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Step-by-Step Honeywell GPRS Data Transfer Failure AlarmNet GSM Devices Mobile Data Communication In order to effectively troubleshoot why a device may fail to transmit GPRS data, (root file, QOS report, alarm report, and IP downloading) itis important to understand how a mobile device is seen on the network and establishes a data connection. There are three stages to a mobile device connection: Registration, Attachment and PDP Context When a device is registered and attached to the network, itis able to sendireceive SMS (text) messages and request GPRS data sessions. The third stage is where the device is assigned an IP Address and begins to send and receive GPRS data Most of the time when a device fails to transmit or receive GPRS data; itis either a result of signal strength, signal quality or a network problem, which causes a failure to acquire PDP Context, the third stage Enviranmental surroundings can affect signal quality, even with acceptable signal strength. Below are things to consider when determining if the prablem is environmental Indoor Considerations + What type of construction? ~ Commercial, Residential, Roof material > Exterior surface, Interior surfacelstuds What type af roam is the device located in? How deep inside the structure is the room? What type of surface/wall is it mounted on? - Drywall, Concrete, Steel + What types of devices are around the unit? ~ Wireless receiver + Metal panel box = Phone system server > AC Breaker box - _ High voltage AC wires - 220V or greater. Outdoor Considerations + Neighboring buildings, high-rise buildings + Vegetation, such as trees + Weather or atmospheric conditions Troubleshooting Steps 4. Check current RSSI level on the device using the 7720P programmer or signal strength LEDs. + Press {Shift} + {E} to display the Primary Signal Strength + Using the RSSI LEDs, a minimum of two yellow and one green is needed Tech Support Updated 7/17/08 Step-by-Step Honeywell + A minimum of -90dBm is required to continue, and should consistently stay above -94dBm or two Yellow LEDs. + If acceptable RSSI cannot be achieved, see the “RSS| Troubleshooting’ step- by-step. - Acceptable Signal Strength = -94dBm to -20dBm - Unacceptable Signal Strength = -120dBm to -95d8m 2. Check to see if GPRS is available via programmer or Mode & Status LEDs. + Using the 7720P programmer, press {Shift} + {E}; under GPRS a “Y” should be displayed + Using the Mode and Status LEDs, press and hold the Made and Status button; the second green LED should be lit salid or flashing. + If GPRS is not available, check coverage maps far service expectations 3. Check to see if an SMS ping is being delivered to the device. + Send an SMS Ping to the device; select "Test" or “Get Data the “Transmit” LED flickers + Follow SMS Ping Failure Troubleshooting if not delivered Check to see if 4, Power-cycle the device and attempt transmit GPRS data. 5. Check to see if the device is reading the SIM Card ID (SCID). + Using a 7720P programmer, press {Shift} + {B} + {SPACE}; the SCID number will be shown, if the SIM is being read correctly + If showing all question marks, such as, “?????" the SIM is not being read correctly. + Ifo programmer, or if SCID was not read correctly, power the device down and remove and re-install (reseat) the SIM 6. Power-cycle the device and attempt transmit GPRS data again. 7. Remove the device from its mounting location and take device outside the building and attempt to transfer GPRS data again. + If data transfer is successful, begin to consider adding an external antenna or relocating the device, since it works outside. Continue to Step 8 + Ifdata transfer is not successful contact AlarmNet Technical Support 8. Return the device inside the building, to its mounting location and attempt to transfer GPRS data again. + If data transfer is not successful, relocate the device or add an antenna, since it works outside and not back in its original location + Ifdata transfer is successful, make sure the device registers and is able to send repeated GPRS alarm reports. Your central station can firm if the reports are being transmitted via the GPRS Nade of Origin Tech Support Updated 7/17/08