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The following is a consumer report compiled from the various product(s) of Reliance Communications Limited. It contains statistics of consumer complaints, consumer court data, consumer cases, criticisms, praises, reviews and public interest in general about the product(s) of this company. This consumer report is only applicable to consumers in India.

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While procuring the sim all the requisite documents were submitted to the vendor and my connection was activated and I had been using it without any problems till the later end of April this year. I need to retain the number for professional reasons as I am a medical practitioner. by Reliance Communication.96419XXXXX) Procured by me in June last year. However I resubmitted my documents and photographs a few days later. almost a month after resubmission of papers my calls continue to be barred. They . Please help me to get my refund. This was almost a year after the connection was activated. My balance suddenly got deducted by Rs.. On repeated visits to their web world I am told that it’s going to take a couple of more days... When I talked to customer care (Varsha Malik). i.. CSL 0.200. by Reliance Communication. I didn’t get any kind of notification prior of its deactivation. After a few days I wrote to their customer services and was told that I would have to resubmit my documents... by Reliance the month of mar 2012 I got so many calls from the swayam enterprises who is the official franchisee of reliance in mira road.60 Complaint 5 Days ago by jai262009 I was pre paid customer of reliance since 2010 (Mobile number.96993XXXXX). View Consumer Report Object 4 Prepaid Mobile Phon. but till date... So. how could any subscriber remember that his/her internet pack is soon going to get over? I think it’s a sheer negligence from their part or this is a new way of charging money from customer.08 Complaint 5 Days ago by mohitmi.. I live in Bhilai Chhattisgarh.Consumer Reviews and Complaints Object 4 Prepaid Mobile Phon. CSL 0.e. My initial impression was that it had been on account of my balance being used up and I went to their website and got a recharge without any hassles but my calls continued to be barred. the person said it’s because of usage of internet as my internet pack had got deactivated.08 Complaint 1 Day ago by rupantdas This is regarding a prepaid reliance no (Mobile Number. I had activated GPRS pack on my mobile. From the above account I am sure that you will agree that the company’s attitude amounts to harassment and a deficiency in services rendered in lieu of a fee. I want them to release my connection immediately. CSL 0. Then one fine day my calls were barred. I am subscriber of Reliance prepaid GSM service having number 81038XXXXX...... View Consumer Report Object 4 Postpaid Mobile Pho.

Plot No. I have sent three letters to Reliance Communications Limited. But he told me I am entitled 600 minutes free only for local calls.told me that they will provide me free 600 minutes per month local+std at any mobile operator in rs. 52. Navi Mumbai-400709 (on 10-04-2-12 and 15-05-2012) for giving me details of Rs. on which basis demand of Rs. In next month again they added that money and also charging again for all std calls and automatically they started cnbc news and also charging for that in that month. Ground Floor. Chandigarh 160101 (15-05-2012) and Dhirubahi Ambani Knowledge City. for that I had to deposit rs.yomesh of swayam enterprises. View Consumer Report Object 4 Wireless by Reliance Communication. But they threatened her either deposits the sum immediately in cash or we will get arrest your husband and we do not care whether your husband is admitted in IUC. And he refuse to help further. 52 for the period 3-12-2011 to 2-01-2012 and 3-01-2012 to 14-01-2012. She told them that we have neither received any bill nor received any court notice. I have neither received any telephone call nor received any details/refund so far. Taking into consideration of my condition. 9980 otherwise we will get arrest your husband as we have received non-bailbale arrest warrant from Delhi Court. I requested Reliance Consumer Care through phone 0172-3033-5555 on 15-11-2011 for disconnection of my Internet Data card (USB) for Laptop against No.. I have paid all the monthly bills before the due dates from August 2010 to December 2011.. Since my USB connection was disconnected as intimated by the Customer Care on 19-11-2011 and received tow bill with minus payment of Rs. CSL 2.i brief all things and show them that letter also which I got during the time connection change for post paid. Same time I contacted on telephone with mr. 9980 was raised and got deposited under threat. CSL 0. 299 per month. 9357666040 and FRelationship No. On 3 April 2012 I was admitted in private nursing home for heart ailment (High BP) and my wife attended telephone call from Police Constable and Advocate from Delhi for depositing the sum of Rs. again I tried to called that mr yomesh but he not picking up the phone then i send mail to customer care with attached letter of that plan.12 Complaint 8 Days ago by Rajinde. then I contact at reliance customer care at mira road on 27 may 2012. 50000117280000001. Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park. But on 1st month I was out of station that time I got bill and saw that they are charging extra money for all std calls. I also ask grievance office details but they had not provided me.. I want them to give the scheme which they promised. DLF Building. 9980 vide Receipt No. F-Tower.48 Complaint 9 Days ago by manish_g I was a subscriber of Reliance Communications Limited and had availed both the fixed line services and .. He told me I can pay the money except that std charge and they will adjust the bill after that. We do not know for which period you are demanding this payment. 2. On 16 mar 2012 a representative visited at my home and he had taken security money and hand over me a written letter on which clearly written they will provide me these things per month. 1800016903668 on 3-04-2012 in Reliance Outlet in Sector 34A... But here also they are resolving the problem and telling me as per record your all charges are true. I want them to refund my money immediately View Consumer Report Object 4 Broadband by Reliance Communication. my deposited Rs. This connection was disconnected on 19-11-2011 and thereafter I received two bills with minus balance of Rs. 9980 demanded irregularly and threaten deposited and refunding the amount if got deposited without any details. 250 for security and convert the account from pre paid to post paid. I paid the bill online except that std charges.

I was shocked with the ferocity and blatant bullying of the representative and I eventually paid the amount of Rs. even its up to.first of all their speed is only 300 kbps and they advertise it as 3..124067given through my ICICI Bank account.9912/. I want my money to refund. This is very humiliating and I am terribly upset.Bogam to give my change rate plan details and seek an updated bill. In good faith and based on our verbal discussion and email correspondence. I also sent a letter to Reliance Communications (Pune and Mumbai offices) to ask them to send me a revised bill. I happen to open the page once in a while.internet broadband services during my stay in Pune (2010 – 2011) and my account no was 100108138544 and Reliance Internet Service user no: 326299752073. I was still fine with 300kbps speed.1mbps. that I got only 300kbps speed and nothing more at all. while purchasing. Gopal Bogam and it was resolved by email that if I made a payment of Rs. in spite of my repeated attempts on the phone to explain the situation that the matter was resolved in February ’ on 14/04/12 as I was mentally exhausted with the verbal barrage from Adv..on 05/02/10 to the Reliance representative and the amount was received by Reliance Communications (RCIL A/c RIS) on 13/02/10 vide cheque no.1 Mbps speed for 3 months and every month it would be 3. I can’t even open a Google page.500 .1 mbps on Television . I had an erroneous / disputed bill for the same account wherein Reliance Communications Services had raised a bill for Rs..However. CSL 0.9912 is not paid within 24 hours. I purchased reliance dongle for rupees 2. 501 (Rupees Twelve Thousand Five Hundred and Ten).Its only in the reliance centre. However. but was unable to do so even after sending several reminders.. they are least bothered to look into the issue and neither do they want to refund my money.vide chq.towards the alleged non due payment of the Reliance bill.12. I was now under the impression that the matter was closed as I had submitted the change rate plan and had contacted Ms. I eventually had to move to Goa in 2010.Ramesh Tyagi’s team who said that the alleged balance payment of Rs..9912/needs to be paid immediately or else they would be sending a police team to arrest me. The representative used threatening and intimating language telling me to make a payment of Rs. But I am getting a speed less than 10kbps.72 Complaint 16 Days ago by nagaven.1mbps speed for 5 GB and later it would be up to 144kbps.9912/. I was however unable to collect the letter inspite of my repeated attempts to contact Mr. I had disputed the internet usage and bill amount and went through a lengthy email correspondence with one Mr. they told me that it 3. but every 5 mins. However. I get DNS look up error and I have to disconnect and reconnect every five mins to proceed. I haven’t even enjoyed 10kbps speed.3.. I was however shocked and dismayed to get a call from Reliance Communication Ltd debt recovery team on13th April 2012. When complained to the dealer and customer care. View Consumer Report Object 44 .It int even reach 500 kbps. since the activation of the device. however after purchasing the device they told me that it would be 1 Mbps and after activation. this is open cheating as to . . I made a payment of Rs. the dongle number is "9342155789" and I was promised that I would get up to 3.. we won’t even reach 300 kbps .Tyagi and his team I would like my amount of Rs.9912 returned back and would like to be awarded suitable award charges for harassment and mental agony suffered by me by Reliance Communications Pvt Ltd View Consumer Report Object 4 Mobile Broadband by Reliance Communication.500 than the balance amount will be waived. from a representative of one Adv. They made at least 15 -20 calls in a spate of 2-3 days continually harassing and threatening me with legal and punitive action if the amount of Rs. they told me that officially we get an average speed of 300kbps.3500/.Bogam by email and through his mobile no. which is absolutely nonsense and they defend themselves by saying it’s up to.

but there are not ready to accept and I have to leave the documents there without any acknowledgement. One day Reliance representative Mr.08 Complaint 17 Days ago by mannusingh I am using a prepaid connection (98171XXXXX)... by Reliance Communication.Oriental Bank of Commerce ) which was cleared from my account on 11th April 2012. kishori lal and tell him detail.20 rupees... Immediately I call on customer help no 198. I have already submitted a letter for cancellation of the connection and asked refund of my money along with concerned documents to their Nigdi office. I have recharge on 13/05/12 I had get the core talk time of 192 rupees but promotional balance not come. I am Vishal Jain. View Consumer Report Object 44 Prepaid Mobile Phon. I had called up appellate authority office on 24/3/2012 and was told to lodge a billing dispute complaint which I did on 26/3/2012 via complaint Id 175624645 but the issue is still not resolved.72 Complaint 16 Days ago by vishalj. I had shocked when they told we cannot help u regarding this matter because all ready u have wasted 7 days and the promotional balance validity is also for 7 days. but when I had explain him the offer in detail by reading my sms tell him about the validity that it is valid for 31 may 2012. To my utter surprise my data card service no 7666745168 is still active and I have been getting bills till today which I am not supposed to. I had subscribed to Reliance 3G Datacard services -7666745168 on 1st Jan 2012. Shashikant visited my house and promised to connect wireless connection within 7 days and collected all documents and cheque for Rs.Mobile Broadband by Reliance Communication. Again I had call to 198 again mr kishori lal talk to me he had given me a fraud complaint no 147859672 and tell me to wait for 2 days. promotional balance is 46.. I have an offer from company in my mobile for 4-5 times that recharge with 220 and get the talk time of 240 including promotional talk time of 46. Kindly look into the matter urgently as I am getting pesky calls from reliance customer care for bill payment which I am not liable... 139702. CSL 0.. I want them to accept the return of the product and issue a full refund of the price View Consumer Report . I received a call from the retention department regarding the same but I had clearly mentioned that I want to discontinue the service. 1199(Cheque no. I had wait after 2 days I call back on 198 talk to mr pratap he told me to wait for 24 hours more I had wait. CSL 2.AFter that there was no proper reply from them or my visit to their Nigdi office was fruitful. He has told me to wait for 24 hours your balance will come within these 24 hours.... View Consumer Report Object 11 Wireless by Reliance Communication.12 Complaint 20 Days ago by kamalas. Due to inefficient service I had given a termination request on 7th of Jan 2012 via complaint Id . I had talk to mr. I had get this sms for 4-5 times before I had recharge only one I had saved to my mobile remaining 3-4 I had deleted one of this sms I had saved is of dated 8/05/12. CSL 0.169670039..20 for seven days and this offer is valid for 31 may. he had told me that you have to recharge with in24 hours of getting the sms.

. 2012.60 Complaint 1 Month ago by sarthak. 150 per connection. CSL 0. They told. I called them more than 100 times and every time they say they the number which was allotted to me would be activated by today itself and then they stopped attending my calls.. So.. they said.Object 11 Mobile Broadband by Reliance Communication.48 Complaint 1 Month ago by zilu5214 I am the customer of reliance broadband in Bangalore since 3 month (receipt number.9535509109). I contacted reliance customer care 7 times and have registered a complaint.. getting very low speed my plan is 549 night zoom plan the speed of that plan is in daytime it is 500kbps in night time it is 800 kbps but I am . I want them to increase the speed and refund the charges. View Consumer Report Object 44 Broadband by Reliance Communication.. The cost was one connection was Rs. 250 and I was charged rs 400 per connection. And they activated a different number. someone from technical team will contact me in 5 days and till date.. I have to stream it again. I have not found a single call wait from Reliance. They have defrauded me and every time when I call them their executives tell me their different/fake names. but my call was waiting. by Reliance Communication. So I want the refund of excess sum paid by me and the number which was allotted to me should be activated or else they should return the whole amount paid by me. Thus.17800030595056). Since March 28. the usage is wasted.last week I face a serious problem i.. Due to low speed/ not able to connect... is RZTCDC110393221. none has called. had called me.. View Consumer Report Object 44 Postpaid Mobile Pho. CSL 0. And my user id is 347597222245. For which. When asked about that.72 Complaint 25 Days ago by mtomj1986 I have reliance mobile broadband connection (device number. They sent a representative who came to my address and collected money and gave me two sims. While streaming videos. the net disconnects and thus. The model No is AC2737 and RSN no. I’m not able to connect the net or not getting full service satisfaction. CSL 0.e. they charge me for that usage. most of the time. I was over charged Rs. I was allotted two postpaid Reliance GSM connection 95553XXXXX and 95554XXXXX respectively.

I want them to correct the deficiencies immediately View Consumer Report Object 44 Satellite Direct to. Received a Call from 7428122604 .72 Paisa means NO DUES. Already complained 4 times regarding this issue.. I transferred INR 4400/. I had already contact to the customer care and they diagnosis online a take a request and told me that ur problem will resolve next 24hour after that I got a msg that ur problem was resolved like that when I again contact to customer care they told me that your complaint is already closed and it was resolved from our server end but still I can’t get the rite speed again complaint the take a request and told like that but not got actual speed till now.72 Complaint 1 Month ago by ysinha I had taken Two Reliance Net connect+ Dongles 7428994841 and 8595048440 in Mid 2011 and on 9 Dec 2011 Paid 3380 for the Current Bill plus Unbilled Usage and had the Connections Discontinued. I asked to be connected to Sanjay and was connected to another senior staff .and called the call centre to the needful. Sanjay Kumar who after answering my queries asked to me first to update my a/c balance by 4400/. I hardly receive any calls so I ask her if she is calling from Reliance Collection Office. I was assured that Reliance "System" picked the Invoice Amount and Rest Amount will be adjusted in the Last Final Bill. She said I have a Courier from RCIL Private Limited but refused to give me Courier Service Office Address / AWB means Airway Bill Number found on all Courier fact is she did not know what a AWB is. I asked to be connected to Sanjay Kumar who tried evading the question but on persistent questioning said that he is creating a service request No. First Week of March I got a Call from 30974500 demanding 1500+ as Not Paid. As I needed some clarifications on the product. further that calling anyone with a false information is still wrong and I will be legally make a note of this call. the lady told it was a discontinued account with 72 paise reflecting...92 Complaint 1 Month ago by pssda I have a normal Big TV set top box and called at 18602006666 to place request for HD DVR (receipt number . The Next Bill was for approx half the Amount I rushed to the Reliance Outlet saying my full Payment is not showing on Bill. I narrated the entire incidence and she said I had to visit a reliance showroom and there was nothing she could do. I knew my details will progressively be forwarded to more and more cunning.. abusive and criminal minded reliance collection agency and I fear they will visit my house in daytime when I might not be at home and harass my family. by Reliance Communication. Same Day 13 March at 14:00 I called 30335555 the Reliance Customer Care Number and Inquired about the Account 8595048440. One Agency of Reliance is calling for Payment the Main Company is not even acknowledging this is happening. 0000000006386873.Lady Possess as from Madhu Courier Service in Naraina.. View Consumer Report Object 44 Mobile Broadband by Reliance Communication. CSL 2. Normally a Courier will reach Address and Not Call. I was then told that this request cannot be generated as HD DVR is not in stock. CSL 0. she said Sorry and hung-up.getting only speed 46kbps only. wanting to confirm my Address. the call was transferred to senior staff department member Mr. They gave me a Printout which showed my account as "DEACTIVE" with a .after which I was to call again and ask for the HD DVR request to be created. She could not check the number which had called me or take any complaint from me as there "System" has deleted my account and Complaint cannot be generated for this number.. I want them to rectify the defects immediately. Today at about 5:15 PM I called up the call centre to enquire status of my request and was told that no such request has been created.AM21443566). On 13 March I got call from 64737680 Demanding Payments.

And the device is under warranty period. They use to assure that within 24 hrs issues will get resolved. But. though no mistake from my side. But. View Consumer Report Object 44 Satellite Direct to.. calls from +919025XXXXXX to +91-90253XXXXX were charged (192. I was not ready to pay as there was no assurance that this issue would not repeat in December 2011. They also promised to adjust the amount in Dec 2011 I have escalated this issue to appallet authority for Chennai region. In October 2011 bill. 176525904 / 177024282 and some more. I got it adjusted in Nov 2011 bill. they are not ready. I was told that I am talking to the senior person and that I could write at customercarereliancedigitaltv. And due to stock unavailability they have asked me to wait for 15 day and for which I have waited for. but finally no result.. And the set up box has some issues because of which it is automatically getting shut down. So.. For which they assured to replace without any charge. by Reliance Communication. 176525904 / 177024282. On asking him to connect to his senior. 200720666274). any calls between them are free of cost.47 INR) along with charge for CUG service (50 INR). Reliance Digital Tv Account No. My issue is. They are not providing proper response. They are still adamant that they can only adjust in next billing cycle. But. I request reversal of the transaction immediately. who confirmed that HD DVR is not available and money cannot be refunded and that I can now only buy HD box or additional channel packs. I have contacted more than 6 times to reliance customer care No. I want them to rectify the defect immediately. When I have booked the complaint got a complaint No. I informed the reliance customer care about this and they asked me to pay it and promised to adjust that in Nov 2011 bill.92 Complaint 1 Month ago by subrat4dwh Here like me many of the consumers are facing similar kind of issues from Reliance digital TV (big TV). This is a first and final complaint.60 Complaint 1 Month ago by PrathapH I took two post paid connection and both were in CUG..Rajiv. But still they have not resolved and none of the executive has turned up. CSL 0. by Reliance Communication. Now they are saying will do it but finally no result.. I contacted customer care to correct (remove charges to CUG number) and provide me a fresh bill. no use. 1200 INR). Still for every request I have received a sms saying that my issues have been resolved to my satisfactions. I promised to pay if I am provided with fresh corrected bill. 18602006666. CSL 2.. calls from +91-90257XXXXX to +9190253XXXXX were charged (approx. View Consumer Report . Again in Nov 2011 bill. About this when I have contacted to customer care. +91-90257XXXXX and +91-90253XXXXX. I afraid I may be pulled into legal problems. View Consumer Report Object 44 Postpaid Mobile Pho. after which I have to log a complaint near Karnataka consumer court.. so they have to replace this or rectify the issues. I want them to rectify the defects immediately. I stopped using the connection after October 2011. They informed that they cannot do that and asked me to pay the amount. I am using a HD setup box from Reliance Digital TV (Service Request No.member . Following are the numbers. they are saying sorry and within 48 hrs the issues will get resolved.. Similarly I spoke to 2 customer support guys.

00 is charged.40 of 4 units amount of Rs. So. by Reliance Communication. Khalui Bilar Math(1st Lane) Burdwan West Bengal Pin:-713101 having no. It works better. Whether the service provider will return my Rs. I have been using this connection for the past 1 year.14. Again. 6 promising me by mail that they will deduct Rs. I got a problem for past 3 weeks. CSL 0.e. let me explain the problem from the beginning. Burdwan of the mobile belongs to which lies within West Bengal within the circle only. of an West Bengal circle mobile which belongs to Ausgram under Guskara BSNL Telephone Exchange within the same district i. I contacted customer support for more than 5 times and ask the status of the previous ticket. View Consumer Report . I really feel very bad. Chennai with unsatisfactory because of poor customer service. is 034522XXXXX dated 20/01/2012 at 10.. I have been facing the issue with the MODEM my laptop will be mild vibrated when I plug in the LAN Cable (RJ45).. 93321XXXXX have a complaint. 343844160930 on the list of STD Voice Calls From Home Location the no. I spoke with Reliance Nodal Officer regarding my complaint they told me that we have spoken with the concern person regarding this issue. I believe that you have taken the necessary actions against them.. Klalui Bilar Math(1st Lane) Burdwan West Bengal previously 79/1.. Anyway.48 Complaint 1 Month ago by barakath I am here writing this complaint against Reliance Broadband.60 Complaint 1 Month ago by rashni1973 I Sangita Mukherjee having having address 199. 6 from my next month’s bill.. After being stopping for the last 5 months again they have started cheating. on the bill dated 5th February 2012 vide no.. mentioned above be a STD no. As I have already launched a complaint against the company to some times before. I don’t know what the reason is. I will wait for them to contact within 48 hours as you does otherwise I will change my service provider. I spoke with many people’s regarding this matter but no one help me to resolve this issue. Still. there is no proper reply from the Reliance Service Engineers and Customer support. now my question is how can a no.Object 44 Broadband by Reliance Communication. CSL 0. View Consumer Report Object 44 Postpaid Mobile Pho. If I remove the DC connector from the MODEM. 6. They told me that the ticket has been closed. So. Now will you fill about those customers also who does not know how to complain even some of them does not know how to check bills take immense action as they are cheating the educated customers even. This is Customer Identification Number: 380916478965.

Later I mailed to reliance customer care and asked them to send me the copy of the legal notice over my mail id and I also asked for the bill explaining the charges mentioned above (Rs. Account number. All the hard work that I have put in has gone in vain.100000115859448. On 21st Jan. 3345XXXX). I really expect justice in this regard nobody should ever have to face a situation like this. And then he said if you are paying the due amount of Rs 2200/-(Towards Reliance Communication) he would withdraw the case otherwise I have to go to Jail he mentioned. the billing team replied to my complaint saying that they have charged me on a pro rata basis from 03-01-2012 to 26-01-2012 based on my monthly plan wfl299cs. No replies from reliance since then.. They replied me saying that they will correct it. I had a reliance connection (customer ID . It’s a dream that went for a toss. View Consumer Report Object 44 Broadband by Reliance Communication.48 Complaint 2 Months ago by abhrade. But they were not co-operating at all and not even tried to understand of the importance of the internet connection. and brochures.kerala and all of Karnataka with these brochures for marketing my new business. Dec.342001485811. 2010. I could find that the landlines are dead.. but the plan detail they have mentioned was wfl299cs. I mailed back to the same team to rectify the mistake.tamil nadu.0803345XXXX.. Since there was no response from reliance customer service or billing team. I have applied for two landline connections with monthly rental of 130rs and gave him two cheques of rs300/-Each for the two connections (landline number. Also they mentioned that the bill is due for the month of Oct. Same day I have send them all correspondences I had with them for their reference to find out whether I have brought the issues to their notice on time. In the month of Oct. I am attaching those mails as well. He claimed himself as an advocate of Reliance Communication and said that he has case (Case ID B/20/2012) which has been filled against me and on the same day 11 a. 2010 my connection was down for more than 20 days. All my printing expenses. Same day I have sent them a mail saying that my monthly plan is 130rs/Month..Object 22 Broadband by Reliance Communication. View Consumer Report .48 Complaint 2 Months ago by avinu009 I applied for two fixed land line connections from reliance on 30 dec 2011 through a sales executive who came to my house to collect the application form.64rs since it was all for my business start up. from the number +918955931825. I have sent several mails to customer care but I hadn’t got any positive reply from them.Assuming that they have given a 299rs plan instead of the 130rs plan that I had applied for. 2010. The mail contained all the detail which I gave in the application form such as my contact number address etc. Nov.And they also stated in the mail that there was no request for plan migration. CSL 0. I have printed my letter heads. I have not given any other contact numbers in the brochures other than the landline number. I received a mail from reliance stating that they have received my application and the installation will be done in 5 days. 2010 however in earlier mail Reliance Communication terminated my connection on 26th Oct. I called several times to customer care. My family members DID not notice that because I took those phones only for incoming calls from clients and nobody tried to use it for making any outgoing calls.m. I have travelled to ap. Needless to say that the mental discomfort any common man will undergo in this kind of a situation cannot be measured. now ILL has to start it all over again.m. I also mailed them but I haven’t got any solution. travel expenses and most importantly the time that went by has all gone in vain just because of reliance poor service. 2012 I got a call around 9. is the hearing which will be held in Delhi. I have forwarded all the mails cascaded as a single mail to them again and I had sent a copy to the nodal officer also.30 a. 2200/-) and then Reliance Communication unable to provide me the details. CSL 0. It’s now 40 days since then there is not even a single acknowledgement mail or call that I have received from them. Now I want them to refund my money immediately. I needed the connection because of my office work and also I had to lot of important works in home. 2010 connection was terminated. I want them to rectify the defects and resume the connection immediately. When terminated the connection why did they sent me the bills and why do I need to pay that?? I managed to pay that since there was call from court. leaflets etc with these land line numbers on them. both the phones are suspended and the consolidated bill for two land lines with not even one outgoing call made for three months is 1856. I received a mail from the billing department stating that I need to pay 272rs for each connection. By the time I came back after the business promotions. 2010. That time I didn’t know what to do and I paid the amount to the Reliance Care (Receipt Number S209250266). Then I decided to close the connection and finally 26th Oct...

.Object 44 Prepaid Mobile Phon...5/.I shocked that what is this???? first person said no charge will be deduct when your gprs pack activate.which are deduct wrong information given reliance customer care..per mms .. These types of harassments are acute in rural areas. It is a great regret to inform you that they start some special packs like hello tunes etc at their own without taking customer consent and deduct the amount from the user mobile. Except this I have many other problems with this product... by Reliance Communication. View Consumer Report Object 44 Prepaid Mobile Phon... They are deducting balance many times for packs which I have not activated.14 and 15 on 25 march not refunded yet. my last deducted balance of rs.00 pm about active mms configuration and also know about the charges of this service. after arguing them they refund me. I want them to refund my money immediately View Consumer Report Object 44 Prepaid Mobile Phon. He told that the mms charge is rs. He said that if your gprs pack are activate then any cost will be deduct from your gprs pack. and also all the times they do not refunds me. I request them to please credited my account rs50/.. I satish jain customer of Reliance GSM (96812XXXXX).. Then I again call at 7. I have been deducted .54 pm on 333 & talk to customer care. by Reliance Communication. I purchased a ril sim card (mobile number. It creates problem and consumes my time.. This type of problem occurs daily.08 Complaint 2 Months ago by akshay9. CSL 0. I called customer care they refunds me but it is not easy everyday to call and argue with them.2012 I talk to reliance customer care by dialing 198 between 5. two person say two type of thing. When I call customer care. AT 25.08 Complaint 2 Months ago by satishl.76663XXXXX). I am operating the number-97789XXXXX since 2 years. Then I am activating the configuration of mms service and send 10 mms..03. CSL 0..00 pm to 6. CSL 0...08 Complaint 2 Months ago by raimbas. After some time I saw my main balance is deducted rs.5o.. by Reliance Communication.. but second one said another thing.. I am loss my 50 rupees which are very value for me..

from 8 mar 2012. I want them to refund my money immediately. I want them to rectify the defects immediately. I was shocked.and charged rs 7. CSL 0. I want to change my old plan and also change bill to Rs. I think no country exit with rs 100 per minute from India.. I am From Hyderabad MY Name Is MD AZAM KHAN And My Reliance (BNetConnect+/B BNo: 9390527284/B) Service Activation Date 25-SEP-11. I have not taken the facility if ISD call and charged rs 100 for the number 009534174285 for 12 sec. .some 40 INR without my consent on 24/03/2012 & 25/03/2012.. In last month also I have mentioned this as in adjustment talk.750) is going very well. Unnecessary charged for R world rs 30 which I don’t use ever. Am asked for Reliance NetConet+ Customer Care..Care secretary to resolve the issue being followed with the computerized announcements.60 Complaint 2 Months ago by skmjoshi I am using reliance mobile number-99733XXXXX.72 Complaint 2 Months ago by azamkha. I am constantly charge for wronged services I have given request on last month bill also an adjusted in this month. After giving complaint in customer service they are not ready to solve problem. But I did not give any request to change my plan they tell yes this is a technical error problem you don’t worry about this problem is solved soon but it didn’t get rectified. by Reliance Communication. After 9 mar 2012 bill is Rs. and my plan is "5 GB Unlimited Silver Plan" Billed amount (Rs. I have issued a complaint with my net profile complaint no. they told me "you are in "my best plan" and the bill is generated".Care centre using Nos-333 9861098610 on 25/03/2012 but to my surprise there was no provision to talk to the C. 1047. Because I don’t know what’s going on my back with my data card. And bill date 05-Mar-12 and bill number 371018657306.174321150 on date 8/3/2012.87. As in this month bill period 05-02-2012 to 04-032012... I tried to get in touch with the C.. Always default activating HngmaFullFun7subscription. As I mentioned I have emails complained to Mr Manish Sinha who is the person for this issue in reliance.750 View Consumer Report Object 44 Postpaid Mobile Pho. View Consumer Report Object 44 Mobile Broadband by Reliance Communication.. And after getting knowing of your site I requesting you to help me out because it’s not the matter of only 130 or N amount they are simply cheating with customers by doing this. CSL 0..

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