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MNT EG nits Aid ‘(g ye INA In WOT t Ay} ream UG TS(0L. 3 ry ed eH t 4) Ad. : 0 ‘Che Sook of War O level — daze*, disrupt undead*, ray of frost*, read magic*, 1 level — purning hands, concussive bar missile, shocking grasp* ier, corrosive burst, chill touch®, gelid stream, magic 2" Level — flaming sphere*, ghoul touch*, hungry shadow, arrow, pyrotechnics®, search light, shatter*, spectral hand* Leomund’s trap*, Melf's acid 3 Level — exploding bones, fireball, flame arrow, lightning bolt®, painblast, razor trap, sleet storm*, vampiric touch*, vulnerability 4 Level — acidic shield, disarmament, dragonfly, enervation®, Evard s black tentacles™, fire wap*. ice storm®, phantasmal killer*, wall of fire* 5 Level — armour erypr, cloudkill®, cone of cold*, elemental rupture, magma pit. 6" Level ~ chain lightning, defencelessness, disintegrate*, elemental parasite, fatal attraction. T* Level — acid fog*, blowback, delayed blast fireball*, eldritch enemy, finger of death*, lightning vice, power word stiun*. 8" Level — acid geysers, corpsefire, horrid wilting®, incendiary cloud*, lava wyrm, sunburst 9" Level — engulfing doom, meteor swarm*, power word kill*, spears of oblivion, vorpal spray wail of the banshee*. Spells with an asterisk (*) are taken from Core Rulebook I, All others are described within, Batlle Magic Feats Feat ‘Type Prerequisite Arcane Buffer General Mortis harness Bloodeasting Metamagie Cast 3" level arcane or battle magic spells Compressed Spell Metamagic Cast battle magie spells Eldritch Knot Metamagic Cast braided spells Enhanced Linkage Metamagic Cast linked spell Farcasting Metamagic Enlarge Spell Lightning Activation Metamagic Eldritch warriors only ster General Mortis harness Cncyclopaedia Arcane Baccle CDagic Sam Witt Contents Credits 2 Introduction Nastes Sprange 4 Battle Magic — An Overview Ralph floley § To Gird for Bate ster Toa ee Bisa Ns 1 Mieiookio: Was Ce Ee 35 The Aniroury Production Manager 50 Battle Guilds Alexander Fennell 58 Feats of Battle Proof-Reading Tan Barstow 60 Help for Games Masters Playtesters James Sparing, Shannon Sparing imi Braun, Michelle Brau, Jason Thornton, Bill “Utko Schwart, Tim Elkins, William Adley Jeff Tach, Philip Van Mater Mino, Chery Van Mater- Minot, “Angelo Sargent 63 Designer's Notes 64 — OGL/D20 Licences Open Game Content & Copyright Information neyclopedia Arcane - Bate Magic is ©2002 Mongoose Publishing ll ight reserved. Repeduction of non Open Game Content of his work by any means without the writen permission of he publisher is expressly forbidden. Encyclopaedia Arcane - Battle Mac is presented under the Open Game an D20 Licences, Seepage 6 for the text of tev cenes. All game mechanics and statistics derivative of Open Game Content and the System Refernce Document ar tobe considered Open Gaming Content Allcer significant character names, plage, items ‘at and text herein ae opyrighed by Mongoose Publishing. Al righs reserved. If you hive any question on the Open Game Content of his product please contac Mongoose Publishing. "420 System and the “420 System logo are Traders owned by Wizards of the Coast and are {ed acoring tothe tems of the d20 System Licence version 30. A copy’ ofthis Ticence can be found at wwe:, The mention of ‘ersfrence to any company of produc in these pages isnt a challenge to the trademark of copyright concemed. Dungeons & Dragons and Wiad ofthe Coast ate Registered Tadcrarks of Winds of the Cas, ai are use with Permission, Printed i the UK MONGOOSE PUBLISHING Mongoose Publishing, PO Box 1018, Swindon, SN3 1DG, United Kingdom Web enhanced - Visit the Mongoose Publishing website at for regular updates.