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Bahasa Inggris-2 2011/2012 MK 70 menit Opened Book Erikson Togatorop, M.A., M.Pd.

Problems Please choose one of the titles below to become your Final Project title and then write down a complete proposal with the title that you choose.
1. RFID-based vending machine

2. Car Security System via SMS

3. PLC-based Traffic Light for Student Crossing

Development of applications of science in Indonesia certainly the longer it will add to the advancement of technology in Indonesia and the country is able to utilize human resources in the sciences. However.selling (payment) efficiency. current science can be used for system buying. a supermarket using an RFID system to determine the content of a variety of goods without having to move each item and place it near a scanner. In this case. The reason is then pushed the author to create RFID-VM G5Z This instrument is a vending machine that uses a base of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). RFID can be read in any position as long as the reader read range. while the system must be perpendicular to the barcode reader. RFID has a unique characteristic of the system vendor before (ex: barcode system) when viewed from his readings. For example. scanning capabilities without having to move the goods will increase the process of checking the goods. especially in Indonesia. Advantages of this instrument is to reduce human involvement in the identification process. The role of science in human life very unusual and almost covers the various aspects of life. It is the author used to create an instrument that can save the efficiency of the system of buying-selling or identification of goods that have been there before. which takes a long time. And so I suggest this instreument as the solution of the problem as my final project proposal. This instrument is expected to become more efficient media usage of the application of . For example in the aspect of identification. Background of the Problem Science is currently experiencing growth. RFID Reader and is there as there is a Tag (reads).RFID-VM G5Z A. especially in Indonesia.

when the instrument temperature changes the system will not work hard enough. . Limitation of the Problem The limitation of the problem of the automation system is the instrument that the authors designed this system using the base RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). this instrument can give the user convenience in the buying and selling transaction process . RFID will work optimally at room temperature of 24 degrees (RTP). C. But the reading distance is only a reading below 10 meters distance from the object that will read. The significances of making the final project are improving the efficiency of operating systems for identification of goods in terms of the buying and selling that have been there before. And the Author hopes that instrument to have the benefits. RFID is the wave function is to read and detect the presence of RFID tags at a distance reading. B. These instruments are still susceptible to temperature changes (thermolabil). Purposes and Significances Preparation of final project that titled RFID-VM G5Z has the following purposes are The authors would like to create a practical instrument to use science and technology (science and technology) are useful for increasing the operating system efficiency of identification as well as provide facilities for human for buying and selling (payment) system operation. thereby reducing human involvement in the process of identification that can streamline the time and effort. helping the smooth operation of the state in the identification of humans. Authors hope.item identification system that has been before.

Methodology of the Research In this report. . The design of two parts are hardware design and software design. survey into the field. analysis and evaluation of the obtained during testing to ensure system are in place accordance with the plan.D. the authors got the data and information in a data accumulation method is done by methodologies as follows a literarure review by studying the materials and techniques of the data accumulation relating to the instrument such as reference books in the library and from internet sites. guidance from the lecturer. Finally. Also the testing that including hardware and software performances testing and all of the instrument parts testing. The process of the making begins by creating a hardware manufacture of the instrument which is then followed by making the transmitting RFID base as the basis of the instrument. etc.

Purposes and signifances. CHAPTER II System Overview contains a general description.special considerations for this report easy to understand.F. characteristics and operating environment and development. Methodology of the research and Organisation of the report. so the authors have considered . Limitation of the problem. CHAPTER III The foundation theory to explain the basic theory used to make tools and their supporters. CHAPTER IV Design System describes the design of the hardware and the software. the authors report here acts as a maker and first reader. And also to avoid misinterpretation. . This final report the authors made was made in 6 chapters with each chapter discussing a different subject matter and where from one chapter to another chapter related to each other. Organisation of the Report To facilitate the reader's understanding of the content contained in the authors make a systematic of the report. CHAPTER V Testing and Analysis System describes how to test and analyze the system designed. This final report the authors made a systematic way as follows: CHAPTER I Introduction contains the Background of the problem.

by: Kristianus Emanuel Ratu (0 35) .CHAPTER VI Conclusion is a summary of the analysis made.