. Kan knows the way to manifest our deepest intensions in our life. just plant the seed of your intension and focus your full attention towards it. When we want to control everything with our personal mind. There are only deep teachings of love and light to encounter when you choose to follow the guidance of your heart and Soul. For this. Once you find it. to develop our faith in the power of life to fulfill our Soul. just because we are afraid and not enough confident with the wisdom of Kan inside us and of our Soul. Don't be shy and realize the deep wisdom contained inside your dreams. Kan is the time of birthing of any form of life. On the glyph of Kan is symbolized the two polarities of Earth alchemies in a central canal giving birth to a seed. A day with the power of Kan is a time to break all these boundaries and limits that you put between your Spirit and his manifestation on this Earth. Kan represented in this form all the boundaries that we put between the realization of our deepest dreams and us. You will be surprised to feel how much the universe is supporting you. What we just need to do is to let to give it space and the opportunity to happen. Kan is also the opening to new possibilities in our life. It is a time of changes. They are very precious tools of wisdom and love and they should not be neglected. They are the expression of the deep intensions of our Soul. Kan is the seed of intensions that grows through life to beautiful manifestations. It is a very good day. The fusion of the Spirit with the world induces creation. It incarnates the net of the mind that keeps the Soul in jail without any freedom to express itself and to be.

Their task is to share their inner light with the world. Kan people have very strong sixth and seventh layers in their auric field and a strong potential to connect themselves with their axe of intension. it is a very good day for taking the decision. a new diet. they are full of dreams and of strong intensions that their Soul wants to express and to realize them in their life. and to incarnate the new possibilities for the human race on this Earth. Even if to realize them can be challenging for our ego. In their present life. even if they are not aware of it. which gives 59 . once they are manifested. • Thei Their potentials and their challenges o A strong level of love and consciousness with a challenge to incarnate themselves People born with the energy of Kan have a very strong sensitivity and a potential of deep and honest love. even if you are not ready to put your intension and energy toward their realization. like to stop smoking or bad eating habits. Their dreams are in tune with the present collective need on this planet to wake up on a different level of consciousness. On a more pragmatic point of view. And automatically they lead them on a spiritual path. because they are the direct expression of their Soul . The energy of Kan supports us in changing a habit that is not anymore serving us. They have a very soft nature and the dreams field of Akbal is still alive in them. It is really important to leave enough space in your mind to allow the magic power of Kan to act toward their realization. Those intensions can be very strong for them. And it is supporting us in any new intension that we want to take as to start a new cure of purification. Their presence on Earth is very soft as if they were at the beginning of the creation and incarnation process. Kan asks you that your mind stop to interfere against them. Usually. or to step out of an unhealthy relationship. When they were born. They are the possible creators of a new reality on this planet. They are born with the integration of the power of Akbal. So they like to spend a lot of time in the security of their inner space of imagination and dreams. they have finished the long inner journey of Akbal to their Essence Self. Just think that they can be manifested. the Blue Night. they are just initiated tools on our path of self-discovery. They are parts of the plans of enhancement of the levels of consciousness upon the planet. It gives to them a very profound spiritual connection. The realization of their dreams is an active part of the beginning of the spiritual awakening of the Earth. a new practice… Kan or the path of manifestation • General psychological profile People born with the power of Kan have a strong imagination and creativity. That’s why they cannot be impossible to be fulfilled.beautiful seeds of our Soul that honor the Earth. and a lot of universal love and compassion. for example. whatever it can be. Their kindness and quietness can even sometimes make them seem to be transparent. just by nature.

this huge inner world creates an amazing contrast between their inner perception of themselves and the rigid structures of the outside world. They need to increase their faith in life to be able to give a form to their Spirit on this Earth. They miss to develop their four first layers of their auric field. Faith and surrender are the main component of the fifth layer of the auric field:. They stay in the wideness of the non-manifested world. They have some trouble in their first chakra that not allows their Soul to be on this Planet. That is what gives them strong sixth and seventh layers in their auric field. in the apparent safety and security of inertia. They are weakening their third charka. They develop a kind of fear of being and showing really who they are. They can be very social people. they can show difficulty to express their deep feelings concretely. and it is really challenging for them to develop a rational mind. and work on developing their rational abilities to share with others. and between the perception of their consciousness and the description of themselves that they receive from the outside world. they can see as if they are not using their arms in order to share with the world who they are. Most of the time. They also damage their fifth charka by limiting the expression of who they are in front of the others. They keep this part of themselves as a secret and which can become totally unconscious and repressed as grow up. When they were born. However. On the outside point of view. They keep this dreamer hidden. People stocked in the shadow of Kan look at oneself as a small seed lost in a huge world and judge their dreams too wide and idealistic to be realized. and that can make the link between their Soul and their personality. They seek refuge against the inner wish of their Soul to change the world. it is as if their Soul is still learning how to incarnate itself in life and is afraid to take a specific form or action in the world that will give it responsibility and limits that doesn't exist when they stay in the non-manifested. They are afraid to take the responsibility to exist as they are in this world because it can create too much waves around them. As a child they feel that are connected with the infinite universe. This prevents them to fully incarnate themselves properly and they becomes more and more disconnect from the reality. the major wish of their Soul was to be able to incarnate itself 60 . They are attached to their material comfort and the stability of a fixed every day life with the inertia of a routine that can allow them to be in the higher spheres of their two last auric layers without disturbing their surrounding. From an energetic point of view. to let themselves flow on the surface of the ocean of unconscious feelings and emotions. like a small voice in their head. people born with the energy of Kan can develop a psychological pressure not to express their own way of thinking to others if they want to be loved and accepted. Their loving nature pushes them toward it. these fears appear because of the deepness and width of their dreams that they carry which seem so far away from the present reality of their outside world. in this physical body. They like to stay in the non-expressed.them a strong ability of introspection and traveling inside themselves. However in intimacy. by not allowing themselves to be who they are really and to take the place that they have to in this world. And as our actual society judges its members mainly by their ability to be rational. This psychological pattern depends of how receptive the people have been around them in their life who would have push them and allow them to express their deep nature. just for themselves. They are too much afraid of the changes that will be necessary in their life and surrounding if they start to realize their dreams.

then you open the door in your mind to its realization. they will never leave them. However. in our modern society. If their surrounding doesn't understand or recognize the dreams that they were carrying. Unfortunately. No matter how much time it takes to be fully materialized. And their fears can keep them away from any realization if they don’t feel immediately the support of the Universe in a concrete form around them. to experiment and to understand during this life and the expression of this contract just stays awake in themselves through their dreams. Hinduism believes that non-fulfillment of our life wishes is what brings our Soul back to Earth through countless reincarnations. Their Souls have made a contract before to come on Earth in which they express what they wanted to realize. and they build their personality in a perfect harmony with their surrounding. As an adult by fear of being rejected or of losing his world connection. like a seed can wait infinitely for a perfect ground before to take the risk to open itself and grow. This apparent safety procured by this selling of his Soul is actually a jail for his Spirit who is slowly dying if there is not anybody to listen to him. Some people born with the energy of Kan can spend their whole life waiting like this. most of Kan child choose a family that was pragmatic and down to earth.properly in this world. This process increases his self-depreciation. If their dreams are not harmonious with the outside world. o A seed can stay forever asleep waiting for a fertile ground Their strong potential is to manifest the wish of the universe. Everything else is just secondary. he keeps on the same soul prostitution without being aware of it. Because time is just an illusion. Their dreams will push them toward the path of growth and of transformation. Usually. They keep a very simple and secured life and have to manage to 61 . People stuck in this pattern really need to break through this vicious circle and to understand that our Spirit and our dreams are what make us alive on this Earth and they are at the foundation of the choice of our Soul to come in this world. because it will help him to build his roots. Life is now and only in the now. human beings are not all the time in tune with the universal will and it can create a strong misunderstanding in people born with the energy of Kan. universal love can only come from self-love first. Life is short and is amazing potential of creation. As a child. then creation just is. This act is also directed by a misunderstanding of his strong love that doesn't want to hurt the ego of the people around him by exposing his truth. If you start to accept that your dreams can be materialized. and when you let the process of creation flow. they were very soft and very receptive to all that was around them. Even if they repressed them. the child just started also to repress them inside himself in order to be part of this world. Why should we wait to use its strongest potentials? Why should we limit ourselves to create the world that we really want? There is no time to wait. Life is passing fast when we choose to stay asleep and there is no need to wait for the old age to realize that our dreams didn't leave us and that we finally really wished to try to realize them. they can just reject them as we explain just before. They can wait passively for the outside world to realize and to express what they would like to do. They are at the time of birth for their Spirit and they can feel very vulnerable. The child prostituted his Soul in order to be part of this world. it is already there in your life.

keep their heart and Soul almost silent. then they connect with their own Spirit that automatically brings in their life all the tools that they need to walk on their new destination. It can make them feel that the world is an unsafe and non-abundant place to live. They cannot annihilate their freedom of thinking and power of manifesting their life. the small plant will be vulnerable and can be damaged easily. Because their life is structured in the limits of their familiar world. However. the time is in changes and in the creation of a new reality. When they start to discover this Source of power inside their own being. They really need to take the responsibility to awaken their dreams and changes of one’s own accord. It is a good time for being alive and for getting the courage of incarnating the totality of who we are. Now. If they think that the world is an unsafe place that is what they will receive from the Universe. It is a light guiding their steps on this planet. their own gardener and source of nourishment for their dreams. The seed just need to choose to open up and let the growth process transform it. All the potentials of the tree are already present inside the seed. And it increases their pattern and fears of change. However. Each dream is like a journey to remember who they are and a strong initiation. o Integration of the polarity They have a strong ability to be connected with amazing intensions of their Soul to manifest itself on this world. it is just a mask and they normally got a lot of repressed emotions in their unconscious. accidents or difficult situations in their life. is there a lot pleasure of living in a small cage surrounded by fears of expressing who we are? The opening of the seed happens mainly in its mind when it stops to put on itself and on the world any limitation. The universe wants them to take their own responsibility in front of their own life and heart and to understand which path will bring them abundance. They are the only one that can choose if they want stay a closed and scared little seed or to grow in a huge tree that will offer a lot of fruits to the Universe. They can manifest themselves as sicknesses. All their reality and personality are shifting. All their energetic field which could have been quite small and close at almost all the levels. It opens them to new realizations and directions that they could never have expected before. Each seed will have to judge if it is worthy to do it. They assimilate their dreams with childish fantasy and stop even to think upon them. At this point. This is the law of freedom. During the time of germination. on Earth. This cycle of believe will keep on until they choose to change their mind and their point of view. start to open and to flourish. They can be contented with the amount of limited pleasures that they receive from their life and their experience. The seeds need to open and to flourish on the Earth. It is not anymore a time for waiting. Once they accept to release their fears of the unknown and accept to follow their heart. This can make them feel like they have not the power to control their own life and they can develop the archetype of a victim in front of the destiny. The Soul and his master plan get then enough space to take place. The planetary energy is calling the consciousness to wake up and to act efficiently. The outside manifestation in their life is their direct tool of inner 62 . Nobody else than themselves can give birth to themselves. they need to understand that they are their own fertile ground. they can feel stable and grounded. They transform totally into a new being.

Spiritual powers Once they have released their fears of expressing who they are and of taking concrete actions in their life to fulfill their heart and Soul. Their biggest challenge is to accept to manifest all the dreams that they carry in their heart. they expand the potential of their being to manifest the high vibration of their consciousness. they keep their humility. if this one is the holography of deep resistance in their being or in the planetary consciousness. The psychic power of people born with the energy of Kan who chose to forget upon their dreams is totally different from people who surrender to their guidance. they stay the devoted servitor of the universe. This is their Soul duty on this planet. They can become an amazing channel of manifestation of truth and unconditional love on this planet. Men carries the power of the planetary vision. they slowly learn to release all of their mental perceptions and egoistic ideas. He flies upon the collective mind and gets vision in touching his Higher Self of what he should do to help the planet to evolve. As they grow in wisdom. Men is a very strong protector of humanity and of people that surround him. They have no choice then to align their own willpower with the universal will and to surrender totally to the universal consciousness. Those visions are not personally oriented. The more they follow their guidance.transformation. They appear then like a source of inspiration for all the people coming in touch with them. It carries the wish to serve and its Soul knows what needs humanity. Slowly through their realization of their dreams. they come in touch with the grace of being alive and the absolute power of truth and unconditional love. all their patterns and shadows are fading away. They can become quite extravagant and able to express themselves a lot. they dive into the collective mind of the planet and they get visions of what they need to realize on Earth. These last one gain a lot of insurance and self-esteem. They have becomes a courageous explorer of the infinite possibility of the universe creating magical adventures in their life. the more they get purify and empower by the universal will. Sometimes they can get stock a really longtime upon one project. Men shows to Kan people their value on this Earth and all 63 . They come out of a planetary need. They need to turn their life in a beautiful garden where their seeds of dreams can grow into big trees. With their soft nature. The glyphs surrounding Kan • Its Analog Partner: Men The Blue Eagle Men is the Blue Eagle. When people born with the power of Kan open themselves to Men energy. touching the Divine wisdom of Father Sky in keeping all the times an eye on the Planet Earth under him during his flight. Through their process of transformation. They are free of personal expectations and come from a higher understanding of the role that they have to play on this Planet. Even if they know that they are their own master of their life.

This gives a lot of power to their dreams because they don't only respond to their own desires but they come from a planetary call. • Its Occult Partner: Caban The Red Earth Caban carries the power of navigation. Ix is the shaman that knows the way to the Divine knowledge in us. to free their Spirit from any jail of fears in which they could have closed them. it just know it before through our heart. Ix gives them the knowledge that there is nothing to do to create magic. Ix carries also the power of integrity. Men melts their dreams with the dreams of the human race. but the intension of thousands of Souls. Caban as an occult power shows that they already have the power to create perfect synchronicity in their life if they are able to align themselves with what is in the present moment. It increases their self-awareness and stops them of repressing all their dreams. Ix pushes Kan people to listen to their Soul and their heart. of going out of the linear time and of the knowledge of the heart. They just have to follow their heart and not to resist to what life is bringing to them. because it asks them to surrender to the wisdom of their heart. where their Soul is trying to speak with them. Caban helps them to take the whole space that they have to in order to exist fully.what they can do here if they wish to. He knows that the mind should just be a servant for the Soul and never an opponent. it is possible to see and to control the direction that you need to take in order to walk properly on your path. Ix brings back Kan people to the truth of their Soul. It is the power of real presence on this Earth. of synchronicity. 64 . the more they are able to express totally who they are in the present. of never selling or prostituting the truth of your heart for any outside acknowledgement. He knows that time is just an illusion of the mind and then that the creation process is happening first in our mind. the absolute incarnation of a consciousness in the here and now. Its knowledge is the greatest challenge of people born with the power of Kan. From this state of presence. It is given them back their self-love. If they start to allow the present moment to be as it is (on a inner point of view also). It is helping a lot in their physical materialization because there is not only the intension of one person behind it. It pushes them to stop their shyness and their self-hiding. Ix teaches them how to surrender to let the magic happen in life. Ix doesn't need to think what we should do. The more people born with the energy of Kan develop the power of Caban that they have unconsciously. Men pushes Kan people to keep on dreaming and to realize their dreams on this Earth through love and compassion • Its Antipode Partner: Ix The White Wizard Ix has the power of enchantment. then their whole life is going to flow harmoniously and to slowly let their deepest intensions being realized.

mind and Spirit are aligned. instinctively. our vital force and our survival instinct. The Kundalini is a very powerful energy that is arising when the body. in every human being. Chicchan is the body wisdom. It is the Kundalini energy sleeping at the root of the spine. to love them. The physical body is the final expression of our aura. Chicchan asks us to use our body to heal and to touch all the different levels of our life. This energy can rise during intense mystical experiences. It is the energy in us that knows everything naturally. It is the desire of life to exist. contrary to the mind.CHICCHAN The red Snake Chicchan incarnates the power of the instinctive fire: the vitality. the instincts. and open all the energetic centers of a person until the crown chakra. our thoughts. If we want to transcend them. Its wisdom is used by all tantric practices where the body pleasures are used as gates for higher states of consciousness. our relationships. It is strongly connected with the first two charkas where lies our sexuality. the body never lye. directing the flow of the two great channels of energy in our body: ida and pingala. to give them space to be and then only we can turn them through a higher goal in ourselves. Chicchan teaches us to be in love with our body and its needs. we first need to open ourselves to the two sides of our being: the right and the left. our sensuality. we first need to accept them. Everything appears purely and clearly in the physical body and Chicchan asks us to use it as a tool for healing ourselves and for our spiritual transformation. like trances. For the Kundalini to wake up in ourselves. They push us to express our instinctive needs. to give to the Kundalini the 65 . The fires of life. Into the physical body. for example. The body is like a map of our whole energetic field. Chicchan carries a very strong power of purification. It knows that if we want to attain wholeness inside ourselves we cannot reject our physical. passion and desires boil inside ourselves to find a way to express themselves through our life. Chicchan shows the weakness of our ego in front of our deep instinctual Nature. because. This energy increases the level of consciousness and of perception. Chicchan is the master of the highest spiritual states experienced through our senses during strong ecstatic physical experiences. the desires and the passion. lies information about all the different layers of our being: our emotions. Chicchan is the guardian of the instinctive part of the brain. or of a destructive relationship that refrains us to blossom fully. to dance and to incarnate itself in a body. in the first chakra. our faith and love…. Chicchan asks us to reconnect with this simple but primordial wisdom. The body is a very good tool to awaken our consciousness and to know truly who we are. It is an energy that pushes us to transform and to purify ourselves. A pain or a discomfort can be the expression of an old repressed emotion or of an unhealthy way of thinking that impeaches us to go forward. Chicchan wants us to accept to change of skin when this one becomes too small for us and to detach ourselves from the boundaries of our past skin. sexual and instinctive needs. We have to balance our two sides and the flow of energy has to spread itself harmoniously through all our being on the both sides equally. our feminine and our masculine energies. located on the top of the head. to show all the emotions that can overtake our self-control.

we can experience deep spiritual realization. • Their potentials and their challenges 66 . the more those processes will take place in their life. Only when we fully love and accept ourselves. sickness or discomfort. Their first and second chakras are well developed. A day Chicchan is a very powerful day for any body purification and physical exercise. They have this impartiality of Mother Nature that can give fair punishments to anyone who has disrespected her. It is a beautiful day to consecrate to your body. it will lead you exactly were you need to be…. because it is a day in which the body express itself more loudly to us. sleep. They carry in them the natural wisdom and the law of the Nature. May be you can become sick on this day. vitality and passion. They need to purify themselves in order to open to a new and wider awareness upon the world and understanding of who they to rise. They are in love with their body and like to enjoy the sensual pleasures: to sleep. dance. The more they will keep alive their fire and follow their strong instinctive wisdom with the wish to open their consciousness. massage. Their fire can change in a strong poisonous weapon against anyone who is fighting the energy and the law of life. if you go against the laws of Nature. to make love. They carry this amazing power of life that can be found inside a tree that rises from the Earth to touch the sky. their senses and their instincts. Don't be afraid of it. The Buddha was preaching the middle path: not being blind by the pleasures of the senses and not being totally ignoring our body existence. it can manifest itself on this day. This gives them a very strong love for fairness and justice. they can react sometimes very spontaneously in front of an unfair action and gives an immediate and appropriate punishment: like a snake that will bite you. We tend sometimes too much to neglect it in our mind-oriented society. through pain.. They are the guardians of the Natural Justice. to eat. During their life. to give him what he likes: sport. Like Mother Nature. It seems that they change of identity few times in their life. Their strong instinctive wisdom synchronizes them with what is happening in the world around them and gives them the ability to act properly spontaneously. It is a day to listen to your sensuality and enjoy consciously the pleasures of the senses. food. Chicchan pushes us to remember about our body. If we have some stuck energy in ourselves. they are confronted to many self-transformations that oblige them to change of skin. sex . Chicchan or the path of the body wisdom • General psychological profile People born with the power of Chicchan have a very strong connection with their body. to dance …They have a lot of fire. They are pushed by this amazing love and strength of the energy of life that all the times try to grow and to evolve. It is a very powerful day for a trantic experience…. It will stop when their skin will be wide enough to welcome the totality of who they are. It is also a day in which you will act more spontaneously suddenly following your instinct.

People who are hiding themselves can be very afraid or uncomfortable in sexual interactions because it pushes them 67 . Anytime the person will accept to connect a little beat with their body and sensuality. Their connection with their body can be so strong and their body needs so intense that they can fully loose themselves in the sensual realms and become totally slaves of their sensual desires. one of the shadows of people born with the energy of Chicchan is related with all the sexual dysfunctions. The control of our body senses and desires is on the path of any spiritual tradition and is well-known for its difficulty. They should find a harmonious way to communicate with their body needs. Then. They forget about their Higher Self and get drunk by the enjoyment of their senses. because it is really a sacred space of opening and expression of our souls. all the rejected desires come out and jump on the occasion to release a part of their intensity. knowing that they have the right to love the life in a physical body. abuses or fears. Sexuality is a very sensitive gate of energy in our being. And they can feel helpless in front of the intensity of their body desires. However as our society forget upon it. For example. They can develop a deep laziness not willing to try to control anything with their mind. Their consciousness falls asleep letting them over-identified with their physical body and their senses. Through sexuality we can be very deeply wounded as well as healed. Then they break inside themselves their separation between their body needs and their conscious mind. this strength of our instinct was really feared and describes as the weapon of the devil to lead people toward a never-ending suffering in Hell. as it is expressed in “The Mayan Oracle”. There is nothing to be ashamed of. changing this sacred time of exchanging life energy into a simple act of physical pleasure or of mechanical reproduction between two beings. They becomes at peace with their body connection without being totally slave of it. People born with the energy of Chicchan need to accept to make peace with their body wisdom. they can start to find out the roots of their needs and be able to fulfill them without losing their consciousness.o A good connection with their body and a difficulty to connect with their Spirit The power of the fire of Chicchan can be very strong on a human psyche and sometimes can take over the full existence of a person. It is good for them to be tolerant with their taste for sensuality. This shadow is coming out when too many instinctive needs have been repressed from their usual conscious state. it can be a beautiful tool to create deep intimacy and fusion between two Souls. when it is used with love and respect. They realize that their body and desires are tools to understand more deeply who they are. People born with the energy of Chicchan can fully experience this paradoxical point of view in their own being. Then they should realize that they can act totally compulsively when they get repressed emotions and memories hidden to their consciousness. Then the repressed energy builds up in their unconscious. Their body just expresses their unconscious. It is actually a very natural reaction from the nervous system to keep itself balanced. most of the human population has deep wounds with their sexuality. It represents all the body needs and instinctive desires. to live beautiful experiences of aliveness as a human being on Earth and to heal some wounded parts of their heart. If they accept to enter in a space of introspection and tolerance. In the Bible.

If they don’t try to detach themselves from it. Sexuality becomes an amazing celebration of our own love and wholeness with another Soul. will may be feel really happy in the beginning. they can even be ashamed of their own sensuality and sexuality. with time they may feel a kind of lack and emptiness in their life coming from their heart. to realize the fulfillment their body needs should be in tune with the dreams of their Soul. they act in a predictable and repetitive way to be sure that nothing new will pull them out of their comfort and safety. and not only during sexual intercourses. It is possible when you are acting authentically with your friends and in your life. o A strong fire energy and a fear of their own freedom As we saw just before. They need a lot of love to heal their wounds and a lot of forgiveness towards themselves. This tendency is increased by their deep connection with the reptilian brain where lie all the instincts of survival. it is really important for people born with the energy of Chicchan. They should remember their instinctive wisdom and stop to be scare of being burnt by their own desires. They need also a lot of courage to allow again their body to speak their truth in front of another person. They just throw away all the preciousness and vastness of their being and life just for their small pleasures and their security. They have to be in love with their own body as they are in love with their Spirit. They choose to build their life on opposite skills that will hide their own Nature that they are not accepting. as a temple of their Soul. No physical comfort or luxury will be able to heal it or fulfill it. a human being can feel whole and be intimate and to express themselves through their body. a good car. They start to be afraid of losing them and they build their life on a safe routine that offers them all the comforts that they wish. They will start to enjoy this deep connection and fusion with the world and life. To prevent it. As a child. because nobody valorizes it in them. They have to share the totality of who they are with the others and to acknowledge the same depth inside the others. Chicchan asks them to look at their body as a sacred tool for spiritual transformation. Instead of acting spontaneously. They should accept the wisdom of their spontaneity as a way to show them the faster path toward their own completion and trust in the universe to give them abundance. if people around them judge it as a very low type of consciousness. However. following their deep wisdom and nature. people born with the energy of Chicchan can have a strong addiction to sensual pleasures. They will develop a very 68 . They have to become intimate again with themselves and the world. it can push them to develop greediness and fearful. their strong sexual and vital energy. Their life can become almost empty of unexpected events. They should also develop intimacy through other ways than with sex. They can prostitute fully their Spirit just for having a comfortable life: like a good house. Another shadow of Chicchan developed in our puritan and strongly mind-oriented society is that people repressed. In this situation. during their childhood. good food… They prefer to limit their consciousness and the power of their Soul than to feel some unsatisfied body and sensual needs. It can open the gate of unconditional love and higher states of consciousness. Only in this position. people born with the energy of Chicchan.

to listen to need of their Soul to grow and expend all the times. because it is a part of them and they cannot ignore it. They feel a huge amount of energy accumulating in the roots of their being. sexuality needs to be rediscovered and heal. At this point. They need also a lot of courage to allow again their body to speak their truth in front of another person. the lines of their mind body are going to become more rigid and dense to control the movement of the emotions inside their emotional body and to limit the excessive influence of their etheric body*. For people that get stuck in their habits. It is possible when you are acting authentically with your friends and in your life. They need to use again their strong instinctive power to act spontaneously on a very appropriate way without being afraid of the consequences that it can bring. underneath their control. Another shadow of people born with the energy of Chicchan is related with all the sexual dysfunctions. They can become fanatic of ethical and moral rules. People in those shadows of Chicchan need first to be aware of their fears and to slowly accept to let them go. of just letting express their own truth and nature. They repressed their own power. They try to control it with their mind by adopting some outside habits and borders. Their expression would also bring so many changes in their life and in their surrounding. On their auric field. dance is a very good tool of catharsis and self-expression for Chicchan. People who are hiding themselves can be very afraid or uncomfortable in sexual interactions because it pushes them to be intimate and to express themselves through their body. They have to share the totality of who they are with the others and to acknowledge the same depth inside the others. They have to become intimate again with themselves and the world. afraid of losing their own comfort. They need to give some respect back to their body and to fall in love again with it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Usually.strong rational mind to try to control the strong fire of their passion and their desires and can perfectly manage to cover them totally from their own consciousness. They need a lot of love to heal their wounds and a lot of forgiveness towards themselves. abuses or fears. They need to reconnect with their repressed power in letting again their body express itself in their life without judging it or controlling it: to rediscover how much they can enjoy all the sensual pleasures. Mastery is not coming out of repression but out of perfect knowledge. Those two shadows (the life of routine and the puritan life) make them afraid of their own potentials. the amount of pressure of their frustrated fire never stops to increase and can come out through suddenly violent reactions. Chicchan asks them to look at their body as a sacred tool for spiritual transformation. They think that there is only one right way to act and to be and that they have absolutely to follow it. They have to be in love with their own body 69 . This excess of rules is coming out of a deep fear of simplicity. They will start to enjoy this deep connection and fusion with the world and life. and not only during sexual intercourses. Sexuality is a beautiful tool to create deep intimacy and fusion between two Souls. They are scared of their own passion and vitality that look so excessive comparing to the outside world. in their unconscious. it is important for them to reconnect with their Higher Self. pushing them to go out of their habits and out of all the rational restrictions of their mind: to literally change of skin. However. They should also develop intimacy through other ways than with sex. as a temple of their Soul.

This will prevent them from repressing energy in their unconscious. They can easily use their instinct and their body as tools for understanding who they really are. With these two gifts. independently of the way chosen to do it. It just gives back all the memories and unhealthy information that it have received through our own life. Sexuality becomes an amazing celebration of our own love and wholeness with another Soul. To climb the hill of illumination. where the release of their energy becomes an initiation for their Soul and a deep teaching. covered by the noise of our mental and egoistic will. It can open the gate of unconditional love and higher states of consciousness. it doesn’t stay stocked inside our being and it start to be released. there are as many paths as they are human beings on Earth. it gives them a direct access to their own truth. when actually they just not aware of it and create a lot of unconscious tensions in their physical body that will one day express themselves through a sickness. The biggest challenge for people born with the energy of Chicchan is to align their instinctive nature with the growth of their Spirit. o Integration of the polarities The path of transformation and healing for people born with the energy of Chicchan is first in the acknowledgement of their sensual nature and strong connection with their body. The body never lies. People born with the energy of Chicchan have the ability to be strongly grounded on this planet. Their body consciousness being awake in them. It seems to me that the only rule to achieve transcendence and transformation of our body compulsions is honest self-observation and expression. Then through the increasing connection with deep truth and love. people born with the power of Chicchan enter the sacred path of truth. There are some other schools leading to the same point where people learn to release all their desires and needs in developing the power of their consciousness and of their heart. They should give back respect to their potential of being strongly in tune with their body needs and not look at it as something negative or low. It never lies and show us the best actions to take for ourselves. Once they accept to be fully honest in acknowledging all their phantasms and their emotional blockages from their unconscious. 70 .as they are in love with their Spirit. It is a sacred gift offered by the energy of Chicchan. keeping them in tune with the movement of the universe around them. the realization of the desires on the physical plan becomes just illusory and insignificant. they enter in a deep path of spiritual transformation. Each one is free to choose what fit them the best. Same for the instinct. Once we become aware of what we feel and what we want and express it clearly. It is also maybe good for them to realize that people who haven’t got this body connection can seem from a superficial point of view more able to detach themselves from their body than them. it is the oldest wisdom of life inside living being on Earth. They can learn inner alchemy and the mastery of their Kundalini energy. this consciousness is mainly asleep. There are some spiritual schools following the tantric path where people are push to live really all their phantasms and desires until they got enough of it. The only thing is to want to climb and to really do it. In most of the people.

It shows them a higher consciousness in themselves. we connect with our Soul and our highest wisdom. Once they accept to be fully honest in front of their feelings. timelessness. To explain the nature and all the possibility of this energy can be the subject of a wall book and we won’t go there now. and let this energy rise through all our spine. waking and filling up all our different chakras and levels of consciousness. receptivity and integrity. If they let their body speak through their hands. they can be able to bring a lot of healing to others through their hands. The glyphs surrounding Chicchan • Its Analog Partner: Ix The White Wizard The power of Ix is enchantment. in order to receive the trust of others and their love for their body. As there are very connected with their body and their sensuality. they can easily develop their senses of touch. It brings deep healing and realization transforming totally our perception of life. Ix knows the Divine wisdom through our own heart. Instinctive movement can release tensions at all the different levels of our being. It is easy to find a lot of books written upon it. different from their body consciousness and leads them in following the flow of their life without trying to get stuck in one of its step. The basic principle of it. Ix teaches us that by connecting with our heart. touched for example in deep state of contemplation or during orgasm. The only things that they have to develop for that are transparency.• Spiritual powers They have amazing power in their own body. to follow their heart and not their mind that is just here to serve their Spirit and not to fight against it. If they chose to let go of all their fears and boundaries of their mind. is to manage to wake up this energy hidden inside our nervous cells at the base of our spine through the experience of intense pleasures. • Its Antipod Partner: Men The Blue Eagle 71 . If they connect with their instinct in dancing it will automatically lead them through movement that brings healing in their whole being. Their strongest potential as we say already before is to have access to their Kundalini energy. It pushes them to be spontaneous and to enjoy the magic of life that is so much stronger when we let it flow and let the higher intelligence of life itself direct it than when we try to control it with our mind. they can become amazing dancer pushing themselves to ecstatic states of trance. It takes them out of any rigid mind structure that is not in tune with the real expression of their Spirit. Ix pushes people with the energy of Chicchan to connect with their heart and Soul. it will speak directly to the body of others bringing deep relaxation and letting go.

shows that they have a very strong intuition and connection with all the spiritual realms. • Its Occult Partner: Cib The Yellow Warrior The Yellow Warrior is the warrior of Light. For this. They just have to trust it. When Chicchan people become aware of their Cib energy. Men teaches Karma yoga* and real compassionate service. the more will they transmute all their sensual and vital energies in spiritual wisdom.Men carries the power of vision. Men wants that they realize their dreams and visions. Cib. the subtlest capacities of consciousness. The more they will connect themselves with it. Men is the guardian of the collective mind. in their unconscious power. Men shows to Chicchan people how to connect themselves with their Higher Self* in keeping at the same time an eye upon the earth under them and the concrete reality. Cib offers to Chicchan people the power of the sixth and the seventh charkas. they start to awaken their Kundalini. From the Sky. It is the strongest challenge for people born with the energy of Chicchan because it pushes them to give themselves fully to others without trying to hide who they are. The strong occult connection between Cib and Chicchan shows how works the Kundalini energy: you cannot have strong spiritual connection if you don't have a lot of vital energy and you need to have a very balance and purify vital and sexual energy if you wish to open your consciousness to spiritual reality. It takes them out of their own self-centered quest for security and comfort to increase the well being of the planet. Kundalini 72 . It asks them to go out of their fears of changes and to follow the higher visions of their Spirit that need to be achieved for the good of the collective awareness. they need to allow their mind to be more flexible and to let themselves be filled up by faith in themselves and in the Universe.

they serve our evolution on our spiritual path and they offer us great teachings and wisdom to help our Spirit expanding in our life. Cimi helps us to remember that this life is simply a beautiful 73 . Cimi knows that the ego needs to let go of its wish to be in control of our life to receive the Grace of the larger plan of our Divine Self. Cimi teaches us the faith to realize the fact that however things may appear to us. Prayers can be very fruitful to help us on those days to open our heart and to connect with our Higher Self. It teaches humility to our ego in showing us that we are not controlling everything with an egoistic willpower. These days can bring out a lot of resistance within. Cimi gives us the wisdom of surrendering and of detachment from all things stopping the development of our Soul. the life Wisdom. It is important to have this in our mind on this day and to learn to detach ourselves from our immediate ego reactions. Cimi shows us that. a lot of frustrations and repressed anger. In learning to die and to let go in trust. because our ego doesn't own it. Hunab Cimi is this time of adjustment of the ego with its spiritual wishes. the power of Hunab K'u. we receive energy to transcend our old reality and to open our eyes to a new level of consciousness. It is a time to release all the old patterns that are not anymore serving us on our path toward wholeness. when their forms are out of alignment with the line of intentionality and block the development of the fifth energetic layer. the stronger our resistance will be. emotional and mental bodies.CIMI The White World Bridger Cimi teaches the death of the ego in front of the will of the Higher Self. In a day of Cimi. Cimi’s number is six. lie the greatest gifts and light for our Spirit. the bigger are the gifts our Soul receives. but that our power is coming from our universal and divine wisdom. Cimi demands from us to surrender to the wisdom of our Higher Self and of the Universe. we need to forget about our wish to control everything with our ego in our life. It is a good day to observe ourselves and to look at all these resistances. However. It is a day in which we receive strong teachings to purify our third charka and to learn humility. Cimi demands from us to develop strong faith. The more we accept to lose and let go in our life. It pushes our self-image to dissolve. the more painful and the stronger the teaching will be when it will have the space to take place in our life. Cimi calls for the death of our old patterns and old boundaries to enhance our Spirit. It is the purification process of the third chakra and of the physical. It pushes us to accept that a higher wisdom is directing our life (the one of our Higher Self). The bar is the level of the first step of consciousness: the consciousness itself that has realized its individuality and the dot is the universal Unity. Cimi knows that anyhow the ego has no real choice. Some difficult and challenging situations can arise that will touch our sensitive points where we don't like to be. in apparent darkness. Cimi wants our mind to be flexible enough to allow faith to flow through us. We can resist as much as we wish. We should not take it personally and get attached to it. in front of difficult and even terrifying situations from the point of view of our ego (and also from our own point of view when our awareness is only connected with our personality). Six is represented in the Mayan culture by a bar (for five) and a dot (for one).

they can make a good career in society. Because of their clear mind and their ability to express it easily in their life. they usually know a lot of people and they like to create links between them when thinking they have something to share together. The freedom of our Spirit resides in not identify ourselves with our personal little story and being able to fully surrender to the universal will. When they have an idea. It has also pushed them to develop a strong mind body to see through the emotional confusion in difficult situations. Through the strong teachings that life has sent to them. They also have a strong self-control and know how to observe the world in a place of rationality in order to find the right and efficient action when it is needed. They are very serious workers when they have fixed themselves a goal they want to reach. They are building bridges between the conceptual world of thoughts and the physical reality. strength and a great clarity of mind. Owing to their strong self-love. they seem very transparent and it feels like you don't need to spend a lot of time in their company to know them quite well. They are able to go through very difficult times in their life with a lot of courage. because of their strong charisma. They are very combative people and can have a strong mind of enterprise. As they can have face a lot of challenging and difficult situations. • Their potentials and their challenges o Challenging experiences of surrendering in their life and the difficulty to fully learn 74 . they feel that they need to be fully alive and present in the situation. It can bring a lot of freshness and new perceptions. This helps them building a strong third charka that gives them a strong combative will towards life and the ability to take the space they need to occupy to express fully themselves in their life.playground and a place of creation for our Soul all the times evolving. They have a very accurate and rational way to look at life. and the easiness with which they show immediately all their potentials. They are very resistant and courageous. which will have soften their nature. They like to achieve their goals. Cimi days come to help us remembering to detach ourselves from our ego and the limited images of ourselves and of our life that we build through our personality. they will fight with all their potentials until they reach the point of realization that they wanted to achieve. they have built an even more powerful willpower and determination. not only the nice one. They are very good communicators and very sociable. Cimi or the path of death of the ego • General psychological profile People born with the power of Cimi have a very strong temperament and personality. They are born with the innate wisdom of Chicchan and they have already developed self-love and self-respect. As a result of their strong sociability. They are very pragmatic people and they can always see both sides of the reality. if they wish. Usually. they have the ability to express themselves easily in front of a lot of people without being afraid or doubting of themselves. They are the opposite of the idealistic dreamer.

We destroy all the rituals who were showing the spiritual teaching inside each difficult experience and we close ourselves from experiencing and expressing any emotions judged negative as anger. However. Their life becomes a rational and mind-oriented place and they can direct it in any direction that they wish with their mind. They hide their hurt emotions and inner child so deep within themselves that they are not even aware of it. The other will push them to access their unconscious blockages which they really don’t like and want to run away. If they connect with their emotional body. that actually their challenges and loss are beautiful gift from their Soul showing them new ways to understand the reality. The strong combative will of the child decides to cut himself from his emotional body that can be so easily reached and so deeply moved by the outside world. it is very difficult for them to open it to someone else. traveling through our whole emotional body. It is really difficult for them to accept all the suffering of these situations in their life. Due to the strength of their third charka. and that we have brought there love and forgiveness. one part of the memory goes into our unconscious where it acts upon our life without the approval of our personal will. These situations can sometimes be very painful: like the death of a loved one. Their emotions become an obstacle for their strong wish to be alive with all their power and to share with the world. as a child. For the people who are in this shadow of Cimi. sickness. Their challenge is to align it with the will of their Higher Self. it is really important for people in this shadow to reconnect again with their emotional body. However. depending of the emotional support and expressivity that they have received in their life. It supposed that we have touched the bottom of our pain and resistance. They need to accept to be vulnerable and to show their wounds to others to manage to heal them. 75 . It gives them a very strong will power and third chakra. Their Soul creates many situations to take them out of their restricted point of view. there can be so much sadness and needs blocked inside them that it seems to them an endless process without any hope that will never bring any healing but worst will increase their victimhood and hopelessness inside themselves. So they can cut themselves very strongly from their emotional body. Since they have locked their own access to their heart. their ego takes it very personally and starts to look at the world as a very castrating place. They then become cold without really noticing it. sadness. betrayal or loss. If we don’t accept or manage to release it. frustration… It is very hard to understand for a person born with energy of Cimi. Then it will be really challenging for them to stay in the relationship. This very positive energy is still coming from the need of the ego to express itself and to prove to life that its existence is real. They can judge their own emotionality as a dangerous weakness preventing them to achieve any goal of social glory that their ego wants to feel acknowledged. it is very hard to build long-terms intimate relationships. In our modern society we have a very limited support and rituals offer to help people to pass through period mourning or difficult situations.their spiritual teachings. Absolute surrender is a deep wisdom to grasp. they have a lot of fire and they want to occupy a lot of space in their surroundings to show their existence. Most of the time. As a potential they have a very strong power of being alive. their Soul wants them to wake up to a higher consciousness in themselves.

They will stop to identify themselves from what they achieve concretely and will start to heal the place from which their where acting inside themselves. They don’t like frustration and try to be all the times in control. Through this process. Life is not harder to them. As they have a lot of desires. which doesn't correspond to their rational wisdom and can bring a lot of modifications in their life and personality. which can give them some self-confidence. They are in love with their body. the deep sensuality of Chicchan. they structure their life a lot to be sure to be fulfilled. They want to experience the life. It is all that their Soul wants and once they chose to let go their control upon their outside appearance. surrendering and letting go. Their third chakra becomes over-developed. They are connected with their senses and desires it what gives them a strong hunger for life and ambitious. as an innate potential. we stop suffering. They will see themselves from another point of view. they build more and more boundaries to their free and limitless Spirit who cannot accept them indefinitely and who needs to destroy them in order to survive. It can be a long inner journey of self-discovery for a World-bridgger who has forgotten its own suffering. They are fighting against their Soul. Spontaneously. It is important for them to relax and stop wishing to control everything in their life. Their life becomes like an object for the fulfillment of their desires. Their mental body totally blocks the space needed by their fifth body in their energetic field. People in this shadow of Cimi 76 . we open the door in ourselves to wash away our pains. Through faith. They put their whole strength and willpower in identifying themselves with the role they play in the outside world and they close themselves from the beauty and the mystery of their Divine Self. The difficulties are experienced only due to resistance. their personality and their achievement. the Red Snake. Life just wants to help them to find back their freedom and receive the huge of Grace in their heart. They can fully forget their Soul and the power of the Universe in their life. When we start to go with the flow. They will start to receive a lot of insights and teachings. Life just wants to help them becoming fully who they are without any limits or fears. The way they look at life and their strong resistance make it harder. They have a very pragmatic and down to Earth perception of the reality.They need to release their protection and to let speak the wounded inner child inside them. they will feel their huge will to get recognition and power in the outside world. because they are fighting the life principle within themselves. It gives them a strong capacity to be incarnated in their body and a good connection with their second chakra. Their perception of themselves will shift from the amazing (or not) personality that they have built to their inner child that just want love. they enter a new reality where life won’t be any more a battle field but an amazing ground to increase their potentials of love and consciousness. their ego will look at life as a place where you need to struggle a lot to survive. If they don’t wake up at this time. By becoming really honest with themselves and developing an ability to observe themselves. o A strong power of incarnation and a difficulty to feel the universal will People born with the energy of Cimi get by birth. their life will put them in front of situations or people that will push or break the limitation of their ego in order to show them their infinite nature. They can identify themselves very strongly with their body.

Their deep challenge is to be able to align their identity and their desires with the intension of their Spirit. second and third chakra. It pushes us to be honest and develop good qualities as love. altruism. people born with the energy of Cimi can develop a strong fear of physical death. personality. Death is pushing us to wake up. detachment. we can find eternity. They need to release their frustration towards life and to show that the world can touch them. Emotions are the direct expression of our Soul in front of our reality. The death of the Soul is a highly more painful process on the long term than the death of the ego and of the personality. When they are repressed. which will look increasingly empty until this process goes on. Once again this fear is just a tool for them to open their consciousness. to open fully our eyes and our consciousness to understand and to see now where we are. they need to destroy the gap that has been created inside themselves between their consciousness and their whole being. 77 . For that. It is really good for them to develop faith and trust in the universe to bring them just what they need. They should reconnect with the sensitivity of their heart and Soul.need to let go of their idea of who they think they are and to give back its power to their Spirit. It becomes only an interesting playground for the logical mind to get what it wants. nonpossessiveness… Death is a very important part in life that pushes us to take and enjoy the gifts offered to us in the present moment. carrier…) and a very pragmatic mind. taste and beauty. if we are fully aware. They need to remember that there is a higher consciousness directing their life and this universe than the one of their personal self. It is what makes us act in the present and not wait eternally to do or create something. They need to release their mental body in order to leave some space for their fifth auric layer to develop. They can also work to open their seventh chakra to create more space in their life for their Divine wisdom. Death teaches us that each moment is a precious thing and that. To be afraid of death push us to be more awake and alive in our life at every moment. It gives them a strong first. compassion. It will direct their way of thinking in a healthy way (and not the opposite). o Integration of the polarities Their strong potentials are their love for aliveness and their will power. the Soul starts to retract itself slowly from the everyday life. So this fear is an amazing tool in their heart that will pushes them to transform themselves through all their life and release all their false identifications. It will allow them to release all their controls upon their reality. They just have to open themselves to the power of grace and of the unknown and let the Divine mystery enter their life. In the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition it is considered very wise to contemplate every day the fact that you are going to die. Their fifth auric layer will grow and slowly model their mental body. Life loses all its perfume. o A strong power of incarnation and the fear of death As they have a strong identification with their incarnation form (their body. in each moment.

If they learn to die with their ego and accept to follow the universal flow. The outside world is not responsible for their arising within ourselves. Only through acceptance and forgiveness. it is important for these people to release all their frustrations and anger upon the way they have been treated by their family or friends and to realize really all their beauty and power that they have inside themselves. they have a very strong will power and determination. they enter a very strong path of inner transformation. it gives them the possibility to be really good guides and teachers for other people. This potential can have been hidden in some people born with the power of Cimi. The natural potential will have been deteriorated with the creation of an archetype of a victim or of a rebel. When we start to reach this place. Then the universe will become a magical ground for their Spirit. can we be detached from our past and let it die in order to get born in a real new life. They open a lot their mind and incarnate their transformation in their cells. they find back the infinite freedom 78 . Their strong determination gives them an ability to have a lot of assiduity in what they chose. When they go until the end of their inner journey. Real detachment is when we take back our responsibility for what we feel and we stop to project it on the outside world. they receive an amazing power of manifestation. In this situation. simple life turn itself in a sacred and blessed journey of our Soul. Emotions are our own responsibility. healing can take place. Once their personal ambition has been totally fulfilled or transformed. if they have been strongly limited in their power of expression and non-acknowledge with their identity in their family or with their friends or partner. It offers them a great abundance of experience and a deep understanding of the human life. They get a lot of wisdom and become able to connect with many different kinds of people. Each emotion is a tool to dive inside ourselves and discover some old patterns pushing us to react in the same way or some old wounds preventing us from enjoying life fully. • Spiritual powers By nature. Once they go with the flow and accept to die with gratitude toward the new harmony coming. Once they put their being and their will in the hands of the universal consciousness and love. Their biggest gift is to be able to touch the grace of being alive and of being fully detached from everything. organize and create whatever they want. Once they find back their own value.Detachment can only be attained by perfect knowledge and mastery of our emotions and not by ignoring them. They go through an amazing initiatic life in which they play many different roles and archetypes. They become someone who has lived many different lifes in one life. The same situation can make someone happy and someone else sad. They become a channel of expression and of fulfillment of the collective dreams and desires. very strong healings occur and only then. They are not anymore fighting for their own personal dreams but they start to incarnate beautiful project for the transformation and the growth of the collective consciousness. according to their transformation. which decreases the self-esteem. they have access to a huge amount of energy to manifest.

the more they melt their personal wishes with the collective needs. art or meditative attitude and how to bring back its teachings in the material world. Divine knowledge and connection with spiritual realms. Cib opens the sixth and seventh chakras of the body and demands that our mind surrenders to their wisdom by developing faith. to stop their rational mind in order to discover a higher type of consciousness and to release their fear and their absence of trust toward the Universe to let grace and faith fill up their heart. • Its Antipode Partner: Cib The Yellow Warrior Cib is the warrior of Light. surrounding The glyphs surrounding Cimi • Its Analog Partner: Ben The Red Sky Walker Ben is the messenger of the Sky. because the more they connect with this power within themselves. When people with the energy of Cimi start to connect themselves with the energy of Cib. Its energy teaches how to connect ourselves with our higher wisdom through inspiration. • Its Occult Partner: Men The Blue Eagle Men is the guardian of the collective brain. From the Sky. Men is also the power of planetary vision. that they have so much fire and wish to share their own wisdom and treasure with the world. while still looking down at the Earth and all the reality around us. They just need to allow it to be. the more they learn how to fly higher and higher. because in their unconscious they are connected with the collective brain. using all their strength and determination to spread awareness and love around them. Men takes them out of a self-centered life and teaches them compassion. Its energy gives the sociability to people born with the energy of Cimi. the facility to express themselves and to have a lot of inspiration to go forward in their life in tune with their Spirit. Men helps people born on the day of Cimi to develop their clear mind and vision of the reality. Ben gives them also a lot of determination and desire to expand themselves. They have this power very strongly inside themselves.of their Spirit that nothing can diminish. It is because they have Ben’s energy within themselves as an analog. The more they connect with the energy of Men inside themselves. Its energy gives people carrying the power of Cimi. Cib is the biggest challenge for people born with the power of Cimi because it requires them to listen to their intuition. It is the power of intuition. 79 . the rigidity of their life starts to dissolve and they can become very powerful Light Warrior. it teaches how to melt with the wisdom of the Soul.

80 .

the four fingers represent the four cardinal directions and the thumb symbolizes our potential. It is the final step of our spiritual blossoming. It is the joy of incarnating our Spirit on Earth by any mean. Creation is the way to acknowledge our own wisdom. Manik teaches us to melt the power of the hand of Light that got all the tools to manifest its Spirit in the world. spiritual. By completing things and exposing our creation. flexible. healing or massage. we become able to receive grace that brings us to higher realizations all the times. all the times moving and changing. Manik pushes us to complete what we are doing as a beautiful gift to the world of our essence. Manik is a time of big change and its energy and position are never really fixed. Manik is a portal. Manik gives us the power all along our path. The whole creativity stocks in the second charka can be used in tune with the expression of the Soul. It makes us aware of the beauty in the world that surrounds us. Manik energy pushes the mental body to give some space for the fifth layer to fill up the energetic body with faith and grace that totally transform (through the fifth layers) the personality of the person. This is the power of resolution. Because it is a portal to a new dimension. It is day that asks us to look at the tools that we have in our possession to express and to manifest who we are. with the power of the tsunami that brings big changes in the consciousness of the people that it touches and keeps on its path until that it reaches its goal. In “the Mayan Oracle”. Manik represents the awakening of the Divine Child inside ourselves that is totally amazed by life and his own capacity of creation. a wave never changes its direction and keeps a constant power. It comes with the wisdom of Cimi to surrender and not to resist against the flow of life. Manik put in the concrete reality the long journey in which our consciousness has been through. It is a day of 81 . Manik carries this quality of the water: very flexible and soft but inevitably reaching its goal. Manik is very sensitive to beauty and to creation in this world. the hand of the Higher Self. It is calling us to dance and celebrate beauty on Earth. On its glyph. A day Manik is full of creative energy and wishes to act. artistic.MANIK The Blue Hand Manik carries the power of completion. It is the end of the first cycle in the evolutionary movement of the twenty kins of the Calendar. At the same time. Seven. However. It carries the wisdom of accomplishment and creation. The wave is very adaptable. It teaches us to use all our potentials to show our beautiful inner Light to the world. It is the hand of Light. celebration of any kind and creation at any level of life. they consider that the power of Manik is also symbolized by a wave. It gives us back the memory that through the opening of our heart. its number. Manik is the master of all the tools of manifestation on Earth: manual. is the magical and mystical number in the Mayan culture. It is a beautiful day for any artistic activity. Manik gives us a balanced third chakra from the need of the ego to control everything and helps the opening of the fourth chakra. It is a time of great celebration for the whole path that has been done by the consciousness to arrive until this level. a gate to another level of awareness. to another dimension and reality.

they were chosen to be priest or priestess. The form that they will choose to express their Higher Self will depend of their education. they get the power of resolution. this is not compulsory. they act according to their idea of perfection. They accept to receive teachings on their road and take them with gratitude without being hurt in their ego. they are pushed to grow and to transform themselves by opening to new dimensions of consciousness. they need to be aware of it. sometimes. massage. and divination. Their fifth layer is open and their fourth chakra is starting to open itself also. Their third charka is very open and clean. However. They can be very exigent people towards themselves and their surrounding. depending of their values. They live in tune with their idea of beauty. 82 . They are at a place of transformation. This gives them a lot of gratitude towards life and the only thing that they wish is to thank the world by giving back all their potentials through their own expression and creation in the world. However. their Soul is following a spiritual path of awakening and by nature. Manik or the path of creativity and beauty • General psychological profile People born with the power of Manik are naturally gifted people. through any form that it can take. They can be a little beat stubborn people: when they choose to take a direction they go until the end of it and it is quite difficult to make them change their mind. change and grow. painting. they are not resisting against it. Only from this place. directing a company. They are in love with perfection and. growing their children … The main talent that they have is that their able to use the totality of their potentials in what they are doing in the most beautiful way that they can. A lot of people born with the power of Manik are talented for manual arts. Stability is not in their nature. The manifestation of their Spirit can chose a totally nonmaterial activity like writing. as we have seen it before. Those talents are not specifically artistic or manual. their perfectionism can stop them in their creation. because they are also represented by the wave. because of their strong perfectionism. They keep on the road that they choose but are very flexible on their way. When they walk on their destiny path. In the Mayan culture. They are very sensitive to the expression of beauty through the material world. They are very talented to put their Spirit into concrete esthetic creations. They know how to adapt themselves like a river or a wave. It is a good day to accomplish a work that wasn't finished for a while. Their energy pushes them to travel through their life and to evolve. by their birth. dance. Still. Whatever they are doing and even if they are not aware of it. At the same time. healing. but this we will see it later. they incarnate their full potentials and power. They are followers of the path of beauty and it is very important for them to be in their full beauty. Their stability is only fixed through their creation. because they are the masters of the spiritual tools and are very good for divination. sculpture. even if it is true for many people born with the power of Manik. They have in their hand one or few talents that they came to share with the world.opening to new understanding towards our life that is why it can be a very good day for healing session.

This is a mental conception of perfection based upon judgment and lack of love for what already is. and to build some structures in their life in order to achieve what they want towards their own self. instead of taking a position of victim in front of their imperfection. it is not because it doesn't exist. they realize easily the nature of their consciousness which is all the times changing. This point of view is very destructive for them. Then they just have to choose all the talents that they wish to improve. They become like water that has been poured in a plane surface. it is just because they are not aware enough to see it. They can fall in depression. However. they should look at what they don't like inside themselves and take it out. They separate themselves from their idea of beauty. They lose their reason to live.• Their potentials and their challenges o A deep connection with beauty in the spiritual realm and a difficulty to manifest it through creation By birth. So it is really important for them to manifest something in physical plan. Because they are at a point of closure and opening to different consciousness. And they slowly lose their self-identification which can lead them to a complex of inferiority. Otherwise. beauty is the main string that directs their life. If they stop to create and live all the times in their inner contemplation. This makes them fall into rejection of their own existence and they can develop a strong feeling of incapacity. It doesn't manage to keep a fixed form and stay formless without the power to define itself and to move somewhere else. It is very important for them to release their own need of perfection towards themselves. Their high sensitivity to beauty makes them think that they are not enough talented to also create in this world. evolving and never fixe. it is very important for them to give a concrete structure and form to their own vision and understanding about life and themselves. in order to feel the achievement of the wisdom that they discover with their Spirit. They cut their hands in front of the beauty of the Light that they see. They loose slowly their joy and fire to celebrate life and beauty. Perfection is already everywhere at all levels of the creation. They keep their truth for themselves and start to dissolve from the outside world. Perfection is not anything that we have to fight to reach it. They enter in a vicious circle. they will find 83 . If they cannot see it. It gives them a strong difficulty to define themselves in a fixed form in the physical world. As the inner reality that they touch connects them with the infinite of the universe and very high level of beauty and perfection. Through constructive actions. At the same time. they stay in the non-manifested and their identity slowly dissolves. which are their own inner nature. it can dissolve totally their ego without that they get the time to build enough ground not to fly away. They can get lost in the very subtle energy of the three last layers of their auric field that are well developed in them. As they carry the power of the magical number seven. The energy of their first and third charkas becomes weaker and weaker. it is such a subtle energy that it is easy to deny its existence and to make it disappears as if it wasn't there and it doesn't exist. in their concrete life. they have a very strong potential to open themselves to higher dimensions of consciousness.

the river always ends up its course in the sea. They need to assimilate the wisdom of the river that is singing and dancing all along the way: from its source until the sea. The only goal that there is in our existence is to live now. because their sensitivity gives them the ability to see them. They are tools of Light and only when they are doing and creating something in this world. So there are all the times better and bigger objects to attain if we look for it until infinity. they will be able to walk again on their path and to find back their self-esteem. And anyhow the stars are like small candles in front of the galaxies. they will find that the end is so far that it is not worthy to keep on. Only then. it will push them to run and to be overwhelmed in doing thousands of things at the same time in order to reach their goal. to its finalization. they can meet and express who they really are. or even to start. Many times. We need to become more conscious of the place from which we choose to act inside ourselves. what they wanted to accomplish. Their self-expression and creation will help them to build back their third chakra and to increase their own fire. In a different way. They are so perfectionist that most of the times their real goal in life is very far and very high. need to release all the pressures of their expectations towards the final manifestation of their actions and to learn to enjoy the simple accomplishment of the right action in the present moment in tune with their own wishes and dreams. They find that beauty lies only in finished forms and they don't find joy in the steps on the way. There is nothing to try to get in the future. They love the beauty in creation and are attracted to it but they can’t themselves enjoy the discipline and the work that leads to it. but only by opening ourselves to a deeper consciousness. People. It is as if they have a strong difficulty to enjoy action. In expressing their full beauty.back their own beauty and realize their magical power of creation. they become a real tool for their Spirit to express itself. How much are we alive now! How much are we aware of the perfection of the world. However it is important to understand that it is not by trying to get somewhere or to get something that we can change and evolve ourselves. Whatever are the obstacles on its way. The river takes all the times the easiest and more natural path and it enjoys as much to be in the source as to be in the sea. The beauty is in letting flow the energy of life. who are in this shadow of Manik. it is an endless circle. o Love the beauty of the finished forms and don’t like the process of their creation Their capacity to journey through different levels of consciousness in their head can give them a very idealistic and perfectionist point of view upon the material world. Nevertheless. People in this shadow of Manik need to reconnect with the power of determination that teaches a river: if you let flow your real nature. It is a very good feeling to want to evolve and to grow. and give a value only to the end of the project. our level of awareness in front of the present moment. This can prevent them a lot to complete what they are doing. it is as much beautiful to be a little candle as to be a star. If we want. They just need to give to themselves some discipline to push them to go through a regular action. The only productive work that can help us to change is in the present moment. And they will get totally exhausted. you will automatically reach 84 . They want to touch the stars. better levels can all the times be accomplished.

They have the capacity to open 85 . not only in what you like. they need to realign themselves with their Divine sense of wonder and to use it as a fuel to push them to act in their life at each instant. tarot cards. one of the shadow of the energy of Manik is the idea that tools have the power. there is nothing else to do with your life and let your Spirit manifest itself as it wishes to do. they will enter deep state of contentment. of the tsunami that propels them to other dimensions. a function. It comes out from the fact that the power of Manik gives a strong ability to master tools. so much that they forget and are not aware that they are the creator and source of this beauty. Sometimes. totally free. o A great vision of perfection and a difficult to see the great teachings in the simple things People born with the energy of Manik can develop a kind of fear or judgment upon their strong capacity to shift their consciousness. Strong shifts of consciousness can sometimes take very unusual forms and appear through unexpected circumstances in their life. They need to take care because this type of shadow can also lead them to strong laziness and apathy. They create resistances upon it according to their pragmatic experience. At the same time. If they have a rigid idea upon perfection and what they want to achieve in their life. only when they use this tool. The real nature of what we love is actually formless. They are the tools of Light. And from an outside point of view. This tool can be anything: an artistic. it can be hard for people born with this energy. We can find it everywhere in the Universe and it can never be taken away from us. They should let the beauty that they see outside express itself through their life. meditation. It is the Essence of life. a musical instrument. like for example.the goals that your Soul wanted you to get. It is important to realize that Manik carries the power of the wave. projecting it upon the tool. So then they can develop an emotional addiction to it. Enjoy your way. whatever they are. And they can give away a lot of their own power. So when they start to master a tool. crystals. a manual or a spiritual practice. to have a strong self-esteem and definition of themselves. as we saw before. they can miss and resist against the simplicity of great spiritual teachings. they can appear like being not really a positive experience. o Strong ability to develop some spiritual tools and the believe that the tools have the power As they explain in “The Mayan Oracle”. For example. Release your idea of beauty and learn to see it in everything around you. it gives them an identity. even if the path is not going straight and appears to be strange. healing … Again at this point. People in this pattern can become too much attached and identified with a tool. their resistance can even impeach them to have the desire to master a tool. books … People in this shadow need to remember that tools are just a mean to reveal and to express their own truth. Sure some tools are beautiful and very useful but we should not get attach to them and to the fixed form that the Spirit is taken. strong emotional crisis or an astonish coincidence. or bliss. It can touch them very deeply. the tools by which their Essence Self is expressing itself. such as art techniques. Also they can be too lazy and not enough focus to assimilate them fully.

• Spiritual powers Once they accept to structure themselves a little beat. they need sometimes to stop in their action and to take some steps out of it. They will have also to resist against their tendency of laziness. o Integration of the polarities Their deep work is in aligning their strong taste for beauty with the simplicity of the every day life. they can develop easily some spiritual powers. preventing their Soul to incarnate. to detach themselves from their every day life. pushing them out the previous borders of their consciousness. 86 . when they are on the path toward selfrealization. They will need to develop courage and strength if they want to be able to release these blockages. They will connect with the perfection of every moment and gather enough energy to structure their life in order to achieve what they want and being able to love it. they create magic through their being. If they chose to walk on the path of self-discovery. If they manage to totally open their concept of beauty and perfection. This quality comes from their strong love for beauty and their ability to open their mind to new conception and new level of consciousness. They learn from Cimi to surrender in front of the movement of the universe inside themselves. In releasing all their judgmental conceptions of beauty. They will be able to celebrate the life in any situation. the more the universe uses them and guides them to increase their talent. just a perfect dance of the polarities. They should remember the strong determination of their Soul to come on this planet to share its beauty and use it as a beacon not to lose themselves in the tempest of their emotions. They need to open their consciousness more and more to let them happen and to remember the strong feeling of grace that accompany them. So they have a strong ability to learn and if they use their sense of perfection in their work. So the universal will start to use them as tool to incarnate its wisdom and love. So they won’t be anymore black and white reality. They are the hands of Light. they are gifted to develop any talent that touches their heart. and keep on flying away in the non-manifested. they will stat to see the magic of the path that they choose to follow and they will start to love even the time of disharmony because they are times of teachings and realizations. To go to wake up all the memories hidden inside our body is a huge journey of introspection that will bring out a lot of fears and emotions. The more they accept to release their personal will.themselves to huge new understandings and awareness of their life. they will open their mind and start to see the brightness of all things around them. They are learning to open increasingly their fifth layer of their auric field and it is a beautiful and very surprising experience. For these times of initiation to happen. They need to realize that if they are not fully incarnate in their body. it is because they have some resistances in their physical body. They have to try to be aware of such portals in their life that can offer them new tools to walk on their path.

but with a lot of love. The glyphs surrounding Manik • Its Analog Partner: Eb the Yellow Human Eb is the celebration of the abundance of life. they manage to share and incarnate their strong inner wisdom. • Its Antipode Partner: Caban The Red Earth Caban carries the power of presence. Eb is the awareness of the abundance of the physical reality and it is what gives to Manik people a strong sensitivity to what is concretely created in the world. It is the time of receiving Divine grace through the abundance of life. 87 . the sacred cup that receive the blood of Christ. awareness. It is the most challenging energy for Manik people because it asks them to focus on the present and not to try to reach anything in the future. If they accept to face all the memories contain in their body. Their ability to surrender and to let the Light of their Spirit penetrates them. At the same time. Eb is the ability in the Manik people to open the fifth layer of their auric field. the nectar of immortality. the more they discover the abundance of their life and of the world that surrounds them. Their ego will be the only border to their achievement. Eb is the joy of humanity in front of the richness of the harvest the world offers. Their deepest quality is to be flexible like the water element with their consciousness and to accept to transform all the times.They are like open gates toward other dimensions of consciousness. they can receive different spiritual tools to help others. Eb is represented as the Graal. Also they prove their will to let go of all of the resistances of their ego to be a servant of the truth and love in front of the universe. Manik people are all the times flying away from Caban by nature and it is a long process of self-discovery for them to open totally to the power of Caban. and peace. Eb asks us to be totally empty in order to receive the blessing of our Divine Self. Eb gives them their fuel to share their love and light on their path. touching infinite realizations upon the nature of life and consciousness. When they get it. the more they experience ecstatic feelings in front of life. contentment. At the same time. The more they connect with its energy. Eb is the song of gratitude in the human consciousness. Once they totally give themselves to the universal will. The more they develop the energy of Eb. Eb is filling them up with its joy in front of the life. It is a very helpful energy for them that always turns them to look at the beauty of life. It impeaches them to run. they are able to express fully their Spirit through their actions and creations without fears. to overwhelm themselves or to fall into a depressive inaction. of being in the here and now. and dissatisfaction. it is the most valuable energy that they need to develop because it impeaches them to project themselves in the future finalization of their creation. Caban brings them back on Earth in the present and pushes them to be more aware of themselves in the present moment. hurry.

Ix is present in people carrying the power of Manik in their unconscious. Ix teaches us that by connecting with our heart.• Its Occult Partner: Ix The White Wizard The power of Ix is enchantment. receptivity. letting it flow out of their own Nature. and integrity. timelessness. Ix knows that our Divine wisdom lies in our own heart. they have nothing to do for that. The more they connect with the potential of Ix in themselves. Ix shows them that they are already wizard. we connect with our Soul and our highest wisdom. They release their idea of perfection that comes from their mind and develop a more alive comprehension of perfection. they just have to become fully aware of it. Ix shows them that the more they will open and surrender to the wisdom of their heart. 88 . the more they will create the magic of life around them. the more they release the fight of their mind against their own Soul. without trying to make it more beautiful with some conceptual ideas. through the understanding of their heart. It means that they know unconsciously how to connect with their Divine Nature through their heart.

The star is a gate to higher consciousness: for the Mayan the Great Masters were coming from other solar systems. it has the ability to open itself to the wisdom of the Galaxy. Lamat teaches us to harmonize our first three chakras through self-acceptance and love. grace. and starts to purify it. the harmonization of our three first layers opens the fourth. Lamat is the incarnation of the galactic knowledge on Earth. It is a beautiful explosion of joy and love. The number for Lamat is eight. In “the Mayan Oracle”. The four seeds represent the four directions and the four different types of human beings with their four different colors (in the Mayan culture. which is the number of love and harmony for the Mayan civilization. When the process of connection starts to occur in ourselves and we accept to follow it. It is a beautiful process of harmonization of our Soul with our individual self. The color of Lamat is dark blue which represents the power of Earth. The light coming out of our well being and harmony on earth is so huge that it explodes in our heart in order to be shared with the whole universe. necessary for receiving the strong light of our Divine Self. In our aura. Lamat is a time of strong opening and purification of the heart. At the same time. the corn was a representation of a human being). and the Pleiades in the Mayan culture. The star is shining because the Soul has been able to harmonize itself in the physical world and from there. with golden sparkles. It is the star seed of the planet. the center of the Universe. The strong harmony of our roots appearing through our personality allows our Higher Self to manifest itself through our life and our being. the number four is the number of incarnation. we embark on the return path to the stars. unconditional and Divine wisdom. symbolizing the blessing and presence of the galactic Masters. In our being. of strong foundation in the physical world. where it can be aligned with the spiritual wisdom of our more subtle centers of energy. This process gives us a strong and pure grounding on Earth. In our auric field. They are here to show us what we need to heal through acceptation and love in ourselves. they use the metaphor of a cascading firework to represent the action of the energy of Lamat in our being. behind the heart chakra lies the site of the Soul. and seventh layers to expand and to penetrate fully the other layers. then we can receive powerful 89 . A Lamat day is a day in which we are pressed to harmonize our three first chakras. If we manage to open our heart on these days and to accept the world that surrounds us as it is. Lamat is a time of opening to a higher dimension that can be expressed on Earth. sixth. as well as ourselves. For the Mayan. where lie all our ways to relate to the world. bringing with them faith. Sirius.LAMAT The Yellow Star Lamat carries a double power: the power of the star: the connection with spiritual realms. surrounded by four seeds. our heart is directly connected with Hunab K'u. This process allows our fifth. Lamat is connected with the energy of Venus. the harmonization of our three first chakras allows our energy to rise up to our heart. Maybe a lot of disharmonious feelings or situations can come up on these days. Its glyph is represented by a star. and the power of the seed: the power of incarnation and blossoming on Earth.

wounds … and provides them with the courage and the will power to heal themselves. In the Pop Wuj. The more they are working on their path. styles. As they are lucid as regards with themselves. if they choose to be musician. and the more they feel inclined to share their inner peace and awareness with the world. without doubting of anything. and so their vocation. They have a strong third chakra. They like innovations and specialties. They are born with the wisdom of Manik. People born on a day of Lamat get a strong grounding energy. and have a good capacity for channeling their creative energy and realize their dreams in their life. Lamat or the path of harmony • General psychological profile People born with the power of Lamat are lovers of harmony. shadows. They have a strong need to share their inner harmony with people. coming may be from different countries or traditions. They are very generous people bent on bringing harmony and peace in the lives of others. they try to find a vocation that gives them the opportunity to do so. energies. This craving for harmony helps them to create a lot of peace and space in their life. and of learning to unite themselves with the goals of their Higher Destiny. and to give them the time and space they need. which presses them to purify as much as they can their own personality. The more they are managing to heal and balance their first three chakras. They are in the amazing process of discovering the wishes and reality of their Higher Self. on Earth. They are pressed to harmonize. Only with love and acceptation can you change it into harmony. the mythic Mayan text. and people together. the Blue Hand. that gives it added value.teachings and get strong realizations towards life. Lamat is the seed that gives birth to the warrior of truth: Junajpu Ix balanke. a very good tool to discover the yearnings of their Soul. They find beautiful ways to mix different techniques. Their strong selfconfidence and self-realization can sometimes give them the role of showing the way to people surrounding them. to love all the different aspects of themselves. they can mix different kinds of music in their way of playing. Lamat offers them the power of clarity of mind. it is relatively easy for them to discover their talents. They like to create and know exactly the very small thing to add to their creation. This need of harmony gives them a strong lucidity to face their own weaknesses. They like to create harmony and beauty all around them and in all parts of their life. Through their talent of melting different techniques. the more they are feeling their heart exploding with love and gratitude. Don't let your mind overpower you in pointing disharmony. It is a day in which we need to fall in love with ourselves to be able to share our love with the world. the more they increase their desire and their ability to go forward. Their sensitivity to harmony gives them also the talent to create harmonious combinations. the hunter with peashooter. Their creation becomes art and radiates 90 . For this purpose. they can create their own style. through their self-acceptance. For example. which gives them the ability to master the tool that they chose to develop and use in their life. energies and people.

They are deep expressions of their Soul and they carry messages which are important to listen to. or even unconsciously. from childhood wounds but wounds cannot be healed with a sword. It will bring power and healing to their hurt Inner Child. they will judge them disharmonious and they will lower them in their esteem. which they judge as negative and disharmonious. the more their deep wounds dive and disappear in their unconscious. If they have passed through some strong emotional crisis. They feel within themselves enough grounding energy to stand on their own feet because of their strong willpower. their warrior power leads them to close themselves from the wounds they got. Through this shadow. they could become arrogant. that doesn't allow feelings that they judge as weakness like sadness. They receive naturally a strong warrior archetype. It is really important for them to realize that all these emotions. which is to create harmony in life. They can develop a very rigid mind. sometimes very unconscious. during their childhood. anger. because it would be disharmonious to do so. • Their potentials and their challenges o A warrior of harmony and his fight against his own wounds and emotions By birth. They are parts of a learning process to discover who we really are. can make them quite judgmental in front of situations or people bringing out these emotions in their life. Anger comes out in front of things that we want to change. Their innocent taste for harmony and their strong will to develop it doesn’t fit with the memories of the emotional pains. Sadness flows to open our heart and our consciousness from our narrow sense of Self. Those emotions are not 91 . They want absolutely to be strong and harmonious in front of others. When these patterns are coming up. in front of people who let speak their hurt feelings. and need of love. Nevertheless. Their sixth and seventh chakras are also fairly open and they press them to try to incarnate this deep wisdom they feel within themselves. whatever vocation they choose. it is the wounded Inner Child in them who is emerging. Like this. are parts of life and of its beautiful dance. They try to heal it by fighting it with their willpower and their rational mind. in people born with the power of Lamat. So they put their warrior energy at the service of their ideal of harmony. They are not disconnecting totally from their emotional body. They have to learn to watch their own emotional ways of reacting. they get a strong third in life. It will help them to discover the roots of unconscious associations of emotions and situations that control their being. This repression of negative emotions. which gives them a strong and clear mind and the power to fight for their deep faith. most of the time. Slowly they start to close themselves from their hurt emotional body. they can develop a superiority complex. Negative patterns come. The more they are growing. understanding and healing. They consider most of the time that their emotions lead them to dramas and to disharmonious situations. but from the hurt part of it. Without showing it. healing cannot come through fighting and denial. Only then can they start to react positively in situations exposing and healing the deep cause of their pain. asking for recognition. which can be more or less apparent through their personality.

We are projecting ourselves on the world and our way of reacting to the outside situations is not depending on the outside but only on inner consciousness and on our choice to respond to it. or their warrior energy will make them fight. those situations are great gifts and lessons offered to them by life and their Higher Selves. reject and escape from such situations. people are asked to look at all the dimensions of their life where there is still disharmony: in their environment. People in this shadow of Lamat need to understand that harmony is not an ideal. they could develop a very rigid mind. It is therefore very important not to accuse the world for what we are feeling but to take the responsibility to look at who we really are in front of the world. rigidity. They can easily think that the outside world or others are responsible for this disharmony. The world is just a reflection of ourselves and there is no victim. Life is pure harmony if we allow it to flow. instead of trying to heal by fighting with their willpower and rational mind.controlling the life of Masters as well as the other emotions that our personality can judge as positive. wounds. the third layer of their auric field becomes over-developed and too tense and rigid to let their emotional body flow freely. o A strong ideal of harmony confronted with apparent disharmonious experiences Because they have a very strong sensitivity to harmony. With their strong willpower and self-confidence. They can develop a very dualistic philosophy upon the human nature where people should repress and fight the "bad sides" of their human nature’s and develop of their "good" aspects. Then. healing. They create a fixed mental image of perfection and of harmony. relationships … They need to allow acceptance. Not because the Masters don't feel them and stop them being. They could think that there is only one path to wisdom and enlightenment. By not allowing their sadness and vulnerability to be expressed. o A strong rational mind preventing them to feel who they are 92 . This is the path to real detachment from the individual ego and to real compassion. whether we want to react from the place of our hurt ego. Either they will try to help others to realign the situation. and compassion to flow into their wounds and rigidity. they can help them to heal their inner conflicts. On their auric field. emotions. If they open their heart and their mind to it. from this vantage point. However. but because they have absolutely allowed these feelings in themselves and they are not controlled by them anymore. In this shadow of Lamat. Disharmonious situations are arising to show us some parts of ourselves which are still reacting and which haven't been healed yet. they will often find themselves in the middle of situations they consider disharmonious. They are at a point where they need to learn how to heal with love. rejections … and to learn real tolerance and compassion. through their expanded awareness and expanded freedom. Masters don't take personally what is happening in their life anymore and the outside world cannot touch their sense of self anymore. or we choose to spread the love and wisdom of our Higher Self is up to us. they press themselves to enter and stay in this box.

of which the existence they could never have expected before. They build their own self-esteem and self-love with the good things they give to others. In developing this pattern they can lose themselves in their need to give harmony to others. This mental power can take over all their perception of themselves and of life. they easily define themselves with what they do. At the same time. but we can always increase our awareness a little bite more. their inner insecurity towards their real value will lead them to give too much without respecting their own 93 . Our deepest nature is totally free and accepts no boundaries. As we saw before. The biggest beauty in life is to be able to live in this absolute freedom and total magic of the unpredictable through each moment of our life. That is a beautiful potential and desire. The process is infinite. love and harmony that they can feel. to allow their Essence Self to spread out. Only then will they start to be who they are. o A huge amount of energy inside themselves and a need to give it to others As their first three chakras are very well developed. to break the rigidity of their mind. They can limit their self-awareness to an intellectual understanding. their gifts are not free and come from a need to be acknowledged. They should stop trying to be who they think they are in order to release fully their mental body and leave some space for the second. At the same time. They want to help other to realize and feel all the beauty. However. they have very pragmatic way to look at their life. like a king or a queen. real relationships with the world. Therefore. They are sitting in front of a star gate that opens into infinity.People born with the energy of Lamat have a lot of clarity and power in their mind. they have to remember that they will never be able to put limits to themselves and to their lives. So they feel that it is in their duty to share it with others. they can become too serious. because they are not sure of themselves when they are alone. when we look at it with the openness and the innocence of a child. the fourth and the fifth layers of their auric field to express themselves with emotions. They forget about the magic and the chaos of life. They slowly lose a lot of dimensions in life. They get over-identified with their mind and the role that they have created for themselves in building their personality. People in this shadow of Lamat can also use their strong third chakra to show their Light in front of others. By this mind control of who they think they are. It is the syndrome of "the good-doer". We can never get the Truth. Those limits and structures are here to help their consciousness to rest and to unify its power to prepare for its next jump in a continually expanding reality. The only trouble is that they have a difficulty to acknowledge the beauty of what they inside themselves if it is not acknowledge by the outside world. leading them trough new realities and understandings towards life. inside themselves they have a strong potential to touch other levels of consciousness and love that most of people don’t know. faith and grace. If they get stuck in this shadow. they need to learn to surprise themselves again. truth. They become dependant on others to prove and recognize their good nature and it becomes difficult for them to live alone. They like efficiency in their actions. Their idea of who they are and their personality starts colliding with themselves and creates limits in their lives. This comes from their very pragmatic perception of who they are.

need for rest and nourishment. They will cross their strongest spiritual teachings through their everyday life and very simple situation. which can bring out to the consciousness a lot of hidden emotions and needs. they release a lot of emotions and wounds that they had hidden to themselves through their life in wanting to be strong. o Integration of the polarities Their strong potentials are to connect with high levels of harmony through their consciousness and to be much grounded at the same time. Truth will bring healing. If there is a separation between these two qualities in them. They will meet the purest love in their total simplicity and the highest truth in their silence. they realize that their perception of the world is purely subjective and so all what they see on the outside in a reflection of themselves. it is really important for them to use their clear mind to look at themselves to find out from which place their actions come and to release their ego's need of power. They will realize that the biggest power is to accept to be small. it means that there are some resistances in their ego and mental body preventing them to feel the perfection of every single moment of their life. Instead of using mainly the rational part of their brain (on the left hemisphere). they start to balance themselves in using their intuitive and feminine brain (on the right hemisphere). Their deep inner longing and path are to create a bridge between these two potentials to create a beautiful alignment in their being and in their life. sensitive and vulnerable. their first and third chakras are well developed as well as sixth and seventh chakras. They will start to see the beauty and the magic of the creation through every little things and simple movements. It will allow the transparency of truth to flow in their life. Their biggest challenge is to be able to see the harmony through everything. even though it is a weight for the other from whom you expect something in exchange. Energetically. They carry the power of the seed and the star together. Then they have the ability to enter the poetry of William Blake and create it all around them: “To see the world in a grain of sand 94 . self-acceptance. Real love can only come from abundance. disharmonious experiences are just their own disharmonies of perception. To give someone out of need or with expectations is not a real gift. They need to accept that to be a portal to the star consciousness ask to let go of all the human values and perceptions upon good and bad. They should accept to release all their judgments upon how things should be or happen. So. Once they understand this process. By using their disappointment toward the outside world as tool to reconnect with the sensitivity f their inner child. By this simple action. It is whether a gift to yourself to prove yourself how good and nice you are. without exposing it clearly. They will softly learn to stop disguising their intensions under their actions. They should accept to enter in the realm of perception and experience and diminish the power of the conceptual world upon their life. They are building unhealthy relationships based on dependence and conditional exchanges and love. At this point. and they will expect from others to give them back this nourishment and self-love that they miss deeply in themselves without really showing it. and love in their life and they will start to give from a place of absolute freedom. all their reality changes with them.

The more they accept to share and release their feelings. The Blue Monkey is a great help in Lamat people because. they increase a lot of their abilities and learn to fight against their own rigidity. Chuen is the master of arts and its energy offers to Lamat people their great taste for aesthetic forms and artistic talents. They can receive a lot of insights and deep realizations that they will have difficulties to ground and share with others human beings. They love for beauty and harmony help them to find the perfect tune that will touch the Soul and heart of many other people. They have a strong access to higher dimensions and vibrations and can transfer messages that will help the evolution of the human world. • Its Antipode Partner: Etznab The White Mirror 95 . Chuen gives them the flexibility of the non-judgemental child on life. they can become strong guide for other people. they have a strong ability to develop a vocation and to master it. With their self-confidence and strong grounding energy. Once they accept to release their own subjectivity and the rigidity of their mind. They become an amazing door for others to access higher levels of consciousness and love.And a heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour” • Spiritual Spiritual powers As we saw before. It is in their hands to make it accessible to others and to assimilate it fully in their own being. They are travelers of the stars. by developing this power in themselves. They become a channel for the galactic consciousness to spread its wisdom upon Earth. The glyphs surrounding Lamat • Its Analog Partner: Chuen The Blue Monkey The power of Chuen is the one of the Divine Child within us. They have also a strong ability to travel through other levels of consciousness. Chuen shows them how to connect again with the Child within and to be clear in front of their own vulnerability. the more they are able to shine through their being the beautiful potential of their heart and consciousness to touch the galactic mind. When they connect with Chuen power. As they love to share with other people and our quite social being. they enter into amazing space of new perception of the reality. they learn to never take themselves too seriously and to laugh in front of the disruptions in life. Chuen teaches how to play with life and to see the magic in it. which are full of strong teachings for the human consciousness. Chuen likes to play and develop the rational part of the mind and gives the power of clarity in Lamat people. they can also have a strong charisma.

Etznab gives them the sword of Truth to break all the illusions that are still leading the world around them and their own actions. healing. Etznab offers them the power of the acute mind able to see through any lie. Lamat people have this knowledge in their unconscious. Ben needs them to build first good bases in their life in order to have enough power and enough support before jumping into the sky. which are judged negatively by their ego. Additionally. 96 . So it can be arts. the more will they be able to see all the patterns underlying in their own behaviors and in others‘. It is a very powerful partner but who requires a lot of courage from the ones who want to follow it. It is quite important for them to find out their vocation and strong inner talent. the one linked with their wish to share harmony. love and beauty. they start to wake up their innate ability to travel through higher realms. we can bring it into the physical world and express it to others. The more will they connect with this energy. they will find their way to the stars. by a fixed practice. Etznab urges them to see the truth about themselves and invites the pride of their ego to surrender to its teaching. Etznab is the biggest challenge for Lamat people because it pushes them to step out of their illusion that disharmony comes from the outside and not from them.The great teaching brought in the consciousness by Etznab is that life and the outside world are just a projection of ourselves. It is a painful path for the ego. it will lead them to wisdom and amazing compassion. Ben is the energy that leads them to the opening of their consciousness. They will open the three last layers of their body and their upper chakras. Reality is just a mirror of our inner world. we can develop an amazing power to open our consciousness all the times to wider dimensions and understandings. From this place. It is by connecting with Etznab that Lamat people will start to be able to look at their own patterns. social works … When they start to focus through their work and practice. However. However. • Its Occult Partner: Ben The Red Sky Walker Ben is the understanding that by structuring our everyday life through a harmonious and regular basis. Etznab brings them very deep realizations in their life towards themselves and the world.

Muluc increases our self-awareness. if we turn the glyph of Muluk upside down. of remembering and allowing our Soul to express itself. The number of Muluk is nine. It represents the great masters' energy like Quetzalcoat (who appears during the 9th Baktun of the Mayan calendar). the center of the Galaxy.MULUK The Red Moon Muluk carries the power of the moon and water. It is the number of mastery in the Mayan tradition. Therefore. who came upon Earth to raise human consciousness and spread their higher vibration on the world. then we create enough space inside ourselves to allow our Higher Self to emerge and receive knowledge from other levels of awareness: represented by the stars in the Mayan culture. It is the high receptivity and sensitivity of the yin energy of the Universe. Its energy gives us a very strong sensitivity. On this day. It is also a good times to stay lonely and to dive inside ourselves through 97 . Muluc awakes in our consciousness the ability to be a station of reception and emission of cosmic communication. Muluc develops simultaneously two different potentials in us. Muluc get a strong power of purification. it becomes the perfect vehicle for our Spirit to express itself on Earth. or The Christ and Buddha in our traditions. showing us the path to detachment towards our ego and all its reactive patterns. The Soul becomes like a child so dazzled to rediscover its power and light and the power of the Universe around him. It is a time of discovering communications at higher frequencies. For the personal self. The glyph of Muluk symbolizes the opening of the third eye when the energy can flow freely in the column until the middle of the forehead. A day with Muluk is a day of strong receptivity and sensitivity towards the outside world. As they explain “the Mayan Oracle”. With the energy of Muluk. When we fully purify our personality and ego from all their fears and needs to control our life and when we stay open to receive life. creating a lot of emotions in ourselves regarding to what is happening around us. and allow it to grow. we are easily influenced. it is a time of strong amazement in front of the wisdom present in the Universe and of deep gratitude towards the world to receive such a blessing. Muluk shows us how to be enough receptive to become a beacon for the Light of consciousness. If we empty and purify totally our personality from any self-center wishes. Muluk gives us the ability to channel energies of frequencies much more superior than our own vibration. In the Mayan culture. It can be a strong emotional day in which we are very open to receive teachings from others and the world. the Divine wisdom. represented like a seed. It is welcome to be well surrounded by beautiful nature or by supporting friends. Muluk represents a beacon of awareness facing the world. to nourish the center of the being. the number for the incarnation of the solar consciousness on Earth. At the same times. It allows us to observe our emotions. the ego totally loses its weapons and prostrates itself in front of the magic beauty and wisdom of the Higher Self. Muluk teaches us to be like the moon: totally empty to be able to reflect the powerful Light of the sun on Earth. the sun is the channel of the energy of Hunab K'u. it looks like two big arms open to receive the world and its teachings.

meditation. they develop a lot of humility and respect for others and the world that can teach them so much. we can easily channel energies coming from our Higher Self or from spiritual beings of other dimensions. They are devouring life through their senses and are amazed by all its treasures. They just have to keep their trust alive and these signs will lead them to the whole rediscovery of their Divine Nature and Essence Self. many times. with their strong sensitivity. they can hear more or less consciously. This quality gives them the ability to feel and understand the people and the energies that are surrounding them.introspection. Their ego is not trying to put them in front of others and to play some power games. It is a day of remembrance of our deep nature. giving them the capacity to melt with everything that they encounter. potentially opened at their birth. and wisdom. However. because they adapt themselves to their surrounding and our society is not rewarding such a sensitivity. without being aware of it. Inside themselves. This day leads us to silence in order to be able to read the wisdom of the Universe that surrounds us. they learn to sublimate their ego and their third charka. They have the capacity to merge easily with their environment without judging it. On a day carrying the power of Muluk. and mainly in men. it will help them to find back their own power and become their own source of Light and awareness. they have the potential to become very strong channel for high energy. At the same time. they have no strong resistance in following these signs in their lives wherever they seem to lead them. It is a beautiful day for any spiritual practice or technique of purification. the call of their Spirit asking them to wake up. The rising of their energy slowly opens their sixth sense in their third eye. gives them the ability to follow and read the signs send by the Universe and their Higher Self to walk on their spiritual path. It is as if one part of them remembers the deep essence of all things.It is important to manifest our sensitivity and spiritual nature in order to acknowledge the beauty and spirituality of the world that surround us. They are very connected to the water element and have deep inner connection with themselves. To try to learn and receive more from the world. Their ego has understood that they have so much to learn and to discover and they are all the times hungry for new understanding. Their sixth chakra. • Their potentials and their challenges 98 . It is a time to read signs and to open ourselves to other levels consciousness. Muluk or the path of remembrance • General psychological profile People born with the energy of Muluc are extremely sensitive people. Because of the flexibility of the water. they can enjoy to work on purifying themselves through spiritual practices like yoga. On their path. If they develop this tool. they can become great spiritual masters on this Earth. They incarnate the beacon of spiritual Light that they have been all the times. they hide their high sensitivity. tai chi … that become part of their life. From this place. new knowledge. By developing a strong faith and trust.

they are very attentive children. these strong emotions can bring imbalances. If nobody in front of them is able to give them the same attention and care.o A deep sensitivity and a dependency toward the outside world Their very strong sensitivity during their childhood can have brought them some confusion and a lot of difficulties to find their own identity and affirm themselves. The more their ears and their eyes will be open.. They create a split between their personality and their real Nature. They are amazed by the beauty of life and the world. o A false personality and the wish to prove themselves in front of the world Because they were very sensitive to the world. However. They look at their ego's characteristics and try to 99 . when they are in this shadow of Muluc. And the more the time passes. They cannot acknowledge themselves with as much value that they give to their surrounding. They were very flexible children and instead of being who they are. they understand that they are responsible for missing something. Usually. They wander what is wrong with them." In a way. They don't understand that every thing lies inside of them. Their amazement and love for life turn into a warrior energy ready to fight and work to get what they want from the world. Because the reason of their lack has become totally unconscious and come out of their general attitude towards life.. They miss a very important grounding energy for their heart and for their Soul that will reduce their self-confidence and their self-esteem. They got the wisdom of Lamat. Most of the times. they project their feelings of insufficiency towards other objects. They know intuitively that there are beautiful teachings very subtle which we are not aware of in everything. the more they move away from their real being. until that it becomes totally unconscious. as an innate power. they cannot be fulfilled by life. they can create an imbalance in their third chakra. they became exactly what other people wanted them to become. not expressing themselves a lot but listening to others. it comes back towards themselves and they develop a negative inner talk: "I am not enough! I am not a super hero! I have no real value. because they can feel that others don't have the same trouble than them and they develop a complex of inferiority and destroy their selfesteem. the more they will be able to perceive them. By birth. they receive. a strong receptivity to their surrounding and the wisdom of humility. they start to build their personality according to the wishes of their surrounding and don't learn to detach themselves enough from the teachings of others to build their own characteristic. They become dependant of this outside world to be acknowledged with all the beauty that they feel. if nobody is amazed of them the same way they are toward the world. They can start give too much power to the outside world. They give their power away. and lower themselves. By not being who they really are. they try to stay near people that are very connected with their deep Nature to learn and drink from them what they are missing in their life. This process automatically increases their natural hunger towards life and creates a growing feeling of lack in their existence. Like this. And at the end. they don’t realize that they learn so much from the world because they have a huge wisdom inside themselves.

because they don't know how to be themselves and experience the life under the rigid mask of their ideas of who they think they should be. Their mental rigidity refrains them to express these stuck emotions. The disconnection between their ego and their Soul brings them a lot of melancholy and deep sadness inside themselves. They will be very surprise of themselves once they choose to walk on this path and they will really discover some parts of them that they never expect to have as much they were hidden in their unconscious. They will slowly learn to detach from their ego. However. This process asks them to erase all what restrains their being from its natural expression and that they took from their education and the observation of their surrounding. They have to prove to themselves and others that they really are the person that they pretend to be. open their sixth chakra by their state of presence and allow their Spirit to express itself through their life. The only gift that all those efforts can bring them is the comfort of their ego. They have to push themselves as much as they can and they struggle against themselves and their authentic nature. this is just an illusion. to improve them. This mental castration can create a lot of anger and frustrations in them. These actions come from a place of lack and fears and create a lot of pain and tiredness in them. 100 . because actually they cannot feel it in them when they are alone. This work of self-awareness asks a lot of honesty and a lot of awareness. It can push them to compete with the outside world and others to try to be and show who they are. They need to reconnect themselves with their strong intuition and ability of their Higher Self to guide them in their life. It becomes a challenge in their own psyche and in their life. However. They need to let go of all the mental conceptions that they build about perfection and themselves. Even if it is a perfect role. They need to accept to cry and not to be what others think it is good to be. their education was very castrator for them. To think that something is wrong with them just increases their non-respect and complex of inferiority and takes them away from the deep treasure and the source of their quest that is only in themselves. It will never offer them the peace and contentment that they are looking for. Their mental body is too rigid and strict. recognized by the outside world. they will find back their heart and remember who they really are . enthusiasm and power to go forward when they chose to. So they just need to wish to rediscover who they really are and the universe will support them on their path. it doesn't connect them with their authentic nature. They have incredible will.change them. If they manage to be powerful and successful. It brings a lot of imbalances in their third chakra. They need to stop to try to improve who they are by outside searches: learning more. to be whoever they want to be and act without any control. People who found themselves in this shadow of Muluk need to bring back a lot of love and trust towards themselves and release the emotions blocked in their emotional body. doing more … and release all the ideas that they have about themselves and who they think they should be. They need to offer to themselves absolute freedom. However. They can escape from it when they play their personality. Because of their strong sensitivity. it cannot fulfill their Soul and so it never last for long. It impeaches their being to be and to move. they will think that they will believe in their own lie. This attitude can just increase even more the fact that they just a play a role. But at one point in their life. they also need to let it go without any judgment and to come back to their authentic being.

o A lot of inner wisdom and the fear to show it As they have an amazing sensitivity. The more they hide it. When we are on our path towards Light and Love. When we are walking on the return path to the stars. They just keep it for themselves. Nobody can walk on our path.o A strong potential to read the signs of the universe and a difficulty to take their own responsibility People born with the power of Muluk have a very strong ability to read the signs that the Universe send to them. the bigger amount of energy has been repressed around their heart. it is really important to realize that we have our own free will where nobody can interfere with. Others can give us support and inspiration. However. To hide the truth is one of the worst actions that can be inflicted to humanity. the second Niyama after Ahimsa: non-violence is Satyam: truth. The second moral rule of yoga. inside them. They can also be afraid to express their Light because of their own pride towards this amazing wisdom that they feel inside them and they don't want to show their pride to the outside world in taking the decision to express to every body their deep wisdom. It prevents them also to show their wisdom and let it pass through their being because they know that it can affect a lot their surrounding and they will have to take the responsibility in the real world for the huge amount of energy that they feel inside themselves. there is a Divine feeling that is growing in our heart. back to our Soul. they can enter in a totally passive state waiting for the Universe to lead them on their path. a deep growing joy and contentment. they have an amazing connection with their heart. This type of action cut them from the outside world and impeaches the outside world to know who they really are. even if it is to offer it as a servant of Love and Light. which totally scares them from their childhood and that most of the time they have kept hidden. as much as we can. is apparently easier. The outside world merely is a tool to help us to catalyze our own inner journey to self-remembrance. the energy not expressed gets stuck and it builds up an inner pressure of frustration. People in this shadow of Muluk need to stay strong and determinate to stick to their inner guidance. They harm themselves a lot in doing so and also their surrounding with who they are only half alive. connected with this feeling that is the direct expression of our Soul. Keeping his consciousness in the dark world of unconsciousness and ignorance is one of the most painful and destructive actions for the 101 . By staying. we destroy all doubts and are protected against all influences from the outside world that can mislead us. Not to express it. but we are the one that truly knows. As they are also very impressed and receptive of the outside world. However. the universe is supporting us and sometimes sends us some guidance and gift. We have to build and follow our own wisdom. They need to know what they really want and in which direction they want to direct their existence. We are all of us different and have all of us our own path. It is our own responsibility to keep our own power with our own will.

Their deepest wound is not to receive the same passion that they give to the world for themselves. our Soul is fully rejoicing. there are ways to show the truth and the best one is through love and compassion. their determination and courage. It is quite important for them to be surrounded by people who are supporting their growth and their transformation. Their long journey upon Earth is to learn to give it back to themselves. they will become an unbreakable beacon of Light wherever they will be. and the stronger will be the teachings and the self-realization. It is so painful for the ego to be aware suddenly of all our shadow and our mistakes. self-depreciation is also a reaction of the ego and need to be released. nothing can stop them anymore. People born with the power of Muluk should never forget that all these difficult teachings are here to build their strength.Spirit of a human being. They should stay connected to this power. the first one is to be honest toward what they really want in their life and to stop pretending and hiding their feelings and needs of acknowledgement. the deeper they will go in their unconscious. The process of purification and sublimation of the ego can increase their self-depreciation. Then if they want they can chose to live some of the movies that they think they need to love again themselves: like being successful in their work or in their sentimental life… or to try to transcend them just in going at the roots of their feelings. They have enthusiasm in their heart for what they do and are not scared of discipline. it can seem sometimes very heavy. facing their needs and lack of love and fulfilling with their expanding love and awareness. they will have to stay aware. They are reviving the huge craving and passion of their Soul for spiritual growing. When our awareness extends. For sure. They should build their own confidence in who they are and in what they do in tune with their Spirit in accepting to be fully honest and not anymore in control of themselves. The more they will keep on this process of purification. all this is just an energetic game if we really know how to detach ourselves from the emotional movie asked by our ego. they have many different possibilities. In the beginning. 102 . When they will find back their own power and confidence. To do so. Muluk is a time to pay back all one's debts to the ancestors and the Universe in the Mayan culture. Their intuitive capacity will develop ever more bringing them back to their Essence Self. However. Still on their path. In finding their power back. The only thing they will really need to transform and purify themselves is to be honest and to watch themselves and their psyche when they are acting. Once they start on their path. People in this shadow of Muluk have to stop being in need of recognition from the outside world. It is as if they are naturally in love with the life. Their biggest challenge and only place of fulfillment is to be in love with themselves. because they are so sensitive to the outside. they heal their third charka and find their real place in this world. At one point. They can expand a lot their knowledge in one life time. o Integration of the polarities People born with the energy of Muluk have an incredible potential to learn from the world and through experiences. In the middle of it. it will help them a lot to be surrounded by people who can support their light.

Once they deeply learn to relax and to be empty. They become easily strong examples and source of inspiration for other seekers on the path of selfdiscovery. As the heart cannot lie. For the Mayan culture. they carry the number nine. the sun is a receptor-emitter of Hunab K’u. On this planet. Its is really important for them to release all the false constructions of their ego and personality and their fears.• Spiritual powers Their spiritual potentials are a holography of the power of the moon. By birth. As they have no difficulty with discipline. Oc is a straight expression of our Soul. they can carry an amazing wisdom. they like to master a technique for themselves and after they can share it. Oc knows the power of deep affinity between the different human Souls. which in the Mayan culture correspond to the power of the Great Masters. This potential comes out of non-doing as the moon. Oc is the guardian of the heart and its feeling. People born with the power of Muluk are very sensitive and have a lot of emotions. who incarnates upon Earth to help the others Humans to remember their transcendental nature. connected with the universal will and knowledge. Oc knows the language of the Soul. they are here to show the way to the light to others that why thy have so much enthusiasm. the center of the galaxy. in connecting with their emotions and their Soul. Their strong sensitivity carries an inner guidance to lead them toward the light of the Sun and the universal consciousness inside themselves. The moon gets its own effect upon Earth by reflecting the light of the Sun. without wanting to be anyone. Once they start to see their own light inside themselves. they cannot turn back. One really strong power that they can develop is to be a channel for the universal wisdom. Their waters (emotional body) transport them and people around them toward the purification of their whole being. which carries the wisdom and the power of the whole creation. The glyphs surrounding Muluk • Its analog Partner: Oc The White Dog Oc is the guardian of the emotions. They become in love with the process of transformation and purification of the spiritual path. 103 . Then it can reflect the light of the sun. It is the power of recognition of strong souls commitments to walk together on their path to wholeness during their lives. It carries the wisdom of transparency between two souls that want to discover who they are in sharing their lives. The moon doesn’t shine its own light. It affects a lot the position of the water and the movement of the seasons. As we saw before. to share unconditional love and to awake their consciousness. if they accept to see them. Oc energy is what makes People born with the energy of Muluk so sensitive and emotive and helps them to understand deeply other people that surround them. people born with the power of Muluk have an ability to reflect the principle of creation through their being and to channel and be in full harmony with the galactic movement.

It is the strongest challenge for people born with the energy of Muluc. to jump in the unknown and to increase the speed of their walk on their path to self-recognition. they will learn to be authentic again. The Blue Storm The teaching of Cauac is the strength to be totally free in front of the world. Cauac cannot accept any frustration and feel free to express itself all the times. In front of these people. they become free from the need of outside recognition and full with inner contentment. Through this loving intimacy. • Its Antipode Partner: Cauac. they will not need anymore to play any role to be loved. • Its Occult Partner: Eb. Cauac pushes them to jump in the unknown of the deep self-realization. Cauac is the non-identification with any external form. It presses Muluk people to find their own wisdom and to detach themselves from their personality to be able to play and to enjoy the diversity of life. It shows to people born with the energy of Muluk how much they can be full of love in their heart even if they are walking alone in their life. Cauac is a time of very powerful spiritual transformation. Cauac likes to go to every place in the manifested world without any boundaries. The Yellow Human Eb is the awareness of the abundance of life. presses Muluk people to trust in their own wisdom. Their feelings will push them to meet people that they love and that support their Soul: we call them companions of destiny. Eb teaches to be empty to receive the nectar of life and to celebrate the beauty 104 . Its energy helps to heal past wounds and hidden anger. Cauac brings a purification of our body to increase its capacity of vibrating at higher frequencies.The more people born with the power of Muluk develop the energy of Oc. Cauac presses Muluk people to let go of all their fears in order to express their real Nature. Connecting with Cauac energy in them. sadness … Oc is the spiritual guardian of the path of the heart. the more they connect with their feelings and can let them come out. leads to the incarnation of our Spirit on Earth. Cauac teaches us like a storm to jump from an opposite to another. It put the process of selfrealization on an exponential speed. to release their rigidity of mind towards their own being. They have to let all the fears of the ego be totally dissolve and not to get lost in the process. When they start to listen to it. Freedom of expression and of action in the manifested world. frustrations. Oc shows them that their heart is an opening to their Soul and their own inner bliss. Oc is also the power to release all the toxic emotions that we keep in ourselves. It brings new beginnings in life through the healing of the past and the opening of the heart. It teaches to love without possessiveness and to release jealousy. It creates a lot of nervous tensions in the body and of healing diseases on its process. Cauac is fully free and can play any role in the human game. Muluk people will discover slowly their real Self. because Cauac asks them to look only in themselves to choose the direction in which they want to walk. to be free. By connecting with their own freedom. Eb sees human life as an empty cup getting filled up by the nectar of life.

of the gift offered to us. that is occurring now. Eb loves hedonism. Eb is more or less unconscious in people born with the energy of Muluk and it gives them their openness towards life and the world to receive nourishment and Light. 105 . Eb is the power of gratitude. As we have only one life. the more they become aware of the greatness of their life. Eb is bringing a lot of contentment and joy. The more they get connected with the power of Eb. why not enjoy all the treasures of this world? Eb develops the hunger for life in people born with the energy of Muluk and presses them to find joy and happiness through their life.

It gives the power to recognize on our path our companions of destiny. The emotions are the direct expression of the Soul. Oc brings back awareness on the emotions by being fully conscious of them. Its energy links everybody together. It is a time of sharing individual liberation from old wounds and patterns and of celebrating the creation of a new reality where people fulfill together their spiritual Destiny. It is the tenth sign in the middle of all the others. Because this recognition happens at the level of the Souls. Hunab K'u. It shows the path of the heart leading to unconditional love through relationships. This healing of the past opens to news beginning in life in changing totally our perception of reality. It carries the understanding that every Soul 106 . Oc is the spiritual guardian of companions of Destiny. they lead to the discovery of reactive patterns that twist our perception of our life and of our reality. Oc knows also the magic power of relationships. It helps to understand who we really are. It helps us to understand that different Souls before to incarnate on Earth choose to encounter during their lifetime to share something very important for the self-development of all of them and to open to their own Spirit together. Oc is the shared joy of many souls tuned together with the beat of the One Heart. it sometimes doesn't use the language of words to express itself. Oc teaches how to listen at the wishes of the Soul hidden under programmed emotional reactions and allows a real healing to occur. where the souls are just melting with each other in using the four superior layers of their auric field. it has the capacity to understand all the other signs.As they explain in “the Mayan Oracle”. If the emotions are separated from the outside world and are not any more projected on the outside situations and other people. where the whole creation fusions in the unity of unconditional love. Oc feels other people and learn the language of the souls. their heart and their soul faster than alone. It is the guide of spiritual relationships to fulfill each one's destiny and help each other to face his own shadow. It brings the understanding that by sharing their experience and knowledge. human beings can open their consciousness. Oc sees people without their mind.OC The White Dog Oc is the guardian of the emotional parts of the brain. Oc is the remembrance of this sacred trust that can link different people together. If we go at the roots of an emotional reaction. It incarnates also the power of the spiritual authority and the power of the Divine law in ourselves. Oc carries the power to heal wounds and borders that have been created during early childhood. It is the link between all the solar signs. In speaking with the language of the emotions. Oc frees slowly the Soul of it reactive patterns and leads human consciousness to recognition of its true nature. we discover what our Soul really asks to the outside world and what is the wound that needs to be healed. their feelings. Oc carries the sweet release of the heart in front of the eyes of others that can really see us as we really are and then makes us see our own Divine Essence. and their patterns. By its knowledge of the emotional body. It just passes through the mutual exchange of long and deep looks. Oc sings the song of recognition of the One Heart. This language is universal and it is sometimes easier to listen to it in others than inside ourselves.

They have also to learn to journey through period of loneliness. They learn how to become emotionally mature. to look inside themselves to find the cause of it instead of projecting it on others. they are very spiritual people because they automatically choose to follow their destiny. they are continuously evolving and changing of skin and life. Even if they never speak about. It is a very powerful day to heal deep wounds from the past. or even just simple gathering of people to share whatever they wish. They are naturally very psychologist people and can understand easily others. A day Oc is directed by the two emotional bodies: the second and fourth auric layers of the aura and one may feel very emotional. and the more we will be trapped in our emotional drama. The more they walk on their path. They are very loyal in their relationships. Once the pain becomes unbearable for the ego. Their big heart teaches them to be loyal with the longing of their Higher Self. They have also a strong connection with the seat of their Soul inside them. help us to hear ourselves and understand ourselves better. understanding and love of the One Heart in us and through our relationships. guides and allies who support and catalyze them on their way. whatever personality or character they have. they found out the whole Universe inside of 107 . Oc presses any consciousness to awake itself to its real and deepest wishes. because they come out more easily on this day. This strong respect for others pushes them. In touching deeply people through their emotions. Oc likes gathering for peace and love. It is very important of not projecting them on the outside circumstances but to use these emotions to look at ourselves more deeply. In this way. They have by birth good potentials to connect with guides and beings of higher dimensions. where in are rooted their destiny and Soul. This fraternal and universal connection with others fills them with a lot of love and respect towards others. the more painful will be the emotions that will emerge in us. because they can recognize one part of themselves through everyone and love to learn from others. the center of the Universe. They like relationships and can relate almost with anybody. It incarnates the power of unity. they connect easily to Hunab K'u. They are very passionate people and the strength of their emotions impeaches them to follow another path than the one of their heart. fusion. When they fully open their heart to the totality of who they are. It is also a beautiful day to share your Soul experience with other people.needs to surrender to the wish of its Higher Self. sometimes it just collapses in front of its Divine Self. the more they start to gather around them companions of destiny. It is day where a lot of emotional patterns can come out. Oc or the path of unconditional love • General psychological profile People born with the power of Oc have very big emotional bodies and are very connected with their emotions. Oc in developing our emotions. because of their strong fourth energetic body. Through their big heart center. and the Source of Love and Light. The more we try to escape from our truth. when charged emotive reactions come out of them.

People in this shadow of Oc should becomes aware with the part of their consciousness that is just witnessing life. Emotions are expression of our Soul. the one that they need to meet to exchange something fruitful together.them. free from all dramas and involvement of their ego. The more they stand 108 . They are tools to discover and express ourselves deeply. In front of this absence of true recognition. they understood that nobody wish to exchange with the same intensity. They know how to recognize people with whom they have strong soul connections. They felt that they could understand everybody but that nobody could understand them. need to realize what emotions are and they need to stop to project them on their surrounding and their life. fear. Their heart gives them intuitive recognition of their soul contracts with other human beings. Since as a child they were very sensitive and very emotive. In a similar situation. They can be very dramatic and their emotions can take total control over their free will. jealousy … People in this shadow of Oc. anger. involvement and sincerity than them. However. • Their potentials and their challenges o A huge emotional body They have a huge emotional body. They developed a strong feeling of loneliness in the middle of the world. They can learn to direct their life from this place of choice. they start suffering a lot. Out of this insufficiency. they were putting a lot of expectation upon relationships to help them to recognize their Essence and their true Nature. their Soul was dying of lack of emotional nourishment. they needed a huge amount of love and attention that others couldn't give to them (because they didn't feel such a strong need for affection inside themselves). they got emotionally deeply hurt by a lack of attention or love. They need to turn their addiction for intense emotions to spiritual quest. They become slaves of their own emotional reactions. They experience very charged emotions such as passion. They know also in front of strangers. Because. They were selling themselves in order to look nice to others. which gives them the ability to be very sensitive and also to get easily lost in their emotional drama. they knew the power of intimate relationship between two souls. peace. In feeling others. two different people will experience totally different emotions. With their love. even when the others are not aware of it. o A deep sensitivity toward the exchanges of love between human and a big lack of affection . they merge with it and destroy all ideas of separation or duality. Even if their childhood might appear from the outside to have been free of problems or lack. and freedom. They are very touched and reactive in situations where others don't experience any problem. they used their strong ability to understand others to feel what the others expect from them in order to get the love that seems to be ordinarily exchanged in this world. deep inside themselves. as children.

in this shadow, the more they repress their deep emotions in order not to disturb their surrounding and to be sure that they are still loved. They prostitute their Soul for love and recognition. They separate their outside comportment from their natural Nature. Loneliness is a great teacher about human condition. People in this shadow of Oc should not look at it as a punishment but rather as a powerful gift for absolute freedom. If they feel lonely, they should start to share their deep emotional sadness and craving for more love. This huge need for love is their uniqueness and they should not be ashamed of it. When they start to share it and of being really aware of it, they can learn to detach from it. They are here to press people to be more together, to help and support more each other on their path. To hide their deep feelings is to hide themselves from their Nature and Destiny. They should learn to release their dependency upon others to receive love. It is important for them to be able to stand alone on their path, filled with love in their heart and to look for relationships not out of needs but out of excess of love to share. They are their own well of love and nourishment. Times of loneliness are very important for them. It helps them to connect more accurately with their Essence Self. When they are with other people they melt too easily with the feelings of others and as we saw before, they can easily prostitute their essence Self to please the others wishes. Without the company of others, they can feel empty and meaningless. Their deep suffering, coming out of their profound loneliness, that can occur even if they are in the middle of many good friends, is here to press them to transcend their reality, to open their consciousness to another dimension more spiritual, where they can realize that we are all links together and never alone. This level of awareness is out of the ego conception of life. To get there, the ego has to surrender and to let go of all his attachments. In our energy field, it materializes through the purification of our fourth auric layer, where appeared all our relationships with the world, by the opening of the fifth auric layer: the faith and surrender and of the sixth layer where we open to unconditional love. Only from this place, people born with the energy of Oc access their real power. They can spread real unconditional love. They can find their own access through their heart to Hunab K'u, and enter ecstatic states of grace and love without absolutely sharing it with others physically. They realize the absolute universal connection. o A huge sensitivity

A strong sensitivity is a very scary and vulnerable power to receive on this planet. People born with the power of Oc took the challenge to carry the wisdom of pure love and naked heart on Earth. That is quite a work. So when they get born, they kept their heart and Soul strongly open. It makes them quite sensitive and emotional. And as they grow up, it is hard for them not to be ashamed of the intensity of their emotions and sensitivity. Their mental body, that uses the observation of the others' behaviors to fix itself, limits the size and the movement of their emotional auric layer. Their mind evaluates the huge waves of their emotions and tries to minimize them. First, they feel that they are very different from others, and then, in the collective mind, strong emotional reactions are perceived as childish. At the same time, they feel very vulnerable in front of others in relationships. They try to

protect themselves in disconnecting with their emotions. They also seek to hide this vulnerability as much as they can, judging it negatively as a strong weakness. Thus they can develop, unconsciously, a low self-esteem. This inferiority complex is strengthened by their ability to feel and understand the Soul of the others, which makes them see easily the Light inside the others. At this point, they can develop envy and jealousy towards the others' potentials and qualities that they don't find in themselves. Instead of developing jealousy, they need to take inspiration from others to develop in themselves what they like in others. People born with the energy of Oc have a strong Inner Child and so they have a lot of enthusiasm each time they can see new challenges. They need to use the energy towards their own self-development and healing. It is very important for them to express who they are and so to let go of all their strongly repress emotions. They will see that every charged emotion is a tool to discover some unfinished issues in themselves. In letting flow their emotional body, they will slowly reconnect with their Essence Self and align with their destiny path. They need to work on the opening of their fifth charka, which needs to be wide enough to express the great love that they carry. They should stop being scared of themselves to be a channel for strong and deep love. They should offer it to the Universe and the world, however crazy it may seem. They are here to sing the beautiful song of love of the One Heart, which can take everybody in its arms. Unless and until they don't find the courage to do this, they will never feel complete and fulfill their being and their destiny. o The responsibility to recognize companions of Destiny

People born with the power of Oc have the potential to recognize deep relationships in their life and to understand when their soul chose to develop one of them in order to grow. This is a strong responsibility to carry, because their ability to feel Soul connection is a potential that not everybody have and that is one of their specific potential. So the other in front of them will not all the times respond the way they feel and they can feel imbalance or rejected by this situation. Some people born with the power of Oc can even stop to express and to show their affinity with other people and their recognition of companions of destiny. They keep their own feeling for themselves and wait for the life to press them to meet again or to do something together. This can make them feel very lonely and they can miss amazing opportunities in their life. It is really important for them to realize that their power of recognition is a beautiful gift, coming from their Higher Self and their Divine connection. It is tool to transform their life. They should share their knowledge and they need to stop to hide their truth to others all the times. Time is so precious. Why waste it in waiting, in hiding the truth and in becoming afraid of the magic of the unpredictable. At present, many Souls have come on Earth to help the planet in its big spiritual transformation. It is time to gather all, to share our knowledge and experiences, to help each other to grow faster. By gathering and harmonizing our different energies and potentials, we create a vortex of energy to propel us into the sky. The energy of Oc is here to help us realizing this sacred task.


Text from an Elder American Indian Hopi:
You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered: Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader. This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being forth apart and they will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our head above the water. See who is in with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the world struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. o Integration of the polarities

A strong challenge for the people born with the power of Oc is to accept to feel fully their huge emotional body and to be fully aware of it. As we saw before, it is really scary position for them because it makes them very sensitive and brings out a lot of repressed emotions that can be very intense. They need to realize that their imbalanced emotions are beautiful opportunities to grow and develop their consciousness. If they accept to release the totality of the energetic charge, it brings back the memory that was stocked in their body and their mind and that was disturbing their vibratory level. Their emotional reactions are tools to transform their consciousness and to remember the wounds of their past which have build their personality and their body and that are still preventing their expansion in their present. Their biggest work is to detach themselves from any emotional drama without repressing their feelings. They need to accept to be emotional without creating any story

upon what they are feeling. They should just learn to observe their feelings, like in a meditation. Then they will be able more and more to expand their level of consciousness and to remember their sensitivity. Their emotional nature is a perfect tool of introspection and deep level of remembering their Soul and their essence that is just pure love. Their passionate temperament pushes them to remember their deepest nature. They won’t find peace before. They are learning the path toward unconditional love. All their imbalances emotions are traces of reactions of their ego and they have no choice than to learn to transcend and to transform them. They are the guardian of the sacredness of human relationships. Relationships are pushing us to see our own potentials but also our own shadows in order to release them. By remembering their sacredness in their heart, people born with the power of Oc are bound to pass through their teachings. It is really difficult for their ego to go away from it. So it is really important for them to remember that they are on a sacred journey of transformation toward unconditional love. It is their main direction and challenge to remember not to fall into emotional dramas when their memories of attachment are coming out. For the Mayan culture, they are agents of the Divine law, agents of Hunab K'u. The love spread by

Hunab K'u needs a pure heart as a channel, connected with the Higher Self, not with the ego needs.
People born with the energy of Oc have the potential to be spiritual guides and guardians for others. That is why they really need to reconnect with their Spirit in order to understand their real role on the Earth. They need to purify their three superior chakras to open themselves to the teachings of their spiritual guides and to connect with the spiritual wisdom in order to purify fully their heart and to truly play the role of pure lover that they like so much. They should use the huge size of the fourth layer of their auric field, during their lonely times, to increase the deepness of their relation with Nature and with other realms. It is a very long road that themselves alone can choose to take and to keep on after each challenging events. Even if we are all connected to each other, we are the only one that can direct our life and the growth of our awareness. To heal a wounded inner Child need a lot of time and love and it can be very difficult for the ego to accept its vulnerability. • Spiritual powers

Through their huge emotional body, people born with the power of Oc have the ability to feel the emotions in others even when they are unconscious to the person. They have an instinctive psychological capacity. They feel the others. They carry the wisdom of intimacy and can recognize the nature of people even deeper than themselves. They can enter into the perception of the reality of someone else. It is as if their sensitivity can make them transparent to fully listen to the feelings and the universe in which the others live. They are here to make the link between the different human beings and to help them to recognize the deep nature of their heart and Soul. Through developing this ability, they can bring deep healings to others, helping them to fill up themselves with love and releasing deep wounds from their childhood. They are the midwives of the Soul. They can help their brothers and sisters to give birth to their own Spirit by singing the sacred song of the universal love.

Muluk helps them to transcend their every day life and impeaches them not to be catch in an emotional drama. Most of the time what they need to go away. he (or she) can receive the ability to see those entities living on the astral plan and affecting his (or her) life and the life of others. It comes from their strong connection with the celestial dimension of unconditional love. To develop the energy of Muluk inside themselves helps them to increase and connect with their own power. Muluk presses them to purify themselves from their wounds of the past and to open themselves to their spiritual potentials. and unconditional love. full of love. Once a person born with the power of Oc becomes familiar with his (or her) own emotional blockages and understood how to release them. basic patterns of emotions appear easily as entities living independently upon the energetic field of a human being. Their strongest potential is to have a direct access to Hunab K’u. When people born with the energy of Oc are very connected with the energy of Muluk through their strong sensitivity. knowledge and light. Many spiritual guides work also with this energy and chose some humans to help and share concretely their vibration with the lower dimensions. totally fulfilled by our own existence. they bring permanent transformations in their life coming out of the purification of their emotional wounds and their ability to connect with higher realms like spiritual guides. full of grace and totally free. The energy of Oc brings union and healings between the shadows and the potentials through pure love and acceptance. contentment. angels or even Hunab K'u. It is just a matter of perception. through their heart. They have the sweet perfume of pure knowledge of life in the middle of their being. What can we say more it is up to them to discover it or not… The glyphs surrounding Oc • Its Analog Partner: Muluk The red Moon The power of Muluk is sensitivity. the source of life and movement upon the whole galaxy. and channeling of energies of higher frequency. This happens in their life only when they are psychologically ready for it and not scare to let their heart open in their life. is a full acknowledgement of the wound on which they are living in the person and then to receive a huge benediction and amount of unconditional love for the work they have accomplished. the center of the Universe. Then it just comes to them to give them guidance and protection on their path. At a certain level of understanding. • Its Antipode Partner: Ahau The Yellow Sun The power of Ahau is illumination. Muluk glorifies their sensitivity in showing them that it can lead them to beautiful spiritual place where the love that you receive is magic. Nothing is negative in life. Only 113 . Ahau is the ability to be in total autonomy without any doubt or need. Ahau is the straight connection with Hunab K'u.They have an intrinsic ability to connect with spiritual guides and beings of other dimensions. purification.

Chuen is the power of enthusiasm and of creativity. Chuen is the innate power in Oc people to want to go forward all the times. with Hunab K'u. which turns even in real blessing and put them again in fusion with their Essence. • Its Occult Partner: Chuen. it is possible to radiate unconditional love. because it teaches them that they have everything inside themselves and that the outside world will never be able to fulfill what is missing in them. Chuen is also the power of humor and disruption. It is a state of being. 114 . Ahau consciousness leads them to increase their self-love.from the space of Ahau. Chuen likes to play so it is the master of all arts. Once they have grounded Ahau wisdom in themselves. Ahau brings them a huge peace in loneliness. The more people born with the energy of Oc develop the power of Ahau inside themselves. the more they learn to detach themselves from the events of their life and they manage to be more flexible in front of strong challenges. the more they find back their inner love. Chuen helps them not to be too serious and to look at their life as a big play in which they have nothing really to loose but only to win in living with a beautiful open heart to drink the nectar of life. It is the power of spontaneity and of following its heart in any situation. Ahau shows them the delight of just being alive. their real state of being. Chuen is the amazement of the heart in front of the beauty and the infinite potentials of life. Ahau brings them back to the simplicity of life and to the peace of their being that occurs when they stop to run after the world. The Blue Monkey The power of Chuen is the power of the Divine Child that plays with the magic of life. but with a lot of love and wisdom. The more people born with the power of Oc develop the energy of Chuen in themselves. Ahau is a very challenging energy for Oc people. It creates a deep yearning in Oc people to live their life as a work of art. they can share their heart without any trace of dependency or emotional imbalance. Chuen presses Oc people to create the best reality around them in tune with the deepest wishes of their heart. to look at all the treasures that they have inside. Ahau is not an idea. their Essence Self. in love with themselves and the world. It takes them out of the infinite desires of the mind never contented and pleased and out of emotional dramas that can appear through unhealthy relationships.

It is the number of transformation. The two lines symbolize the alignment of the Essence Self with the personality and the dot facing them is the Center of the Universe. It is the power of creativity and playfulness of the human mind. Maybe you will not have to create them and they will fall upon you without any precautious signs to alert you. transparency. Chuen embodies the power of joy coming out of openhearted innocence. Its number is eleven. It is a very good time to accept to show the vulnerability of your heart in front others. Chuen realizes that this life is just a big game. It is his day of full expression and it is a good opportunity to give him more space in your life and to increase your relationship with him. It carries the power of humor and playfulness in front of life's up-and-down. As they explain in “The Mayan Oracle”. By being fully in the present. It is also symbolized by a string that represents the movement of the time. your Child wants to come out on this day. On a day Chuen. It asks us to be in the present. If he wants to cry or to laugh. just let him be himself. of movement in order to become align with a higher reality. As they point out in “The Mayan Oracle”.it carries the energy of the trickster.CHUEN The Blue Monkey Chuen is the energy of the Divine Child within every human being. spontaneity. Its energy rules upon all the arts and sciences. so let him speak. Chuen spreads in the consciousness the love to experiment and to taste life through all its aspects. Chuen is a very good energy to help the healing of the Inner Child. It is a beautiful day to laugh and play with life. It can be nice to create surprises and unusual events on this day. it is important not to take ourselves too seriously and to take the disruptions of life with humor and flexibility. The flexibility of Chuen impeaches us from getting stuck on our path. It likes strong sensations and surprises. He carries the beautiful wisdom of being in love with life and of absolute honesty and transparency in expressing who he is. It asks us to surprise ourselves by changing masks and by playing new roles in this reality. Chuen can control past and future. you can be deeply touched by outside circumstances resonating with some old wounds in yourself. an illusion. Chuen invites us to drink the joyous nectar of being the creator of our reality. to live it in absolute transparency of who we are without mind. the joker who likes to destroy all the conceptions and the rigidity of the mind. Leela (in Hinduism tradition). On this day. Chuen teaches us about not taking life and ourselves too seriously. It calls on us to create the best life for ourselves. This is such a great gift! Chuen or the path of the Divine Child 115 . Anyhow. Chuen is all the times playing and moving and it is very difficult to catch it. How much others and the outside world can touch you. represented in the Mayan culture by two lines and one dot.

they can easily deal with any difficult situation (out of their emotions). They look at life very lightly. they are born with the wisdom of Oc. painters. Their sensitivity has the power to push them out of balance and to cancel the project of their ego. their clear mind and their spontaneity. cutting them off from their powerful feelings and emotions.• General psychological profile People born with the energy of Chuen have strong artistic talents. It prevents them from getting caught in emotional drama. • Their potentials and their challenges o A big trickster hiding his sensitivity People born with the energy of Chuen have a huge sensitivity. and studying sciences. Because of their flexibility. they have a very logical curious and playful mind that makes them love learning techniques. They simply enjoy existence. Because of their strong self-confidence and their well-developed third chakra. joy and rationality. They start building a strong protective wall around their heart. Their ego leads them to the conclusion that their hyper-sensitivity was something dangerous in this world. They are full of selfconfidence and want to bring some more life in people that surround them. may be they have felt that others were not really interested in sharing as much love and life that they wished themselves. which gives them a heart fully open for sharing unconditional love through relationships. They like movement and disruption in life and enjoy playing different roles to surprise themselves and others. And it can let them be 116 . They are very curious and thirsty for knowledge. They carry the universal message of creativity. dancers… Although. They need to feel free and never be trapped inside a box. They usually have a very good social life due to their talent. following the dance and fire of their heart without any fear or shame. artistry. the confident foundation of their personality. Or. They like to discover and taste all the possibilities that life can offer them. They want to know and to learn doing everything. the clarity of their mind. they didn't sell themselves for receiving love. These qualities make them very successful in their life. enthusiasm. One of their other talents is their sense of humor and their taste for cracking a joke. They consider emotions as weapons that totally prevent their ego to realize their wishes in life. As a child. but rather out of conditions and power games. writers. They stow away all their emotions in their subconscious and in adulthood they can appear to be very insensitive people. They can be musicians. their sense of humor. Their strong self-confidence helps them to realize their dreams and projects and to freely express who they are. just by feeling around them that love was not given unconditionally. and their flexibility. Their huge heart got hurt very easily. like a little child. they are at the same time able to take much responsibility. their nonseriousness. Whilst being able to play like a child. They just closed and repressed their sensitivity towards the outside world. curiosity. They are very spontaneous. may be. They can be no longer aware their own emotions. whatever they are.

as an unconscious revenge of their own hurt heart. laughing and lightness become a way of escaping from reality. they are great tricksters and can become very successful in the society.controlled by others. mastery of new techniques. They reacted in joking and devaluating totally sensitivity in themselves and also in others. Their biggest challenge in this situation is to accept to be vulnerable and emotional again. they disconnect from their Divine Essence and they miss the deep spiritual meaning of life. They develop anger towards their own vulnerability. They play with the power of their insensitivity. Their life can loose all its perfume and taste and starts to look very dry and monotonous. People in this shadow of Chuen. Nobody can put them on the spot and discover who they really are. looking for enjoyment only with their mind and their ego: through social success. their social success and the pride of their ego from their own power are not comparable with the beauty of letting the magic of life direct our destiny and fulfill our Soul. sarcasms and incisive mind like arrows to hurt people who surround them. They can use their great ability of playing to hide the truth from themselves and from others. can have some problems in developing intimate relationships where they have to share their heart. they cannot lie anymore and all what they didn't want to see will appear in front of them and they will maybe have regrets. when they see that others are emotionally vulnerable. Playing. Once they focus their attention upon a subject they won’t let it without accomplishing it. They use their sarcasm each time that they connect with their emotions and just jump out of them without giving them any attention. They are the pure expression of their Soul. Emotions are a beautiful gift. and rational studies of life and the Universe. At the same time. By rejecting them. They need to release their fear to be touched and their anger towards their own vulnerability in front of others. It becomes the same for themselves. they have a huge sensitivity that scares them and they can easily cut themselves off from their emotional body. people can use their humor. People in this shadow of Chuen need to reconnect with their sensitivity. their way to escape from their Soul's sensitivity comes from deep wounds in their childhood and from the fear of being and showing their vulnerability. So as we saw before. They need to realize that sometimes to lose and to accept to die from the expectations of the ego is a best way to receive deep wisdom in their heart and their Spirit. Life is now and 117 . they find a way to justify their own point of view towards the world: to master life understanding and conception without letting any space for emotions and mystical events to occur. They remain deep in our unconscious and come out at some occasions. In front of death. As we saw before. Through the study of sciences. that nourish their pride. The mastery upon the world. They identify themselves with the roles that they are playing and don't succeed in feeling the depth of their Essence Self. Then another shadow appears. when they feel a little bit in danger or just when others are sharing deeply their heart and Soul. We can never destroy our emotions. their heart and their wounded Inner Child. They can also become very serious. o A huge intelligence and a difficulty to listen to the wisdom of their heart People born with the power of Chuen have a facility to develop many talents. In this shadow of Chuen.

that symbolizes the mind. They should let go of their fear of being touched by others (because anyhow they are touched even if they don't want to see it) and of missing something in their life if they become emotional and are not anymore center inside themselves. • Spiritual powers 118 . who was an enlightened being. The monkey was the king of the forest. They will access a deep peace and consciousness inside themselves that is able to stay centered even in a middle of a storm. They need to become aware of the place in them that pushes them to actions. This story shows the danger of the intellectual mind that wants to appreciate the world only through its narrow point of view and that is afraid of the emergence of its Soul and even tries to destroy it. we act all our life indirectly just to try to fulfill them. playing with the whole reality. He was able to go on every tree all over the forest. It gives them the ability to direct their life the way they want and to be really creative and successful. Finally. The inner child likes to prove himself in front of the Universe and show all what he can do. He tried to kill him. However. For not getting lost in this shadow of Chuen. out of fear. it is really important for them to integrate this power with a selfawareness of their own sensitivity. lie. but he was not able to go down the trees. they can become a Divine Child. disguise. back to the real and absolute consciousness. They can use their lightness and flexibility to become detached from their emotions without rejecting them. his younger brother turned him into a monkey and set him lost from the rest of his life in the forest. the elder brother of Junapju Ixbalanke. They keep their inner child alive inside themselves and it gives them the capacity to create magic around them. people need to be again fully transparent and to show fully who they are. which symbolized what the Maya called the intermediary consciousness. We lose a lot of energy and move away from our Spirit. We all have needs and it takes a lot of wisdom to be able to transcend them all. They have also a huge emotional body which makes them very sensitive and can have created a lot repressed emotions. o Integration of the polarities Their strong potential is their taste for playing with the life. These huge emotional movements carry great spiritual teachings that can only help them through their life. just out a lake of love. If we hide our needs of support. or anger. It is crazy to look at all what humanity has accomplished and created around itself. It is really important for people born with the power of Chuen to try to be transparent and fully honest with their heart. He was jealous and afraid of his younger brother.they need to have the courage to live it in all its dimensions. and fully tasting it with a real open heart. They need to use their sense of humor to look at their own fears and to accept to see and feel the beauty of the wisdom of their heart. He knew the forest by heart. was a great sage. They should remember that to grow up doesn’t mean to be invisible and invulnerable. Only from this space. They receive the strength of enthusiasm and joy. In the Pop Wuj.

because it asks them to be absolutely true. like a little child. It offers them inner peace and self-confidence.People born with the power of Chuen are the master of all the arts and sciences. Once they are passionate. They love to know and they love the logic of this reality. Imix is the Divine Mother.They have a very sharp mind that can help them a lot also in developing strong level of concentration to explore the potentials of the human brain. the awareness that the Universe is here to totally fulfill the Soul of whatever desires it can have. It shows them that whatever they think controlling on the surface of the rational mind is very superficial and that underlined of the mind is a greatest power. they can become remarkable artists in the specialty that they want. the one of their Soul that actually rules 119 . Imix is the understanding that the whole Universe is connected and that whatever is happening in our life. but meant by the heart or the comportment. Lamat helps them to open their heart to grace and to understand that real harmony can be achieved only when inner consciousness has found it inside itself. Lamat gives them also a very clear mind to know without any doubt which direction they should take in order to develop their full potential and be successful through their life. is just the answer of one of our own wishes. It gives them a lot of talent to appreciate and create beauty in all the domains of their life. Imix is a very challenging energy for the people born with the power of Chuen. the more they are able to offer beauty to others in their life. wishes. If they accept to open their heart. and feelings that are not verbally expressed by the mind. They can bring a lot of new understandings of life and human condition to the collective consciousness. Through sciences they like new discoveries. They like to be the best. They are very good technicians. The more they develop Lamat power in them. Imix is very connected with the deep need of the Soul that can many times be hidden in the subconscious of a person. • Its Antipode Partner: Imix The Red Dragon The power of Imix is nurturance. The glyphs that surround Chuen • Its Analog Partner: Lamat The Yellow Star The power of Lamat is the power of harmony and of celebration of our inner beauty that we want to spread all around us. Imix can feel telepathically all desires. they won’t stop to work and to develop their capacities and techniques. They want to find an answer to all the questions unresolved by humanity. They are very curious upon life and the universe. With their logical and perfectionist mind they can accomplish incredible task and piece of arts. They play with their work without stress and just don’t want to stop. To connect with this energy in themselves presses them to dive into their feelings and subconscious emotions. Lamat is a very supportive energy for people born with the power of Chuen. They like surprises and to explore the unknown. Their mind likes to make probabilities and prove that they are real.

They didn't want to receive emotional nourishment. Imix presses them to develop a deep trust and love towards the Universe and to accept that they have needs towards this human life. to be as a child asking help for its growth. The more they will open to the energy of Oc in themselves. non-useful or too painful.their life. they will also have to penetrate this space anyhow if they want to keep on progressing. Through the process of healing emotions. Oc is the understanding that all human beings came to Earth in order to share their experiences with others and that in walking together sharing the deepness of their heart. It is a long path before to understand that love can be. it brings people back to their Essence Self and to Hunab K'u. If they want to be whole. out of the width of their social relations. power and awareness through their mind and arts. cutting themselves from their sensitivity. then life will never give them the opportunity to do so and they will stay with their close and frustrated emotional body. They try to ignore the power of Oc in themselves when they go too much in the shadow of Chuen. They develop this association because they are still too much dependant of their will to be loved and they don't want to open again their wound. their only real and great challenge lie in their heart. because they are still hurt in their heart and they associate this deep longing for love and sharing as a future pain or a risk of abandon. even if their ego is fighting it. But for them. Oc is also the power of recognizing companions of Destiny. It will be their responsibility and not the one of the Universe. at a point. the One Heart beating through the whole Universe. I said "real" spiritual path because people born with the power of Chuen are very strong to assimilate a lot of knowledge. Imix presses them to reconnect with their wounds and to release their anger towards the world that their hurt Inner Child has developed and that makes them think that the world cannot fulfill their huge sensitivity and need of love. where they are the more vulnerable but also really true. People born with the energy of Chuen can be very afraid of the power of Oc. because it is the power of link 120 . and that they should express them without any shame to the world. in thinking that this is too childish. to the people with who they have very deep Soul connection. they can learn and evolve faster and easier than alone. and is actually. to express clearly what they would like from the world. Imix is their greatest challenge because it presses them to show their vulnerability. Imix told them that they receive from the Universe what they ask to. it will happen only when they will start to look at this space in themselves. Oc is the spiritual guardian of the path of the heart. that they cannot fulfill by themselves alone. the more they will start to heal themselves and walk on their real spiritual path. in their emotions that they don't want to see. free. • Its Occult Partner: Oc The White Dog The power of Oc is the power of love and affinity. Oc gives them also the ability to be very sociable. If they develop arts or intimate relationships. To have it as an unconscious power is what is given to people born with the energy of Chuen a very strong sensitivity and the capacity to feel easily the emotions of others. If they don't want to show their heart. It gives them a strong ability to understand the human psyche. People born with the power of Chuen have usually also this power in themselves and usually they choose to limit their intimate relationships.

between all the signs of the Calendar. 121 .

and the cosmic consciousness. one may feel a lot of resistance inside himself and from the point of view of his mind: it may seem that a lot of comfort and conveniences 122 . It aligns the receptive capacity of the body with the high vibrations of the Spirit. It is a time of refinement and of expansion of our being. the empty vessel filled with the blood of Christ. we can be able to face our own shadow and the dragon of desire that is burning inside us. It likes to lead us to some spiritual awakening through the feeling of grace and contentment. and life are just its tools to express freely itself in this human form. Eb asks us to open all our senses in order to receive as much as we can this beautiful nectar of life. It invites us to be just present in the moment without any expectation and to receive the beautiful gifts of life that our destiny brings us. this wonderful feeling of grace and contentment when we are totally at peace with ourselves and open to the world that surrounds us. Eb is the Holy Graal. one of its representations is a staircase. It is the celebration of abundance and of the unlimited generosity of the Universe. From there. It pushes toward a permanent transformation of consciousness and of the cellular vibration of the body. A day Eb is a beautiful day for celebrating the abundance of life and to be aware of all the gifts that are offer to us through each instant of our life. It is the realization that our body is a cup to receive an ever higher frequency of consciousness. The light body is the opening of all the body's cells to receive and reflect spiritual consciousness. the nectar of immortality. It stretches the nervous system to open it to the widest sensitivity possible. Eb is the hedonist vision of life. Eb connects us with our light body. When the Soul is not any more a prisoner of the contradictory desires of the ego. According to “the Mayan Oracle”. It is a time of total transformation of our psyche and our body to give back the space inside our cells to our Spirit. May be on this day.EB The Yellow Human Eb is the power of receiving abundance from the Universe through the capacity of being empty and open. For Jose Arguelles. One of the symbols of Eb is the harvest: the time of picking up all the treasures of the world. Its energy puts every human being on the path chosen by his Soul. symbolizing all the different steps through which consciousness is passing on its way to self-realization. the world. Eb is the ecstatic state of receiving nourishment from the Universe with all the capacities of our being and with an intensity that is all the times increasing. Eb asks us to align our free will with the will of our Higher Self to realize fully our spiritual destiny. Eb is the master of destiny. body. It is the acceleration of the process of spiritual evolution through our senses and our body. Eb carries the intension to go until the end of our own self-discovery to offer us the initiation of Light Warrior. It pushes us to expand all the times to be able to receive more and to open ourselves to higher energies. It takes our full will power and our determination to go into the furthest edges of our deepest wound. It knows the way and knows the obstacles that need to be overcome in order to grow and to rediscover the whole meaning of being human in all its dimensions. Eb carries the power of free will.

They have the innate ability to lead others towards their destiny. They love structured movements and evolutions when their accomplishment can be manifested in the world. They know how to take their own position in the world and how to use the best of their potentials through their life. that the path is not easy and that there will be a lot of obstacles on their way. They like to change and go forward all the times. they have a very hedonist vision of life. their pragmatic and logic mind help them not to be blind with the problem and to stay aware of all the gifts and potentials that they still have in their life. everything that we really wish is here in the present around us ready for us to pick it up. They like to enjoy the abundance of the material life and to share it with their surrounding. At the same time. The ego is never satisfied and will all the times ask for more. They know. At the same time. even a very small one. Eb or the path of receiving the Divine abundance • General psychological profile People born with the power of Eb are very determined people when they have made a choice. Their love for abundance usually makes them quite prosperous people on the material side of life and very generous. a clear and pragmatic mind and they are hard workers when they need to accomplish something. They are people of power with a lot of fire inside themselves.They have a strong will power. They are very sharp and efficient people. They are hungry for new knowledge. In front of difficulties. Eb teaches us that if we connect with our Soul. They are quite active people and like to move 123 . they are born to be spiritual leaders for their communities. They deal a lot with the truth and reality of ideas and they find the right action at the appropriate time. However. they are very sociable people and have a strong sense of family and friendship. They carry considerable inner power that will help them to overcome difficulties in life. Their fire is linked with the earth element also. They are lonely travelers in life going straight to their destiny to meet again their Soul. In the Mayan culture. through their mental analyze. they like challenges and are very courageous. This quality can make them sometimes quite lonely because they have understood that each one has to walk his own path and that nobody will walk their path for them.are missing in his life. They have a strong well-balanced third charka. It balances their deep feeling of loneliness. Their earth element gives them a strong power of presence in the concrete world. They like very much to be part of a tribe. Their life is all the times bringing them new challenges and this is what they like. They know clearly what they want to achieve through their life and they don't allow anyone to take them out off course. They will not compromise their destiny in order to please someone else or to stay attach to others or to a special situation. Their efficiency and clarity are very appreciated by people surrounding them and they can easily occupy places of power. We just need to be aware of it and to take the time to stop in the present moment in order to look at what is there. new understanding in their life and want to see it incarnated in matter through concrete realization. Eb asks to change our mind positively and to look our cup as half-full instead of half-empty.

People in this shadow of Eb don't manage to be satisfied. If they don’t have keys to discover and to experience the presence of their own Spirit. They feel the infinite joy of life but possess only the materialistic way to experience it. Inside themselves. they are born to celebrate the abundance of life. By birth. Then they start to become the servants of a never ending desire which will turn its thrust toward all the concrete aspects of their life: as a good material and financial success. Once they chose to grow and to transform their consciousness. They have a strong power of transformation and adaptation. power. They like to enjoy the pleasures of life. They manifest the corn of infinite abundance. responsibilities. Until they don’t shift their perception of abundance toward the discovering of their own nature and the nature of the Universe. In the middle of all the treasures and abundance of life. interesting social life. Then people born with the energy of Eb don’t manage to fully fulfill themselves through their materialistic life. they develop a vicious circle of endless desire. As we saw before. friendly and entertaining relationships.towards always better situations in their life. they turn all this energy toward materialistic world. • Their potentials and their challenges o An inner knowing of the infinite and an infinite desire People born with the power of Eb are generators of transformation. they feel a huge fire burning them and pushing them forward to drink the nectar of life. people never 124 . They have a strong and very pragmatic mind. They remember that the essence of life in themselves is joy and celebration of their aliveness. to try to fill up the huge hole created by desires in their being. when they will gain something more. They permanently project themselves in the future. But they are at the same time. They pass their whole life running after something more to get. Matter cannot be totally fulfilling for our Spirit and for our heart. They become the embodiment of the spiritual transformation on Earth and the only think that they have to share is the nectar of life itself. They like to celebrate and to share the abundance of their life with their friends and people surrounding them. they see only what is still missing and find only emptiness through the whole world. they first develop an idea very materialistic of abundance. They like to think and to use their mind to analyze and control their reality. It gives them a strong perception of the concrete side of life. They are vey grounded and have a strong connection with their body and its needs. the generators for the development of a new consciousness upon Earth. As their mind is quite pragmatic. It is their main potential but also it can be their deeper suffering. rational and institutional knowledge… They over-develop their first three charkas and the first three layers of their body. In taking a physical shape. They will always find what need to be done or change in order to be more efficient or in a better situation. they have usually strong first three chakras. they can easily connect with deep states of trance and transform the vibratory level of their body. the infinite nature of the Spirit and consciousness accept to limit itself. When they are in this shadow. to be at peace and take some rest.

A lot of people are looking for the state of presence but when they are there actually they don’t recognize it and just run away from it. When they stay in state of presence. the ego becomes a perfect servant for the Spirit: very efficient. It is the experience of death for the ego and all our unconscious fears are coming out. Before to surrender to their Divine Self. They have a strong ability to transform themselves once they chose so because they start from the bottom of their being. to discover our Soul. o The fear to experience emptiness People born with the power of Eb have the ability to experience emptiness quite naturally.manage to really rest. They try to run away from the huge void created inside themselves through their natural state of presence and they just fill up themselves with outside experiences. our Spirit and the one of the Universe. However emptiness is an almost unbearable state to be for a consciousness that has not been prepared. That’s a very challenging state to stay. it can submit its will to the will of the Soul. They loose their connection with all the pleasures and beauty of life that exist only in the present. They are oppressed in their being by a hunger impossible to satisfy. that we are still unhappy and that something is still missing in our life. All the desires of the ego explode in their wish of infinite growth. determinate. So they will never find themselves as being spiritual or having spiritual experiences. People born with the power of Eb have to face the absolute freedom of choice of human beings. They give their whole will power to the desires of their ego. It can express its wishes to eat and to rule over the whole world. They are an empty vessel to receive the flow and the grace of the Universe. It is really important for them to realize what they are doing when they are in silence. Only after have taken all the powers that it wanted and still not be satisfied. 125 . May be then at a point we will realize that this is still not enough. When we see that we are still unsatisfied. They press all the times themselves into doing new things in order to obtain more things. because they are deeply incarnate in their cells and transform fully their being once they accept to follow their Spirit. That’s why they enter this circle of endless desires so easily. It is the way where people born with the energy of Eb can become generator of spiritual alchemy and transformation. social acknowledgement. we try to take more and more and more…. their ego has absolute free will to experience all what he wants. It puts us on the spiritual path which is the path of people born with the power of Eb. where they permanently transform themselves and increase their amount of energy. This natural ability in people born with the energy of Eb connects them with their deepest fears and desires automatically. and helpful with all its pragmatic knowledge and power of concretization. and power. This deep feeling of insufficiency makes them bulimic of material abundance. As it has trained a lot its willpower. The first reaction is to take everything for us in an egoistic way. their level of vibration start to increase and release all the unnecessary blockages in their beings. It pushes us to open all our senses to feel all what is in the present moment and discover our psychic potentials. This feeling of endless desires burning every human being is here to press us to open ourselves to other realities than just the one of our little individual self.

They will start to shine beautiful vibrations of love and discover in themselves a new feeling of peace and contentment that they never really felt before. but they are not able anymore to look in the good direction to find out what is missing. they are born with the wisdom of Chuen. That is why they are very good in developing superficial relationship but can be very scared of intimacy. They will have to give back to themselves this huge love that they miss so much. However. the more they will open to their own Spirit and increase their awareness of life and their love. The fourth layer of their body get also imbalance. showing and expressing its vulnerability. was missing in it. that they were. 126 . So very young. Either they are going away from it. The more they will let speak their inner child. Still unconsciously. This layer unifies our way to be in relationships and the emotions that we have towards the world and others. That is why people born with the energy of Eb are generators of transformation of consciousness. People born with the energy of Eb will be deeply emotional inside themselves but never share it anymore with others. their inner feeling of lack can usually hardly be hidden in intimate relationships. However. they are looking in the outside world to get fulfillment. They need to accept to show again their vulnerability and their deep sensitivity.because they are able to see their primordial patterns and resistances. somehow. or they just don’t know how to be really intimate even with their nearest friends. their strong fire and willpower to grow in life turn them towards concrete realizations. because they can dissolve and become aware of their own resistances and fears. Only when we see clearly our shadows can we bring light in ourselves. o A deep sensitivity and a fear to share it As a child. they believe that deep Soul connections don't exist and are not possible to be experienced in a human life. Their biggest challenge is to accept to stay empty. the nectar of life. In reaction to this understanding of human life. They like company of friends around them celebrating life the way they like to do it. They block and reject their fourth charka where is developed unconditional love. They should realize that this ability is an amazing gift of honesty that most of people don’t have. They will have to prove to themselves that it exists in this world by first taking it out of their own heart and offering it to their wounded Inner Child. People in this shadow of Eb will need to reconnect with the part of their heart that has been hurt during their childhood. we get hurt and didn't receive at the level of our Soul the nourishment and the deep sharing that we felt inside ourselves. which teaches them to keep a deep open heart. it is a deep challenge for the Soul to keep a high level of sensitivity in a human world. people born with the energy of Eb experience a deep loneliness inside themselves. They need to find back what were the relationships that they developed with their parents and surrounding and what the little child. but stop to share it with others human beings. they can feel that something is missing in their life. Because of conditional exchanges of love and too restricted relationships for the full expression of their Spirit with their surrounding in their childhood. One part of their Soul is not living with them and instead of trying to wake it up in their life. It can make them very sociable and dependant of friendships of others. They know unconditional love. Most of the time.

They have the natural ability to generate a deep joy and to celebrate the fruits that life have offer to them. it is either because it is not a good thing for the larger evolution of our being. the more the universe can use them as a channel to feel up any needs of their own beings and of the people around them. Gratitude is a magical state to accumulate energy infinitely. Through their gratitude. and the shyness of their heart. They are the agents of grace by birth. their emotions. They should work on releasing all their fears of lack and all their limited conceptions of who they are and of their own life to open themselves to all the possibilities that the universe is giving them. that don’t want to stay silent knowing that it will be dissolved. The more they open their consciousness toward pure emptiness. Their biggest challenge is to fully gives themselves away to this process and to let the universe take and guide them. As they are deeply grounded. that is so sensitive and have contained so much beauty in its secrecy. The first one is the acceptance to live the abundance of life. will liberate huge amount of energy from their whole being and will push them through a strong process of purification of their whole being: their body. • Spiritual powers The deepest spiritual power of people born with the energy of Eb.o Integration of the polarities There are two steps important in the transformation of people born with the energy of Eb. They have a strong sense of gratitude. They just have to accept it. is to create vortex of transformation for themselves and people surrounding them. According to their level of vibration. they will live very strong experiences of transformation and their motivations and strength will be challenged by the Great Spirit. They know how to connect with the Holy Graal in their own consciousness. It will make them face two kinds of fears: the fears of their mind. or because some negative unconscious thoughts are blocking our ability to manifest it. So people born with the energy of Eb need to remember that they are the creators of their own reality and take back their full responsibility. they have a more or less developed ability of rising the level of energy of people surrounding them. If they have been stocked in the pattern of feeling all the time insufficiency in their life. The second step in their transformation is to realize their spiritual nature and to turn their free will toward the exploration of their own nature. If they keep on. their thoughts and their Spirit. When we don’t manage to create the reality that we want. they slowly receive initiation to master their cellular transformation and create magic on Earth. Then the nectar of life just flows out of them infinitely. 127 . they experience a deep inner contentment which gives them energy to accomplish what ever they wish. Accepting to detach from their mind in meditation and to share deeply their love with others. it is the time for them to open themselves to receive abundance and fulfill their being. And they can share the infinite nectar of life only at the level that they perceive it themselves.

the more they are able to materialize who they are in this world and the more they feel empower by it. Manik is a very helpful and nourishing power for people born with the energy of Eb. The power of Manik is the power of manifestation. they nourish the desire of their pragmatic and rational mind. that is everywhere but that we cannot see or catch through our usual senses. previous desire. Manik is the capacity to master the tools needed to act and create on this world. Ik is the most challenging power to get for people born with the energy of Eb because its reality is beyond the rational mind and its existence can be observed in the concrete world only through very subtle observations and open-minded sensitivity. of giving forms to ideas and Spirit in the concrete world. It asks them to submit their rational mind to a higher wisdom of the Universal Spirit of 128 . It sustains them and gives them a lot of motivation in their love for growth and evolution. it comes from our ego that needs to struggle and to fight for materializing its existence on this world. The more people born with the energy of Eb develop the energy of Manik in them. actions are just coming out of us in tune with our reality without that we try to control anything. or need. We just have to let our Spirit live and express itself freely. which needs to see through application in the concrete world if things really exist and are useful. • Its Antipode Partner: Ik The White Wind The teaching of Ik is the feeling of the great Spirit that is back side of everything. By developing Manik power in them. We are not trying anything and don't have really the feeling to do something. Ik is the understanding of simplicity. there is no idea or resistance before it.The glyphs surrounding Eb • Its Analog Partner: Manik The Blue Hand Manik is the Hand of Light. It keeps their fire burning. There is just the experience of being inside ourselves and the connection with the present moment. When we are trying to do something. There is nothing that needs to be done in this life. Manik is also the wish of expressing who we are through our work and of celebrating all what we have discover and get by giving it to the world. This ability is very empowering for people born with the energy of Eb. it just comes out naturally without any expectation. Ik presses people born with the energy of Eb to open their mind and their perception to the spiritual world. the telepathic connection with the spiritual world. which is the fire that presses people born with the energy of Eb to go until the end of their ides and dreams and which is a very good and useful quality unless it becomes too extreme. When action comes directly from our Soul. People born with the power of Eb are very connected to this energy of Manik through their love of concretizations and their strong connection to the whole manifested world and its pleasures. Ik is the awareness of the invisible world. Ik asks to be felt to act with spontaneity and to follow its intuition instead of its mind. Manik has also the power of resolution.

The more they develop it. Muluk lies in the unconscious of people born with the energy of Eb. the more their sixth chakra start to develop itself. gives them a strong and open sixth charka. Muluk is a process of purification of the ego in order to let space to the Higher Self to express itself in life. Slowly they start to perceive a more subtle reality. pushing them naturally to the purification process of their ego. Muluk is what brings a feeling of inner emptiness and non-fulfillment in all what they realize only with the will of their ego. When they start to be aware of this power in them. as an unconscious power. • Its Occult Partner: Muluk The Red Moon The power of Muluk is the ability to be empty in order to receive higher frequency and to become a channel of Light. Muluk. Muluk is what impeaches them to find peace and rest with a limited mind and leads them unconsciously on their spiritual path. Ik asks them to open to the unknown. They become a real space ship with their body and mind to incarnate their Spirit on this Earth. Its opens them to the magic of life and help the development and opening of their four superior chakras and their four last energetic layers by first changing the relationship that they develop with the world and so by cleaning their fourth energetic layer. 129 . Muluk gives them an unconscious huge sensitivity to the spiritual realms. they allow the huge process of purification of Muluk to take place in their life and they open themselves to their wide power of channeling of subtle energies that will help them a lot in their process and offer great comfort and love to their hurt Inner Child. It opens some space in their fifth layer of their auric field to let faith enter their life. People born with the energy of Eb have a very clear that exists in themselves and in the whole Universe.

It is also the messenger of the other dimensions. and the development of inspiration. a change of all our references. Ben is the Sky Walker. It is the end of the duality between Spirit and mind-body. eating… to the most subtle as arts. and three dots. it is important of not making of these flights a mean to escape from the reality of our personal life. It teaches us how to incarnate the impalpable spiritual realms in our personal life. However. Ben gives a lot of power to the earth element in ourselves and to our first chakra. Ben is born with the innate wisdom of Eb. It is the energy that connects us to higher realities and wisdom. It is the first step for bringing Heaven to Earth. Ben is a messenger of the Sky. It presses us to bring back our messages down to Earth and not to stay flying with angels. bringing back to Earth the teachings received during its flight. the beginning of a permanent 130 . It puts us through higher states of consciousness and helps us to remember our essence of pure love. Ben is a time of alignment of our Soul with the permanent movement of the Universe. It is the love of specific regular practices that help people to open their Soul and drink the nectar of their Spirit. a big opening. we can easily open our three superior chakras. The number of Ben is thirteen represented by two lines that symbolize the incarnation of the Higher Self through the personality. totally disconnected from the physical world.BEN The Red Sky Walker Ben is the time of connection between Heaven and Earth. On its glyph. meditation…. so it chooses to enjoy the huge abundance of life with all its treasures at all the levels of the creation: for the most basic and physical as sleeping. we can see four pillars facing each other: two coming from the Earth and two coming from the Sky. How to fly to Heaven from the Earth? By developing compassion and tolerance. these strong states of wisdom and awareness achieved through any artistic. the traveler of the Sky. It teaches us to enjoy the physical world also and all its pleasures. Ben understands that the every day life needs to be structured and comfortable in order to be able to access spiritual realities. The strongest power of Ben is the opening of the fifth chakra. symbolizing the movement of the Universe. it is easiest to discover new spaces in ourselves and increase our awareness. discovering all the times higher realities through the expansion of its consciousness. It is carries the wisdom of balance. The work left to be accomplished is the opening of the heart chakra. Ben is the time when the consciousness has found a good grounding in its every day human life allowing it to connect with its Spirit and to develop always more its connection with its Divine Self. spiritual or creative practices can also be found in every moment of life independently of what we are doing. where the synthesis between all the different realities of life can be achieved through universal love and tolerance. It is a shift of consciousness. When our ego is not any more trapped in a fight for survival and in emotional or mental confusion. Ben shows us that when our first three chakras are strong. The inspiration gives us wings to fly towards new realms unknown to our consciousness before.

As their third chakra is well developed and strong. we need to release all the tensions that we can feel from duality. and a flexible open-mind are the tools needed by our consciousness to bring back these gifts down to Earth and to share them with others. the plant totally dried up and died. healings… to fly high. their fifth chakra is widely open. They have an open door to the celestial realms and very soon. Let our whole life become a star way to Heavens without limiting it to some rare and cherished moments. Communication. On this day. before his journey towards self-realization. This is what is bringing 131 . It is a time for opening our consciousness. When the hero crossed the desert of his pains and pushed his unhealthy ego to die. It is day when we need to connect with unconditional love in order to be able to dissolve the duality between the spiritual world experienced by our Soul and our every day life. A day with Ben energy brings a lot of inspiration and deep spiritual understanding. by birth. yoga. intimacy…. sexuality. At the same time. artistic. It is important on this day to keep our mind free from any judgment toward the world and life. the hero planted a corn in the house of his Grandmother. the plant also became green again and grew very high. In the Pop in the unknown and uncontrollable. For the Mayan culture. They are very aware of their bodily needs and know how to nourish themselves. It gives them a lot of inspiration and the potential to get in tune with high vibrations and frequencies not palpable in the physical world. Their first three chakras are strong and quite well balanced. When he left. It is a very fruitful day for any spiritual. It is a time of transforming our comprehension of our human condition and of communicating and sharing the conception of our Soul on the Earth. After that the hero got reborn as an enlightened being. a very good time to dive in the silence of our Soul to bring back beautiful insides to our life. One of a symbol of Ben is a corn. They are able to go very deep into their art or spiritual practice and are very talented. their flights and their comfort are sufficient to fulfill them and they are not very social and expressive people. Ben or the path of the messenger of Heavens • General psychological profile People born with the power of Ben are very connected with the earth element. They are fully focused on what they are practicing and totally in love with it. tolerance. the horn started growing and flowering. the horn symbolizes human being. They are an open door for the universal consciousness to penetrate our human life. When our mind and our heart stay open. They like good food. It is a good day to jump in the Sky and a good day to allow the Earth to be a part of Heaven. Ben teaches us to let die our ego and all its fixed references to let our Soul express itself on this Earth. the process of discovery and growth never end. comfort. Usually. This brings them to amazing experiences during which they can connect themselves to ever higher frequencies. they become addicted to flying to these other levels of awareness. Ben uses inspiration as a motor to access higher consciousness. or creative practice. they know what to do in order to fulfill their Soul's longings and they find a way through specific practices and techniques like arts.

Then a feeling of lack. They should learn to fully communicate. They judge and close the world in a fixed point of view. insufficiency and deep loneliness can be experienced when people or situations don’t resonate with it in the present. Ether is the most volatile element. Real communication is pure transparence and honesty. In the same way. They have to accept to walk on the path of truth and to purify themselves from all their repressed emotions that they have accumulated during their life of silence. They should look at these difficult times as beautiful challenges to transform their 132 .them to their shadow. It gives them the ability to increase their level of vibration easily and to visit other states of consciousness. For people developing this kind of shadow it is really important to accept to look at the fears and frustrations that are preventing them to share their truth at every moment in any situation. There will be the being of light who is exploring high states of consciousness through a specific practice or at a specific time. their fifth chakra is very well developed by birth. It is almost impossible to catch or feel it in the physical world. They can start to want to run away from the world. they can develop a split personality. • Their potentials and their challenges o A high ability to fly and a desire to run away from the world People born with the energy of Eb have a strong power of inspiration. It is like remembering deeply their own nature and their basic state of being that has been too long forgotten. It will create balance and harmony in their life. They can easily become a hermit and enter in seclusion. These new experiences give birth to a new and powerful desire of being high and sharing deep level of love and consciousness. They need to gather their strength and their courage to bring their high consciousness and understanding in their life and in their reality. People in the energy of Ben can feel misunderstood by others and the world. It asks to have developed a deep sense of compassion and of patience. The element of the fifth chakra is ether. Then from their little tower. they can accumulate a lot of frustration and even build anger and rejection towards all the situations where they are not experiencing higher states of consciousness. which is the other potential of their fifth chakra. As we saw before. Then there will be the everyday life person assuming his quotidian with a mask of silence upon his Higher Self. they absolutely fall in love with it and become addicted of it. feeding themselves only with their self-practice. In their perception of the world they can easily create a separation between the everyday life and the spiritual realm. they miss to share their gifts and their Soul with the world and they separate their own reality from the outside world. And if they don’t have resolved all the needs of nourishments and acknowledgement of their inner child. It is the emergence of the Spirit. They will learn to develop compassion and contentment in order to be able to keep high levels of consciousness even when they are in a difficult situation. They should start to share their messages of light and love. When people start becoming increasingly aware of this energy. They will to face their fears of insecurity and instability by expressing their Spirit even if they will have to lose their comfort for that.

all those blockages ask for instant release. During time of strong inspiration they can experience important difficulties to come back to reality. Their first three chakras are strong. Their senses. Their sense of security and structure should be balanced with their inner transformation and the needs of flexibility of their nervous system in order to experience also deep state of consciousness. Then the gap between their two sides of being will disappear at the same time than their fears. In developing compassion and unconditional love. If the tension between the two realities is huge. In the Mayan culture. They have the connection with the Earth and they have the connection with Heavens.own shadows and bring love and light in their life where they haven’t been able before. breaking all their mental and emotional structures. They are messengers of the sky upon Earth. When they undergo strong spiritual experiences. o Integration of the polarities The deepest challenge and work for people born with the energy of Ben is in their heart. However their strong ability to experience higher state of consciousness pushes them to be flexible with their personality and everyday life in order to create a balance all the time evolving with the increasing level of their vibration. The key of their challenge is in the transparency of their heart. they are very grounded and pragmatic people and have at the same time a strong potential to experience higher states of consciousness. For sure. They can speak their wisdom even if it put in danger their material security. they are fluid reference points. their fourth chakras. They need to stop this dissociation in themselves and to accept to work on their own blockages and patterns at every moment of their lives. Their awareness is all the times moving and evolving. Energetically. which means letting go a big part of their ego and jumping in the unknown. They learn to align the intension 133 . They like comfort and security. They should learn to communicate their visions with the outside world. it can really create energetic damages and brings strong imbalances in their being. cells. Their work is to create a bridge between these two realities. it means that they have their first three chakras and their last three chakras well developed. This kind of experiences is coming from the separation they build between their flying states and their every day life. They should learn to melt personality with their higher self through every moment of their life. they release all judgments of value and they start to see every thing as equal. They can shine their light and love in any situation without fear or shame. their ego is dying during such experiences. It can create a lot of anxiety and a fear of dying or of losing their mind. By birth. they cause a tension in their nervous system that their body is not able to handle. o A deep ability to enter high states of consciousness and the fears to get lost Since they have the potential to raise the vibration of their being considerably during their practice. and mind get over-activated. As we saw before they have a very grounded personality. The rigidity and structure of their every day life and personality keeps them hooked to a lot of mental and emotional patterns that are affecting their energetic field.

They are builders of staircases to Heavens on Earth. They use their grounded potentials to create their dreams in a comfortable reality. They never stop their exploration. Cimi brings big changes and shifts in life to align ourselves with the wish of our Soul. sharing their passion with their students. Cimi is the ability to destroy the power of the ego when it is not anymore tuned with the will of our Soul. The more they develop Cimi energy in them. Once they have managed to show their Soul without fear. They carry deeply the archetype of the seeker. they become a channel for the universal consciousness of love and light to send its messages upon Earth. they use this potential mainly for themselves. Most of the time. That is why people born with the energy of Ben build easily their life around their spiritual development. Their ego is just a servant of their Spirit to find a way to fulfill itself. they can enjoy playing the role of teacher and be very talented for it.of their ego with their deepest wisdom and love. They are amazing in the steadiness of their practice and their love of it. They won’t be any more any separation between the intensity of what they experience inside themselves and what they radiate and share with others. The glyphs that surround Ben • Its Analog Partner: Cimi The White World Bridger The teaching carried by Cimi is the power of letting go and of releasing the structures of the ego. Once they accept to open their heart they learn to share it with others. • Its Antipode Partner: Akbal The Blue Night 134 . Cimi is the teachings of death of the ego and of surrendering to a higher consciousness to lead our life. The power of Cimi is stopping to try to control our destiny with our ego and personality. Because of their strong talent in their specific subject. wisdom and harmony. grace and miracles to takes place on Earth. They become the channel for beautiful magic. Cimi destroys all the limits of the ego that impeaches the Soul and the destiny to exist. the more they will be able to go deeply in this adjustment until that they totally manage to dissolve their ego 's impurities and to merge it at each instant with the desire of their Soul. Once their heart and throat will be open enough they will be able to induce to others high states of consciousness. they align naturally their ego and personality with the wish of their Soul. • Spiritual powers Their stronger potential is to create platforms and spaces in their reality to experience peacefully high levels of consciousness. Cimi can teach them to let go of the rigidity of their mind and their fear to change in their everyday life. From Cimi power. It is a very supportive energy for people born with the energy of Ben. And they consecrate this reality to the passion of their Spirit. They are seekers of love. They like balance and harmony in what they build.

Akbal is the invitation to dive into our self. Akbal is the deep knowledge obtained through inner journey. Akbal invites to penetrate into our silence to discover our deepest dreams, our deepest fears, and our real self. Akbal is a very challenging energy for people born with the energy of Ben. It pushes them to see their own being totally naked in front of the true light of awareness. Akbal teaches them that all their journeys that they are making in the sky and in their lives are actually journeys inside themselves. Akbal is the capacity to see everything from inside and to look inside ourselves to get answer and heal the disharmony of our life. When people born with the power of Ben start to connect with Akbal energy, they cannot hide anymore their own shadows, patterns, and cannot project them anymore towards the world and life. Akbal leads them to look honestly at themselves and to start to heal their own blockages, fears, or angers, that impeach their Spirit to really expand itself. Akbal pushes them to heal their ego and to release their pride in order to stop the gap between their everyday life and their spiritual experiences. • Its Occult Partner: Lamat The Yellow Star The power of Lamat is harmony and celebration of who we are and of the beauty of life. Lamat is also the star wisdom that is grounded on the Earth. As an unconscious power, it develops in people born with the energy of Ben the love for treasures and beauty in all the different levels of their life. It gives them their inclination towards arts, healings, spirituality, or whatever else that is bringing harmony on the Earth. The more they become aware of the energy of Lamat inside themselves, the more they are able to see, to enjoy, and to create the harmony in life. It gives them great artistic or healing talents. Lamat shows them how to develop harmony through each parts of their life. When they awaken Lamat energy in them, they start to link everything together harmoniously and stop to create separation in their life and in their mind.


IX The White Wizard

Ix incarnates the power of the jaguar. In the Mayan culture, this sacred animal was deeply respected as the allied and guide of shamanic wisdom. Because of its coat, looking like a sky full of stars, the jaguar was supposed to have mastered the underworlds: the unconscious of the human brain. So this animal invites us to cross all our shadows and ignorance until we discover the totality of our being. That is the same symbol appearing on one of the glyph of Ix that is a face with a smile and his eyes closed. Ix knows that the only truth lies inside ourselves. This smile represents the deep peace and immobility achieved after the long journey through our own unconscious. Ix is the inner witness of the movements of the world, sitting in the centre of ourselves, not any longer attached or moved by anything. It incarnates the wisdom of the great Zen masters. According to “the Mayan Oracle”, its color is translucent opalescent. All the colors of the rainbow, symbolizing all the emotions, thoughts and states of consciousness, are passing through our being. Yet, through the power of Ix, they become transparent and loose all their powers of controlling our consciousness. They merge with the huge white light emerging from our being in a state of presence and become like ghosts and disappearing memories. The jaguar is the totem of Junajpu Xibalba, the hero of the Pop Wuj, who is a self realized being. Ix carries the inner knowing, the knowledge of the heart behind the mind. It brings us certitudes inside ourselves stronger than any rational explanations. Ix represents the wizard. From absolute detachment with our ego and personal life, Ix shows us that we can take any form that we wish and play any role. We carry all the colors with ourselves, like a chameleon and we can act appropriately in any situation. By realizing strong detachment and absolute centeredness, Ix leads us to the universal wisdom available in our heart. It takes us out of our individual karma and of the wheel of time, where we can reconnect with our Divine Essence and knowledge. It tunes us again with Divine will and automatically magic starts flowing out of our being. Ix carries the natural magic emerging, when we step out of personal control. Its magic power breaks all the illusions in which the human consciousness is trapped. The jaguar incarnates the power of integrity. It is integrity towards our own heart and Soul. It asks us never to sell our own truth and wisdom to the outside world to get acknowledgment, power, or love. Ix teaches us to stay transparent and align with our Spirit, even if it can seem totally absurd to the outside world. The jaguar is also the king of the whole animal kingdom. Ix gives us strong connection with the nature and all our instincts. As a king, it teaches us how to control them in ourselves and to direct them properly to serve our Higher Self and to follow our noble nature. Ix incarnates the power of fertility, the energy that allows human race to develop and grow on this Earth. Fertility is the power of the Spirit over the physical realm, which is able to control fully its sexuality.

Finally, the jaguar has the power of invisibility and of powerful observation. It can move without noise and suddenly disappear. It is the knowledge of discretion, very useful for any observation, the ability of not exposing our ego in order to understand and really see what is happening outside. The number for Ix is fourteen, represented by two lines and four dots. The two lines symbolized the total manifestation of the Essence Self through our being and the four dots depict the mastery over physical reality and the capacity to give form to any thing in the physical realm. A day Ix is a day to let go of our personal control on life. It is a beautiful day to connect with the wisdom of our heart and to let our Divine Self lead our life. It is hard to make any plan because the power of our Spirit is stronger on this day and it controls the reality. May be a lot of unexpected events and coincidences can occur. It is a very good thing to follow them, even if we are not aware of their outcomes. They come from a higher wisdom than us. It is a day for universal magic to happen, so better to enjoy it than to resist against it. Ix wants to take us out of time and physical space. It can lead us to spontaneous meditative and contemplative states, where notions of time, space, and personality just disappear. It connects us again with our Essence and all its needs. May be we can feel very sleepy or some special cravings. It is a good day to listen to our needs because they are the expression of our true self and nature. Ix or the path of the torch bearer • profile General psychological profile People born with the energy of Ix are very quiet and centered. They don't allow their emotions and the outside world to throw them off balance. They are very connected to their earthly needs: food, sleep, rest… and know how to nourish themselves properly. Furthermore, they are strongly connected to their sexuality. They allow their sensuality to be expressed and fulfilled in a healthy way. Their senses and instincts are well developed offering them a lot of opportunities for enjoying life. This makes them very grounded and increases their capacity for being present in the moment. They are born with the wisdom of Ben and have a very strong connection with their Spirit and their heart. By birth, they got a strong inner wisdom. When they look inside themselves, they naturally know what they have to do. Before incarnating on this Earth, according to “The Mayan Oracle”, they were torch bearers in the galaxies. They were the ones who were carrying the Light for all the other beings. Their Souls are therefore very strong and able to radiate a lot of Light in their human forms. In the Mayan culture, they were born to be shamans or magicians. They have naturally a strong sense of honor and integrity towards the will of their heart and of their Divine Self. They don't develop any pride from their power because it is just naturally that they follow a strong wisdom. They like righteousness, humbleness, and virtue. They are people with tremendous powers, but without any personal control on it. They are just connected with the forces of the Universe and they surrender to the Divine will. Miracles, when we are fully aligned with the wisdom of our heart, can happen. They are

not doing any magic, merely allowing instead the magical power of life to flow through them. Their powerful centeredness and their natural transparency attract a lot of people around them, looking for this peace inside themselves. Lastly, it is the destiny of people born with the power of Ix to show to these people the inner path to the Light. • Their potentials and their challenges o A deep wisdom out of tune with the human society

As we saw before, people born with the power of Ix are torch bearers. They carry the deep wisdom of the body and the heart. They are here to lead other people toward wisdom. This wisdom is incarnated inside themselves and they need to acknowledge it alone within themselves. Most of the time, very few people will be recognizing their wisdom until they haven’t get some proofs of it. So they will be totally alone on their path. Their destiny is to carry the spiritual Light. This spiritual Light is not something the collective mind of planet Earth is used to witness and, a lot of time, resist it. They will need to face loneliness and their deep fear of being rejected, without love and any comfort. People following their heart and connected with the wisdom of their Spirit are usually judged as mindless, immature, eccentric, not useful, and even dangerous in our society. They will have to fight their ego and the collective mind inside themselves before to be absolutely free. Only when they will have fully won this inner fight, they will become true Wizards of Light. They are put under a test of choice: either to follow their own heart and wisdom without outside support and guidance or to compromise their inner wisdom to receive admiration, love, power… from the outside world. Then they can develop two archetypes inside themselves: the marginal that nobody really understands and the successful that everybody admires. The first one will give them very strong roots inside themselves and a deep selfrespect. They will learn to give value to their own nature and wisdom. They will follow their intuitions. They will have to face the rejection of the outside world and all their desires of self-acknowledgement, power, money, comfort… The second archetype will give them a very strong outside recognition. They can become really good at formatting themselves to the exact desires of the outside world. They can start to use all their natural powers and their strong charisma to fulfill their ego needs of recognition. As they gain self-confidence, they can start to create magic to increase their personal power, to manipulate their surrounding and obtain what they want. They become unconscious black magicians. They can become very powerful people in the society. However, they loose absolute contact with their inner nature and wisdom. One part inside themselves can never be really at peace. Even if try to reject it deep in their unconscious, it will always be there. Their life will be limited to worldly success, limiting the space for their deep body needs and their spiritual nature. o A strong connection with their body wisdom and laziness


As they have a lot of sexual energy. we live. They like the element of the water. when they start to repress it. They like to enjoy the pleasures of their earthly incarnation. o A strong sexual energy and its taboos They have also a strong connection with their sexuality and their sensuality. This is a wisdom really difficult to live and to express freely in our society. They are just very awake with their senses. It can create a lot of frustration in them and a complex of inferiority. The sexual energy has an important influence upon our body and our psyche. eating. it can disturb a lot the everyday life of the person and his emotional peace. They start to lose their body wisdom and connection. According to their own self-confidence. we take care of the Earth…. They can develop an unhealthy sexuality. They develop a feeling of guiltiness against their own nature and a feeling of oppression toward the outside world. It can become a strong challenge for them to manage to release all their sexual energy in a healthy way. They start to develop a lot of frustrations. and resting well is judged negatively as sign of laziness. They will hurt themselves with the restriction and the puritan conception of their outside world. Let see the way we eat. They will first have to reconnect fully with it in letting go of all the taboos and fears that they 139 . The desires of our ego are ruling most of our actions and it is really rare that we dearly listen to our body as a good friend with a lot of wisdom for us. If this feeling of oppression is too strong and they still have some self-confidence. Then they will have to be able to recognize the deep virtues of their own wisdom inside their body and life without the needs of acknowledgement from the outside world. They can become guilty of their energy and natural attraction. they start more or less to refrain their own nature and to push themselves to be more “active”.They have a strong connection with their body’s needs. it can become a real nightmare for people born with the energy of Ix. So very fast. contrary to a lot of people. Our body is a total slave of our mind and ego. or stressed. And when it goes out of balance. It is very important for them to heal their sexuality. Then they start to develop some self-hatred and rejection. turning themselves toward perversion. Instead of being in love with it. which is so flexible and adaptable. They will have to have developed such a strong inner awareness that inside themselves they can clearly distinguish what is a healthy body need from what is just a pure capricious desire of the unfulfilled ego or a wish to forget themselves in laziness. they can become rebellious and reject their needs to be acknowledged by the outside world. as the society would like to see them. They like fluidity and softness. Then in our modern society. The strong inner work for people in this challenge of Ix. and so to deeply feel their body wisdom. people born with power of Ix find out that their natural inclination to fulfill their earthly needs as sleeping. They just don’t like rules and borders. is to find back their body wisdom inside themselves and to release all the tensions and stress that they could have put upon themselves through their guiltiness. we are almost ashamed of this instinctive and earthly connection of our being. we have developed a kind of arrogance upon our own body. They are very sensual and don’t like the domination of the mind upon the pleasures of the body. It can create strong unconscious blockages in their body. They have the chance to be strongly incarnated in their body.

o A deep state of presence and the difficulty to be in the mind Finally they also have a strong ability to be just present in the moment without using their mind. symbolizing the intellect. Gandalf disappears in a huge hole leading to the center of the Earth (the collective unconscious). If they don’t manage to become rational. This can destroy a lot their self-esteem and self-confidence. But for them. It can appear totally inappropriate and secondary to them. where he has to fight alone against a very old demon who was haunted the collective consciousness without anybody being aware of it. They touch this other part of their consciousness where they enter in a space of beingness. they will accept or not to become rational. Only people true with their heart recognize his virtue. So. Most of people try to touch this through practices of deep concentration or prayers. Then they will have to learn to sublimate it and to transform it through their life in order to master their own energetic field. they just know. Against all rational reasons. o Integration of the polarities The two magicians of “the Lord of the Rings” The path of healing of people born with the power of Ix is very well described in the epic story of "The Lord of the Rings". And make them wander what they are supposed to do on this planet.could have put on it. he felt that he was dying and lost every notion about his previous identity and life. had awaken this monster and perished in fighting him. Then it is really difficult for them to develop a rational mind. For people in this shadow. It was the end 140 . hard-work and structure. This is also call meditation. they will have to release their anger against the society and the intellectual knowledge. even if it seems logically impossible. They will to find back their intellectual power by challenging themselves through learning a lot of mental knowledge. people born with the power of Ix have a strong ability to experience naturally this kind of state of consciousness. The dwarfs. He decides to try to destroy the evil ring of personal power. This demon was hidden in a huge cave under a mountain where nobody ventures himself. it will look just like a game and not like something fundamental. they can be judged like somewhat retarded by their surrounding in school. This is pure contemplation. It affect deeply their chakra and can even push them to totally reject all mental analyzes and intellectual knowledge. That is how they manage to have their intuitive wisdom. He becomes the leader of a small group of people who choose to follow this path. Gandalf the Grey chooses to follow the values and wisdom of his heart. When they are there. When Gandalf finally had won his fight. too. Depending on the support of their surrounding. A lot of people disregard him and treat him with disrespect. He is ready to loose everything. In the story. There is no thought in this state of presence. even his life to keep the integrity of his heart. Then they will have to reconnect and to recognize the deep value and power of their own inner wisdom without needing the acknowledgement of the society.

destroying the Dark Lord. and karma. jealousy… As he was following the plan of the Universe. Their biggest work is in the opening of their third eye. by doing so. he had already lost his Soul and sided with the Dark Lord unconsciously. structure and concentration. and so the Universe. Deep discernment will be the most difficult but also the most useful tool for them to catch. He thought that he would be able to fight the Dark Lord by increasing his own personal power in keeping the ring of power for himself. They have all the tools in their hands to create deep magic in their life. which gives them a good grounding energy. anger. In front of the hopelessness of the situation. he manages to lead his group to the victory. Sarouman. They will know what they are doing and they will have the power to carry the Light for others. When he finally returned to the world. However. The more they 141 . who was incarnating greed. Then it would offer them a wisdom that will accompany them even in their darkest nights. He felt into a space totally outside time. he didn't have anymore a personal identity and was acting only as the situation needing him to act. The deepest challenge for the people born with the power of Ix is to realize that they have a huge wisdom inside themselves and to accept to follow it fully. hatred. They should let die all the wishes of their egos and choose to offer themselves to the universal love and wisdom. His fight was already lost. But they will have to learn to face and release all the demons of fears and frustrations that could have grown inside their instinctive nature and that are trying to direct their life through their unconscious. their sixth chakra. They need to throw away their conditioning and to find back their real nature and their potentials. Their big choice is to accept to follow their axe of intentionality (which contains the intention of their soul) and their fourth chakra which is potentially well-developed. They will have to choose to follow their deep contemplative nature instead of their need of comfort. Sauron. • Spiritual powers Their strongest power is simplicity. On their energetic field. their first three layers and chakras are strong. He was filled with amazing magical powers enabling to help effectively the world. creativity and self-confidence and they have a strong axe of intentionality which makes them feel their direction and experience states of presence all along their path. space. It is the access to the universal source of life and consciousness inside every human being. They need to choose to embark on a long journey of healing where they won’t be any outside recognition but only inner wealth. his arrogance made him over-estimated his own capacities. They remember the deep secrets of the Soul naturally that are so simple. It will lead them toward a spiritual transformation and the development of all their upper chakras and layers of their auric field.of his ego. They should accept to become just servants of the Light what ever it can mean for their ego and life. personal power. He merged with the universal wisdom. Because he just wanted power and victory. hoping to escape from the situation. became a black magician. They have access to pure presence well incarnated in their physical body. To get it they should develop discipline. It pushes them to become master of inner world and not any more master of the world. The other wizard. he chose to follow his mind instead of his heart. It will prevent them to be blindly guided by their unconscious.

Chicchan teaches how to use the body has a mirror of our whole being and Soul and as a tool for spiritual development and healing. It presses them to come back with their real nature and Essence Self and not to be afraid to manifest it in their life. truth and humility are the most important manifestations of spiritual evolution in a human being. Through the simple fulfillment of their natural needs. because the body cannot lie. Chicchan is the wisdom of the body and the instinctive knowledge. magic or power are not something to get but something that merely happen naturally when we are in tune and love with ourselves. and to have the wisdom and strength to realize them in our life. The glyphs surrounding Ix • Its Analog Partner: Chicchan The Red Snake Chicchan incarnates the total knowledge and the mastery over the instinctive part of our brain. Chicchan energy in people born with the power of Ix gives them a strong connection with all their body needs and their sensuality. They carry the idea that love. Kan is the understanding that we are our own fertile ground for our potentials to expand themselves. It pushes them to connect with their Soul and the wish of their heart. When they are not any more needed they just vanish. Kan wants us to take out all our deepest dreams. Chicchan presses them to transparency and honesty in connecting them with their body. They are showing the path toward the pure Light of universal wisdom and unconditional love. proving them that Spirit. They just come by on the way if they are necessary to help in development of our heart and consciousness. With Chicchan energy. Kan gives us total responsibility towards our own realization in life. they enjoy being a Soul inside a body and they drink through their senses the treasures of physical life. the more they will release all the resistances and memories in their being that are preventing them to fully shine this wisdom and the more they will start to create different kind of magic and miracles around them. Here is the wisdom carried by the people born with the power of Ix. The more they develop Kan energy in themselves. where lie their whole spiritual wisdom that can be totally out of tune with their actual life if it was lead by their ego and its needs of power and outside recognition. • Its Antipode Partner: Kan The Yellow Seed Kan teaches that all the treasures lie inside us.connect with this potential. the more they will incarnate their strong sensual 142 . Kan gives them total responsibility for what they are manifesting in their life. Kan is the biggest challenge for people born with the energy of Ix. Psychic powers are not an aim on our spiritual path. as unrealistic as they can be. Kan is the awareness that all the dreams and potentials that reside inside ourselves are there to be planted and nourished in the world and through our life. They carry the power of being. They can develop many kinds of psychic powers only if they don’t become identify with them and don’t want to get them specifically. Chicchan gives them strong spiritual experiences.

To see the beauty of the world and life is an awareness of the Divine Light that penetrates the full Universe. people born with the energy of Ix are naturally open to beauty. they align themselves again with their Divine will and become the Hand of the universal Light. even if they are going to generate a lot of movements and indignations in their tribal mind. Manik is bringing them back to their Divine Essence and potentials. Manik gives them an influent sixth layer. It pushes them to show really who they are. Manik can see the Divine through every form. on their whole energetic body. It offers them all the tools of manifestation. When they become aware of Manik power inside themselves. 143 . because it is their true identity. It gives them an inner peace and simple joy of being alive. the more they will refine their tools and techniques to express their Spirit on Earth. Manik gives them the natural ability to manifest their Spirit effortlessly through every thing that they accomplish. Manik is the mastery of tools and techniques that allows the Spirit to express itself in our reality. • Its Occult Partner: Manik The Blue Hand Manik is the hand of Light. By having Manik as their unconscious power. Manik is the celebration of the external beauty of life. They can easily enter contemplative states just in looking at the world and their life. the ability to manifest the Divine Spirit through forms in life. Kan energy helps them to bring the intensity of their Light to the maximum of their capacity.and spiritual powers on this Earth. where is unconditional love. The more they will be aware of Manik energy inside themselves.

representing our unconscious. There is no fight or separation between these actions. Men is the understanding that we are all one and connected together. flies over the Earth. we help ourselves. our planet. By helping ourselves. In the Mayan culture. Men gives us visions and messages from our Higher Self that need to be manifested in our life in order to help our development and the one of our whole planet. the more we can love others. it receives this power from its ability to travel through all the underworlds. Men teaches us how to detach from our personal life and point of view towards the world. then we are free from our personal identification and we are ready to meet our Higher Self and to 144 . as we keep an eye on the world down. The Earth is the source of our life. However. These feelings are the power that grounds the spiritual Essence of human beings in the world. Men helps us to develop real compassion and to become a servant of the Light in this world. It leads us to a planetary perspective and melts us with a spiritual vision and understanding of life. as an eagle. of our physical body and our well-being. The more we learn to love our real Self.MEN The Blue Eagle Men is the guardian of the collective mind. By helping others. It is our connection with the mental body of our planet. It gives us love and joy to manifest them. We manifest our Spirit and its universal wisdom in our world. Men offers the power of clairvoyance. the eagle can fly very high in the sky. It carries the deepest dreams of mankind and pushes us to realize them. Men helps us to remember them and to manifest them upon this planet. To be able to go in the sky and touch the spiritual wisdom. symbolizing its connection with the spiritual realm. we help others. It connect us with the heart of the planet and its essence. we create a miracle on Earth. It reminds us that we all come to Earth in order to help others. In our dreams are carved the memories of our Soul Contract before our birth. If we can travel through our whole unconscious without reacting or being touched with our ego. we first need to have passed through our whole unconscious and our patterns and blockages and to be free from them. all our personal needs seems very futile and superficial and loose all interest in ourselves. and ourselves to grow and raise our awareness. It connects us with Father Sky and its spiritual wisdom. coming from our deepest wisdom. Compassion aligns our individual wishes with the wish to serve others. It gives us also a direct access to the wisdom of Mother Earth. When we merge with our Higher Self. When we fulfill our personal needs we get filled up with contentment and love and we can easily transcend egoism. When we are in tune with the planet. By manifesting our deepest dreams and visions. Our self-empowerment creates deep love and compassion in us. we receive visions to support Mother Earth and her children in their spiritual path. Men is a spiritual messenger for the collective well being of humanity. Men helps us to penetrate the essence of the collective consciousness. Our consciousness. It gives us a universal view upon our life and destiny. and at the same time. It helps us to see visions and dreams for humanity and planet Earth through our compassionate heart. we are in tune with the root of mankind inside us.

hear. springing from the activation of their fifth and sixth charkas. It is a good time to listen and to connect with Mother Earth. We remember the conspiracy of love and light that has pushed us to come on Earth. of diminishing pain and ignorance around us. Men teaches us how to find absolute freedom and independence from our unconscious in order to serve the Light of our Soul. Men or the path of planetary mind • General psychological profile People born with the energy of Men have a very strong connection with the collective mind. On a day with the energy of Men. we first need to accept to go very low. Through their self-observation. They are beautiful visionary people. its messages. The wisdom of our Spirit would be fruitless if we don't control our own being and if we use it through our unhealthy patterns. They are in tune with the needs of their tribal mind. we are more sensitive to the collective mind and the needs of our collectivity and humanity. They also have a strong connection with 145 . It is a time of purification of our self-center vision of life and of opening to wider perspectives. Their heart or their Spirit leads their actions. They know how to take good positions in the world in order to realize their dreams and to put them into actions. They have a strong potential of getting visions and meaningful dreams. They know how to behave in order to be fully accepted and recognized by their collectivity. Men is the purification process of the first four layers of our aura and the opening of our fifth and sixth layers. they know that human beings are full of wounds and weaknesses. they open the sixth layer of their auric field where all the Souls can merge in unconditional love and unity. They like supporting and helping others in their healing process and on their path. It asks us to let our Soul express its beautiful dreams on the planet. carved in our essence. Energetically. They can even be clairvoyant. Men is the understanding than to go high. They develop strong compassion towards the suffering of others. Only with the healing and detachment from our own personal identification. It shows us how to give compassionate service by first having totally served ourselves. we can heal them and develop real compassion towards others. They have a lot of motivations that come from a very pure and deep place in their heart or Soul. It is the hope and wisdom of the planetary mind inside all of us. Through this attitude. we can become real Servant of Light. They are not afraid to look at the reality of who they are. Men can touch our heart and Soul and ask us to bring more love and compassion in our life and in our world. It is a day that can give us a lot of visions and dreams coming from our Higher Self and that can be very fruitful to follow. Only in spreading love on our wounds. During this day. without any filter. We can be more aware of our wounds and of the wounds in others. We feel the strong intension. They enjoy protecting others and taking them under their wings. It is a beautiful day to share love and support. we connect easily with human suffering and with the wings of our compassionate heart. They are very sociable and like to take care of others. Men is the wish to bring healing to our whole planet. carrying faith. trust and unconditional love.

They are born with the wisdom of Ix and have the innate knowledge that if they follow their Soul. Since they have strong grounding. They become love itself and radiate it all around them. is to find and to be their own truth whatever it is. intensions. they incarnate the hope of humanity to turn the Earth in Heaven. magic and miracles happen. Even if it is unconscious. Life is an amazing mirror that brings to us all what emanates from our 146 . They become victims of the world instead of being.Gaya. They make them smaller than they actually are. They know that their dreams will come true. The Universe is just a manifestation of who we are. A lot of Blue Eagles are artists. and dreams. they have all the tools in their hand to realize them. They deny their own freedom and power to create the reality that they wish to have. the spirit of our Mother Earth. People born with the energy of Men feel that the main gift that they can bring to the Earth. they don't need to be healer or on a humanitarian mission. They know in their heart that everything is possible. Their dreams. they stay its faithful child. they learn to fall in love with themselves and with life. • Their potentials and their challenges o A strong connection with the collective mind and a difficulty to resist to the negative collective energy As we saw before. people born with the power of Men are very connected with the collective consciousness and with the Spirit of the Earth. Or they also loose their hope in front of the huge amount of sufferings and fears that haunt the collective reality of our actual society. full of fears and of egoistic thinking. This power. they also give up all actions and hopes to change the world and their life. They carry a lot of hope and trust in life. They judge them too utopist and stop to give them any power in their life and thoughts. being without egoistic wish. However. They can bring a lot of healing and love to people that surround them. their intension and their power to realize their dreams. causes that their dreams and visions express the needs of the planetary mind. In this way. determination. Their heart is beating in tune with the universal movement of the planet. as all human being is in fact. In realizing their own dreams. people need to remember and to realize the power of our thoughts. putting them into a small box of banality and mediocrity that seems to satisfy the actual collective mind of our planet. are usually welcome by their surrounding and can find a lot of space to be manifested in their society. and power in the society. They forget the power of their Spirit. magic mothers… Now the main dream and healing that need humanity is to see people connected and incarnated their Spirit and Divine Self on this Earth. When they are in this shadow. they can start to loose their hope. By letting the song of their Soul resonate in this world. added to their strong connection with the collective mind and their compassion. They can fall into depression or feel helpless in front of the size of the transformation that our planet needs in order to be healed. They need to reopen themselves to the magic power of life. yogis. If they get too much in tune with the negative thinking of the collective mind. They try to become conformist. They can fall asleep in the collective unconsciousness. architect of their life and reality.

then the world is going to be cruel with us. Their radiations are going to be so strong that it will create a total shift in the collective mind and it will bring all of humanity to experience life in a higher dimension. we need to have destroyed all marks of unconsciousness in ourselves. The Christ was saying: “As above. emotions. is identical to the macrocosm. It is like a cure that has been found inside a living example. some of the planet's wounds and blockages in order to heal them inside themselves. So if we make peace and bring consciousness through our whole being. a negative patterns or thought doesn't have any more power on one's life. like a huge mother totally receptive to everything that we ask her. One great saint of India. to become aware of all their unconscious patterns and negative thinking. o The deep wish to serve the world and others and the difficulty to nourish themselves Feeling too much the work that needs to be achieved. It can be our thoughts. life has won the battle and can expand itself to other people. The difficulty in understanding this reality is our lack of awareness towards what we are really expressing and ourselves. The fact. merely by being who he is. or the needs of others people. Once. we are healing the world. first become aware of your cells. many Souls (and this is particularly strong for people born with the energy of Men) have chosen to take upon them. is that nobody is a victim and that everybody is the creator of his own reality. instincts…. he should not wait passively for the world to change it by itself. so below”. From the awareness coming out of this process. The size of our unconscious is sometimes too wide for giving us the ability to lead consciously our life. because our body is merely the manifestation of our Spirit. If we start to change and heal ourselves. without doing anything. they totally deplete their own vital 147 . they can totally forget about themselves and stop to nourish and take care of themselves properly. the microcosm.aura. That is why the first step in the path of people born with the energy of Men is to go through the underworlds. before their birth. Now everyone is free to choose at which level he wants to live and what he wants to achieve in his life. we expand consciousness and love through the whole universe." To be fully aware of all your cells. Some people have visions regarding 2012*. They loose themselves at the service of others or of a task. If we are unconsciously victim of a cruel world. Another powerful thought that people in this shadow of Men should realize is that we are all connected. important to remember. named the Mother was saying: "If you want to change the world. If someone feels that some changes will be beneficial for his life or for the world to be achieved. working with Sri Aurobindo. In the yogic tradition. An enlightened being creates a real tsunami of light and awareness all around him. Consciousness acts then with an exponential effect on the physical world. They see that 40000 people are going to be enlightened and will keep on living in the middle of others. or in front of the manifestation of a project: they are too much focus and enthusiastic upon a work that they want to realize and forgetting to fill up their own battery. the human being. It appears either when they are in front of others with needs: they don't know anymore how to say "no" in front of a Soul needing some help. but he should take his own responsibility and act in order to align his dreams and ideas with his own life. In acting so.

In this shadow. they just nourish their pride and the image that they have of themselves. They can feel very helpless or start to think they have to do incredible things in order to live a meaningful life. They don’t know anymore what they are supposed to do on this Earth. that they don’t know anymore what can they do on their own to change anything. They were not acting out of tiredness and were not depleted their vital energy by their action. o A too high conception of their vocation As we saw before. there may be some needs for recognition or anger. Real gifts can only be made from a place of fullness. They are actually giving to themselves. When we kill ourselves in order to give something. These feelings get attached to our gifts and so to the people that receive it. even if our intensions are good and pure. because it was too much for us. They think that only extraordinary actions are valuable. They get lost in all their visions that they develop upon their own identity and cannot connect with their vocation. And sometimes people born with the power of Men can feel so responsible in front of the suffering of world and the destruction of the planet. The balance between what we give to the world and what we receive from it should be maintained in our life. It is a very dangerous shadow for their survival and emotional balance. Sometimes. somewhere in our unconscious. All those visions are fundamental tools for the planetary evolution. There have been in human history great saints that spent their whole life serving others. They have to develop unconditional love towards their own Soul. It is very important for them to restore the balance between fulfillment of the needs of the outside world and fulfillment of their own needs. They need to reassure themselves towards their good nature and to prove themselves that they are worthy to get their self-love and self-respect without doing anything to get it. They should 148 . Real compassion comes from an excess of inner love. People in this shadow of Men need to reconnect themselves with the present moment and to look at their actual talents and qualities. people in this shadow of Men want to see themselves as a cosmic mother or the world savior. It is not anymore a good gift to offer to someone and it is better to say "no" before to arrive at this point. Their life is passing by and instead of drinking it. They "are" what they should share with the They need to start to love themselves freely without asking for any good and valuable actions in return. By over-giving to others. They need to relax and release their hardness towards their own being. They were fully receiving Divine grace in their heart and they had so much out of it that they were using their whole energy to share it around them. people are slave of their own idea of who they should be and just exhaust themselves getting their self-recognition. people born with the power of Men are very connected with the collective consciousness and with the essence of Mother Earth. This connection gives them a lot of visions and feelings upon what is needed to be done to transform the planet and help the development of human consciousness. They are not really giving to others because others needed help. However. They can loose themselves and their joy of living in this search. However they can become overwhelming for a single person. they are thinking and looking for who they can be and what they should do. their service was coming from the excess of love that was spreading from their heart.

They will have to start to act according to the wish of their Soul without thinking that they are powerless in front of the reality. They certainly come upon Earth to bring huge spiritual teachings. o Flying high upon the Earth and the difficulty to feel at home on Earth People born with the power of Men have a direct access to the essence of the Earth and so to their own nature. They will need to develop better way to communicate and to manifest really who they are on this planet. So they can have a very strong difficulty to adapt themselves to the life on Earth. they can felt very disconnected from the basic level of consciousness that our human world as been able to share and to develop between us until now. the more the lesson is hard. Anger is an emotion that comes out in front of realities that we deeply don't like and would like to change. We are all alone in front of our destiny and nobody can walk our path for us. and humble acts when they are done with a pure Soul. At the same time. they have a deep connection with the Great Spirit. They feel as if they are not from this planet and that nobody can understand them. what we are doing. to do so. we are acting. Their Soul has chosen to come on Earth in order to learn something upon themselves and maybe to share something with others beings on this planet during this incarnation. o Integration of the polarities The strongest work for people born with the power of Men is to stay grounded: to keep their connection with the Earth even when they are flying very high. Their first step is to follow their dreams and visions. It can be sometimes very painful and very difficult to realize and find it. Father Sky. However if nobody has recognized those potentials in them when they were child. where they felt at home. instead of rejecting their own tools for incarnation. the greatest are the teachings. they found refuge in their dreams and their flights in others dimensions. However.readjust their own values and understand that the greatest things and even the revolution of the Earth consciousness can be achieved through very simple. They need to keep their feet on the ground and develop a pragmatic mind. That will be their best way to incarnate and manifest really what they want on this planet. It is the way used by our Soul when it wants to say "no". but from which place in ourselves. These two capacities give them strong spiritual potentials because they know simply and deeply who they are and they know how to grow and transform themselves. People in this shadow need to realize that we are all Children of the stars. small. However. which gives them a strong ability to enter other states of consciousness and to travel through the unconscious of the collective consciousness. And their second step is to stay connected with the present moment and their own reality. It will prevent them to be taken away by 149 . Because of their strong connection with the spiritual realms. All of us are on a different level in our way back to the Cosmic Source. they need to be grounded on this Earth in order to be understood and efficient in their teaching. The main thing is not actually. People in this shadow of Men needs to discover the roots of their anger towards their earthly existence and learn to release it.

• Spiritual powers The strongest potential of people born with the power of Men is to connect with the spirit of Mother Earth. So they come back from their journey with beautiful understanding and dreams to transform their reality. They can penetrate alterate states of consciousness in which they become much aware and awake than in a normal state and at the same time. It will push them to face all their fears to be rejected and angers toward the resistances of the collective consciousness to change. Kan gives to people born with the energy of Men the ability to find and to connect with their deepest dreams and the real intensions of their Divine Self. When we develop it. inspiration and power for people born with the power of Men who chose to develop it. Kan helps them to develop a deep trust towards the Universe to welcome our creativity and the manifestation of our Soul. If they manage to keep this balance. It will challenge them a lot and they will have to learn to balance the power of inspiration and dreams with the exigency of rationality and analytic mind. Kan pushes them to take the responsibility to accomplish in life their deepest inner feelings and to use the maximum of their Spirit potentials. they stay connected with the collective consciousness. The glyphs surrounding Men • Its Analog Partner: Kan The Yellow Seed The wisdom carries by Kan is the understanding of the power of our intensions and of the importance to manifest them in our life. Kan is our seed. The eagle has an amazing power of vision. Sometimes they can even develop capacity to see the future and to feel what is happening around them without seeing it with their physical eyes. to become too idealistic or to fall into despair and to deplete themselves from their whole energy. also named Gaia (in the Hindus tradition) and Pacha Mama (in the Mayan culture). They can see through their third eye in the middle of their forehead. It can give them a lot of different talents. the planet Earth and their earthly reality. It is an amazing source of trust.the movement of the collective consciousness. This connection with Mother Earth is an amazing spring of pure love and confidence for our spirit and Soul as human being. creating strong synchronicities and harmony in their life and developing their instinct of premonition and inner knowing. They carry their reality in their flight and transform everything around them. where lie all the desires that our Soul wanted to achieve on this Earth. that are infinite. we receive in our heart a good amount of earthly love that fulfilled us and gave us the ability to nourish everybody around us. they transform the Earth with them. our straight connection with our Essence Self. It can also connect them with the knowledge of the whole mineral. They can be in tune with the intrinsic movement of the planet. The other strong spiritual power that they naturally have is the power of dreams and visions. vegetal and animal kingdoms. Kan carries the knowledge that we are the fertile ground to manifest our dreams. Kan leads them to really 150 .

It pushes them to connect with their own needs for nourishment and with their natural state of being.give birth to their Soul on this planet. Chicchan's wisdom offers them the power to be whole. Chicchan gives a very strong connection with our senses and all our body needs. Kan is the joy and the positive energy of life that push people born with the power of Men to realize their greatest potentials in realizing their dreams. The fact that people born with the energy of Men has the energy of Cimi as an unconscious power is given them their very unselfish nature and their trust in higher spiritual plans. All our unconscious wounds are recorded in our body. When people born with the power of the Blue Eagle connect with the wisdom of Chicchan. The more they develop the energy of Kan inside themselves. they start to act in tune with their instinct and their body and they will dive in the discovery of all their unconscious patterns. the more they grow as a huge tree on this planet. Chicchan pushes them to become totally aware of themselves and to live naturally according to their real Self and its desires and needs. existing back side of the apparent reality of life. It is a very challenging energy for people born with the energy of Men. The flexibility of their ego allows them to become tools and channels for the realization of their Spirit's intensions on the world and life. The more they will develop and become aware of their Cimi power inside themselves. Cimi gives the ability to let dye our ego in front the realization of higher purposes. the more they will be flexible and able to release all the rigidities of their mind that block the full expression of their Higher Self. Cimi nourishes their heart with faith and trust and helps them to model their ego and personality according to the higher plans and wishes of their Higher Self and the Universe. The body cannot lie and speak totally honestly. 151 . It is the energy leading the instinctive part of the brain. • Its Occult Partner: Cimi The White World Bridger Cimi is the power to let go and to surrender to a higher wisdom in the Universe and us that our conscious mind and personality cannot control or fully understand. Chicchan is the power that leads them in the underworlds. their actual human nature. • Its Antipode Partner: Chicchan The red Snake Chicchan is the master of the body wisdom.

if actually we are just Spirit passing momentarily on this Earth? Cib is a time of strong balancing of our whole energetic field. This alignment brings a new path. The duality stops and we can just incarnate our Divine Self into the permanent movement of life. It asks us to purify and open ever more ourselves in order to receive ever more love. and the moment when we start to follow our Soul. Our third and fourth chakras need to get aligned with the wisdom of our sixth chakra. This path is aligned on the glyph of Cib with another path. there is a spiral representing the life and its questioning. This question comes out of the apparent paradox of being a channel for our Spirit to express itself in this reality and of living our every day life under the apparent mask of our personality and body. Cib is the direct path to higher dimensions. Cib represents the balance between our feminine and our masculine sides giving birth to our Divine Self. Cib is the time when our heart and mind. and bliss. It asks us to live our infinite freedom and love. being at the same time aware of it and separate from it. In the middle of the glyph. freedom. represented by three lines on the right side. represented by the three vertical lines on the glyph. symbolizing the path of the mind and wisdom. Cib is a time of opening of the seventh charka. It shows us our link with the infinite Source of Light in ourselves. Cib asks us to open ourselves to the magical experience of life. It shows us the fastest way and 152 . Each time we connect with this energy. which have no end. When we tune together the love and desires of our Soul with the intensions and the wisdom of our Spirit. Cib is the path of devotion. which symbolize the Divine grace and the rain of Bliss. It helps us to build a direct connection with the higher parts and potentials of our being that have been asleep before. How can we be simultaneously absolutely free and live inside limits? How can we live I this frame and so many things. Cib offers us inner guidance and knowledge to walk faster on our path. which seems very accurate to me. The answer to the infinite question of humanity is just Bliss. Cib brings a lot of spiritual light and awareness. and be out of it at the same time? What is real detachment? Is there really any meaning to our physical and individual life. Cib offers us the experience of grace and ecstasy. It can connect us to others realms like Sirius or the Pleiades. There is nothing else to look for. It is just the pure experience of the ecstasy of life. our awareness expands and our Divine wisdom penetrates a little bit more our conscious mind. It is not a mental or moral answer. where we connect ourselves with our Divine Essence. Cib knows how to develop our psychic powers. there is no more tension in our being.CIB The Yellow Warrior Cib carries the permanent and ancestral question of the human condition. our Soul and wisdom get aligned in the permanent dance of life. When we allow it to penetrate us. It represents the opening of our heart. there are three lines representing the path of the heart. where the mind and the heart unify themselves into surrendering to their Divine Nature and to the cosmic play. We will expose the interpretations of the drawing on the glyph of Cib by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner from their book “the Mayan Oracle”. On the left side.

It gives them a strong and clear mind. different than the one of our ego. As if there are newborn babies just arriving in a body. telepathic facility.asks us to become a Warrior of Grace. They can block it and not listen to it but they cannot use it in a way that will nourish their ego if it is not the wish of their Spirit. Cib or the path of the Warrior of Light • General psychological profile People born with the power of Cib are born to be spiritual Warriors on Earth. They know how to nourish themselves properly and get the material comfort that they like. Their psychic powers are not something that they can control with their personal will. It is a day where we should be receptive to our sixth sense and try to understand the teachings back side of the apparent reality of our life. they learn devotion and how to let go of their ego and personality and to surrender to a higher will. they like a lot to enjoy their physical body and the pleasures of their senses. or any exercise to develop psychic powers and communications with other realms. the more their life will push them to change and to transform their everyday life and habits. deep meditations. They know how to adjust themselves in order to get what they want. Their sixth charka is more developed than in other people. The sharpness of their mind gives them the ability to find a place in the human society where their ego feels comfortable and stable. in order to be more in tune with the width of their full being. masters from Sirius or the Pleiades. They can have psychic powers like clairvoyance. It is a time to understand that we are all cosmic channels for our Spirit to manifest itself. to listen to our intuition and to read the signs that our Spirit sends us through our life. It is a day to listen to our deep inner knowledge and to surrender to its wisdom. ancestors… In accepting these powers in themselves. a higher wisdom is working. connections with other dimensions and celestial beings like spiritual guides. The more they surrender to their spiritual power. It is a beautiful day for prayers. • Their potentials and their challenges o A strong rational mind and the difficulty to realize and accept their psychic powers 153 . they have an innate capacity to connect with more subtle realities. They can get sudden strong realizations and spiritual understandings that are disrupting all the structures of their mind and of their life. deceased masters. The wisdom of our heart and our Higher Self leads our day and whatever happens is the best that can happen to us if we accept to surrender to it. sometimes very suddenly. intuition. A day Cib is a beautiful day to connect with our Higher Self. On a day Cib. It is a day where the gates of higher dimensions are fully open to us and it is easier to feel our own psychic powers. angels. At the same time. Their spiritual power pushes them sometimes to loose this apparent security in order to align them ever more with their Higher Self. dancing in this world.

From their fears of not being accepted. logic. In doing so. However. it is not at all the case for their natural psychic capacity and high level of consciousness. They can become very sarcastic and cynical towards the world and life. eccentric and not very grounded. some people with the power of Cib can have developed a very strong rational mind that help them to get a good status in the modern society and that assure them that they won't connect with their psychic powers. it was really difficult for them to share the subtle capacities of their being. being afraid of them and even totally forgetting them. and that they portray to the outside world. They find out that nobody around them was open at this level and that it wasn't the way to communicate and manifest themselves on this planet. They have built a strong rational and pragmatic personality. To understand how this blockage can happen let go back to their early childhood. because it doesn't know their heart and Spirit. They identify themselves with this personality out of fears of acknowledging and expressing really who they are. They can block them very strongly. of losing contact with the Earth and reality… However. They build very strong rational and pragmatic blockages to impeach any of these potentials to manifest themselves consciously in their life. inside themselves. Very young by mimesis and adaptation. they closed their connection with their higher consciousness and their psychic potentials. and got imbalances in their third chakra. judging them according to the collective mind as unreal and mere fruit of their imagination. they reject in their unconscious one of their strongest potential and their access to their deeper nature. These fears coming from their very early childhood are also connected with our actual collective mind. they cannot find any rest. of madness. people born with the power of Cib have a very strong mind. they felt that they were different from others and they got scare of not finding their own place in this world. sciences and analyzes. They built a self-image of being people very dreamy. The generation of this negative energy and the fact that they are acting and thinking out of fears create a deep sadness in their life. somewhere in themselves. those unconscious blockages towards their own being and potentials develop unconsciously self-hatred and anger towards the world that doesn't want to accept them as they really are. of rejection from the outside world. They damaged their selfesteem and love. They have easily developed this capacity during their childhood because it has been supported by the way of thinking of their surrounding and acknowledged as a good quality by the collective consciousness. As a child. of huge change. It can be the fears of losing control. As this opening cannot be catch with the rational mind. of death. and can only be experienced in order to be really understood. As they close their connection with their Essence Self. Because of their strong receptivity. in which they also believe. They are very pragmatic and want to put every conceptual idea to practical test and experience. they arrive on Earth with their sixth and seventh chakras well open and balance. Their rational mind cannot lead them where lies their deep happiness. It becomes very hard then for them to find deep peace and contentment. Unconsciously. They like rationality. It feels like something is missing and they keep on looking for it through their rational mind.As we saw before. Their rational mind pushes them to 154 . they link their psychic powers with something very dangerous in themselves.

This is the permanent movement of what is life itself. They ask to put everything to test and to experience their results through our own life. As they have naturally strong psychic capacities. People in this shadow of Cib need to stop to deny their psychic capacities and to make joke out of them. instead of being in contradiction and fight against it. to trust in their strong power of inner guidance and knowledge. it can become a beautiful complementary tool to incarnate and put into pragmatic tests their beautiful and subtle wisdom. Yoga or Tao are sciences of our being and are very systematic and don't need any blind believe in god. they can find them back before having put back into balance their own personality and their lower energetic centers. on their path to find back their deep power. on a rational level. There is no end to the dance. o Strong psychic powers without a full clarity One of the big danger and challenge that will have to face every people born with the energy of Cib. acknowledgement and powers. They should learn to act with absolute detachment. Otherwise they will create a deeper chain of suffering for themselves and the people around them. They need to develop trust in the Universe and in their own Divine wisdom to lead them where they need to be and to become aware of who they really are. On the contrary. I don’t mean that they have to know exactly everything that is happening but that they should be fully aware of themselves and their own needs of nourishment. The only fixed truth that we can establish is the love and the bliss springing from the infinite cosmic dance between Spirit and Creation. They need to surrender to their Soul and Spirit and to open their mind in order to open again to all dimensions of their being. An imbalance in their first three chakras creates a fusion between their own projection of the reality and their spiritual guidance. and to place their mind at the service of their intuition. if their rational mind accepts to let enough space for their spiritual experiences to arise. However. is the misuse of their psychic powers. by opening enough space in their mind. They are all the time searching for the truth. to the grace. If they study some yogic texts and explanations. For example. They can become very enthusiastic with the apparition of those kinds of potentials and use them without being totally aware and in control of what they are really doing. They still miss the answer that their Soul is looking for and that can be found only through experiencing life and their Spirit. fairies or magic. to the mystery or to the question. They can be very good scientists.question themselves a lot about the Universe and the human condition. They have to reconnect. there is no real answer to the deep question of their being. They help realize that life and our consciousness are an infinite mystery to experience. They will have to release their fears that prevent them to connect with the full potential of their being. The blockages in their own 155 . However. They should let go of their fears of madness. they will realize that they can perfectly develop their spiritual being in tune with their love of rationality and pragmatic demonstrations. They are spiritual Warrior of Light and it can be very difficult for their ego and rational mind to accept it. they can misunderstand the Divine guidance that is given to them. they need to start to develop them in order to offer their unbelievable services and healing to the world.

They fulfill their needs for powers. for control upon their life. and they need to stay very aware of themselves. If they manage to enter those states and to recognize that they are as significant as normal states of consciousness. their spirit will push them to practice them regularly and to make them a part of 156 . o Integration of the polarities People born with the medicine of Cib should accept to become real Warriors of Light. Their first step is to acknowledge the existence of their Spirit in their own being with their rational mind. They have to purify totally themselves and fully win the fights against their ego and their personal needs. They build a stronger ego because they feel insecure and cannot find peace and contentment in themselves. they use all the powers that they get from the Universe in order to increase their personal powers. They have to become devoted absolutely to their cosmic cause. Only when their heart and mind. The stronger is their ego. It means that the only fight that is guiding their whole life and being is inside themselves with their own consciousness. They should thank the Universe for offering them such an access to and such a tool in their life and always ask for higher guidance. They need to recognize that the source of their powers don't come from their individual self but from a Divine Presence in themselves. They have to develop gratitude and humility towards this inner wisdom. Only when they will have won this inner battle. They need to discover real devotion and become a servant to this Light to spread it in the world. Or if their third chakra is imbalanced. will they absolutely fulfill their destiny. They should accept to develop other states of consciousness where the mind is at peace and other parts of their intelligence are awakened and are able to discover the reality around them. it means that they have been able to release a lot of their own fears and blockages. the stronger are the consequences. They should understand what is real Karma Yoga: the actions that are totally detached from the individual and personal will. Everything they will accomplish in this state of mind will be totally detached from their personality and become pure incarnation of the powers of the Universe through their own being. They will enjoy settling in a social position in which everybody is adulating them because of their powers. The reactions from the Universe can be very painful for the ego as long as the lessons have not been learnt. If they really want to be that. can they become real Warriors of Light. for recognition from the outside world… However. they should forget totally about themselves and all their egoistic needs. the stronger is its resistance to surrender to the will of their Soul and Spirit and the stronger are the consequences of the Karma* that they create through their egoistic actions. will have been surrendered and offered to their Higher Self. The stronger are the powers. those needs come from their fears and their imbalances. They enter in a dangerous position and they should take care of the temptations from their ego. They can develop proud and arrogance from the exposition of their psychic capacities in front of others and the Universe. They feed their ego and make it even stronger. This game is very dangerous.energetic fields create filters that prevent them to be perfectly aware of the messages that they get. just like their power. They are the Warriors of the Universe's Wisdom. And slowly.

The glyphs surrounding Cib • Its Analog Partner: Akbal The Blue Night 157 . They need to purify themselves to become a perfect conduit for the Divine Light and their Higher Self. • Spiritual powers The stronger powers developed by people born with the energy of Cib are connected with all the different kind of psychic powers. to develop clairvoyance and telepathy. They should manage to transcend the world of duality in their own being by unifying the principles of good and evil.their everyday life. The second important step in their transformation is to accept to look at their own shadows and difficulties. So they should never put themselves in between this energy and the task that it wants to accomplish. they can enter deep state of grace and bliss. clarity. to travel through past and future…If they reconnect with their seventh chakra. They should remember and be all the time aware that all their powers are coming from their deep connection with the universal energy. The other part is to accept to look at all their wounds. hatred. They can unify with every other consciousness in the whole creation and penetrate the dimension of ecstasy described by all the great masters of every religion on Earth. The development of their higher qualities is only one part of their evolution. That is the only way in which they can develop real centerness. They need to release the fears to see the totality of who they are. to receive visions and information from others dimensions of reality. Through the seventh chakra. They should accept to open the door of their unconscious mind and to journey inside the underworlds of their repressed emotions. In developing humility. They enter the universal source of light and wisdom inside themselves. If they look only at the bright side of life. Once they manage to reaccess to this potential. They should increase their awareness to come out of the confusion and to detect the origin of their actions and information in themselves. to channel beings from other levels of consciousness. they encounter the risk of being unconscious black magician and of nourishing unconscious frustration and ignorance upon the planet. to enter deep states of meditation. thus causing healing and release without harming anybody anymore. They should accept to become fully self-aware and a living example for others. and anger are slain. they have access to the principle of unity inside the whole universe. pains and imbalances. their sixth chakra gives them strong abilities to concentrate. the seventh door of our energetic body. They have by birth strong sixth and seventh chakras. discernment and objectivity. It will push them to respect this part of their being and show them how much they love and need to develop it and keep it alive in their being. the monsters of fear. they will accept to travel through their whole inner shadow. By bringing the light of awareness and love into the night of their unconscious. They should become as transparent and purify from any identification as possible.

It represents the death of the ego will in front of the will of our Higher Self. and instinctive connections and expressions with our feelings without the filter of the mind. It takes them out of love of comfortable positions by destroying all their structures and pushes them to change. joy to be physically alive.Akbal is the power to travel through the unconscious. It develops the love to be incarnated and to taste life through all our senses. It pushes them to take out of their pragmatic and rational mind their needs of control upon the world. The more they develop Cimi energy in themselves. Cimi leads them in the unknown and touches their vulnerability. we cannot be in tune with our Higher Self. 158 . It presses their rigid mental structures to die in order to be able to experience new realities. Akbal is the ability of introspection. Chicchan is the direct connection with our body. Cimi is the understanding that we cannot control everything in our life with our limited mind and understanding of the Universe and of who we are. Akbal pushes us to realize our deepest dreams. It gives them unconsciously a lot of reasons to be on Earth and a strong attachment for their body's pleasures. of discovering who we are in our silence without interactions with the outside world. It brings them in front of the uncontrollable. its needs. They learn to surrender and to become real channel for their Spirit to express itself in their life. It helps them to be grounded and gives them a very natural and instinctive wisdom and way to live and to be. the energy sleeping at the base of the column which. It pushes them to be transparent and honest in manifesting who they are with their physical actions. Akbal helps people born with the power of Cib to connect with their inner potentials and truth. To have Chicchan as an unconscious power gives their strong pragmatic mind to people born with the energy of Cib. Cimi is a very challenging energy for people born with the power of Cib. It pushes them in their inner world and makes them aware of their whole being and Spirit. Chicchan is also the Kundalini*. It makes them love comfort and stable positions. once awaked. Akbal is a very helpful energy for them. Without a pure relation with our body and our physical reality. of the irrational. • Its Antipode Partner: Cimi The White World Bridger Cimi is the ability to surrender. Cimi is the opening of the mind that allows faith and trust to lead our life. the more they dissolve their ego and develop their faith. without caring for the outside reactions to it. Chicchan is the opening and the balance of the first two charkas. It gives them spiritual strength and courage and brings them back to the deep truth of their life. It gives sensuality. It brings them back to their Essence and helps them to purify themselves from their ego and conditioned patterns. and its wisdom. rises up to the top of the head in opening all our energetic centers and our psychic powers. • Its Occult Partner: Chicchan The Red Snake Chicchan is the awareness and the mastery of our body and our instincts. and to see clearly our shadows and patterns that rule and block our life. Patterns are filters that distort our vision of the reality.

It is our ability to be conscious of what is happening around us in the here and now. The more we develop our awareness in the present moment. discovering shared spiritual life in tune with the universal will of the Cosmos. we get strong inner peace and calmness that prevents us to react compulsively to what is happening around us. Synchronicity brings magic and miracles in front our eyes. the more we awake ourselves to the magic and the deep wisdom of our life. the energetic center in the middle of our body. where we become the hero of our own life and where all what is happening is speaking through the totality of our being. we start to discover a new relationship and awareness of the present. we understand and feel its movements in ourselves. We become fully aware of the vastness of our consciousness and fully aware of the infinite possibility of experiences on Earth. They are also opening a big door of the planetary mind. It is such a task just to be conscious in the present moment. We align ourselves with the energy in the Universe around us and it brings perfect synchronicity in our life. When all the colors together unite. We enter new dimension of consciousness. It takes us out of our distorted emotions or mental conditioning. We get in tune with the uniqueness of the situation in the present and are able to act appropriately. Wisdom was. When we are perfectly in tune with the Universe. As they explain in “the Mayan Oracle”. the ability for a human being to be perfectly in tune and harmony with its environment. which represents its own potential and wisdom. 159 . Life becomes a beautiful present moment. All our senses are more open and ready to receive new pieces of information as they come to us. We realize that the world is the creation and the dream of this universal Spirit living inside all of us. When we stop all our filters that separate us from the reality. is the power of wisdom. It put us in our center and helps us to develop our tantien. for them. which is so full of wisdom and of sensations to feel. three fingers below our navel. It connects us with the power of synchronicity. We become awakened dreamer and all our actions are aligned with the movement of the world around us. We melt ourselves in the infinite dimension of each second. We enter the reality of the myth. It helps us to incarnate ourselves in our body. Every experience becomes a deep teaching for our Spirit. Synchronicity is the end of our resistance towards the universal movement. Synchronicity brings people that are in tune with the Universe together. Caban is the alignment of our being and comportment with the energy and the movement of the Earth. it helps the construction of rainbow communities where the dream and the medicine of each one are fully shared and developed by the high receptivity of a new collective mind. When we find our own center inside ourselves.CABAN The Red Earth Caban. Caban is the grounding energy in ourselves that allows us to be fully aware in the present moment. We call them rainbow communities because each one of its participants is carrying a specific color. in the Mayan culture. These openminded and spiritual communities bring on Earth a new collective dream that propels each individual into a higher state of consciousness. they create a beautiful ray of white Light.

They also gather with people already connected to the planetary consciousness and that life brings to them in order to realize 160 . It pushes us to wake up and see where we are on the physical plane. Their actions are therefore in synchronicity with the planetary movement and have amazing effects. Their senses are naturally very open. It connects us with our lower belly and asks us to relax there. A day carrying the energy of Caban is a day which connects all of us with the power of gravity of planet Earth. and deep wisdom. and our emotions. In themselves. we can be in control of our life. Caban or the path of presence • General psychological profile People born with the energy of Caban are very grounded and have a strong connection with the Earth. We need to be aware that our consciousness is affecting the Earth and that when we are open enough to receive its teachings. Only when we are fully present. realizations and of taking important directions in front of our life. their body. They are not afraid of expressing and showing themselves naturally and honestly to the outside world. They can easily guide and lead others in life.Caban teaches us that the union of all of us is much superior to the sum of the potentials of each one separately. It brings us back to the present moment and to who we are in this life. They are very present in the moment and aware of what is happening in their surrounding. It helps us to develop a very concrete and pragmatic mind to analyze where we are. We just need to stop resisting against the universal movement. they just know from their nature. They have a strong and pragmatic mind and know how to react properly in any situations. They are in tune with the world in an inner place of center and peace. and their needs. It helps us to connect ourselves with the deep rhythm of the Universe. Like the Earth. dreams. They have a strong and wellgrounded personality and a lot of self-confidence. We are one. Caban asks us to be aware and responsible for our thoughts. releasing all the unnecessary emotions and tensions that can be stocked in our organs. It brings beautiful opportunities and synchronicities once we accept to follow the universal movement. they don't develop doubt and emotional or mental confusion. All is one. They can see and feel a lot of things around them that others are not even aware of their existence. It helps us to materialize whatever our Higher Self wants to create. It helps us a lot to find our own energetic center in our being. they have a magnetic power attracting to them people who need to find their own center and who feel safe around them. It can be a beautiful time of strong transformations. They are people of confidence. the outside wisdom can transform our lives and us. Caban shows us that there is no separation between the outside world and us. It is a day that pushes us to be grounded and fully incarnated in our body. It wants that we learn to become an awakened dreamer that can navigate through a new reality. power. It is a day of very strong density for the one who accept to enter the vastness of each present moment. There is a place inside ourselves where the Universe is in union. It asks us to be able to take the commands of the reality in which we are living.

They are very sociable people. pushing them to realize a lot of thing. they find out that everybody are flying away and that nobody is really in the same reality than them. When they don’t create a lot. There is a lot of work to do on this plan if we really want the human consciousness to expand. They should realize that their loneliness and feeling of coming from another place is just coming out of their inability to show who they really are. to assist the planet and its people in their spiritual transformation and to work on deep issues in themselves. they will not take it on their ego and they are very simple and humble people. Their strong power coming from the good balance of their first charka* and their tantien*. So. they easily develop a complex of inferiority. feeling that nobody is fair enough and aware enough on this planet. They have a deep ground and pragmatic mind to communicate to the human world. when they look around to see who is here really with them. They know that they have to do everything by themselves. This can lead them even to think that they come from another planet. and even if they do. anger towards the world and their human body. because everyone feels so lonely here. They refuse to be part of it. out of tune with synchronicity. I think that one of the biggest problems on planet Earth is our poverty of communication. people born with the power of Caban have a strong grounding and presence in the moment. It pushes them to challenge themselves even more and to take a lot of responsibility. feeling never really supported on this planet. And they can become very hard toward themselves. they start to build unconsciously. If they develop this feeling of rejection and loneliness for a while.fruitful exchanges. So they have a great natural gift that nobody around them never values. This is an amazing medicine not so much developed by our civilization. They should remember their choice to come to Earth before their birth. They can start feeling incessantly as if out of tune with what is happening around them. They can develop a strong anger against the human world and their physical incarnation. They get the feeling that they are different from others and can feel very lonely and isolated even in the middle of a lot of people. They become easily worried. Their strong challenge is to learn to express it to others. • Their potentials and their challenges • A very strong state of presence and a difficulty to feel at home on planet As we just saw before. Then for a lot of them. acknowledges as a potential or even sees in them. It is easy for them to get restless and not being able to relax. They get a pure heart directed by their clear mind and they are rarely stirred by emotional waves and power games. to realize the vastness of their wisdom and to learn to share it with others. It is really important for people in this shadow. This unconscious anger disconnects them from reality. one of the strong works of people born with the power of Caban is to communicate their wisdom. • A deep sensitivity to all the small details Their strong capacity of presence makes them see the unconscious behaviors of others 161 .

The strongest emotional fears that they can develop can be the fear of not being loved and of being rejected. These fears transform the reality that surround them and push them to look for all proves that can justify the validity of their existence. they become identified and attached to their memories and their past. As they are deeply aware in the present. Their over-analytical mind brings them out of tune with the reality of others. people born with the medicine of Caban live amazing moments in their childhood and in their life due to their inner consciousness. In Chinese medicine. They are very aware of all the small details that are happening around them. the fear of the irrationality of life. they can easily remember a lot of things and they start to accumulate numerous memories. Through their feelings and body. They should relax their wish to know everything with their mind and experience again life with their whole being. They have to understand that intellectual truth is just a small part of the truth. Then they start to develop some specific tastes and habits that prevent them to welcome the new moments that are coming without any judgment. a point of view upon it and that real wisdom comes only through experience in life with all the dimensions of our being. People in this shadow of Caban need to realize that the excessive work of their mind is not healthy and comes from deep fears and imbalances in their emotional body. They can become nostalgic and over-identified with their past story. So. It gives them a strong potential to see the signs send by the Universe to help them on their path. they start to project it on the situation and the people that were there. If they forgot or even didn’t realize that the beauty was coming out of the purity of their state of presence. their strong awareness makes them see all the small details and the small things that others are doing unconsciously. For example. it needs to be incarnated in life. every experience that we live is magical and very intense. The mind when controls by imbalanced emotions can lead us to profound non-senses. 162 . When we are deeply conscious in each moment. To become real wisdom. They can become paranoid and very judgmental towards others that are not even realizing what is happening. Then when they don't manage to be in the present. At the same time. In the same way. the fear of not being understood and of not understanding what happens around them. Rationality doesn't always lead to the truth and can be totally irrational when its first impulsion and direction are given by an imbalanced being. Knowledge that hasn't been lived is intellectual fantasy. • Strong life in the present and a lot of memories With their strong awareness of the present another shadow appears when they moved into a linear time.around them. they will find back their connection with the energies that surround them and stop to project their inner distortions and emotional fears on the world and others. They overinterpret signs and jump to conclusions. They will judge them as if they were done consciously. if they are with other people. when the element of earth in the body get imbalance it can lead people to over-thinking. They need to reconnect themselves with their senses and their emotions. They start to give too much attention and meaning to details. it can be quite scary and when it is linked with the shadow and fear that we saw just before it can turn itself into a sickness. This excessive thinking can invade all the different domains of their life.

They become either over worried for the planet either really angry toward other people who are not as involved as they are in the planetary rescue actions. Then. they move their whole life and reality with them. Actions must come out of awareness and compassion in order to bring powerful and positive results to the planet. Their biggest challenge is to become aware of it. So it 163 . • A deep sensitivity to the Earth and a misunderstanding of the human attitude in front of their planet As we saw before. So it is a huge movement because they have the ability to move from their Earth (from their center). people in this shadow of Caban need to take into account that any negative thought or emotion adds negative energy to the collective consciousness and that any positive energy: thoughts. So. monstrous pollution. they start to project themselves in the future. they start to miss even more the amazing wealth of the present and they enter in a vicious circle. They will have to learn to release all the attachments that they could have projected upon the outside world and all the identifications that they could have build with their personality or their own life. they need to reconnect fully themselves with their whole being and to focus their attention in the here and now. Then when they accept to open to transcendental reality and new states of consciousness. actions… brings healing to our planet. This can increase their feeling of loneliness and of disconnection with the human race because of the actual non-respect of humankind towards our planet. By healing ourselves. Energetically. They can become totally depressed by all the destructions that are happening in the world: wars. healing the planet can become their obsession. Measure must be applied: don't kill yourself in order to save the world. political injustices. By this way. people born with power of Caban are very connected with the spirit of the Earth. It is as if they are fully projected into the present moment. However. we are also healing the Earth.something is imperceptibly missing in their life. Some others are maybe helping the Earth just by being at peace with themselves and people born with the power of Caban are not aware of the consequences of these actions. They cannot be content with what is happening to them in the present because they are not any more enough open to feel it fully. They need to live and experience what life is offering them in the present and to become again aware of the infinite width of it. • Integration of polarities People born with the energy of Caban have by birth a strong power of incarnation and of being present. They manage to ground a spiritual truth in their life. They should remember that they are just a consciousness that came upon Earth to experience life through the physical dimension. destruction of fauna and flora… Or. they have very strong lower chakras. To leave this circle. it is very hard for them to take distance from it and to observe themselves from an inner point view. We are its children and Mother Earth is all the times connected to us. To help our planet is maybe the most beautiful action that one can realize nowadays on Earth.

they can see the unconscious of others people in a very pragmatic and rational way. And finally they have a very strong power of observation. or they can read the signs written in every small details of their life: an object. Ik is the simplicity of just being who we are and of expressing our Spirit by acting spontaneously as it comes to us. Their other power is to be able to communicate with the spirit of the Earth. Ik is transparency of our full Spirit. an animal. From the strong freedom and nature of Ik. It is an amazing psychic power on this planet. they can be totally free from any 164 . They will realize that they have a natural ability to see deep level of consciousness. The more people with the energy of Caban will develop Ik energy in themselves. they can just be guided by the universe and enter a space of reality where everything is just magic. However their results are not the same. If they are really authentic inside themselves. who are less grounded than them. For this. to connect with the spiritual realm of life. Their path is to become as much grounded in their perception of the spiritual reality as they are of the physical reality. that the same. the movement of the wind… At every minute the universe is speaking with us. The glyphs surrounding Caban • Its Analog Partner: Ik the White Wind The Wind carries the ability to be aware and to feel the Spirit that is back side of the whole manifested world. a coincidence. they will learn to empty their mind. Once they forget upon their mind. they will have a lot of work to do to purify their lower chakras from all their fears and attachments that their deep sensitivity has push them to develop according to their level of unconsciousness. they will easily manage to release all their blockages. In learning meditation and relaxation. Their main focus is to turn toward their own inner introspection their natural inclination toward honesty and fairness. As we saw before. powers Their main ability is to be in tune with the universal movement as we saw before. the more they are in tune with their Spirit and they can incarnate in the present moment the totality of who they are. Then they will be able to share and give so much to others around them • Their spiritual powers. At the same time. Ik helps them a lot to develop their power of presence by aligning them with their deep inner truth. Ik is the power to see the invisible. they just need to purify themselves from all the fears of their mind and they will remember that Gaia is all the times speaking with them. Ik is out of any game that can come out of our emotions or our mind. Ik pushes them not to build any limited mental structures that will impeach their Spirit to express itself and to experience life.can also seem much more difficult than for others. we are just too much occupied with our own thoughts to realize it and we miss a lot of inexpressible teachings.

People born with energy of Caban know intuitively that the present is the only possibility to manifest our deepest dreams and that they have to use this opportunity at the maximum. There is no end to this process of increasing the miracles that they can accomplish on this Earth: the only limit is their own mind. naturally. they act in tune with their whole nature and being and their deepest dreams. Manik is really aware and sensitive to all that is manifested in the physical world. It impeaches them to always project themselves in the future or the past. Manik opens in our consciousness a new space for a higher understanding to take place. Kan brings the awareness that we are the only one responsible for manifesting all the potentials that we carry deep inside ourselves. Manik pushes them to take the responsibility of manifesting concretely who they are in the reality and their life. • Its Antipode Partner: Manik The Blue Hand Manik carries the understanding that we are the Hand of the Light of our Spirit. Manik is the love of creation and of giving a finished form to all what we feel. Manik is an explosion of joy that just want to collect all the means to show the inner magic of our Spirit. Manik is the celebration of our Spirit through the materialization of its beauty and wealth. the more they will increase the size of their manifestation and the deepness of the dreams that they are realizing. Manik gives us all the powers and the tools to manifest our deep wisdom on Earth.emotional blockages or tensions and focus their whole attention in the present and their surrounding. Manik teaches them to act according to their whole potential and not to hide themselves back side of a distort reality. By completing all what have learnt through a final realization. 165 . By birth. This unconscious wisdom is what gives a very good grounding and confidence in people born with the energy of Caban. Manik asks us to enjoy each step in our creation and it pushes people born with the energy of Caban to stay in the present and in the material world. • Its Occult Partner: Kan The Yellow Seed Kan is the understanding that our life and us are the only fertile ground to manifest our deepest dreams on this world. The more they become aware and develop Kan power in themselves.

By healing the dissonances in ourselves. Etznab teaches us to look inside ourselves to discover the blockages and fixed patterns that create them. Its energy can carry us through a rational and radical exploration of the reality to find a stable truth. the Blue Monkey. As we can see on the glyph. a very clear mind helps us to see ourselves as we really are and to face our own shadows. the knife of sacrifice. By facing our own shadows and just accepting them without any judgment. It shows us that the world is just a reflection of who we are and the way we perceive it is our own creation. Etznab presses us to introspection. The vision that we get is just a fixed point of view upon it and is marked by our own perception and being. Etznab can see all the illusions that lie in the outside world and in us. It is a day of truth: a very good day to develop authenticity with others and with ourselves. to play different roles and then we will see the reality with a deeper consciousness and at the same time. at the top of the pyramid. It just shows the truth. The energy of Etznab is dissonance. and the sacred Mayan pyramid seen from the sky. And as they explain in “the Mayan Oracle” what induce strong reactions in us. there is a rift between worlds. As they explain in “the Mayan Oracle”. of simplicity from where we can see the cosmic dance of illusion of the Universe without being caught inside. The outside reality is infinite and can be see through thousand of different angles and windows. A day with the energy of Etznab brings a lot of clarity upon our life and our own psyche. It wants us to look at life from different angles. Etznab is the power of the mind that becomes so clear that it can see the whole reality. we just allow the energy that was stuck by some unconscious blockages to be released and to move again. as also represented by its glyph. The glyph of Etznab also represents the Tzolkin that is a reflection of the structure of the Universe. Etznab can be painful for the ego. Etznab shows us the third point of Light where duality disappears. realize the illusion of our small view of it. the sword of truth. to take different point of view. In this place. Etznab is one octave higher than Chuen. From the consciousness of Etznab. we can observe the cosmic joke but still realize that we are an enlightened being. The clear mind of Etznab pushes our awareness to expand. can be seen as our best friends if we use the power of Etznab.ETZNAB The White Mirror Etznab carries many medicines. we develop a clearer awareness of the Universe around us. It brings us back to a place of center. Etznab brings us behind illusion. on which our mind can finally rest. the pyramid of Earth and the pyramid of Heaven merge in the center of our consciousness. As a mirror. They show us deep wounds or ignorance that we want to hide to our own consciousness. the clarity. The time stops. It brings us in the middle of the hall of mirrors that creates the human reality and asks us to use it and to play with it. It helps us to look 166 . It is the mirror. Dissonance is the ability of seeing that something is out of harmony and needs healing. The energy of Etznab brings the dissolution of all the illusions. If we have strong emotions and some charged reactions towards things or people.

They wish to go directly to the higher state of realization.deeply inside ourselves from a place of deepest honesty. They are fighting for the Light of Truth to break out from the huge wheel of illusion. they can be very detached and follow easily the clear intention of their mind in emotionally charged situations. It takes us out from the games of our mind that prevent us to see our own potentials and shadows. They are fearless warriors ready to cut and release all the non-useful blockages. As they are born with the wisdom of Caban. smiling like a grandmother watching some children playing outside her house. It is a beautiful time of forgiveness in front of all wounds by accepting to let go of our emotions and make some space to healing. It helps us to see our projections on the reality around us and the way we manipulate our life. separation. out of the illusion of duality. They like to speak their truth for the greatest benefit of everybody. Their Soul knows intuitively that another level of consciousness does exist. It is a good day to try to release old patterns and blockages in ourselves by accepting to look at their roots. They like clarity and develop a sharp view towards themselves and the Universe. However. They want to be efficient and transparent as much as possible. They have naturally a strong sixth chakra and it allows them to see easily their own shadow. they are very powerful. Through this process it gives us an access to higher level of consciousness. space. in the space behind duality. Etznab or the path of Truth • General psychological profile People born with the energy of Etznab are very intellectual. suffering. ignorance and suffering that is governing the world and the actual collective consciousness. They will need to let go of the illusion. and attachments that are keeping them chained to the illusion of their projection on reality. sharp and fast to evolve. They are very rational. They like to see the truth through everything and doesn't like to get lost in any illusion. When they see something wrong. Etznab likes to take us out of time. They will not allow any small detail to be in dissonance. they cannot let it stay there. and selfdiscovery. Their sharp mind and well open sixth chakra are very good tools for this purpose. believes and patterns that can stop them on their way to the truth. They can find this place only inside themselves with a great will power and determination to follow and surrender to the Truth. Their clarity gives them the capacity to be a very good mirror for others. They have a strong mind and a strong mental body. They like harmony and are very perfectionist. Thus. and time. confusion or doubt. They are not very connected with their emotions and look at them with their mind. They can easily see the shadow inside others and point it out. They are Warrior of Truth. They take out their sword and they cut the link that was keeping the illusion alive in others. where we can meet again our real Essence. When they start focusing their intension on discovering who they are and begin their inner journey. They need a lot of courage and 167 . So it is a very good time for real introspection and for entering higher states of consciousness. they will have to journey through an amazing process of purification. desires. they like to be efficient and to go straight and fast to their goal.

perseverance. to go behind the separation between good and bad. the society. And as we explained before. and humanity and develop a very egoistic life in focusing their whole energy in their own personal comfort and well being. They didn't find any more sense in what surround them. • Their potentials and their challenges o A lot of clarity and the fear of the power of illusion People born with the energy of Etznab carry the power of clarity. Some others can become very cynical and negative towards the movement of the world. To become aware of our patterns brings out a lot of major wounds and hidden feelings that were buried very deep inside us and that our ego doesn't want to look at out of fear and pride. This strong awareness can lead them to the conclusion that illusion controls the world. courage. It pushes them to wake up out of the dream of duality. I know that it is a difficult task and they will have to confront themselves with the resistance of the ego of others who are lost in ignorance and seem not agree to come out of their illusion. They will need to be ready for being sometimes alone and not being recognized by others that they have helped. These actions require a lot of compassion and softness from people born with the power of Etznab. they close themselves from the outside world and cut their actions from the collective needs. It wants them to enter a new state of consciousness. Some can fall in despair not finding the strength and courage to try to fight against it. It teaches them to develop real compassion for the world and others. they are Warriors of Truth and they will need a lot of determination. The world and life are merely a mirror for themselves. From this deception. It is important for people in this shadow to realize that their clarity of mind is the medicine that they carry in themselves and that it is a part of their destiny to share it with others who don't have this talent. In front of their vision they have no choice than to experience their knowledge at another level than just intellectual. whatever makes them react emotionally is a tool for them to see one of their own blockages. And they are the only key to let go of their own patterns and illusions. They have the ability to see how illusion can lead the world and their life and how other people can be stuck in illusion without being conscious of it. Some can generate a complex of superiority towards others that seem at their eyes to be lost and get a lot of pride and arrogance. So it makes them aware of ignorance and how it can act on this world more than most others people. and trust in what they are doing regardless of the outcome. o A strong mind and the difficulty to be sensitive 168 . They will have to remember many times that they are creating their own reality. they can have different reactions. This incredible show of the ignorance in front of their eyes is a deep challenge that they chose to face with their Soul before to come on Earth. which is their own medicine. In any case. At the same time.

that they identify themselves with this truth and get emotionally attached to it. they will become aware of the Truth. Most of people born with the energy of Etznab choose to disconnect from emotions during their childhood. They need to go back to real experience instead of staying in their mind. o The risk of a dictatorial point of view As we saw before. efficiency and clarity. Only through accessing again their emotions. emotions cannot be suppressed in our life. However as the Earth energy has been really unrespected on this planet for very long time. so they were really connected with the Earthly reality at their birth. They get stuck in rigidity and lose mental flexibility. However. and not to know what they do. they are so much touched when they realize that something is true. It can lead them also to huge confusion. it is good for them to focus only on their own basic needs of love and nourishment. they have a strong mind and can repress a lot of their emotions. That is what has given them so much clarity. creating many blockages and patterns. unpredictable and not easy to control. They repress them and create many blockages in their emotional body that they don't want anymore to look at. They occult one fundamental part of their being and of the reality of the human experience of life. And they can start to be very attached to them.People born with the power of Etznab like rationality. start to lead their life through their unconscious and they cannot understand with their mind who they are and why they are acting as they do. Their ideas become the roots of the structure of their whole life. It is an experience of life. To help this process. We can only direct their energy properly by perfect understanding of their roots and awareness of their cause. to be sensitive. They should come back to the times where there were baby and feel themselves with all the love that they can possibly receive. Their mind leads their life and likes to go straight and fast in everything that they accomplish. Truth is not only a concept and a beautiful idea. This non-awareness of the emotional reality can be one the reason for which they don't understand the world in which they are living. The emotions. At the same time. They need to release their judgments towards their emotions and accept to be vulnerable again and maybe totally irrational. The emotions are totally irrational. It is quite important for them to accept to reconnect with their emotions. let their emotions develop in their unconscious and lost the control that they can have upon them. they also have missed a lot of presence. They will have to learn again to feel. Then their mental perception becomes a mean of unconscious release of their emotional fears. They start to build their life only from an intellectual and conceptual point of view. support and nourishment to incarnate fully their Soul and their potentials. They are born with the power of Caban. the Red Earth. They limit their efficiency and show them their vulnerability. They stop to consider them in their life and slowly lost their consciousness of them. They don’t realize that they have some subjectivity added to their objectivity. Rigidity doesn't allow them to open to the infinite diversity of human experience and it 169 . At this point they will have the tendency is to believe that only their point of view and their truth are right and that everything else is wrong. People in this shadow of Etznab.

This one becomes very huge in their aura and tries to touch and to control all the different layers of their energetic field. depression. They will remember the power and beauty of tolerance and the difficulty to communicate the different realities in which all of us are living. they rule their behavior from backside of their consciousness. It is really good for them to develop more receptivity toward the outside world and the way others chose to walk on their own path. If there is confusion around them. schizophrenia… People in this shadow need again to realize that. It is really good for them: to change fully all their habits. The most important for them is to accept to be emotional. and not only intellectually. it will automatically open their mind. without thinking at all. The mental perception becomes so primordial in their perception of life that it becomes their only tool to apprehend the experience of life. This comes also from their disconnection with their emotions and feelings.stops them on their spiritual path. to try to act instinctively and intuitively. Their life becomes very complex. The mind is just one of the tools given to our consciousness to look at the world. They should accept to develop other way to perceive the reality than the one their use to in their life. the fear will pushes them to increase even more their mental activity in order to find out a solution. instead of transforming their habit to use only their mind to experience the world. at some stage. They can start to feel all the times worried or a lot of stress. They should remember that any mental point of view that is disturbing them is a mirror to see parts of them that have missed love and nourishment. They need to remember that the truth is infinite and that everyone carries a different medicine and has his own way of finding is Divine Self. stress. They must connect with the different layers of their energetic body and to experience the world at different levels: physically. They get lost in their own thoughts. They should accept to look at their emotional life and their wounds. the mental abilities are not enough to perceive the width of human Essence. This control is totally impossible and brings restlessness of their mental activity. it means that there is confusion in them and they are the only one that can change it. Once they start to heal them. They try to understand all the different levels of the life only through their mental body. Their emotions being hidden in their unconscious. They need to jump from knowing to being. o Integration of the polarity 170 . everyone thinks is right. Then as they feel that something is missing in their life. They become judgmental. emotionally. This can lead them to a breakdown of their nervous system or to any imbalance created by over-thinking as: insomnia. spiritually. o The over development of the mind Finally another difficulty that people born with the energy of Etznab have to face is the overdevelopment of their mind. to reconnect with their physical and emotional needs and to express them… The use of arts can be a good way for them to find back their sensitivity and their emotions. They should remember that they are the only creator of their reality. Because inside himself. They just feel a massive confusion. Deep awareness comes from a place outside of the mind.

solar. It means that their clarity should help them to access higher levels of consciousness. It is good to remember that the wiser men of our planet have realized that even if they knew a lot. instinctive. active. and yin). It is an amazing tool that can be rediscovered by people born with the medicine of Etznab who have forget it. They should accept the vastness of the mystery of life and the Universe. behind the activity of the mind. the feminine aspect (intuitive. they can become really good therapists or healers. and yang). For that they will also have to develop a lot their ability to enter the world and the realities of others. their spirit and love. They should learn to open their power of discrimination through the exploration of all the different levels of perception of life: their physical body. the masculine part (rational. in accepting to release their blocked emotions and in practicing regularly detachment from the mental activity of their every day life. they have a very strong sixth chakra and mental body and a good development of the right side of their being. the one that most of our religions experience as a connection with the Divine presence. The glyphs that surround Etznab • Its Analog Partner: Imix The Red Dragon 171 . It gives them a key to higher levels of consciousness and access to other dimensions of reality. they have a direct access to their essence behind times and space and behind duality. receptive. their emotions. • Spiritual powers Naturally they have an amazing power of concentration and a natural faculty to enter state of meditation. As we saw before. It is the realization that the truth is not only a conceptual reality but a living experience. Once they have learn compassion and tolerance and that they are not anymore reacting in front of the suffering of others.Their strong potential is their clarity and their ability to cut through the emotional confusion with the sword of truth. which is intuition and spiritual knowledge and to discover all the other dimensions different from the mental world that constitute their and life and the left side of their being. They can connect with the highest part f our human consciousness. They have also a beautiful ability to see the shadow and the ignorance acting through the other people around them. their relationships. Otherwise it will be difficult for them to be understood in their explanations. They can remember their nature beyond their present incarnation on this planet. lunar. There perception and clarity can help a lot the others to find their own path and a way to come out of their unhealthy habits. they actually knew nothing. Now their life asks them to open to the other quality of their sixth chakra. Their biggest challenge is to release totally the dictatorial power of their mind upon their whole being (and all the layers of their auric field). Energetically.

The more people born with the energy of Etznab will develop Imix energy in themselves. and unconscious patterns. at the same time that they are pushed to reconnect with their blocked emotions. develop fully their understanding that the Universe is just a mirror of themselves. and deep desires and what happens in our lives is merely the realization of them. Akbal is their tool to discover illusion and its 172 . we are not aware of what we really ask to the world with our whole being. Imix is the realization of the deep connection between the world and us. However. desires. from which they have a tendency to separate when they enter in their shadow. They start to use their sword only with compassion and love. because it strengthens their link with the outside world. Lamat is the time of opening of the heart and of releasing of all the judgments that impeach us to love truly. The understanding of the power of the world to give them exactly what they ask. When people born with the energy of Etznab start to express their needs and dreams to their surrounding. The world is just a huge receptor for all our thoughts. they become beautiful warrior of Truth. it gives the innate ability to people born with the power Etznab to see the unconscious patterns that leads their life and the world. As an unconscious power. between others and us. It is a huge challenge for people born with the energy of Etznab because it pushes them to connect again with their feelings. they start to connect with their feelings and emotions and to accept to be vulnerable in front of others. They stop to look for a fixed outside Truth and understand that the Truth is very flexible and comes from the experience of inner peace. dreams. Imix is a very supportive energy for them. When they develop Lamat energy in themselves.Imix carries the understanding that the Universe and the world that surrounds us are our Divine Mother. Lamat is a portal to others dimensions and it pushes people born with the power of Etznab to connect with their Soul. as we are not fully conscious of ourselves. They realize that the first fight that needs to be accomplished is inside themselves and they stop to blame the world. to be touched by the outside world and to understand that all what they see like an imperfection is actually coming from their rigidity and perfectionism and their absence of love and real compassion. Lamat has a very strong sensitivity towards the outside world. Imix gives them back strength in purifying them from all their unconscious blockages. It is a big time of celebration and the understanding that our ability to see harmony around ourselves comes from our inner peace and centeredness. Akbal teaches how to find the silence and dive into our unconscious. It develops hope and trust towards the world and the Universe to become again their own creation and not any more a world leads by madness and illusion. • Its Antipode Partner: Lamat The Yellow Star Lamat carries the power of harmony. the awareness of all our deepest dreams. • Its Occult Partner: Akbal The Blue Night The Blue Night is the power of introspection. the more they will bring healing energy in their life and in the world that surround them.

in the temple of their Soul. they become real Warrior of Truth traveling back to the Essence of their own being. The more they will become conscious of this ability inside themselves. The Blue Night has the power to discover all the shadows that lye at the roots of our being and knows that the consciousness free of fears is the only tool that allows us to free ourselves from them. people born with the energy of Etznab connect with this amazing potential inside themselves. Once.roots inside their being. Akbal shows them the most beautiful Light that dwells in the center of their being. 173 . the more they will accept to journey deeply inside themselves and increase their own awareness of the reality and of who we are.

and thoughts all around our beings. without any concept or definition. good or bad. Cauac is the energy of final initiation before enlightenment. It teaches us to surrender totally and to let go of all controls in order to live the huge mystery of life. Cauac is the storm. his solar and active part is lying without head. the more we discover the amount of awareness and Light settles in the center of our being. Cauac is the moment whenJunapju Xibalba lost his head. being cut by a vampire. Cauac pushes us to take out all the boundaries inside ourselves and to really manifest the totality of our being without fear or restriction. we can see the dance of our sensations. Cauac is the last step of purification of the ego. It brings us in the eye of the storm where absolute acceptance lies: destroying all ideas about right or wrong. There is just the reality of the experience of the present moment. At this point. in our body and energetic field. with the help of the whole animal kingdom and the Spirit of the Moon is preparing a new head to heal Junapju. The head symbolizes the power of command and control of our mind and personality upon our whole being. In the Pop Wuj. we become a pure consciousness witnessing the infinite cosmic dance of the Cosmos. he is filled up by the energy of the Universe and his ego and personal will are not anymore guiding him. creativity and control to our feminine and receptive part. By sitting in the center of ourselves. we can listen to the teachings and gifts of the Universe and that couldn’t be catch by our little self and our intellect. Only the Universe is leading him. The more we find this state of presence. By being just open and receptive. Fully centered in the middle of our storm. Cauac carries the power of the lightening storm that brings sudden strong realizations. The male and active part in ourselves accepts to offer all his powers of action. without the printing of the personality and of the ego. Junapju. the more we can see that through the dance of our feelings and thoughts is dancing the whole Universe. the hero becomes two different beings. It is a time of tasting the ecstasy of freedom. light or dark. emotions. symbolizing the Universe. Its energy brings to our consciousness all the different faces of who we are: all our shadows and all our lights. Our whole creativity and actions are turn towards the discovering of the width of this life. the tornado. It is a time of creating open structures: structures that lead you to freedom and infinite possibilities. the feminine and receptive energy of the hero. When the hero get reborn. The more we accept approaching the center of our own storm. Cauac is the end of inner duality and conflict. dead and Ixabalanc. This new head is made of materials of Nature. It has an amazing power of transformation and of purification. There is not anymore fixed rules in our mind. the more we are able to see its width and its deepness. It is a time of 174 . This process and time is very powerful and brings out a lot of our shadows to our consciousness.CAUAC The Blue Storm According to “the Mayan Oracle”. In this place of real acceptance lies real freedom and detachment. Then some seeds of Light are spread inside the head to give him life.

It is a day when everybody wants to be free and all what is blocked and hidden want to come out and be manifested. As they observe the fast movement of their emotions. It is very hard for them to accept any structures. In a day of Cauac energy. It is very hard to accept any boundaries from our outside surrounding. the world and who 175 . A lot of strong emotional reactions can be experienced: expressing our frustrations. our every day life. It is a day to receive strong Divine blessings and to increase the vibrational level of our being. to come out of ourselves and to be expressed in our life. and astral bodies with Hunab K'u. they look for them at the same time. Cauac helps us to taste and enjoy the whole diversity of our human condition.accelerated ascension and of reunion of all the parts of who we are in the permanent movement of ourselves. A day Cauac pushes all the shadows and tensions coming from dissociation between our personality and the highest state of consciousness that we can momentary touch. They need some fixed structures in order to stay grounded even if they are all the times complaining about them. to surrender to the wish of their Higher Self and to increase their level of vibration. They have a real ability to forgive to themselves and to others. and inability to be free in our own head and in our life. anger. Their third. It is also a beautiful day to find real forgiveness through the real expression of our emotions. Cauac is also a day in which we can connect with very high level of consciousness if we accept to let go of all our resistances and fears. It is a day of explosion of our Soul that wants to destroy all what limit its real expression and manifestation. physical. Their life is a powerful initiation that teaches them all the times to let go of their own identity. Cauac or the path of final initiation • General psychological profile People born with the power of Cauac are freedom-lovers. They can naturally enter altered states of consciousness that destroy all their previous ideas and thoughts about their life. Cauac helps the alignment of our mental. because at the same time we stay aware that this is just a game and we are free to participate or not. the universal consciousness and truth. emotional. They like to follow the free flow of life and express it without fears. the center of the Universe. There are no more rules: only freedom of our Spirit. It is the preparation of our nervous system and of our cells for receiving higher vibrations. They can change of mood very easily and fast. or concepts that can limit them. we can jump from one extreme to its opposite in few seconds. and other people. being afraid as they are of fully dissolving if they stay in their absolute freedom. the time when matter will again merge with Spirit. They don't get easily offended by other people's strong emotional reactions. They are quiet passionate people like a lightning storm. fifth and seventh charkas are naturally well-developed. It invites us to dance through all the different faces and levels of existence. ideas. they are not attached to them. Everything becomes clear and the Truth of the Soul can be seen detached from the emotional drama that its generates. Nevertheless.

they are. However people born with the power of Cauac can totally reject this part of assimilation and just develop their ability to fly away from the difficulty to be incarnate on this planet. That is an amazing gift which can be also dangerous when some personal patterns haven’t been resolved before. They limit spirituality to some mystical experiences to specific situation and to a special awareness. therapists. they are the nineteenth sign and they went through all the different stages of awareness of the calendar. They let all their patterns and imbalances of their ego lead their life as something not really important to worry about. When we experience holotropic states (as the professor Stanilas Grof named it). They are never in a fixed place. The perceptions and realizations that we receive through this kind of states get carved in the center of our nervous system. our emotional patterns. They ask us to look at our shadows and to release them in order to be able to assimilate them in our everyday life. Life offers them teachings and experiences that push them to transform and to purify themselves all the times. they are good artists. They need to adjust their mental. Their most difficult task is to discover who they really are and to incarnate it properly without getting lost in the confusion of their storm. Usually. In the Tzolkin. emotional. They are at the last stage before enlightenment. ways of thinking. we get in tune with dimensions of life and of the Universe that are much stronger and powerful than the one we are use to in the normal state. They just want to be in other dimensions than the concrete and physical one. They want to be free Spirits and at the same time. They stay in the metaphysic reality and don't take the responsibilities to change what they incarnate and manifest in this world. Through their ability to get high connections. • Their potentials and their challenges o The experience of higher states of consciousness disconnected with their everyday life People born with the power can naturally penetrate deep states of meditation. physical. They know that they are neither their body. Their nervous system is quiet tense because of this permanent intensification of their vibrational level. they have difficulties to define themselves and to express their Truth to the world. They need to release all the blocked energies that are not anymore in tune with their new vibration: limited concepts. patterns physical blockages. nor their mind. judgments. and physical body. Here lies their biggest challenge. They are expanding at the level of their consciousness. or emotional imbalances. they escape and live their life on a very metaphysical level that is not connected with the reality of their personality and their every day life. They don’t develop any tool to manifest it in the 176 . This brings them to a time of cleansing that can induce mental. They are very old Souls who can share a very strong wisdom of detachment in front of the storm of life. They have a very strong ability to get out of their mind and to connect with a higher consciousness. Because they connect with the infinite in themselves. wish to incarnate it in this world. and physical levels to their new awareness all the times. or spiritual seekers. and toxins. They induce deep purifications of all our behaviors. nor their emotions.

These addictions come from their fears of really looking at themselves and transforming concretely their own life. helping them to accept to live in the concrete world and giving them somehow an identity. sugar… They can also develop some unhealthy attachments to excess of comfort. o The love of experimenting higher states of consciousness and the danger of addiction When people born with the power of Cauac don’t manage to realign their inner wisdom with their concrete life. However. or any kind of pleasure. They should forget about their laziness and accept to take the real spiritual path of every human being: to manifest their infinite consciousness through their life and their being at every minute of their life and at all the levels of their being. This comes out of a deep feeling of loneliness and strong anger toward their incarnation. Their ability to enter higher states of consciousness at some specific time can push them in the delusion that they are already arrived and complete. They can be very aware and wise inside themselves but stay like a ghost on this planet. sex. coffee. It limits the expansion of their awareness to those times and experiences in their life as if the power was coming from the outside and not from their inner capacity. addictions offer just a momentary release and awareness and don't give them the strength and the tools to fight against the difficulties of the every day life. they can easily fall on the trap of addictions. Otherwise. They should build a bridge between their infinite wisdom and their ability to dance in the storm of manifestations. Addictions take them out of their own power to do this whole work of awareness by themselves and can never give them permanent satisfaction and contentment. They can think that they are already detached from all the human condition and life. They should use all their physical tensions and emotional imbalances as tools to discover what need to be healed and changed in them. By fears and laziness they give their own power away to outside stimulations to transform their level of vibration instead of confronting the emotional.concrete world. They become means to enter easily into altered states of consciousness without facing their shadows. They love so much to get high and to fly away from reality than they become attached to some toxic habits as drugs. They will have to release their pride and arrogance and to accept to see their heart and their vulnerability. The gap of vibration between their every day life and their experience of higher states of consciousness becomes huge and creates strong tensions in their nervous system. It is good to use 177 . To ground themselves. according to the vastness of their inner wisdom. These addictions become a way for them to give some forms and structures to their every day life. their life can be totally disconnected from the deep knowledge that they carry in themselves. They are the expressions of all the blocked energies that need to be released in their every day life in order to align again their individual self with their Spirit. Those tensions bring physical and emotional imbalances and mental confusion. physical or mental blockages that prevent them to open permanently their being. their ego will have to surrender. It is good for them to work on introspection rather than to fly away all the times in the Universal consciousness. They should remember that until they are alive they are in evolution and learning always more to incarnate their Spirit on the Earth and to share it with others.

They feel like they are very old souls and they are very tired of the game going on in life. When our connection with our Spirit increases and our awareness grows. these borders appear like a jail to stop our evolution and we need to let go of them. Fears are useful to protect us when facing situations that can prevent our survival. Maybe they will loose their social position. They have to learn to trust absolutely. Because they can easily experience higher states of consciousness. Their strong ego impeaches them to develop faith and trust in real spiritual transformation and in the Universe to lead them back to the Source of their being. They are at a point where the reality cannot anymore be catch and understood by the mind.situations in order to help opening our inner world. watching the big hole of mystery in front of their feet and developing arrogance and pride by being so high from the rest of the world. Their ego is too much resisting to accept to look at who they really are and at their own responsibility in the apparent mess of the Universe and of their life. they are totally scared to jump in the unknown and lost all the powers that their personality has build. o The last initiation: the teaching of grace Their very high level of consciousness is leading them to the final initiation of life. They went almost through the entire circle. The strong feeling of 178 . Nevertheless. They are like a man in a circus walking on a thigh rope very high in the sky. This layer contains our ability to be empty in order to let Divine grace enter our body. They need to learn to surrender to their Higher Self and to let the wisdom of their Soul lead their life. They are very useful in our evolution up to a certain point. their heart closes itself. Maybe their life will have to change totally. or even their mind and their life. They stay comfortable there. some fears enter our consciousness that are no longer needed and ask to be acknowledged and released. Their life gets lost in the confusion of their own patterns and in their storm and they loose all their connection with the Divine beauty and magic. When we are growing and our energetic vibration is slowly increasing. The fifth layer of their auric field misses some space to expand itself. their loved ones. we should always remember that those situations are just way to realize who we are and that all the powers lie inside us. Their absence of grounding makes them very afraid of loosing control. However. They build a very strong ego that knows how to play with thousands of masks in order to never be dissolved. they think that they get the truth and try to fix it with some concepts in their mind instead of accepting to live it all the times in an absolutely free way. We can really be free only when we find again the Source of our power and when we are able to enter these states of higher consciousness with our own willpower without the help of any outside stimulus. they have a very deep feeling of separation from the Source. Without faith and trust in life. These fears are like protection borders that we put in our mind to limit our experience to a field that our being is able to handle. They are the nineteenth sign of the Tzolkin. because they are already too much filled up with their mental believes and the patterns of their ego. They see themselves on the edge of their consciousness and their ego takes advantage of the situation. They experiment all the different stages of evolution and of consciousness and still they don't find the Source and their Divine Essence. The changes are going too fast. Furthermore.

others. They choose to incarnate with the same energy than the whole Earth. Some people call it "the Dark Night of the Soul". They cannot taste and share the medicine that they carry deep inside themselves with others. they increase the awareness of humanity and the vibration of the Earth.despair that they can experiment is coming from the opening of their seventh charka. And at the same time they find a lot of resistances against their own energy and power. In order to be the Light. the closer are we coming to the point of reunion with our Essence Self. The suppression of their own Nature and potentials leads them to unconsciousness and frustrations. It is a time of adjustment of our comprehension of the Divine wisdom and of the universal movement. They need to reevaluate their values system. and God. build by their education and the collective mind. the stronger these feelings are. o Integration of polarities 179 . People on the planet are in tune with this energy and at the same time scared of it. There is no other way. However. to allow all our past identities and our ego to die in order to be reborn as a Divine Child. to a deep feeling of loneliness and of absence of any meanings of life. blocking the expansion of consciousness. belaying all the nonuseful fears of the planetary consciousness. These resistances slow down their growth and push them to reject their own nature. which are transforming the collective mind. They have to be very strong to really become a storm. They should forget about all the "should" and "should not" in their life. It is a big transformation of our awareness leading to strong feelings of separation with the world. absolutely purify and free to incarnate the Divine will and energy. It is a time of realignment of our whole being with the opening of our seventh charka and seventh layer of our auric field. By increasing their awareness. They find a lot of support for their medicine through the movement of the world. Our planet and civilization are now in a huge time of transformation as they are. its transformational power brings out a lot of fears and feelings of insecurity in the collective mind. So the more they accept to surrender to their own process of transformation. They should remember that by healing themselves. the more they help the whole humanity and the reality to be transformed and to dissolve all the previous boundaries. in their culture and society. people born with the energy of Cauac have to cross the whole darkness of their being. to face our own shadows. It takes them out of their own balance and ability to experience deep freedom. o In tune with the present movement of the collective consciousness As the energy of Cauac is ruling the Earth now. and to keep faith in our Divine intelligence to lead us back towards the Light. So it is a gift and a strong challenge for the people born with the energy of Cauac. that never let us. There lies our connection with the Divine energy and it pushes us to let go of all our old structures and attachments. they are healing the collective consciousness. to drop their ideas about good and bad. It is a very difficult time that ask us to surrender.

When we open this door of perception inside ourselves. through every movement in their life. the Source of the whole creation and life. they will be able to purify fully their personality and ego and to see how much suffering they have take upon them. It is the time of enlightenment. That is why energetically they have strong potentials in their third. they will manage to open their second and first chakras harmoniously. The sun in the Mayan culture is a representation of the Center of the Universe. In opening fully their heart (their fourth chakra). They are not afraid to die with their mental body. just at the moment of their birth.People born with the medicine of Cauac have a strong ability to experience states of freedom and ecstasy. fifth and seventh chakras. • Spiritual powers Their biggest power is to transform themselves and to evolve with their Spirit. of fusion with the center of the Universe. They love to explore higher states of consciousness and accept dissolution with their ego. It is the center of transmission for our solar system of the vibration of Hunab 180 . Slowly it will show them the perfect path to the purification of all their fears and ignorance. people born with the energy of Cauac will drink the nectar of grace and forgiveness through their whole being. which is the time of enlightenment. Their deepest challenge is to accept to face all their emotions that they have hidden from their consciousness during their childhood. It is the number twenty and the zero. And they will start to shine their infinite self. Only with love. meditations. They need to accept to look also at all that is limiting them in their life and personality. It can be very good for them to accept to cry. On their energetic field. Expression of these deep states of inspiration can be through arts. the next and last kin of the calendar. They should learn to love their everyday life and all its pragmatic and down to Earth structures. Hunab K'u. Their tears will help them to remember their vulnerability as they come on earth. They will have to remember their love. Ahau. with the Divine wisdom. emotional and mental bodies that have prevent them to fully incarnate in their body. if they want to release all the tensions in their physical. journeys… The glyphs surrounding Cauac • Its Analog Partner: Ahau The Yellow Sun Ahau is the last and the first kin of the Tzolkin. looking at all their patterns. and pouring love and blessing in it. And slowly they will give birth and shine the power of the sun. That is an amazing potential that can lead them to gather many other qualities. everything becomes possible we just have to feel in which direction of manifestation our energy is going and then we can create miracles. They like dissolution and spaciousness. They will find the power to make the hard work of going back to all the underworlds. They will have to surrender to their sensitivity and to release the blockage of their fourth chakra. healing.

people born with the energy of Cauac have an innate capacity to be very spontaneous and to follow the flow of their Soul without really caring for what is happening around them. what I call. of absolute surrender of the ego in front of the beautiful Light present in the Universe and in our consciousness. It is the permanent movement. When they connect with Muluk power. an essence 181 . spiritual healing in their life. it is just a state of being. that have nothing to see with their outside surrounding but that comes from a deep inner purification and from tension or toxic energy that get released. • Its Occult Partner: Ik The White Wind Ik is the universal Spirit that is in everything but that we can never really catch in the material world. the spontaneity. Muluk is a very strong challenge for people born with the energy of Cauac. Muluk is the time of purification of the ego. Because they have it as an unconscious power. the inspiration that pushes and animates the whole creation. Ahau helps them to find the center of their storm and to give their light and love to all what surround them. Ahau gives them the ability to be detached from all the movements of their life and the ability to connect with very high consciousness and wisdom. because it pushes them to really work on their ego and to purify it. Suddenly. • Its Antipode Partner: Muluk The Red Moon Muluk carries our ability to be absolutely empty in order to receive Light from the rest of the Universe. the more they can experiment higher states of consciousness.K'u. It is a very helpful energy for people born with the energy of Cauac. It is not something. Ahau is the centered awareness in ourselves where we find absolute peace and rest and are able to connect to everything that surrounds us. the more they will dissolve they conception of duality. the silent witness of all our life's dances. they can have very strong body pain or sickness. Muluk gives us the potential to be a channel for vibrations and consciousness higher than ours. Ik is the perfect knowledge of the spiritual realm that is so difficult to express and manifest in the concrete world with our mind. Ik is everywhere and in everything. The more they become aware of the power of Ik in themselves. the more they diminish the gap between their higher states of consciousness and their everyday personality. It is the consciousness that can never be moved by any outside influences. The moon is reflecting the Light of the Sun. never fixed. Ik gives them an innate freedom to express and manifest who they are. and thoughts that are leading their every day life. The more people born with the energy of Cauac connect with the power of Muluk in themselves. Muluk brings. people born with the energy of Cauac can receive very strong teachings from the Universe and they will be pushed to clean and heal their body. Ahau teaches them absolute compassion for all what is manifested in the Universe under whatever form it can be. if they want to be in touch with all the times higher vibrations. totally free. Ik is the principle of life: all the times moving. emotions. Muluk is also a time of strong purification of the ego that needs to surrender in front of higher wisdom and purer vibrations. It helps them to have a lot of inner strength and self-confidence in order to manifest freely their Spirit on this Earth.

inside everything. 182 . Once that we start to see it. then there is no more contradiction or fight. There are just infinite possibilities and bliss.

From this place of full self-realization. There is no more separation or duality in us. It is the realization that there is no duality and separation. It teaches us how to become a source of compassion and consciousness for others that are still on their way back to the Source. We are totally full just with ourselves. where we realize that actually we have always been here and we never left this place. and ignorance in looking at it with a beautiful smile full of love and empathy for the suffering and the difficulties of our ego to come out of it. light. just by being. and of total union of our whole being and each of our cells. emotional. Ahau represents the Center of the Universe that is at the same time at the center of all human beings. the Divine wisdom. of Tzolkin perfect alignment of our being with the universal movement. and mental realities. Ixabalanke. His human condition gets united with his Divine and infinite Nature. Our ego is dead. the Sun is the transmitter-emitter of the pulsation of Hunab K'u. and centeredness. Ahau asks to remember our Divine Nature and consciousness at every moment of our life. It is the time of enlightenment. It gives us the unbelievable peace. Christ consciousness and unconditional love. There is no more need of moving or speaking. just by being. Ahau is the last sign of the Tzolkin. it is the time when the hero. It aligns all our different chakras and layers of our being. powers games. just we were not aware of it. with a lot of simplicity and humility. Ahau helps the opening of our seventh charka and the seventh layer of our auric field. Ahau offers us the power of the Sun. we always have a straight connection in ourselves with the cosmic consciousness. Ahau leads us to a state of perfect connection with our Divine Nature. In the Mayan culture. We don't need anymore to run to get anything. silence. or will. Ahau teaches us to be one with everything and to be whole inside ourselves. and wisdom by perfect self-contentment. We are just in perfect tune with the universal movement. kills the Lord of the Death. inner wholeness. and joy can come out of our heart from the feeling of Bliss that we are experiencing and drinking at each instant in our life. We are not anymore ruled and limited by our physical. no ego. In the Pop Wuj. a huge Light of contentment. It breaks the separation in our mind between us and the absolute wisdom and consciousness of the Universe. Ahau is the deep detachment from all the desires of the ego. love. mental illusion. the center of the Universe. and quiet of being back home again. It brings strong inner peace and contentment inside the Soul. Ahau helps us to accept to step totally out of all our patterns.AHAU The Yellow Sun Ahau is the sun. to become a Source of unconditional love. Ahau incarnates the deepest spiritual realization. It shows us that wherever we are in the Universe. even during the most simple and down-to-earth activities. All what is 183 . The gifts of Ahau are limitless Bliss. It is the ecstatic bliss of discovering the perfection of everything in the Universe. and at the center of all atoms and particles of the cosmos. and Spirit that gives birth to the whole movement of life and creation. detached from any concrete form and outside manifestation. It welcomes us back to the Divine Source inside ourselves. This is what is: just the universal law of Nature.

there is nothing to do than just be who we are.left is the vibration of infinite bliss and infinite love. By learning to share more and more their inner peace with whoever comes in their life. They know how to enjoy the beauty of life and this is what they wish to share with their brothers and sisters on this Earth. without any doubt or 184 . It is a day leading us to our strongest simplicity and so to the most sacred part of ourselves. sharing his peace with the neighborhood coming to visit him. No. how much we are self-contented. They are very simple and humble and get easily contented with what life offers to them in the present. how much compassion we have developed. they don’t like noise or extravagance. From this place. On a day Ahau. which is totally detached from all our actions and outside experiences. They incarnate perfect simplicity and perfect transparency. they open their heart ever more to unconditional love and purify themselves. they can also accept fully the others with all their little shadows. They are in love with peace and simplicity and this is what they are looking for in their life. perfectly accepting their own weaknesses and strengths. Ahau is a time of rest and of inner fulfillment and contentment. Their strong balance and centeredness in their life give them a considerable magnetic power attracting other people around them in need of stability inside themselves. The number of Ahau is twenty. The light that they share with the Universe comes from a deep inner quietude and is spread by the blissful smile of their Soul at peace. Ahau is taken us out of all our ego games and our emotional and mental dramas and limitations to bring us back to the source of our consciousness in ourselves. There is no more mask or games to play. but just in trying to love them as they are and in connecting with their Essence. Their own Nature is their strong connection with the state of enlightenment. If you are not at peace with yourself. Sun people are not full of social ambition and don't need recognition from the outside as we could imagine a sun above the world. One good representation of a person born with the power of Ahau is an old man living from his garden in a little house. They just know how to be. representing the combined mastery of the human and spiritual worlds. So this day is not at all about doing things. but just about being ourselves. However. A day Ahau is a very good time to see how much we are centered within ourselves. To be simple is to be true. You will try to run as much as you can all the day long in order to escape from the witnessing of your inner feeling of lack. There is just our Essence that manifests itself in the world. your restlessness can become very painful and apparent in a day of Ahau energy. Ahau or the path of contentment • General psychological profile People born with the power of Ahau are very centered and quiet people. It can be very fruitful to work by any means or techniques on these three issues during this day. They just want to be who they are. They like sharing their gifts with their surrounding in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. the main teaching of Ahau is to connect with the deep stillness in ourselves. without judging them or taking distance from them. in the countryside.

They judge that others are "crazy" and their presence around them disturbs their own inner peace. this leads them to a strong rejection of one part of themselves and impeaches their Soul to really taste the world and life.uneasiness. This is what gives them a lot of stability and transparency. Because emotions are not easy to fix and control. Their strong balance and easiness of being in life give them a very strong grounding. they are just escaping from feeling 185 . Their first three chakras and layers of their body are usually well opened and balanced. However. If they want to find real detachment. they should not be afraid to meet all the shadows and fire of their being. They don't manage to understand all the movements and agitations of other people around them. The others come around them to teach them how to really open their heart to unconditional love and to release all the inner conflicts and separations that they can still have in their being and that make them react in front of situations that are touching them. Their inner quietness and clarity of mind bring them a lot of wisdom. They don't allow their being to experiment the width of the human condition. life is going to challenge them to see until where can they stay center in themselves. and look at the problem with a clear and detached mind. They don't get out of balance in the storm of emotions. They accumulate a lot of frustration and anger in their unconscious. It is very important for people in this shadow of Ahau to release their judgment towards certain types of emotions that they still don't have accepted and forgiven inside themselves. According to “the Mayan Oracle”. their musical tone is harmonic overtone: the ability to resonate with the vibration of another being at a higher frequency in order to help him or her to wake up and to evolve. They don’ realize these feelings are also them and have important teaching for their Spirit to fully develop itself on this planet. They naturally manifest their truth without fear in pure simplicity. They stay centered and quiet by controlling their life to keep it in quiet situations that will not trigger their passion and emotional body. they stay centered. • Their potentials and their challenges o A strong yearning for peace and a deep repression of their emotional nature People born with the power of Ahau are in love with stability and peace. Their life pushes them to open increasingly the fourth last layers of their aura and their fourth upper chakras. Their tan tien is also naturally developed and strong. Whatever movement is happening in their life. Then they develop a personality that doesn’t like to be disturbed by any negative emotions inside their own being. However. peaceful. It can lead them to a form of rejection of these emotions and passions each time that they see them in others. they prefer to shout them down in themselves than to loose their consciousness and their simple joy. They know how to take decision and act from a place of inner peace and deep wisdom. They learn to develop real unconditional love and pure relationships with others and to open their pragmatic mind to faith and Divine wisdom. Otherwise they are not detached from their emotions. As a child their strongest desire is stay at peace. They like when everything is simple and they can just enjoy the present moment.

They have a very good base in life. limited they and their life will remain. family. It is fully conditional and egoistic. they choose to put this infinity inside a box of fixed mental concepts. As we see they can totally disconnect from the emotions that they judge too strong in themselves and they can limit and put border in their mind to everything that is infinite in life like the idea of who they are. limiting their consciousness of the Divine to the times of rituals. They should open to the beautiful and magic mystery of life. Their soul will cry out and ask inside themselves if someone would like to listen to its lament. They should dig into the unknown of their own unconscious and accept the disruption of their life as beautiful teachers and opportunities to increase their love. To keep their transparency and truth. Their love becomes like an emotional pact of exchanges with their friends. Slowly. and lovers. o Integration of polarities People born with the medicine of Ahau have a strong potential to be center and contented in their life. By fear of being moved. If they don't want to listen to their Essence. they close their fourth and seventh chakras and limit the expansion of their sixth and seventh layers of their aura. they will have to change their rigid ideas and ways of living in order to give way to their real free Nature to express itself in their life. People in this shadow of Ahau need to release their fears of loosing control and peace. they will loose their contentment and their inner joy. Their being just asks for expansion in all the dimensions of life. In doing this. Their life will start to look very empty and sad. If they choose to be limited. with time going. Their consciousness of God can be totally separated from themselves and they can become fanatic of religious rules and regulations. Their analog energy is Cauac. they will not be able to find real peace anymore. God or love. o The love of stillness and the fear of infinity Their love of simplicity and quietness can also lead them to a form of rigidity in front of the mystery of life. which is the beautiful centeredness and wisdom of their Soul. However. a discovery of the big mystery of life. The idea that they develop upon themselves is limited to the definition of their personality and ego and they forget totally about their own infinite Essence and Divinity. Their challenge is to expand their consciousness beyond the borders of what they know. They will start to experience different states of consciousness that will slowly dissolve the 186 . They should accept to go into an adventure. If they want to go back to it. It is the only way that they can spread their medicine.them. their Soul and Spirit cannot survive in peace inside a jail. It will help them to open their higher chakras and layers of their auric field. They should realize that they are the only creator of their life. it is really important to accept to be free and to live their freedom without any limiting judgment. the power of freedom. the Blue Storm. Energetically it what gives them a strong lower tantien and strong first three chakras and layers in their aura.

It is the guardian of the emotional part of the brain. The more they manage to open themselves to the diversity of life. Its energy supports a lot people born with the energy of ahau because it allows them to express their Soul naturally very simply without being afraid of the outside consequences. They should realize that this potential manifest it in them by a capacity of not thinking so much. to express ourselves without any fears and limitations. The more they keep on this path. in doing just nothing. Their tamasic energy prevents them to see all the emotions that they have hidden in their unconscious. they have a lot of earth element and this one takes the pattern of hiding their potentials under tamasic energy.whole rigidity of their mental body and their life. The world is just a huge playground for our Spirit to manifest and create whatever it wants. and the more are they able to shine and spread their inner wisdom • Its Antipode Partner: Oc The White Dog Oc is our connection with our emotional body and our way to be in relationship with others. their main challenge will be not to fall asleep. the more they will be able to share their medicine with others. slowly they will mange to dissipate this heavy energy and penetrate the world of introspection. Its energy pushes people born with the energy of Ahau to 187 . the more they will find back their deep ability to meditate and to enter intense states of presence. Once they accept to structure themselves and to push themselves to develop concentration and discipline. Cauac asks us to be free. The only limits are lying inside ourselves through our fears and judgments. They have access to a deep wisdom of love behind any manifestation of life. It helps us to realize that we are totally free to experiment whatever our Soul wishes in this life. the more they find back a real stability even in the middle of the wider storms of life. They have the archetype of the Chinese Laughing Buddha. • Spiritual powers The main power of people born with the energy of Ahau is their ability to be contented and full. The more they develop this power inside themselves. The glyphs surrounding Ahau • Its Analog Partner: Cauac The Blue Storm Cauac is the awareness of our absolute freedom. As they are very grounded. It can seem strange to them but actually compare to most of other human being their mind is very pragmatic and quiet. If they try to develop through taichi or meditation. It means that it pushes them toward laziness or pleasures and distractions. The more they accept to momentarily loose their center. the less they condemn and refrain the free expression of their Soul.

the more they get connected with the others unconscious needs. The more they connect with the potential of Imix in them. It allows them to become a real sun full with its own contentment and able to fulfill other Souls. It makes them aware of their own feelings and takes them out of the icy tower of their consciousness totally detached from the rest of the world.come out of their loneliness and to accept to be in relation with the world and their surrounding. It gives the potentials to people born with the power of Ahau to nourish with their light deeply people coming around them. Oc makes them aware of their connection with their companions of destiny. what is touched inside them and make them react. Imix gives them also the ability to feel what the others surrounding them need. they are expressing what they need to the world and life and so it is what they receive. It shows to them that their Soul chooses to come upon Earth in order to share with other beings and not to live alone. It is the understanding that the Universe is just here to nourish us and to fulfill all the wishes that we are expressing. As they have it as an unconscious power. Oc pushes them to be part of the dance of the universe and shows them how to really detach themselves from it in developing real compassion. because naturally. • Its Occult Partner: Imix The Red Dragon Imix is the consciousness of the Divine Mother in ourselves and in the Universe that surrounds us. 188 . people born with the energy of Ahau get a very strong grounding and the ability to be fulfilled easily by the Universe. The more they develop Imix power in themselves. and the more they become whole and one inside themselves. Oc pushes them to introspection by triggering in themselves strong reactive emotions. the more they become able to discover what are their real needs and to express them to the world. Oc shows them what they need to heal in them. Imix helps developing telepathic communication with others and the Universe. Oc helps us to heal all the past wounds from our childhood that are hidden in our unconscious.


They are very focused people. Their third charka is very well developed. it is also unconditional love. people carrying the magnetic tone attract a lot of people who find peace and balance merely by being in their company. It is a time that helps us to go back to the roots of our being and to connect with the direct expression of our Higher Self without the filter of our ego. when consciousness merges with the essence of life. which recognizes that we are all one with everything. of the Divine Essence that is in the centre of all beings. a Soul that has chosen the magnetic tonality really fully understands the type of energy it wants to develop in this life and what it wants to realize and bring in this world. Psychological Interpretation The magnetic lunar tone is one of the three most powerful tonalities. They have a good alignment with their Soul and know intuitively what they have to do. centeredness. It is often a day for receiving strong teachings. Therefore. Hunab K'u. It is the highest point of consciousness. They have the power to know and realize what they wish. concentrated on one medicine. pure samadhi. This lunar tone effectively doubles the power of the solar seal. It goes to the Essence of everything and just follows the flow without resisting it. of "Maya". back to the Source of everything where all dualities are dissolved into bliss and love. giving them a lot of assurance and self-confidence. And as express in “The Mayan Oracle”. remembering our essence and of unity with everything around us. It is a very powerful day that pushes us fully to explore a new vibration and a new quality in our life that will vibrate in ourselves and in our life during those thirteen days. That is why they are called magnetic. where our consciousness witnesses the infinite dance of creation without being moved by its excitement. There is not much space for doubt or confusion in their life. silence. It is the power of the one heart. People born with a magnetic tone are very centered and have a very strong connection with the intentions of their Spirit. It is a time of deep simplicity. This tone helps us to connect with our inner space of total centeredness. The solar seal of this day will lead the general movement and intention of the twelve days that follow. the indivisible Essence that is at the base of everything in the whole Universe and that is the whole Universe itself. as the seal also becomes their ‘guide partner’. where we merge with our Divine essence. A magnetic day is the beginning of a new wavespell. the Centre of the Universe.MAGNETIC The magnetic moon is the number one. It symbolizes perfect unity. It is a very good time to focus on our intentions for the days to come. It is a very auspicious day to feel the power of the medicine of the solar seal. Because of their strong centeredness and inner stability. This tone greatly increases the energy of the solar seal with which it is connected. It brings us to a place outside the illusion of the world. By their capacity to merge with their 190 . which the Universe vibrates with on this day.

their total self-acceptance and their focused intention. People born on this day relish taking new roads in their lives and initiating new beginnings. their truth. they become one with the indivisible Source of all things and enter the realm of unconditional love. 191 . Through their own transparency. they spread a lot of pure energy around themselves that is nothing other than pure love and truth. It is the initiator of new beginnings.Essence Self. The magnetic tone is also the first tonality.

As the moon is totally empty. It symbolizes the polarity of life and of the Universe. It doesn't hold any judgments towards reality but teaches us to experience the two opposite sides of itself. It represents the existence of the two opposite forces in everything that exists: matter and spirit. This tone helps us to grow and to evolve. It is a basic principle of life and existence that helps us to move. The tension that develops through polarity is what brings movement. The lunar energy pushes us to exchange and develop deep intimacy with each other. activity and receptivity. of pure detachment from our ego in order to establish real relationships. people are very receptive and open. It pushes our consciousness to open up to the totality of the Universe: to the Light as much as to the shadow. It carries the moon energy that increases our receptivity and our feminine side. light and darkness… It brings challenges at all times. It shows us the opposing forces in our life. A lunar day can be a strongly emotional day because it brings us from one side of ourselves to the other. it can reflect the sun's light and bring a very beautiful and creative energy on Earth. Without it. It teaches us balance and gives us a more realistic vision of the reality which we are in. On this day. It is a very good day to exchange deep feelings and to spend time in a peaceful and harmonious environment.LUNAR The lunar tone is the number two. without separating them. It is a time for developing tolerance towards others and ourselves. life and death. male and female. It teaches us the importance of emptiness. we become a channel for the universal consciousness. It is a day during which we can see the two sides of each reality – and not just the shining and beautiful one. This tone carries the power of mirroring reality – like the moon showing the Earth the image of a planet from afar and mirroring its own image from an outside point of view. We allow it to express itself through our own potentials and we can reflect the light coming from the centre of all human beings. and points out tensions that need to be healed or that push us to act appropriately. The lunar tone is also the teacher of relationships and interactions. and at the same time our potentials and light. and understand more all the time. This day takes us on an inner journey to observe our shadow and wounds. Psychological interpretation 192 . evolve. full of lunar and feminine energy. moon and sun. life could not be. It is a very subjective day and we should be careful not to project our feelings on others. By absolute surrender and trust. It shows the way different beings or energies exchange their power and their qualities in order to develop and transform themselves.

they need to take care not to dissolve themselves in others or to give up responsibility for their own life and their own needs. they can become addicted to ‘love’ and to relationships. The power of their fourth chakra comes from their flexibility and tolerance towards the two polarities of life. However. They understand naturally that we are all mirrors for each other and that through interaction great teachings are to be found. they need to realize that this is a huge wisdom on which they can build a deep stability rooted in their inner knowledge. They like to dissolve duality through fusion with another person and to develop cooperation between the different Souls they come across in their life. They have such a strong sensitivity that sometimes. It makes them stick with unhealthy relationships from fear of being alone. They like to be in relationships and are able to learn a lot from them. without fear or shame. The integration of polarities inside us is an infinite work that can always be more refined and perfected and that leads ultimately to enlightenment. Generally.People born with the lunar tone are very sensitive and receptive. They have a strong potential in their fourth chakra but a weak third chakra (depending on the balance with their solar seal). they need to develop more self-love and confidence. Because they so much enjoy the huge love that can be developed between two beings wishing to share their Soul and life. They are very connected with their feelings and know how to feel others. lunar people need to recognize the strong value of their inner work of tolerance and to learn how to share it with their surroundings. It can lead them through a lot of emotional ups and downs. this sensitivity and ability to experience the two extremes of life can bring a lack of stability that prevents their third chakra (self-definition and self-confidence) from being built up. They are very humble and know that they don't know. they will hide it and reject it. judging it as a weakness. Sometimes they experience life as full of light and sometimes as full of misery and pain. They know how to take the point of view of others and develop empathy. At the same time. Their sensitivity therefore brings them a lot of challenges and pushes them to grow on their spiritual path. 193 . to the point where they learn absolute compassion. At the same time. Instead of developing a feeling of unworthiness towards themselves. and mainly if they are a man.

and the more our actions fit and support the universal flow. They love change and movement and can jump from one extreme to the other. to destroy our old patterns and to act in a new way with a new awareness in order to grow up. we can build a lot of anger inside ourselves that can manifest electrically. we can also draw a lot of inspiration and creativity. Otherwise. and to change. they can get a lot of 194 . They like to receive and to get in touch with all the different cultures and philosophies to understand the world and reality. It is a day of passion and of desire to play with the movement of life. A day with the electric tone is a day turned towards actions. we can feel a lot of energy inside ourselves and the strong will to transform all that blocks our growth.ELECTRIC The electric tone carries the power of the sacred triangle. very difficult to put in a box. it shows us that we have absolute freedom and invites us to be ready to change direction at any time in following the universal flow of life. the cosmic trinity: the permanent movement coming from the integration of the two polarities of the Universe: the creative and destructive energies. and so they prefer just to dance and follow the flow of life that passes naturally through their being. Just follow the flow of life and your inspiration wherever it might take you. and change. From the inner movement of thought and different states of being. However. Because they constantly feel the movement inside themselves. Life pushes us to change and to evolve. From the permanent movement of their emotions and thoughts inside themselves. Psychological interpretation People born with the electric tonality have a very open mind. By accepting the three different directions of life. The more we become tolerant. It is day to act and transform all that no longer serves us. Opening to our inner trinity teaches us a lot of tolerance for the outside world and gives us a lot of energy from this permanent movement inside ourselves. the more we align ourselves with the universal river of life. to create. They enjoy experiencing everything and walking many paths. They are quite active and passionate people. It empowers us with huge creative energy and the will to act in the world. they have some difficulty in defining who they are. On this day. It is a day that invites us to penetrate the cosmic dance of life and not to stay stuck in old behaviors and beliefs. creativity. It is an inner place where we integrate the two polarities inside ourselves and from where we are free to choose which direction we want to take. If we are afraid to act appropriately to change what needs to be changed in our life and behaviors. it is important for them to learn to focus and concentrate their energy on certain actions or creativity. It is also the basic principle of life that pushes us to move. They like looking at all sides of any question. they can just spend their energy running around without being able to manifest it concretely and significantly.

electric people are the "third point of light". initiators of new beginnings in their life.inspiration. But when they manage to concentrate and focus their energy. they can become fully electric and explode in their environment. they become very creative. 195 . If they don't find a way to manifest and express this movement. and energy. creativity. As explained in “The Mayan Oracle”.


The self-existing tone carries a grounding energy. It is the power of putting things in order, of giving them a specific form. In “The Mayan Oracle”, they describe it as “the square, the base of the pyramid”, the foundation of the physical realm, giving the four cardinal directions. The square is a very stable and fixed form. It appears unmovable. With four points, it is the first number in which you can enter the third dimension. This lunar tone represents the point at which we develop enough certainty to be able to create things and manifest ourselves in the physical world. It is the power of incarnation, where thoughts, emotions, and desires are so strong and fixed that they get manifested in concrete reality. It is the understanding of how consciousness can take a physical form. It gives us the power to take roots in this world. From pure Spirit and energy, the self-existing tone creates a finished and set form. Spirit and energy are like the wind, all the time moving and changing. It is impossible really to catch them, to define them or to put them in a box. The self-existing tone pushes them to incarnate, to take a shape in the physical world, to define, and to order themselves so that they can be materialized for the senses, experienced by the body and not only by the consciousness. This lunar tone is called "self-existing" because it describes the capacity of a Soul, of a pure Spirit, of a Divine consciousness, to take a specific form in the physical world. From the undifferentiated ocean of Divine consciousness, the number four is the freedom for each human being to create who they want to be, to define themselves as different and separate, absolutely original and unique. That's why it is called "self-existing". It is the power to be the architect of one’s own life, to know how to give shape to our wishes for our Spirit on this Earth. A day with a self-existing lunar tone is a day to manifest and express fully who we are. It is a time to look at everything that is manifest in our life, even those elements that we do not consciously welcome because they come from our unconscious wishes and patterns – since we are fully the creators of our reality. We are therefore responsible for everything that happens within our life. It is a day which gives a lot of self-confidence and pushes us to express and manifest clearly who we are. It is a time for asking to become fully responsible and taking the command to direct our destiny in the direction that we wish. It is a day to be firm within ourselves and to develop some strong foundations and wisdom, on which we can stand and from where we can act. It helps us in developing our third, fifth and first chakras. Psychological interpretation People born with the self-existing tone have a strong self-confidence and a well-developed third chakra. Their personality is built on strong foundations and they are able to manifest, to incarnate, and to express who they are and what they want easily. This strong self-confidence makes them very detached from the judgments of the outside world on them. They are in love with who they

are and the way they manifest themselves. They don't need anybody to acknowledge what they are doing. They enjoy a very strong sense of freedom and a very strong independence. It is often easy to detect their solar seal without even calculating it because they do not hide who they are and it simply appears straight away in all their actions and behaviors. They allow the free expression and manifestation of their solar seal in their life. It is very difficult to undermine them. They can even be slightly stubborn in their thinking that they are the only one who really knows. They are gifted with the capacity to easily put in their reality what they want. When they have a desire or a dream, it is quite easy for them to manifest it in their life. They are the free creator and builder of their reality on Earth. They are the masters of the laws of Nature and are naturally aligned with the cycle of Nature, because they don't develop any doubts towards their own nature and let it express itself freely. They have a strong intuition.



The overtone tone is the accomplishment of the first cycle of consciousness, which has traveled all around itself and has realized the totality of its human Nature. Now our consciousness vibrates with itself in harmony and at a higher pitch, because we have become aware of who we are. It is a time of alignment of our individual self with the intention of our Divine Nature. It is called "overtone" because it signifies the purification of the ego when it comes to resonate with its Higher Self. It has the double power of bringing us in tune with our Divine centre and of accepting the totality of our humanness. In “The Mayan Oracle”, they refer to this tone as the archetype of the Zen Master. This tonality helps us to sit in the centre of ourselves, watching the infinite dance of creation of our own humanity. It teaches us real detachment through acceptance of the totality of who we are: all our weaknesses as well as all our needs, all our powers, and our full light. It takes us on a journey of discovering the entire circle of our humanity: our body, our emotions, our thoughts, our relationships… The more we accept to go back to our centre, the more we can see the breadth of our being. The more our ego lets go of the fixed ideas and limits it has put upon ourselves, the more we have the opportunity to become what we actually are. This lunar tone increases the power of our intentions. It asks us: "What do you really want?" And it empowers our answer. Its action is to command. It gives us the power to set our life in order and it empowers us fully to realize our destiny. From our place of centredness, we can radiate our energy all around. The overtone vibration teaches us the depth of our personal power and shows us how to use it at the highest level of our human potential. An overtone day is a time that helps us to radiate fully who we are. It is a time to find our centre and from this place to understand our limits and potentials. It is a day in which we have the facility to incarnate the wholeness of our being. It breaks our limits, our boundaries, and our fears of showing and expressing who we are. On this day, we can feel very detached from the external consequences of our actions and we have the ability to act authentically. Our being and its natural wisdom just flow out from our selves. It is a good day to plant any strong positive intentions in our mind, because they will radiate inside our whole being more easily on this day. An overtone day helps us to heal and develop our third chakra: to take our own space, to have self-confidence and love, and to know our place in this world. The only shadow that can develop on this day is pride or arrogance. It is important to stay aware and receptive to the outside world and our surroundings and to keep our heart connected with universal love. Psychological interpretation People born with the overtone medicine have the strong capacity to know what they want and to love who they think they are. They know intuitively the power of intention and often use it

to direct their life according to their wishes. This gives them a lot of power and helps them to develop a healthy third chakra that allows them to take the place that they want to occupy in this world. They have a strong personality based on their self-esteem and the ability to realize their dreams. This strong self-fulfillment forces them eventually to purify their intentions and to direct them towards spiritual realization. Similarly, their strong power of manifesting who they are leads them throughout their lives to face their unconscious patterns and blockages, which will keep on manifesting themselves until they become healed and released. Their strong personality and ego can often resist and struggle against this process, projecting on the outside world the responsibility for their discomfort. They need to learn to surrender to the will of their Higher Self to bring them back to a place of larger freedom where they can expand the understanding of who they are. They should take care not to develop pride, arrogance, and judgment towards others, because these mental forms block them from receiving the abundance and the teachings of beauty in life. They should also take care not to build too rigid a mental framework. Their lunar tonality asks them to develop more compassion and openness towards the world and themselves. They learn to look at the whole moving picture of themselves with love and to discover the beauty of their freedom, the perfection of their imperfection. They need to accept the totality of their being: the warrior as much as the sensitive child inside them, their spiritual being as much as their physical body, the feminine power as much as the masculine power… People born with the overtone tone express and manifest naturally and directly their inner awareness of reality. They are literally like an overtone: on the outside, their being vibrates at the same tonality as at the centre of their being. They radiate the understanding of who they are all around them. Because they manifest an honest and straight expression of being, life teaches them very directly and clearly and if they don't project their mistakes onto their surroundings, it can be very easy for them to understand how to evolve, to grow, and to heal their patterns. They just need to accept to look at what life tells them. And because they have a strong power, the consequences of their actions are also powerful and accelerate the process of their transformation. Their biggest teaching is to learn to let go and to surrender. Then they can go deep into the spiraling mystery of their Divine being.


All our actions and manifestations of our being have to come in alignment with our deepest truth. It teaches us to connect fully with our higher potentials at the same time than all our instinctive nature and pushes us to manifest it in our being. the Source. It shows us how to build deep roots in our Higher Spirit. This rhythmic tone asks to find the right rhythm between our Soul expectations and vibration and our life in the human world. On a day with the rhythmic tone. our Soul. There are two triangles pointing in two opposite directions: the number six brings Heaven to Earth and send Earth to Heaven. to follow e new movement in our life. The number of this lunar tone is six. It teaches us to be flexible and all the times receptive to new teachings and understandings that will help us to go forward. appearing as a bar in the Mayan arithmetic writing and symbolizing our personality and the way that we incarnate it. because the flow of life is all the times moving and changing in its manifestation. It teaches us to move through life and its changes but in staying centered in ourselves. The rhythmic tone asks us to incarnate this reality: to be free like an infinite Spirit and to be real as a human being. It brings changes and wants us to become aware of our patterns and to act to break them. Six represents the unification of the number five. It is a day of meaningful actions that transform our rhythm of life. to change our consciousness of the world. Psychological interpretation 200 . It shows us how to walk with our feet on the ground in keeping our head in Heaven. bringing it much more near our natural and authentic rhythm.RHYTHMIC The power of the rhythmic tone is the ability to transform our personality and our individual self according to the needs of our Higher Self. The rhythmic tone is an active process pushing us towards movement. friends… that asks us to move forward. and its real movement. This tone brings us to the ground and to the sky. the Galactic Center: Hunab K'u. We need to find the balance between our Spirit and our life on Earth. we can receive new teachings from life. situations. speaking through our Higher Self inside our consciousness. It wants us to surrender to the law of impermanence and to let our awareness and state of presence direct our flexibility. with the number one (marked as one point in the Mayan arithmetic writing) and symbol of the supreme Unity and wisdom. It asks us to be receptive to our Essence and to always be ready to move our life and the way we manifest ourselves according to its truth. Spirit can stay alive and be incarnated in this world of forms only through extreme flexibility and open-mind (See Ik the White Wind). In “The Mayan Oracle”. How to really incarnate our truth without destroying it? The sixth lunar tone asks us to release all our fixed habits and mental certitudes that block the development and free expression of our Soul. its freedom. they give to the rhythmic tonality the magic power of the sixth pointed star.

They are very inquisitive and they want to discover the deep truth and the reverse side of everything. They like changes and movements in their life and in themselves. They have to build confidence in their deep spiritual Nature and not be afraid to show it to the world in the totality of their being. It allows them to grow very deep and real roots in their own wisdom. 201 . They change their personality and life many times. They incarnate a bridge between Heaven and Earth. It also brings them strong opportunities of transformation that help them to realize increasingly who they are. To follow their heart and find the truth are the greatest let motives in their life and it brings them very unusual and unexpected situations. They know how to change their own rhythm according to the rhythm of the outside world. They find a deep stability in all their movements through their strong connection with their heart and Soul. They are very adaptable and like to follow the flow of life. They don't like routine and they have a lot of creativity to bring novelty in their life and in the world. They need to trust in their roots and to manifest and affirm their power in their life in order not to loose contact with the outside world and feel lost in the concrete world. They need to accept and to express this truth wherever they find themselves.People born with the rhythmic tone are very flexible and open-minded.

and in relationships … to become a technician of the Sacred. by entering in resonance with them. no more duality. the central column of the thirteen columns in the Tzolkin. The resonant tone acts at all the different levels of our being: through the seven layers of our aura and through our seven chakras. Seven is the incarnation of the self freely dancing between the two polarities of the Universe: the body and the Spirit. and learn to enhance our awareness. It represents the center of our body. In the center of the Calendar. to transmute matter through feelings or through spiritual consciousness. We just need to be open and accept any teachings that come out on these days and not to be too hard and ambitious towards our own self-development. It is a beautiful day to meditate. there is no more polarity. spiritual. the Earth and the Heavens. no more past or future. to transmute our own energy. It is a magical and mystical day.RESONANT The resonant tone is very important and powerful in the Mayan culture. the yin and the yang. when we manage to tune ourselves with this galactic vibration. share our heart with others. the spine. life and death… Seven is the power of channeling. The resonance is the principle that the classical Mayas used to create the Calendar. It gives us the capacity to feel the others around us. It carries the power of alchemy. emotional. If we wish to be aligned with our Divine Self. 202 . of attuning ourselves with higher vibrations and of getting inspiration. It pushes us to coordinate all the different parts of ourselves as a harmonious unity. to change our state of presence and to become increasingly aware of the here and now. mental. Then miracles happen. the Light and darkness. So. Seven is written with a bar representing the number five and our self-awareness and with two dots that symbolize the polarity of the Universe. the center of the Milky Way. It pushes us all the times to harmonize ourselves in order to become a perfect vertical axe between the Earth and the Sky and a channel of Light spreading its beauty in the world. we must work on all the levels of ourselves and accept ourselves unconditionally. They felt that all the particles of our Galaxy were vibrating in resonance with the rhythm given by Hunab K'u. It is the mystical knowledge of being present here and now. of receiving higher understandings. we are totally detached from our personal identity and ego and get in perfect harmony and synchronization with the rest of the Galaxy. It is the experience of enlightenment. It puts us in resonance with the whole outside world and makes us more sensitive to the energy of others. It gives us the opportunity to easily communicate with higher dimensions. the central channel in which we can transmute energy. It asks us to look at ourselves totally at all the levels of our being: physical. It is the mystical alignment of all the levels of our being. the power of absolute awareness incarnated. It is the number seven. A day with the resonant tone is a powerful day bringing deep inner wisdom at the same time than bringing us a lot of clarity and sensitivity towards our outside surrounding.

thoughts … in pure consciousness. They carry in their consciousness the mystical wisdom and are led naturally to develop their spiritual abilities. They have a sharp mind and a strong Spirit. 203 . They are perfectionist and want to work at all levels of their being without exception. and perfect harmony. it can be difficult for them to detach themselves from the others and to know what comes from their own being and what comes from the others. emotions. They are the alchemists. wholeness. When they manage to define themselves and their target. instead of blocking it only with their mind. Sometimes. It is important for them to open their conception of perfection by connecting with their heart and its tolerance and compassion. they are very fast and efficient in its realization using their multiple talents. They need to learn self-acceptance and to love themselves in their transformational process. By choosing this tone. They are very inquisitive and their spiritual wisdom pushes them to discover all the different levels of their being. They put theory to test and want to see practical applications of their spiritual abilities.Psychological interpretation People born with the resonant tone have a very strong connection with the Source and the Galactic wisdom inside themselves. A. who change matter. Their strong connection with the Source makes them very sensitive to others' energy and very empathic. their Soul has chosen to embody the mystical knowledge and it is through this path that their whole life is going. calls them "technicians of the Sacred". They are looking for truth. even if they can see and feel their own imperfection as well as the one of the others. Spillsbury. in the The Mayan Oracle. This can make them sometimes too hard towards themselves and their human condition.

represented by one bar: the self. life seems to be unbalance or unfulfilled. It is our ability to incarnate and model this permanent movement through our life and being. This opening to higher powers and realities is the creator of bliss and ecstasy in our being. On this day we can open ourselves to wider understandings of life. The Mayan Oracle). destruction. The galactic tone shows us that harmony is everywhere in everything and situation it is only up to us to be or not aware of it. of controlling and knowing and to dive into the soft and mysterious invitation of life. It pushes us to be more receptive to the subtle vibrations in the world and others in order to enter in resonance with them and to create beauty and harmony on this world. It is a time to receive messages from other dimensions and get the power and courage to spread them into this world even if it should hurt the ego and blocked its power game. Even if from the point of view of our ego. It is "love made visible" (A. the Center of the Galaxy. they are open on a higher level to stronger forces that carry them around the Galaxy and the Universe. A day with a galactic tone is a beautiful time to see the larger picture on the top of our everyday life. Psychological interpretation People born with the galactic tone are very open-minded. It is interesting to look at our definition of love and harmony and see if we are not restraining its infinite size through a beautiful little mental box. and three points: the Trinity with its three powers: creation.GALACTIC The galactic tone carries the power of love and harmony. It leads us to harmonic resonance with the flow of Nature. It connects us with unconditional love where all Souls are melted in one unique light. very soft. It leads our life and us toward new directions than we cannot understand nor imagine. It is the number eight. When we enter into resonance with the galactic movement. and movement. our consciousness stays connected with our Soul's plan and see the bliss and harmony back side of every situations. All the suns in our Galaxy are dancing together. They 204 . Even if they are powerful and very stable centers for their satellites. We need to release our need of being self-centered. We become one with Hunab K'u. beauty around us than our ego is absolutely fulfilled and contented. the One Heart. It opens the fifth and sixth layers of our auric field: it teaches us faith and surrender to higher plans and energies that our ego cannot control. our life becomes totally integrated with the general subtle movement of the world. It enables us to see so much love. and we can turn it off. It is a time that helps us to feel the deep love and harmony underlying in each situations and relationships. The galactic tone invites us to see the world from the point of view of our Souls' plans. This tonality helps us to vibrate on higher frequencies than the one our being is used to. It is the alignment of the individual self with the movement of the Universe. Spilsbury. and have a big heart.

can integrate a lot of different philosophies in their way of thinking. They have the ability to see and to perceive higher realities than others are not really aware of. They all the times welcome new ideas and changes in their life. This is their duty to make it appear in front of others by fully accepting their truth inside themselves. They are incarnating the transparency and wish of their Soul. They are very sensitive and receptive people. Their extreme receptivity can sometimes make them too vulnerable. their capacity to surrender to the Divine and to listen totally to the vibration of the Nature. they can miss some stability and insurance to build enough self-confidence inside themselves. They should realize that their strong receptivity and their open-mind allow them to perceive and to follow higher guidance in their life. They weakened their third charka. their rights. They are here to share the harmony of their love. They know that there is so much to know more than what they already know. They are "love made visible". of their Brothers and Sisters Souls that surround them and of the Universe. Their strong faith on this path is what creates their power. They feel so much the beauty and harmony inside everything and in their life that they can sometimes try to escape from irrational conflicts or just collapse instead of taking their responsibility to protect their being. Because of the strong flexibility of their mental body. 205 . They are here to sing the alignment in their heart with the beauty of the flow of life. and their truth.

they are very connected to the outside world and sensitive what is realized concretely. It is time to fulfill our Destiny. They have a strong and well-developed third chakra.SOLAR The solar tone is the time of completion. It is a time to materialize and concretize everything that we think and find inside ourselves. our awareness of the world and of ourselves expands and all the borders that were limiting our creation fall apart. It invites us to show fully who we are to the outside world through our actions and our behaviors. It connects us with our deepest intentions and as a shining sun. It pushes us to become clear and transparent. that shows our mastery upon our life and brings us expansion. They are very centered people and have a lot of self-confidence that allow them to express and manifest freely and honestly who they are. They are strongly seated inside themselves. A solar day is a day for action and completion. It is really important for them to manifest concretely who they are. The number nine is written with one bar: representing the individual self and four dots: representing the square. It is a time to break all doubts and to destroy instability. It pushes us to realize and complete our dreams and our task on this Earth. It helps us to find our roots and strong bases inside ourselves and from this inner certitude to act firmly with a lot of power coming from deep inner longing. On this day. They can see their own power only if they manifest it. They have a transparent personality and are not afraid to show who they are to others people. asks us to spread our Light all around us. to let go of our old habits and patterns. It asks us to settle into our own power and potentials and to manifest it in our life. of realization. the grounding energy. by showing and manifesting clearly who we are. They have a larger vision upon life and the world and come upon Earth to embody this wisdom for the higher benefit of humanity. When we sit in our full Light. It is time to cut ourselves from the collective hopelessness and to incarnate a greater conception of our human potential and essence on this Earth. It was during the Solar ages that the Classical Mayas were living upon our planet and write done the Sacred Calendar. Why are we here? What do we want to create? It is not anymore a time to wait. It is easy to see what need to be done from the point of view of our Higher Self. At the same time. Their Soul has 206 . and to open our consciousness to a greater vision of our life. each one has the opportunity to show all his potentials and Light and to forget about his shyness. Psychological interpretation People born with the solar tone have a strong personality and a strong inner power that they want to share with the world. the power to manifest things in the world. It is a time that pushes us to manifest and express who we are in the concrete world. and to just do it and manifest it in the reality. They can be sometimes too impulsive and too much dominant on the others.

They are very pragmatic and ask for concrete results. What they need to remember is that they have the qualities of the Sun. They have a strong earthly duty. they cannot assume their Soul task and can feel very depressed without any life purpose. It is really important for them to create and to manifest their dreams on Earth. they can see their own Light in the outside world and it is the only way for them to really trust its existence. When they achieve something. they fulfill their being and expand.chosen to take a role of leader for others and if they are not manifesting concretely their power. 207 . They embody the mastery that they have got from birth. because they can feel concretely what is needed to help the planet to evolve. It is also very important for them to complete thing. They can be very inspired humanitarian. They have come here to show and share fully and concretely their power and wisdom. By completion. Their life task is turned towards increasing the well-being of their outside world through whatever form they chose.

brings miracle upon Earth. Are we so much conditioned by the collective mind that we are not allowing ourselves to be and to act according to our own personal dreams and convictions? The planetary tonality asks us to look at the parts of our believes. It pushes us to manifest and express directly our inner truth in the outside world.PLANETARY The planetary tone carries the power of manifestation. There are so many limitations and censure towards our whole instinctive and emotional Nature. without any mental control. We just have to accept it inside ourselves and to let it be. Only through love. It helps us to be aligned with the intention of our Higher Self. Our ego needs to release its need of control and of trying to be perfect. Perfection just is. This is the only thing that we have to manifest and express on this world. speaking our truth and acting according to it. this tone pushes us to act in order to build a connection between the two polarities of ourselves. It brings a lot of love and healing upon Earth. It helps us to work upon our deep fears and guilt to just be who we are. It offers us the opportunity to show and to express who we really are at all the levels of our being. It is good to let go our tensions and enjoy the simplicity of our Essence. It gives us the power to manifest our dreams and wishes. It can be arts. written in Mayan arithmetic by two lines: representing the alignment between our Spirit and our personality. However. faith. The planetary tone asks us to be true and fully transparent without fears or guilt and pushes the whole planetary consciousness to transform and change the human organization and the place from which each being is acting inside it. of our behaviors. It is a day of strong healing that appears concretely in our behaviors and our state of presence. It is the tenth tone. It gives us the tools to manifest ourselves on Earth. acceptance. and to bring our thoughts in the concrete world. This tone remove all the borders that our mental built out of fears that prevent us just to let express our being. if we accept its power. This tone helps us to bring feelings. It is working upon all the blockages of our collective consciousness that these last centuries has built. It asks us to come back to our beautiful simplicity and not to be scared to manifest it in front of the outside world. If our life seems not in tune with our deep feelings. we can be really free only if we accept to see and express our own vulnerability and our needs for nourishment and love. and wisdom. in the concrete 208 . or any creative works. telling us that we just have to be who we simply are deep inside ourselves. It helps us to incarnate our Spirit on Earth and asks us to use all the tools offered to human beings to express themselves totally. That's why it is called planetary. It will be easy to manifest our deep truth and bend our knees in front of it at this time. It shows us how we can break all our mental resistances that prevent us to simply live in full transparency. It is not by hiding them with guilt deep inside ourselves that will give us the capacity to destroy them. and ourselves that resist against the will of our Soul. emotions and intentions… to reality. This day. Mainly our mental capacities and our desire to be totally independent are developed. A planetary day connects us with our deep inner truth and shows us how it can be hard for us sometimes to express it freely without any fears. real healing can happen.

just by their strong connection with their own truth. They need to stay open to the clear intention of their Soul and to let it express and manifest without any restriction. just our inner truth needs to be fully recognized and expressed. They are usually very active and their action is a direct expression of their inner reality. They like to realize their dreams and to follow their ideas until that it takes form in the reality. They are here to release all the blockages of our way of communicate and manifest our being. They are very transparent and honest Psychological interpretation People born with the planetary tone are very productive and creative. They have strong connection with their Divine Essence and have tools to embody it through the world and their life. They are without fears and guilt towards their own Nature. 209 . They have no filter between their Soul wishes and their personality and way of acting. This is the message that they carry and that our planet actually needs. They can move a lot the people that surround them. They are here to incarnate their true identity on this planet even if this action can disturb the rigidity and fears of the collective mind. Nothing needs to be done. Their strong honesty and absence of fear and guilt towards themselves give them a strong clarity of mind that helps them to be ever more efficient in their creation.

It asks us to look at all that restrict our growth and to let go out of our life. We can see dissonance each time that our level of awareness has increased. symbolizing the Divine Unity and wisdom. Its number is eleven. We need to develop a real faith and trust in life and in the Universe. The spectral tone brings us the difficult part of the process that helps us to build in ourselves a higher level of consciousness and energy. When we touch old blocked memories. the healings. It helps to purify our ego and all our behaviors from all what is not anymore serving our spiritual growth and real expression. It is very hard for our ego to accept to see that maybe according to our needs for love. and the wisdom that we can receive out of them. to look all the time for a higher harmony. and liberation from the non-useful boundaries of the past. it is the only way to learn to grow up and to be able one day to fully stand on his own two feet fulfilled by trust. It is a powerful process of purification. it should be for our best. and by one point. There is no guilt to develop. fears. and that unconsciously we were ready to do anything and play power games on others in order to get this love. the Source and Center of our Galaxy. Dissonance is just here to show us what in our life and in ourselves is out of harmony and help us to change of perspective toward the world and to develop a wider point of view. and consciousness. all our vulnerabilities. change. That is why this tone is called spectral. When we become aware of a deep wound inside ourselves and allow the memory that is in our cells at this place to express itself. Our Soul has chosen it and we cannot reject it. It is very scary and asks a lot of faith and courage to go until the end of our suffering. it can be many times seen as a death or a lost. This is real surrender and faith. faith. that come to show us our resistances and patterns and push us to release them. and disharmonious situations in our life. We should learn to feel this cleansing process as huge tool and benediction even if we cannot be aware of it in the present moment. the widest are the teachings. It will bring some challenging. and that we are more aware. and letting go. releasing. It pushes us to realign ourselves with our Divine consciousness and wisdom. only to be thankful for the beautiful desire of our Soul and of life. From a limited and egoistic point of view. As hard as it seems to be. we are still like a three months old baby. Then we realize some other levels increasingly subtler to perfect the expression and manifestation of our truth and being. All we were not able to admit and see appear. It is really hard to realize that if it is inside us. represented by two lines: the manifestation of our Higher Self in the world.SPECTRAL This lunar tone carries the power of dissonance. The strongest are our wounds and suffering. and difficulties come out. we realize that in this place we refuse to grow up. 210 . dissonant. transformation. Our ego has no more space and tool to control what is happening and it wakes our deepest fears of survival and not being any more loved and recognized. It is a time of purification. It disintegrates all our blockages through each layer of our being until that we get back our natural alignment with our Divine Self.

The full movement of life is perfection and if they want to become aware of it and to feel it. It is a difficult day for our ego but a beautiful day for our Soul. They have a lot of difficulty defining themselves and being incarnated fully in the concrete world. It is a good day to develop a deep faith and trust in our heart and to surrender to all the emotions and states of being that can invade ourselves. it prevents the development and expression of all the others dimensions of their life: their emotions.A day with the spectral tone helps us to be aware of shadows inside ourselves that we were not able to see before. the more we will allow our consciousness to grow and our wounds to be really healed. They should learn to enjoy the whole process of transformation in their life and not only look for the end. purifying themselves and increasing their awareness. they need to develop love and compassion towards all the parts of themselves. They know that they are moving towards a subtler reality. relationships … They need to learn to release the rigidity of their mind and to develop tolerance and letting go. If their conception of perfection is too rigid. Their tonality teaches them to open the fifth layer of their auric field. Their life will push them to release their mental conception of what should be and show them through painful experience for their ego how to accept what is and who they are as perfection itself. The more we are able to surrender to what we really feel and who we really are. 211 . However. they can seem difficult to understand. and our fears. where they learn to surrender and have their faith. They have a strong idea of perfection and are all the times adjusting themselves according to it and to the new consciousness that they get through their inner transformation. They have chosen to live a life that will challenge them. and in themselves. It is an auspicious time to forget our ego and to stop to give it any power. they need to realize that perfection is already here. our difficulties. They can be very radical in the changes that they choose to accomplish in their life when they realize that something is not anymore supporting their higher wish. They are very sensitive to what is dissonant in their life. They have a very strong mental body that directs a lot their life. that will push them to let go of their ego and personality and to evolve all the times. From their surrounding. It is not a day to resist to anything and it is important to accept to see and express our vulnerabilities. It can put us in some difficult and challenging situations for our ego that are here just to help us to break our resistances. in their surrounding. Their personality is impossible to put into a fixed box. It is not a beautiful crystallized target. which does not already exist in the present. The best gift that we can do to ourselves on this day is to accept to travel through our shadow without any resistance. Psychological interpretation People born with the spectral tone are people who like to change and to evolve. That is why this tone is called spectral. because it evolves all the times with the expansion of their awareness. even their shadow.

as a very detached consciousness that can embrace all the different movements of life. and all the times sensitive and changing according to the vibration of its surrounding. Life needs movement in order to be: it is its nature. and actions. It is the stability of the consciousness watching the impermanence of the cosmic dance. we increase our level of vibration. It is also a time to make an inner synthesis of all the different parts of ourselves and connect with the silent witness lying behind all of them.CRYSTAL The crystal tone carries the power of cooperation and of understanding the connection between apparently opposite energies in taking a wider point of view. the most stable form of life on this Earth. However. Without death. Duality exists just to give birth to movement. The purity of the crystal makes it transparent and sensitive to all the different energies of the world. the Sun and the Moon… It opens our consciousness to feel that everything is linked and connected together in the cosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti representing the two Divine poles of the Universe: the pure spirit and the creation (according to the Tantric tradition). It is a very good time to make the synthesis of all what we have been doing these last twelve days from the beginning of the wavespell and to look at a larger picture to understand and feel the consequences of our action. and two dots representing the polarity of life and of the Universe: the yin and yang. life and death. and creation. It is day of reunion and melting by the opening of a wider consciousness in ourselves. its level of energy can be very high and pure. It incarnates one of the highest vibrations of the Universe in its most concrete and stable form. to evolve through a new level of consciousness where all contradictions and differences disappear. Once that you really understand and feel that. This lunar tone is although called complex stability in “The Mayan Oracle”. With the rising of our awareness. to find 212 . growth. it asks us to make a synthesis of all the different points of view. It gives the capacity to look at the life all the times through a higher perspective. where the separation of duality disappears and where each particle is connected with the others to create the infinite movement of life. the contradictions dissolve inside ourselves and. connecting us with high level of consciousness. life cannot be. Like a crystal with so many faces. The crystal tonality brings us to a process of concrete transformation of our whole being by an increased awareness of the permanent movement of the Universe outside and inside ourselves. It is the stable manifestation of the two poles of life: high spiritual energy fixed in the power of matter. By unifying the different parts of ourselves. the female and male. A crystal is a mineral. It is a time of a synthesis in our consciousness of all the different movements of life. our body. all the contradictions disappear and we find the unity. like crystals. we purify ourselves and root ourselves deeper in the movement of life. A crystal day is a very good day to gather with others people to share and express our different points of view upon any subjects. It is the tonality number twelve represented by two lines symbolizing the manifestation of our Higher Self on Earth through our personality. the permanent truth lying in the infinite change of the Universe.

in keeping their heart open to compassion to embrace at the same time the whole Universe. Inside themselves they can see thousands of faces and masks that they can play and they need to find the unity in their consciousness that links them all in order to know who they are. they can receive and transform any type of energy. Their mind is so open that they can jump from one extreme point of view to its opposite. They like to make links between everything in their life: different theories. This amazing flexibility is a beautiful tool for their spiritual growth. techniques. tolerance. However. the medicine that they carry to the world. in this beautiful cosmic dance that is life. it is very important for them to find their own definition with open borders. To connect with this state of mind and compassion for all living beings are the strongest potentials that their tone has given to them. and the ability to accumulate a lot of different information and understandings towards life. Like the Buddha. people… They see a deep unity behind everything. if they don't know how to protect themselves in front of negative influences. Psychological interpretation People born with the crystal tone are very sensitive. they can become so transparent that they just disappear and melt with the collective mind of their surrounding. Their power is to melt different positions and consciousness in order to make a synthesis and to bring a higher understanding to the community in which they are living. It pushes them to connect with the transcendental wisdom behind everything. They are very open-minded and all the times open to change and to increase their consciousness about any subject. In all the movements of the world and in themselves. Like crystal. it can also be a weak point. and complex people. 213 . They can bring harmony in apparent conflicts. They are very sensitive to their surrounding and catch easily the energy of others. This ability gives them a lot of empathy for others. it is important for them to find the middle path. Otherwise.the profound stability and unity under all the differences and permanent movements. They need to develop their third chakra in a healthy way in order to be able to stand on their own feet and offer without fear. They are very sociable and like to be in collectivity. open.

It is a time for discovering new dimensions and directions in our life. The cosmic moon asks us to surrender and to dive into the unknown. to trust in the love and beauty that lie behind the Universe. Life is just asking us to be. to accept radical changes. A cosmic day is a day full of grace and unexpected events. and others. It asks us to let go. destruction. They are 214 . It is a time when our whole being is touched by the universal movement. gifts that our ego couldn't have expected or even understood before. the world. they have a strong connection with their Soul and their Essence Self and know how to sit in their inner place of peace and silence. Once everything has been accomplished. They are more detached than others from the fluctuations of life. It is the end of a cycle and the time to receive all of the unpredictable fruits of the spiritual seeds that we have planted before. It is a time to develop our faith even as it is fully challenged. We need to remember that the most beautiful gifts sometimes stand in the middle of the mud and that our mind and ego need to release a lot of guilt. and the deeper the foundations will be for our new beginning. It is a day removed from the cycle of doing. The Universe asks us to listen to the larger visions of our Higher Self. It carries the power of detachment from our own creation.written by two lines (symbolizing the manifestation of the Essence Self in everyday life) and three dots (representing the cosmic flow of the Trinity: creation. A time to let magic happen. It pushes us to develop faith and trust towards the Universe to lead us in the right direction. Its number is thirteen . to be touched by Divine grace. before we can understand and receive the grace and the message that are offered to us by a higher source. It is the last tone of the wavespell and it completes the process of creation accomplished during the twelve previous lunar tonalities. We respond by allowing the Universe to guide us towards our real destiny. the higher we will fly. It is a time to forget our expectations of life. On a cosmic moon we learn to receive miraculous gifts that lift up our consciousness. out of the permanent race to fulfill our desires. It is a time of accomplishment and of opening to a new reality and level of awareness. to observe the synchronicity and the coincidences that come into our life. It is a beautiful and very important energy for transforming our state of awareness. Inside themselves. out of time. fears. before they can see those gifts. That's why it is a time of surrender and of deep trust. It opens the doors of our consciousness to new realities and perceptions that we have never experienced. Nothing more needs to be done. and movement).COSMIC The cosmic tone is one of the three most powerful tones of the Calendar. Psychological interpretation People born with the cosmic tone have a very deep innate wisdom. The more we accept to be open and flexible. when life just asks us to be in our full presence. the cosmic tonality simply invites us to rest and to be who we are. to open our heart and mind with all our faith in front of the unknown. It leads us to a deep state of presence. anger.

So they need to stay open. they know how to take their time and to enjoy each step and moment along the way. once again. They don't need to know about any spiritual practice or technique. they know how to be fully present in the moment. they can still learn all the time from others. It is a very good vibration for helping the growth of their consciousness and naturally increasing the power of their Spirit. as it connects them directly with their Essence Self. They prevent us from being receptive to what happens around us. They need to maintain their creative fire. they are also free from the pressure and hurry of their own desires to be fulfilled. Such a person will have no doubt or fear to show their potentials and also their shadows. They naturally have the wisdom of maturity and know that it takes time for a delicious fruit to become properly ripe. and their strong presence in the moment leads them naturally on a very advanced spiritual path. the Universe. Fears push us to run in the wheel of our own unconsciousness without being able to stop and look outside it. They know how to follow their deepest wishes and dreams without fear. and themselves 215 . They are embodied in this wisdom. Nobody ever ‘arrives’: there is always more to learn and to experience. They should always keep their heart open to the unknown and the unexpected. They usually have good selfconfidence and an ability to express who they are. from contentment. without the fear of missing anything. from discovering something other than what we are already looking for with our ego. that nothing is in the doing but everything is in the being – the place inside ourselves from which we act. with our human condition. because their own transparency and honesty towards themselves. However.strongly centered. their absence of fear. People born with the cosmic tonality know intuitively. Fears make us escape from ourselves and from the present. People carrying the cosmic tone came to this Earth to help their own consciousness to evolve and to realize an even deeper wisdom in experiencing and confronting their being. They are the initiators of real faith: to trust enough in life. From this inner peace. From this state of awareness. they are very attentive and sensitive to receiving teachings and new missions for their life from the Universe. Even if they feel so much more mature. And they know how to stay balanced in front of the waves of the world. from receiving all the gifts that surround us. and the Universe will keep showing them deeper layers of understanding of its infinite mystery. They also need to be careful not to become judgmental towards people interested in the more superficial movements of life or to believe that these people cannot give them anything. They know where they are going even among the chaos of the outside world. the more they will discover this beautiful process of realizing more and more who they are. keeping their mind always open to revelations and miracles. they should be aware of not becoming too lazy or of escaping into inaction. They simply have to follow their nature and their dreams. under the cover of detachment and patience. As they don't have a lot of fears. By nature. their detachment. The more they follow their dreams. full with their own presence. as old Souls who have already passed through the whole process of creation. This tone increases the power of a person’s solar seal. They have a deep faith and trust in their inner wisdom and they spread a lot of peace around them. It is very important for them to keep their mind open to new truths that they might never have expected. and are naturally very connected to them.

216 .that they are able to say yes to the present by accepting it with their whole being.

1 First layer : the etheric body Controls the physical body structure and functions. To understand this work more fully. and it can easily control our emotions. the teachings of my masters.APPENDICES The energetic body: chakras and auric fields My work and understanding of the human energetic body is based on my own self-experience. according to the work and study of Barbara Ann Brennan. sadness… It reacts directly to the feelings that arise from our contacts with reality. Made of many different clouds of energy of different colours. a lot of emotions can get stuck and become toxic for our well-being. I strongly recommend you read the works of these two women (see bibliography) but here below I have summarised a short explanation of the different chakras and layers of our auric field. It appears with yellow strings moving very fast that can be lemon yellow when our mind is healthy or almost orange if the mind is too rigid. If our mind is not flexible enough to accept who we are and our real nature. it links us with other dimensions of reality and with the astral plan where we meet our guides. the cloud can get stuck in our energy field and takes on a dark grey colour. From one to seven centimetres all around the body. roughly 15 centimetres around our body. angels. Every weakness or sickness first appears in the etheric body before manifesting itself in the physical body. it is the place where we connect with our physical sensations. It is wider than our emotional body: around 20 centimetres from our physical body. moving and changing all the time. When we reject or repress an emotion. depending on the health and vitality of the person. divided in seven different layers. anger. The auric field: field of energy that surrounds our body with their bases inside our own physical body. It appears as electric blue strings of energy. 3 Third layer: the mental body Connected with our way of thinking and the movement of our mind. 2 Second layer: the emotional body Connected with all the emotions that we develop within ourselves: love. It contains all of our mental activities and thoughts. and the amazing works by Barbara Ann Brennan and Caroline Myss. fear. masters… Every type of 217 . 4 Fourth layer: the astral body Connected with our ability to relate to others and the world.

the way we express and exchange our truth with the world. life. to take our space in this world. Ether element 218 . imagination. relationships. unconditional love. It is also here that we find the ‘bio-strings’ and patterns of our own way of being in relationships. full of unconditional love. 6 Sixth layer: celestial level Connected with universal love. our belonging to a tribe. our gratitude. Here we can find our strings of dependence. our ability to be empty and to surrender in front of the present moment. our love towards the whole universe: all human and living beings and all of creation. sensuality. our instinct of survival. Water element 3 Third chakra Connected with our capacity to define ourselves. to show freely who we are. our capacity to give and to receive love to and from the Universe. to manifest our being. could fill up an entire hall and even more!) 7 Seventh layer: ketheric template level Connected with our Divine consciousness. our general awareness and experience of the world.arising from the action of other people on ourselves. our ability to know without our mind. faith. our basic needs. Chakras: centres of energy inside and around our body with physical roots in our spine and connected with our endocrine system. our connection with the universal wisdom. It is our connection with the unknown. the unpredictable. of influence.interaction with people also appears in this energetic layer. the Universe. creativity. Air element 5 Fifth chakra Connected with our communications. or capacity to receive grace. 5 Fifth layer: the etheric template body Connected with our faith. our love of being alive in this beautiful Universe. of self-denial . and affecting our emotions. love.because the aura of an ‘enlightened’ person. Earth element 2 Second chakra Connected with sexuality. and the capacity to let our being flow as it is. our will to live. Made of clouds of light colours. Fire Element 4 Fourth chakra Connected with our love. It appears as a golden egg of almost 1 metre around our body. 1 First chakra Connected with our roots. It appears through colourful rays of light spreading all around our body around 50 to 80 centimetres (approximately . thoughts. expanding outside our physical body in our aura. It appears around 40 centimetres from our body and can be seen as dark blue strings in the empty space of our aura.

because our ego. It is not an easy thing to become aware of our own blockages. and strength in the 219 . to make it responsible for what we are feeling. So it is really important to accept to take full responsibility for what we feel and not to give our power away to the outside world. indeed from the moment when we first connected with the collective consciousness. It lives within the memory of our cells. our ego loses its defences and we become as vulnerable and inexperienced as the child we once were. It is very difficult for our ego to accept such a process. Because our mental structures are usually too narrow. The healing process I would like to add a few words concerning the process of healing and of becoming a true ‘warrior’. This process can also bring a lot of unexpected sickness and disease – which is also part of the purification of our cells and can be the only way for our body to express our deepest Soul wishes. because the process asks us to accept to surrender totally. when we first got hurt and built our first resistances. Each one of us needs to realize the importance of this process. during this process. almost since the first day of our lives and even from many previous lives. but always remember to keep a prayer in your heart to find your Soul again. our capacity to receive grace. This deep healing brings out a lot of stored emotions that we then tend to project onto our outside situation.6 Sixth chakra Connected with our concentration. they need to be released and opened towards higher awareness and understanding of life. even during the darkest times when you may be facing all the monsters that you have hidden inside yourself. the Soul that wants to learn to fly in the sky (the spiritual realm) should first cross all the underworlds (the realm of death and fears). as described in the Pop Wuj. A strong healing can also lead to mental confusion. our life. our capacity to look directly at reality as it is. In this process we need to be willing to cry and to forget about our fears and our pride: we need to die to our old self. you will feel very lonely or totally lost. Maybe. Our emotions are amazing tools for deeply understanding our Soul and for travelling inside ourselves if we do not to throw them away by projecting them onto our surroundings. our ability to surrender and to receive higher energies than our usual frequency of vibration. In the Mayan tradition. So when we start to accept to look at them and change them. faith. our mental clarity. our intuition and psychic powers. 7 Seventh chakra Connected with our openness. Remember that the path of the Warrior of Truth and Light is the path that asks of us the most courage. too strict to let our Spirit fully express who we are and take all the space and freedom that we need. to have a lot of faith and courage and strength in order to really pass through a spiritual transformation. our connection with the universal and Divine energy all around us. our mental perceptions. our emotional reactions have all been built on them.

Inside the family. The five families Depending on their number. the two-dot family. the Centre of the Galaxy. Each family is connected with different energy centres inside our being and different places on Earth. representing five dots. the White Wizard. it is almost impossible to stop even if your ego resists it. and the Yellow Sun. the Red Moon. and stronger your evolution will become and the more courageous and determined you will need to be. So there is the one-dot family. the Blue Eagle and the Yellow Sun play the role of guardians of the four different parts of the brain. the 20 solar signs are classified in 5 families. which is composed of dots. each sign has the same way of being written by the Maya arithmetic. They are also the guardians of the four different directions and wisdoms). deeper. the faster. and the Blue Storm. the White Dog. The Tzolkin can be divided in four different parts corresponding to four seasons of 65 days each and directed by the energy of one of this four signs. These four signs constitute the polar family. The more Light and consciousness you allow.whole Universe and once you decide to let your consciousness grow. 1 The Portal Family: Composed by the Yellow Seed. 220 . the White Dog. Notation: one bar Earth position: North Pole Body resonance: crown chakra Receives the information from the centre of the Earth and spreads it in this world. Different classification of the solar seals The four guardians As mentioned before. the Red Snake. 2 The Polar Family: Composed by the Red Snake. The Blue Eagle. etc … Each family vibrates in its own specific way. These kins are opening new doors. They are carrying the energy of each new year. Notation: 4 dots Earth position: South Pole Body resonance: root chakra Transmission to the centre of the Earth of the information received directly from Hunab K'u. Each sign inside this family brings a different level of awareness to this vibration. constituting one unit and bars.

and the White Mirror. the Blue Hand.3 The Cardinal Family: Composed by the Red Dragon." Through the power of the universal water. Birth of knowledge. the blood becomes truth. Affirmation: "power and willpower ripen the fruit. Ripening of consciousness through service and gifts that produce splendour. 2 Red colour: the blood clan Initiation and knowledge." Through the power of flourishing. Developing power and willpower. Place of life and of expansion of the light. flourishing. Notation: Three dots Earth position: South hemisphere Body resonance: solar plexus Distils and sends back the information to the Galaxy. Affirmation: "Knowledge initiates. birth. the fire becomes blood. the White World Bridger. 221 . creating a cycle of four units. The four different colours The 20 kins take four different colours that are fixed with each kin. Each solar kin has its own colour and can't change it. the Yellow Star. 1 Yellow colour: the fire clan Ripening and power. Place of generating the light. and the Red Earth. 4 The Central Family: Composed by the White Wind. The Blue Monkey. Each colour has a specific meaning and follows one after the other in the calendar. Notation: two dots Earth position: Equator Body resonance: heart chakra Transforms and redirects the information. Notation: one dot Earth position: North hemisphere Body resonance: throat chakra Transmits the information to the next family. 5 The Signal Family: Composed by the Blue Night. starts the vision. and the Yellow Warrior. the Yellow Human. the Red Sky Walker.

the truth flies into the sky. abundance. Refines in humility. Affirmation: "Patience transforms conduct. The fire regenerates itself and the cycle starts again without ending. 4 Blue colour: the sky clan Transformation and patience. Place of transformation of the light. Affirmation: "Humility refines meditation. Spirit.3 White colour: the truth clan Refinement and humility." Through the power of being out of time." Through the power of self-generation. enriches with the spirit and digs deeper with the truth. 222 . Place of knowledge and of purification of the light. Transforms with patience and creates alchemy. the sky again becomes fire.

52 years. what we want to do and to realize in this life. Prana: energy that is everywhere in nature and is the basis of all life. going from number 1 to number 13. the Source of all the movements in our Galaxy. It tells the story of the initiatic journey of Junabju Xibalba (see Codices above). they are represented by dots and lines.Glossary The auric field: a field of energy that surrounds our body with its bases inside our physical body. our general awareness and experience of the world (for details of each chakra see appendix). with a specific cult according to its powers and connected with each person born on this day. Chakra: centre of energy inside and around our body with physical roots in our spine and connected with our endocrine system. the inspiration and base of all energies. Lunar tone: there are thirteen different lunar tones which are elements of the sacred count of 20x13. Soul seat: situated in the centre of our chest. Only three codices are known today from the time before the invasion of the Spanish: The Pop Wuj. thoughts. 223 . faith. Pop Wuj: one of the three codices coming from the time before the Spanish invasion. It corresponds to a full turn of the earth upon its own axis: 24 hours or one day and one night. Hunab K'u: the centre of our Galaxy. Baktun: period of time equal to 144 000 kins (or days). Kin: unity of measure of the Tzolkin. expanding outside our physical body in our aura. present in each atom and cell in the whole Galaxy. Each nawal is connected to a deity. Codices: first papers used by the Mayan civilization to write down their mythology. and affecting our emotions.according to the work and study of Barbara Ann Brennan (for details of each layer of the aura see appendix). The last baktun is from 3113 BC to AD 2012. Each lunar tone has a specific energy and vibration. relationships. or 394. the Supreme Creator. the Tzolkin. It connects us with the wishes and intentions of our Soul when it comes on Earth. Mexican prophet (AD 947-999) who left behind him many prophecies of a new time to come. divided in seven different layers . It can also refer to a person based on the energy of his date of birth. love. The Book of Chilam Balam and The Annals of the Cakchiguels. Suum: Kuxan Suum: personal link of every human being extending from the navel to the centre of the Galaxy (Hunab K’u) according to Jose Arguelles. Nawal: another name for the solar seals in the original Mayan language. Quetzalcoat. The succession of thirteen baktuns creates a great cycle. Higher Higher Self: energy inside our being connecting us with our Divine wisdom. with the seventh layer of our aura and helping us to act from this place instead of acting from our mental and personal conceptions.

It starts with the magnetic tone (number one) and ends with the cosmic tone (number 13). defined in the Chinese tradition as the main centre of energy in our body. 224 . 13 baktuns. 13 katuns. Tan tien: energetic centre. the source of who we are. They are represented by simple glyphs that you can see on the left side of the Tzolkin. It can be used in cycles of 13 days. or 13 years. It constitutes a full process of creation and completion in itself.. the Tzolkin.Solar seal: there are twenty solar seals which are elements of the sacred count of 20x13. Each solar seal has a specific energy and powers.. the place where we stock all the quantity of prana that we will need in our life. Wavespell: a wavespell is constituted by the succession of the thirteen lunar tones. or 13 months. It is also the centre of our intentions and of the Essence of our being.

Light Emerging and Hands that Heal Nicole E. The Mayan Oracle Jose Argulles. Anatomy of the Spirit Barbara Ann Brennan. Le calendrier sacré des Mayas Carolyne Myss. Zonderhuis. The Mayan Factor Bertrand Lepont. The Flower of life 225 .Bibliography Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner. 13-Moon Diary of NaturalTime Melchizedek. Drunvalo Melchizedek.

India led Laetitia to initiation in many different cultures – Hindu. 226 . There was no escape from what it wanted to tell her. Buddhist. The Calendar used everything around her. Her desire to understand the mystery of life led her to encounter many different esoteric traditions. As if through direct revelation its infinite wisdom started to become apparent to her day after day. at the age of 20 she turned her interest toward the oriental traditions. She settled in India and started 10 years of intensive study of her own consciousness through deep practices of meditation and yoga. Taoist. Mayan. So she decided to write it down. After studying occidental arts and philosophies in University.About the author: Laetitia Tisserand has been studying the human psyche for more then 15 years. As a free space for spiritual seekers. Native American… It was while she was undergoing this deep process of transformation that the Mayan Calendar started to play an important role in her life. And here it is. every person to speak to her.

which represent all the different qualities of vibration possible in this universe.Summary of Book The Mayan Calendar is an ancient way of counting time and understanding the reality in which we are living.the Mayan wisdom but does not yet comprehend what it means in their life and for their personality. More than just a Calendar it teaches us how to get in tune again with the universal movement of our Galaxy. asking us to be awake in every present moment to meet the magic wisdom of life. giving the reader an ability to understand deeply the energy of each day of their life and who they really are. 227 . The Mayan signs offers a deep interpretation of each of these kins. the Calendar can be viewed as a fully comprehensive Mayan Astrology. In its introduction.or would like to understand . The main focus of the book however is a psychological and spiritual description of each sign. The book is designed for anyone who has been touched by . By contrast the counting of days in the Mayan tradition takes us to a spiraling perception of our world and our life. It has been argued that one reason for the decadence of our current civilization is our linear perception of time. Presented in this way. the book offers a summary of the Mayan method of counting time and an easy way to calculate the signs and how to find your place in the Calendar. Their Sacred Calendar is composed of 260 kins.

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