-------- History ----------------------------------------// History - Purged changes prior to v8.00 v17.30.

0 - New scripting functionality: * UTF8ToASCII() - converts UTF-8 file to ASCII * ASCIIToUTF8() - converts ASCII file to UTF-8 - New macro functionality: * UTF8ToASCII - converts UTF-8 file to ASCII * ASCIIToUTF8 - converts ASCII file to UTF-8 - Find/Replace improvements * Better handling of Perl regex results in Lines Containing Find String wind ow * Better highlighting of Perl regex matches in Find in Files output * Selecting text and pressing Find/Replace hotkey updates Find/Replace strin g when dialog is already open - Syntax Highlighting improvements * Improved highlighting of nested block comments * Improved syntax highlighting with word wrap * More flexible Comment Add/Remove * Better writing of custom highlighting colors to wordfile - Improved handling of saving multiple files to FTP - Improved performance when selecting text in large files - Improved handling of file paths with multi-byte Unicode characters - Improvements to Explorer tab in File View - Several translation/localization improvements in non-English versions - Files created via command line respect default line terminator setting - Specific fixes for issues, including: * Fixed drag and drop editing issues * Fixed Undo/Redo issue with restoring data * Fixed Comment Add / Comment Remove with leading whitespace * Fixed issue where toggling column mode closes Lines Containing Find String dialog * Fixed auto-correction of word while word is still being typed * Fixed issue where clicking "Cancel" to save changes prompt gives focus to wrong file * Fixed issue where characters inserted via Alt + numeric keypad don't displ ay properly in UTF-8 file * Disabled tag insertion when in hex mode * Fixed issue where Shift + Double Click doesn't highlight all selected if " Use presistent highlight all" is disabled - Various other improvements and enhancements v17.20.0 - Active Column Highlighting * Can be enabled and configured in View -> Set Colors * Menu (View), toolbar, and key mapping command - Open all files matched by Find in Files/Replace in Files * New FindInFiles and ReplInFiles macro property: OpenMatchingFiles * New scripting property: UltraEdit.frInFiles.openMatchingFiles (Boolean) - New "Date created" ($Dc) and "Date modified" ($Dm) template options for Find in Files output * Configured in Advanced -> Configuration -> Search -> Set Find Output Forma t - New scripting functionality (all document objects) * cancelSelect() - cancels the current selection (if any) without changing c aret position * gotoEndOfPrevWord() - moves caret to end of previous word * gotoEndOfPrevWordSelect() - selects from current position to end of previo

us word * gotoEndOfNextWord() - moves caret to end of next word * gotoEndOfNextWordSelect() - selects from current position to end of next w ord - New macro commands * CancelSelect - cancels the current selection (if any) without changing car et position * GotoEndOfPrevWord - moves caret to end of previous word * GotoEndOfPrevWordSelect - selects from current position to end of previous word * GotoEndOfNextWord - moves caret to end of next word * GotoEndOfNextWordSelect - selects from current position to end of next wor d - Selected bytes/lines information displayed in status bar - Ability to "Add all open files" to lists/favorites in Lists tab of File View * To access this option, click the "..." button in the Lists tab - Ability to clear undo buffer * New option in Edit menu * New key mapping command: "EditClearUndo" * Can be added as a toolbar button - Ability to delete files in FTP Browser with DEL key - Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Keys can now select to word boundaries in file path fie ld of FTP Open/Save/Browse - Removed prompt to close open files during project open if only unsaved Edit files are open - Open files are no longer closed when creating a new project * Only applicable if "Close all files when opening or switching projects" is enabled - Ability to save user-specific project PUI files in %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEd it * Can be configured in Advanced -> Configuration -> File Handling -> Advance d - "Yes to All" and "No to All" options added to "File no longer available" pro mpt - Improvements to Goto in Hex mode to support addresses in very large files - Non-default wordfiles no longer removed when updating default wordfiles - New Python wordfile added to default wordfiles - Cursor now changes to pointer when hovering over margin - New MSI installer option (in addition to EXE) * MSI requires Windows Vista SP2 or greater - More user-friendly licensing/registration messaging - Redesigned "Check for Updates" dialog and messaging - Re-skinned installer with new messaging - New file status icons in file tabs * Note: This change should help make file tab icons more distinguishable to colorblind users - Updated tag list - Other minor improvements v17.10.0 - New scripting functionality (all document objects) * gotoPos() - Goes to specified position (passed as parameter) in number of char from beginning of file * gotoPosSelect() - Goes to specified position (passed as parameter) in numb er of char from beginning of file while making a selection * clearAllBookmarks() - Removes all bookmarks from file * isReadOnly() - Returns true or false based on whether file is read-only * readOnlyOn() - Sets "read only" attribute for file * readOnlyOff() - Removes "read only" attribute for file

* isWordWrap() - Returns true or false based on whether word wrap is toggled * wordWrapOn() - Turns word wrap on * wordWrapOff() - Turns word wrap off - Brace Matching advancements * New "Jump to matching brace" functionality (no selection) * New "SearchGoToBrace" key mapping item * "SearchMatchBrace" is now "SearchSelectToBrace" - Spell As You Type additions * Ability to toggle from toolbar icon * New "SpellAsYouType" key mapping item - FTP advancements * Clear FTP directory drop down history (added at bottom of drop down list) * Improved "Download from server" and "Download with sync" with linked proje ct folders * Last-used FTP directory no longer remembered between instances - Project improvements * Improved relative path handling * Separate "Add Folder" and "Add Group" commands - General usability enhancements and advancements * Option to disable file tab tool tips (from file tab context menu) * Ability to hide all toolbars (from toolbar context menu) * List Lines Containing String dialog reports total number of lines found * Lower pane of split explorer view remembers column widths from session to session * "XML Convert to CR/LF" now available for all files, regardless of extensio n * Version backup support for UNC file paths * "Save as type" always remembered in Save As dialog * Improvements for default directory with File -> Open dialog * Version details are now selectable in About dialog - Internal speed/performance and other minor enhancements - Added option to Advanced -> Configuration -> Toolbars/Menus -> Miscellaneous -> "Auto-detect files under cursor" to disable the open file under cursor feature in the file context menu v17.00.0 - New menu and toolbar icons * Locking toolbars - File View enhancements * Split Folder and File View * Network browsing * Open files dialog for folders - ability to open multiple files from a sing le or multiple selected directories * Drag & Drop functionality - drag files to view to open or drag tabs to add to Lists or Project tabs in File View - XML Manager enhancements * Attribute pane - view a node's attributes with this split window * Ability to "Format Document" from context menu * Document tree remains expanded on refresh * Double-clicking node expands code folding if applicable - XML/HTML tag highlighting - File tab status icons - Vista / Windows 7 style open/save dialogs - Ability to change order of file name and application name in title bar - Shift + Double Click word to highlight all occurrences in file - Persistent Highlight All - Increase number of wordgroups in wordfile to 20 - Support Count All in selected text and with Search In Column - Performance improvements when using Remove Indents - New industry standard installer

etc. italic.0 .30.FTP improvements * FTP files saved locally reflect correct saved/unsaved state * Internal/performance improvements for SFTP transfers * Better management of permissions with multiple files (browser) * Improvements for FTPS transfers * Addressed FTP account issue when using registry for settings ..Font quality improvements * Addressed clipping issues * Improved quality at different point sizes * Better rendering of font styles (bold.Find/Replace improvements * Performance improvement to Find Next/Prev (F3) * Minor improvements to dialogs / accelerator keys * Better memory allocation when replacing with new line (^p) * Perl regexp improvements * Improvements to search Favorites dialog .) .Other improvements * Tag list * XML Manager * Bookmarks * Command line support * Environments * Syntax highlighting * HTML tidy UTF-8 output file * Support for Description field in Script dialog * Better management of locks on files/folders * Changed default Ctags file location (for Vista/Win7) * Improvements to opening Find in Files results from output window * Better UltraCompare Pro integration for 3-way compare * Several internal stability and performance improvements .Improvements for localizations * Dialog adjustments for non-English operating systems and versions * Improvements in German localization for Find in Files key accelerators * Better display of diacritics in file tabs .Column mode improvements * Better management of columnar selection near end of lines * Improved "Replace in Selected Text" while in column mode * Improved Undo of column mode operations .Other minor improvements v16.Line Change Indicator (LCI) improvements with: * Trim trailing spaces * Undo .Folding improvements * Better indicator for folded text with hide/show lines and first line in fi le * Display adjustments for code folding gutter .Macro performance advancements * Better memory allocation * Improved execution of column mode operations .XML Manager improvements * Improved integration between XML Manager and code folding * Improved error report updating .Framework/display improvements * Better full-screen mode for larger screen resolutions * Resizable Ctags symbol dialog * More fluid child window animation * Tooltips adjustments and improvements * Ability to set font sizes in file tabs and child windows .

Project. History.FTP/SFTP revisions in Open. improved organization and space eco nomy * Better visual hierarchy for Tool. HEX mode.Much improved font rendering (predominantly with Clear-Type fonts) * Font. Save Operations * Brace matching.Syntax Highlighting * Better handling of large (>2. preservation when toggling to HEX mode * Smarter RegEx. HTML Toolbar.Expanded XML functionality * Improved Code Folding parsing Hide/Show lines for XML files * Numerous XML Manager enhancements .Indent Graphic Lines . File Tabs. and Advanced configuration dial ogs * Revamped Find/Replace dialogs . Import. UTF-8.Miscellaneous * Option to disable mouse wheel scroll/zoom * New Print option to display first line of file in print header * Greater Win 7 x64 compatibility * Many.Column editing * Convert to Fixed Column/Convert to Character Delimited improvements * New option for sort field auto-population. Explorer * Function List updating * Status bar. FileTree.Other minor improvements v16.10. Reset Font . Filter. undo operations with line change indicator (LCI) * Many other LCI improvements * Bold text in brace highlighting . improved Cut/Undo .Sort advancements in performance and precision * New option for auto-population of column fields . output window * Split window.20. Context menu * Improved performance * Import of legacy FTP account data * Account sharing improvements . Data to Output Window * Column markers . scroll bars.5 GB) XML highlighted files * Improved C# wordfile .v16. HTML Tag List. and Replace Undo operations . many user requested refinements and nuances addressed * UE Mobile (portable) support for single/multiple instances * UE3 Backup/Restore support of customizations .Increased Performance in opening a multiple file Macro or Project .Dialog Refresh * Re-engineered dialogs for ease of use. Printer Font.Other Targeted Refinements of importance * Environments.Enriched Text Formatting * Better performance of XML conversion to CR/LF * HTML Tidy option for Character Encoding . file tabs.Numerous Display Upgrades * UNICODE characters.Code Folding . Hex/Col Font.Edit/Undo/Redo enhancements * Improved Undo buffer.0 .0 . docked windows.Find/Replace advancements * Added accelerator keys for Hide/Show lines buttons to Find Dialog * Find in Files/Replace in Files advancements * Find in Projects ignore options * Improved Find/Replace regular expressions * Additional shortcuts for Find in Files dialog .

.Allow text editing from XML Manager .Delete All Hidden Lines ."Replace selected text with captured output" * Insert file supported v15.Insert File to convert to specified file type .Undo Support for the following: * Wrap after column #.Quick column mode .Make files listed in results returned from Replace in Files clickable in output window .Hide/Show all lines containing search target .- Replace In Files .Regular Expression builder .which returns index of active document in document array * Ability to include one script in another * LineTerminator property enhancements .activeDocumentIdx .Interactive Mode (Confirmation Dialog) Scroll Wheel Zooming Project .Variable Dump Feature using var_dump function Shared FTP Accounts with UltraCompare and UEStudio Sort Dialog .00.20.0 .Undo enhancements * Users can undo larger than previous limit of approx 25-50k per operation .Line Change/Modification Indicator * Indicates lines that have changed * Track changes across file save * toggle on/off per file from toolbar and menu .Find In Selection .Undo enhancements: * Tools . v16.Auto Load Macro Scripting .Add visual clue file is read only .Auto brace matching to match both braces . insert CR/LF * Convert to Fixed Columns * Convert to Character Delimited * Insert String at Every Increment * Sort * Convert CRLFs to Wrap * Convert Wrap to CRLF * Tabs To Spaces * Spaces To Tabs (all) * Spaces To Tabs (leading) .0 ..UltraEdit.maintains selection .UTF-8 Improvements * Add codepage selection to Find/Replace In Files dialog * Add UTF-8 as New File Creation Setting .pre-populate from column mode selection Performance improvements for load files More minor changes.Scripting enhancements including: * Scripting code page support * New property .Function List improvements (See notes below) * Ability to define function list regular expressions through GUI interface * Unlimited expressions * Ability to define sub groups .Comment/Uncomment Selection .Highlight 'search' string in output window results .

0 .Ability to create a file on server via FTP Browser .Includes Auto-Hide * All New Toolbars with Gradient Shading * Drag and drop Vertical/Horizontal Tiled views * Dockable file tabs resize automatically * User adjustable controls for auto-hide windows * UltraCompare Lite Facelift * And more.Greater integration between UltraEdit and UltraCompare including ability for UE and UC to pass font.Code Folding enhancements * Code folding graphical lines * Folding processing in its own thread ..Column Marker enhancements * Unlimited number of column markers * Ability to define groups . paste node * Replace node with paste from clipboard * Move node up/down * Duplicate node * Reformat XML document .00.Sort removal of duplicates based on sort key criteria .- - - * XML Convert To CRLFs * Artistic Styler * ReIndent Selection * Reformat Paragraph Tabs to Spaces / Spaces to Tabs * New setting to ignore tabs in string literals in Syntax Highlighted Files in Advanced -> Configuration -> Editor Display -> Formatting "Do not convert spaces and tabs inside comments and strings" Added support for Base64 encoding/decoding of selected text * Key mapping support * Macro support * Scripting support (activeDocument object) .Ability to toggle all column markers on or off .encodeBase64 .0 .XML Lint obeys wordfile extensions for XML files v15..Ability to move templates up or down in Template list .Web Search Toolbar * Modifiable via the context menu * User assignable via key mapping .New Interface and Usability Improvements * All New File Open Address Bar * All New File Tabs with Optional Coloring * Convenient Open File Dropdown menu * Tabbed Child Windows .Ability to delete bookmarked lines .Unlimited number of languages/wordfiles .XML Manager * Double-click position to any node * SHIFT with double-click to select node * Cut. code page.decodeBase64 List Lines containing string now uses Edit window font Performance improvements for multi-file open v15.Find and Replace column positions now automatically filled in from start and end positions of selected text . and script . copy.10. .SSH/Telnet session logging .

FTP * FTP dialogs have trouble with very long directory path.Ability to display line numbers in List Lines Containing Strings .Find/Replace * Incorrect highlighting of matched text when using F3 in column mode.Ability to specify order of columns in Bookmark Viewer .Comparing files opened in UltraEdit via FTP broken. * Adding ReplInFiles or modifying it in the editor causes it to be removed from the macro .Function List * Function list not working with split window. * Function list with multi-language highlighting eats memory and CPU .1 . * FTP Open account drop down list very small on Windows 2000. * Incorrect behavior of binary/ascii selectors in FTP Open/Save dialog.. * Saving new Unix file via FTP loses line terminators.Wordfile in individual files v14. * Relative file paths no longer work with FTP. * Macro content lost when macro is saved. * FTP Browser folders can't be opened after selection by pressing ENTER * Unable to close UltraEdit after Save to FTP error * When using multiple SaveAs to FTP commands. * Specific Javascript write to outputWindow causes application crash. * Scripted Find in document referenced from document array fails.20.1 .Syntax color info moved to wordfile .0 .Issue with UltraCompare integration with restricted install . * Crash from perl regexp replace in files using hex value replace. . only the first one executes * Local copy directory no longer works * Full FTP file path no longer populates Save As to FTP dialog .Function List in its own thread . .Copy line jumps to top of file if file unsaved. * Crash with function list and long function signatures.20.Scripting enhancement to support UltraEdit.UE icon on the context menu v14.FTP Enhancements * Added support for FTPS * New FTP Open/Save dialog * Asynchronous Revert to Saved * New options in FTP Account Manager to support FTPS .Javascript Engine * JavaScript Replace in Files replaces in Hidden directories when instructe d not to.10. * Function list not working for files opened via FTP/SFTP/FTPS.Option to move focus to function list on refresh . * Function list not working for duplicate window.Installer to remember installation options for subsequent installs . v14. * Scripting document method setActive() fails . * Double-clicking symlink in FTP Save As dialog causes filename to be repla ced with symlink dir name.clipboardContent .Option to activate file in Open files list on single-click .Ability to add up to 20 external Help files .Added function to move all floating windows inside Appl Window (located on View -> View/Lists Menu) .Macros * Unbalanced quotes cause issues in macro editor.

Syntax highlighting after copy/paste in PHP file .Fixed issue with menu hotkeys not working on application open with no other files open .00b .Insert menu as a separate main menu ."Open As" functionality for Unicode and binary files .Crash using ENTER to open file from Open file list .Restored functionality of selected text populating find window .dll added for 64-bit shell integration .Websearch supports extended ASCII characters .Fix for blank Find in Files results file after cursor/scrollbar movement . resizable columns * Cursoring through file will highlight bookmark in list view .Wordfile and Taglist versioning to facilitate future updates v14."Lists" buttons in file tree view updated after adding new list .Fixed crash with Unix-style regexp ..Fixed issue with Perl-style positive lookahead regular expressions .Fixed crash following hex edit in file converted to UTF-8 .File truncation with extremely large files and perl regex replace .2 as tab space values .(UEStudio only) ues64ctmn.XHTML detection and folding .Fixed possible crash with NVidia submenu on context menu in taskbar .Fixed cosmetic issue with Open button on Favorite Files dialog during resiz e .SSH/telnet resize command to HP UX causes crash .Files selected in Explorer to load in a single new instance .Scrolling to bottom in SQL file .Fixed issue with special Perl-style regex characters in replace not being i nterpreted .Out of memory error with Convert to Fixed Column .Auto re-encrypt file on save .Accelerator keys in Find/Replace dialogs now unique in all languages .Local file deleted following Save As to FTP w/no temp files . set default to Selected Text .Installation support for Restricted Install (non-admin users) .Cursor changes position following focus change .Fixed WebSearch searching for last-used Find string instead of selected tex t .Unexpected outcome indent/folding from auto XHTML detection ."Save As" hang when saving an unedited file with versioned backup enabled v14.Indent/unindent issues with 12.Fixes for some issues with Find/Replace in scripting .Fixed issue with sort parameters being changed following sort via script .Link to Windows menu on right-click in UE Explorer .Resizable ASCII table .Respect default browser in Quickstart guide .Moved advanced configuration navigation box to top of dialog .updated zlib DLL for latest security patch .Find Enhancements * Ability to name Favorites in Find/Replace dialogs * Ability to specify exclude file names and extensions * Find lines that do NOT match search criteria * When replacing selected text.Fixed issue with special replace characters in Perl regular expressions use d in script .Save as to FTP brings up FTP Open dialog .Bookmark List Enhancements * Automatically pick up text from file * Line and column number * Selectable.10.0 .

Crash running script using method saveAs() .Count All only enabled for 'Current File' .MSI installer .Dockable ASCII table .Placement of ASpell spell as you type suggestion window .File Save prompt after backup timer period. on new file v14.Cursor pos after Perl regex replace .- Current regex style now indicated next to "Regular Expressions" checkbox Fix for Unicode files without BOM not being detected Project Settings Add/Remove buttons active for UNC paths Optimized performance for project loading Fix for Find Next in All Open Files not cycling through all files Fixes for some issues with replace command in macros Miscellaneous toolbar and environment enhancements Fixes for all known and reproducible crashes and hangs. including: * Crash and "out of memory" errors with Perl Regex * Open Road crash with German version * Stack-overflow crash with user macro * Crash when connecting to SFTP server in FTP browser * Crash comparing blank "Edit1" file to previous selected file v14.Redesigned Set Colors dialog .Disable Highlight all items found in All Open Files .File encryption / decryption to encrypt and decrypt current or multiple fil es .XML close comment .Compare 2 snippets of text .00a . toolbars and more for user convenience.Environment Selector .Application launch size and position -.Allows use of predefined or user createable environments that remember the state of all of UltraEdit's dockable windows .Convert to fixed column and last char of line .Find/Replace dialog shortcut keys .Auto tab row adjustment (Fixed auto-adjust Tabs) .When doing a replace.Find . Quickly switch to the environment you need for the task at hand.Redesigned and enhanced Find and Replace Dialogs * Multi-line scrollable text boxes * Collapsible Advanced options * Ability to search in specified column range .Enable/disable menu functions cosmetic changes .Template list * Switch Environments with a single click * Manage Environments * Create your own custom Environments * Import / Export Environments . .Compare modified file with version on disk .Find .00 . * Switchable items in each Environment include: -.Move current line up or down in file .New WebSearch Toolbar .Disable List Lines Containing String in All Open Files .Macro looping with IfFound .Dockable windows plus size and position -.Dockable named bookmark list .Menus and Toolbars -. if the matching word is already selected it skips it.

Macro search string no longer added to Find history .Visual indication Macro is being recorded on status bar .Function list refresh on file changed from disk .Error opening FTP file in Explorer view when connecting to MVS server .Selection persists until: * Another selection is started * Selection is cut.Bookmark edit and save with no file edits .Display of utf8 file following Conversions to ASCII .Configurable auto-complete results .Prompt only once for autosave on new document v13.Reverted to wordfile with UE regular expressions only . deleted.Search with regular expressions enabled causes application hang .Save All command not disabled when all files saved .Invalid argument encountered when bringing up the Find or Replace dialog .Cannot add FTP files to projects .Incorrect alignment/position when Show Spaces/Tabs enabled .10a .Find in Files in a separate thread .Replace in selection corrupts file when Perl regular expressions are enable d .Crash when exiting application while saving FTP file .Search option "Match Files if string is not found" not working with regular expressions enabled .Selection can be extended at a later time by selecting persistent selecti on again .Directory erroneously shows up in File/Types combobox of UE/UEStudio Find i n Files dialog .Crash when backspacing from end of file while selecting text .Options for auto-reset of find settings in configuration .Function list not displaying functions from UTF-8 files when Perl regular e xpressions enabled .20 .Allows selection of text without use of shift key . then undo .Persistent Selection .- Updated Navigate option to search all terms in all config pages Single Open prompt for converting Unix files Single Save prompt for multiple modified files Separate project file for user-specific and workspace information v13.Moving caret when text is selected stops at selection boundary .Persistent selection anchor point can be reset by ctrl-left mouse click .Find improvements .Adjust scroll thumb for Perl regex find target .Word wrap with auto line indent.Syntax highlighting of multi-line strings . or pasted .SSH/Telnet now allows ctrl+insert copy and shift+insert paste ."Add or Remove Programs" not displaying UE icon .Option to alphabetize Tabs automatically on file open .Autosave when UE window loses focus .Search string now displayed in 'Not Found' dialog box .Find in Files to optionally pick up word under cursor .Clear Histories command not completely removing all Recent Files menu entri es .Crash with Find In Files with "Results to Edit Window" and closing and reru nning a Find In Files .Favorites button for Search and Replace .Saving local file to FTP server generates local file open error .Fold of multi-line nested block comments in REXX .

Added key mapping for Show Line Endings .Paste Special command to paste RTF and HTML source into UltraEdit .00a .10 . fileSize. showStatus.UltraEdit object: clipboardIdx.Option to specify how cursor moves off selection .Filter for Explorer tab .Scripting Improvements .Option to automatically copy selected text without having to right click co py or press ctrl+c .Saving an FTP file stalls part-way through reporting "Upload Command Failed " . cursor di sappears . currentLineNum. currentPos.Space/Tab and Line Ending options for color and individual display .Optional drive labels in Explorer tab .Other minor changes v13.Command line execution .Updated SSH/Telnet component v13.Added support for column mode to Goto line/col select in a Macro . write .Support for up to 12 selectable column markers .outputWindow object: showOutput.Option for word stops at each capitalized letter within a word (CamelCase) .Crash when connecting to ftp server with long server banner .Improved registration process now supports pasting entire registration emai l .Ability to refresh List Lines Containing String .Support for additional code pages . insOvrMode.Added remember font option in ASCII Table dialog .Enhanced Clipboard History .Updated SFTP component . visible .New scripting methods: . hexMode .Option for underscore caret .New scripting object: outputWindow .Quick Start Guide dialog .outputWindow object: clear.Added menu/toolbar icon for Show Spaces/Tabs command . regexMode .Autosizing toolbars with support for button overflow .Improved startup time .Chords for macros . copy..Ability to launch new UE session from Advanced menu and new command line parameters /fni (force new instance) and /foi (force old instance) .Enhanced Workspace Manager: .Wordfile option now supports Perl regular expressions for Function List: /R egexp Type = Perl .IE Browser has improved support for dependencies such as image and css file s . and you open another file from command line.Ctrl and/or alt and any cursor key not allowed in key mapping .File find for Open tab . columnMode.New "Lists" tab for Favorites and user created file groups/lists .If a file is loaded.Document object: currentColumnNum.UltraEdit object: messageBox . showWindow.New scripting properties: .

Issue with HTML Tidy and "Use memory buffers for editing" option .Fixed issue with date/time display in FTP/SFTP Browser .Added "Open in UltraEdit" right click menu command to remote file listing o f FTP/SFTP Browser . hexOn/Off.Integrated scripting support .Integrated IE browser support to show active HTML file .File names with '$' are now handled correctly for VAX/VMS FTP Servers .Fixed crash in Find when searching for ^p with "List Lines Containing Strin g" option enabled .Prompt before UE is set as View Source Editor during install .Syntax highlighting support of verbatim string literals . columnModeOn/Off Issue with replace selection in replace method in scripting Issue with extended ASCII characters in script method write() Issue converting CR/LFs to Wrap in UTF-8 files Read Only status when opening files from MRU list Erroneous IE save dialog when toggling browser view UTF-8 files and preserving cursor when switching to/from hex view HTML Color Selector in languages other than English Sort of UTF-8/UTF-16 files results in extraneous BOM "No Error Occurred" attempting to open a non-existent file Several Explorer view enhancements Out Of Memory condition in UE/Unix regular expression replace Issue with File Change Detection and UltraCompare integration Hang on exit using versioned backups Addressed several crash scenarios v13.Fixed support for BS2000 FTP servers .Fixed issue with data corruption of Unicode files saved via FTP/SFTP (Unix files only) .20b 2006-12-12 .Search and Replace will step through all open files .Nested comments for languages v12.00 .Search in Files for any files not containing search string .User customizable format of Search in Files result .Search in Favorite files .Express Install for typical installations .conv file for Aspell filter support Changing of directories on VMS servers Handling of date/time for FTP/SFTP files "Not a plain file" message when opening multiple FTP files Truncated FTP file/folder names when names include spaces Handling of absolute/relative paths for files in projects [$replace$] in templates with UTF-8/UTF-16 files Previous bookmark select does not require a parameter JavaScript setActive function did not change activeDocument Script issue using insertMode.Spell check while typing .- Improved handling of Perl regex in Find/Replace File modified date/time uses current locale format Added Toggle Browser View to main toolbar Added tex.MSI Installer support .Explorer view uses system-registered Icons for file types .Crash with SSH/Telnet window and host key verification .Fixed crash when recovering files on application restart .Crash in print preview with Alt-C command .Cursor word-right or word-left to optionally stop at underscore .Sort preference now remembered in FTP/SFTP browser .Improved handling of spell-checking when using TeX filter .

Fixed SSH/Telnet hang when switching between terminal tabs .Fixed crash involving undo and find/replace .Fixed Async-FTP open/save crash/hang with multiple FTP/SFTP files .Fixed path handling for several FTP server variants .Fixed several issues with Explorer integration and shell extension DLL .Improved handling of cached passwords and passphrases when opening/saving m ultiple FTP/SFTP files .Word wrap enhancement to bind trailing space with preceding word .Fixed crash in FTP/SFTP and SSH/Telnet account manager .Fixed issue with upload of subfolders of FTP linked folders .Fixed issue with passing ignore options to UltraCompare Lite .Fixed issue with Replace in "All Open Files" not displaying number of repla ces v12.Fixed crash when replacing large text blocks .Fixed cursor pos of trim trailing spaces when cursor is in trailing spaces .Fixed issue with using negated character classes like [^a-c]+ with the Perl Regex Engine .Fixed issue with regular expression corrupting default colors of edit windo w .Fixed Replace following a Convert to fixed column and Convert OEM -> ASCII .Fixed issue with horizontal scroll bars not being displayed in UltraCompare Lite .Fixed issue with INI file using windows directory when Admin user .Fixed path handling in FTP Browser when downloading/uploading single direct ories .Fixed focus issue on connect/disconnect in SSH/Telnet console .Support for CSE Validator free version .Fixed issue with end of line replace including line terminators .Fixed crash in FTP/SFTP when using cached passwords or passphrases .Fixed issue with passing compare mode options to UltraCompare Lite .Fixed issue with Count All using Perl Regex engine .Fixed splitter window delete file on large files .Fixed issue with auto-indent wrapped lines .Fixed issue with FTP files failing to save on application close .Fixed macro failure when using Perl regex with replace .Fixed Unicode display issue with Function List .Fixed issue with log window when switching between FTP and SFTP .Improved handling of UTF-8 values in replace dialog when using "All Open Fi les" option .Fixed crash when hitting escape in SSH/Telnet console . not being validated when creating an account .FTP Open/Save as dialog will now correctly display file sizes larger than 4 GB .Fixed crash on application close when saving FTP files .Fixed issue with display of lines of Chinese chars from non Unicode files in List Lines Containing String .Fixed issue with Modified FTP file failing to close when saved .Fixed issue with UE regex and extended ASCII characters .Fixed issue with Replace always replacing from top .Fixed issue with FTP save failure closing file .Fixed issue with toggling external FTP accounts erasing account information .Fixed issue with Modified FTP file failing to save when closed .20a 2006-10-26 . such as server name.Fixed Replace All not using Perl Regex in replace dialog .Fixed issue with multiple replace targets on multi-line match .Fixed intermittent failures of Perl regex engine within macros ..Fixed XML Convert to CR LF on very large files .Fixed issue with FTP account data.Fixed issue with invalid host name in SSH/Telnet window on connect .

Blank file names in FTP directory listing for BS2000 servers .Mouse wheel scrolls window under mouse pointer v12.FTP Save failure leaves file in read-only mode .FTP/SFTP files opened on program startup or when opening a project are corr upted if file names are identical .Multi-key mappings (sometimes called chords) .Ability to view and print Key Mapping from configuration .SFTP authentication failure requires application restart instead of prompti ng for correct credentials .Change working directory if no files are open in directory .Spell check in "strings" or "comments" .SSH/Telnet Window .Auto-indent wrapped lines .Support for Windows x64 Shell integration .Removing an FTP/SFTP account leaves empty entry in Explorer view .Integration with Explorer now a configuration item .Show Tooltips .Bookmark now includes column number with line number (optional) .Support for Tandem/Guardian FTP with FTP Browser and Explorer View .- Fixed ghost characters with auto indent wrapped lines with no indent Fixed issue scrolling window left using mouse select or drag Fixed issue with bookmark adjust when pasting lines in UTF-8 file Fixed issue with folding state not saved for some UTF-8 files Fixed Macro load error with Goto function Fixed print selection from HEX edit mode Fixed scroll bar in output window for HTML Validator output Fixed HTML Tidy to generate output when no errors are detected in file Fixed file tab coloring when tab is dragged to another position Added support for mouse wheel scroll in SSH/Telnet console Added SSH host fingerprint prompt and caching Remember last used account in FTP/SFTP Browser and Account Manager Remember password when opening previously open FTP/SFTP files v12.Error dialog when attempting to use Version Backup with FTP Files .Ability to see path to the INI file in config .Grouped undo option .FTP Browser.File Tab Color Highlighting on a per file extension basis (optional) .FTP File name displayed when uploading is prepended with a number .Crash when attempting to use a deleted FTP account .10b 2006-08-30 FTP/SFTP fixes: .FTP disconnection causes tree view to revert to initial or root directory .Saving of folded lines is now optional (config item) . and Open/Save do not use a mutual password/passphra se caching system .Local Copy feature for FTP/SFTP no longer works .Right-click Find in Files from Explorer in File Tree view .Default the View As option for new unsaved files (config item) .New Settings for Output Window (via right-click context menu): .Use spaces instead of Tabs .Specifying line numbers in FTP files opened from the command line does not work .Showing of last line of fold in syntax highlighted files is now optional (c onfig item) .Support for dual monitors .Support for Alternate Data Streams on NTFS Operating Systems .20 2006-10-12 . File View.

Issue with UC Lite and registry corruption .Crash on auto-recovery of an unsaved new file .Open file paths are now relative for project files .01 Pro Trial version . tree view.Issue with FTP Account Manager and clearing data fields .Fixed CSE validator .Focus to find dialog problem with Perl compatible Regular Expressions Other fixes: . requires "Show FTP Log=1" in settings section of INI file .Remove folder ignored when using FTP linked folders Search using Regular Expressions: .PCRE and selecting between cursor and last find (Shift+F3) works correctly .Issue with not scrolling horizontally to highlighted found object .Perl compatible Regular Expression found no functions when used in Ctags .Crash with tooltips and tags list window .Passwords and key passphrases will be cleared if connection fails .Passphrases for SFTP are now correctly remembered for all FTP functions (open/save.Added FTP Log dialog.Local copy for FTP supported for tree view.Crash when deleting bookmark .Clipboard history does not capture clipboard data from other clipboards onl y clipboard 0 . browser) .Search in selection incorrectly highlights previous character .VMS FTP Servers when using logical path names will now work . browser.Cursor positioning using command line options in UTF-8 files .Addressed MVS and Tandem parsing issues .dll error with an expired v7.File Associations did not remember a new association to file .Crash in Find in Files .Inactivity or disconnection will no longer cause FTP Browser/Tree to revert to initial or root directory .Find Prev could cause hang or crash with Perl compatible Regular Expression s .Improve readability of clipboard history entries by displaying line ending characters as '\r' and '\n' v12.10a 2006-06-12 .Fixed opening and saving of FTP files to MVS servers .Cursor move to next word stops working after a while when editing UTF-8 fil es .Replace in selection on multi-line and partial line matching code .Issue with UE Unix style regular expressions and Find/Replace with beginnin g of line anchor .PCRE and code unfolding works correctly .Clipboard History now captures Cut/Copy from all UE Clipboards .Added support for Windows NT4 .Replace in Files dialog settings were not being remembered .Account conversion will now correctly interpret nonstandard SFTP ports when updating from previous version . and async save .Pipe character appended to file names saved using FTP Browser .Crash while navigating file tree view .Crash when configuring custom tab stop values ..Find next did not properly update cursor position .Search and replace of end of line characters duplicated letters after the f irst line .

Named bookmarks .Code folding support for ignore strings and comment strings .*IfFTP to check if file is an FTP file .Perl-compatible Regular Expressions / Real Unix-style regular expressions .Added key mapping for: NextWindowPanel Ctrl+F1O PrevWindowPanel Alt+F1O EditPasteCopy Ctrl+Shift+V ProfileSelectMenu Alt+F8 v11.Highlight all found occurrences of string .10c 2005-09-20 .Ability to customize the tags created by the HTML toolbar .Increased User and Project Tools to 25 each .Improved (Aspell) Spelling Support .Date based synchronization of FTP linked project folders .FTP Accounts shown and accessible in File Tree View .FTP Browser .Dialogs have full UNICODE support .New improved dialog for User and Project Tools .Big endian to little endian conversion capability .20 2005-10-07 .Clipboard history .Provided options to remove recent document and project histories .Find / replace enhancements .Color selector enhancements .All menus and toolbars switch together when changing user profiles .Ability to link local folder and remote folder and upload/download files between remote server and local system .Added integration with UltraSentry to securely delete UltraEdit temporary f iles.v12.*IfCharGt to check if character is greater than value .00 2006-03-15 .10 2006-05-15 .Asynchronous Save/Open of FTP/SFTP Files .Code page conversion support .Much improved UNICODE support .Fixed intermittent scrolling crash .Ability to add line endings to XML files that have little or none .Xmllint support . .FTP Settings may now be in user definable file .Ability to set default edit window size v11.Ability to edit Unicode big endian .Method to backup UE toolbar and other personal customizations v12.Fixed extra new line issue when replacing with regular expression .User-configurable right-click context menu for Main Edit Windows and File T abs .*IfColNumGt to check if column number is greater than value .New presentation of Advanced Configuration dialogs .FTP Accounts dialog redesign .Usability enhancements for Toolbar config including drag and drop .Find in File ignore directories in search and replace .Right-click compare from UltraEdit File Tree View .Changed compare function to not minimize all other open files .Support for direct editing of ASCII escaped Unicode .New Macro commands: .Enhanced support for UltraCompare Professional including 3-way compare .FTP/SFTP Enhancements .

Added check for attempting reindent selection of lines >20k characters .Maintain text selection while scrolling through large Unicode files .Fixed on paste line ending conversions on Windows 9X .Added error message to differentiate between folders and groups in new fold er dialog .Explorer view will now update correctly when drives are added/removed from the system .Files opened via FTP will now remember their ASCII/BINARY type when saved .Fixed synchronization issue with multiple instances of UE .Fixed filtered display of project folder subdirectories .Fixed Find in Files.FTP fixes for Stratus VOS .Improved SFTP support for VAX/VMS .Fixed simultaneous opening of multiple files with a single instance of UE .Fixed conflict when changing desktop background color on XP systems .Fixed print/print preview of syntax-highlighted files ..10b .Fixed cursor positioning problem with Chinese font .The ESC key will now cancel out of the FTP Accounts dialog instead of savin g .zip NOT hotfix).Fixed syntax highlighting issues with multiple languages in single line .Changed EBCDIC to ASCII conversion to more closely match expected behavior . and Ctags when searching project folder subdirectories .Corrected multi-line string switch for unknown languages .Fixed SFTP truncated or missing file names in file listing .Fixed syntax highlighting and function list parsing for FTP files .Fixed Aspell issue with single quotes causing false positive . added All Users desktop shortcut.Fixed issue with missing Red/Green/Blue bitmaps in color selector .Fixed crash when pasting UTF-16/UTF-8 .Fixed relative path issues with project tag file/word file . Function list.Fixed drag-and-drop when selection is top line of display and mouse is clic ked left of first column .Fixed Undo issue with converted UNIX files .Fixed highlighting issues and crash of FTP/SFTP Save As with syntax highlig hted files .Fixed multi-line quoted string issue in multi-language file . fixed Admin issues with start menu shortcuts .Fixed crash with scrolling through code folded sections of file .Corrected painting issue when code folding sections >75k .Fixed brace matching in non-syntax highlighted files .Fixed heap corruption in undo buffer.Fixed update of function list in multi-language syntax highlighted Unicode files .Fixed screen jump when folding/unfolding code near the end of a file .Files opened via the explorer context menu will now be detected as read-onl y correctly .Fixed font increase/decrease irregular point size behavior .Installer fixes (only applies to uedit32_all.Added INI setting for old style Windows file list management .Added EBCDIC and create CTAGS to available toolbar commands .Fixed issue with trailing spaces in FTP file names .Removed f90 and f95 from the default FORTRAN_LANG file extension list .Added crash dump feature .Fixed UTF-8 false positive detection issue . specifically search/replace operation s on files with long lines .Other minor fixes v11.

Find output from Mac/Unix files will now position correctly when double cli cked in output window .Added FTP support for HP Tandem systems using Guardian file system .Multiple monitor tooltips now appear in the correct location .Fixed Aspell spell checking of non-syntax highlighted files . .Output window command.Fixed double FTP change directory issue on some servers .Fixed replace history when replacing with "" .Fixed crash displaying ASCII chars above 128 in syntax highlighted files . will now include DOS line endings in the output .Added new INI option for file tab font: TAB Windows Font=Font Name (Default: TAB Windows Font=Tahoma) .Fix for Toolbar configuration save and load from INI file .Improved performance of large XML files without line feeds .Corrected CSS highlighting in multi-language file .Replace in project files .Improved UTF-16 file detection .FTP file list now correctly displays file sizes greater than 2GB .Clipboard conversion on paste.Added language indicator to status bar for syntax highlighted languages . .00b .Corrected parsing of VBScript language in multi-language file .Check for Updates capability .Fixed paste of text into find combo box w/read only files .Auto-detect Unicode (UTF-16) files without BOM v11.Added support for detection of Windows 95 to correct graphical issues with the UE toolbar .Enhanced "Save As" dialog .Re-wrap screen text when font size is changed while in Word Wrap mode .Project tool custom icons will now display in menus and toolbars .10a . UNIX/MAC/DOS line endings .Fixed Column mode copy/paste command with UTF-8/UTF-16 files .Added new INI option for windows font: Extra Windows Font=Font Name (Default: Extra Windows Font=Tahoma) .v11.Fixed issue with auto-correct using cursor keys .Fixed cursor positioning when toggling into HEX mode .Added new INI option for file tab font size: TAB Windows Font Height=-Font Size (Default: TAB Windows Font Height=-13) .Fixed User tool crash when selection is passed to tool but no selection has been made in Hex Mode v11.Corrected bookmark display issue in word-wrapped file .New Icons . Copy to Clipboard.Multi-byte file names (Korean) can now be opened from Project tree view.Added new INI option for windows font size: Extra Windows Font Height=-Font Size (Default: Extra Windows Font Height=-13) .Defaults button from key mapping dialog will now restore defaults instead o f clearing all mappings .Fixed FTP save issue with UTF-8 files .Added "Use Check Marks on Menus" configuration for blind users .Fixed crash in Find in Files when trying to search with no documents open .Fixed possible screen jump going in and out of Column mode .Fixed Save as ANSI/ASCII causes file to be corrupted.10 .Fixed corruption issue with Undo/Redo of Unix/Mac files .Fixed issue where deleting Menu/Toolbar configuration files causes UE not t o start .

Fixed issues with capture output from tools not always working .Fix for crash while attempting to add invalid words to spell checker word l ist .Other minor fixes.Fix for crash in Find in Files .Fix for Find in Files when searching Open Files and files are UTF-8/UTF-16 .Crash with split windows and delete .Fixed line number being chopped with some fonts .File Tree View did not display drives created using the SUBST command .00a .Toolbar position not saved in some conditions .Files with an .File Tree View no longer access floppy/removable drives with mouse over .Configuration changes to spelling checker options did not always activate " apply" .Function list not always detecting functions that previous versions detecte d .Only partial project path showing in project list in some instances .Crash on save if it's a new file that is syntax highlighted .s0303 in the File Tree View .File tree view sort now includes path ..Added more Icons to toolbar configuration.Auto correct on return key .Fixes for automatic outdenting in Perl .Output window fixes .Fixes for multi-line strings .Crash with GUID used multiple times at beginning of file .Support Ctrl-B brace matching on non-syntax highlighted files .Fix for replace in files for open files when files are UTF-8/UTF-16 .HTML "B" (old) button undo did not remove the <B> tag .Icons left in system tray when UltraEdit closes and minimized to system tra y .HTML Bookmark button changed to anchor to avoid confusion .Undocked windows (File tree view and others) now remember if they are undoc ked when closed . folding and indenting .Several minor FTP/SFTP issues including MVS.Very slow drawing of XML files with very large lines .Win 9x startup issue with ueres.Auto-complete fixes . .dll .Added default folding strings for XML . .Several project related issues including refresh .Some functions not showing if function strings ended with asterisk (* ) .Fix for replace in all open files when files are UTF-8/UTF-16 . . including crash.Insert color default color issue . and correctly reloading remote file .The HTML-Toolbar function Text2HTML did not support some conversions .Many other minor issues v11.Fixed display issues with line numbers being clipped .Project settings dialog now shows complete path .Positioning problem with spell checker and Unicode file .Many changes for multi-language files with syntax highlighting.Project file fixes .Added capability to change size (length) of that search window in toolbar by double-clicking on the find combo box item in toolbar customization wind ow .Quick search toolbar entry now works if on multiple toolbars at once .s03 extension show up as .Escape for Auto Complete dialog . .FTP/SFTP bug fixes.Fixed display issue with themes/manifest files.

Enhanced Configurable menu / TB support .Improved bookmarks .Multiple configurations.Framework/window changes .User configurable match strings .Fix UNIX FTP dates .20d .Number converter (converts selection: binary.Fold any function or Structure (C/C++) . octal.Opening files through symbolic links fixed .HTML toolbar .Improved document tabs .Always on Top function now in View Menu .Easier to use .Bug Fixes .Improved HTML Tidy support .Multiple instance issues fixed .Enhanced brace matching .Other Minor Changes .Tools toolbar .Lock Insert Mode Key (inhibit Overstrike) .Fix right click context menu broke in v10. select for appropriate task .Automatically update log files at configurable interval .Enhanced User Interface .Artistic Style formatter .Fixed Project group issue with "Relative to Project File" setting .Multi-Language (HTML file types only) Syntax Highlighting .Copy/append line if no select (option) .Syntax Highlighting is supported with wrapped lines v10.Enhancements to reindentation .20d .HTML Tidy enhanced interface/configuration dialog .FTP Filter settings issue fixed .Access violation issues fixed .Save configurations .Replace All issue fixed .Configuration Dialog for Tidy Configuration . hexadecimal ) .Globally Unique ID Number generator . decimal.Preconfigured for most popular functions .Open from Explore does not change the most recent file list .Disable auto hex mode .Several issues related to UTF-8/Unicode file handling fixed ."Explorer" style File Tree view .Duplicate entries in Recent File List from FTP Open/Save fixed .Find in files issues fixed .Files can individually be set to be log files .Aspell Spell checker (more languages available) .CSS Style Builder .Ruler guide for caret position .Code Folding .00 .Updated .New highlight based on Line/Col Background .v11.File Logging .Collapse All and Expand All .Output window issues fixed .Other minor issues .Enhanced color selector .SFTP multi-file permissions issue fixed .

Tooltips for Tabs show document path .Character Properties POP-UP Dialog to show: Value of character in Decimal/HEX and Display Offset of character from start of file in Decimal/HEX .Works with debuggers running .Display conversion for ISO 8859-2 Fonts from Windows normal fonts .Increased performance for Trim Trailing Spaces .Problems with tabs.Some random crashes fixed .New CHM based help .Other minor issues .Bug Fixes .INI file is now by default under the %APPDATA% folder UNLESS one already exists in the Windows Folder then it is used for compatibility .Other minor changes v10.10c .Duplicate Line .A few reports of startup problems fixed .Other minor fixes V10.Additional Macro Commands for: Find and Replace in Files Conversion from ASCII to UNICODE UNICODE to ASCII Duplicate Line New Line/Insert Line .Problems with a few lockups when starting on Win 9x/Me .20a .New Line/Insert Line .20b .SFTP now supports PuTTY key format .UTF-8 character conversion on very large files .20 .Display/selection of Asian double-byte characters fixed .Bug Fixes .UTF-8 problem with UTF-8 last character of file .v10.Must be the last parameter of the command line .Multiple Tab Positions .Bug Fixes .20c .Use the settings from the last find within UltraEdit to allow flexibility .FTP Current directory not always set correctly when switching accounts if .Print on NT4 fixed .Find in Files in macro after being edited did not work .Bug Fixes .Lock up on some NT/98 systems on launch .Command line option (" -f") to search for a string from the command line .Print preview problems .Load time for files from explorer after UltraEdit is running is much quicker .Other minor issues v10. particularly on Win 9x/Me .FTP Save As sometimes reported change after save when no change was made .Added %d to tools commands to represent directory name WITHOUT backslash (%D for short directory name) v10.Tree View function to change view to drive/path of active file .Random print problem fixed .

This is set be default internal ly.Print/print preview sometimes shows an extra character at end of file .Syntax highlighting dialog not showing all languages in some cases .Opening project with open files in File Tree View would show project file s in list . the BOM will be written to the file irrespective of the setting.Write UTF-8 BOM = 1 .Project files sometimes does not sort the first file correctly .This setting causes the editor to write out the Byt e Order Mark (BOM) header in a file when it is saved.10b .Folder files not always shown in Project List . then the BOM will always be written and this is ignored.This setting causes the editor to write out the Byte Order Mark (BOM) header in a file when it is saved if the file is a new file created withi n UltraEdit. ASCII Table and Find List Lines Co ntaining String .10a .Paste some non-English characters in some locales caused character conver sions .Problem with cut/delete of large sections from files greater than 2GB .Bug Fixes . If the Write UTF-8 BOM setting above is set.Screen sometimes not rendered correctly after selection on XP .For usability for those that are visually impaired added text indicators in the General Configuration Tab to indicate items that were checked or not v10.Other minor issues .Other minor issues v10.Loading projects from older releases occasionally crashes .Write UTF-8 BOM NF = 1 .Column Insert Number feature allows Hex or Decimal .Improvements to copy/paste between Unicode and non-Unicode applications .Several issues with projects including directories .Other minor issues .Added check for UltraCompare Professional and use it if installed instead o f UltraCompare Lite . the BOM will only be written out for new files if this is set. it will not write out the BOM unless the file contained it when it was loaded into the editor. .Resizeable dialogs for FTP Open/Save As.not doing a browse .Paste in HEX mode of data including nulls fails . If this is not set.Bug Fixes .Fix spell checker dialogs for non-English versions .Added Font Setting for UltraCompare . If so. Otherwise.10 .Output Window scroll width fixed for very long lines .Added INI settings allowing user to determine if the BOM should be written: .Find in Files always did a recursive search .UltraCompare Binary Mode on Win 9x/Me not showing results . The BOM is an industry standard in dicating the contents of the file for various UNICODE formats. V10.Some list boxes not shown correctly when docked horizontally (not vertica lly) .UltraCompare Lite fixes .Revert to saved with UTF-8 BOM files would show the BOM characters .

00b .com .Next/Previous Document Setting of code page and locale: .Bug Fixes .Setup Validator Options and Configuration .Bug Fixes .Other minor issues V10.htmlvalidator.Project/Tree view issues .Conversion to/from EBCDIC .SFTP issues .Project additions include: .Syntax Highlighting based on file name .Word-wrap positioning bug .CSE HTML Validator integration: .00 .00c .Fixed problem with macros and column mode .Uninstall not working correctly .Other minor issues v10.Code page used for Unicode conversions Increased UNDO buffer sizes Double click empty spaces to select all contiguous space Open of Unicode paths via Drag and Drop from Explorer Sort optionally uses locale to sort New file compare: .Correction for syntax highlighting block comments .Bug Fixes .Supports FTP files without saving locally Double click document file tab to close file Added INI setting to not automatically browse when changing FTP account (Default now not to browse) Other minor changes v10.Fixed problems related to users with advanced setting to use memory buffe rs set .Supports binary compare .Fix problem with "Cannot allocate memory for text expansion" after using Preserve Case find .Better algorithms .- - Project Directories allow Recursive addition of files/folders SFTP allows Public/Private Key encryption Improved UTF-8 support with BOM detection Max columns increased to allow up to 20.Job Type support * Requires CSE HTML Validator from www.Locale used (optionally) for sort .Installer issue sometimes causing a path problem .Secure FTP Support (SFTP) .00a .Run Validation .Regular expression problem fixed .Other minor issues v10.000 Word count enhanced with additional information Alt+ Up/Down commands to switch documents according to File Tab order Additional macro commands added for: .Sort issue with UNICODE files .Improved interface .

20a) .HEX mode copy function to copy HEX view of text to clipboard .Option for CHM user help files to always be on top.Directories allowed as a group .Syntax Highlighting allows delimiters to be start character of word . not 0 .Macro command additions: . or not .Other minor changes v9.Function to close all files but active file added to File Menu and File Tab right click menu .Output window now scrolls when data is added to it from tools commands .Allow environment variables in tool commands/paths (%Env:) .Minor syntax highlighting changes with string comments .Bug Fixes .Fix issues relating to hiding lines .Preserve Case Replace to preserve the case of a word when being replaced .Automatic highlighting of brackets/braces includes < and > for HTML designa ted files .Marker characters can now have same the same start and end characters .INI Settings moved to configuration .User tool ability to pass the line and column of the cursor to tool .Quick Record Macros .Fix "random" crash/UltraEdit disappear after Find in Files and other list related operations (created in v9.IfColNumGt to check if column number is greater than value .New indent strings to specify indentation if string is at start of line .Support for OEM Fixed Font selection .Support for nested groups with no limit on depth .New INI Setting ("One Based Ruler") to allow the ruler to start at 1.20 .Direct addition/removal of files from File Tree View .FTP drop down for recent directories/per account .Increase find/replace string limit to 30..One keystroke recording .Function list scrollbar not shown .Bug Fixes .Fix problem with finding matches braces at end of file .Automatic highlighting of brackets/braces as typing or positioning occurs .Focus now goes to edit window if closing Function List or Tree View when they have focus .Many additional configuration items for user preferences .20b .IfFTP to check if file is an FTP file .Project Menu could not be disabled on main menu .Corrected Save As issues with MVS FTP file names .Other minor issues v9.FTP Save (not save as) option to save local copy of file automatically .000 characters when using ^c or ^s .Function list highlights function that cursor is in .Tools in macros run from command line did not display captured output .IfCharGt to check if character is greater than value .File tabs showing file names may be dragged and dropped individually .Macro support added for Copy Active Path/Name .Other minor issues v9.Incremental Search .Auto-Complete includes functions in function list .File Tree View remembers horizontal scroll position between sessions .Macro support added for Save All .Directory groups dynamically updated .20a .Corrected FTP directory listing for Stratus .

Quick Open now has option to open all match files recursively through sub d irectories .Fix problem with Read-Only setting change changing properties of file whe n INI setting not set .Fix delete line in column mode .INI setting to disable new style toolbar and menus .Add option for tool configuration to save active file (or not) before runni ng the tool . On some servers the short n ame is the same. or scrolled from.Added FTP support for MVS .Fix problem of opening multiple files with wildcards from command line .Sort support for up to 4 sort keys. causing UltraEdit not to open the file.Added "Check Short Name" INI setting (set to 0 to disable check when open ing file for matching name with existing names).Fix problem with opening FTP files from command line if UltraEdit already running . alphanumeric .Fix problem with last line not being converted in UNIX-DOS conversion .Other minor changes v9. .Bug Fixes .10a .Bug Fixes .View menu items (and toolbar support) to zoom in/out by increasing/decreasi ng font size .Other minor fixes v9.Fix for column number range with line comment restrictions .Increased performance for Replace All on larger files .Support for files greater than 4GB (previously support was for files up to 2GB) .10 .Sort option for numeric sort vs.Fix problem with replace in selected text in column mode .Find in Files with an empty find string will create listing of all .FTP Dialog now has a log mode that shows the FTP session between UltraEdit and the FTP server .Command line option to force OEM character set .Fix problem with UNDO and Replace All .Fix problem with sort of UNICODE files ..Syntax highlighting allows user to specify what columns line comments are v alid for .Fixed issues with MVS Save/Save As . and works across multiple files . including numeric sort . much quicker in most cases .Fix issues with find and selected text .Keystroke added for Split Window and File Rename .use old style toolbar configuration compatible with screen readers and quicker load .Back/Forward functions take you to the previous place you edited.Added default Open Directory and Default Project File Directory . or jumped to a tag from etc.Syntax highlighting allows user to specify what characters precede line com ments .Fixed some issue with sort.Fix problem with wrap/CRLF conversions on double byte files .Other minor issues reported v9.Changed directory browser to get rid of delay for non-connected drives .Increased performance for Macros under some conditions .10b .Added FTP support for AS400 .

Fixed crash at startup with nVidia drivers and nView . Changed UltraEdit to display '?' instead .New file created on load not automatically being closed when file is open ed .HEX mode not accepting ASCII character input .INI option to use memory for editing .Bug Fixes .Added INI setting "Display DOS Lines Only" that causes only lines terminated with CR/LF to display as separate lines .Multiple Tools bars available (user configurable) .Added Hungarian Spelling Dictionary v9.Unicode search of ASIAN characters sometimes failed .00b .Running tools will cause the file change detection to run .00 .Undo supported for Replace all .Fixed issue with some user tool bitmaps not showing correctly on some sys tems .Other minor issues v9.Other minor issues .Configurable menus .Added INI setting "ClearType" for XP users that use ClearType fonts to provide better display of these with Syntax Highlighting .Fix problem with UNICODE and syntax highlighting comments .Corrected Find in Files positioning with some UNIX files .Issues relating to display of page break .Addressed several issues with menu hot keys .Fixed problem with file associations setting the wrong default icon regis try setting .Fixed problems with Column Mode and UTF-8/Unicode files .Added View Template List to key mapping v9.Changed Find in Files back to pre-V9 default for directory with INI setting "FIFUseActiveFilePath" option in the [Settings] section to default to activ e file path .Fixed problem with replace in selection when selection made from right to left .files matching directory/name specification .On XP.Added PER TOOL option to display DOS box while running .Fixed FTP problem with some links and directory changes .00c .Other minor issues reported .Bug Fixes .Fixed several problems with UNICODE files .Issues relating to display of page break .Fixed problem with some UTF-8 or UNICODE files being corrupted with extra '00' .Fixed crash with macros invoked from the command line that also exit .Corrected problem with relative paths in projects .Updated HTML Tidy version v9.Fixed problem with Print Preview and tabs with two pages on one page .Fixed problem with UTF-8 and FTP save . non printable characters are not displayed by system routines and are ignored.Fixed scrolling problem with hidden lines .Bug Fixes .Fixed FTP problem with some passwords not working .00a .

Corrected input processing from IME2000 .Reformmatting of existing code to indent/unindent based on language .Project specific Ctag file with option to create automatically when opene d .Other minor changes v8.*Requires the use of third party CTag EXE for tag file generation (links provided) .Command line parameter -lx and -cx allowed following each file name to specify line and column to position to.UNICODE column justify corrected . Right.Tools with output to output window run without showing DOS box .Full screen mode toolbar now remembers it's position .Corrected print/print preview with Syntax Highlighting in Windows 95 .20a .Increased number of function strings to 6 for syntax highlighting .User tools may have user ICONS or BITMAPS .New template list view provided for quick access to templates .Improved UNICODE support on all Win32 platforms .Improved macro shortcut support .Support for UTF-8 and conversions to/from UTF-8 .Commands for going to END of next or previous WORD .Corrected auto-correct .Find and Replace in Files now allows multiple directories to be specified .Multiple search paths allowed with find and replace in files .Line selection sometimes selected too much text for copy/paste .Added ability to copy Function List contents to clipboard .Syntax highlighting support for up to 20 languages .Find Symbol command will locate symbol in ctag file of selected item or item under cursor and position to it in appropriate file .Column mode justify (Left.EBCDIC/HEX combined view without conversion .Printing support of hidden lines .20 .Support for the new WM_UNICHAR message . not after new line .User tools now run by default without command window showing .Ctags support*: .Automatic unindenting now happens when unindent string typed.INI setting to disable left cursor from going to end of previous line .Improvements to UNIX style Regular Expressions .Full Screen mode . Older method still supported also .File changed notification dialog corrected to show longer file names .UNIX UTF-8 files now converted correctly .Command line parameter (/a) added to allow specifying an already open file without having the prompt to reload it (just position to specified lin e) .Function List sometimes positioned to the wrong line for the function .Configurable parameters and tag file for use outside of projects .View Menu includes option to show Page Breaks as line across the screen .Other minor changes v8.Find in files sometimes listed the wrong line number for UNIX files .Icons on menus Find "entry" box/drop down on toolbar for quick finds Macros can be run when file is loaded and when file is saved Macro functions for "IfNameIs" and "IfExtIs" to check active file name/extension within macros for conditional statements . Center) to justify text just in the speci fied columns - .Rename of files supported .

Conversion of files to fixed column with null fields corrected .Function List would not position to function for UNIX non converted files .Conversion of fixed column file to character delimited .Other minor changes v8.INI option to ignore file delete detection .10b .Ability to hide and unhide selected portions of text .Commands to position active line at top.User/project tools can have output go directly to the active document .Some fonts show problems with cursor positioning under certain conditions .Other minor issues v8.Output window double click will look for file in project directory if not fully qualified and not found in active file directory .Fix for scrolling issues with hidden lines .Increased recent project list to 12 entries .Bug Fixes .INI option to edit in text mode files containing nulls (HEX 00) .10a .User bitmaps for user and project tools .Cache INI file for quicker load/shutdown .Word count will count only selected text if selection exists .Search string not found dialog now has option to search from other end of f ile .Column Markers lost when loaded .Line numbers now based on real lines not wrapped lines .Find in Files and Replace in Files option for UNICODE Searches .Conversion of character delimited files to fixed column .Command line option to ignore file delete detection just for the files loaded from the command line .Line comments up to 5 characters now supported .Once a tool captured wrote the output to the active file.Other minor issues v8.Macro support to close file with option to save file.Separate indent and tab stop setting .Macro support to clear clipboard .SPANISH version spell checker fixed .File change notification dialog now allow all or none options for reloading changed files .Column mode functions in macros on large files corrected .Functions strings can recognize multiple lines . or not to save file w ithout prompt .Unix Regular Expressions setting can be changed in macros .10 .INI Setting for file compare EXE to use in place of UltraEdit's compare .Edit Unix/MAC files without any conversion required (^n/^r used in find/replace for LF/CR) .Fix for page up positioning in some instances with wide files .On some systems the tag list and templates were not initially loaded .Bug Fixes .Tab indent of lines corrected to use indent value as appropriate .Replace in Files option to list changed files and number of occurrences . middle or bottom of screen ..Other minor changes .INI option to delete existing file before saving .Double byte systems did not show cursor position correctly for double byt e characters . all tools wrote output to file .

Option to open file without temp file now has threshold size to allow only large files to use this option .org/People/Raggett/tidy/ .Fixed delay on some systems after double click to open file from explorer then going back to explorer .Fixed HOT Keys for templates 10-19 . allows the user to copy the selection and append it to the c lipboard .Multiple function strings per language (3) . .Added OS9000 support .Various corrections for Unicode file types .Problem with selection in some macros .HTML Tidy now updates original file automatically IF the HTML Tidy configuration is set to do so .Group support added for projects.v8.When using View As File Type. .00b .Cut .Option to sort (or not) the function list . the function list was not updated .Option not to display directories .Problem with some find in files results showing incorrect line number .All macro lists are now sorted alphabetically . allowing files to be grouped together .The ESCAPE key will now abort a macro.The ESCAPE key will now abort a large file being loaded.append.Copy .HTML Tidy support (integrated) see http://www.Delete next and previous word changed to act more like other applications .Bug Fixes .Fixed running tool from within macro .Changes to the automatic UNIX detection to cater for mixed UNIX/DOS and for UNIX files with ^M's .Function list support for searching for functions in all project files .w3.Error created when function list selected to search project files but no project active .Number of templates increased to 50 .Bug Fixes .FTP .Filter for File Tree View .Other minor mixes v8.00 .Minor fixes for regular expressions .Make Copy/Backup now works for FTP files (local copy) .00a .Fix for hanging indent with reformat file .Color selector added to allow user to select a color and insert the value i nto a file . allows the user to cut the selection and append it to the cli pboard .Project specific user tools (as well as standard set) .Replace in all open files ignored read-only status of file .Focus now goes (again) to Function List when invoked .Find in Files fixed for MAC files (returned wrong line number) .Other minor fixes v8.Fixed cursor jumping in hex mode in some configurations .append.

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