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Hanoi, Vietnam June, 2012


This is to confirm that I have read the report and that the information enclosed is correct and contains no confidential information.

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Preface The purpose of this report is to fulfill the internship requirement for Bachelor of Business Administration. While I was employed at Khanh Thy Garment Company, I worked here in the administrative department. The report summaries the purpose for this monitoring and discusses the project methods, data and results of my internship project.


It was my good luck to take my internship at Khanh Thy Garment Joint Stock Company, a prestigious place that gave me many advantages. In the company, I work as a personnel in the administrative department which is responsible for human resource management

Table of Contents


Introduction of the company ..................................................................................... 6 1. 2. History and development ................................................................................... 6 Scope of activities .............................................................................................. 7

3. The core value of the company: .............................................................................. 8 4. The organizational structure of the Company ......................................................... 8 II. III. IV. V. 1. 2. 3. 4. The internship project ............................................................................................ 9 Experience .......................................................................................................... 10 Expectation and reality ........................................................................................ 11 Recommendation ................................................................................................ 11 Achievement of human resource management in the company ...................... 11 Existence and causes: ..................................................................................... 12 Cause: .............................................................................................................. 12 Recommendation ............................................................................................. 13


Introduction of the company

1. History and development Khanh Thy Garment joint stock company

number: 980450

- 38645077-38643381A. The process of formation and development: After 5 years of development, Khanh Thy Garment Company has made a reputation with domestic and foreign clients on production capacity, product quality, while building a strong team, solidarity towards the higher target. To date the company has 6 member unit, more than 200 staff members work throughout the country. The process of formation and development of the Company are marked with the following milestones: 2006, the company started with the first garment factory in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi. Original mission of the workshop is tailor-designed and stylish products. Trash service workshops also involved in research, design and production testing of clothing styles work Initially, the production scale like a combination of production: just copy the 20 sewing machines, Overlock, an embroidery machine studs with 30 staff employees. 2007, the company had many changes in orientation activities, organizational structure and development of the domestic market. Company rearrange the parts in the streamlined, expanded into many areas of potential. According to decide on the establishment, the company is allowed: - Production of garments, equipment and apparel, knitwear - Import and export of materials and equipment for production, the company found to be produced - Production and trade of textiles, dyeing

This is the premise of promoting the development of product diversification Khanh Thy company. Beginning in 2007, the company has continually diversified and adapted to market mechanisms. 2008, the Company implemented plans to invest in depth on the process technology, equipment and qualified workers. Goals form the staple products such as suits, shirts, skirts ... In the same office at this time, the company has invested an extra base garment to meet market demand.In addition to tailoring tasks, starting from 2007, the company gradually Khanh Thy focused on research and organization of industrial production lines of mass destruction. The technical innovation and development of network processing with nearly 5 cooperative garment which continuously increase the output of the Company for 2011, then focused on market surveys and product design and introduction of new brands and expand to other key international markets Environment increasingly fierce competition with the effects of the economy has forced companies to improve business efficiency. Recognizing that, the company has established a market survey committee in conjunction with the design team to produce new ideas for the company to serve its target customers. 2. Scope of activities Khanh Thy company's products are high quality fashion products with assurance of international and Vietnam standards. Locate the product on the market with a difference: - Products to promote creativity, confidence, dynamism of all women - Products are made from high quality materials, cool, is not harmful to health - Wide range of design patterns, design - Products suitable income of all working women work Specifically, consider the perspective of the market, the company operates with two main activities: Production and retail of garments for domestic marketThe Khanh Thy products such as clothing, dresses ... for people to label Elis work has been the trusted domestic customers; with flair in the choice of materials, designs and the sharp design, tailored to meet the needs of consumers. The distribution network has been present in the product areas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with 6 different stores and dedicated sales team. Processing exports to international markets: Foreseeing the needs of international markets, the company began to penetrate the market step by step through the receive

processing of export commodities. Staples as shirts and trousers. The company also has invested in a plant system with dedicated skilled workers to cater to the nose of this strategy development. 3. The core value of the company: - Become one of the brands of professional activities in the field of fashion office and production of this item in a scale, efficient - The only place to provide fashionable products according to international trends, always apply these advanced technologies into its products with reasonable price. - Quality management firm based services do not stop creative energy and enthusiasm with all of the fashion industry leaders and officials all company employees - Always be trusted by the customers quality products and enthusiastic attitude of service, reasonable prices 4. The organizational structure of the Company Currently, Khanh Thy Garment Company is a member unit, five divisions, a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City and six showrooms with over 200 employees.

Figure 1.1. The organizational structure of the Company

Management of the Company: An Executive Council: agencies are directly manage and direct the business operations and affairs of the Company, at the same time are responsible for overall monitoring executives and members of other managers. Board: are persons operating, organize production activities and business of the Company, propose measures to improve the management of the Company and implementation of annual business plan by the board has Administrators and the Council for adoption. Administrative block: Planning - Production: advisory body to the Director on the work of planning, organization of production organization and labor wages. Business - Marketing: management agency import export business of the Company under the direction of management and executive directors of the Company; to advise the Director determine the direction, mission objectives, strategy foreign affairs strategy - import-export company in areas such as: market, customers, products ...... to continually expand import and export activities of the company both at home and abroad. Also, the direct implementation of the objectives of import duties under the plan of the Company from time to time. Technical - Technology: As the body advising the Director on the work of scientific research management, engineering, production technology, product quality. Research a trial manufacture of new products, equipment management, training and technical training of workers in the company organizational measures to ensure occupational safety, environmental hygiene and some ecological Other areas of activity. Finance and Accounting: As agency to advise the Director on financial and accounting activities of the room must be promptly and accurately the transactions arising during the production process business of the responsible to their superiors and directors on the implementation of the professional financial accounting of the company. economic economic company, regime of

Administrative Organization: The Director shall assist the regime of the administrative and clerical services security, regular safety equipment workplace organization serving ca, water, power Health and reception within the company. II. The internship project

With a staff position in the human resources department of the company, first of all, I understand the purposes of human resource department are: To ensure the department or individual within the company to comply with the functions effectively in their work, ensure the department to comply with their tasks to avoid overlapping, blaming each other and ultimately ensure employment and construction and development of staff and employees in accordance with requirement and strategy of the company. My task which

is assigned is consistent with my individual professional qualifications. Work efficiency was evaluated through performance of tasks and time to complete it. My first job is to draft a document of decisions, notices, official letters. I has to comprehend the documents and then based on the prior written report or form to conducting the appropriate editor. This work requires me to review and edit correctly, I need carefully to choose those words written in the document to be really concise, easy to understand without long lines. Documents must be clear with correct font and style as prescribed because it is presented to the senior executives and outside the enterprise and directly affect the interests of the company. My second task is to record the attendance, leave, late hours of the employees in the company. This work requires me work with every part of the company as the production department, finance department, marketing department, etc to collect data on the number of employees who work, go to work late and off work each day. Based on that data, I will take an inventory on the computer for later convenience for the decisions of salary or reward and discipline of each employee for the company. After completion statistics each day, at the end of each month I will sum up and send a report to the chief of human resource department. This work requires meticulous, careful, patient and accurate characteristics. The third job is that I have to build a plan and supervise the work of collection, preservation, and allocation of property and equipment stationery. This work requires me to link many parts of companies such as purchasing, parts inventory, storage ... I will plan to purchase products for the month or quarter or year. The plan in this work is extremely important, it requires me to grasp the essential products, how many products and how to purchase to comply with the requirements and costs of the company. Then I will choose the supplier and then proceed to buy imported goods in warehouses. Based on the operations of each department, I allocate assets appropriately and manage the use of that property. III. Experience

During the period of internship at the company, I draw lessons for the implementation of the tasks of the human resource department. The work requires me to start planning, particularly the work schedule daily, weekly or monthly. A specific and detailed plan will help me have a logical order to perform the work, ensuring the best results. In each plan, I must have a specific goal to orient my activities to achieve that goal. For example, when making plans to buy office products for the company, I need to specify the targets correctness, completion, cost savings. Next, I try to improve my professional expertise of the office, to perform the job, I need to equip themselves with knowledge about computers, proficient use of the software program, network, office equipment such as internal telephone, copier, fax machine. Besides, I also need to equip myself with the knowledge and skills of human resource management as well as comprehend the Labour law.

Besides, I also learned about the soft skills for myself, such as communication skills and building relationships in the workplace. For colleagues, it is necessary for me to always listen to people with an attitude of respect, understanding and sharing; do not turn the small disagreement into an argument but turn into positive discussions to find solutions to be satisfactory. For managers, I must always observe and comply with the requirements that the administrator proposed. When I talk with managers, I have to speak clearly, understandably, seriously with a high accuracy. In the office, I learn to always listen to others opinion whether they are right or wrong and not to interrupt or argue, then present my views in a most convincing way. Besides, I also learned that skill to deal with many tasks in the same time. I recognized that a good employee is an employee who is more likely to work with many tasks within the scope of his functions as well as appreciate and select the important and urgent work to solve the first priority task. In doing so, I can improve my capability of time management and arrange my taks logically and effectively. In addition, I perceived the collaboration skills to work as useful in the office that is when I make links with other departments within the company to take statistics of employees to work, off work or leave each day, each month instead of finding statistical data by myself. This helps me enhance my relationship with many people while I save much time thanks to others support. Besides, I learn that some of these soft skills are indispensable for any employee is the optimistic and social attitude with the collective, and learn to accept criticism from others, especially from managers. From that, I become agility, flexibility, autonomy under pressure of work. IV. Expectation and reality

In academic aspects, as a learner, I supposed to acquire much knowledge from the internship. Actually, I just realized that I learned from the course so much during the time I conducted the work. The research forces me to remember and apply the knowledge from the beginning of the course to the practice of research. The fact of work let me remember it longer and deeper to apply in the later. The real tasks also let me know that to conduct studying a problem, it is necessary for me to have the theoretical framework in this field. Previously, when deciding anything, I just think and decide by myself. Now to decide a problem in academy, I try to find what it is, what people talk about it, what the most appropriate perspective for the problems. In summary, it helps me to have critical thinking in human resource management. V. Recommendation 1. Achievement of human resource management in the company Over time understanding the Company and the existing sources of information collected can see that in the work of improving the quality of human resources the Company has made some achievements as follows: - The value of total production increased compared to both planned and implemented in 2004, efficient production and business of the Company increased leading to increased

wages, living officers and employees is improved. This is partly the result of the training is done with the number and quality, improve labor productivity 2. Existence and causes: - Training needs are determined based on the business plan is based on evaluating the work done to evaluate the job is not serious, fair and broadly accurate. Identify training needs not based on human resource planning should also limit the range is more likely to develop in the future direction of the corporation. - The objectives of the business training given very general, not specific problems and cannot quantify the problem. Goals are made without accompanying measures to achieve the objective. - Select the object of the enterprise training: the selection of trainees simply not been evaluated thoroughly. Objects of business training is also limited because the majority of trainees are employees or staff working in the Corporation. - Training expenses from fund training and development of the business, cost per training course paid by enterprises, but the calculation of training costs of the business less attention to opportunity costs ignored that most of the cost is the cost of business are quantifiable so as not enough. -Implementation of training programs: it is decentralized and there is a separate department specialized rooms wage labor organization responsible for implementing the program but has not been effective as expected due to staff but not understand the depth of training and development, so there are limitations in the evaluation of training effectiveness should implement training programs still have many problems. - Evaluation of training programs of the Company mainly on substance rather than on a specific quantification of very low, so evaluate the effectiveness of training is not close to reality bring effective training, relationship link between training and business results are evaluated only over the target of average labor productivity that average labor productivity to be affected by many factors. 3. Cause: - As team leaders in the company still do not understand the tremendous impact of the work of improving the quality of labor. - Some work in the field of human resource management of limited company as the job evaluation, salary stimulate use of labor, job analysis is not effective. - The competitiveness of the domestic market, creating a major world business pressures, moreover this is a State-owned enterprises should still be affected by the notion of subjective wills of senior .To complete the analysis and design work In this work the Company shall do well to build the job description for each worker and raise the requirements of the job for a worker specific and clearer.

4. Recommendation To make the person in charge must have the information collection methods more diverse. Measures should be coordinated collection of information together to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of information. After you have all the necessary information about the job analysis staff analyst to aggregate that information and information divided into different groups, with as many details as possible to the job description. The description must make sure that workers are basically the job content, as well as the conditions on working time, work environment that organization for the job. On the basis of standards set for each job, analysts will have to define the requirements that individuals must meet the workers when the job: It is the requirements for qualification, business skills tests, characteristic mental fitness ... of workers. The determination of the job requirements for the implementation must be based on the general level of employees in the company, to avoid making the requirements too high or too low, causing psychological stress to employees: If the request is too high selfesteem employees would not dare even if the job requirements are too low will affect performance as well as corporations. After the analysis, must be taken of these comments directly to construction workers and professionals working in related fields to work, further amended and completed. If after a reasonable process that should be widely applicable new. This work is to provide high efficiency requires the Company to select the personnel department can analyze information gathering and processing information correctly and science. * Innovative forms of labor recruitment Recruitment in the company exists in two issues: recruitment sources and recruiting methods. Stage of recruitment is a relatively important for determining the quality of human resources for the Company should have to pay attention to the innovation of this work. + Recruitment sources Company should be expanded further to recruitment sources. Until now, almost new company stop at the recruitment of staff on the recommendation of the company, bypassing the labor market is very rich with good labor-intensive, highly skilled are employment needs. Company should pay close attention to the system of vocational schools, universities and colleges by annually based on the recruitment needs of corporations, the responsible officers should give notice to the widely school (notice to schools, newspapers ...) to attract the candidates involved in the recruitment process. On the other hand also the avoidance of recruitment sources must frontier is necessarily outside the enterprise but also the entire staff in the departments, the member units of

the company, it is also widely reported to each employee of the Company when the Company wants to recruit employees in certain job position. This is a way for managers to exploit, explore the ability of employees under their management, which measures effective use of lower-level employees. For the workers here are trying their best conditions in the new job, avoid the monotonous, boring work. Recruitment needs to provide full information on vacancies as: - Require the level required. - Gender. - The health status. - Opportunities to develop themselves if they are admitted to the position that- The treatment regime as well as enjoy the responsibility to make . - ... + Forms of Employment: Stage should start recruiting from the review records, research, classify and select the records meet the requirements given by the Corporation. Then organize the meetings, direct interview candidates and select the suitable candidates, meeting most of the work conditions, Vacancies. For participating candidates on probation for a period of time, if the job is assumed to be officially enrolled in the Corporation. In the interview meetings, depending on the characteristics of job vacancies that the interviewer will give the questions to gather the most relevant information to the ability and capacity of the labor but does not cause psychological stress for the candidate, and can predict the motivation of candidates. Form is being recruited many businesses in our country and bring application works very well. To make the Company is required to have a detailed plan of human resources, accuracy is built on the full information about the real situation of existing human resources of the Corporation. + Physical stimulation by salary, bonus for trained subjects. The Company staff are salaried employees by job level are following the work of the State payrolls and we discover that the more higher the greater the stimulus material but to answer the question of This was sufficient stimulus for trained objects after the course is entitled to no? Stimulating material in the current period is a most positive measures. Company outside the organization must implement step salary increase rewards for those who have academic achievement and labor: the reward may be in cash, gifts of value, or a

vacation ... with jobs that can stimulate the spirit of so many workers, increasing the level of enthusiasm to learn and stick with the job with more corporations.