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Test of Reasoning Ability

1. Four of the following five are like in certain way and hence from a group. Find the one that does not belong to
the group. (l- i - i li i -i r i - r in r | i i r i - r - ri ini r `)
(1)VXY (2) BDE (3) MOQ (4)HJK (5) QST

2. If Ni Ti Ku means you are gone, Ti Pi Ka means you were there, Ka Ni Lu means We are there.
What is the code for gone? (li - iiii - Ni Ti Ku i i r you are gone, Ti Pi Ka i i r you
were there, Ka Ni Lu i i r We are there ni Gone i - i r `)
(1)Ni (2) Ku (3) Ti (4)Lu (5) None of these

3. How many meaningful words can be formed by using the second, fifth, sixth and fourth letter of the word
MOMENTUM. Write the last letter of that as your answer, if more than are such word can be formed mark
your answer as X and if no such word can be formed, mark your answer as T?
(MOMENTUM i , i ( , s- i i i ii - ln i i i i i n r | i i ln- i
i ri ni`l ili i i i n ri ni i -i X i i ii i ri ni r ni i -i
T `)
(1)E (2) X (3) T (4)N (5) None of these

4. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word OPTIONAL, which have as many letters between them
as there are in the English alphabet?
(OPTIONAL i - ln i r l i ri ii n ri i r ln l i n i (i -ii - r `)
(1)One (2) Three (3) Two (4)More than three (5) None of these

5. In a certain code NUMBER is coded as PSOZGP, how will TOPPLE be written in that code?
(li - iiii - NUMBER i i PSOZGP r ni i iiii - TOPPLE i i i i ri ni`)
(1)VNRNNC (2) VMRMNC (3) VMRNNC (4)VMRNNB (5) None of these

6. If yellow means green, green means red, red means blue and blue means white, what is the color of clear sky?
(l ii i -n ri, ri i -n i, i i -n ii i ii i -n r ni i i-i i n i
ri ni`)
(1)Blue (2) White (3) Red (4) Yellow (5) None of these

7. In a certain code DUCK is written as %$+#, DOUBLE is written as %$@!, then how will
BLOCK be written in that code?
(i - iiii - DUCK i i %$+#, i DOUBLE i i %$@!r ni i iiii - BLOCK i i i
i ri ni`)
(1) $+# (2) $+# (3) $#+ (4) $%! (5) None of these

8. If each of following numbers are reversed, which will be the 3
if they are arranged in descending order after
reversal? (l- ii i l ~- - - li (i ri - - ii i ni ni -ii i ri i ini`)
zr/, r:, zsc, /r/, ss zr/, r:, zsc, /r/, ss zr/, r:, zsc, /r/, ss zr/, r:, zsc, /r/, ss
(1)257 (2) 286 (3) 984 (4)534 (5) 757

Direction (Q9 10) Study the following informations carefully and answers the question that follows:
If A + B means A is father of B. (A B i lni r |)
A B means A is mother of B (A B i -i r |)
A B means A is sister of B (A B i r r |)
A X B means A is brother of B (A B i ii; r |)


9. If P+QRXS, then how is P related to S?
(l P+QRXS ni P i S i i r `)
(1)Grandfather (2) Father (3) Uncle (4)Brother (5) N.O.T

10. Which of the following equations menas Mis maternal grandfather of P.?
(l- - l -ii i ni- r Mii r P i `)
(1)M+N+O X P (2) M+N+OP (3) M+N-OXP (4)M+NO+P (5) None of these
Direction (Q11 13) Study the following informations carefully and answers the question that follows:
(1) P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are eight persons sitting around a circular table facing towards the centre.
(P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W ( nii - ii i i - i - r |)
(2) V is in between T and S but is not facing U or W. (V T i S - r , U i(i W i- ri r |)
(3) R is 3
to the left of Q and is not adjacent to S. (R Q i; i nii r i S n - ri r |)
(4) U is neither adjacent to R nor facing S. (U ri R n - r i S i- `)
11. Who is sitting in between U and R? (U i R - i -i r `)
(1)T (2) W (3) P (4)Data inadequate (5) None of these

12. Who is facing V? (V i- i -i r `)
(1)W (2) P (3) S (4)T (5) None of these

13. Which of the following is not a pair sitting opposite each other?
(l- - i i i i i- i- ri -i r `)
(1)RQ (2) UT (3) SW (4)PV (5) SR

14. A is father of B and son of C, D and E are children of H, who is only daughter in law of F. A is only son of F. if
E is the only sister of her brothers, how is C related to D?
(A, B i lni i C i r | D i E, H r i F i ;ini r r | A, F i ;ini r | l E ii; i i
;i -ii r r , ni C, D lin r `)
(1)Grandson (2) Grandmother (3) Grandfather (4)Father (5) None of these

15. Among five friends P, Q, R, S and T, Q is taller than S and T. R is shorter than only one person, while S is taller
than only one person. Who is the tallest?
(i l-i P,Q,R,S i T - Q , S i T i r | R l ln i-i r l S l ln i r | i
i r `)
(1)Q (2) P (3) S (4)R (5) None of these

Direction (Q16 20) Study the following informations carefully and answers the question that follows:
M N K 1 R @ B C 5 7 # T S W 6 3 A I & X W 9 + Z D ? P
16. How many numbers are there in the above sequence, each of which is either immediately preceded by a letter or
immediately followed by a symbol?
(i n ii - lni i i r l nn r i i n n i n r `)
(1)None (2) Two (3) Four (4)Three (5) More than four.

17. Which element in the above sequence is exactly in the middle between 6th element from the left end and 10th
element from the right end?
(i n ii - i i n-( i; si c- i i; si a( n-(i l~ - - r `)
(1)# (2) T (3) W (4)S (5) None of these


18. Four of the following five are similar in some way and form a group. Find the one that does not belong to that
(l- i - i li i -i r i - r in r | ni i i - r - ri ini r `)
(1)M1K (2) S36 (3) +P? (4)R5C (5) 5ST

19. What will come in place of question mark (?) in the following sequence?
(l- ii - lr (?) -ii i ini`)
MKN, RC@, ?.., IW&
(1)75# (2) 5T7 (3) #WT (4)T6S (5) None of these

20. If all the symbols from the above series are dropped, which element will be 5th to the right of 8th element from
the left end? (l i n ii i ni r-i l i ni i i n-( i; si s( n-( ilr i r(i ri ni`)
(1)W (2) 3 (3) 6 (4)3 (5) None of these

Direction (Q21 25): Each of the questions below has three or four statements followed by three or four
conclusions. You have to take the given statements as true, even if they appear contrary to the already known fact.
You have to find which of the given conclusions can be drawn out of the given statements.
21. Statement:- All clouds are silver. (ii iii i i r |)
No silver is black. (i ; i i ii ri r |)
Some stars are silver. ( s ni i i r |)

Conclusions:- I. Some stars are clouds. ( s ni iii r |)
II. No cloud is black. (i ; iii ii ri r |)
III. Some starts are black. ( s ni i r |)
IV. Some starts are not black. ( s ni i ri r |)

(1)Only I, II and III follow (2) Only II and IV follow (3) Only II and either III or IV follow
(4)Only either III or IV follow (5) None of these

22. Statement:- Some table are chairs. ( s - l i r |)
All chairs are benches. (ii l i r |)
All benches are desk. (ii - r |)

Conclusions:- I. Some desks are tables. ( s - - r |)
II. Some Benches are tables. ( s - r |)
III. Some desks are chairs. ( s - l i r |)
IV. Some desks are not chairs. ( s - l i ri r |)
(1)Only I, II and III follow (2) Only I and III follow (3) Only I, II and either III or IV follow
(4)Only I and II follow (5) None of these

23. Statement: Only cars are patrols. (( i -i r |)
All buses are diesels. (-iii i r |)
All diesels are train. (-iii i - r |)


Conclusions:- I. Some buses are trains. ( s - r |)
II. All cars are patrols. (ii i -i r |)
III. All cars are diesels. (ii i i r |)
IV. All patrols are cars. (ii -i i r |)
(1)Only I follows (2) Only II and III follow (3) Only IV follows
(4)Only I and IV follow (5) None of these

24. Statement: All pinks are blue. (ii n ii ii r |)
All red are green. (ii i ri r |)
Some blue are green. ( s ii ri r |)
I. All pinks are either green or red. ( s n ii i ni ri i i r |)
II. All blue are red is a possibility. (-ii ii i ri i ii(i r |)
III. All green, which are red, are pinks also. (i ri, i i r , n ii ii r |)
IV. All blue are pink is a possibility. ( s ii n ii ri i ii(i r |)
(1)Only I and II follow (2) Only II follows (3) Only III and IV follow
(4)None follows (5) None of these

25. Statement:- All teachers are educated. (ii lii lilin r |)
Only educated are students. (( lilin l(niii r |)
No teacher is a male. (i ; -i i ri r |)
I. No male is educated is a possibility. (i ; i lilin ri r ii(i r |)
II. Some educated, who are students, may be makes. ( s lilin, i l(niii r , i ri n r |)
III. All students are teachers. (ii l(niii lii r |)
IV. Some teachers are not students is a Possibility. ( s lii l(niii ri r ii(i r |)
(1)Only I and II follow (2) Only II and IV follow (3) Only I, II and IV follow
(4)Only IV follows (5) None of these

Direction (Q26 31): Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F were born in different months March, April, May, June,
July and August, through not respectively. All have different sun signs Aries, Virgo, Libra, Cancer, Taurus, and
Gemini. D was born neither in the month of July nor in April but is a Libran. B is neither Taurean nor Cancerian
but was born in the months of August. An Arian is born neither in the month of March nor in April. A person who
has Gemini as his sun sign, in born either in June or in March. A, who was born in the month of June, is either
Taurean or Cancerian. Virgo is the sun sign of either C or F. E was not born in March.
(s ln A,B,C,D,E & F i - n -rii ii -i , , -; , , i; i n-n - r i r , ri l ri - i( ri r |
; i ilii n n r - i, i, n i, , ( i ( l-i | D i - ri i; i ri - r i r l i
ili n i r | B i ili ri ( i i ri r , l i - n-n - r i r | - i ili (i ln i - ri -i - i
ri ~i - r i r | (r ln li ili l-i r , i - i ni -i - r i | A li - - r i r , i ni
i ( i ili i r | i ili i ni C i i F i r | E i - -i - ri r i r | )

26. If F was born in the month of March, then what is the sun sign of C?
(l F i - -i - r i r ni C i ili i r `)
(a) Cant be determined (b) Virgo (i ) (c)Gemini (l-i )


(d) Cancer ( ) (e) None of these
27. Which of the following combinations is definitely true?
l- - i lln - - r `
(a) E April Cancer( E- ) (b)C March Gemini (C- -i l-i )
(c) B August Aries ( B- n-n - i) (d)E July Taurus (E- i; ( i )
(e) None of these
28. Who is born in the month of May? (-; -ir - li - r i r `)
(a) D (b) C (c) F (d) Data inadequate( i i n) (e) None of these
29. What is sun sign of B?( B i ili i r `)
(a) Virgo (i) (b) Libra( n i)(c) Gemini ( l-i ) (d)Data inadequate( i i n) (e) None of these
30. If a Taurean is bron in the month of April, then in which month the person of sun sign Virgo was born?
(l ( i ili (i ln i - - r i r , ni i ili (i i - r i r `)
(a) March (b) July (c) June (d)August (e) Data inadequate
31. Which of the following combinations is definitely false. (l- - i i - r `)
(a) C April Virgo (C- i) (b) A June - Cancer (A- )
(c) F July Virgo (E- i; i ) (d) D June Libra (D- n i )
(e) None of these

Direction (Q32 36): In each of the following questions, a statement is followed by two assumptions numbered I
and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. Mark answer as
i) If only assumption I is valid.
ii) If only assumption II is valid.
iii) If either assumption I or II is valid.
iv) If neither assumption I or II is valid.
v) If both assumption I and II are valid.
32. Statement :- Deposit twelve installments in advance for your jawellery and we will give two installments on
your behalf A jewellery shop. ( ii iii l ir l-n ln - il i r- i i l-n i n |)
I. People expect some gain from their advance payments. (~ii n ln - i nni - ii i --i in r |)
II. Everyone desire to own jewellery. ( - ln ii ii ii irni r |)

33. Statements :- Do not touch strey objects in public places.(i( l -iii i(il (-n i i s |)
I. These objects may be bombs. ( (-n - ri ni r |)
II. Generally People tend to touch strey objects. (i-ini i n i(il (-n i i sn r |)

34. Statement: - Although India has highest no of English speaking people in the world. It does not have a market
for quality English literature. (iin - n i i (ii i i l(( - (i li r , ; i( iin - n i ilr- i
ii ri r |)
I. India has produced only a few renowned English writers. (iin rn ri - l, n i i l r |)
II. Market of literatures depends upon the no. of persons speaking that language.
(ilr- i ii iiii i i (i lni i i li ni r | )

35. Statement: - The politics in northern India still has caste and language as its major component. Development of
the region lags for behind. (-ii iin i iiln - iln i iiii i ii -r-( i i- r | i i l(irn is
ini r |)
I. Caste based politics is not beneficial for any region. (iln iiiln iiln li ii i l iii ri r |)
II. Political parties are solely responsible for this situation. (; (-ii l iiln il- i -iii r |)

36. Statement: - If Ritesh has finished reading instructions, he should start the work accordingly.( l in i l ii
i li r , ni n i i i i i ilr|)


I. Ritesh is able to comprehend the instructions. (in i l ii i -n i - i- r |)
II. Ritesh is able to complete the work satisfactorily. (in i i i n l- i i - i- r |)
Direction (Q37 40): A machine arranges a string of words and numbers following a particular rule. Study the
following example carefully and answer the questions that follow: -
Input: - 32 17 care 10 calm 28 cool drum.
Step I: - 10 32 17 care calm 28 cool drum.
Step II: - 10 32 17 care 28 cool drum clam.
Step III: - 10 17 32 care 28 cool drum clam.
Step IV: - 10 17 32 28 cool drum care calm.
Step V: - 10 17 28 32 cool drum care calm.
Step VI: - 10 17 28 32 drum cool care calm.
Step VI is the last step for the above input.
37. How many steps are required for final arrangement if the input is
(l ; - l- r ni ln- i l ii i i(ni r )
Input 38 62 wide wear 32 57 wind work.
(1) Four (2)Six (3)Five (4) Seven (5) None of these

38. It step II of any input is 16 41 dear door double 27 38 dart, what will be the fifth step?
(l li ; - i i i r 16 41 dear door double 27 38 dart ni i i (i i i ri ni`)
(1) 16 27 38 41 double door dear dart. (2) 16 27 41 38 door double dear dart.
(3) 16 27 41 door 38 double dear dart. (4) 16 27 38 41 door double dear dart.
(5) None of these.

39. If the fifth step of any input is 16 28 32 nice 39 nick near name, what was the second step?
(l li ; - i i(i i r 16 28 32 nice 39 nick near name ni i i i i ii`)
(1) 16 28 nice 32 39 near nick name. (2) 16 nice 28 39 near 32 name nick.
(3) 16 nice near 39 28 32 name nick. (4) nick name 16 near 32 28 nice 39.
(5) Cant be determined.

40. If input is Bag ball 72 68 boon 82 name 54, what will be the last step?
(1) 72 68 82 54 Big ball boom name. (2) 72 68 54 82 Big ball name boon.
(3) 54 68 72 82 Big name boom ball. (4) 54 68 72 82 name boom Big ball.
(5) None of these.

Direction (Q41 25): Each of the following questions consists of a statement followed by two arguments numbered
I and II. You have to decide which of these two arguments is Strong and which is weak. Mark your answer as -
1. If only argument I is strong.
2. If only argument II is strong.
3. If either argument I or II is strong.
4. If neither argument I nor II is strong.
5. If both argument I and II is strong.

41. Statement: - should girls also demand dowry if they are employed and their prospective husband is
unemployed? (i li i r -i ni ilr l ( -( i ni - ri i ii(iln i ni ri `)


I. Yes, this is what the boys do. (ri, ri ni n r |)
II. No, dowry in any form is prohibited in our constitution. (ri , li ii - r i r-i l(ii - li i r |)

42. Statements: - should the politicians found using corrupt election practices for their elections be imprisoned for
life. ?(i i iilnni i , i i( l i - ni in r in r , - i ii ilr|)
I. Yes, using corrupt means in elections is tantamount to disturbing the parliamentary set up of the country.
(ri, i(i - i - ni ii i i i (-ii s si r |)
II. No, every politician and political parties resort to unfair means so its a level playing ground.
( ri , - iilnn i iiln i-i i - ni in r | n i -i nr r |)

43. Statement: - Should the no. of holidays of government employees be reduced to half of what it is?
(i ii - ili i s l- -i i i i-i (-i -i iii i ii ilr` )
I. No, holidays are very essential to maintain work efficiency as Govt. employees put in hard work to
complete their tasks. (ri , s l- -ii i i-ni i i l -i( rini r i l ii - ii i i
l i - rn n r |)
II. Yes, Govt. employees in India get the maximum no. of holidays around the world.
(ri, iin - ii l- i i s l- -i l(( - (i li r |)

44. Statement: - Should the licenses given to MNCs to set up their manufacturing units be quashed whenever they
are held guilty of polluting the environment? (i ri-i li i -i ; i; i -iii rn -i nln
i ilr l ( (ini(i i lin n r i in r `)
I. Yes, stopping environment pollution is above all other things. (ri, (ini(ii ii i i ii- i i i - i
+ r |)
II. No, this will affect the growth of economy adversily. (ri , ; - i (-ii l(i ln ni|)

45. Statement: - Should the BCCI be freed from its political administrators, who dont play the game, but run the
affairs?(i iiii; i iiln iii , i i ni ri i n r , i -i- iin r , - n i ilr` )
I. Yes, those who dont play the game cant manage it. (ri, i i ri i n r ( ;i i ri n | )
II. Yes, senior players who have retired after playing for the country should be appointed as administrators.
(ri, (l- liil i , i i l i i r , i ii l n li ii ilr` )
Direction (Q46 50): Each of the following questions have two statements following it mark your answer
1. If only statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question.
(l l i i- i -i l ii n r |)
2. If only statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question.
(l l i l,ni i -i l ii n r |)
3. If either statement I alone or statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question.
(l i ni l i i- i l l,ni i i -i l ii n r |)
4. If the question cant be answered even after using both the statements.
(l i- i -i i i ii i l-i ii ri li i ni r |)
5. If the question can be answered by using both the statements.
(l i -i i i ii i l-i li i ni r |)

46. In which direction is Pradeep looking?
I. Pradeep started from his house & went 10 mtrs straight, turned left covered 15 mtrs and finally turned left
again to cover 5 more meters.


( i i iii a -i- ni, i; i - i i r -i- i ( nn i - r -i- i|)
II. Pradeep went eastward from his house in the beginning. (i - i i ( lii - i ii|)

47. What is the rank of Babita from the end of the class?
(iini i -ii ii n lni r `)
I. Ramesh is five ranks below dinesh, who is 10 ranks above Babita.
(- i, l i r -ii i r i l ini a -ii + r |)
II. There are 30 students in the class. (ii - :a l(niii r |)

48. What is the code for together? ( together i - i r `)
I. In a code language ti pi nik means we and they, and pi tu means we together.
II. nik ti ja means you and they and ja to tu means you were together.

49. Who is the tallest? ( i i r `)
I. P is taller than R and S among five persons. T is not the tallest.
(i lni - P, R i S i r | T i ri r |)
II. U is taller than T, and S is shorter than R. (U, T i r i S, R si -i r |)

50. On which day is the birthday of Rajesh? (i i i -l r `)
I. Rajeshs sister Neetu remembers that his brothers birthday falls between 9th April and 13th April.
(i i i r in i i r l ii; i -l s i : i ini r |)
II. Rajeshs brother Dinesh remembers that Rajeshs birthday falls between 11th April and 15th April.
(i i ii; l i i i r l i i i s- i r i ini r |)

Test of Numerical Ability

51. 12 men can complete the work in 36 days, 18 women can complete the same piece of work in 60
days. 8 men and 20 women work together for 20 days. If only women were to complete the
remaining work in 4 days. How many women would be required to complete the remaining work?
(z i-i i- i :c li - n r , s i n i i i ca li - ni r , s i-i i za i n i
i i za l n r , i l i n ri i i ni r | ii i i ln i n i ni `)
(1)70 days (2) 28 days (3) 66 days (4)40 days (5) None of these

52. The number obtained by interchanging the two digits of a two digit number is less than the original
no by 27. If the difference between the two digit of the is 3, what is the original no?
(li i i i l - l(lnn li i ni in ri (ii ; i - i z/ - r |
l - i i i n : r ni - i i r `)
(1)74 (2) 63 (3) 85 (4)D.I (5) None of these

53. A train crosses a pole in 5 sec while it crosses 200 m long platform in 15 sec. Find the length of the
train? ( nii li i-i i r - i ini r i zaa -i- -i- i r - nii
i -i; nin `)
(1)100 m (2) 200m (3) 300m (4)400m (5) None of these


Direction(Q. No. 54 - 56): - A basket contains 6 red, 5 green and 4 blue balls. ( -i i - c i, r r i
ii n ii r ; r |)
54. If 4 balls are picked at randomly, what is the probability that all four of them are Red?
(l n i i lii ini r ni ii i ri i i iini r | )
(5) None of these

55. If three balls are taken randomly, what is the chance of getting at least one Red coloured balls.
(l ni n i i lii i ni - - i n i n ri i i ii(i r |)
(5) None of these

56. Two balls are taken randomly, what is the chance of getting either Blue or Green colour balls?
(l i n lii i, ni i i i i r ri i i iini r `)
(5) None of these
57. How many difference words con be formed with the word UNITED so that all the vowels will
come together?
( UNITED i i liilii ln i i i n r , l- -( r- ii ii - r `)
(1) 720 (2) 120 (3) 60 (4) 360 (5) None of these

58. The compound interest earned on an amount of Rs 15000 at the end of three years is Rs 3895.68
what is the rate of interest per annum?
(raaa ii ni (ii i ( l, i :ssr.cs ii r ni (ili i i nin `)
(1)8 (2) 6.5 (3) 5 (4)12 (5) None of these

59. The circumference of a circle is equal to the pere metre of a square whose area is 121 sqcm. What is
the area of circle?
(li (n i l-i (n l-i i r li i z
cm r | (n i i nin `)
cm (2) 154
cm (3) 121
cm (4)Cant be determined (5) None of these

60. On childrens day, sweets were to be equally distributed amongst 540 children. But due to some
reason, 120 children were absent, thus each child got 4 sweets extra, how many sweets were each
child were originally supposed to get?
(i l( ( ra i - l--i; i i -i ii ii, li ii(i za l-in ri n l ii
- i l--i; i lnln l-i| - n - i lni l--i; i l-i ii `)
(1)18 (2) 25 (3) 14 (4)20 (5) None of these

Q(61-55) what should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions.
(l- i - l- i - l- i - l- i - lr ( lr ( lr ( lr (` `` `) -ii i ini ) -ii i ini ) -ii i ini ) -ii i ini` `` `)


1 1 1 1
13 5 4 3 ?
4 4 4 2
+ + + =
(2) 13
(3) 14

(5) None of these

62. 14 X 18.6 12 + 19.3 = ?
(1)18 (2) 25 (3) 14 (4)20 (5) None of these

4.2 2.1 8.4 3.5
8 64 7 56 56
X X X =
(1)18.2 (2) 9.8 (3) 11.9 (4)12.6 (5) None of these

3 3
12167 32768 2x + =
(1)27.5 (2) 28.5 (3) 29.5 (4)26.5 (5) None of these

65. 75% of 162 + 150% of 72 = ?
(1)219.5 (2) 218.5 (3) 217.5 (4)220 (5) None of these
Q (66-70): In each of following number series only one number is wrong. Find out that no? (l- l- l- l-
ii - l i nn r | i i nin ii - l i nn r | i i nin ii - l i nn r | i i nin ii - l i nn r | i i nin ` `` `)
66. 3, 5, 11, 29, 87, 314
(1)87 (2) 11 (3) 29 (4)314 (5) None of these

67. 12, 13, 20, 48, 112, 237
(1)13 (2) 237 (3) 20 (4)48 (5) None of these

68. 8.1, 9.2, 17.3, 26.5, 43.8, 71.5, 114.1
(1)17.3 (2) 26.5 (3) 43.8 (4)9.2 (5) None of these

69. 10, 16, 48, 320, 4864, 154628
(1)154628 (2) 4864 (3) 320 (4)16 (5) None of these

70. 48, 24, 72, 34, 108, 54
(1)54 (2) 34 (3) 72 (4)108 (5) None of these
Q(71-75) What approximate value should come in place of question mark (?) in the following
questions? (l ll l- i - lr -ii i (ii l- -i i r - i - lr -ii i (ii l- -i i r - i - lr -ii i (ii l- -i i r - i - lr -ii i (ii l- -i i r ` `` `)
71. (420% of 739) 518 = ?
(1)6 (2) 8 (3) 10 (4)12 (5) 4

72. 5251 3.5 2 = ?


1)747 (2) 752 (3) 744 (4)756 (5) None of these

(1)50 (2) 49 (3) 43 (4)38 (5) None of these

74. (5999 + 4871 + 3332) (712 + 510 + 325) = ?
(1)11 (2) 9 (3) 11.5 (4)7.5 (5) None of these

75. 4368 7 2
(1)312 (2) 308 (3) 316 (4)320 (5)325

Study the following Graph carefully to answer the questions that follows

(Profit in Rs. Crore )
76. What is the % profit of the company in the year 2004, if the income of the company was Rs 120 cr?.
( zaa i i i ii lnin nin n (i i i i za i a ii`)
(1)100% (2) 120% (3) 133% (4)125% (5)140%

77. The expenditure of the company in the year 2005 was Rs 85 cr. what is the ratio of Income to
expenditure of the company in the year?
(zaar i i i sr i r ni (i i i ( i in nin `)
(1)23:17 (2) 5:4 (3) 11:8 (4)21:16 (5) None of these

78. What is the average profit made by the company during these years. ( i ,ii ln ii i i (ii
i i n i r `)
(1)50 (2) 48 (3) 53 (4)57 (5) 61

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006


79. What is the percentage increase in the profit of the company in the year 2004 from the previous
years? (ls (i i n i - (i zaa - i ii - ln lnin i ( l, r ; r `)
(1)43% (2) 46% (3) 50% (4)90% (5) None of these

80. Find the Income of the company for the year 2005?
(ii zaar l i i i nin `)
(1)30 (2) 130 (3) 60 (4)D.I (5) None of these
Direction(Q 81 85): Study the pie charts carefully to answer the following questions.
(( -i i- i i( i i (i i -i `)
Total appeared candidates = 6,000.

No of students = 6000 No of Girls = 3500
81. The no of Girls studying chemistry is what % of total no of students.
(i ii- - (ii li i i si i i lni lnin `)
(1)12.35% (2) 14.12 (3) 11.67 (4)10.08 (5) None of these

82. How many no of students are studying maths & Physics?
(nli ( ii lni (i l(niii i i i nin `)
(1)1010 (2) 1220 (3) 970 (4)840 (5) None of these

83. What is the ratio of girls in English to the boys in English?
( n i (i i ( i i i i in nin `)
(1)47:49 (2) 23:29 (3) 29:23 (4)49:47 (5) None of these

84. What is the total no of girls in Hindi & Chemistry? (lr i i i ii- (ii li i i
i r `)
(1)960 (2) 1050 (3) 1010 (4)1000 (5) None of these

85. What approximate percentage of total students are boys?
(i - (i i i i si i i lni lnin r `)
(1)34 (2)56 (3)28 (4)32 (5) 42
Direction (Q. 86 - 90): Study the following bar-graph carefully to answer the following questions.
(l- ini i i( i i (i i -i `)






Production (in lack ton) of six units of a company in 2001 and 2002.

86. What is the average production of all the units for the years 2002?
(ii l- i (i zaaz i i n -i nin `)
(1)89 (2) 92 (3) 87 (4)25 (5) None of these

87. Average production of three unit A, B and C in 2001 is what % of average production of unit D, E
and F in 2002?
((i zaa - A, B i C i i n -i, (i zaaz - l- D, E nii F i n -i i lni lnin r |)
(1)109.43 (2)90.37 (3) 91.38 (4)106.43 (5) None of these

88. What is the Ratio of total production for two year together for unit B to that for unit C?
(B i (ii i -i nii C i (ii -i i in nin `)
(1)17:13 (2) 13:17 (3) 11:13 (4)19:13 (5) None of these

89. What was the total production of unit C, D and E together for both the years?
( l- C, D nii E i -i i i (ii - lni r i r `)
(1)495 (2) 595 (3) 545 (4)515 (5) None of these

90. Production of C is what % of production of E in 2002?
((i zaaz - C i -i, E i -i i lni lnin r `)
(1)50 (2) 105 (3) 102 (4) 106 (5) None of these
Direction (Q91 95): Each of the following questions have two statements following it mark your answer
1. If only statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question.
(l l i i- i -i l ii n r |)
2. If only statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question.
(l l i l,ni i -i l ii n r |)
3. If either statement I alone or statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question.
(l i ni l i i- i l l,ni i i -i l ii n r |)
4. If the question cant be answered even after using both the statements.
(l i- i -i i i ii i l-i ii ri li i ni r |)
Series 1
Series 2


5. If the question can be answered by using both the statements.
(l i -i i i ii i l-i li i ni r |)
91. What is the speed of a boat? (iin - i( i i nin )
I. The boat covers a distance of 48 km in 6 hours while running upstream
(iii l(in i( i s l-i n - i -i nni r |)
II. It covers the same distance in 4 hour while running downstream.
(i i i iii ii n - i -i nni r |)
92. What is a two digit numbers? (i i i i nin |)
I. Sum of digit is equal to difference between the digit ( i i i n i n i r |)
II. Difference of digits in 9. ( i i n s r |)
93. When the work will be completed if A and B work in alternate days?
(i -in ln li - ri ni l i i l si i- n r `)
I. A can do it 8 hour (A i i s i - - i ni r |)
II. B can do it 10 hour (B i i i a i - - i ni r |)
94. Find the difference between Simple interest and Compound interest?
(( l, ( iiii i i n nin `)
I. Principal is 40,000 (- i aaaa r |)
II. Rate of the interest per year is 10%. ( ln (i i i a lnin r |)
95. What is the value of a ? (a i -i nin |)
I. a + b = 9
II. a b = 0
Direction(Q. 96 100): What approximate value should come in place of the question mark (?) in
the following question? (You are not expected to calculate the exact value.)
(l- i - lr ( l- i - lr ( l- i - lr ( l- i - lr (` `` `) -ii i ini ) -ii i ini ) -ii i ini ) -ii i ini` `` `)

96. 9546324 4584 = ?
(1)2149 (2) 1986 (3) 2083 (4)2247 (5) None of these

97. 182.225 X 21.652 X 33.584 = ?
(1)132507 (2)149428 (3)120426 (4)106438 (5) None of these
98. 8650 ? =
(1)84 (2) 79 (3) 99 (4)87 (5) 93

99. 63.5% of 8924.2 + ?% of 5324.4 = 6827.5862
(1)36 (2) 22 (3) 17 (4)31 (5) 9

4 1 3
1 7 3 ?
7 3 5
+ + =
(1)21 (2) 8 (3) 25 (4)13 (5) 30


Test of English Language

Directions (Q. No. 101 to 115) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions
given below it. Certain words are given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of
the questions.

Cyrus Mistry, the heir apparent of the Tata empire, has an entrepreneurial legacy going back to
the turn of the last century.
The family's beginnings were humble. His grandfather, Shapoorji Pallonji Mistry, (born 1889)
lived in a small lower middle-class Parsi house with 11 siblings at Khetwadi, Grant Road in south
Bombay. He executed his first independent job of constructing the Gir-gaum Chowpatty pavement
around 100 years ago.
Every day, young Shapoor and his father Pallonji would walk to work from home to save the two-anna
train fare. "He made a profit of Rs 2,000 on the footpath contract within six months," said Jamsheed
Kanga, who was municipal commissioner of Mumbai in the mid-1980s. The now-retired IAS officer dug
into the Mistry family history some years ago and wrote an exhaustive chapter on Cyrus' grandfather as
part of a compilation, 'Parsis of the 20th Century', edited by Nawaz B Mody.
Pallonji(Cyrus's greatgrandfather) had started a small construction firm in partnership with an
Englishman Littlewood, called Littlewood Pallonji and Company. It was one of the firms involved in
constructing the Malabar Hill reservoir. But Pallonji struggled to make ends meet and welcomed his son
Shapoorji into the business.
After executing the Chowpatty foot-path construction project, young Shapoorji realised that this business
could be profitable earning Rs 2,000 in six months was what many graduates could not achieve and
he could do so without being a matriculate. "With his smartness and intelligence he picked up the
nuances of the trade very quickly and was of great assistance to his elderly father," said Kanga.
When Pallonji died in 1921, Shapoor-ji went on to form his own company, Shapoorji Pallonji
Construction Private Ltd (SPCL). In the beginning, it undertook simple jobs for the military and the
PWD, constructing barracks, small public buildings and municipal works. As his reputation grew, he
procured bigger contracts like construction of a small military hospital as well as an ammunition factory
in Bhopal and Kanpur, and a large hospital project in Sagar (now Madhya Pradesh).
"He also constructed a prisoner of war camp for Italian prisoners and training camps for
American soldiers in general warfare as well as an antisubmarine building at Versova, the Royal Air
Force camp at Worli and the Military Engineering mess at Colaba," said Kanga. By now Shapoorji had
gained sufficient experience in the industry and ventured into taking contracts to build private houses.
Some of his earlier projects were residential buildings in Colaba like Persepolis, He-liopolis and
Acropolis. The company also built bungalows for rich clients such as Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala and Sir
Nowroji Saklatvala. One of its biggest projects then was the construction of Dhanraj Mahal near the
Gateway of India. The building was commissioned by Raja Dhunrajgirji Narsingirji, a nawab of the
former princely state of Hyderabad. "The whole complex was requisitioned by the Indian navy during
World War II. Even today it retains its old grandeur and the high quality of its construction enhanced
SPCL's reputation as a reliable contractor," said Kanga.
Not many know that the Bombay Central train terminus was also built by SPCL at a cost of
around Rs 1.6 crore. The work was commended by the then governor of Bombay, Sir Fredrick Sykes,
and The Times of India of December 18,1930, reported:

"From the engineering point of view, it is of supreme interest by reason of the fact that this
collection of huge structures has been erected within 21 months of laying the foundation stone here there
is beauty combined with utility, an impression of vast space of which none is wasted."
Other landmark buildings followed. The Reserve Bank of India, Bank of India and HSBC
buildings at Fort and the new State Bank of India headquarters at Nariman Point. The Shanmukhananda


hall at King's Circle, NCPA auditoriums, and the Tata and Jamshed Bhabha theatres at Nariman Point
were all built by the company.

101. Which of the following statement is true in context of the passage.
1) SPCL was founded by Cyrus Mistry and his father.
2) State Bank of India headquarter was built by SPCL.
3) Shapoorji Pallonji Mistry had made a profit of Rs 2000 after building factories.
4) The military hospital was the first construction of SPCL.
5) None of these.

102. Who has written Parsis of the 20th Century?
1) Cyrus Mistry 2) Nawaz B Mody 3) Jamsheed Kanga 4) Shapoorji Mistry 5) None

103) Which of the following is not concerned with SPCL?
1) Construction of RBI building at Fort.
2) Construction of Dhanraj Mahal.
3) Construction of antisubmarine building at Versova.
4) Construction of Bombay Central Terminus.
5) All of these are concerned.

104) Name the jobs undertook by the SPCL in the beginning.
1) Jobs for the military and PWD.
2) Constructing public buildings.
3) Bombay central Terminus.
4) Construction of Prisoner of war camp.
5) None of these.

Directions : Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word printed in
bold as used in the passage.

105. Siblings
1) brothers 2) sisters 3) brothers and sisters 4) parents 5) relatives

106. Executed
1) carried out 2) done 3) explained 4) found 5) worked

107. Nuances
1) small differences 2) designs 3) patterns 4) problems 5) all kinds

108. Assistance
1) aid 2) fellow 3) accolade 4) need 5) importance

109. Reputation
1) value 2) status 3) growth 4) fame 5) defame

110. Ammunition
1) bullets and bombs 2) guns 3) tanks 4) missiles 5) collection

111. Requisitioned
1) arrogate 2) love 3) adore 4) admire 5) introduce


112. Grandeur
1) splendor 2) great 3) famous 4) popular 5) bright

Directions : Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in hold as
used in the passage.
113. Commended
1) claimed 2) done 3) applauded 4) criticised 5) directed

114. Former
1) previous 2) past 3) latter 4) quondam 5) rare

115. Commissioned
1) equipped 2) authorised 3) licensed 4) unauthorised 5) liked

Directions: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will
be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the
answer is (5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

116.The ongoing merger among 1)/the two companies will 2) / have an adverse 3)/impact on consumers.
4)/No error 5)

117.It is evident that 1)/ the banking sector has underwent 2)/ tremendous changes during 3)/ the past
two decades. 4)/ No error 5)

118.According to the consultant 1) / a more detail analysis of 2)/ customer needs 3) / and product pricing
is required. 4) No error 5)

119. Over the next five years 1) / the government needs to invest 2)/ at less 350 billion dollars 3)/ in rural
infrastructure 4)/ No error 5)

120.The lack of no funds 1) / has resulted in several 2) / delays in launching our 3)/ new product in India
4) /No error 5)

121.The only option is 1)/ for the bank to 2)/ modernize its operations 3)/ at all their branches. 4) / No

122. He has a reputation 1) / for acquiring bankrupt companies 2)/ restructuring them and sells 3)/ them
off for profit. 4)/ No error 5)

123. If we have to be 1) / competitive we must be 2) / ready to face 3)/ various technical challenge. 4)
No error 5)

124.'The government has introduced 1)/ a new law who forces 2)/ farmers to sell their produce 3)/ only
to licensed dealers. 4) No error 5)

125. The company recently opened 1)/ its first branch in Bangalore 2)/ and will expand its operations 3)/
to other states sooner. 4) / No error 5)


Directions: In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each five words
have been denoted by numbers (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5). (5). (5). (5).Find out which pair of words can be filled
up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete

126. Research shows that an organisation's ____to cater to the customers changing needs will ____ its
1) intent - realise 2) ability determine 3) capacity - lead 4) desire insur
5) flexibility - acquire

127. In many rural areas hospitals are _____ equipped because of the _____ of funds from the
1)Well-dearth 2) faulty - lacking 3) optimally disparity
4) inadequately scarcity 5) ill - surplus

128. A company can ____ the potential of its employees ______ various training programmes.
1) emphasise - for 2) exploit from 3) enhance - through
4) appraise by 5) identify under

129. The objective of the survey is to _____ the rising rupee on a ______ engineering sector.
1) attribute - profitable 2) establish tensed 3) intensity - volatile
4) substantiate reinforced 5) ascertain - thriving

130. The country's economic growth has been achieved ____exports and ______large amounts of
foreign direct investment.
1) on boosting 2) despite estimation 3) mostly-soliciting
4) via attracting 5) substantial-opposing

Directions : Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below should replace the phrase given
in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct? If
the sentence is correct as it is and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer.

131.Considering the high demand for flights to Gulf countries airlines can risen prices.
1) should rise 2) could raised 3) may raise 4) will raise up 5) No correction required

132.Without both issue is clarified the Board has kept all other matters before it pending.
1) Unless both issues are 2) Until each issue were 3) Without the issue being 4) Since both issues
5) No correction required

133.The incident has clearly highlighted his knowledge and attentive of detail.
1) attended to detail 2) attentively on details 3) attention to detail 4) attention for detail
5) No correction required

134.The bank's accumulated losses have come up for manageable levels this year.
1) come to 2) came into 3) coming from 4) came within 5) No correction required

135.Improving the educational system, which is one of the worst in the world, requires commitment
from the country's politicians.
1) among the worse 2) one of the worse 3) become the worse


4) from the worst 5) No correction required

Directions : Rearrange the following sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) into a meaningful
paragraph and then answer the questions given below it.
(A) Moreover salaries in public sector enterprises are not as competitive as those offered by private
or foreign corporate.
(B) This trend should be a wake-up call for stakeholders to examine why employees are seeking
better opportunities with private companies in India and abroad.
(C) Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) have been experiencing severe challenges in attracting,
motivating and retaining their key staff.
(D) Having identified these as the reasons employees leave PSEs, it is important to empower
stakeholders to find ways to remedy the situation.
(E) One reason is that young employees lured away by private firms are more willing to undertake
professional risks.
(F) Employees in specialist roles especially have become increasingly difficult to retain.

136.Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
1) (A) 2)(B) 3)(C) 4)(D) 5)(E)

137.Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?
1) (B) 2)(C) 3)(D) 4)(E) 5)(F)

138.Which of the following should be the THIRD sentence after rearrangement?
1) (A) 2)(B) 3)(C) 4)(D) 5)(E)

139.Which of the following should be the FIFTH sentence after rearrangement?
1) (A) 2)(B) 3)(C) 4)(D) 5)(F)

140.Which of the following should be the LAST (SIXTH) sentence after rearrangement?
1) (A) 2)(B) 3)(C) 4)(D) 5)(E)

Directions : In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These
numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of
which fills the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Traditional bank architecture is based on bank branches. These branches ensure the physical
(41) of a customer's savings. A customer may go there to deposit and withdraw money, (42)
loans and (43) in other financial transactions. In the past two decades banking architecture has
changed-the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has been a big (44) and credit and debit cards
have created new financial spaces. (45) the bank branches has remained the bedrock of the
banking system-after all a person needs a bank account in a branch before he can operate a debit
or ATM card. This may be about to change as technocrats now (46) cell phones as the new
architecture of virtual banks. This has the potential to make branches (47). Cell phone banking
looks especially relevant for India since it can penetrate the countryside cheaply and (48). The
world over cell phones are spreading at a (49) rate and in India alone new cell phone
connections are growing at the rate of six million a month-a rate of customer (50) that no bank
can dream of.

141. 1) knowledge 2) security 3) Presence 4) confidentiality 5) guarantee


142. 1) negotiate 2) advance 3) credit 4) disburse 5)sanction

143. 1) pursue 2) interact 3) operate 4) enable 5) engage

144. 1) drawback 2) hurdle 3) consequences 4) luxury 5) innovation

145. 1) Despite 2) Although 3) Even 4) Yet 5) Until

146. 1) view 2) realize 3) display 4) engineer 5) assess

147. 1) essential 2) obsolete 3) extant 4) retreat 5) expired

148. 1) moderately 2) occasionally 3) compulsorily 4) indiscriminately 5) effectively

149. 1) phenomenal 2) gradual 3) proportionate 4) competitive 5) projected

150. 1) discount 2) base 3) expansion 4) satisfaction 5) relationship

Test of General Awareness

151. Which of the following statements regarding Food Security Bill is true?
(iin ii l lin l- - i i i - r ` )
(1) It intends to provide cheap wheat and rice to the whole population
(r i i i -ni n r i( i (ini r |)
(2) It covers 75% of the rural households. (r ni-ii l(ii - /r lnin i - ini r |)
(3) It covers 50% of the urban households. (r iri l(ii - ra lnin i - ini r |)
(4) The bill is still pending in the Parliament. (r l ii ii - iln r |)
(5) None of these (;- i ; ri )
152. The fruit express train is carrying fruits & vegetables between ..
(i ( li l(r rn -nil(n - - iln ri ni )
(1) Patna Delhi Mumbai (2) Ranchi Mumbai Delhi
(3) Surat Mumbai Delhi. (4) Surat Banglore - Pune.
(5) None of these
153. From which of the following countries, the number of tourists visiting India is Maximum.
(iin i -i i (i i -i i (i li i l- - l i r `)
(1) Bangladesh (2)British. (3) USA. (4) Mauritius. (5) None of these
154. Which of the following component of External Debt is maximum in case of India?
(l( ii ~i i-i - i i iin l( ii ~i - lin- r `)
(1) External Commercial Borrowings ir (ilil ii lin ii
(2) Export Credit (3) NRI deposits. ii; -i
(4) Multilateral Trade Debt r ii ~i (5) Short Term Debt ~ii ~i
155. Mr. Jadish Khaltar was in news recently? What was the reason?
l iii ii nii i- - ri - li i - i `
(1) He is elected chairman of Indian Chamber of commerce.


(( ;l -i i i- i l(i ln r r |)
(2) He is appointed as CEO of maruti Udhyog Limited.
(( -iini ni n ll-- - i ii liii l n r r `)
(3) He is appointed as chairman of Board of Trade.
(( i i - i l n r r |)
(4) He is appointed as chairman of Airport Authority.
(( iini l(-i-i ilii i l n r r |)
(5) None of these
156. Who of the following has been appointed as the chairman of National Knowledge Commission.
(l- - i i-i ni ii n i l(i ln r r `)
(1) R S Butola (2) Sam Pitooda (3) K. G Bala Krishnan
(4) Rajendra S. Power (5) B. Muthuraman

157. The new chairman of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is ..
( i l~- -ii i i l(i ln r r .........................)
(1) Sharmila Tagore (2) Ompuri (3) Leela Samson
(4) Asha Pareikh (5) None of these

158. Recently Donald Ramotar was in news for one of the following reasons?
(ri ri - i i~ i-ini i - l- - li ii i i |)
(1) He is the new prime Minister of Vienna
(2) He is the new president of Guenna
(3) He is the new president of vienna
(4) He is the new Prime minister of Guenna
(5) None of these
159. Which of the following countries is the 2
largest buyer of arms and ammunitions from America?
(l- ii - i i i - l rliii i ii i- - i i ni r `)
(1) Taiwan (2) He India (3) Isreil
(4) Afganistan (5) Australlia
160. In which of the following countries a writ was filed to ban the Bhagvat Gita?
(l- - l i - in( nini ln i r n ili i i n; ii`)
(1) Australia (2) Russia (3) Indonesia
(4) France (5) Italy
161. Repo rate stands for ( i i lii r `)
(1) The rate of interest given by RBI to commercial Banks on their deposits.
(l( ,ii (ilil i i -ii li i (ii i |)
(2) The rate of interest of which RBI lends to the commercial Banks
((r i l l( (ilil i i ii ni r |)
(3) The rate of interest charged by commercial Banks
((ilil i ,ii - i niri li i (ii i |)
(5) The rate of which RBI gives short term credit to commercial Banks.
((r i l l( (ilil i i ~i(li ~i ni r |)
(5) None of these
162. Which of the following statement is false regarding the novel Rihan Par Raghu?
(lr i i i - l- - i i i - r `)
(1) This is written by noted novelist Sri Kashinath Singh
(r l, ii iiiii l r ,ii ln r |)
(2) It is a novel written in Hindi. (r lri - lii ni i r |)
(3) The writer has been awarded the Sahitya Academy Award for 2011.


( i i (i za i ilr- i-i -i li ni r |)
(4) The award constitutes a sum of Rs. 2 lacks. (; -i - z ii i l i n |)
(5) None of these
163. For which of the following categories the Bhartendu Harishchandra award for Literary work is not
given (l- - l i - i rn iin rli -i ri l in r `)
(1) National Integration(i-i ni)(2) Journ alism & mass communication(ilni i i)
(3) Childrens Literature(i ilr-)(4) Womens Issues (-lri l(-i )
(5) Sports & Culture (i i - ln)
164. National Consumer Day is celebrated on which of the following dates?
(l- - l lnli i i-i ii ni l( -ii ini r |)
(1) 24 November (2) 24 December (3) 22 December
(4) 26 December (5) 26 November
165. The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is being constructed with the help of which country?
( i - l i( i - l i ri n nii i ri r `)
(1) Australia (2) Russia (3) Germany
(4) France (5) USA
166. Which of the following statements in not true regarding Sudarshan Shakti?
( i iln i - l- - i i i - ri r `)
(1) It was a war drill (r ,ii ii|)
(2) It was participated by all the three wings of Indian defence.
(iini i nii i-i ;- in ii i|)
(3) It was organized in Rajasthan. (r i-ii - ii ln r i ii|)
(4) It was inspected by the president. (;i (i i-ln li ii|)
(5) None of these
167. India clinched the SAFF football championship defeating which of the following nations?
(l- - l i i ri iin SAFF -i l-li i- i`)
(1) Pakistan (2) Afganistan (3) Bangladesh
(4) Bhutan (5) Indonessia
168. Which city hosted the ministerial talks of world Trade Ogranisation in December 2011?
(l ir - l(( ii n- i -i-ni (ini l- za - -i r ; `)
(1) Geneva (2) Vienna (3) Shikago
(4) Doha (5) None of these
169. How many countries are members of South-Asian Association for Regional Co-operation
(SAARC)? (lii lii; ii ri n n- - ii i i lni r `)
(1) 7 (2) 9 (3) 6
(4) 10 (5) None of these
170. In which game Ravi Bopara is associated with
(l( i ii i i ll-llin - l i r )
(1) Tennis (2) Hockey (3) Cricket
(4) Batminton (5) None of these
171. Which country is not a member of IBSA?
(l-llin - i i i IBSA i - ri r `)
(1) India (2) South africa (3) Brazil
(4) Argentine (5) All are the members
172. India has decided to buy crude from Iran by using which of the following currencies?
(iin ;i i n ii l l- - i i - i - i nni i li li r `)
(1) US Doller (2) Pound Sterling (3) Euro
(4) Yuvan (5) Rupee
173. Which of the following statements is true about Bharti?


(1) It is an indifineously developed nuclear sub marine (r i - l(ln ii r |)
(2) It is a short range air to air mippile. (r l- i i r(i r(i - (ii l-i; r )
(3) It is new veriety of rice developed by IARI. (r IARI ,ii l(ln ii i ; l-- r |)
(4) It is new research centre of India in Antarctica. (r -i l-i - iin i i ii r |)
(5) None of these
174. Red Ribon Express is a train run for the purpose of which of the following?
(1) It spreads awareness regarding AIDS. (r l(i inni ini r |)
(2) This train spreads awareness on adult education. (r - (- liii inni ini r |)
(3) This is the train used exclusively for carriage of fish and meat.
(r - -si ( -i l(r l i n - ini r |)
(4) This train travels between major cities exhibiting.
(r - - i iri - ii iini i i i i liini r |)
(5) None of these
175. The 28
member of European Union is ..
(i l i i zs(i - r ..................................)
(1) Rumania (2) Croatia (3) Bulgaria
(4) Greece (5) None of these
176. Amadou Toumani recently visited India. He is the president of
(-ii ni -ii ri ri - iin ii i r | ................................. i-ln r |)
(1) Czech Republic (2) Mali Republic (3) Sumantra
(4) Indonesia (5) None of these
177. The Govt. recently allowed 100% FDI in which of the following?
(ri ri - i l- - l i - aa lnin l( ii -i l( i i - i i r `)
(1) Retail Sector (2) Food processing (3) Information Technology
(4) Singh brand retail (5) None of these
178. Which of the following film has won the Oscar award for best film in foreign language?
(l( ii iiii i ( - l~- i i- -i l- - l l~- i l-i r `)
(1) The shore (2) Under feeted (3) A Separation
(4) Saving Face (5) None of these
179. Where is the head quarter of ADB? (ADB i - i ri l-in r `)
(1) Manila (2) New York (3) Wasington D.C
(4) Bankok (5) None of these
180. which of the following items of export in maximum in terms of money value?
(l- lin -ii - - ~ (i li r `)
(1) Petroleum Products (2) Gems and Jewellary (3) Engineering Products
(4) Cotton and Cloth (5) Ready made Gramments
181. Who is the new chairman of Indian Science Congress?
(;l i; i n i i r `)
(1) APJ Kalam (2) Manmohan Singh (3) Pratibha Patil
(4) Dr. Gita Bali (5) None of these
182. The Ramnath Goyanka Award is given in which of the following fields?
(l- - l i - i-ii ni i -i li ini r `)
(1) Social Service (2) Journalism (3) Literature
(4) Music (5) None of these
183. 15
January is celebrated in India as
(iin - r (i i .................-ii ini r )
(1) Youth Day (2) Army Day (3) National Girl Day
(4) World Hindi Day (5) None of these
184. Where did Nation youth festival celebrated?


(i-i (i -ri -( ri -ii ni`)
(1) Banglore (2) Hydrabad (3) New Delhi
(4) Nask (5) Mangalore
185. The ownership of which of the following banks will be transferred to the Govt. by the RBI?
(l- - l i -(il--( l( ,ii i i r-ninln li ini`)
(1) National Housing Bank (2) NABARD (3) SBI
(4) EXIM Bank (5) None of these
186. Under the new scheme of taxation on precions metals by the Govt., what percent of the import
value will be imposed as import tax? (i-ni iin i ii i l(i i ,ii ; iln nrn
i iin iin - ~ i lni lnin iin n ni`)
(1) 1% (2) 2% (3) 0.5%
(4) 1.5% (5) None of these
187. The total FOREX reserves with the RBI at the end of December 2011 were about .
(l- za n - iini l( i l( ii - i i i nin .................................... ii|)
(1) 280 arab doller (2) 300 arab doller (3) 350 arab doller
(4) 250 arab doller (5) None of these
188. Measurement of inflation is done on the basis of wholesale price index of which of the following
years? (l- - l (i ii - ~ i iii - i-iln i nii i ini r `)
(1) 2003-04 (2) 1999-2000 (3) 2000-2001
(4) 2004-05 (5) None of these
189. The 10
NRI Day was celebrated in January 2012 in which of the following cities?
(l- - l ir - (i zaz - a(i (ii iini l( -ii ni`)
(1) New Delhi (2) Jaipur (3) Hyderabad
(4) Bangaluru (5) None of these
190. The 12
five year Plan will commerce from.
(z(i (ii i i i ri ni ..............................)
(1) April 2013 (2) April 2012 (3) January 2012
(4) January 2013 (5) None of these
191. The availability of liquidity with the commercial banks changes with cut in cash Reserve Ratio. It
.............. ( iii in - -i ni in (ilil i i nni ni r | r ................... )
(1) increases (2) decreases
(3) remains unaffeited (4) may increase or decrease
(5) None of these
192. Which of the following statements is/are/true? (l- - i i, i - r ,r `)
I. India has become the first country to play 800 ODIs.
(saa l(i - i (ii iin i- i ni r |)
II. Austrailia is 2
in playing maximum number of ODIs
((i li - i (ii - i-- li -ii r )
III. England is the 3
in playing maximum number of ODIs
(; (i li l(i i (ii - ni -ii r |)
(1) All are true (2) Only I and II are true (3) Only II and III are true
(4) Only I is true (5) None of true
193. The next under 19 world cup cricket will be played in which place?
(l -ii ini-i s l(( l - lni lnni ii ln ri ni`)
(1) Papua-New-Gini (2) Scotland (3) Queensland
(4) Australia (5) None of these
194. In the financial year 2011 12, agri-sector is estimated to grow at .
(l(-ii (i zaz ln - ii - li i i l(i ri r ..............................)
(1) 3.2% (2) 2.5% (3) 1.92%


(4) 2.92% (5) None of these
195. The Kakudkar Committee is related with which of the following subjects?
(l- - l l(i ii l-ln lin r `)
(1) Security in Railways( ( ii) (2) Modernisation of Railways ( ( ii lii)
(3) Expansion of Railways ( ( l(-niii) (4) Modern Signaling in Railways ( ( ll n)
(5) None of these
196. Which of the following is not a function of Central Bank?
(l- - i i i i i ri r `)
(1) Issue of Notes (i - ln -) (2) Bank Rate Control ( li)
(3) Credit Creation (ii ) (4) Publication of Statistics (i i i ii)
(5) None of these
197. The first regional rural bank (RRB) was established in .
( i- ii ni-ii i -iii r ; ii .......................................)
(1) 1975 (2) 1974 (3) 1976
(4) 1977 (5) None of these
198. R. V. Kaneria was in news recently which of the following is the reason behind that?
(ia ia li ri ri - li i - i | l- - i i ii r `)
(1) He has been appointed as chairman of ASSOCHAM.
(2) He has been appointed as chairman of FICCI.
(3) He has been appointed as chairman of SEBI.
(4) He has been appointed the new central information commissioner.
(5) None of these
199. The BAFTA award for best actress 2012 was awarded to which of the following persons?
(l- - lr (i zaz i ( - lii i BAFTA -i li ni r `)
(1) Marryl Strip (2) Rachel Mwanja (3) Penelope Cruz
(4) Octavia Spencer (5) None of these
200. In the Name of the People is a book written by which of the following personalities?
(; - i i i- i -n l- - l ln-( lii r `)
(1) Bimal Jalan (2) Vikram Seth (3) Shankar Acharya
(4) R. K. Narayanan (5) None of these

Test of Computer Knowlwdge

201. To prepare a presentation/slide show which application is commonly used?
(i) Photoshop (ii) PowerPoint (iii) Outlook Express
(iv) Internal Express (v) All correct
202. Use the ______, to choose a slide layout.
(i) Quick styles gallery (ii) Format gallery (iii) Layout gallery
(iv) Layout Collection (v) None of these
203. Ellipse Motion is a predefined .
(i) Design template (ii) Color scheme (iii) Animation scheme
(iv) All of the above (v) None of these
204. Block arrows, stars and banners, and callouts are all examples of
(i) Different types of childrens building blocks
(ii) Auto shape categories
(iii) Clip art categories located in the Microsoft Clip Gallery
(iv) More technical terms that I dont understand
(v) None of these
205. We can replace a font on all slides with another font using the .option


(i) Edit, Fonts (ii) Tools, Fonts (iii) Tools, Replace Fonts
(iv) Format, Replace Fonts (v) None of these
206. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are called
(i) Effects (ii) Custom animations (iii) Transitions
(iv) Preset animations (v) None of these
207. PowerPoint can display data from which of the following add-in software of MS-Office
(i) Equation editor (ii) Organization chart (iii) Photo album
(iv) All of these (v) None of these
208. Which key on the keyboard can be used to view slide show
(i) F1 (ii) F2 (iii) F5
(iv) F10 (v) None of these
209. Which of the following fill effects can you use for the slide background?
(i) Gradient (ii) Texture (iii) Picture
(iv) All of above (v) None of these
210. Which of the following statements is not true?
(i) Holding down the Shift key while you draw an object creates perfect squares, circles and
straight lines
(ii) The text in a text box cant be formatted
(iii) The drawing toolbar contains tools for drawing shapes, lines, arrows, and more
(iv) Ctrl + S save the document
(v) None of these
211. A chart can be put as a part of the presentation using
(i) Insert -> Chart (ii) Insert -> Pictures -> Chart (iii) Edit-> Chart
(iv) View-> Chart (v) None of these
212. The arrangement of elements such as Title and Subtitle text, pictures, tables etc(3) is called
(i) Layout (ii) Presentation (iii) Design
(iv) Scheme (v) None of these
213. Which of the following are types of sound files?
(i) LOG files (ii) DAT files (iii) WAV files
(iv) DRV files (v) None of these
214. Which of the following can you use to add times to the slides in a presentation?
(i) Microsoft graph (ii) Microsoft Table (iii) Microsoft Excel
(iv) Microsoft Word (v) None of these
215. Which view in PowerPoint can be used to enter speaker comments?
(i) Normal (ii) Slide show (iii) Slide sorter
(iv) Notes page view (v) None of these
216. The best way to insert a new slide in a presentation is to use the.
(i) Normal view (ii) Special view (iii) Slide show view
(iv) Slide sorter view (v) None of these
217. Which is the best view for getting your thoughts for a presentation out on the computer?
(i) Outline view (ii) Notes page view (iii) Slide sorter view
(iv) Slide view (v) None of these
218. The boxes that are displayed to indicate that the text, pictures or objects are placed in it is
(i) Placeholder (ii) Auto text (iii) Text box
(iv) Word art (v) None of these
219. Which of the following is not a feature of PowerPoint?
(i) Printing transparencies
(ii) Printing the speakers notes along with slide images
(iii) Linking a slide transition with a laser pointer
(iv) Drawing with a pen


(v) None of these
220. Which option can be used to create a new slide show with the current slides but presented in a
different order
(i) Rehearsal (ii) Custom slider show (iii) Slide show setup
(iv) Slide show view (v) None of these
221. Which of the following are action button you can assign to an action button or slide object?
(i) Run a macro (ii) play a sound (iii) Hyper link
(iv) All of above (v) None of these
222. Which option in PowerPoint allows to carry slides from one computer to another?
(i) Save as (ii) Save and go (iii) Pack and Go
(iv) Web and Go (v) None of these
223. To navigate to a new Webpage for which you know the URL, type that URL in the browsers .
and press enter.
(i) Address bar (ii) Domain Bar (iii) Address button
(iv) Name button (v) None of these
224. The part of the CPU that accesses and decodes program instructions and coordinates the flow of
data among various system components is the
(i) ALU (ii) Control Unit (iii) Megahertz
(iv) Mother board (v) None of these
225. Computer programs are in high-level programming language; however, the human-readable
version of a programs called.
(i) Cache (ii) Instruction set (iii) Source code
(iv) Word size (v) None of these
226. . Are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your car
or your electronic thermostat?
(i) Servers (ii) Embedded computer (iii) Robotic computers
(iv) Mainframes (v) None of these
227. A disks content that is recorded at the time of manufacture and that cannot be changed or erased
by the user is .
(i) Memory-only (ii) Write-only (iii) Read-only
(iv) Run-only (v) None of these

228. Office LANs that are spread geographically apart on a large scale can be connected using a
(i) CAN (ii) LAN (iii) DAN
(iv) WAN (v) TAN
229. A scanner scans_______
(i) Pictures (ii) Text (iii) Both Pictures and text
(iv) Neither Pictures nor Text (v) None of these
230. Which of the following controls the manner of interaction between the user and the operating
(i) User interface (ii) Language translator (iii) Platform
(iv) Screen saver (v) None of these
231. Computer language used on the Internet is
(i) BASIC (ii) COBOL (iii) Java
(iv) Pascal (v) None of these
232. A central computer that holds collections of data and programs for many PCs, workstations, and
other computers is a (n)___
(i) Supercomputer (ii) Minicomputer (iii) Laptop
(iv) Server (v) None of these
233. FORTARN is


(i) File Translation (ii) Format Translation (iii) Formula Translator
(iv) Floppy Translation (v) None of these
234. Which of the following is called low level languages?
(i) machine language (ii) Assembly language (iii) Both of the above
(iv) Either (i) or (ii) (v) None of these
235. The most common keyboard uses the ____ layout.
(i) Dvorak (ii)numeric (iii) QWERTY
(iv) Alpha (v) None of these
236. Ctrl, Shift and Alt are called______ keys.
(i) Modifier (ii) Function (iii) Alphanumeric
(iv) Adjustment (v) None of these
237. A process known as _________ is used by large retailers to study trends.
(i) Data mining (ii) Data selection (iii) POS
(iv) Data conversion (v) None of these
238. The _______ on the keyboard enables you to enter numbers quickly.
(i) alphabetic keys (ii) numeric keypad (iii) Control keys
(iv) Function keys (v) None of these
239. The word FIP stands for _______
(i) File Translate Protocol (ii) file Transit Protocol (iii) File Typing Protocol
(iv) File Transfer Protocol (v) None of these
240. Which of the following is a general-purpose programming language, designed by Sun
Microsystems and well suited for use on the Web?
(i) VB Script (ii) Java Script (iii) CSS
(iv) Java (v) None of these
241. _________ terminals (formerly known as cash registers) are often connected to complex inventory
and sales computer systems.
(i) Data (ii) Sales (iii) Point-of sale
(iv) Query (v) None of these
242. A _______ contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm.
(i) Syntax (ii) Programming structure (iii) Programming language
(iv) Logic Chart (v) None of these
243. Which of the following groups consist of only input devices?
(i) Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor (ii) Mouse, Keyboard, Printer (iii) Mouse, Keyboard, Plotter
(iv) Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner (v) None of these

244. A menu contains a list of
(i) Commands (ii) Data (iii) Objects
(iv) Reports (v) None of these
245. An error is also known as
(i) Bug (ii) Debug (iii) Cursor
(iv) icon (v) None of these
246. A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be
(i) Distributed (ii) Centralized (iii) Open source
(iv) wireless (v) None of these
247. Most mail programs automatically complete the following two parts in an e-mail
(i) from: and Body: (ii) From: and date: (iii) From: and To:
(iv)From : and Subject: (v) None of these
248. An e-mail address typically consists of a user ID followed by the . Sign and the name of the e-
mail server that manages the users electronic post office box.
(i) @ (ii) # (iii) &
(iv) * (v) None of these


249. File . Shrinks the size of a file so it requires less storage space.
(i) Scanning (ii) Synthesizing (iii) Defragmenting
(iv) Compression (v) None of these
250. In addition to the basic typing keys, desktop and notebook computer keyboards include
a(n)keyboard to efficiently move the screen based insertion point.
(i) Editing (ii) Number (iii) Locked
(iv) Docked (v) None of these