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APRIL 2012



Our World, Our Stories
New World High School, Bronx, NY Fausto Salazar, Principal

A Look Inside
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Senior trip at Honors Haven Resort and Spa, Ellenville, NY. More details on page 3 Editorial and Letter Policy The New World Times welcomes The purpose of The New World Times is to present student responses to our publications as well perspectives on issues and events as opinions concerning issues related to the New World High relevant to New World High School. School community. The New Please send us editorials, opinion columns, or letters using Wo r l d Ti m e s editorial our contact form at r e s p o n s i b i l i t y l i e s n o t i n presenting a particular viewpoint We reserve the right to edit or censor or agenda, but in representing a any material deemed unsuitable for variety of opinions. our readers.

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newspaper has currently more than 40 students on staff with one faculty adviser. This paper is printed once a month during the school year. The newspaper not only reaches online subscribers, but also the students that attend New World High School, as well as faculty, the families of students, and friends.




APRIL 2012
Senior ecosystem. More than 45 Earth Day t-shirts were sold to students and teachers of our school in order to collaborate with organizations that use the money to environmental actions to support a better and cleaner world. All those that purchased their t-shirts supported Earth Day by wearing them on Friday, April 20, 2012. Earth Day unites people from all over the world to fix or reduce the problems that affect our natural environment. There are many ways people can celebrate Earth Day, including planting trees, recycling, biking or walking instead of driving. Whatever you do will make a change in the way our earth works and will tell whether or not our future generations will be able to enjoy of the beauty that we are capable to see and enjoy. Lets be aware of our actions. Lets take care of our resources. Be conscious. Be the change you want to see in our planet!

Earth Day
A Movement For Everyone
Earth Day is a day intended to promote awareness and appreciation for our natural resources. Founded on April 22, 1970 by United States Senator Gaylor Nelson, Earth Day helps us to pay attention to critical issues that impact our environment and helps us to come up with solutions for those problems. Most countries in the world celebrate it on April 22nd, while others may celebrate it a month earlier or later. However, whichever day it is celebrated, it is globally practiced as a way to reduce the damages that we have caused to our earth. Some of the actions that put our planet in danger include the following: The greenhouse effects. These refer to the warming of the earths atmosphere through the emission of gases that cause the weather and the seasons to change. Some of the gases emitted by cars, industries and aerosols may contain carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide and other strong substances that can deteriorate our ozone layer. The ozone layer protects us against ultraviolet rays by absorbing up to 99% of the suns high frequency rays, which could destroy our resources, or even worse life on earth. Deforestation, which refers to the cutting of trees for different uses or purposes. This action must be stopped because it brings pollution to our environment by emitting carbon dioxide and eliminating most of our precious oxygen that we need in order to breathe. Plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen, as a result, when trees and plants are cut, there is more CO2 in our environment and less oxygen for our use. Chemical waste such as batteries, oils and fuels can also lead to pollution. If possible, wastes like these ones should be recycled or put in a place where they do not touch our land or water. Because these wastes have such a strong composition, they can go directly to our main sources of water and agriculture, affecting the food we eat and our water and simultaneously contaminating our environment. The best way to avoid these terrible effects is through recycling, as it allows us to reuse materials for different purposes and helps us avoid having unwanted garbage on the floor. At New World High School, we also celebrated Earth Day as a way to show our appreciation for our




Junior Students of New World, do you know what? Our actions as humans affect the planet in a very negative way; one of these actions is pollution. Pollution is what we, the human race, has caused from cars, factories, deforestation etc. All of these things are harming the animals that live in our world. Every day animals become extinct due to our actions. The sea is rising due to the rapid ice melting in the two poles. Our forest is being cut down every day, which results in less habitat space for the animals, and we are killing them until they all become extinct, and threatening the animal in the poles who cant live if the glaciers melt. We are only thinking about our self but without the forest and animals we cannot live. Students of New World High School, do you want to live in a world without pollution? We can all help and make our environment free from pollution. Every single one of us can take part to make our world clean. You want to know how? Well it is simple, even though you many do little, everything counts. There are a lot of things we can do to keep our planet clean. We can waste less water in the bathroom, recycle paper, plastic, cut fewer trees clean our neighborhood and beaches so the animals can go there without eating something harmful. If we plant more trees, use less electricity at home, we can slow down the pollution rate. We can all make a difference and show how much we love the world.




APRIL 2012

Senior Trip! Class 2012

By MARIA CORNIEL Senior On Friday, March 23, 2012, seniors at NWHS experienced a new adventure at Honors Haven Resort and Spa, Ellenville, NY. Approximately 32 students went on this trip where they spent 3 days and 2 nights and participated in many different activities, such as swimming, playing paint ball, volley ball and evening parties. Even though there were 8 schools, the space was large enough for everyone to enjoy and have fun. Each day was busy. There were many things to do. There was a karaoke party where we enjoyed singing many songs. Each student who was nervous to sing was cheered on by all the schools and this made them feel better. This was one way we made new friends. There was also a pizza party on Friday night and an ice cream party on Saturday night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served, beverages included lemonade and even Koolaid. The teachers that accompanied us were Ms. Paluszek, Ms. Patten and Mr. Buono. It was truly a great adventure. We were able to meet new people and share our culture with them. We thank the teachers that came with us. It was an experience we will never forget.
Photos by Sarielis Bernaber




APRIL 2012

Senior Trip Highlights


Outdoor Basketball

Pool time Enjoying some ice cream!

Constance ready to ride.


Ms. Paluszek and Ms. Patten George Yes! we did sing!

Ready to play paintball Making plans while eating! Table football




APRIL 2012


Junior As a student in New York we have the obligation to pass all EXAM REQUIREMENTS REGENTS EXAMS REGENTS DIPLOMA ADVANCED REGENTS the Regents in order for us to get DIPLOMA into a good college and achieve our English 1 EXAM 1 EXAM goals. At New World High School Math 1 EXAM 3 EXAMS we have some great programs to ALG II/Trigonometry X help us earn higher grades. Students Geometry X come each day to learn more about Global 1 EXAM 1 EXAM these exams. We have five different US History 1 EXAM 1 EXAM subjects such as Math, Science, Science 1 EXAM 2 EXAM English, Global and US History. The Living Environment X requirement for the state of New Earth Science X York is that a student must earn a Language Other Than 1 EXAM score of 65 or higher on the Regents English examination in that subject area. TOTAL NUMBER OF 5 EXAMS 9 EXAMS EXAMS Most Regents exams are three hours long. The exams themselves are administered according to strict regulations, so you must be on time. The New York State Board of Regents offers honors to students with exemplary academic performance. State examinations begin Wednesday, June 13th and will end Friday, June 22nd.



On April 20th and April 21st, we did our Hirst play of the year in the auditorium of NWHS. The name of t h e p l a y w a s A Midsummer Nights Dream, written by William Shakespeare. Last year, we did our H i r s t m u s i c a l performance too, The Whiz and it was really nice. Ms. Patten organized both plays. We really enjoyed The Wiz last year, in which I was the protagonist, Dorothy. We had the play twice because if some of the siblings could not come one of the two days, then they could come on the other day. This play was exiting because it was a comedy, and this time I

Senior played Hermia, which was one of the four lovers who experienced the struggles of being in a love triangle. The audience truly enjoyed the play. There was good lighting and special effects involving fog that created a dreamy mystical feeling. There was also great customs and great actors who did a great job entertaining us that n i g h t . I a p p r e c i a t e being able to participate in the play. We t h a n k t h e people who were there to support us.





APRIL 2012

Student Voices
How would you describe your school? I would describe my school as a really good school, because there are so many cultures and you can learn from them, plus the teachers are really good. What is the importance of School? The school is important because it can give us a better future. How can we improve our School? We can improve New World High School by using our uniform every day. What do you like about New World? I like New World High School because there are so many cultures and I can learn from them.



Have you ever thought about your school and what we could do to improve our school and make it a better place? The responses below are from students from New World High School and this is what they had to say


How would you describe your School? My school is New World High School. It is a school full of students from different countries. It is a school for ESL students, which means that English is a second language for them. It is a school that is shared with three other schools, and our school is on the fourth floor. It is a school that is full of diversity. What is the importance of School? School is important because its the place that builds up your education. Its a place that teaches you different tasks in your life. It's a place that lets you meet with different people that lets you build many relationship with others. It is a place that helps you with different things in your life. How can we improve our School? In my opinion, I think we can improve our school by doing different activities that make us have more knowledge. Helping each other to reach our goal, and being a buddy not a bully. What do you like about New World? The things that I like about New World High School are the teachers, I feel that our teachers are amazing because you can find them at any time you need and they will help you with anything in your life. The students are from different countries; this makes me feel that the school is a place that is more interesting to learn about because of their language, and cultures. When you are confused about anything, you will receive help from the counselors. When you see others who care, and try to make you understand things around you, it makes you happy.




APRIL 2012

How would you describe your School? I describe my school as multicultural and beautiful. My school helps me to progress and prepares me to go to college. What is the importance of School? Its important because it helps me to prepare for my future. It lets me live new experiences and I can share my culture with my classmates. How can we improve our School? We can improve our school by maintaining discipline, the school clean, respecting other students and the principal, and also by collaborating with all the school staff. What do you like about New World? I like the diversity and the way the teacher helps students to pass the Regents.


How would you describe your School? I describe my school as a nice place. What is the importance of School? School is important because it prepares you for your future. How can we improve our School? We can improve our school by following the rules of the school. What do you like about New World? I like New World High School because there are different cultures, and some teachers are great. I like the different kinds of sports that the school can offer me, which keeps me always busy.

Sociology Studies By BRIEL GUZMAN

Senior When I was studying sociology at Hostos College, I learned a lot and I got more experience. Many people think that sociology is based on what is going on in the society. They should know that sociology is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. Which means that sociology studies the behavior of people and how each people affect society, and also how society affects the people. Some people think that we don't have any connection with the people around us and we do not need to know them and that anything others do, it won't affect others. According to sociological research, people who lose their home, may end up under bridges and some of them live in the train stations. People who have jobs and houses, often judge the homeless and that it is how discrimination starts with different social classes in society. People are affected by their circumstance and by society. I would recommend this course to any student because we can understand how sociology affects human behavior and that is useful knowledge to have in any area of life.




APRIL 2012

Albert Tuitt Lacrosse Team


Photo by Yasmina Perez

Every year New World High School partners with three other high schools in our building to form a solid group of students to play lacrosse. The Albert Tuitt Lacrosse team is a P.S.A.L (Public School Athletic League) team that has high expectations to win the season. To play on a P.S.A.L team, you must commit yourself to maintain good grades in all of your classes and have good behavior in class. Practicing 5-6 days every week and paying attention to every detail and strategies make Albert Tuitt lacrosse team an incomparable team.

"I am very excited about the 2012 lacrosse season... At this point in the season we are already far ahead compared to previous years. The guys have been working very hard day in and day out without looking back." These were the words of the Albert Tuitt lacrosse coach Derek McNerney. He also believes that the toughest opponents teach players to be confident in themselves and over all, gain experience throughout the season, that way the students in the team will stay in the victory. There are about 10 players returning from last years including Luis Tejada, a Junior at New World High School. He is an excellent INTERVIEW WITH LUIS TEJADA example of a good athlete and What were your motives for joining the lacrosse team? also he has good knowledge One day I was bored in school and my Physics teacher told me to join the about how to play lacrosse. lacrosse team so that way I could do something physical and fun. What are some of the most difficult things that had happened within the team? The communication between the players because there are three different schools. What is the knowledge you have gained in the team? How to work as a team and trust in other teammates. Would you like to play lacrosse professionally? Yes, because it is a sport that I enjoy and like to play. What words would you said to future players? If you plan to join the lacrosse team, you have to dedicate time and be motivated in what you do.

Coach McNerney




APRIL 2012

The Los Angeles Lakers

Its not that bad!


The Lakers roster lined up with the coaching staff.

Photo Source: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

The Lakers franchise had a lot of hard and heart-breaking moments last season. The Dallas Mavericks swept them last season and they lost their coach Phil Jackson (the greatest coach in the NBA). Coming in this season with a new coach, the team had to learn how to adjust to Mike Browns new system. This may not sound like a big problem, but the Lakers had been functioning under the triangle offense for many years and they have won multiple championships with it. Trying to adjust to traditional offense, the Lakers needed a kind of production from their point guard that Derek Fisher could not provide. Thus, they decided to trade their co-leader, who has won 5 championships with them in order to get young talented point guard (Ramon Sessions). Despite all those calamities, the Lakers still have a good record in the west (39-23) which puts them in third place in the conference. Even though there are a lot of critics throughout the media, possessing Kobe

Bryant, leading the NBA in scoring (28.3 PPG), the Lakers are one of the teams that have the most chance of winning the world championship. If the Lakers can find a way to get consistent effort from their big men, they will be a very dangerous team to play against in the post season.

Lakers Kobe Bryant (shooting guard) chatting with Andrew Bynum (center position).
Photo Source: Harry How/ Getty Images




APRIL 2012

Requirements to get into the military

Senior Many students are interested in joining the military for many different reasons. Some students enlist because they do not have enough money to pay for college and others, because of family influence such as having an older brother, sister or parent that had also been in the army. If you feel that joining the military is right for you and also for the country, then here is some information for you. According to these are the requirements to get into the Navy: Medical records Birth certificate Social Security card Citizenship certificate (if applicable) High school diploma Complete list of places youve worked Four character references List of all the places youve visited outside of the U.S also provides a more thorough explanation guide for how to join: Must be an American citizen or a legal permanent immigrant who holds a green card. Must be between 17 (parental consent required for 17 year-olds only) and 35 years of age. Must mandatorily have a high school diploma or a GED. Must not have more than 2 dependents. In case an individual has more than 2 dependents a waiver can be procured. Must pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. Must pass a Military Entrance Processing Station medical exam. Must have a satisfactory credit report. The Army will check the individuals credit report, and in case it seems highly suspicious, the individual will be declared ineligible. Must not be a single parent. Single parents are not allowed to enlist in the Army without giving up the legal custody of their children. Waivers in such a scenario are very rare and uncommon. Must not be addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. The Army will carry out intensive drug and alcohol tests, and in case an individual is addicted to certain substances, he will be rejected. Must fall into a certain height category. The height of males should be between 60 inches and 80 inches, and the height for female applicants should be between 58 inches and 80 inches. Must meet required BMI and body fat levels. The Army also adheres to strict rules. Any information involving the police and drug use College transcripts, Medical/ dental certifications and licenses (if applicable) U.S. citizenship SAT scores: 530 verbal/520 math


Joining the army takes courage and it is a service to our country that should be honored. But the military is not only about going to war and fighting for your country, you also have opportunities to study there, have a job and experience many different things such as traveling and learning new skills. The most important thing is to think what you feel is better for you, and not what others think or feel is better for you.




APRIL 2012

Pope Benedict XVI

Senior The Pope is the religious leader of the Roman Catholic Church on earth. The mission of the Pope is to spread the word of peace and unity regardless of their race, political affiliation, or culture. His visits to other parts of the world are called Apostolic Trips, which have the main goal of spreading the Gospel, and bring tranquility to the countries in conflict that he is traveling to. Pope Benedict XVI travelled to Mexico in March 24, 2012 as his first trip to Spanishspeaking Latin America because it has the second

(Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images)

largest population of Catholics in the world. According to ABC News, Benedict XVI has an average of three foreign journeys per year from 2006 to 2009. He has been as active in visiting other countries as his predecessor, John Paul II, in this range of time. The journeys that are currently more mentioned are the ones to Mexico and Cuba. The journeys took place on March 23rd to March 29th respectively. However, because of his age (85), he will be traveling less in the future.

Technology: A Tool or a Weapon?

Senior Have you ever asked yourself how technology affects your daily life, or how would the world be without technology? Technology has been changing the world since the Industrial Revolution. As it was during this period that people began to focus on creating things that make life easier. Technology also affects students, businesses and the government in both positive and a negative ways. One way that technology has affected students is when students have to do homework or a project, they look for the information on the Internet, so now its easier for them to find the answer. By simply finding the quick answer, such as Google Search, they learn less. It also has negatives effects because students get distracted and they pay less attention in class. For example, they use cell phones in the classrooms and also when they have homework, instead of doing their homework, they go on Facebook or others social networks sites that make them distracted and they don't do the homework. It also affects the businesses in a positive way because they can sell their products easily, by putting their product on the website and people can go on the website and pick what they want and pay for it with credit cards. Its also easy to promote the product and the business because they can pay a website to promote their products and that would increase the sales of their products and also it would make the company more popular. The government is affected by technology because, day by day, new weapons are created and also new ways to hack computers are found. We have to be careful of new technology such as nuclear bombs, tanks, air force planes, submarines and all things that can be used to attack or protect the country. We also have to care about the countrys security, so we have to create new software that helps to protect the information of the White House and the information that is saved in the computer of the security of the country, such as the Pentagon. As you can see, technology is a tool that can be used to cause positive and negative effects in a person, object, or place.





APRIL 2012
Senior Motivation because I believe that if a Strength and hope because if I have person does not have a motivation, the strength to have hope, I can they won't get anywhere in life. achieve anything in my life. -Ms. Guzman -Cinthya Hernandez Patience because I believe that I need it in order to achieve my goals and to be able to remain calm throughout all my life struggles. -Sali Salem Faith because I believe it is important to have it in order to get closer to God. -William Darbouze Passion because I believe that if a person is passionate about something, he/she will do anything to achieve that specific goal and it allows a person to have a purpose in life. -Mohamed Tafa



Photo by Sheema Alamari

Have you ever been curious to know what people would consider a need in order for them to be successful? I saw an image online and I decided that I would make one that looks the same. It said, "Take what you need" and it had pieces of papers on it, each with a different option. The options were: Hope, Love, Faith, Patience, Courage, Understanding, Peace, Passion, Healing, Strength, Beauty, Freedom, Forgiveness, Kindness, and Motivation. I decided to find out by asking my classmates and teachers, "What do you think you need in your life?" and they were asked to take the tiny piece of paper. Here is what they said...

Faith because I believe that when a person has faith, he/she is able to get everything and anything they want in life, but above all the other options, faith must come first. -Mariam Morshed Peace because I believe it is important in our lives to feel safe, Strength because I believe I need to which is why we really need peace. be strong so I dont allow anything to -Websly Darbouze stop me from reaching my goals and doing what makes me happy. Faith because I believe that with -Fouzia Alamari faith, you can have love and once you have both of these, then you can have Freedom because I believe that everything else you want and wish to having freedom allows me to achieve have. -Miguel Aybar my goals which will lead me to living a happy life. -Baghdad Morshed Courage because I believe that a successful person must be courageous, Strength because I believe that otherwise he/she will not be able to without strength, moving on in life accomplish their goals and follow becomes difficult. -Afrah Abisse their dreams. -Nelson Flores

Peace and forgiveness because I believe that peace is necessary in order to first have inner peace, which will lead me to have peace in my path in life. I also believe that forgiveness is necessary to have in order for me to forgive myself and others so that I dont hold any grudges against others. -Ms. Simon "Love because I believe if there is no love, then there is no peace. Love is precious! -Muzna Ali

Freedom because I believe that with The responses I got from the freedom, a person has the ability to do people I asked were very amazing. anything they want to do. Personally, I would choose "faith and -Yanica Garcia freedom" because with faith, I can get closer to Allah and with that closeness Understanding because I believe that I would (if God is willing) feel blessed before you can choose any other and that would push me to go on option, you must first understand strongly in my life, but I also need everything around you. freedom in order for me to take -Sarielis Bernaber advantage of the opportunities I get, so I can achieve what I have always Understanding because I have a lot dreamed of. It is great to share our of things around me that I want to inspiration and needs in life. I would understand so I can fulfill my like to thank everyone that responded curiosity. -Julaury Varlack to my question.




APRIL 2012

Should We Have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend at School?

Senior Lets just think about it for two seconds. 1-2. Now WAIT, there is no reason to even think about it just dont have one. Choose Friendship. Love between friends is common at school, but it is harmful to your studies and it may decrease your focus in class. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend at school is another excuse to not concentrate in class and it will put your mind in only one person or objective. Distractions happen by texting, looking at your girlfriends or boyfriends instead of paying attention to the teacher or coming in late. Whether you are a student or adult, these feelings of affection we have for other people occupy our mind and affects our study, as it is generally hard to keep focus in school when you are thinking about the opposite sex. Be aware of the consequences. Dating may betray and harm you. You have the ability to do great in school. Remember that you have the world ahead of you. Aim to be better. Believe in yourself. Be responsible. Life. Live. Love.



Photos by T.tac Arteaga Choose friendship.

Senior Teen pregnancy is not just a problem because of its effects on school. In all areas of life, its an obstacle because there are more responsibilities. There is weight gain, abdominal changes, and some get allergies. Pregnancy makes you feel more sensitive, and you could get depressed easily too. There is also the responsibility of taking care of your kids. In other words, when teenagers become pregnant, we dont have enough time or the ability to do the same activities anymore. Life changes from a teenagers life into an adult lifes instantly, which are two completely different types of worlds. Julaury Varlack, a senior at New World High School stated her opinion about teen pregnancy I feel bad and sad because they are very young and they have to deal with it. She also said, They have to study and plan their future, but being pregnant is an obstacle for them. In other words, she is saying, that teenagers have to be prepared. We have to finish our studies first and then plan our future with kids. What can we do to help them? Julaury states, We can educate them. Therefore, teenage pregnancy may result from the lack of education that is necessary to prevent it. Indiana Guzman, a senior at New World High School also talks about how she feels. I think that teen pregnancy breaks the relationship between teenagers and their parents. She added, I also think that its an obstacle for us to study, because it's like if a kid would take care of another kid. There are baby cities that care for babies. It doesnt have to be paid for. She also shares her opinion about what can we do to help, We can advice them or try to prevent it. Her points are valid. We can all help solve this problem. We cant change whats done, but we can change the future.

Teen Pregnancy





APRIL 2012

Be the One Who Helps Others, Not the One Who Harms

Have you ever thought about things that you have in your daily life but others do not? Have you ever felt that you didnt have the ability to help your own family? Have you ever felt that you were weak because you did not have the right to live as a human being? Have you ever felt frustrated for others because you felt like they did not care about your struggles? Have you ever felt that others could not feel what you felt because they are not in your shoes? Have you ever thought about others the same way you think about yourself? All these questions should be thought about, because you are living this life not only by yourself, you are also sharing this life with others. Food, water, and shelter are things people should be able to find in their life. Sometimes because of our economical circumstances, people face obstacles in getting basic necessities. While on the other hand there are people who do not face obstacles to get these things in their daily life, they are able to help people in need better than others. Some countries that are having starvation

are Asian, African and Latin American countries. Well over 500 million people are living in what the World Bank has called absolute poverty (Source: http: stats.htm). However, there are people who eat more than what they need. As a result, they throw the extra food in the garbage, or play with food. This is selfish and needs to stop. Before you throw food or play with it, why dont you think about the lack of food? People struggle every day because they do not have enough food. Why dont take only what you need? It is frustrating to see some students be wasteful with their food. On the other hand, it is great when students appreciate their lunch meals. Kathleen Sutton said, When you cannot have what you want, it is time to start wanting what you have. This means that you have to be thankful for everything that God gives you. Be the one who helps others not the one who harms.




APRIL 2012

Dealing With Emotions

Im not going to ask you how you act when you are happy, it is obvious. But are you able to act reasonably in your bad moments? If so, here are some examples on how to deal with some of those emotions. If you ever feel angry, take a deep breathe and relax, it is better if you forgive the person who made you angry. If you ever feel hatred towards someone for whatever reason, look into the mirror and ask yourself, why do you hate that person and work it out. Who knows, maybe you end up realizing that you never hated that person in the first place. If you ever feel sad, listen to some relaxing music or any music you like and calm down a little, or simply tell someone (that you really trust) what is going on. And if you feel like crying, go ahead and cry. It will make you feel even better. Talking to someone close to me about my problems really helps me because in the process I get helpful advice from that person. So I really recommend this method to make you feel better.


If you ever feel happy, you should try your hardest to keep that smile on your face and live your life to the fullest every single day. Remember this: Violence is never the answer. It is just the key to the door that when opened, brings more problems. On the other hand, a smile can break any barrier no matter how strong it is. A smile is the key to tolerance and understanding.

Photo by Julaury Varlack



For many people, friendship is everything. But they always forget that finding friends and believing in them is not the only things friends have to do. You have to be smart and choose the best person, the one who will always encourage you, and be by your side no matter what, but in these times, it is very hard to find friends who will help you do your class work, tell you what you should or not do, and/or advise you. Having close friends is not only about spending time with them, but your friend should have positive intentions, be a happy person, and an understanding person who loves people and team work, who wakes you up every morning to come to school, encourages you when you are weak and you dont believe in yourself anymore. Friends need to be persistent too, help you when in need, and they want to give you everything they can to keep your friendship. Friendship is something special and only true friends know the value of your friendship because it is about sacrifice, respect, and love. Always be positive, be happy as much as you can. Share every moment with your friends. You have to cherish it with all your heart.




APRIL 2012

FROM THE DESK OF MR. VASQUEZ 1001 Things Every Teen Should Know Before They Leave Home (Or Else Theyll Come Back) They should know that adulthood is not for weaklings.
May 1, 2012

End of 5th Marking Period May 3, 2012 10th Grade Trip to St. Johns University May 5, 2012 11th Grade SAT Exam May 8-9, 2012 11th Grade Trip to Hofstra University



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