Accident analysis was introduced to identify and control factors that contribute to the severity of motorcycling accidents Shifted the emphasis of research to what might be called ‘riding analysis’—that is, analysis of the process of motorcycle riding. 4 Doctors of Medicine studied the impact of helmet usage on reducing the mortality rate which results from motorcycle crashes A study by Susan Wells, a senior lecturer in epidemiology in Auckland investigated the association of conspicuity of the driver or vehicle and risks of motorcycle accidents Ms. Fajardo of School of Urban and Regional Planning of UP-Diliman presented the study on individual awareness of noise level in Metro Manila and concluded that most roads are above the standard level of noise which might affect the health of motorists as well as commuters. On April 1, 2004, WHO declared the World Health Day with Road Safety as its theme The concept of “Safety Renewal” for improving motorcycle driving skills was







A study was conducted to compares the predicted health risks of motorcycle riders according to ISO 2631-1 and ISO 2631-5 standards. assessed the effect of 2007 2007 2009 2009 2009 . a case study about the factors affecting motorcycle accidents and concluded that human factor is most considerable above any other factors (i.e. The TRAVEL (Transport Related Air Pollution. In Texas. unhelmeted motorcycle accidents. a study was organized to compare the outcomes of helmeted vs. Researchers Frits Bijleveld & Tony Churchill. vehicular. weather.) that causes accident In Netherlands. The rider behavior was also studied here. a study was conducted to determine the various effects of driving a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol. Variance in Commuting. Exposure and Lung Function) study examined commuters’ exposure to air pollution and associated health effects. road.etc. In Iran. In Netherlands.introduced and explained how it would help in the improvement of road safety 2005-2007 From October 2005 to June 2007.

temperature change and rainfall with road safety with regards to use of vehicle. aggression. to explore rider behaviors. Jun Cruz and Mario delos Reyes studied that vehicular emissions is still a serious problem in Metro Manila and these actually affects the drivers as well as commuters 2010 2010 2010 2010 . and risk-taking behaviors was developed. In Singapore. In India. a study was conducted to determine the implications of exposure of motorcycle riders to vibrations of its engine. 2009 Dr. as well as the bad condition of the road Mr. a questionnaire containing 61-items of impulsive sensation seeking. Taiwan investigated the influence of risk factors in an alcohol-related and –unrelated motorcycle accidents. Sigua of UP-Diliman presented the trends in Philippines with regards to the involvement of motorcycles in road crashes in Metro Manila and possibly would be replicated in other countries if still not intervened. Wei-Shin Huang of Taipei.

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