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Budget Of Works Science III (Chemistry)

Learning Competencies FIRST QUARTER

I. Introduction 1. Appreciate the importance if chemistry to our daily life. Relate the importance of Chemistry to our daily life Describe the role of Chemistry to society and industry Cite contributions of Chemistry to other Sciences like medicines, nursing, nutrition, psychology, etc. Enumerate the difficult task of chemistry 2. Appreciate the achievements of Filipino and foreign scientists in the development of Chemistry. Give the examples of discuss researches conducted by Filipino scientists which fid application in Chemistry Cite contribution of Filipino and foreign scientists in the field of chemical technology 3. Appreciate the and understand the uses of the different apparatus used in a Chemistry laboratory Identify and give the uses of some important apparatus used in a chemistry laboratory Enumerate and explain the safety precautions to be observed in a chemistry laboratory 4. Demonstrate understanding of Mathematical concepts in Chemistry Recognize the importance of scientific figures in scientific evaluations Identify the different mathematical concepts involved in solving problems using scientific notation Solve problems involving conversions in length, volume, temperature, etc. State and explain the basic concept of a mole Classifying Matter 1. Demonstrate the skill in identifying chemical systems and classification of matter Differentiate between and homogenous and heterozygous system



Name and give example of pure substances and mixtures Enumerate and describe three types of mixture Operationally differentiate between elements and compounds Classify elements as metals or non-metals bases on their properties Detect compounds whether acids, bases and salts using indicators Group compounds into organic and inorganic substances using formulas Appreciate understanding of elements and compounds present in daily life Cite elements and compounds in which are basic to our daily life existence like building components of teeth and bones, food preparations and medicines Identify elements and compounds based in industries which are vital to the national economy Discuss different methods of separating mixtures Discuss different methods of separating mixtures Prepare useful mixtures from easily resources in the community Separate the components of a mixtures Cover useful chemicals/materials as a result of a separation of mixture