Name:     Sridhar Viswanathan, Ramesh Pandey, Harpreet Kaur (Ms), Sudhakar Tummala

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Name of the centre: Hughes Systems (HITEC City)

Batch: PGCBM 20

Faculty: Prof.Debasis Pradhan

Sector: Bottled Water

Concept: Analyze marketing challenges faced by Parle Bisleri Ltd among its International competitors and the marketing strategy adopted by it to regain the market hold in bottled water sector.

Bisleri Strategy to regain its lost market leadership:
Executive Summary: The concept of the bottled water is becoming more prevalent among people as they are becoming health conscious. As packaged water industry is growing at a fast rate, Bisleri the dominant player in bottled water industry slowly and gradually started losing their market share in the popular segment after multinational companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi entered the market. As Kinley and Aquafina the major competitors of Bisleri are entering with various strategies to beat the competition and with the presence of national players like Manickchand group's Oxyrich, Tata Group's Himalayan, UB Group's Kingfisher and other local players Bisleri had to focus itself by increasing the awareness of the brand through advertising, improving the distribution network and fulfilling customer's minimum requirements by giving them pure and safe mineral water to drink. In this context, we will analyze the current marketing environment of packaged water industry. We will study the market of Bisleri and the dip in its sale, profit and market share after the launch of ‘Aquafina’ by Pepsi and ‘Kinley’ by coca cola. We will also look into the current position of Aquafina and Kinley mineral water, the strategies and measures adopted by Bisleri to counter this competition. Market Study: Understand the consumer needs and study their habits and practices. Analyze and study on the packaging technologies available and the importance of distribution and logistics networks. Market Analysis: Understand Bisleri Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat in the packaged drinking water market and potential growth for penetration, development, diversification and expansion of packaged drinking water market Marketing environment: Understand Bisleri competitors in the packaged drinking water market in terms of major players, market size, growth, and market shares of players, segmentation statements and positioning of the various products available. Marketing Strategy: To analyze the reasons for success by understanding the marketing mix of Bisleri in terms of positioning and differentiating itself from its competitors.

Mission of Bisleri Market Description Product Review Challenges in front of Bisleri Market Analysis Bisleri 3.Table of Contents 1.    Marketing Strategy of Bisleri Marketing Mix Findings Action Program .   INTRODUCTION Overview of Indian Packaged Water Industry Current Marketing Situation About Bisleri     2. 6.Marketing initiatives Recommendations BIBLIOGRAPHY 5. .    Consumer Needs and Wants SWOT Analysis Competitors 4.

international life styles. The drinking-water needs for individuals vary depending on the climate. 1. increasing urbanization. The formal bottled water business in India can be divided broadly into three segments in terms of cost. awareness about health led to acceptability of concept of mineral water. sell off of local soft drink brands of Campa. increasing scarcity of pure and safe water etc. but then it launched bottled water also. deteriorating levels of potable water.The market throughout this period was formed only by the premium products that too available through 5. a company of Italian origin in 1965. Getting pure drinking water from municipal taps in cities and towns is now a luxury. Thumps up. has made the bottled water business just like other consumer items. Bisleri re-launched its bottled water in 1994. has also added to the hotels. 500 ml bottles.5 liter. Bottled water in India is sold in a variety of packages: pouches and glasses.liter bottles. 250 ml bottles. coming in of cola majors. But for average consumers it is estimated to be about two to four liters per day. and role of tourism corp.INTRODUCTION Water is the most important necessity for life. Even a toddler will tell you it is a prime need of the body. Scarcity of potable and wholesome water at railway stations. Sixty per cent of our body weight is made up of it. one. tourist’s spots. At home most people are forced to either boil water or install purifiers. The market has not looked back ever since then and has grown leaps and bounds to such an extent that a number of genuine as well as fly-by -night operators have entered it to milk it. The brand was later sold off to Parle in 1968-69. physical activity and the body culture. The market did not have takers for quite long (for a period of 20 years or so). Gold Spot etc by Parle to Coke and other factors led Bisleri to test waters again. The growing number of cases of water borne diseases. increasing water pollution. This need has seen an explosion of companies marketing “safe drinking water” in bottles across the country. Mineral water market was in germinal stage as early as 1968-69 when Parle Group acquired the Bisleri brand from Bisleri of Italy for launching Soda 50-litre bulk water packs. The following factors such as exposure to media. Overview of Indian Packaged Water Industry Recent surge of health concerns and shortage of water drives bottled water consumption in India. increase in a number of water borne cases. . The launch at that time was not well received by the Indian public. Packaged bottled water in India was first introduced in Mumbai by Bisleri Ltd under the name 'Bisleri'. 2 liter and even 20. In 1967 Bisleri set up a bottling plant for manufacturing and marketing its mineral water but failed. In early 1990s with onset of liberalization policy by the Indian government. etc. Presently.

In the same year. 700 crore and about 700 million liters in volume.80 and Rs. Popular or plain bottled water. San Pellegrino and Perrier. . There is lot of untapped potential and the industry would experience a significant growth for several years to come. Coca-Cola's Kinley and PepsiCo's Aquafina. The Bottled water industry is reported to have grown into multiple proportions over the decade from around 15 million cases in 1997-98 to an estimated 130 million cases in 2007-08 (1 case = 48 liters) with a compounded annual growth of 24% per annum. With over 200 players jostling to be the thirst quenching favorite of the Indian consumer. which is nothing but treated water. They are priced in the range of Rs. The market size is further expected to increase 265 million cases by the year 2014-15. 1. Bisleri.110 a litre Natural mineral water. the growth rate has been as high as 40%. which are imported and priced between Rs. with brands such as Himalayan and Catch.10-12 a litre. Current Marketing Situation Water has been the most demanded beverage in India since millennium. the business is growing at a rate of over 50 per cent annually. is the biggest segment and includes brands such as Parle. the packaged water market has experienced a phenomenal growth with a host of new entrants swelling the clutter. 100 crore. Mentioned below is the demand of bottled water over the years. of which the branded market accounts for approx Rs.   Super premium mineral water Natural mineral water Popular or plain bottled water Super premium mineral water includes brands such as Evian.20 a litre. is priced around Rs. In recent years. The country's bottled water business is estimated to be around Rs.

The organized sector -.6 The stats indicate the need for this 'mineral water' and the fact that big players are eyeing the segment points to the potential that is seen in this market. Kingfisher.5 20 26 33 44. The rest is accounted for by the unorganized sector which is dominated by small regional players.8* 164. The market today has grown to more than Rs15bn. Coke's Kinley.5 8.branded mineral water -. Nestle.5 15. 700 million litre market.85 146.6 68. Pepsi's Aquafina. Britannia.7 6. The market is still growing – at a rate greater than 80% per annum.15 82 97 112.5 4. Eureka Forbes etc are keen on creating a strong ground in the Rs.2 2. 700 crore.TABLE1 EXPONENTIAL INCREASE IN DEMAND OF BOTTLED DRINKING WATER (1990-2015) Year 1990-91 1991-92 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-2000 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2014-15 * Estimated Projects (Prediction) Million Cases 2. .45* 265* Source:indiastat.has only Rs7bn of market share.5 55.5 11.85 129.

com In the above table we show the consumption of bottled water across different regions of the country. keeping in mind all aspect including freshness purity and safety and making it easy available to the consumer at very affordable price” Company Background: Mineral Water under the name 'Bisleri' was first introduced in Mumbai in glass bottles in two varieties bubbly & still in 1965 by Jayantilal Mohanlal Chauhan. a place like Chennai alone account for major part of total revenue Below is the Market share of key players in packaged water industry (Source: http://www.Market Segmentation of Bottled Water in India Segment Share (%) North 25 East 10 West 40 South 25 Source:Indiastar. Parle bought over Bisleri (India) Ltd in 1969 & started bottling Mineral water in glass bottles under the brand name 'Bisleri'. The market of east region is low. the bulk of the bottling plants are concentrated in the southern region which is starved of Market Shares Bisleri Kinley AquaFina Others Market Share Bisleri Kinley Aquafina Others 60% 20-25 % 11% 20-25% About Bisleri MISSION STATEMENT: “To provide the highest quality product. Later Parle switched over to PVC non-returnable bottles & finally advanced to PET . However. This company was started by Signor Felice Bisleri who first brought the idea of selling bottled water in India.waterofindia. The west region occupies the first place in the market while the south and the north jointly occupy the second position. a company of Italian origin.

the license is restored one-and-a-half months later. 1l.1 per cent compared to BISLERI’S 34. Journey of Bisleri: 1949: Parle Group founded by Late Jayantilal Chauhan. 1951: Parle Group launches –Orange drink Gold spot 1965: Bisleri introduced in Mumbai in two varieties 1969: Parle Buys Bisleri limited .2 litre pack 2000: BIS cancels BISLERI'S license of water bottling in Delhi since some of the bottles did not carry ISI label. differentiating itself from Competition. 2002: KINLEY overtakes BISLERI. 2005: Bisleri launches its “Break away seal”. 2000: Launches Bada Bisleri. started making soft drinks. 1. The brand name Bisleri is so popular in India that it is used as generic name for bottled water. it launches Natural Mountain Water from Himalayas. Bisleri has largest SKU range of 500ml. 2003: BISLERI says it plans to venture out into Europe and America to sell bottled water. 1993: Sells carbonated drink brands like Thumps Up. Gold Spot and Limca to Coca-Cola for Rs. 2010: Launches a limited edition of celebration and celebrate cricket labels in 250 ml and 500ml packs. 400 crore. 5l and 20l 2006: Bisleri changes its design and packaging from Blue and Green.It was brought from an Italian entrepreneur named Signore Felice Bisleri. 1.2 l.4 per cent. 2011: Bisleri looking to enter Middle East countries. 1971: Parle Group launches Limca 1975: Maaza is launched 1978: Thumbsup is launched by Parle Group 1991: Introduces the 20-litre container as home and economical pack. 1995: BISLERI launches a 500 ml bottle and sales shoot up by 400 per cent. .containers. “Fear Factor” and Play safe campaigns. The national retail stores audit by ORG-MARG show Kinsley’s market share at 35. Launched Vedica Natural Mountain water from Himalayas.

and 2L which are the non-returnable packs & 5L. institutes. 1L. showrooms Households. 20L which are the returnable packs. General consumers and travelers. 500ml.5L. retail shops. It comes with a handy push-tap and a user friendly stand that ensures supply of pure water every single time. They not only maintain the pH balance of the body but also help in keeping you fit and energetic at all times. offices.Market Description: Bisleri’s market initially had only one SKU (stock keeping unit) of 1 litre this was followed a by a number of smaller and bigger SKUs. Lauded as today's 'fountain of youth'.who likes to make a fashion statement by Drinking mineral water. offices. Size of the bottle Benefits 250 ml 500 ml Convenient and light weight. 20L which are the natural Mountain Water. 1. institutes. taste. 250ml bottles.5L. 1. It is an ideal spill free option with a handy design and a practical easy-to-pour tap. 1. Target Consumer Conferences. Below is a table which categorizes each of the packs based on the segments and the buyers. shopkeepers. 250ml bottles. Bisleri Mountain Water: Bisleri Natural Mountain emanates from a natural spring. Product Review: Bisleri are present in 250ml cups. price and style. college students and roadside consumers. Bisleri Natural Mountain . Small offices. Based on these SKUs we can divide the entire market into two segments:   Retail consumption market Household & Institutional consumption market Bisleri have developed 8 unique pack sizes to suit the need of every individual. Bisleri with added Minerals: Bisleri Mineral Water contains minerals such as magnesium sulphate and potassium bicarbonate which are essential minerals for healthy living.5 litres 2 litres 5 litres 20 litres Consumer . and 2L which are the non-returnable packs & 5L. 1L. households Households. Also aimed to supply to the Indian Railways. Buyers can choose between pack sizes based on the quantity. They are available in 250ml cups. parties and for travel Teenagers. Consumers demanding a little more water at just a little more price. schools and college 1. located in Uttaranchal and Himachal nestled in the vast Shivalik Mountain ranges. Convenient and light weight. 500ml.

a new brand was launched and another died.2). Kinley and Aquafina made inroads into the market and by March 2001. Kinley had a 10%market share. In the late 1990s. In 1998. the mineral water market was worth Rs.2 . After 1993. Bisleri's market share came down to 60%. 10 billion and was growing at the rate of 40% a year. New players like Pepsi's Aquafina. Table 1. the branded mineral water market had grown to a 424 million litre business.Challenges in front of Bisleri: Since the inception of bottled water in India (1960’s). Bisleri Feels the Heat by 2001. Aquafina had 4% and the share of Bisleri had come down to 51%( see table 1. Table 1. the branded water market had grown to Rs 7 billion. The remaining 20% was shared by regional players. every three months.. while Parle Agro's3 Bailey had 20%. the branded mineral water industry saw some hectic activity. In their bid to garner greater market share. CocaCola's Kinley and Nestlé’s Pure Life entered the market. including Parle Bisleri tried to make quality and the purification processes they used their unique selling proposition (USP).1 Before Kinley and Aquafina launch 20% 20% 60% Bisleri Bailey Others In 2000. many international brands were planning to enter the branded mineral water market. On an average. There were 200 brands available in the country. valued at Rs 4 billion. Parle Bisleri's Bisleri brand was the undisputed leader with 70% market share. Branded mineral water which sold in only 60 towns in 1993 was available in 250 towns in 1997. many companies. In 1998.March 2001 Market share by brand 21% 12% 6% 51% 10% Bisleri Kinley Aquafina Bailey Others ..

In 2002.     Thirst quenching Health conscious living Convenience Taste Statistics gathered through questionnaire: [No of Respondents: Male: 84. both Kinley and Aquafina were making huge investments in bottling plants and distribution. Kinley had 500. Hence to tap in on this ever growing and demanding market. Bisleri had only 15 bottling plants and three franchisees. increase in a number of water borne cases. deteriorating levels and scarcity of tap water.000 outlets compared to Bisleri's 350.20% . increase in awareness about health and hygiene and other related factors led to acceptability of concept of mineral water.1 per cent compared to Bisleri's 34. Female: 116] Consumer preference for Bottled Water 5.Coke Claims Kinley Is No 1 in 2002: In 2001. Analysts felt that Kinley and Aquafina had an edge over Bisleri because of their strong distribution network.4 per cent. By 2002. The national retail stores audit by ORG-MARG show Kinley's market share at 35.50% 37.20% 34.10% Tastes better than other drinks Healthier/safer than other drinks It is thirst-quenching It is convenient and easy to consume 23. Coca-Cola India planned to double the number of water bottling plants to 16 and Pepsi announced that it would add seven more plants to the existing five. the company has to focus on the marketing management of the product. as per market estimates. In light of the challenge in front of the company and its current strengths and position. Other than the financial constraints up to an extent. In contrast. we have incorporated the marketing mix adopted by Bisleri to counter the marketing strategies of the competitors by developing its own marketing strategies.000. Bisleri differentiated themselves from its competitor’s by clearly understanding and fulfilling the below mentioned needs. Kinley overtakes Bisleri. Market Analysis Bisleri Consumer Needs and Wants: In India. with exposure of media and exposure to international life styles.

sand filtration. household. Strong footprint in Bulk Segments: Bulk water packs of 20 litres. corporate and institutional consumptions. targeted at the institutional and home segment. This was lapped up by Bisleri as a business opportunity in the water-scarce places in south India . Good quality checks at each stage ensures the product delivered to the customer is safe and of excellent quality. Eco friendly PET recycling process: Bisleri since 2002 are actively involved in collecting the use bottles and sends it for recycling. Brand Image. Brand Image: Every Bottle of Bisleri is put through rigorous purification process to ensure superior quality. Households.5 litre bottles.SWOT Analysis: Strength     Quality of Product. 2 litre bottles and 5 and 20 lite cans to suite all kind of consumers ranging from retail. The Ground Water goes through 6 step purification process which includes double ozonization. 500 ml bottles. Product range based on consumer needs and consumption: Bisleri with added minerals is available in 250 ml bottles. 1. Product range based on consumer needs and consumption Eco friendly PET recycling process Strong footprint in Bulk Segments Weakness    Distribution. In India. carbon filtration. in certain parts of India spend a huge amount of money on fuel in order to purify water. Rural Market Launch of premium pack  Strength: Quality of Product. clean and tasty. reverse osmosis and mineral injection to make the water soft. certain households spend a huge amount of money on fuel in order to purify water.1. Government Pressure Reuse of bottles by local players Threat   New Entrants Big Players Illegal Manufacturers Opportunities    Go Global. grew at a rapid pace of 30 to 40 percent.

Bihar and Orissa where rural population varies from 80 to 90%. It has the large percent of proportion in the market compare to the urban and population is more. this is prepared keeping 5-star hotels and other premium customer. Water purification appliancesmaker Eureka Forbes is making a foray into the packaged water segment and will roll out the bottled water product on a pan-India basis by 2012. Pepsi. under the brand name 'AquaSure'. Bisleri is looking to expand its overseas presence by tapping into the Middle East market as well. Opportunities: Go Global: The launch of Bisleri in the European market on 4th September. Britannia. The illegal manufacturers provide water at a very cheaper rate then the branded manufacturers. India to Serve as Hub for Imported Alaskan Water.WEAKNESS: Distribution: The route selling policy adopted by Bisleri for distribution is more expensive than more commonly followed method of appointing distributors in different towns. Some local sellers fill BISLERI bottles with impure and unhealthy water and they sell it to illiterate customers as BISLERI water which affects their health and brand image of the company. Later. . Launch of Premium Pack: Bisleri packaged water business expansion in premium segment with the imminent launch of Vedica. in 20-litre and one-litre bottles. Moreover. Rural Market: In India about 70% of the population lives in villages. There are 1000’s of illegal manufacturers which are providing the water at a very cheaper rate. Government Pressure: FDA has stopped the production of BISLERI due to insects and pests were found in BISLERI bottles. With the cut throat competition between Coke and Pepsi. It is tested by various authorities constantly. BISLERI and supply their products in the market. Rural area is the place where Bisleri can sustain their viability in the market. This companies also use the fake name of branded bottled water i. MP. Big Players: Coke. This pack will be sold at Rs.e. Government gave the permission to resume their production but consumers were not satisfied and moved towards other brands. This will give a tough competition to the Nestle. This is a serious problem for branded manufacturers. Bisleri is not safe. Evian the major player in the premium sells its 1 litre water at a hefty of Rs. 20 per litre. Reuse of bottles by local players: Market research conducted by Bisleri team found that bottles are reused and refilled with unhealthy water.85 per litre. There are states like UP. Nestle —is keen on raising their stakes in this market. Threats: New Entrants: Eureka Forbes to enter packaged drinking water market. Illegal Manufacturers: Company is facing a tough competition from illegal manufacturers in the rural areas. 2003 has created a lot of scope for it by targeting customers by increasing its quality and standards.

They have tracked Mumbai through Various routes and accordingly they service. Pepsi entered the fray with Aquafina and other players such as Nestle. Meanwhile. Then soft drinks giant Coco Cola entered with Kinley. Distribution: Bottling plant (Wada. Pepsi Aquafina: Company: PepsiCo India Limited Brand: Aquafina Product: Packaged Drinking Water Packaging: Pet Bottles Target Market Segment: Health Conscious people Positioning: Safe Water Trade Promotion: Banking on Parent Brand. Polycarbonate Jars Target Market Segment: Health Conscious people Positioning: Safe Water Trade Promotion: Effective TV ads (Boond Boond mein vishwas). Banking on Parent Brand. Advantage: Coco Cola brand image and strong distribution network. and Tata are presenting a tough competition to Bisleri. Mobile Van. Thane District)   For 1 Litre: The Company directly approaches the retailer. Banners. . They have appointed home delivery agent for some area to sell their product. Parle Agro’s Bailey has been growing steadily. First Britannia launched Evian.Competitors: The mineral water market is set to explode. For 20 Litre: Kinley sell their products through their own network only. The major competitors of Bisleri can be categorized as   Coca Cola Kinley Pepsi Aquafina Coca Cola Kinley: Company: Hindustan Coca cola Beverages Private Limited Brand: Kinley Product: Packaged Drinking Water Packaging: Pet Bottles. Kingfisher. This is drawing the big guns attention. Small local players too are breathing down Bisleri’s neck riding on better trade margins and intensive distribution (in their respective areas of operation).

2005). The company thus penetrates the market bypassing the competition present in the retail segment. The company uses innovative concepts like 1. The date of manufacturing has been written on the cap as well as on the bottle. For 20 Litre: The Company has not entered the 20-litre Packaged water Market but not as popular as Bisleri.Distribution: Bottling plant (Chembur. a series of teasers. They have tracked Mumbai through various routes and accordingly they service. there is a reliable method of checking whether the bottle has been refilled.10. First. Existing Product Market Penetration Existing market New market Market development Diversification New Product Product development Market Penetration: The company has used the penetration strategy by making available products in different sizes. In addition to the tamper proof seal. Thus a person who is refilling it would have to find a matching cap and bottle. of course. And it is safe. the probability of which is very low. "We propose that the company should focus more on market development and introduce new products thus increasing its product portfolio" (Bureau. priced at Rs. . The company is also penetrating the market by shifting its focus from retail market to the bulk water segment. This will not only decrease the risk of operating with single product but also enables to make use of its competences to develop new products. is competitive.2 liter bottle which helps to offer consumers more content at lower price. followed by a film that showed healthy bodies and youthful people and. Roha)   For 1 Litre: The Company directly approaches the retailer. Although Aquafina is only available in a 1 litre pet bottle. Marketing Strategy of Bisleri Strategic options: We have used Ansoff matrix to find out the strategic options that Bisleri used to identify new opportunities and tackle the current threats to be a leader in packaged water industry. Advantage: Pepsi in creating space in bottled water market came up with a campaign that did have people talking. lots of water. The company uses its own distribution network to cater the bulk water segment. Product development: The company has introduced new products like Bisleri fizzy soda and premium water under the name 'Vedica'.

As per Ramesh Chauhan. . The distribution vehicle now having painted in green with Bisleri brand indicates that Bisleri is creating more awareness of the product. Marketing Mix of Bisleri: PRODUCT: The main product of the company is the mineral water by the name of Bisleri Mineral water. Bisleri has become a perfect synonym of the mineral water for the Indian consumers. The company is now positioning itself as best product. Strategic changes over a period of time: The marketing strategy adopted by the company has also changed over the years. it has become a generic name for the mineral water. Other than mineral water the company has also the soda water under its brand name called the Bisleri Fizzy soda. The catch line now said ‘Pure and safe’.1 billion ($23 million) over three years on its new mango drink brand Alfa. besides an investment of about Rs. first by Bisleri. Now the company positioned itself as quality product to gain the trust of the consumers. magazines and company trucks for advertising purpose.S. The entry of players like Pepsi and Coca Cola made it to change the strategy. In the initial years when it was the sole player in the bottled water market it positioned itself as luxury item. hoardings. Now its recent interest to go east indicates its market development strategy. This strongly affected the sales of Bisleri which decreases about 15%. The company uses medium such as television. Hence Bisleri has already taken needed initiatives to diversify its market. in 2007 Bisleri expanded its market globally by launching itself in Europe and U. and that is the reason. Diversification: Bottled drinking water major Bisleri is foraying into the fruit juice market by investing Rs. "We will invest an Rs. Moreover. The company has changed its packaging and the color has been changed from blue to aqua green.Market development: Bisleri with its break away seal and advertising initiatives are doing more in roads in the rural sector. In the recent years there were cases where insecticide contents were found in bottled waters of some major players including Bisleri.1 billion for our mango juice brand Alfa in PET bottles in the next three years. The company carried out a rebranding exercise to recover from the dent created by this incident. Bisleri has its manufacturing units set up at Singapore and other countries.500 million in our plant at Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh)”. The present catch line says ‘Play safe’. The punch line was ‘Veri very extraordinari’. The concept of bottled mineral water was introduced in India.

. The packaging of Bisleri was accepted by the customers till now. Pepsi one of the competitors of the company has mineral water by the brand name of ‘Aquafina’.The main challenge faced by Bisleri in this mineral water industry is that there is no scope of invention and innovation in the product.. How Bisleri differentiated itself: Product Varieties: The company is offering wide variants of the product. 1. Bisleri Product’s 250ML 500ML 1Ltr 1. and 5 lt.5Ltr 2 Ltr 5 Ltr 10 Ltr 20 Ltr* 500ML Vedica 1 Ltr Vedica 600 ML Soda Bottles in Cases 24 20 12 27 9 1 1 1 20 12 24 PACKAGING: The packaging of the product is an important factor in the marketing of the product. It is just water after all. Now the customers would not have to drink impure water served in unhygienic glasses. If we are talking about a product like television we can think that the innovations could provide extra benefits derived from the product. In between. The pricing of these products are relatively cheaper compared to others. which can be added as the additional benefits of the product. Packs. Bottles. But it has been a long time the company has changed the packaging of 1ltr. These include the different quantities available of the product ranging from the (20 lt) to the 250 ml. This again is very competitive in the price field and also the customer is getting a convenient product with the benefit of purity at such a low price. 2 lt. The Company has introduced these cups for the social occasions like marriages and get together. The brand Aquafina has been targeted . it also has 1 lt. Moreover it has launched its new products such as Bisleri Fizzy soda and Vedica Mineral Water. In terms of another variant the company has also come up with 250 ml Cups.mineral water bottle.5 lt. This is what the Indian customers think of the bottled water. Packaging of the Aquafina made its look attractive and sturdier.

The company has used the Brand Extension cleverly. Aquafina from snatching its market share. It introduced Tamper proof seals to make customers aware that product Bisleri is concerned on the safety and quality of water. Below is the price chart. The company had take the benefit of the brand name it has created over a long period of time and introduced new products. Bisleri adopted a new look to its product to stopping Kinley. In India. where the majority of the population comprise of the middle-income group and lower income groups it is not hard to understand that pricing is one of the most important factor in the buying decisions. Bisleri has met the expectations of the consumers in terms of pricing the product and also making the product available in variations of litres. To conclude from the facts that the pricing strategy of the Bisleri is very competitive and therefore the company is giving value to the customers for money. the company positioned itself as quality product to gain the trust of the consumers. All other elements represent costs. To counter the competition. design in this category to sustain itself in the competition. The company is following a very aggressive pricing. The company had changed its packaging and the color has been changed from blue to aqua green. Its product is available at a very reasonable price.towards the youth and that is why they have made the bottle look more hip. making Bisleri both convenient and affordable. The catch line it adopted was ‘Pure and safe’. PRICE:Price is the sum of values that consumer exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. Price is the only element in the marketing mix that produces revenue. .

Findings: Distribution is important parameters which holds on key position for any fast-moving consumer goods as the sale of this particular type of product highly depend on distribution network and its availability. . Pepsi projected ‘Aquafina’ as something as pure as ‘Your own body’. personal selling. companies must also communicate with their customers. Therefore it can be interpreted that sale of any product depend on its distribution network and thus we can say that distribution and sales are interrelated.called its Promotion Mix consists of specific blend of advertising. A Company’s total marketing communications program. to counter-attack first changed their base-line from ‘Pure and safe’ to ‘Play Safe’. Bisleri had a big threat of maintaining its market cap.5 ltr 2 ltr 500ml 1ltr 500ml 1 ltr 500ml 1 ltr 2ltr 5 ltrs 20 ltrs 1 Litre 500ml Bulk Premium Parle Bisleri Parle Bisleri Bisleri Vedica PROMOTION: Modern marketing calls for more than just developing a good product. They tried a brand new ad campaign to catch the fancy of consumer which worked. and what they communicate should not be left to chance. pricing it attractively.Segment Company Brand Available Packs 250ml 500ml 1 ltr Price 6 8 14 8(27 Cases – 216) 25 10 16 10 16 10 16 22 35 60 20 12 Parle Bisleri Bisleri Pepsi Aquafina Popular Coca-Cola Kinley 1. also frequency of distribution is taken into consideration for the sale of this kind of product. and public relations tools that the company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives. Bisleri. and making it available to the target customers. sales promotion. While Coca-cola introducing its brand ‘Kinley’ as a health care product.

corporates.Distribution network of Bisleri: Manufacturing Unit Company warehouse Distributors Trucks Retailers Customers Distribution network of Aquafina: Institutional Buyers/ Seasonal Party Orders Company Distributor Institutional Buyers Retailer (hotels. offices of varios companies) consumer consumer Distribution network of Kinley: Manufacturing Plant Sales and distribution operations Distributors Outlets Outlets .

With mineral water priced at a significant premium to packaged distilled water. Action Program . The company also changed the shape of the Bisleri bottle to create a wider neck. whereas 18% of them feels that they do not get the product offer and rest of the 9% retailers feels that they do not get this product at all. This technical strength ensures that the consumer will only get a high safe product when they will drink BISLERI. it can be interpreted that availability of Bisleri mineral water among the retailers is 73% of retailers gets the product easily. The label on the bottle also features mountains and glaciers emphasizing the purity of Bisleri. which the company is aiming to target at upper middle-class consumers in on-trade establishments and institutions. distribution system of Bisleri is good and should try to maintain this pattern in order to compete with Kinley and Aquafina which have strong distribution network due to their soft drink link.Marketing initiatives:  The breakaway seal: keeping in mind the consumers need to recognize a genuine product that cannot be tempered with. In 2006. in a bid to differentiate it from other brands on the market. the company aims to move up the value chain. the Bisleri brand was extended to mineral water with Bisleri Mountain Water.   . The unique cap has been patented and cannot be duplicated. Parle Bisleri revamped the packaging of Bisleri from blue to aqua-green.Availability of the various mineral water among retailer’s shows varying percentage (surveyed among 100 retailers) Brand Easily Get but not often 18% 15% 15% 20% 20% 20% Does not get 9% 10% 10% 10% 15% 20% Bisleri Aquafina Kinley Bailey's Hello Others 73% 75% 60% 70% 65% 60% From the data. In a bold move. which enables the company to use less plastic in the packaging and significantly improves margins. Thus it can be said that.

The company will require funds for the expansion and other projects. problem arises when the brand is not available and customer chooses its competitors. Have dispensers with cold and hot water bottles at places like hotels. The company should therefore focus on ‘rural’ market penetration. 'Buy two bottles get one’ like offers can also be introduced. The company can acquire smaller players to extend the reach or can tie up with major local players. The company is a single product portfolio company. the company also increased advertising in the media. and the growth of bulk bottled water sales to homes has also helped to increase volume sales. It enjoys strong brand equity in the country as Bisleri is synonymous with bottled water to most consumers. The company should try to introduce more product more beverage products in the market. even today there is shortage of safe drinking water sources and there is spread of water borne diseases due to unhygienic water. Use the global event such as IPL. Bisleri has tied up with vending machine company Grabbit to set up automated machines in offices. petrol pumps and super bazaars are potential sources for market expansion. a first initiative of its kind by any branded water company in India. In Indian villages. Film Fare as an opportunity. Bisleri launched itself in premium segment with Vedica and also in 2011. airports and other high traffic points. In addition. In 2007. Departmental stores. having been present on the market for more than 30 years. However. promote and position product for those mega events to attract customers. shopping malls. Bisleri is planning to setup production distribution units in eastern countries   Recommendation  The brand recall of Bisleri was stronger as compared to its competitors. Bisleri enjoys first mover advantage in bottled water. especially television.       . Bisleri plans to introduce vending machines for its packaged drinking water. The company should therefore invest heavily on distribution and logistics. clubs and airports to target their potential customers. The company should form a joint venture with some companies who have greater rural distribution network to introduce products catering to rural market.

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