Rediscovering Filipino Values: I see. I act. I advocate.

Values are the essence of every breathing being that shall be considered as a mirror image of its nationality. We Filipinos, whom rise through the living sun from the east, with highly respected egos hold our beloved land, the Philippines. We have something in ourselves that differ unto others. These things have been existing ever since time had taken down all invaders. From our great leaders and heroes, it is their vulnerable weapon and shield why our land keeps on waking up another day with freedom. These could be seen though the way we treat others, the way we give importance of a thing and the way we love which is a vital treasure that can’t be stolen by anyone. And this is what we called values of the great Filipinos. But as I grow, I have noticed and have observed that this values in every Filipino slowly fading out. Most of us are taking changes in every thing. We try to imitate unto others way of living life. Actually, some of us don’t care about it hence, we never notice it earlier. Changes go with us through time and we can’t help it. But changes in our ways, behavior, and our different values are another issue to talk about. Perhaps it could be an evolution of ways but not imitation and betrayal of our beloved mother land. Why don’t we act as who we are and try to rediscover our essential values? I see it most in the past. Why don’t we look back to the past where we could find the rhyme of every poem, the thoughts beyond the book El Filibusterismo, and the sway of every song? Let’s try to advocate our values and ease out those imitating behavior that comprises the dark side and shadows of other blood that tries to change our culture. How wonderful seeing our flag risen and sang, kissed by the wind, and wave through

We give our blood and tears for our freedom. Do not adapt to the way that would put us down. We have these values and we should be proud of it. Filipinos are trying to live indifferent. It may keep us bind as one in a bounty motherland and pave a way through those doubts. I was born here as well as you too. The blood that we have that flows in our veins with courage through the land that we are raisin is still in our hearts and mind. A name with a blood of courage that is willing to protect and die for the country. We are being left behind unto others because we don’t trust ourselves and being a Filipino. Wake up Filipinos! We are what we are. We have land were our great heroes and leaders put their promises. We do not give consideration of the essence of love in our motherland. These are our values. Nowadays. Let love . We should be proud and embrace these values through time. They had fought and had died here just for us and for our precious mother land. We are Filipinos with respected values that differ among others. Why should we ashamed to ourselves and the values that we have thus. Let us strengthen our faith and courage. We have such values that keep us strong and united. We are in the east were sun gives its light to our motherland for the bounty as a precious gift given by God Almighty.gentleness. There’s nothing to be afraid. I love my country as well as you. Perhaps love is the key for us to strengthen our thoughts and trust. We are Filipinos and we have a name. imitating unto others for us to look cool and good? We have come to this generation and dump things that seems look old and replaceable. Sad to know. We are ashamed of what we are and why we were born to be a Filipino. So why should we change? There’s nothing to worry. some things that we are taking out are our values. How courageous we are. We are not taking care and giving values to these things.

. We have it. Let’s rediscover our values and keep it through the time. We should be proud of being a Filipino with precious values that we could consider as a vital treasure from the past. Embrace these values and give love to the motherland.flow along through our motherland. so don’t let it buried. Live as a Filipino and die with honor. They are what they are and we are the best.