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Encyclopaedia Oivine Ley CDagic Chad Brunner Contents Credits 2 Introduction mains 4 The Fey ~ An Overview Tan Sturrock 8 Seeking the Reverie pues: 16 Fey Magic Anne Stokes 26 Touching the Source Interior Mlustrations 34° Fey Feats Anthea Dilly, Andrew Jordan, Brent Chumley, Danilo = Moretti, David Esbri, Drew Langston, Fred Rawles, 35 Fey Spells Gillian Pearce, Phil Renne, Renato Guedes, Rene 40° The Great Art Barr, Reynaldo Batista, Shane Coppage, Tony Parker, Will Hammock 47 Fey Items 53 Help for Games Masters 57 Fey Creatures Production Manager Alexander Fennell 1 Proof Read 62 Designer's Notes Lueya Szachnowtki 64 — OGL/D20 Licences eet Stowe Mulhern Open Game Content & Copyright Information Encyclopedia Divine - Fey Magi is C2012 Mongoose Puls Al sighs serve, Reproduction of roe-Open Game Conte ofthis work ty ny moans witout writen permission ofthe publisher expressly fbn Enyekpnedia Divine Fey Magi pesned under te Open Game and D2) Licences See pages 6 the text ofthe Hence Al gnc ats and ages so dig represen Open Gate {Cont Al other sigiian characters, nares plas, Hens, at fx hercn ae copyrighted by Mongeos Pusing All stared 20 Systema he 420 Syste Togo are Traders owned by Wis the Coa and ae usd accor oh es of tee Sy Licence version 3.0. copy ofthis Lisens can be fond at wirnwiarcom. The mention or elect ay Company of pd nese ges snot a challenge to the tademark or copyright concered.Dungsons & Dragons® and Wierd ofthe Coast are Regie Trades of Wiad of he Cou ad are wed with Pension. Printed inthe UK MONGOOSE PUBLISHING Mongoose Publis PO Box 1018, Swindon, SN3 1DG, United Kingdom Web enhanced - Visit the Mongoose Publishing website at for regular updates