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Crecnapas Zaloe ccunlvore Haunt Bridge Haunt ease Het “Touning Howat... Hobgoblin obgnbin Dade Hobgoblin pelscauge obgoblin Waren. Hobgsblin Warsal hen. Ine Kuoron, Cased uot Baled Whip Kotex Hirpesner sotes Monitor Sabor Derchuton 400 2nd lyre of toon ot “Thoon Disil sot shadow Hyer, 40 Thooe lfc ie “hoo Thal st “Thoon olde. 43 Maderferof Theos au SeytherfThoon ste Seamed of Toon 8 “Thoon Hulk 20 “Thoan Eker Bein. mn ‘Mockery Bug 6 Mockery Monarch ae -Mekery Dione 7 Pawar 0 Kuga, Phantom GhaetNinje 130 Ruin Elemecel Bt ylkar 16 ylkerHaratdon 86 Rylkse Nala 37 yllerTormanior 2s yllspevn Swarm. Be Sanguineous Drinker 2 Scouring Construct 146 Scouring Slingst 14 Slinger Scorpion 145 Scouring tanchion ius Sieg He Shandeoul Slayer 150, Siege Boat. 132 Shllond 154 Seall ed 454 Bonespur 156 Seepetit 158 Spectral Ries, 160 Spam offublex 462 esse Spawnof ube. ‘ae (Gear Spon of bles 161 Elder Sparen fue, 164 Spirax e 466 Srestring 168 “Thoym Hound 17 ‘Tehama 12 Tubana Eyewing| 12 ‘isha Drowser| 13 Tibena hye, 173 Tirbena Spawner 14 186 Vampire 2190 "The Hck uke 90 “The Red Widow 193 Werden Rewer. 96 Vinespae 198 eraser, 200 wild Hunt m2 Mastro€ he Hane a2 Hound ofthe Hunt m2 lossary ‘Monsters by ype (and Subtype) eats Bale Magic Tactic. Brutal Thiow aunt Presence Kuorforn Moneticm, Mage lye. Mind-Sharteing See Sense Quintsence Spall ontbind ges Godleoded Gemma Blooded ImbsBlooded ord Blooded ‘Oreuetlonéed Pastor ‘Thoon Thal eens Sooded ‘eenogho-tboded Xorvinta Dragon orviniial Esa For Payer Characters ‘Crenlable Ceeatures Blackwing (ral wnded, Bonespus erate undend) ovee Gam (construed Magmacote Golem constuc Sunguineous Drinker val undead) Securing Slinges (construe! cou Stnchion Conse) Serpent (ate unde) Shardsoul Slayer (construc Spectral Rider rose rerum Monsfcompeion Coss Blackwing Deidhoth Vltce (Gem Sear Improved Fama) Stehwing. ‘Tibena Eyeing Cmproved Fema Race Jackin acnmatible Cesena ‘Arcadian Avenger QV)! Demon, Adsru (IX? Demon, Carnage (LV) Demon, Gadscr (1) Demon, Slamith (VIN Del Cuthir (VD etd Fungs (0) 1 Requiresasimmen morsierspalL 2 Requires x smman montero ramon taal pl Items Kuoeoun Harpoon, Tecan Ammann Stepechinn Armor Howling Helm 8 156 43 19 ast 2 m2 2 153 MONSTERS BY CR Monster cr Tirbana ayevaing aja atid gS Jacbrin Ushemof lashemet ‘Ger Sear Shaedling Tinbana drowser Deinony gadseio Hobgoblin duskblade Kuostoa, crazed Mind Flayer of Thoon, Thoon thrall Rylkar maclaw Skull lor, Benespur rionlearage Golem, force Golem magmacoi® Graveyard sludge Hund aunting Hobgoblin wareaser uotoa harpooner Ryllspavn swarm Skul ford serpent Tirana slayer Usher, fain} Yiisector DDenionthorn mandrake Greenspaven zealot Hobgoblin spelscaurge Mind layer af Thoon, ‘Thoon infltrator Mind Flayer of Thoon, stormcloud of Thoon ‘Sanguineous drinker Shardsoul slayer Tirbana spawner Ushemoi, hadrimel Yerdant reaver ‘nveatan avenger Deseborn vulture zombie Deail, guithie Kuostoa monitor. Mind Flayer of Thoon, seyther of Thoon, Rylkar torrmentor Skulllord, spectral rider Spawn of juibles, lesser Haunt, bridge Kagan, phantom ghast ninje Kuostoa exalted whip Monster Skull lord Vinespawvn anehea Blackwing Burrow root Deadborn vulture Demon, solamith Elemental magi, ker-kun God-bleoded, Noze0s Hobgoblin warsoul ‘Mind Flayer of thos, shadow flayer Mind Flayer of Thoon, Thoon soldier ‘rol, bladerager Tusk teror Ushemal tulehot (asi stitched Mockery bug, mockery drone ylkar haridan: pémionadar Demon, draudnu Elemental meal, Ken‘ aunt, forest Mind Flayer of TH00m) raderafter of Thoon Mind Flayer af Thoon, Thoon disciple Bie elemental ‘Spawn of ulbles, greater Theym hound Déagons ofthe great game, Morlicantha Elemental magi, keresun Ember guard ‘Guulvorg ‘Mind Flayer oF THE0m) “Thoon hulk Disigons ofthe géeat game, Singh the immense Mockery bug, mockery monarch Ruin chanter Spauin of julbles, elder Steelwing Dill vemmanon illurien Min Flayer of Tho Thoor elder brain ethereal defer Frostwind virago Monster Malastor Siege beetle Dalmest Merchurion Vampire, Red Widow Diagons\of the great gaiie! CChocranathat Scouring construct, scouring slinger Seouring construct, ‘scouring stanchion Spirax Wild bunt hound af the hunt vate, Black Duke cathgiath wile Hunt, master ofthe hunt MONSTERS BY ECL Monster HD LA ECL rela al 2 Bonanrae 4 Elemental ma Ken-kuni e Ken ensun ttherel defer Creenspawn zealot Hobgoblin Dusiblade spelscourse Wareaner Warsoul Jae Kaostoa Crazed Bialed whip Harpooner Monitor Nosgos Shaedling Singh he immense Tol baderager Ushema: ‘rear adrima! Lasneral Trl) Introduction tihetatie ieee eee CHE enaeeg k eee neers Sonu outs gute orks nome closely related monsters are grouped together under single Heli Tas nie esta Seton camera this book, monsters are listed by type and subtype on page 222, and by Challenge Rating and ECL on page 4, ‘This introduction explains how to read each creature's seep coke segs an eines Sonseenr ae toate —— READING THE ENTRIES ‘Bach monster entry is organized in the same format, as outlined below. For complete information about the characteristics of monsters, consult the glossary of this book, the Players Handbook (PH), or the Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG. ‘Wewant this bookto be a usefl to DMs aspossible so the statisvies are presented in a former thar makes them easier 10 use rightoff the page. This formats divided into five sections separated by horizontal lines. Each section serves a specific purpose; you need to reference different sections at different times during an encounter, IDENTIFICATION AND ENCOUNTER ‘The top section identifies the creature and gives the informe tion you need atthe start ofan encounter. ‘Name; This word or phrase identifies the creature. (CR: This value is the Challenge Rating of an individual creature ofthis kind Race, Class, and Level: This informations provided only for creatutes that have cass levels Alignment: The one- or two-letter abbreviation that appears here denotes the creature’ alignment. A term that describes how likely this alignment is to apply, as defined inthe glossary, might also appear here. Specific NPCs don't include the extra term, Size and Type: The creature's size category and its type {and subtype or subtypes if applicable) ate given here. Init: This value is the creatures modifier on initiative checks Senses:The Senses entry indicates whether the creature has darkvision, lowelighe vision, scent, orsome other sen- sory spectal quality, along with the creature's modifiers on Listen and Spor checks (even ifthe creature has no ranks alls. his indicates special abilities that cake effect anytime another creature comes within a certain distance, such asa devils fear aura, Languages: This entry gives the languages the creature speaks or understands, as well as any special abilities relat- ing to communication (such as telepathy or an inability ro speal DEFENSIVE INFORMATION This section provides the information you need when char- acters ave attacking the creature ‘AC: This entry gives the creature's Armor Class against sost attacks, fllowed by its AC against touch atacksand its AC when flat footed. Ifthe creature bas featsor other abilities that modify its Armor Class under specific circumstances (uch as ee Mobility feat they xe noted here. Ihp: This encry consists of che creature’ full normal hit point coral (asually average rolls on each Hit Die), followed by che creature's Hit Dice in parentheses. Ifthe erearure has fast healing, regeneration, damage reduction (DR), or some other ability that affects the amount of damage it takes ot ‘herate ar which i¢ regains hit points, that information also appears here. Immune: Any immunitiesthe creature has are indicated here. Thisincludes immunity to specific types of energy as well as other immunities (such as immunity to poison oto sleep effects, Resist and SR: Ifthe creature has resistance to certain kinds ofatacks, chatinformation is given here. The creature's spellzesistance, fay appearsafter the otherresistanceson the same line. Fort, Ref, Will: This encry gives the creatures saving throw modifiers. Altered saving throw bonuses for specific circumstances also appearon this line. Weakness: This entry details any weaknesses or vul nezabilities the creature has, such as light sensitivity oF vulnerbility oatype of energy. OFFENSIVE INFORMATION ‘Refer to this section when it’s the creature's turn to act in combat All s creauure's combat options are detailed here, even those that are not strictly offensive, Speed: This entry begins with the creatures base land. speed in feet and in squares on the battle grid, followed by speeds for other modes of movement, if applicable, Melee/Ranged: Typically, these entries give all the physical acacks the creature can make when taking a fall autack action. The first attack described is the creature’ preferted form ofattack, usually a melee attack of some sort ‘but possibly asin the example below) aranged auack. Ifthe creature can make only a single attack (for instance, when i is taking an attack action), use ch fist indicated attack: bbomas, Occasionally, «creature has separate options indicated for single attacks and for full atacks, For example, a Small creature with the Manyshot and Rapid Shot feats might have the following entries: