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Ululare Cantus

Story: Ululare Cantus Storylink: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7212427/1/ Category: Glee Author: Jubella Last updated: 11/06/2011 Words: 59515 Status: In Progress Content: Chapter 1 to 18 of 18 chapters Source: FanFiction.net Summary: Rachel and Quinn are attacked by a wild animal in a Glee Club camping trip. They lose memory of an entire
day every month and it doesn't take long before Rachel starts to investigate.

*Chapter 1*: Prologue
"Mr. Schuester, Artie's chair got stuck in mud again!" This camping trip was a stupid, stupid idea. Quinn knew it as soon as her foot connected with the mud that went all the way up to her ankle. It had been a wet, rainy week in Lima, and the forest and field were covered in mud and the air was full of mosquitos and she had to share a seat with a pouting Finn the whole ride to the outskirts of Lima. Were they were supposed to bound. But of course, that wouldn't happen with a grumpy Finn, Brittany bouncing between Santana and Artie while one glared and the other still stole glances at Tina and Mike, and with a disturbingly quiet Rachel. Not that she wasn't at least a little thankful for that. She thought it was going to be a failure as soon as the idea left her teacher's mouth, but when she saw where they were going to stay for the weekend, and felt the tension of everyone's problems between each other in the air, she knew she should have just stayed home. None of the games Mr. Schue had thought were suitable for a muddy field, so they had to settle for a fire and sitting in dead wood while Rachel and Mercedes tried to monopolize the singing and Artie got into impromptu awkward rapping sessions with Puck. Yeah, she should have just stayed home. Quinn lasted half an hour before discreetly getting up and going to sit by the river. She watched from there, as an outsider, as everyone sang and laughed away their troubles, and she didn't feel like they missed her or noticed she was gone. But it was okay, she guessed. Because she didn't feel like she belonged there. Everyone was happy and careless, and those who weren't just had frivolous troubles of unrequired love. None of them, she was sure, felt like she did, with a void inside her chest and a constant headache that didn't let her think. Even Sam didn't turn away to look for her, which was pretty telling of their relationship. Mr. Schuester clapped his hands as everyone got up and the boys went to get everyone's bags from the bus. Quinn sighed and stood up as well when Rachel began to walk her way. "We've been assigned to share a tent along with Brittany; I request your help with setting it up." "I don't like camping." The blonde grumbled as she followed Rachel to the pile of tents and bags. "I don't know how to do this." "No worries, Quinn. I was a girl scout for five years and I'm perfectly capable to make a tent. You just follow my lead as usual and –" "I thought gays weren't allowed to be scouts." Brittany chirped from behind Rachel. "Brittany!" Quinn gaped. "…that's why I never joined." Quinn saw, mortified, as Rachel stared incredulously at the blonde, beet red and mouth agape. "Let's just put… let's put this stuff together, right?" Quinn stammered out. Rachel nodded and they started to make the tent in silence, which soon turned into Rachel giving out orders and Quinn snapping every two sentences. They were the last ones to finish, and by the end of it, Brittany had gone to Santana's tent to never return, and they ended up farthest away from everyone, just at the line of trees. "Quinn?" Rachel murmured from the quiet of their tent, snuggled in her sleeping bag. "I'm awake." "Why did you leave the bonfire today?" Quinn burrowed herself deeper in her sleeping bag. Why was it always Rachel who noticed those things? "I didn't feel like singing." She tried to sound nonchalant. "We're in Glee Club." "So? Not everyone is a swell and singing woodland creature like you." Quinn snapped. Then she cursed herself, closed her eyes tightly and bit her tongue. "I'm not like that." Rachel said quietly. The blonde sighed. "I know." Then after a beat. "Sorry." "You never feel like singing lately." Rachel said hesitantly after a minute of silence.

Quinn's heart sped up. "How did you… why do you care, Rachel?" "I'm captain of the Glee Club." She didn't sound too convinced and Quinn was only mildly disappointed, but she didn't say anything. That's how things worked with Rachel, they never dug too deep. "Do you think you'll feel like singing tomorrow? We leave in the afternoon and perhaps I could think of –" "Sh, Rachel." Quinn sat up. "What?" Quinn put her hand up, palm facing the brunette. "What is it?" Quinn didn't answer and Rachel watched as she slowly unzipped her sleeping bag. "Do you hear something?" Quinn nodded. "Stay here." She whispered and got onto her knees. "Quinn!" Rachel whisper-shouted. "It's probably someone getting up to urinate. Probably Noah." "I can hear him snoring from across the field." Quinn answered distractedly, putting her shoes. "You shouldn't go out." Rachel chided, but she was unzipping her sleeping bag, too. She could hear noises and movement from outside. Quinn glared at her. "Stay here, Berry." Rachel almost recoiled at her arched eyebrow. Almost. "I'll go with you, Quinn." She protested. The blonde was unzipping the tent door. "But I still think we shouldn't –" Rachel cut herself mid-sentence as Quinn tensed. Her shoulders straightened and she threw her arm back, as if to stop Rachel from moving. Rachel couldn't see what was outside with Quinn's body blocking the opening, but she didn't have to wait too long. In just a second, there was an animalistic growl and a scream as Quinn's body flung backwards, a hairy mass on top of her. Rachel screamed as she threw herself on top of it, pushing its mouth away from the blonde's neck. The side of her body hit the side of the animal as Quinn screamed Rachel's name and Rachel Quinn's, then cried out for help. Rachel crouched over the blonde as Quinn screamed at her to run. She felt her arm weakly trying to push her and a sharp, excruciating pain on her side. Everything was a blur of screams and snarls and the last thing she heard was a sobbing scream, asking her not to die.

Perhaps she was dreaming about camping with her fathers or with the girl scouts." Rachel tried to lift her arm. who sat by the river sulking the night off. since everything seemed so tense lately. someone was next to her gripping her shoulders. Rachel tried to speak.*Chapter 2*: Untitled 1 Chapter One. her right cheek hit the hard pillow and a body could be seen across from her. the pain is leaving. They got on the bus and she sat with Mercedes for the ride to the outskirts of Lima where they were staying for the night. "Is she okay?" "She's medicated and asleep. The beeping sound increased its pace. but you seemed to have protected her very well. She'd had breakfast with her dad before he took her to school. Rachel fought the urge to care for the blonde all night. but everything felt so heavy. Where were they? Rachel blinked and the room was dark. "Ms. With a thump. "Ms. Can you feel it? Can you hear me?" "Quinn?" She asked. The person (a girl?) was asleep. the beeping sound still accompanying her. but perhaps the woman knew where she was. and the steady beeping sound seemed to indicate otherwise. if the bright lights were any indication. The next time she woke up. Her eyes were heavy and she couldn't find the strength to open them more. "What happened to us? We… there was an animal…" "You were attacked." There was a hint of a smile on the nurse's face. Can you hear me? You're not in danger. She met the Glee Club at the school's parking lot and tried to avoid Finn as they waited for everyone to arrive. Quinn had walked away soon after and Rachel had fought the urge to go to her all night. which admittedly happened once in a blue moon. "Rachel?" Someone whispered at her side. she heard noises before opening her eyes. One of the woman's hands stayed reassuringly on her forearm as she walked away from the bed. "Quinn?" She whispered back. and soon a dull light illuminated the room. but to no avail. Mr. There were machines next to it and a white wall as background. but don't worry. It was as if she couldn't fully wake up from a dream. Berry. but her mind didn't stay awake to hear the answer. That still didn't explain the slight pain on her side or her inability to move. She knew that voice didn't belong to her. Fabray is right next to you. Half her mind was on singing and the other half stole glances at the blonde. Rachel might have thought she was in heaven. her voice was quiet and very soothing and Rachel found herself being lulled to sleep by it. Mr. Schuester had assigned her a tent with Quinn and Brittany. Her head pounded and her side hurt. and as she looked to her right again. But then again. Your friend here lost a little blood. Eyes half open. but they ended up alone because Britt couldn't put up with their bickering. Closing her eyes. which admittedly could have been done any school day just the same. as most of her dreams consisted of New York streets and a Broadway stage. you're gonna be fine. she could make out a silhouette on a bed. Her eyes squinted against the bright light and she closed them with a groan. still steady. Schuester had had another of his ridiculous ideas for them to bond. which of course ended up with the blonde snapping at her. but a strangled noise came out instead. and she started thinking that maybe it was a nightmare after all. but that had stopped sleep from coming and soon she found herself trying to make Quinn open up to her. You're the first of you two to wake up. long hair spread across the pillow. she tried to sit on her bed. Rachel tried to figure out what was the last thing she remembered. It was an odd dream for her to have. The pain in her head diminished and her vision got blurry. in which she ran on steady feet across the forest. on the other bed. . as she tried to sit again or simply move her head. Do you want to see?" The voice was soothing and Rachel nodded. The bed had a railing and the person in it was blonde. A man was murmuring and a woman was murmuring back. Do you feel any pain?" "Just my head. please try to calm down. she wasn't sure she believed in that. "Is she going to be okay?" She managed to whisper. Then Quinn had heard a noise… Rachel tried to make her stay… but Quinn got up… she'd opened the tent… she screamed… there was an animal… Rachel tried to protect Quinn and Quinn tried to protect her… she'd felt pain… there were screams… Rachel screamed for help… everything shook… everything was shaking… everything hurt… Rachel panted as a soothing feeling invaded her. But the weather was awful so they had to settle for a bonfire and singing.

she doesn't need to know so many daunting details. Fabray cup her cheek. "So what was it?" She whispered as her eyes moved up and down Quinn's body. Rachel felt tears swell up in her eyes. amused. one leg already off the bed. close the curtains! Rachel. It was a beast!" "The authorities are still searching the area. "What." Rachel watched the concern latched in her father's eyes and slipped her hand under the blankets. She smiled at him before noticing the other woman in the room. Baby. but they're not sure. "You're okay. "Rachel. "Yes. "You seem to take turns to wake up and say the same things. Rachel nodded as she watched Quinn close her eyes slowly and lower her hand to rest on her stomach. but don't you worry about anything. She's just waking up. Honey!" Her Daddy ran to her bed dramatically and helped her sit up. filled with relief."No. "Yes. I never saw… I tried to shield her…" "Rachel. She knew right away." Her Daddy instructed. "No. making her collapse to the bed again with a groan." Rachel's Daddy reprimanded." "Okay. Rachel. "Too bright. "Do I look horrible?" She murmured. She could hear her heartbeat on the monitors speeding up as background sound as their eyes met. Baby. as if looking for any other damage." Her Dad cupped her cheek and she heard the tears in his voice." Rachel nodded distractedly as she drank in Quinn's image. "I'm so sorry. Rachel watched him heading for the door after stopping to share an embrace with her Daddy. something beyond your control. Are you okay? Can you open your eyes?" She shook her head. "Ms. "Honey. honey?" Her Dad placed the cup in her hand. What matters is that you're both okay and that you fought for each other. Can you open your eyes now?" Rachel obliged. she heard a noise and wanted to go out of the tent. endeared at the concern for her daughter. fluffing the pillows behind her back when she grimaced at the pain on her ribs. but Quinn groaned in her bed and Rachel's expression turned into alarm. she's okay. She tried to smile at them to ease their anxiety. she's okay." "So she's okay?" The hope and relief in Rachel's tone as well as her face made Ms. and her neck and shoulder were wrapped in bandages. neither of you –" "She woke up?" Rachel tried to sit up abruptly and her head spun. fingers grazing the bandage. her hand moving to cup her shoulder and eyes opening. she woke up. It was a wild animal. . "Sit up slowly. Fabray?" As soon as their gazes met. steading it with both of his as Rachel took it to her mouth. a thousand different emotions crossing her eyes. The wounds don't match any particular –" "Honey. She seemed peaceful in her slumber. it's okay. Baby. Quinn's asleep in the next bed. "I'm okay. "They're searching. you're perfect. the sight of her Dad greeted her and she smiled. but we didn't…." Judy smiled." There was tension-filled silence for a few seconds before Hiram spoke up. settling on relief. "That thing… that attacked us." Judy released her daughter's hand and stood up by Rachel's bed." Quinn whispered. Rachel sat motionless as Quinn shifted slightly. it's Dad. "Water?" Her Dad nodded and stood up. So you believe us now?" He smiled. She quivered as she remembered the mass of hair latched to that place. It's over now and you don't have to worry about it anymore." She murmured. "Stay on bed. "We already had this talk with Quinn. And it's not your fault or hers that you got hurt. Are you okay?" "I'm okay. not a single crease in her brow.

There was some residual pain and she felt self-conscious about the scar. her chest reverberating and her body heating. Every muscle was beating and her wound pulsed in synch with her heartbeat and the Moon… the Moon was coming and she couldn't be happier. Rachel exploded on a Glee meeting. scarf and coat to go take the bus. Kurt had set up a "date" for her and Mercedes to go to his house and spend some time with him now they weren't occupied with rivalry competition. Rachel just smiled at her in the hallway and Quinn was good to go. Running had never felt so good. or to Kurt's. She couldn't stop her legs from running and she had no idea where she was. to leave her the hell alone. when they were bored. she would go to the hospital. Her wound was pulsating. Quinn was on painkillers and wrapped in bandages for two weeks. She'd had headaches in the morning and the afternoon. The exercise felt great after a week of inaction and her step fastened by the block. The shower forgotten. Thankfully. She took to wearing scarfs after the bandages were gone because her wound was too ugly to look at. her breathing not labored at all. She was lucky. and maybe a little bit of fever on Thursday. The second week. asking him "as politely as she could". and she could see they were morbidly eager to see how badly her neck and shoulder had turned out. and soon she was jogging with the cold wind hitting her face and she could feel every muscle in her body working and warming and taking her faster and faster. just a few centimeters in the wrong way and her jugular would be gone and she would've bled to death. and so she had taken to use the elliptical more in the month that followed the attack. That was not to say they were few or far in between. Rachel smiled as the line of trees filled her visual and the laughter bubbled inside her chest. and that was a good arrangement between them. Quinn couldn't have been more relieved. to some extent. But everything went back to normal three weeks later. or why she got out of the house at all. Rachel felt a little under the weather after the third week. so she thought she should stay at home and wait for them to call the doctor. but it eventually wore out when he realized she was okay. The cold wind to her face made her change her mind as soon as she got out. Instead. so warm. but she knew the right person understood. she had two weeks of winter to rest and enjoy the holidays. The fever might be because it was infected and Rachel panicked. watched movies at home and occasionally made out. the heat made her fun faster. carrying Rachel's books around. and her Rachel thoughts went back to the normal amount. Somewhere inside her she still wanted to talk to Rachel every day and make sure she wasn't in pain. and she'd told her dads she was going." Rachel leaned back onto her bed. When she took off her pajama shirt to take a shower and posed in front of her mirror as usual to inspect her scar. Her wound still hurt and she couldn't practice ballet yet. but she swore that if she felt ill on Monday. biting her lip. She'd forgo the elliptical thinking perhaps physical work was affecting the wound and she didn't want it to get infected." She said to the air. admittedly not boyfriend material for her. her lungs weren't working hard at all. and despite of still feeling warm all over. Every day for the first week she approached Rachel at her locker and they would both ask the other if they were okay. these days pinkish and smooth. she ate a quick lunch and wrapped herself in a sweater. The night was coming and the Sun was hiding and the Moon… soon the Moon would come and that made her heart beat faster. She felt so. "Just one or two more days. "Just to make sure. the doctors said. Mercedes had taken book carrying duty after that. Sam had carried her books for the first week at school. seeing it fly behind her into the wind."How much longer do we have to stay here?" She asked softly as Quinn clutched the sheets. and that made her think perhaps she ought to go home. She took off her scarf. They felt secure and everyone else saw them happy. was red. they took to ask each other on Glee. Her dads were at work and wouldn't be home until late afternoon. but they were friends. Just looking at the wound was painful and reminded her of screams and growls and made her feel bile rise to her throat. Now she wasn't so sure. People at school still gave her looks and lingering glances. By the third week. her feet hitting the pavement harder. She hadn't told her dads because she didn't want to worry them. I'm sure. She watched Finn unnervingly for the first week and a half. having lunch with her and undoubtedly trying to woo her and win her back. "We'll be good to go tomorrow. The sun was setting after a while. past her throat into the air. Rachel woke up with a headache and chills. The wound. but that part burrowed itself deeper inside every day. Rachel thought going to the hospital was a better choice. There was no doubt between them that what they had was purely for popularity's sake. and that was it. and her legs kept taking her faster. She made sure Quinn took her medication every day for the first two weeks and made sure the wound was being taken care of. He'd been concerned for her for the first week. the fever didn't seem to make her sick. but Rachel had long forgotten where she was going. Rachel laughed out loud as she ran through the trees. He was a really good guy. and to start school good as new. There was no direction better than the one her body wanted to take her. or the hospital. It worked like that with everyone. They walked around school hand in hand. but the last week had been odd. Rachel had saved her. It felt exceptionally good on her feverish skin and so she opted for a walk. Everything felt too good. because her wound still hurt. a little purple and swollen. the cold air and her hot body complementing each other and eliminating all sense of discomfort. and strangely." Judy smiled. even her mother. Her . but nothing around her seemed familiar. but she still felt tired on Friday. but something in her brain didn't allow her to panic.

. Rachel heard a scream… turn into a howl.coat soon hit the floor. the Moon full and beautiful on top of her face as she fell to the ground. her body shaking. as a background. She couldn't stop running and laughing even as her clothes went missing. Far away. then her other sneaker. her laugher turned into a groan. into a scream… everything went black. and the Moon… Rachel looked up as she ran. then her sweater. followed by one of her sneakers sliding off her foot.

opening the tab before taking off her clothes. But then. she expected to see Rachel. but there seemed to be no actual damage. "Yes Dad. and she had to sit on the dead pieces of wood they'd used as benches just a month ago. but to no avail. She sure hadn't been attacked again. the sight of her healed wound stopped her from realizing where she was. Since she had woken up. What had happened to her? There was just no way than in two days her scar had healed completely. terrifying moment. steadying herself on the log to pick it up. naked in the middle of the woods. As a ritual for the past month. no road to indicate where she stood until she found the river. so if you don't mind. as well as her hands and most of her legs. only to be left with utter astonishment and panic. she saw the river in the distance and stood up on shaky legs. Now at home. naked. She walked in an almost straight line through the trees and found most of her clothes. For a blinding. It wasn't snowing yet. Her wound. Even… her wound seemed months healed. everything seemed surreal. Her heartbeat hadn't slowed the slightest since she'd woken up. oh surprise! She saw her shirt lying on the ground a few feet away and walked as fast as she could to get it. she regarded herself in front of the mirror before gasping and clutching at the sink. tripping from her trembling muscles and steadying herself against a tree before almost falling to the ground. She pushed the plaguing dark thoughts away. she slowly made her way upstairs and walked to her bathroom. A farm where a man named Mr. She leaned away slightly. Quinn woke up with a groan. They didn't have a clue. But she was alone. She had no idea where she was." Her Daddy greeted. With a thud. her whole body aching as she tried to sit up. "What about food?" "Kurt's been taking an on-line Italian food course. She'd launched herself in it to wash away the mud that covered her body and stayed under water for as long as she could. Rachel's body was soothed and her hands could hold her mug of tea steady. the dents from her attacker's teeth sticking out. Gripping the railing tightly with both hands. her entire body hurt and her heartbeat and trembling hands were impossible to soothe. laying on the same spot on the ground. he had sheep and chickens and she remembered people bought fresh eggs from him. Her coat lay there shadowed by a tree. Rachel got home in the afternoon. naked body. In the distance. to a dark and empty house. She regretted it as soon as the cold air hit her cold. Honey. previously pinkish and flat. "Hi. and the tiny road almost a mile away didn't have space for two cars to drive. perhaps no one had worried about her and they had thought her dead. here she stood… lowering herself slowly. was healed to almost the color of her skin." She lied. the right side of her body hit the hard ground and her hand flung to clutch at her shoulder. Her fathers were still at work and she was both relieved and terrified by that notion. Had she had an accident and lost part of her memory? She didn't know what kind of accident she could have suffered in the middle of the woods. Linton lived. there was no path. but the ground was wet from the morning dew and Quinn saw her bare feet covered in mud. Quinn saw something red and walked as fast as her shaking body allowed her." She had reached the stairs when her father Leroy peered at her from the kitchen's doorframe. being carried away by the paramedics. "I'm actually quite tired. but the expected additional pain never showed. still shaking from the cold and exhaustion and fear." She smiled before sipping her tea. What happened? What had she done? Looking around. Hiram. stood close to her and touched her forehead. She remembered there was some house or cabin a couple of miles away. leaving her worthless body and worrying about saving Rachel." She stood up. She walked around to try and find more of her clothes. There were no signs of anybody else in there. At first. "Are you feeling alright?" Rachel's Dad. thinking perhaps she was still there. The cold water made her body feel covered by tiny needles and she didn't even last a minute in it. even her shoes. . but perhaps she could borrow some shoes and money to take the bus. "Did you have fun at Kurt's?" Rachel closed her eyes and sighed in relief. I think I'll go to bed early. Rachel sighed as her muscles relaxed under the warm water and her heartbeat slowed steadily. and she bent down. much less crash fatally. wet. no more red but almost white. She felt she had woken up from a strange dream into another dimension. instead of weeks. but it was enough to clean herself. Yet. just at the end of the road. or that she had no clothes on. lighter than her skin tone. She panicked for a second.*Chapter 3*: Untitled 2 Chapter Two. She had to go home. She couldn't remember how she ended up in the woods… she didn't even remember waking up the day before. Maybe she'd been… assaulted? Her body did hurt. bleeding and at what seemed like second of dying. both from her muscular pain and the cold. wrapping herself inside it and buttoning it up with trembling fingers. they weren't worried about her at all. Rachel still didn't remember anything from the day before. It would take her a couple of hours to get there on her condition. By the time her fathers got home. so I'm stuffed until tomorrow. oddly enough feeling more exposed now that she was clean. "A blast. I just have a small headache.

but she had never been afraid. But she knew it was all a lie. unlovable. and sometimes scared. but it got worse after Beth. and she still had nightmares over that. like she had done with everything else her entire life. As far as she could remember. The first week of school rushed in front of her eyes. So she had to admit that now that she got along better with everyone. in spite of not knowing where she was and having no control over her body. In the back of her head. It was too late for trauma being because of the attack on the camping trip. she just couldn't help herself. Glee was starting to become more comfortable and had taken even a little bit more of her time. She chalked it up to the being back school madness and starting ballet again. but never afraid. her mind numb. and she couldn't deny she would feel the same way. Lord knows we only know how to burn the kitchen. and sometimes she felt he was the same man he'd been when he'd first taken over the club. Rachel took it upon herself as a duty to do some research on what had happened that day. Her mother had asked her a thousand times. she was glad at least some of his old personality was back. she knew there was something odd about it. without memory of the past day. uploaded My Space videos every three days. wouldn't tell anyone. Her Winter Break had been productive and relaxing. It didn't register that she'd been walking all day. And between those things. she lied. to people at school… to herself."That's wonderful! Do tell him to cook for us here sometime. She did her usual morning routine." "I'll tell him. and there was nothing more important or better than that. or to a hospital… Quinn couldn't. her mother accepted it. the way it felt against her skin and cleared her head. She was taking her clothes and running through the woods. said it to her mother. unhealthily sad. Often. anyway. She had dark thoughts. sometimes with Blaine tagging along. curled up completely under a blanket on her bed. couldn't shake the fear that maybe… Quinn knew she was sad. there wasn't a minute of these past few weeks she'd forgotten. and wrote down on her diary about needing to take some vitamins. because the Moon was coming. Quinn didn't give a single thought to her fever when she woke up on Tuesday morning. got into her winter Cheerios uniform and packed an extra bag of clothes. even if she never cared to admit it. Schuester. So he'd been more open to her suggestions. perhaps the end of his marriage or middle-age crisis. Quinn had similar thoughts and fears running through her mind. nonmusical movies. did vocal exercises every afternoon. for the most part. Rachel didn't sleep much that night. and had kept a diary of her day to day life. something eerily familiar. club meetings and long discussions about Glee Club with Mr. she'd spend her day looking blankly through her bedroom window for hours. Was she going insane? It took until the last night of Winter Break before Quinn could go to sleep without fear for the next morning. Rachel went to bed fully prepared for school the next day. she felt lonely. that something was going on. Quinn's grandmother had committed suicide and her mother took Prozac. that tugged her forward by the shoulders. feeling happier as she approached whatever it was that was waiting ahead. He'd taken it a little easier with her after the attack. then lower. because there was no way she was staying on a skirt after practice. She'd spent her time with Kurt and Mercedes. and there was nothing that Quinn wanted more than to feel like that. it wasn't like Coach Sylvester would care. Good night. . So she said she was fine. She was sad. in a panic that lasted less than a second. succeeding almost every time. but she couldn't stop herself from walking miles and miles without feeling tired. Daddy. setting. Getting out of the house to open the garage door to get her car. and she hadn't suffered any trauma… that she remembered. and every time. something stopped her mid-step. The Sun was high in the sky as she walked. when the fourth week started." "Goodnight. She would want to send Quinn to a psychiatrist. and tried baking several vegan recipes. sad thoughts. Every time. But after that fleeting second. So far. and she couldn't stop her body. but whatever the reason. she assumed he felt partially guilty for taking them there. Her backpack hit the ground. couldn't get a hold of it. that she'd missed school. That's why. two weeks ago. She'd deal with it herself. Quinn didn't hold it against her. alone. An outrageous one. Rachel wasn't sure what had changed in his life to make him more selfish and more of a lousy teacher than he already was. more so with the weather. Quinn was depressed. She began running as that thought set. she hadn't done drugs or drank enough alcohol to swallow an entire day. the houses and shops and parks became blurry as her body took her where she just knew she had to be. She didn't care if it was a ridiculous amount to walk. that made her want to walk. She'd never been a particularly happy girl. Deep down. grinning when trees filled her vision. decipher and judge from her personality. but seriously? Twelve blocks away. She'd exercised on the elliptical every morning. She'd lost a whole day in her life! What if… what if her mind had screwed up completely? What if she had some kind illness? Multiple personality? A tumor? She daren't tell her mother about it. There was just something in the air. She couldn't just let it go. Daytime fear still haunted her. laughing as she began running through them. Quinn's heart began pounding faster as she realized. Mostly came out futile. Cheerios and Glee. Rachel took a method from one of her favorites. Quinn smiled. Her feet took her forward. far away. what with turning in papers. something that felt promising and blissful. laughter bubbled inside her chest. or her more-than-usual exhaustion. She knew she sleep-walked as a child. though. because it was all they knew. when she realized it was about to get dark. and next were her sneakers. Rachel didn't give much thought to her morning and afternoon headaches. Baby Girl!" He sing-songed from the kitchen. terrified of waking up in the woods the next morning. There was something.

Again. taking a shower instead. "Where were you on Tuesday?" She said next. I didn't –didn't feel very well. Go home and rest. She heard a distant scream. Well. must you be so loud?" "Must you use that language?" She mocked as she drooped down on a chair next to her own. I realize it's completely unprofessional for me to go. Mercedes. thinking why it never occurred to her that her dads weren't worried when she didn't get home for a whole day. trying to keep the irritation from seeping in. with no idea how she got there. Mercedes. "Lord. Schuester. please. One of your dads call me to see if you were with me because it was late and you hadn't called. Finn was gaping at them and Santana had a deep smirk on her face. but to happen twice? That was no coincidence. "I'm only asking out of concern for you. then everything became blurry. "Oh. Mercedes. Was she dying? Was something happening with her brain? Rachel couldn't shake those thoughts away. I –I'm so sorry. but I really don't feel well." If it weren't for his warm tone and the comforting touch of his hand. again with no memory of an entire day. "Berry!" Rachel jumped in her chair and clutched at the material of her sweater in her chest. calling for everyone to be silent. Just ask Santana. a scream filling the air and running through her entire body before turning into a growl. so I fell asleep on her house and then slept all Wednesday at home. at least –" "Oh my God. who entered the Choir room in that same moment and hollowed. "I was… at my house. She remembered waking up in the morning with high temperature and forgoing the elliptical. so I told them you fell asleep and to just let you crash at mine's. I know for a fact you didn't see Finn." Mr. After a moment of silence filled with Mr. She remembered changing and getting out of the house. so she stayed silent. ignoring Mr. if you wanna lie. 'cause my boy Kurt told me you didn't stop by. She had missed two days of school. Mr. Rachel walked the halls aimlessly on Thursday morning. One time was disturbing enough. she prodded again. Her body shook and she arched up." Rachel gushed. Schue smiled and rested a hand on her shoulder as she walked by past him." "It's okay." "From ballet… a friend from my ballet class. "I'm sorry." Of course she wouldn't. after you tell me where you were. please stop talking!" Rachel snapped. like they were sharing a dirty secret. Schuester speaking to himself. "I'm sure we can survive one meeting without you. "Please tell me you weren't at Puck's." She said again. in a conspiratorial whisper. You'll thank me for that later. She was so tired. naked. I really didn't feel good. almost.the Moon bathing the sky and washing over her face as she fell to the ground. I hope you can continue the meeting without me. Everyone turned around to look at them in disbelief. appalled at Rachel's unusual harshness." "I went to a friends' house. chilling her bones for less than a second as it reminded her of something. and then everything went black. That's why she didn't hear Brittany ask Quinn why she missed two days of school. "A friend? What other friends do you have apart from us gleeks? No offence. "I'm going to go home. clutching her head and hoping Mercedes would let it go. everything around her was a mass of color and sound as she walked to Glee and sat down in the back row." "Girl. Mercedes was just as flabbergasted as everyone else. Then she remembered being a heap on the floor… someone was screaming inside her mind. I'm sorry. Rachel got up and swung her bag pack over her shoulder." Rachel whispered. Then she woke up in the woods. resting her head on her hands and rubbing her temples with her thumbs. Rachel listened to her containing a groan. but she just walked slowly out of the room. Mercedes. There were streets and shops and houses and she was almost sure she ran. . Schuester in the front. now hidden in the back of her mind. 'kay? I wouldn't want to be under Zizes' fists. Excuses eluded her. Or perhaps it was Mercedes." Using Mercedes' arm for support." Mercedes grinned. or maybe it was her. Rachel." "So I'm supposed to buy my own excuse? Na-uh. "I'm just… not feeling very well. Rachel would have taken that comment the wrong way. almost clutching at her arm. Rachel paled.

"Maybe there's a virus going on. When she got home. "Do you need a ride?" "I was going to take the bus…" She trailed off." "You take some rest too. it was just a coincidence they were sick at the same time. I'm gonna go. you're home. She shook her head when her stomach started fluttering and rested a hand on her shoulder. . a tired expression on her face. eager much? "It's just a cold." Rachel felt a hand on her shoulder was she walked down the hallway. so I'm going home too." Quinn fought the urge to speak the whole ride. okay?" Quinn nodded as Rachel got out of her car and closed the door. "Here. Ugh. In reality. Wouldn't be able to sing anyway." Quinn shook her head. Quinn? Did I forget something?" "No. "What are you doing here. resting her hand atop of the pale one on her shoulder." Rachel nodded sleepily and Quinn reached to grab her bag from the back seat with her free hand. I don't mind. "Hey Rachel." Quinn said softly. She didn't know if she cried because. Rachel just sat in the passenger seat. Quinn thought she seemed to keep them from trembling. Quinn had the ridiculous urge to say "Hey Rach… woke up naked in the woods these days?" But she bit her lips between her teeth." The teacher frowned." The brunette's eyebrows furrowed and she blinked her eyes open. too. she was burying her feelings deep inside a countless time again. and Quinn just… stared at her for a moment. not really realizing what she was doing. that she was losing her mind." "No. "You get some rest too. Rachel wasn't a far cry from how she looked right now."Yeah. Rachel merely nodded. lifting her head from Sam's shoulder and squeezing his hand after grabbing her backpack. Quinn smiled softly at her. in her own troubled way." She shrugged. she only slipped off her shoes before climbing in bed under the covers. Quinn." Rachel smiled tiredly. tears immediately running down her cheeks. For a moment. Get some rest. whispering "okay" to the brunette's retreating back. Rachel had fallen asleep." "Thank you for bringing me home. or if it was just the usual for these past days. "Rachel? Wake up. She had bags under her eyes and her hands were clasped in her lap. without a doubt. Quinn. She pulled over at the front of the brunette's house and looked at her." Quinn said softly beside her. seeing Quinn bite her lip out of the corner of her eye. "You're home. Because Quinn was sure now. "I'm not feeling well either. "Don't bother if you're not feeling too well. I'm just… I have a little cold. leaning her head against it with her eyes closed.

or not waking up at all. Rage got the upper hand and soon her fist was connecting with the underside of his jaw. well… they were unbelievably scary and made her cry herself to sleep at night. Every night she went to sleep dreading waking up in the dirt. The first thing she did every morning was turn on the computer and check the date. the harder it was. she had to concentrate on not to snap at Sue. it became incredibly frustrating. She kept dreaming about Rachel's screams. Rachel wouldn't die. who was unreasonably yelling at them without a purpose.*Chapter 4*: Untitled 3 Chapter three. a blur of green around her. while Rachel tried to kick the jock and screamed at his face. Rachel sobbed when she thought about it. She dreamt about running fast. Now she watched. Quinn got out to the hallway only to encounter a scene she never imagined before. watching transfixed or just thirsty for blood. sending the cup to the floor. on Thursday. After morning practice and a shower. alarm them in any way unless it was necessary. "I ain't dropping her. the more it sounded like something people would do if they found out they had cancer. Instead of concentrating on the pyramid. waking up sobbing. because this sort of thing didn't happen. and he screamed back. She thought maybe… if she didn't think about it… and tried to exercise more… eat healthier… take vitamins… sleep more… go out with her friends and laugh. an empty cup of Big Gulp on the floor covered with slushie. Perhaps what bit her was poisonous or maybe what she suffered was a side effect of her trauma. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Quinn yelled as she marched forward. She didn't mean… it all got out of her control as soon as she saw him coming to her with the slushie. A lot of people turned to quickly walk away. .. at least not without a fight. and a chart. She tried not to let it get to her. Out were the ones where kids mocked her or baby soft skin surrounded her. almost crying in relief when she hadn't missed a day. Rachel fell to the ground on her behind. and could have never guessed her reaction to it. She had a hard time concentrating at school. always cried in relief when she realized she was in her bed. careful to hit Azimio's face with her elbow. But some things didn't add up. astounded.. She had a hard time containing her temper. So she made a list. Like the fact that Quinn was also attacked but didn't wake up naked in the fucking woods! After a week of searching. unusual. so devastated and worried… Her first thought was that maybe these blackouts were a side effect of that event. and Azimio just held Rachel tighter by her upper arms as he turned around to look at Quinn. like brain surgery. and some stood there holding their breath. the crazy bitch just punched me! She's trying to kick me!" "You were going to throw that to my face. She didn't want to disturb her fathers. and the force of the impact stunned her into silence. She was more irritable and hungrier and sadder than before. you crazy loser!" "How dare you come to me with that cup. She even got out of a slushie by growling at a jock! The more she tried to find another explanation that wasn't a brain tumor or a personality disorder. I swear to God –" Rachel quickly got up and rested her hands on Quinn's. or I swear to you!" Quinn screamed at the top of her lungs as she almost reached the scene. as Quinn screamed into Azimio's face while keeping him in place with the collar of his jacket gripped in her hands. which hadn't happened before. "Just calm down. Quinn reached them just in that moment. Quinn kept having nightmares. as he grabbed at Rachel by her arms. she woke up with a headache for the fourth time that week. There was a half-moon of people surrounding Rachel and Azimio. making him scream as she drag him backwards and slammed him into a locker with the sheer force of her pull. And the more she thought about it. grabbing the jock by the neck and burying her nails in. After sleeping an entire day. she realized she couldn't let herself lose her mind more than she was already. and made time in her week for investigation. at Finn and even a teacher! She'd always had a strong personality. but never before had she been unable to control it like that. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size? How can you grab a girl like that? Haven't you seen her? She's tiny! You could have broken her! If you ever touch her again. She always woke up sweating. She'd seen how they were after the attack. She didn't want to end up with those conclusions because. In the two weeks after the incident at Glee with Mercedes. you regressed Neanderthal!" "Put her down right now. afraid of waking up in an asylum. about falling to the ground and running with her arms and legs. an uneven temper. Rachel knew it was weird. I'm done putting up with you!" Rachel screamed fiercely right in his face. but she was more irritable lately. Rachel had snapped at a student in the hall. Three weeks had passed and Quinn was alarmed when.

Quinn contemplated throwing herself on the river and drown. She set everything at the foot of her bed later that night before attempting to sleep. but her head hurt just trying to remember. a baritone cry that didn't sound human at all. being tugged at the waist by something far away. but what if she had other symptoms and the blackout was the outcome? She flipped to the very last page of her notebook and wrote down symptoms in the top left corner. at least when it came to this. it wasn't a common disease. "I'm just so tired. She would always leave with a change of clothes. Something painful. so much more than the two previous times. as she wrote down the incident in her day-to-day diary. too. She should have known. Quinn seemed confused when she pulled her away from Azimio. just like Rachel did. She felt tired and had headaches. take their clothes off and spread them around the trees and wake up in the dirt. She was incredibly tired. and she had to admit. but because this time. bits and pieces of the day and the night. let them go quickly with a warning. "Rachel… wake up… you're home… you're home…" Rachel opened her eyes. like she needed to sleep for a whole day. and a blur of green passed through her mind until something happened. but she remembered more. Figgins. extra money. yeah. "I didn't mean to snap at him. She thought the only symptom she had were the blackouts. "Are you okay?" She asked softly. being the inept principal he was known to be. She just couldn't let go of the fear of waking up every morning. These… headaches had happened to her last month. The next memories were different. "I know. or tomorrow… She tried to focus. that whatever it was. This… this was something else. pressing her palm to her forehead. or if there was something else out there. because she wasn't sure if it had anything to do. The memory wasn't clear. They were both so… out of control." She tugged at her hands to pry them away from the jacket and Quinn looked at her. it was coincidences. The sounds echoed in her head. groaning in pain before it turned into a helpless sob. She wished she could stop worrying and get some rest. she also looked really tired." Rachel smiled tiredly. and the concern written on her face pulled right at Rachel's chest. because she didn't think she could take another second of his incompetence. she rolled over and tried to force her mind to sleep. she was determined to do her research as soon as she walked a few miles to the bus stop and got home." Quinn whispered softly as they walked behind Mr. too. and soap. and she couldn't remember if it was she that was making them. feeling empowered. she knew people with brain tumors unlikely did this. angry for a second and then baffled. Rachel remembered making noises no human ever could. musical and romance were more her kind of choice. but it seemed impossible. But thanks. she ran. Tears fell slowly from the corner of her eyes to her temples and she turned to her side." Quinn whispered to herself. but as she found her backpack after an hour of walking aimlessly through the woods. Somewhere in the back of her mind. Later at home. before entering Figgins' office. Rachel had never been one interested or intrigued by the supernatural. like she had let her emotions take over. and so she flipped back the pages to the days before her second blackout. Her heart beating madly." She managed to say before their science teacher walked out of a classroom screaming at them to take them to the principal's office. Rachel remembered her having a cold. and something about the afternoon made her happy. I couldn't stop myself. Martinez. Rachel was glad this time. any time soon. The side of Rachel's mouth twitched. She cried until she was out of tears. but she couldn't stop thinking about today's events. walk or run an entire day an impossible amount of distance for a human being. It kind of made her stomach churn. Dirt was very disgusting to walk around covered in." Rachel said bashfully. although she didn't exactly know why. With a sigh. one that was bound to make her jittery and tense the entire day." "Yeah. Then. as soon as this happened more than once. me neither. and those were the ones that chilled her bones. brushing the back of her hand over Quinn's. noticing the bags under Quinn's eyes matched her own. immediately squinting at the sun that slipped through the trees. and if there was something she wasn't sure she believed anymore. She ran and her breathing was jagged. She remembered feeling giddy while she ran. although she had no idea why. From the day. I'm okay. so maybe she hadn't fully recuperated from that. but those only seemed to come a week before last month. partially because it had happened again. She was moody and irritable… hungrier? She wrote it down with a question mark. It just made me so angry. She wished her situation was a problem of just a simple cold. Quinn had stood up for her. and ran. "Don't thank me. As she looked out of the window at the passing houses and trees. but the other half wasn't because her mind was blank. per se. she did remembered things."Quinn! Stop. so what if right now… any given day… today. something seemed uncannily familiar. she had to be prepared. she remembered walking. Rachel decided to take precautions. you were a fierce little thing. She contemplated getting home and taking all of her mom's . "Thanks to you. If this was bound to happen again.

She had to stop talking before she revealed too much. Her muscles ached as she walked. Rachel. Turn in –" "Coach. I promise that –" "You're off.Prozac along with one of her father's long forgotten bottles of whisky stored in his closed and dusty study. Schuester's chair. I expect it to be dry-cleaned and breast-milk free. Schue. pulling her head back and resting against the seat." "Yeah. She contemplated all that. Mr. turned back to her magazine as if she hadn't just thrown her head cheerleader off the squad." "Don't apologize. shushing her softly next to her ear. She looked exceptionally normal but so pretty. I'm sorry for missing practice yesterday and tomorrow morning. Quinn hid her face in the crook of Rachel's neck. She whipped her cheek with her left hand and felt Rachel cup her right cheek. she knew she was going to swallow it down and keep silent. If she wasn't going to say anything… "Ms. but I'm just so tired and confused and…" Her whisper trailed off. which were post-blackout symptoms. Just blurs of colors and sounds that made her shiver as she tried to shove them to the back of her mind. and she caught a portion of their conversation where Rachel apologized for missing yesterday's Glee rehearsal. Q. whipping her tears as well. tear-tracked face. She groaned as she realized she would probably have to wait another half hour for the next one. "I'm probably overreacting. even if it was eating her inside. Fabray. Hadn't she had enough? Couldn't she have a quiet. please. keep them there so she could forget them. stretching her arm out." She stated without looking at her. seeing the bus pass by her. so the coach would be able to at least see the stress on her face. Ms. She made it to the parking lot before bursting into tears at the hood of her car. and cried all of her tears as the brunette stroked her hair. "Are you not sleeping well?" Rachel asked softly as her thumb traced the dark bag under her right eye. At least she would go to this afternoon's practice and make up some excuse about family trouble. too? Warm arms wrapped around her and she felt a familiar scent wash over her as she hid her face in Rachel's chest. Quinn became aware of their closeness and intimate connection. Sylvester was very cold and cruel. Sylvester cut in. Now that she was calmer." She said softly as she walked by his table with her head hung and her hair covering her red. and so she straightened in her seat. Facing Ms. Sylvester lifted her head from the monthly cheerleader magazine with her face on the cover just enough to get a glimpse of her face before returning to her reading. "I'm… what?" "You're off the squad. Sylvester was something she knew she had to do. lifting her hips and dragging her legs . "Quinn…" Rachel said softly. As she walked into McKinley and headed to the teacher's lunch room. Ms. coach. or just go to the hospital. normal year after everything that happened last year? Now she was dying or going crazy and she had to be kicked out of the squad. Maybe. where she knew her coach would be. "It won't. Sylvester. even if she dreaded it. covering her face with her hands. wearing jeans and a hoodie and with damp hair. pushing the blonde inside and sitting sideways on her lap. please! I won't –" "Turn in your uniform on Monday. gaping. "I'm s-sorry. I had some trouble at home but I swear to you. or Ms. No more of this now. She got home after noon and took a quick shower. barefoot. Quinn. Pillsbury. it won't happen again. I promise to give my best at practice this afternoon and hopefully –" "I know it won't happen again." The blonde sighed. Quinn closed her eyes. standing a few feet away from her. she tried to control her shallow breathing and her trembling hands." Ms. but they weren't clear. go. It was the third month she missed two days of school and. and what she did was very much uncalled for. She was sure she looked like a mess anyway. consequentially. maybe talk with her mother about what was going on. She was surprised to find Rachel standing next to Mr. It was comfortable. Humiliation overwhelmed her when she realized she had watched the whole thing and tears threatened to escape. but in the end. She cried and sobbed until she felt the brunette palming the pockets of her cheerios jacket and stealing her keys. too exhausted and helpless to care. so comfortable her heart ached. The brunette licked her bottom lip and stretched her hands back to the passenger seat. Cheerios practice. hoping Rachel would get the hint and get off of her. Memories assaulted her." Quinn stood there. along the road. as her coach –former coach. Rachel maneuvered while holding Quinn with her left arm and opened the driver's door. "I'm sorry I missed practice yesterday too. I can handle neither your irresponsibility nor the excruciating sound of your stretch marks rubbing together.

Rachel watched her with a frown. Quinn cursed herself mentally when she realized she forgot to put on her winter undershirt or wear a scarf to school. she didn't. The blonde clenched her hands in her lap and took a deep breath." She breathed out. she tried to ignore the ache on the muscles . "Quinn.across Quinn's lap as she backed away to the other seat." Quinn's voice wavered slightly. your scar!" Rachel gasped. Turning around. then pinched the bridge of her nose. and –and my mom gave me this cream –" "It's completely healed! No cream or great skin complexion could ever –I mean. why was Rachel asking her…? "Yeah. mouth slightly agape and shallow breathing." "Okay…" Rachel opened the door and got out of her car as Quinn quickly turned on the engine and backed away slowly." "Why do you care?" Quinn snapped. "I –I heal fast. She saw her heaving as she looked through the rearview mirror and drove off. it was impossible. She seemed to carefully select her next words. Rachel didn't know. her hands almost shaking out of control. How did she know? "What are you doing?" She asked warily." She whispered. not that I'm insinuating that you're –" "Rachel. Quinn's breath hitched and her heart clenched more painfully as Rachel's heat left her. boldly hooking a finger on the collar of the blonde's uniform and yanking to expose her shoulder. trying to calm down the pounding of her heart against her ribcage. yes. "I already told you –" "Did you miss school yesterday?" Her heart missed a beat. She looked at Rachel. she shoved her still trembling hands inside the front pocket of her hoodie and reminded herself that she didn't believe in coincidences anymore. and so she took off her Cheerios jacket and threw it the back seat. Could it be? "When you're prodding annoyingly at me. trying not to look bewildered. not about this." Rachel observed carefully. watched the slight tremble in her hands and the way her chest rose and fell with shallow breathing. "Yeah. Her face and body felt too warm. "Are you tired?" She asked slowly. The marks under her closed eyes were almost purple and a slight sweat glowered in her face and neck." "Why? …if you don't mind me intruding. where were you last night?" Now her eyes were almost out of their sockets." "You seem irritable. What if she walked around town being another person inside her mind and bumped into Rachel? What could she have possibly said? What if she did something…? "You need to get out. As she walked home. "Quinn…" "Please get out. "Do you have headaches?" Quinn's eyes widened. "Sorry. I am!" The brunette didn't flinch at the yell. "I think you should –" Rachel looked at her with narrowed eyes. sighing. I need to go home. Quinn frowned. I'm not sleeping well. the– "Quinn.

of her legs and thought of what she was going to search that night after dance lessons and dinner with her dads. it didn't feel like such a preposterous thing anymore. but as she thought about what happened with Quinn just minutes ago. impossible thing it had ever occurred to her. . It was the most ridiculous.

but she didn't see why it wouldn't be a good idea now." "I don't want to talk about this. and so she grabbed her backpack and left the note on her freezer before shakily walking out of the door." Her voice wavered as she gripped the edge of the sink. but when it came down to it. Rachel knew it as soon as she woke up. . and soon they were remembering classes and the only competition she was in. she lay in bed with her eyes closed. Quinn noticed she passed in front of an ice-skate rink on her way back. "It stated as a mild headache but it got stronger every day. They were the most old. Quinn went to bed with a smile for the first time in a really long time. and the itch came to her and wouldn't go away. In her old town. she woke up in her bed. "Maybe tomorrow you'll wake up with a fever. she just couldn't. so she quickly washed her face and teeth in the bathroom and put on some sweats and an old pink Barbra t-shirt. After a week. Quinn. "My head hurts a lot. Quinn avoided Rachel like the plague for the next three weeks. Today was the day." "I'm scared. "Quinn.*Chapter 5*: Untitled 4 Chapter four. she went to a huge art building with several floors. so she woke up early every morning and went for a jog. laughing all the way through dinner. "Quinn?" Nothing. "Are you… is your head hurting?" She took a deep breath and splashed cold water to her heated face before bracing herself. Without the Cheerios. too. and heard it again. so exciting. Her head hurt almost to the point of crying and she felt hot all over. is that you? Are you okay?" Still nothing. but the way it was also so different. when the illusion was a reality. and her mother thought it was another good sport to model her figure. When she was in middle school. "Prepare a –a bag of clothes and don't go out of the house without it. Even if she thought about talking with Rachel every day. and she saw the relief in her mother's face when she came back beaming from her first class. and she chose them in case she couldn't find them tomorrow. Her mind was heady and she didn't know how long she could continue to control herself. "Please… please answer me. and she would watch girls and boys do figure skating. Quinn didn't want to talk about it. feeling the sheets and taking deep breaths. She'd thought before that she'd be hungry for any information she could get about what was happening to her. not since moving to Lima. It was the first time she had some sort of normalcy in her day for months now. her own teary reflection staring back at her. even if every time. With shaking hands." She whispered and waited for a response. It amazed her the similarities it had with ballet. and the first one was an ice-skating rink. Inside the stall. and her mother started smiling too. Rachel walked into the bathroom between first and second period to wash her face and try to soothe her headache when she heard faint noises from one of the stalls. please –" "I don't want to know!" "Just…" Rachel trembled. all with a smile. she grabbed the note she scribbled yesterday and set it on top of her backpack. she discovered a passion for ballet. she was terrified of knowing. After every ballet class. before going to sleep. Especially because it was Rachel. and Quinn couldn't bear the thought of opening herself up to harm in front of her. even if her entire body ached to turn back every time the girl tried to approach her and she walked away. she didn't have physical activity to occupy her brain and tire her body. Quinn would go there to wait for her mother to pick her up. but she still checked the date every time she woke up. She hadn't practiced in years. but there was nothing else she could do. trying to lose her baby fat. She told her how her feet hurt and how she almost fell as soon as she stepped into the ice. one for each activity." She finished in a whisper." "No. admiring the dark rings under her eyes. and when she woke up the next morning. both hands covering her mouth and tears streaming down her face. but she still got no answer. she was the one who could maybe help her. Rachel's head snapped up. She stood still. her knuckles white. She tried to convince herself it wouldn't happen again. "Okay…" She nodded to herself. Quinn sat on the toilet lid. There seemed to be a pattern. she felt it in her bones. Whatever it was the brunette had seen her do or whatever it was she knew. "I'm scared. prepare a bag of clothes. I took Advil and a stronger ibuprofen but they didn't work. Today. ruined clothes she possessed." Quinn whimpered from inside the stall. weeks of normalcy and then… She knew trying to convince herself was in vain." She splashed more cold water to her face before walking out of the bathroom. I'm… also really hungry all the time a-and it's been harder to control my temper. It's pounding and my temples feel like they're going to explode… it's been hurting all week. Please go.

" Quinn turned back to look forward when they heard a honk behind them and started driving in silence again. became colder. "I want to talk about it. They sat in silence for a while. As she fell to the floor. no exhaustion. maybe to them. She allowed her body to follow that pull at her waist as she walked down the street. to the road. she could feel every muscle working and warming and she prayed she could stay in this semi-consciousness all day. a confused. were impossible to argue against. she was aware it was the afternoon but she felt no hunger. If only she could project them to Quinn… The blonde was leaning against her car. She didn't say anything and when they stop at a red light. purple bags under her eyes and gazed unfocused. but when she ran her usual route and got home again. she felt Moon light washing over her and her chest reverberated with happiness. Rachel hadn't been able to concentrate all day. even if the rest of her body did. and everything went black once more. "Hey. "Could I possibly… ask you a few questions as we go?" Quinn inhaled deeply and slowly through her nose and blew the air with her mouth. and her headache lessened the farther she walked and her muscles worked. and as she made her way between the trees. it was going to be real. ran through the trees until she spotted the river and launched herself to the cold water." "How did your scar really heal?" Quinn bit her lip and furrowed her brow. she swore to herself to find Rachel and finally talk." She said shyly. Laughter found its way out of her throat and she ripped the backpack off her shoulders." "Could you take me home?" The blonde whipped her head to face Rachel. It felt so good. and nerves were getting the best of her. fastening her seatbelt. Everything hurt. indicating noon. farther away from home. as soon as she got home. She didn't feel tired even as the sun set high in the sky. maybe she could start to get a hold of her life once and for all. She cried for the entire trip and. Rachel's memories. Rachel got the hint and slide in." She saw the blonde relax a little and nod. she brought a backpack. "For how long?" . her feet. but there was no stopping her body and in the back of her mind. A sharp cry. "Hi. And if Rachel could tell her what to expect. and Rachel saw so much of her own physical appearance in the blonde that some of her uneasiness went away. "And… the headaches… do you have them?" Quinn nodded. far away across the river made her almost falter in her step. "It happened the same way… for me. And Quinn… she was either going to work with her. or maybe even slap her in the face. otherwise." She said at last. the sun started disappearing and that's when she sprinted. and the miles to the bus stop. her throat. as blurry and confusing as they were.As soon as morning air hit her face. she sighed in relief. and she quickly realized she was walking down the street without thinking about it. a grin forming on her face while she ran. Shops passed by her and houses became further apart. wasn't just common. It was one thing to have theories and charts and about eleven bookmarks about it on her computer. Her stomach hurt at the sensation and she pounded her arms and legs onto the hard ground. Rachel knew her theory was coming true. As soon as her mind woke up. The thought of night approaching made her so happy she wanted to laugh. Come Monday. her entire body and her head. She got dressed clumsily with shaking hands and trembling limbs and ran down the path. legs crossed and arms holding each other on her stomach. "Okay. she found her hands almost didn't shake at all. because it was painfully obvious now that. reaching over to open the passenger side. "But I know it's bad and I don't know if I can handle it. "Quinn! I mean. She looked really tired. whatever was happening to her." Quinn whispered dreadfully." She whispered and pulled up her shirt. She ran and jumped branches and her clothes were flying in the air. She got a note in her locker to meet Quinn in the parking lot after school. she heard that nasal baritone noise filled the air. The air around her began to change. Rachel. Quinn opened her eyes wide and screamed into the sky at the top of her lungs. Still. Rachel gently placed her hand on the blonde's elbow. It took her less than usual to find her clothes because this time. just… completely healed. She heard the blonde inhale sharply. hurt expression on her face. but she knew that once she said it out loud. or laugh at her. Her body propelled her forward. a scream tearing her body apart. "I woke up… I woke up and it was like this." Quinn turned around and opened the car door. I have a lot of things there that perhaps I could show you. she threw her backpack into the coat closet and headed out again for her morning run. turning her body so Quinn could see her own healed scar. almost bracing herself for rejection even if it was the blonde who left a note for her. She screamed until her throat was raw and her eyes burned and then she got up. sadness would eat her alive. "Look. turning the car on.

does it?" Rachel smirked. still am." Quinn whispered desperately. "Are we dying?" Quinn asked with a trembling voice. for her lungs to finally fill completely with air." Quinn admitted." Rachel whispered back. and they sat in silence for a while longer. a glint that told her that Rachel knew. backs against opposite armrests. clenching her jaw and her fists." Quinn whispered as they sat on the couch. Quinn immediately envied whatever knowledge she had. They were talking in whispers even if they were the only ones in the car. thought. "Are we going insane?" "Maybe. I thought that maybe… I had multiple personality disorder. but the brunette nodded her head. she was now." Rachel bit her lip. Rachel looked up at her with a look on her face… Quinn felt her eyes piercing through her under those endless eyelashes."I'm… not sure." Quinn nodded and wiped at her cheeks as Rachel disappeared from the living room. "I'll be right back. Her voice was no longer a whisper and Quinn felt that. Quinn. "Let's go inside. and Quinn watched panicked as she got up from the couch. she hoped to wake up any given second. and believe me when I assure you I would react the same way if the situations were reversed. Just to say those hunting words took a very light weight out of her chest. whatever doubt the brunette had in her mind. she slide down until her body lay completely on the couch and closed her eyes. the… blackouts. "I thought I had a brain tumor. I –I was scared. she wouldn't pinch her arm. This was just… too strange. They got to her house and Quinn parked at the garage entrance. It couldn't be so delusional if Quinn was experiencing it. If she wasn't sure before." She cupped her cheek." Quinn whimpered. I shove it to the back of my mind. too. A week. "I don't think so. "It's okay. fiddling with her hands in her lap. Just the knowledge that Rachel had any idea of what was going on was enough for her mind to shut down for a few seconds. "I realize this is going to sound utterly foolish to you. "It happened four times now. It didn't seem like real life." She expected Rachel to be mad. sighing. it was gone now." Quinn whispered finally. "Yes." "I think –thought. but despite her flair for the dramatics." "For how long?" "A –a day. a bright screen suddenly illuminating her face. and she couldn't tell the difference. "Every time I wake up. "I… can't remember what I did. But I've been trying… to control myself." "I miss days. do you recall any event from these days we forget?" "I… don't know. but she didn't think she could talk about this any other way. "It's for you." The blonde looked up at the implication that Rachel missed days. maybe?" Rachel nodded. Maybe two. but what happens to me has clearly nothing to do with it." "Rachel. nodding as she looked out of the window. and I wake up…" She didn't dare say it. Rachel got back balancing a glass of water on top of a notebook and a computer." The blonde bit her lip. too. "Fever?" "I think so. "I remember things now. She knew. or perhaps both. please don't cry. and I didn't want to think about it. But first tell me. so I'm starting to remember…" "Please tell me what happens when you wake up. a side smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. and Quinn quickly got up and took the glass before it turned into a disaster. She didn't know if it was fear or relief." Rachel indicated to the glass with her head as she sat down on the couch and opened her computer. "It doesn't quite work like that. Rachel's eyes didn't soften. tears streaming down her face. I'm so scared… anything I might remember. . "Do you run from your house to the woods?" Rachel asked instead.

They locked eyes and Rachel took a deep breath." Rachel bit her lip. She took the notebook out of her hands and her eyes roamed over the page." When she opened her eyes. my head feels like it's splitting in half and I'm… really warm. "Mo –Moon calendar?" She stammered out. "I don't know. "Are you going to tell me now?" "First…" She cleared her throat." Quinn breathed out. so Rachel opened a window in her computer and calmly replaced items on the blonde's lap. Her jaw set and she stubbornly shook her head. But then the air outside feels so good and my body… there's this tug." Rachel let out a shaky breath and closed her eyes." "Quinn…" But Quinn's face hardened. "Do you feel hungrier these past months?" Hazel eyes widened. not quite able to close it after she nodded once more. She rested both palms wide open against her stomach and hesitantly said the last two dates out loud. "And… the incident… it happens once a month. she looked back at Rachel. "But then I fall and… everything hurts." Rachel chuckled. "Your first blackout… do you remember the exact date?" "December 21st. waiting to see if the information sunk in. "And when the night comes… I'm running through the trees. Quinn smiled. this pull I can't elude that makes my mind take the back seat and… does any of that happen to you?" Her voice was vulnerable again and Quinn closed her eyes. "I growled at a jock. After an endless eternity. let's go over the symptoms. "You're not serious. "There's once last thing. "February 18th and… March 19th. Rachel could see her eyes setting forward. somewhat breaking a little of the tension." Rachel said and looked at Quinn. "I do." She whispered with her eyes closed and her brow furrowed. trying to grasp at whatever conclusion Rachel seemed to get from all of the facts.no matter how foolish she thought it was. And I'm…" "Laughing?" Rachel whispered. Rachel bit her lip. "When I wake up in the morning." Rachel opened her notebook and flipped the pages." Rachel nodded. intermittently reading and looking at Quinn. "First. . forced her mind to try to remember." Quinn nodded." "Yes. "You're irritable and sometimes unable to control your mood. but I'm not sure if it's me or…" "Because it sounds far away. "Yes." Quinn opened her mouth." "Headaches and fever… all a week before every incident. Quinn read with one hand gripping the couch and the other softly pressing the down arrow. And I scream." Quinn nodded." "Okay. Quinn was looking at her with an unreadable expression on her face. But Quinn just stared blankly at the sheet in front or her. shutting her out. with a fever." "I remember walking all day and then running all day. "I can't control my body." The blonde opened frightened eyes and met deep brown ones. "Second?" "January 19th.

. the movement spilling her tears down. "I'm serious about this!" Rachel pleaded. Quinn set the computer between them on the couch and stood up quickly. her back stiff and her face contorted into some sort of emotion beyond Rachel's comprehension. slamming her door two seconds later."I actually thought…" She shuddered. "Don't go… Quinn!" But the blonde was out of her living room in a blaze of impossible speed.

she prepared a bag of clothes and left it at the foot of her bed. She felt it in her bones. refused to accept it. She was looking down to the floor and her hair was poorly done. tugging on her arm to pull her inside. covering her with a blanket. Rachel tugged on the door before realizing it was locked. framing her face. She avoided Rachel's house that was usually on her route and ran. But weeks later. but somewhere in the back of her mind. That stuff was made up. Skating brought a feeling of accomplishment she didn't get out of cheerleading after the pregnancy. but didn't know how to ask for it. "Quinn!" Rachel exclaimed. Gasping. It was just… impossible. or to ask for help. when she woke up with a headache for the third day in a row. because they had feelings for each other. Mostly because she didn't want to be alone. She closed it quickly with a slam and opened it two seconds later. Quinn caught up quickly with what used to be easy and fun for her. a cup of coffee on one hand and a quarter of vegan chocolate cake on a plate. her mind couldn't stop running. "Why are you in a shirt? It's cold! And you're… barefoot. She was exhausted and hungry as hell. That night. They were never much of a couple to begin with. Her mind felt as if it was breaking from the pain and her face and body were on fire. it didn't get easier. and her wound throbbed at the beat of her pounding heart. As soon as she woke up. If anyone saw her insecurities or her moments of hesitation since the moment they met. even held hands sometimes. She still remembered the same things from the day. As soon as she got home. A note fell out of her locker when she opened it. and now that she wasn't a cheerleader anymore. and as she put on worn out clothes and headed out with her bag. except the thoughts plagued her as soon as she stopped doing those things." Her body hummed with something when realization sunk in. her feelings and that tug she felt on her shoulder when she thought about it. Even though she knew it was coming.*Chapter 6*: Untitled 5 Chapter five. almost like second nature. She desperately wanted help. it didn't happen… werewolves weren't real. Sometimes. it was why she was so guarded and defensive… Rachel saw right through her. she tried to focus her mind. That was why it was so hard for Quinn to be around her. there wasn't any popularity boost they could get out of each other. natural and friendliest thing. She slid with her socks through the hardwood floor and slightly opened the door without unlocking the chain lock. but the night was still as blurry. she just couldn't do it. that it didn't actually happened… it felt right. when her body took over and followed its instincts. it was Rachel. and all through the weekend. once and for all. didn't want to believe it. she rather be alone. she was simultaneously anxious and afraid of Monday. the thought of Rachel giving up on her so easily made her uneasy. but that wasn't new. because she didn't want to be left without any explanation again of what might be happening to her… to them. to remember. and every time she got remotely close to the brunette. and staying until noon on Saturday s to help her teacher with the little girls. Still. She was anxious to find out. she couldn't hold it in any longer. Rachel sat on the kitchen island Tuesday afternoon. The break-up was the most progressive. As soon as she got home from school. and it worked for the most part. That night. even if it made her gloomier still. But sometimes she couldn't bear to be with him and keep up an appearance. but also afraid of it coming true. All through the day. okay?" . as she lay in bed. Remember. It was the same tug she felt every month. like she didn't think she was going insane. The thoughts wouldn't go away. all her blurred memories. and Quinn's expression remained the same. Rachel pulled her to the couch and sat her down. Quinn changed into work-out clothes and ran. a neat square of pink paper that simply read "Full Moon this Monday. "Please don't go anywhere. A barefoot and bleak Quinn stood on the other side. even if it meant sharing a lunatic delusion with Rachel. When the blonde didn't answer. But the rational part of her brain couldn't. and feelings like hunger and smells and feet and hands hitting the ground. Colors and sounds were most of her recollections." She finished in a murmur. She went from going one class a week to three. They still sat close and hugged. but she remained cautious until she got safely to school. even if she knew that stuff was made up. She tried to distract herself with Sam and skating and running. Even if it seemed impossible. Quinn knew. just not romantic ones. and it simultaneously relieved and scared Quinn. remember… please remember. She could see the relief in her mom's face every time she saw her smiling when coming home from a class. Hanging out with Sam was fun. relief overwhelmed her when she woke up in her own bed without a fever. Rachel didn't try to find her at school. Quinn was aware Rachel saw her faltering a few times. She didn't really want to talk about it. opened Google and read the entire day until her mother called her down for dinner. Quinn sat on her desk. she tried to confront Rachel. She wanted everything to make sense again. no matter how hard she tried to push them. she did homework with him at her house and sometimes watched movies. She wasn't sure if it was to tell her to leave her the hell alone. All of her symptoms. She was in the middle of the second cup of coffee when the doorbell rang.

"This is impossible. "I don't know. comforting embrace. She could guess by Quinn's frame that she was curled into a tiny ball under the blanket with her head resting on the armrest." "She's not. a confused frown adorning her face. you should probably call your mother… Quinn. "Quinn?" The brunette asked after a complete minute of the other girl being still. but then it occurred to her that Quinn was overreacting." She whispered with widened eyes. Maybe Rachel didn't actually believe in all of that and she realized how insane everything was just with hearing the blonde say those words. "You're quiet. "Do you want more?" Quinn began to shake her head. When she woke up. "Quinn? It's late. But then Rachel sucked in a deep breath and lunged forward to wrap her in her arms. Rachel held herself with a still mildly shaking hand on the backrest and rested the other hand on the blonde's shoulder." Rachel heaved a sigh. So. Rachel halted her hands mid-air. do you want more?" "Okay. . She didn't quite know how to react. but she's not home." The blonde palmed her pockets and frowned. "If only to soothe your conscience. rubbing her eyes. trying in vain to wipe her flowing tears. they were asleep. "She's working." Quinn sniffled." The blonde nodded and ate in silence." Quinn murmured after a while. "I don't think so. "Yes. Her heart started beating faster against her chest and she bit her lip. and Rachel almost chuckled when she saw her licking her fingers. but you should also call your mom. Rachel sat motionless. "Text her?" Quinn sighed exasperatedly. but her mother would probably be worried." Quinn answered through a yawn. Twenty minutes later. She rested her hands on the blonde's shoulders to get her attention. She has night shifts and… day shifts… I don't know. and Rachel had to bit her lip and close her eyes for a second. She set everything on the table and handed the clothing to Quinn.The brunette came back minutes later with a steaming cup of coffee. but don't you feel it?" "I do. Quinn almost felt herself turning into goo in the warm. Rachel was stone still for the longest time. right?" She asked softly." "Okay…" Rachel nodded. "Rachel… I… I ho –howled. She might be worried. "I'm tired." She felt her stirring underneath her. Then she heard a groan and a sniffle and Quinn broke down into tears. "I already ate two pieces and I'm going to get more right now. whimpering. but it's very dark. You should stay here." "What time is it?" Quinn's voice was rasp and Rachel unconsciously cleared her own throat. "I don't know. but Rachel cut in. "Hey… wake up. trying not to gape at the blonde while she cried because she lost her phone. come on. "I'm sure that's not why you're crying." She lifted her eyes to see the brunette's worried face. I also drank two cups of coffee. It almost physically pained her to wake her up. "Quinn! What happened? Are you hurt? Does anything hurt? Remove your blanket. then threw the blanket on again and drank half the coffee in one go. Quinn mirrored Rachel's position on the couch with their knees pulled up against their chest and their cheeks resting on top. The blonde sniffed as she put them on. and minutes later. chocolate cake on a plate and a long sweater and wool socks. the living room was dark and there was barely any moon light streaming through the window. Rachel simply sat on the couch next to her with her knees pulled against her chest and her cheek resting there. Getting on her knees on the cushion. "What… what did you lost?" "My cellphone!" She whimpered. enough for Quinn to think that maybe she was going insane after all. looking into the air." Quinn nodded quietly." Quinn whispered. let me see if there's anything –" "I lost it!" Quinn sobbed.

Rachel's next words felt whispered in her ear. It didn't seem completely plausible because it seemed to come from afar. "God. I should have believed you… I did." "What?" Quinn asked. "But I think it's you… Quinn?" "Hm?" "Where do you wake up?" Quinn reluctantly detached herself from Rachel in order to think properly. I took a bag yesterday. either. "I took the bus and told the driver I didn't have any money." She felt Quinn's cheek brushing softly against hers as she nodded slowly. I don't want you to go through this alone. They were so wrapped up in each other. tightened her hold on Quinn and rested her chin on her shoulder." "What?" "I wake up on the other side of the river! I think I cross that little bridge because that's what I use to get to the path the next morning…" She trailed off." "Of course. "I heard you. gently removing the hand that was covering her face. Quinn. and her voice comforting her and lulling her into security. the blonde felt a new set of tears flowing down her face. um… wash myself there because of the dirt. "Where do you wake up?" "Right. I even have plans. I. I would still be walking. "I thought… it was me. are you?" The blonde bit her lip and looked down. "Quinn…" She started after a minute. "Every time I change I –I think I hear a scream. I walked through the trees aimlessly for a long time…" "Did you walk here?" Rachel interrupted. from the moment I saw that calendar. Quinn. Maybe we can work out things… together. I think. "I'm sorry about that… but I… I'm too scared. not scared this time of how comfortable she could be around Rachel if she allowed it to herself. confused and overwhelmed with sensory overload. but also most of the time I wasn't sure if the sounds were actually real or in my head because when I remember things… they're like… sounds you hear from the surface when you're under water. I don't want to cry anymore. It was becoming more difficult with her scent filling her lungs and her skin brushing against her own. but he let me ride for free when he saw I had no shoes or warm clothes on." She whispered." Rachel brought Quinn close again. "I think… always near to where we… you know…" "By the river?" Rachel sounded surprised. . both of them crying with Quinn's face hidden between Rachel's neck and shoulder and the brunette's face hidden in blonde locks." Rachel nodded once to herself." "But Quinn…" Rachel urged with her head. They sat there for a while. shrugging one shoulder. but she had to let go if she wanted to think coherently. It feels like a tug. but I couldn't find it this morning. "You're not… running away from me again. It's like someone's scream turning into –into an impossible growl and then… a howl. "Yes. "If I had. "I don't want… we can't stay alone. I remember that." "It's okay. distressed. right?" "I don't know" The blonde whispered brokenly. If –if you want. I just knew… felt it. on the other side. "How could we never…" "Eludes me…" Rachel whispered with narrowed eyes." Rachel whispered so softly and full of emotion. astonished."Oh. She felt like she could take most of the things Rachel was saying just because she was saying them while wrapping her in her arms. right?" "Yes!" Quinn smiled. "Not always in the same place. Um… why are you looking at me like that?" "I wake up there. "Every –every time I black –change… that's how we should call it." Quinn bit her lip and frowned. that's why… I miss my clothes sometimes." She took a shuddering breath. "I'm too scared to stay alone now." "I know." She almost smiled. side-hugging Rachel and resting her head on her shoulder. "Care to share?" The blonde smiled.

" Rachel nodded with finality. okay?" Quinn took a deep breath. Vampires are not real!" "I bet you thought the same thing about werewolves just a few months ago. "Right. "I can't believe how this conversation turned out. "I'm just… not used to you being playful with me." Rachel smirked." "Didn't you have a thousand bookmarked pages on your computer?" "Quinn! We can never be too informed or prepared. no. Quinn." "I resent that. No." "What for?" "Well… what if one day you don't find any of your clothes? I think we should hide a backpack with clothes… dig a hole or hang it high on a tree. but there was always some form of truth. Berry. it's romantic. sorry." "That's outrageous! I would never –" "Rachel!" Quinn grinned. "I beg your pardon?" "There are no werewolves in this one! Just creepy vampires and creepy humans." "So you're saying we should watch Twilight and An American Werewolf in London. but that's fiction." The brunette nodded. let's not go there. "Never mind Twilight. don't say that." "Don't apologize. there is always a base from where fiction is drawn upon." "I would have never thought of that. "And. In the back of her mind she registered that her hands weren't shaking any more." Rachel broke their stare."First of all. " "Ha-ha. Let's pretend we're the only ones." "Well don't get used to it. "Okay?" "Okay. I'm not really like that. "I'm joking with you. too. shrugging one shoulder and biting her lip. admittedly people confused human diseases and covered them with supernatural enlightenments. "Please. I think you're way more prepared for this than I am. sure there are a lot of stories out there. For educational purposes." "Quinn." "You are right. they're shape-shifters. but there's no harm in watching them and learn truth and lie about them!" "Okay! Okay. "You tricked me. " "Yes. Myths and legends are based on true facts. I have no trouble watching those movies with you. licking her lips as she got up. for the record? I was just messing with you." Quinn snorted." Quinn smirked. I've watched Twilight and I can't turn into a beast whenever I please. if you would have read the books you would know those are not werewolves. we have to drive there once a month. "Don't mock me! I know those stories are full of fantasy." She breathed out. I can hardly believe this as it is. I believe the more informed we are about our condition. Perhaps even educational if we ever happen to encounter vampires…" "Hey! Wait." Quinn mumbled. "We have to investigate. "We should get some sleep. amazed. I'm still not fully convinced I'm not just insane and hallucinating and you're already planning on forming a pack. Rachel could see the playful glint in her eye even in the poor lightning in the room." She said softly. the more we will remember and be able to control ourselves." "But I didn't know werewolves even existed… I mean." Quinn accused tree days later from her side of the couch." ." They locked eyes and Rachel could feel heat rising to her face.

you've looked exhausted for months now." "Quinn." She murmured. And I'm sorry I snapped at you. so you're getting your old spark back. "Do you really like the movie so much?" "Well… I read the books before it became such a bestseller." "Okay. unconsciously shaking her head with a side smile. I happen to like it. "Quinn. no 'please'. hooking up with a vampire that climbed through your window and watched you sleep? And who wants to eat you?" "Hush. carefully saving Twilight on its box before sliding it into the shelf. because that story it's not a good example for girls." She chuckled. jumping from the couch to the DVD player and changing the DVDs. I'm not a dog. "You'd be surprised." "Really?" Rachel arched an eyebrow. I told you." "Good. I mean. "I'm just really careful with DVDs. "Down. "Just… don't call me puppy. I see." "You felt like it?" Quinn snarled. so I'm a little fond of them… but nothing too special for me. "You're right. "Ah-uuh." At the look on the brunette's face. grinning. not a werewolf." . puppy. he's a shape shifter." "So he just… explodes and turns into a wolf?" Quinn asked as the credits rolled. "I felt like it. don't you dare call me puppy. "I happen to remember a lot of pain and screams… and he looks like a huge dog. "Didn't seem like that to me." Quinn sighed." She breathed out. "Thank you. you looked exhausted. Actually. You just seemed so –" "Please don't call me puppy." Quinn frowned."Let's watch New Moon!" Rachel chirped." "Then why did we even watch it?" Rachel shrugged. Quinn felt blush rise up to her cheeks and tried to cover it up. If I may be so bold." Rachel smiled playfully at her. I was good at it before. I thought today we should just… relax. It's been really hard to control my temper lately. Quinn watched her. pinching the bridge of her nose.

" "You still think it's us who's killing Mr. On the next transformation. Rachel. "You don't… regret… saving me? You may not be in this situation if you hadn't. too. darker stories were more accurate. but they weren't real. a transformation so unnatural. She took a deep breath. Rachel guessed they passed out or blacked out before because their bodies weren't accustomed to such pain and. Linton's sheep. and they identified with them. starting today. Despite her feelings. but we have to try. "I'll never know if I can help it until I try to. though." Rachel said sharply. don't you?" "The dates match. The brunette was gaping at her. remember? Convince ourselves to remember.*Chapter 7*: Untitled 6 Chapter Six. Whether if they created it subconsciously or if it was something else beyond their control. "I'll never forget." Quinn said gently. "You're scared about seeing each other. furry haired and with full human thoughts." Rachel joked. "I did it without really thinking about it. It seemed that the more they knew. able to change from person to wolf by sheer will within painless seconds. I don't think I'll ever hurt you. or if it was that bond that tided them." "I don't think we'll get that far this time. "I hope so. if that was the case. it is my duty to learn to control my abilities as best as I can! I don't want to kill innocent animals. While I admit it's slightly terrifying and that I do not wish to suffer the pain again." Quinn bit her lip as she tried to regulate her breathing. But another part of her wondered if Rachel realized she may not be going through this had she not saved Quinn. even knowing the consequences. because what if it was true? What if Rachel resented her? Regretted saving her? Quinn rather died then. but they were all they had. "Do you think we'll remember more this time?" Quinn asked as they drove to the woods to leave a backpack. Would have both of them died? Would Rachel be safe and Quinn dead? Would Quinn still be having blackouts alone. Quinn! If I'm going to be a werewolf. they were only theories. the more they remembered. But she daren't ask. as Rachel wasn't able to rescue any of her clothes. "I don't think… remember… when I saved you?" Quinn's heart started beating wildly in her chest. She felt it. I have hope that. unsaid thought filling the air around them." "We don't know that. a little disappointing." Quinn whispered at last. . She wondered if the brunette resented her. "But if it's instinct. thinking she'd gone insane? A selfish part of her dared to be relieved Rachel was going through this with her. you can't help it. and Quinn could only hope they did." Quinn took a second to look from the road to Rachel's face when she didn't answer. Was this it? Was Rachel finally going to admit she regretted it? "Of course. But… I'm saying I don't ever think I'll hurt you." "I know that. nothing concrete came out of them. in a way. the werewolves stories were deformed until they were no longer wolves but gigantic dogs. Sure. It made Quinn wonder if it was that sixth sense she mentioned sometimes. or because they now shared a bond they weren't able to explain yet. My instinct is to protect you. we'll be able to control ourselves one day." She breathed out." "I hope this plan works. and they had met each other at the end of the path at noon. the more we remember. Hanging a bag of clothes turned out to be helpful. Quinn knew it would take a while to fully believe what was happening to them. There wasn't any easy way to deal with it. "We're wild. She became somber when she realized the implications." She finished in a whisper. or if she regretted putting herself between Quinn and that werewolf." Rachel stated. Rachel still insisted they'd find some answers hidden in books and movies. After all the movies they'd watched that month. and she didn't know if it was because she was scared to be alone. she wasn't sure." Rachel nodded. "What if… we attack each other? What if I hurt you?" "I could hurt you. It was… instinct. surely. It was both good and bad. It had been a little awkward. Headaches had stated that day. The older. they remembered the pain acutely. But Rachel and her were different. Even… even as a wolf. those werewolves were way cooler and maybe even happier. a lingering. Sometimes Quinn found herself thinking about what would have happened if Rachel hadn't saved her that night. It was. knew Rachel felt it. stop her tears. Of course I'll do it again consciously. a far cry from that. As the years passed. but it felt marvelous as well. to be able to go home together and to know they weren't alone. although they weren't able to remember everything. an unreadable emotion on her features.

Her lungs worked easily against the warm night air. As she submerged in the water in a jump. Knowing the Moon was coming prevented her brain to worry about the pain. silently giving her thanks. She found herself baring her teeth to it. without making any sound. even if her body did as it pleased. and her lungs were heady with the scent that reached her every time she breathed in. and the creature was eating one of her preys. running ahead in search for that smell that filled her nostrils and flooded her brain. Its body was grand and its hair almost as black as the night. filling and releasing. What could she possibly say? So she took Rachel's hand in her own and squeezed. trying to decide the wisest next move. but she didn't know if a fight was wise. um… pants. Soon. Her hands and feet –her paws. Her neck stretched after her spine cracked and the scream she hadn't stopped trying to release came out nasal and louder. it was progress. She was alone. It felt important. "You're not hurt. Its scent was something else entirely. one front paw into the air as she slowly rounded what was covering her prey from view. happiness came along with the afternoon. Everything was amazing if a part of it wouldn't dishearten Rachel. if she stopped thinking about it for a second. feeling a headache coming again. "Do you need anything?" "Some. One of Quinn's fears had proven itself inconsequential. if it was even an option. hunger and impatience decided for her as she walked backwards. There was something… something in the back of her mind… She knew her mind was trying to suppress it and she was fighting against it. now that the Moon was coming. Her tongue came out to lick her snout as she halted close to the source. a moment of panic filling her brain as what was going to happen sunk in. I found my sneakers while I walked here." Rachel turned around and threw a pair of sweatpants at her. she had beaten her brain in trying to suppress her memory and she had controlled herself in front of Rachel. It became darker as she started running. are you?" Quinn shook her head and bowed to put on the pants. Her oversized shirt was lying in a heap next to a tree. She began shedding her clothes carelessly. raising a shaking hand to Quinn's face and tilting it up. until the creature was far away. The creature scared her. but something in the back of her mind had her body in alarm. "You do know that's all that matters."You may not be alive if I hadn't. The day part was always the same. "It's all that matters to me. running faster still as her muscles worked and fever made her sweat. right?" Rachel whispered once more. Her laughter became a scream as her muscles stretched beyond humanly possible. After what felt like a lot of time searching. The creature's scent was familiar. Eventually. in all her naked back glory. and she crunched down resting on its body to pick it up with shaking hands. she recognized it as something akin to her own. "Don't turn around. Quinn jumped from the ground as soon as she woke up." Quinn warned shakily. making her unable to think about anything else. There was no panic now. bathing her. Either way. a howl that filled everything inside her and around her. as everything inside her transformed. feeling as they burned like a blaze. it literally felt like that. "Are you ok?" Rachel was next to her in three long strides. are you sure you're okay?" . but Quinn flinched as reflex and let them drop to the ground. to make a sound. But her body froze at the sight and smell and feel of the other creature before her. surely she was happy too. she'd forget. looking around warily and covering her bare chest. and she was able to remember everything because (Rachel suggested) she was still human at that point." She didn't know how to answer that. Rachel fell to the floor. had her running forward to it. digging into the backpack and finding a shirt." Rachel whispered at last. both threatening and mesmerizing. front paws stretched forward against the ground and ears listening intently. Rachel knew that was happening. "Okay!" Rachel shouted back. were hitting the ground steadily. the memory came back to her like a punch in the brain. But then it was over and she crashed her teeth together before clenching her jaw and sprinting forward. Should she tell Rachel she saw her? Would Rachel truly want to know she killed a sheep hours ago? She knew she had to know. "Quinn. With the Moon bright above her. as always. Quinn was still on edge as she approached the tree were the backpack was hidden. unable to tear her gaze away from the beast before her. Her head felt like it was imploding and she lost the ability to scream in agony. Trying to remember the night before as she tried to find her clothes was like grasping at a fading dream. she gave up and headed for the river. laughing as she passed through the trees. her sounds were accompanied by others. She thought about Quinn. but not less appealing smell. even if her body worked all day to be able to transform itself at night. There was a scent that charmed her. She stood on edge. a distant howl that made her spine arch for a second before she crunched down. far away. Then she turned around and headed for a weaker. only to be met with the sight of Rachel Berry. as her body arched off the ground and she tumbled sideways to fall on her deforming hands and knees. Quinn nodded slowly. a thump-thump that reverberated through the trees in the otherwise silent ambient. giving all that her words couldn't properly express. even if the thought of the pain that came with the transformation frightened her. All the walking was conscious now.

"The last time we… you know… I remembered something. pursing her lips. It was a black wolf and it was eating –" "It was me. but I also couldn't lie to your face. She nodded. come in?" "Thank you. "Looks like I'm a lot sore. and it was an unwelcomed sight. Whatever they had couldn't work if there wasn't trust." "I want the bad one first. "Do you want to go to my house. Quinn opened the door grumbly. That's how she ended up knocking on the Fabray home at two in the afternoon. let me explain." Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's neck at that." "I'm sorry. Rachel had to know the truth. Hanging out with Sam. "Did I do something to upset you. "I didn't want to tell you. and wrapped her arms around the other girl's waist. but also a bad one. "I was in the pool. "Quinn." Rachel blurted out. Rachel imitated her position in front of her and Quinn took a deep breath to steady herself. insanely skating schedules… Rachel was no fool." Rachel said sternly. Quinn made up excuses not to see each other. She immediately brightened when she saw Rachel on her doorstep and then grimaced a second later. Rachel… I stood back because there was something else there. with Brittany and Santana. So…" Quinn scratched the back of her neck uncomfortably and looked up when she heard the other girl sigh. and she was scared of what the blonde might have saw or did. "I didn't want to upset you. and they stood there for a while as she sobbed and hiccupped. calming down her breathing." "Right. Linton's farm. Quinn was acting weird. Okay?" She waited until she got a nod in response. can we talk?" Rachel asked tentatively. wait. "It's okay. "Water?" Rachel nodded and whipped at her face with the bottom of her t-shirt. She hadn't seen her so unsure in front of her for quite a while. can we go home?" "Sure. I was just about… to call you. if they were holding back. my tears are all over your shoulder. Since summer vacations had started. I remember running a lot. too. Um." "Yeah." The brunette stepped into the house and crossed her arms across her chest." Rachel covered her face with her hands." Quinn mumbled. "So… how are you? I haven't seen you in. so I ran towards it and there was… Mr. Quinn immediately knew she had made a mistake in staying away from Rachel. Just two days ago. so…" She shrugged. lacing her arm with the brunette's." Quinn murmured as she stroked Rachel's hair away from her face and dried her tears with her thumbs. so…" Quinn took a deep breath. me too." "What happened?" Rachel bit her lip when they hurt didn't stay away from her voice. like…" "A week. "I'm sorry. because I truly –" "No! Rach. a towel around her body and short wet hair clinging to her neck. "I was running… there was this scent… I couldn't stay away. No matter how scared she was about the reason her friend was holding back. forgetting the towel that feel to the floor. that wasn't going to happen. and Quinn could see her shoulders trembling. Rachel's tears affecting her beyond her comprehension. Rachel waited two weeks until she couldn't hold it in anymore. And… I was reluctant to tell you because there's good news." Rachel tried to wipe them away with her palms as she pulled away. So if The Wizard didn't come to Dorothy. walking to the kitchen and sitting on a stool by the island." Rachel gasped. "I know I've been avoiding you… I'm… so sorry. maybe eat vegan crepes?" Perhaps she could charm Rachel with vegan food and maybe it would make her feel better… yeah. "Hello Quinn. "They kind of come together." Quinn whispered. Quinn said she was going to Santana's house when Rachel knew very well she was on Cancun with her family. no. Dorothy would go to The Wizard." "Oh. doing things with her mom. She quickly stood up." Rachel didn't sound or looked convinced as she reached down to shoulder the backpack and Quinn had to help her stand straight again. . "I went slowly around it and there they were… the sheep. She could tell the blonde was hiding something from her since the last transformation. "Hi Rach."I'm really sore.

Turning towards the stove. "And the good news?" "Can't you figure it out yourself?" The blonde raised an eyebrow. Grabbing two mugs. "I slapped Santana in the face." Rachel chuckled after gulping down her water and Quinn got a small satisfaction from that. . "You were there. She wouldn't be able to catch up on her line of thought. I don't know how to explain it. "I got mad at her for something she said and I couldn't control myself. "Do you think we'll recognize each other as werewolves or maybe somehow realize we know each other? Perhaps there's something meaningful about being bitten by the same werewolf. She grabbed both of Quinn's hands." "That's interesting. At least she had taken things relatively well. She watched as her friend scrunched her face up in thought. and they didn't have to stay away anymore. Rachel!" The brunette grimaced and she was quick to correct herself. "I saw you. otherwise Santana would've punched me back." Realization dawned upon her and her face lit up. as if thoughts were pouring from her ears and losing themselves in the air. it was special. she set the pot for the green tea Rachel would surely want in a few minutes and quickly went out the back door to put on the bathrobe she'd left by the pool. coming out blank. I think… but your smell… uh. and I could see you and smell you and you had my prey!" Rachel's lower lip trembled. She grabbed the stack of papers from the bottom drawer along with a pen and handed it to Rachel when she started waving her hands around. but it was like… I knew I wouldn't hurt you. similar to mine. Fuck. "Rachel. Rachel raised both eyebrows. "How did you do it?" "You were… a part of me saw you as a threat. but calming. like we share some supernatural bond! That should explain a few things about why we can sense some things about each other and I think I read something in that web page… –" Quinn sighed as Rachel started rambling on her own and wasn't really talking to her anymore. Thankfully Britt was there. Quinn sighed. she was sure of that." Quinn confessed as she handed her the glass. I walked away! I didn't hurt you!" Quinn beamed as she grabbed onto the brunette's shoulders to make her understand."It's still hard to control strong emotions. "Oh. so it was better to just wait until Rachel came out with a clean theory they could discuss." Rachel hopped off the stool. so I left." She excused herself. Quinn chuckled as Rachel sat down on a stool once more and began scrabbling away furiously. giving Quinn only a second to step back. There wasn't going to be any more lounging today. keeping them in place. only a week had been too long.

"That was amazing." Quinn declared meekly as they sat in the back of the otherwise empty bus. This closeness was something they were growing accustomed to without fully realizing it. They were so close their scents seem to mingle and become one. and soon she felt that captivating smell of prey filling her lungs and her wolf released a whine next to her. Rachel and Quinn had tried to focus their minds on finding each other that night." "You know how we're running all day and all night when there's a full moon?" The brunette nodded and Quinn licked her dry lips. the light brown wolf before her took a step forward. she seemed unfazed by the fact that they had surely killed another animal mere hours ago. and the only thing she was capable of doing was look up to the Moon and howl. brow furred and eyes narrowed in concentration. "Tell me. both tails erect. By the time her body hit the ground and she released a groan before she was unable to make a sound. when I help Ms. She rounded a few trees and came to a halt as whatever was running towards her approached. but suddenly. turning to rest her back against the window and her bare legs on Quinn's lap. along with squeals of "Quinn!" and "Oh my God. and without really talking about it. both immediately sprinting to a run. "And you could come to ballet with me. Rachel took Quinn's sweaty palm and dragged her towards the bus stop. Standing defensively with her tail upright and her teeth showing. Rachel couldn't remember that. She really. I think you're absolutely brilliant!" Rachel threw her hands in the air and beamed. "I know I won't be as good as you. lowering itself before her. the wolf took another slow. and she tensed her muscles as the wolf's muzzle came close to her own and licked a trail up her face. threatening but mesmerizing." Rachel grinned widely. Quinn was met with an armful of brunette as she got to the end of the path. her teeth disappeared and she gently rubbed the side of her black face against the light brown fur. and her lungs filled with air easily as if they were balloons. because there was an underlying fear of it stopping if they did. "Perhaps… if we control our bodies. there were other sounds behind her. clamping them on the wolf's muzzle lightly." ." Quinn stopped talking when Rachel just stared at her." She finished in a hushed tone. silently asking if that meant she agreed. Rachel spoke to her as they walked about the sensations she'd experienced when they'd ran together. Of course. it'll be easier to control ourselves as wolves. Summer meant more heat that worsened her fever and shorter nights. Quinn raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. Her paws hit the ground rhythmically as she could hear her lungs working. She opened her snout and bared her teeth. It was familiar. discipline as humans would give us discipline as wolves. I mean… working out and trying to be more agile when humans. This week had been the worst. after a few minutes of scrutiny and sensing each other. she was able to grin like a mad woman and squeeze the tiny person in her arms between shared peals of laughter. but her body still insisted in tugging her forward and she started walking. By now she was almost heading into the correct direction by herself. Happiness filled her just at the line of trees and she grinned like the Lunatic she definitely was. they never did on this day. only a strong smell between them and loud sounds." Despite the soreness of her body. at least until the night. "That's amazing. and when the only thing the other did was lower its ears further." Quinn smiled softly. Her head throbbed like her brain wanted out of her skull and her ears pounded. "I have an idea. lifted its other paw in the air and waited. stronger still until she was met with golden eyes and light brown fur. All last week. careful step towards her.*Chapter 8*: Untitled 7 Chapter Seven. she tried to suppress her growl as to not alert the intruder. despite the pain they were in. It lowered its tail and ears as they came closer." Rachel said slowly. most positively hated summer. but maybe if you come running with me and perhaps… skating with me?" She breathed our nervously. but she knew she had little time. Her muscles weren't hurting. but there are similar movements in figure skating. that seemed to have her body on edge. she grabbed her back pack and headed out. her new companion wailing along. and it made her uneasy to present her half-cooked idea to the brunette. When she made no other move but point her ears to the sky. crying out in pain. and I could teach you how to do it if you stay after my class. Her instincts took her forward to that smell so captivating. "I've done ballet when I was younger." Quinn mumbled against brown hair under her nose as Rachel nuzzled into her neck. Slowly. waiting unflinchingly for her arrival. as soon as the night came. apparently hot weather didn't mend well with headaches and fever. Rachel was usually the one with theories and plans. Cohen with the younger girls. She reached the afternoon and started running. "It's an amazing idea. Quinn had a fuzzy memory of what happened after she'd submitted to Rachel. She desperately wanted to take a shower. They locked eyes and stood still as stones. tucking her shaking hands between the seat and her thighs. her tank top finding the ground soon enough. Rachel woke up on Friday covered in sweat. her muscles stretching and warming almost to the point she thought she might get blisters inside her skin. sweat had evaporated from her skin. "I know it's not the same… and we're both physically active. definitely. But the sounds of paws hitting the ground became louder and with them came a scent she had never sensed before. Their scent mingled and she immediately stopped feeling the light threat the other emanated. Grabbing the shortest shorts she could find and a tank top. "Quinn. and she found herself unable to move as it became stronger.

" Quinn shrugged. "What?" She asked. something that had taken Quinn a lot more time. "…the moon. there had never been a happy time for her that wasn't ruined by a mayor tragedy that overshadowed any sense of peace she could have accomplished. and she knew she wouldn't be able to suppress her feelings forever. a hint of seriousness in her voice. you know? But I was sad. But she tried as hard as she could to do so." She smiled softly. I've never been a happy girl. looking intently back at her. and how Quinn should invite her to dinner along with her dads before the end of the summer. if we… I'm not… happy.Rachel got head first into any ideas she would come up with. wrapping an arm around her back with a side smile. The clouds were tinted grey when she felt someone slide in beside her. Quinn's mom got used to seeing Rachel in her house often as well as Rachel's dads got used to seeing Quinn in their home. because that's what happens when you're depressed. and since it had occurred to her. and it was hard to believe things could stay better –the way they were. and so she got up from the brunette's bed. In time for their next transformation. But Quinn was at an edge. "Ready?" "We don't have to go if you don't want to. Quinn knew it was dangerous enough. "Do you resent it?" Rachel asked softly. and a part of her was scared of it ending. and climbed through the windowsill to the roof. anyway. ballet and skating for the remaining of the summer. though. you know… conscious. finishing her make up. The moon was hidden behind the clouds as she stared up to the sky. a feeling entirely alien to her before. I didn't feel anything at all." Rachel teased." She chanced a glance at Rachel to see her bit her lip softly. It wasn't. "Yeah. Rachel had learned all the little girl's names. You don't feel like crying. I wasn't even pretending to find happiness. yet. even with the person she shared the most with. what they were doing. because ruining things with Rachel would mean being alone again. "I know. right?" The blonde hesitated before turning around. "And after everything that happened with… the baby… I thought I would never be fine again." Rachel beamed as she hopped off the bed. and there was something comforting in knowing the three of them liked each other. She found herself laughing and smiling now more than ever. if you weren't with me. "You're wearing make up again. They fully believed they were ready now to try and control their actions as wolves. locking eyes with the brunette through the mirror. or what it said about her. telling her how much it meant all the time they were spending together." Rachel said quietly. and she felt peaceful. but I've never been more stable than now. Her mom often babbled to her about how polite and lively Rachel was." She felt Rachel's trembling hand clutch at her wrist as she tried not to make a sound while she cried. even if it cost her a little more effort than catching up with skating. which Rachel charted and gave to Quinn to hang up in her bedroom wall next to the moon calendar she had picked up just a month ago. But I'm fine. But she was afraid of sharing her secrets." She whispered." She felt warm moisture against her cheek as Rachel pressed a kiss there. Do you hate it. Quinn was able to catch up perfectly this time. It had been fun to see her squealing on the ice and falling on her ass a couple of times. She thought about sharing things with Rachel. you… forget how to. just… I just wanted to be at ease with things. Quinn pulled her close. I know it's probably fucked up. sometimes?" Quinn really thought about it before answering. I guess you're right. careful not to wake her up. She had a feeling Rachel would know if she lied to her. Her summer had been the best in a long time. I was angry… and the moment came when I felt so much. even if for a little while. covering her with a light blanket and keeping her company. that she was more content than ever at such an odd and confusing time. "I think you saved me more than just from a beast. "We can stay if you . They planned a schedule for running. it just… canceled itself out." "It's good. "Rachel. She didn't know if it was sad. Quinn had taken the hand of ballet in time. She couldn't sleep with those thoughts in her head. helping each other and having fun like normal teenagers that just happened to turn into wolves for a day. all the girls skating towards her to help her up because the brunette had earned their trust in the blink of an eye. just under her eye. Rachel. "Yeah. "I think I would. even considering dealing with being a werewolf. "I can't hate it. Rachel smiled from her place on Quinn's bed. "What are you talking about?" "You stopped wearing it after…" She trailed off. Even as she tried to fight it. And you have no idea how good that feels. "I think it's you who doesn't want to go to that party. I… wasn't happy. The silence wasn't broken for a while. arms wrapped around her knees as the blonde stood in front of the full length mirror." Quinn offered before they left her room. Even if I became one.

Rachel!" Quinn said loudly at last. Inside everything was already crowded and they headed to the living room." She shouted back and smiled as Rachel threw her head back in laughter. unwrapping her arm from Rachel's neck to hold her hand instead. little dog!" "I thought we weren't allowed to call each other that!" Rachel sing-songed. It made Quinn internally pleased to be freaking her out." "I'm good. "I'm not drunk. She kept it there for comfort even though Santana seemed to be growing a third eye from looking at them so much. "I'm not a couch. slapping her hand on the brunette's thigh. much to Puck's delight. "Nothing much. I'm happy!" Rachel grinned a megawatt smile. Rachel kept talking to everybody enthusiastically on top of her. . "Bye Mom!" She screamed over her shoulder as she closed the door with one hand. "What's up with you two?" Quinn merely smiled and shrugged innocently before turning to her left and continuing talking with Sam. If my fans aren't here. Rachel leaned down and brushed her lips against her ear." The blonde made a disgusted face. Quinn's face scrunched up when she wasn't able to hear her properly. Rachel came back just as some girls started grinding on the dance floor. trying to keep Rachel in her grasp with the other but failing miserably. "What?" The brunette yelled. clearing her line of vision to an unnerving Santana. He howled at them priggishly and Rachel and Quinn rolled their eyes and huffed. "Ugh. "Do you want something to drink?" She modulated. please?" Quinn groaned. "What's up?" Rachel grinned obliviously. "Get back here. I seriously doubt yours will be. "What's up with you two?" She asked after a minute. Just watch that I don't drink too much or go upstairs with anybody. awesome. Rachel's boisterous laugh filled the front yard as they walked towards the sidewalk and then to their right. MILF!" Puck shouted over the loud music when he saw them arrive." Quinn corrected as she catched up with her and grabbed the brunette's hand. When they got to Puck's house. Quinn nodded and the brunette stood up. wrapping their linked arms around her neck." "Oh. "You can't call me that. "Do not start singing!" "And I will always love yo– " Rachel started screaming before the blonde covered her mouth with her palms from behind. "You're a lost cause!" Quinn screamed from a few feet away from the brunette. Santana eyed them curiously as they sat on the only space left on the couch.don't want to. music was already bursting through the entire building and two guys were holding a puking third one by the front door. Quinn Fabray. where the gleeks were surely lounging on the couches." "How can you manage to seem drunk without even getting to the party?" Quinn sounded amused." Quinn deadpanned. please. "Do you want me to get you a drink?" Despite her yelling and even though they were close." Quinn mumbled with a smile." "I'll be your bodyguard. "What's up. squirming and bouncing and throwing her head back in laughter. stretching her left hand for the blonde to go out first. "No. asshole. Rachel on Quinn's lap with a hand around her neck. "And you're a lousy bodyguard leaving me behind you at the mercy of my crazed fans. "Can everyone stop saying that. "If you say so." Rachel stated solemnly as she opened the front door.

As she watched Quinn smiling widely beneath her. a smile twitching their corners. "We could do better. Rachel grinned. dudes!" He yelled at them. . apart from that week when Quinn tried to ignore her in order of not hurting her. it's what she did. Whatever it was."What?" He shouted at them. making her doubt of Quinn's attachment to her. Rachel just nodded. They were bitten by the same wolf and they shared their full moon nights together. She felt the arm around her waist tighten as she traced the light scar visible on Quinn's neck and shoulder. smirking. but it was possible. and in her wildest dreams she could stop herself from hunting defenseless sheep. or because of something else. and a little scary considering their past. "Hey. But what if Quinn decided to join the Cheerios once more? There would be that leap on "social status" between them. "You okay?" Hazel eyes locked with hers. along with the few people that weren't too drunk to pay attention." Rachel smirked back. Her old insecurities were trying to get the best of her. of their friendship. she needed to show off. The sound that came out of their mouths had Puck dropping his jaw. "That's beyond creepy. and every day they talked about it and tried to find ways of controlling themselves. Quinn squeezed her lightly and she shrugged. She couldn't help the smile that adorned her face and she bit her lip as she shook her head. even if sometimes she couldn't figure out what those things were. There was that itch in the back of her mind about what was going to happen when their last school year started. it was special. but was that going to be it? They had been together all the time that summer. She was proud of their progress and a harmless show off was nothing to be ashamed off. That was the best news she could possibly ask for. flabbergasted. Rachel looked at Quinn with a devilish grin and they took a deep breath. there was no guarantee. She was fine. But Rachel had to admit." Came the playful whisper. always in the line between something and something else. His eyes clouded at the misinterpretation. She didn't consider the whole telepathy deal some stories talked about. and so she wondered if the bond they shared (because of that there was no doubt) was because they were getting incredibly close to each other. They were fine. She tried to be as realistic as being a werewolf allowed her to be. and she felt abashed for doubting the one person who was consistent in her life. they had the true deal to practice just a few nights ago. you're thinking too loud. A neck stretched before her and a soft pair of lips brushed almost feather light against the rim of her hear. who was currently rubbing her waist where her own scar laid beneath. at least to herself. While everything was still scary and there was still a lot of progress to do. something supernatural. and while Rachel liked to think their bond would keep them together. They'd see each other on Glee. she felt peaceful at last. and Rachel had been unconsciously getting used to it. and she wondered for a countless time if it was because of her touch or because the blonde sensed what she was thinking about. and Rachel didn't plan on stopping until she was happy. as amazing as that could be. They still had to dominate their bodies for more than just a few minutes and remember more than an hour of the night. that her feelings for Quinn were always anything but simple. she couldn't help but to be proud. "Prove it!" He hollered at them.

or Santana mocking them on the third. and she saw Rachel's expression towards her. in all her scary black figure. then it was Kurt whispering conspiratorially with Mercedes about them on the second. She didn't feel like she felt all those years. licking another wolf's face. or Finn accusing them of being together on the fourth week of school. Rachel had gotten one thing clear out of all the mess: Quinn wasn't going anywhere. and because Rachel seemed to have no problem with holding hands or hugging or snuggling. But changing once a month took a tool on their bodies. her smooth cheeks and long eyelashes. Rachel was lying down next to her." Rachel mumbled low. She woke up with the morning sun shining on her face and her body covered in a blanket. without the lights and in complete silence in order to clear their heads. tanned legs seemed to glow under the light. and Rachel still had additional dancing and singing lessons. But when as soon as she walked in the hallway she had that Jacob kid in her face." Quinn uttered bashfully. They still did skating. and neither of them ever had any true best friends. but most of all becoming familiar with Rachel in all the aspects of their lives. feared what people would say about her and what would she do when they did. the thoughts that led her to be in this position right now: In four legs. She had feared the new school year. she was finally able to recognize her as one of her own. and the skin of her long. as if deliberating whether to go or not.*Chapter 9*: Untitled 8 Chapter Eight. but I couldn't wake you up. she had Rachel in school and outside school as well. a mix between the both of them with a unique smell. her thoughts weren't coherent enough for that. it started tiring them mentally one week before the full moon and then physically for a couple of days after. She never felt freer than in that moment. caressing the material of the brunette's shirt. because she needed it. As they ran. When Rachel asked her about it. And that was yet another thing she had to thank Rachel for. they regarded the other carefully and sniffed each other. and she could feel her breath catching in her throat. He had chosen a bad day to cross them. but after all these months of learning and training. Her feet were bare and digging into the grass. "I covered you as soon as I got a glimpse of you. "You tired yourself. and Rachel joined and soon their noises reverberated among the trees. and the howl that left Quinn's mouth couldn't be contained. Rachel had to hold Quinn back from lounging at him the first time. like skating and ballet. but the black wolf just kept licking her in greeting until they sniffed something that immediately distracted them. "Do you remember…?" "It was amazing. they still had time to hear all about the rumors. making the illusion of being more of them than there really were. more than anything. mocked Santana with her hypocrisy and defended Rachel of Finn in front of all the Glee Club. like she had to make people believe she was worth something because she didn't truly believe it. She had laughed in Jacob's face. Everything was easy once she realized she wasn't alone now. Quinn recognized her wolf as soon as she saw her. and she had things outside of school. They paused for a second. like she expected her to run or throw slushies at both of them." "Thanks. but this night was different. and other things she loved that were outside school. Quinn said she was busy enough. and she had finally gotten over school popularity and just wanted to be in peace. she was finally able to get rid of the burden that was being at her highest in high school. with a muzzle. and it was the first time she found herself referring to her in that way: her wolf. She howled as soon as she perceived it. apparently the third day of headaches along with all the stress of the first month of school had Quinn on an edge Finn had easily pushed her off of. she always submitted to Rachel and they hunted. and she wasn't sad now. And once she realized her entire world revolved around more than those walls. paid no attention to Kurt and Mercedes. Her instincts were primal and she couldn't really think like a human being. licked her face for the first time. She said he had no right over neither of them and a nerve to call Rachel out on anything. and that's how they ended up almost every day of the previous week lying down on Rachel's room's floor. ballet and running together plus Glee. and now it was their own getaway from everyone and everything. just them in the dark in silence. would be too sore for two weeks of every month to do flips and jumps. She figured that's what real friends did. That's how they ended up rubbing the side of their faces together and whining almost like dogs. The past months of being with each other as wolves had been tentative for all that she could remember. their scent mixed together until it was a collective scent. but there was really not much of a choice once the smell intensified. Like she needed people to fear and respect her because she didn't think any of them could love her. Quinn had stopped questioning what they shared together. Rachel. The routine started on summer. but the reason changed after a few seconds when she realized she was naked." . though. wrapping herself with the blanket and resting her forehead against Rachel's shoulder. Despite having the busiest first month of school. sometimes playing with their hands or whispering with each other." She could hear the smile on Rachel's words. except she hadn't tried to go back to the Cheerios. and she finally had her mom. Coach Sylvester would have taken Quinn back. If it wasn't Jacob Ben Israel stalking them with his video camera on the first week. with a blissful expression on her face as the sun bathed her skin. the curve of her lips and the way her fingers rested laced together just below her breasts. Her heart thudded inside her chest at the sight before her. and her own lips stretched across her face. Quinn realized those were. "I wish we could stop hunting. Rachel hadn't joined as many clubs that year now that she had such a busy schedule. she realized she wasn't the same person anymore. fully clothed. her features never moving an inch. Quinn took a moment to take in Rachel's appearance.

stroking the back of her shaking hand along the side of the brunette's face. we were attacked. I think it's amazing all we've done on our own. "Hide your teeth. You're healthier. I hope we can someday but I don't know if we'll ever do! The werewolf that attacked us didn't care that we were human! Or maybe it did. "And you think I didn't realize?" "No!" Rachel sat up abruptly. please. for something else that was news to her. but it couldn't stop itself. What if Mr. "I was just really nervous because I couldn't wake you up. we can't fully control ourselves. Rachel." Rachel whispered against Quinn's neck. and wrapped her arms around Brittany as the blonde enveloped her in a hello hug. we'll get there." Quinn smiled. That can't be healthy. careful not to drop the blanket until Quinn tucked it under her arms again." "Yeah. resting her chin on her hand and looking down at Rachel. "We're pretty fast. assuming the position she was first in. Quinn was still bickering . Linton sees us… killing one of his sheep? It's bad enough that it goes against all my morals and beliefs. trying to keep her voice down." Quinn waited." When Rachel didn't answer. even if she wasn't really sure of that. That has to count for something. eyebrows raised. "Well." She rolled her eyes at what the brunette had decided they called being werewolves in public. "If we stay as far away as we can from our animal instincts and concentrate on being disciplined in all aspects of –" "We haven't even started and you're already lecturing. "What else is it? Don't hide things from me. shaking her head softly as Rachel immediately plopped down on the ground once more." "Leave me and my bacon alone. and I've seen the way you look at bacon. Q. You know I have the utmost faith in us. Smurfette?" Santana grinned as she walked in along with Brittany. "I think eating animals is a caveman's habit. Quinn just knew she was holding back something." The blonde smiled. "You've always been more prepared than me." She pouted. "Afraid?" Quinn propped herself up on her elbow." "Of course. it's an improvement for your body. "I'm just afraid. and that's not even what I'm more worried about. "I'm sorry. and Quinn couldn't think of anything else than hugging her. "I don't think eating meat would change any –" She cut herself as Tina and Mike entered the choir room." "Quinn." Quinn breathed out. "And you're already bitching?" Quinn quipped. of course. Rachel giggled at the catch only she and Quinn understood." She whispered. Quinn." Rachel made a non-committed noise with her throat. Mr." She mumbled." "You're right. "What does being vegan have to do with anything?" Quinn sighed for the umpteenth time. and trying to hunt them. "I'm afraid of running into someone. but perhaps an hour? Next month may be too cold. almost nocking the blonde to the ground. "It won't happen to us. and dropped a soft kiss against the blonde's cheek. you have a better idea of everything when it concerns our… project. Schuester last as always." "We would run. Aren't you afraid of that happening to us?" She had tears running down her face by the end of her outburst. forgetting the wrapped blanket tucked under her arms. "We're trying really hard to be better. certainly." Rachel stated with a firm nod. rolling her shoulder to wrap her arm around Quinn's shoulders. "Aren't you afraid we attack him once he's at our reach? Quinn. "I'll change and then we can –" "Can we stay here for a while? Put on some clothes. both of them knowing it was just residual hormone wreckage from the transformation. right?" Rachel pulled back. right? We've come a long way. "We're both perfectionist. Their conversation was cut short as people started showing up. "What are you afraid of?" "Getting caught… hurt. Rachel fisted her hands in it as she buried her face on Quinn's neck and started sobbing. a person. less prone to diseases." Santana held her palms in front of her chest."One step at a time." She sighed." Quinn was quick to reassure.

Schuester started talking obliviously. blowing her finger where a thin line of red blood was seeping out. But Quinn was still mortified. she hissed and unintentionally dropped it. while Rachel calmly took her hand back and softly said "Thank you". Go back to your girlfriend." Rachel gestured calmly to Lauren." Puck whispered on her ear from his position on the next row of chairs. She always thought it would be a good thing. But when Rachel took the paper back from the blonde's hand. the very same club that doomed you to Loserdom just two years before and that was one of the main gossip themes of the school now. "No one remembers. While she didn't care about what everyone else thought. Her dads had already asked her about the nature of Quinn and hers relationship after watching them interact for an entire weekend when Quinn stayed over from Friday afternoon to Monday morning." "Shut up!" Quinn barked. But she seemed to be losing a little bit of that now. "Uh… sorry. I was just thinking…" "Loudly. Noah. "I'll pay both of you!" "Please refrain from making more offers. and by the end of practice. "It was just… embarrassing. Puck grumbled. and Rachel went to sit by the risers as Quinn . using her bathroom and wearing her clothes. She liked the privacy that being a loser her entire life allowed her. fully aware of the stares. she liked being around school with Quinn and acting in their own special way without Jacob or Puck leering at them and without other people whispering about them when Quinn kissed her cheek at her locker every morning. and she was trying to not let it get to her. Quinn. They walked through the glass doors. "Do that again. No one said anything about it. It hadn't fully registered on her that she seemed to be… popular." "I was bleeding!" "I sucked your finger!" They remained silent after that. but now realized it wasn't so much. and Rachel had gone from amused to annoyed. scrutiny and ten entries on Jacob Ben Israel's blog about spotting them at the mall or the movies and that one picture of them walking hand in hand out of a store. both beet red and staring embarrassingly ahead." He whined. Rachel didn't really want to branch on the subject of their behavior towards one another. now. just one month into school had them surrounded with rumors. Neither Quinn nor her where in any club or clique that deemed importance at the school. but she couldn't shake away the feeling of dread that Jacob spying on them caused her. "Please." She muttered red as a tomato and trying to vanish into thin air from sheer will power. She felt like a celebrity. as Lauren patted him condescendingly on the head. Rachel didn't say anything." Rachel mumbled from her place in the passenger seat.with Santana sitting next to her when the teacher started delivering music sheets for everyone. "Rachel? Hey!" Quinn snapped her fingers in her face. She held the sheet as the brunette reached inside her meticulously organized bag and took out her binder with the year's Glee music so far and turned the pages to reach the proper category. "Ugh. which wasn't a bad thing in essence. but it wasn't the sort of publicity she enjoyed. it was like it never happened. Santana. Quinn didn't realize what she was doing until she had the hand between both of her own and the tip of Rachel's middle finger inside her mouth. but there were usually bad things and mockery. You're getting on my nerves." Quinn raised an eyebrow before turning around and opening her car door. "I know. immediately feeling the cold of the ice. Rachel cupped her hand on the back of Quinn's neck and the blonde tensed for a second. shut up. just an honor roll student who was in Glee Club. Sam and Mercedes where gapping at her. who was watching the entire situation as dispassionately as she would watch a bowl of broccoli. "I'll pay you. just got out of the car and shouldered the bag with her skates that Quinn handed to her. and she peered up over Rachel's shoulder to look at the highlighted part she was supposed to sing. especially when they turned into werewolves once a month. Quinn slid down further in her chair with a sigh." Rachel mumbled when Mr. crossing his arms across his chest like a petulant child. before reminding herself that she didn't care and relaxing." She sighed. this… was different. "Instincts. She wasn't used to people watching her at school because they wanted to see what she did with her friends instead of laughing at her while she got slushied. so why where people so pendant? Was it because they were rumored to be gay? Because it involved Quinn and she seemed to always be in the radar of rumors? She wasn't a Cheerio anymore. She didn't want to dive in too deep into their conduct because she was afraid of what she might find. She was used to people talking about her.

warm breath visibly swirling around her face as background as their eyes met and locked. especially when they stayed around after the little girls where gone and skated and had fun by themselves." She heard mumbled against her shoulder. She wanted Rachel to hold her hand as they skated. She imagined them skating on Times Square in New York. sitting in her lap. she wanted the little girl in the picture to call her Mom and she wanted her and Rachel to tuck her in bed at the end of the day. as Quinn watched Rachel interact with the little girls. and the way her pitch never faltered as she picked up girl after girl. "I was daydreaming. Quinn fought hard to keep her smile even as she felt her insides churning as her heart wanted out. Quinn couldn't help but put her in the picture too. Rachel pulled away smiling. but first there was the hour and a half where Quinn and four other girls and two boys had an advanced class. And she tried hard to imagine the little girl calling her aunt." She said sheepishly. one of her gloved hands in Rachel's and the other on Quinn's. if only to be able to practice a number with Quinn and have the blonde pick her up and twirl her around." She chuckled with a shrug. and soon they were having their usual. Rachel's boisterous laugh filled the rink and filled her soul with happiness as she picked her up by the waist and lifted her as much as her strength allowed her. they shared a bond that helped their feelings keep them together. and she hoped no one noticed the feelings that crossed her mind every time she looked at Rachel. Happiness seemed to pour out from her and it made Quinn wish to never miss out on any of it. Time went by smoothly as Rachel had stopped bringing a book because she always got too entranced by watching Quinn on the ice. the natural way her body always found to touch her… "Are you okay?" Rachel smiled in front of her.walked to her teacher with a smile on her face. smiling exhaustedly from an entire day on the ice. they could be teaching her how to skate on the ice. She could be Rachel's daughter. and she wasn't dumb enough to challenge that. what they had was deep and meaningful and intricate. already skating away with a challenging eyebrow raise. And watching Rachel with Spencer. Rachel sometimes wished she were half as good. she tried to keep her composure when both of Rachel's hands cupped her neck. acting on them instead of worrying about them when Rachel let her twirl her around. "Race you?" She laughed as Rachel's protests of cheating reached her ears from behind her. Perhaps people were watching them because Rachel was already a famous star. always beautifully hugged by her leggings. pick her up in the mornings. But as it was. all beaming at her as she singed along with Björk. The way she skated fast from one corner to the other. It had to be enough. who picked her up by the waist as if she was made of glass. Rachel's arms circled her neck and she beamed and panted against her face. and went beyond any feeling she knew. her arms going around her waist when she couldn't hold her up any longer. one of the youngest girls with brown locks long to the waist and a beaming smile that almost held nothing on Rachel's. eat with her in the cafeteria and take her home after. it's okay. Her chest constricted as she tried to shove it all away." Quinn smiled. push her away and into her body with one hand. But then Rachel's face hid in the crook of her neck and shoulder and she felt her entire frame shake with silent laughter. visibly exhausted. but she knew deep down what she wanted the most. She'd agreed to help her with the next class today. or the way her back arched or bowed depending on the movement and how her strong legs never seemed to falter. walk the halls with her all day. How could she stop herself from wanting to kiss Rachel when she was constantly making funny faces at her. They were more than friends. but it always got harder. maybe take her for hot (vegan) cocoa later. . tried to evaluate Rachel and Spencer and all the other girls instead of day dreaming the scariest things she could ever imagine. did you pay any attention?" Quinn smirked at Rachel's mirth. she felt overwhelmed by how beautiful her friend was on the ice. "Class is done. Later on. It was spellbinding to watch Quinn's face as she skated. or maybe they were still anonymous and no one paid them any mind. making pirouettes and silly movements with their hands as they pretended to dance an intricate tango on the ice. taking off her scarf. kissing her cheek and tucking strands of hair behind her ear? No wonder everyone thought they were dating when all she could do was stay beside Rachel all day. concentrating one second and beaming the next as she twirled on one foot as smoothly as if she were an Ice Princess. She knew they were the closest of friends. cradled by her arms. and Rachel took advantage of that to skate today as well. to ask more of something already so perfect. The happiness. grinning down at her so close to her face. along with two a numbers of couples. practicing a number they would present to compete at the end of the year. Quinn wanted to be there to see it. no matter what mundane or incredible thing happened to Rachel to make her shine like that. imagine herself feeling a love for them like they were a part of her life. "Ready to go?" "Actually… I prefer staying for a little while longer. both of them twirling and doing impossible spins and jumps that had Rachel beaming and with her mouth agape at the same time. laughing as if they were alone. Her movements were as graceful as practicing ballet allowed her. she tried to shove the feelings deep inside her every day. easy fun that made Quinn forget whatever feelings she may have. her partner. meet her in the middle and kiss her with a smile. She took a deep breath and tried to steady herself as Rachel did the same. then back but turning around in the middle of the rink to meet Dave. twirled them once and then sent them back on the ice almost made her shiver with delight. she was happy to be able to share what seemed to make Quinn happy the most. This was enough. and spend time skating with her. too. "I think we tired ourselves enough. the easiness she felt around her. "But if you don't want…" "No. where Quinn was paired up with the best of the boys. She wanted to love them as if they were her entire life.

Quinn took a gloved hand in her own and allowed Rachel to pull her forward."Hot cocoa at my house?" She beamed. It had to be enough. . watching her long brown hair swing from side to side as they skated slowly out of the rink.

Rachel knew they had lost it as soon as they smelled it. tentative steps that hit the ground softly beneath her paws. Her body went rigid as the smell got closer." "Don't be silly. but she jumped from the ground to her feet in a fleeting second when she did. It took her a couple of seconds to hear the panting breaths next to her. and it was getting closer still. and Quinn could feel a very warm. preparing herself. Next to her. as it made a move to step back.. She realized it must not be paying attention to their smell. The smell was strong.*Chapter 10*: Untitled 9 Chapter Nine. For a fleeting second. "I couldn't… how did we…" Quinn shook her head." Rachel said once they were walking towards the bus stop and their breathing seemed to be coming back. but when the animal got closer it became evident that it wasn't very big. and she could feel and smell the adrenaline on her wolf beside her as they broke away from the body and attacked again. the golden wolf slowly made her way to the source of the smell. unless they were hunters. . very moist spot between her legs.. barely holding the adrenaline in. so alluring she could almost feel her mouth water. searching for their clothes along the way and trying not to look at each other. Her chest felt full of tingles and all she wanted was to leap on top of Rachel and… "We sh-should find out c-clothes. What they'd done… her body was still humming with energy with it. because their heads turned sideways at light speed at the same time. Her breasts rose with every intake. Linton's sheep. she realized. Quinn never leaving her side. and her hands were shaking as she buried them on the earth and filled her fists with it." Rachel bumped her shoulder. Her entire body seemed to be shaking. Quinn woke up panting with the shining sun hitting her face. It was a scent even stronger than the one they were used to from Mr. captivating and daunting noise she ever heard as Quinn hurdled forward and launched herself at the animal. but I don't know if we'll ever be able to stop hunting. "I hope it doesn't become a regular thing." Rachel stammered. Lowering her tail. We are controlling ourselves and remembering. Her body trembled as she felt the blood flooding her muzzle and the body beneath her going limp. Her mouth opened and stayed that way for excruciating seconds until she realized what she was doing. almost blinding her. Quinn nodded and tried to think about how it reminded her of Tina to stop herself from pouncing on her best friend. Both of their forces combined pinned the coyote down to the ground as its head moved from side to side." Quinn stated sullenly. If they were looking for control. completely naked and looking up at her with the darkest eyes she'd ever seen. She growled at Quinn and they stopped behind a large group of trees. when she got the first glimpse of the coyote. Her jaw clenched when the animal's scent filled the entire air around them. her teeth finding the flesh on the other side. "S-sorry…" Quinn stammered. "I c-can't believe we… did that." Quinn breathed out. but she strained her ears nonetheless. we're wild. staying away from the animal's teeth. Rachel heard the most fascinating. not a puppy but not completely adult. "It was amazing. It seemed to catch up to Rachel as well. creepy? I think I'm a little afraid of myself right now. I could feel you trembling beside me" "And you still think it's because you don't eat animals while you're human. and Quinn realized it too when her body crouched down. "But I really hope we can put a stop to that killing thing. She understood the initiative and tried again to locate the delicious smell. Quinn thought she seemed calmer than herself. and she took that to her advantage taking a few steps forward." "I do know I'm more capable of controlling myself than you are. and they began to walk towards the tree where they always left their bag one week before each full moon. surely it was instinct behind their actions. waiting for the right time. It was young. She didn't know how they knew what to do or how to attack. It was…" "Entrancing. and she growled at her wolf when she took a step forward. but it felt… She didn't know how long it would take her this time to stop the trembling and the shuddering and the panting… the arousal. but also… I don't know. or simply not registering it. panting for breath. Dread crept up her spine when she realized how wrong it could go. Then. because it most definitely was their prey now. This was the first time they were going to attack something that could defend itself. Rachel leaped forward with her back legs and landed on top of the grey coyote. Rachel took a few steps backwards and crouched down as Quinn prepared herself. she could feel her golden wolf's body trembling. Still. She could hear the prey's paws hitting the ground. but it was almost impossible so deep in the woods. and a shudder wrecked her whole back when Rachel made a strangled noise as she breathed out. and when her teeth sunk down on the side of its neck. trying to defend itself in vain. its ears raised and its teeth bore. Rachel sat on the ground." "Rachel. she was afraid of it being a human. and her wolf's hairs stood on end. The coyote stopped its trail and its body froze.

feel more of their touches and hear the melody in her voice that much better. always there but stronger when her hormones were going wild. Quinn tried to ignore the additional tingle that accompanied their touches. but Rachel always let her down easily. "I'm cutting an apple. at her." "Don't be a petulant child. It made Quinn wonder if maybe she wanted to blame the moon for her depression. She could smell Rachel's scent intensified. "Well. or if Rachel was repressing those thoughts because she was afraid." She pouted." "Well." Rachel grumbled. Only when it was Rachel's stop." Quinn smiled –more like grimaced. and she believed it took a couple of days after the transformation for them to be in check again. you're screaming at me in the middle of the road!" Rachel hissed. "Santana. kissing Quinn's cheek. Quinn and I sharing an apple is not weird. or simply if it affected her more because Rachel had a better control of the entire situation. But she was sure things were harder to control when the full moon approached. thanks a lot. I can feel when it is and these emotions are completely in my control!" "Quinn. "You're cute. felt that much more and she wasn't sure if it had to do with being werewolves or if it was just the natural progression of her feelings." "Wow. handing Rachel half of her apple. "Just keep it down and we'll talk about this when we get to my house." "Are you eight?" Rachel interjected from her spot next to Quinn on the cafeteria table. Quinn stood up with her and put an arm around her waist. "And I still think it's because you're more prepared than me! I know you've got a bigger understanding of all of this than I have! Why do you think you're the commander when we're wolves?" "Perhaps we should talk about this when our hormones are in check. Rachel often talked about how she could control her pitch better now. She believed the moon transformed them as people thought so many years ago. but Quinn understood something more. that it affected their moods and emotions. Hey. you do this every freaking day! Quinn cuts fruit and gives you half of it and then you eat another one and do it all over again!" Quinn shrugged. and after it was gone. come on." She took her hand to walk towards the bus door. It's very unbecoming. "What are you doing exactly right now?" Santana matched her bitch face perfectly." "Yes it is! You're gonna eat another one any way. that's not weird. reach her notes better and hear imperfections strongly."Well yes!" She huffed." She said softly." The brunette rolled her eyes. "Are you coming over?" "If I have to. maybe I want to be alone today. Rachel shook her head and bit her lip to stop herself from grinning. "Why can't you each eat one and leave it at that? You get on my freaking nerves!" ." Santana rolled her eyes. too. she believed it altered their hormones in order for them to be able to change." "Freaking?" Quinn raised an eyebrow. But Quinn just felt. Quinn. "Britt is making me." They walked with their arms crossed in their chest and matching stubborn expression all the way to the bus stop and on the bus as well. sure. I can't say I enjoy watching you freaking with Berry more than I have to here. "I know." "And why is that?" "To share it with… okay. what is your point? We're sharing an apple. Rachel." "Yes it is. you know it. "I don't want to be alone in my house. "Tell her it's not weird. so yes. "This is not about that. Rachel disregarded the theory of the moon affecting their emotions so strongly." "You are weird.

Santana. Quinn wanted to be able to be okay on her own. and Finn frowning at her while she laughed in the hall with Judy talking about some show they'd watched together on TV." Brittany quipped. That seemed to shut her up. that seemed to be happening a lot on that day. trying to control her own laughter. But all the stares got to her." She huffed. it seemed as if Rachel spent a hell of a lot of time there. and Quinn was glad they weren't on that subject anymore. but… "You said we weren't allowed to have sex on these tables. but didn't want her emotional stability to depend on her. there was just something about the way she behaved with Rachel that seemed too intimate to be just friends. she wanted to get through her break downs on her own. and she was in a bad mood because there were a lot of people in her house that she didn't want. She knew that. and sat on a chair on the other side of the room. "I don't eat it and you're my girlfriend. Despite making her feel incredibly better by just holding her. because she knew now that they didn't behave like best friends. Santana. trying to keep herself from crying and making her chest and her head hurt. But she didn't want to broach on the subject of their relationship. and not everyone was able to go. Talking about Rachel and her made her insides churn with uneasiness. and Quinn's hands were resting on Rachel's back inside her shirt. where to put their hands when they hugged. tried to keep talking to Rachel as if they weren't watching them and judging them. She didn't wait to see the confusion or maybe the hurt in Rachel's eyes. "That's different. and just the thought that they were going to stay there all night brought tears to her eyes." Quinn grumbled once more."You peel the tangerines for me. She smiled crookedly at her. almost absentmindedly. Much to her charging. or just the way they were always touching each other on some way. Quinn wouldn't either. She realized she was having a break down. As long as she didn't say anything. she didn't want Rachel to distance herself from her and she wanted to keep this ideal relationship they had where they understood each other and never got tired of seeing each other every day. Mercedes raised her eyebrows when Rachel dropped down on top of her on the couch because there was no room to sit and Quinn's hands immediately started running through her brown hair. oblivious to the stares but not to the change in Quinn's mood. They were most likely surprised. she tried to remind herself that she didn't care about what they thought because she was happy. But she didn't want anything to change. pressing her face against Quinn's arm that was already shaking. She loved Rachel. but Quinn saw the concern in her eyes when her head wiped in her direction as she walked in. but not judging negatively. while perhaps Brittany and Santana could pass as overly affectionate. like knowing exactly how to do things together. and she thought perhaps someone who didn't know them may confuse which pair of girls was in a relationship. and so she wasn't sure why she mumbled that she had to go to the bathroom and stood up. chest heaving. Rachel frowned at her. Somehow Rachel had convinced her to throw some sort of party for the Glee Club. more like a reunion. perhaps trying to figure out what was going on between them. And she tried to ignore them. even if they were still questioned and she knew Rachel must have thought about it too. She caught Kurt eyeing Rachel when she took things from the kitchen without even stopping to think of where they were. She needed a little distance to clear her head but wanted to be in Rachel's arms at the same time. I keep expecting you two to hump each other on the table at any given second. There were a lot of things they did almost instinctually now. helping Quinn with food or arranging things with her. Despite how affectionate their friends were. it made her feel good with herself. with everyone else and with the world. Santana!" Brittany seemed indignant." Rachel opened her mouth to protest. because she already knew it was going to be there and her chest was already aching for it. So she sat there. beet red and almost jumping from the table. but it mostly only happened when people were judging their behavior. It felt like a ticking bomb when she thought about it. I can't keep my guard down." "Whatever. scandalized. walking around the place like she owned it and talking with Quinn's mom as if they were old pals. and Quinn had to admit that if she put herself on someone else's position. but Rachel wasn't coming to get her and she wasn't sure she wanted her to. All she wanted was to go back to that couch and crawl into Rachel's skin. But there was enough people to see Rachel prance around her house like she lived there. and Rachel bit her lips to stop herself from laughing. Quinn turned bright red when she realized everyone." "You're weird. but she didn't say anything. There . was watching them talk because Rachel was talking softly and running her thumbs over Quinn's eyebrows while she cupped her face. When she went back to her living room. She didn't want to leave Rachel's side and she wasn't sure why she got up at all. Being with Rachel gave her a calm sense of peacefulness she'd never experienced. "We aren't!" Santana defended herself. I eat with you every day and I haven't noticed any of your eating habits. and she meant everyone. They're just weird. or why she let everybody get to her. she wanted everyone to go away and hide under the covers with Rachel and sleep. because she didn't know how else to deal with it. failing miserably at trying to appear okay. so that must mean you are paying deliberate attention to us. "Perhaps you should stop paying so much attention to us. like they did for many years. she couldn't help it. but was annoyed at Rachel because she didn't go searching for her. They seemed even more intimate than Brittany and Santana. Quinn went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet lid. everyone was playing Rock Band on Puck's PlayStation and Rachel was smiling with them.

dejected. she could see that she was struggling with something and wanted to be alone. she couldn't contain herself. Rachel stood on edge all night. clenching her hands into fists to keep herself from reaching out and touching her friend. They went to sleep on her bed. and Rachel hated herself for not knowing. she kept going to the bathroom to be alone for a while and coming back to sit absentmindedly ignoring as everyone had fun. and Quinn seemed to lie as far as the bed allowed her to be from her. after two hours. and for the rest of the night. of not being talked to. but it was extremely hard for her to allow that. she still seemed down. and all these sensations were too strong to be blamed on that. There was something troubling her. Sometimes. so Rachel concluded she was being ignored. . Rachel tried to swallow the hurt of not being held for sleeping. but Rachel couldn't help the sense of dread that flooded her as. But Quinn was too tense to be asleep. but there seemed to be no response. "I guess you're asleep. "What happened?" She waited for a minute. seeing as her first instinct was to just kick everyone out and be alone with Quinn. and when everyone left in the morning. of Quinn turning her back on her on the bed and looking to the other side. and the tingles in her body that just begged her to touch Quinn were really hard to ignore. and very far away for being in the same bed. and Rachel knew it would be selfish of her to do what made her feel good when Quinn felt bad instead of doing whatever made Quinn feel better." She sighed. as much as she tried. "Quinn. She knew she couldn't just guess. Had she done something? They were just talking and suddenly Quinn became somber. Whatever had happened to Quinn. She may just be overreacting. they were still both very much awake. what's wrong?" She whispered.were enough contradictions to make her head hurt. But she didn't seem to be seeking comfort. went to the bathroom and came back completely weary. It felt as if they were in the last day of headaches instead of the first. but she should be damn able to! Her chest was too constricted for every breath not to be painful. But it turned out to be neither. because Quinn seemed disheartened the entire night.

right?" She whispered." She said slowly. that she could be Quinn's friend as always even if she had stronger feelings the blonde didn't reciprocate. I spent more time with his brother and sister than with him. What had changed? She wasn't sure of what to say because Quinn was acting weird. When was the last time they were awkward? Even when they were naked a month before. "Thank you. something strong dancing behind her eyes. at a loss for words. "I'm just… not feeling… so good. They didn't have to spend every day together and she knew he'd been complaining about being neglected. warm breath washing over her mouth. They had to see each other the next day to drive the backpack to the woods. "We should go. desperately trying to find something to say. Her heart pounded so hard against her ribcage that her head started pounding in unison. Quinn drove her home in the morning and smiled at her before closing the passenger door. but she wasn't sure it succeeded. "We're okay. but it was fine. The car ride was an awkward affair the next day. so Rachel spent all day preparing things for Glee Club and cleaning her house with her dads. but not before thinking she hadn't spoken to Quinn all day." Quinn nodded. "What's wrong?" She breathed out. "Can we stay here for a while?" She mumbled once they were both sitting in the car. She followed Quinn through the trees and then Quinn helped her up the tree to hang the bag on a branch. making them stormy. Rachel's breath hitched when she became centimeters away from Quinn's mouth. even if that desperation scared her. but Rachel wanted to show her things could stay the same." Rachel sat up straight. But that feeling in the back of her head and on her chest wouldn't leave until she saw Quinn again and everything was the way it was supposed to. So maybe Quinn realized she had a small crush on her. and Rachel held fiercely to that smile to try and convince herself that everything was fine. The blonde smiled lightly and stood under the branch. before turning her head to the side and softly dropping Rachel to the ground. she opened her eyes to find Quinn watching her intently. "Is your head hurting?" Quinn shook her head. and she couldn't think about what just happened because it only made her head hurt more. she could still be just friends and even try and forget her romantic feelings.*Chapter 11*: Untitled 10 Chapter Ten. ." Rachel grabbed Quinn's hand and held on as she rested her head on the seat and closed her eyes. "My head is hurting. Quinn spent the next day with Sam. Anything to stay together. Rachel trailed behind her. There was no denying that her feelings went beyond friendship and beyond their bond. turning to face her. She didn't know how else to make things better. "Emotionally." Rachel nodded. She could do it. They locked eyes and the blonde tightened her grip on her for a second. deliberately. but Rachel would be damned if she let Quinn walk away because of that. So… something had happened. Rachel looked out the window chewing on her bottom lip. She kept silent for the rest of the ride. reaching inside the glove compartment for Advil and handing it to Rachel along with a bottle of water. Rachel could see the freckles even from a distance. trying to figure out the best way to approach the subject. At night. She tried not to sound desperate. Quinn bit her lip and looked away. She tried not to read too much into it. she fell asleep in the middle of reading a book. "How was your day with Sam yesterday?" "Good. She seemed off. opening her arms for Rachel to fall into. She caught her around the waist and the brunette wrapped her arms around her neck. it wasn't so painful. and Rachel tried not to read too much into it. Help?" Rachel looked down." Quinn mumbled and started walking. and Rachel wasn't sure if she had done something wrong. that her thoughts about Quinn were more than merely platonic. contact was always their way of communicating when words failed. "Um… Quinn. When there was no response. their noses brushing together.

She had a way of always knowing when she felt bad. "Poor thing. Quinn's headache worsened with her unconscious clenched teeth. Rachel's head going inside the covers and their bodies molding to each other." Rachel nodded and they walked quietly out of the classroom and out the school to the parking lot. or if there was something else. her shoes on and hanging from the side of the bed. and turned off the light. and Rachel didn't mind that she couldn't sleep because this time it was Quinn's warm breath against her collarbone and her . than being close to Rachel and staining their friendship. Quinn's face hiding in the crook of her neck and her arms clutching tightly at her waist once more. resting her hands in her lap. the heat emanating from both of their bodies making Quinn's nape sweat slightly. instead clutching the sheets tighter and trying to relax. I just want to go home and sleep. And Quinn didn't want to. then let her go and whipped the tear tracks from her cheeks. She didn't know how much time passed until Quinn's head peeked out from the covers and they locked anguished eyes on each other. right?" She squeezed her hand. but she probably ignored it because her heart was beating just as strong in rhythm. and as soon as the bell rang. Rachel frowned at her." Quinn shivered lightly and squeezed Rachel as she nodded. Quinn nodded against her stomach. wouldn't be able to bear it if things between them changed. concerned. frowning to keep herself from crying. Rachel approached her. then turned in her seat and hid her face on Rachel's stomach. Should she talk to Quinn about it? Tell her that. She kept her head on the pillow to breath better. She got under the covers fully clothed. facing forward and gripping the steering wheel with both hands. They breathed deeply. if things changed? Just the desperation those thoughts caused her. "Okay…" Quinn drove Rachel home and told her she had to go with her mom to help her in the house. She couldn't be away from Rachel without missing her. Because if it wasn't nearly enough now. hide her face in her neck and never look up again. stoking blonde hair to expose her left ear. and Quinn opened the covers as an invitation for her to snuggle. Once Rachel got in. She was so frustrated and tired she could almost cry. crying under the covers. and Rachel knew how strong the headaches were. "You know you can tell me anything. And she couldn't think with the headaches assaulting her brain. resting her palm on Quinn's back. nails digging inside palms. Rachel ignored her heart pounding strongly against her chest. She didn't want to tell her unless it was absolutely necessary. how would she feel. but Quinn pulled her own away and ran both through her hair and then shook her head. The blonde stiffened for a second."What's wrong?" She frowned. Even being in Rachel's arms wasn't close enough. But Rachel could see there was something she wasn't saying. The blonde curled up inside the blanket as Rachel closed the binds and curtains. Everything felt wrong." Rachel cooed. "Please. Her feelings scared her. things could stay the same? But she wasn't sure that was even the problem. curled up with her eyes closed and the blanket covering her head. Tomorrow would be full moon. a way of guessing just what the problem was. Rachel sighed as they quickly met in the middle and huddled close. There was almost no doubt that Rachel would understand if Quinn told her she harbored romantic feelings for her. Quinn was in the far left side of the bed. she wanted to crawl into her skin. She had to get a hold of her feelings and keep them down. She bent over to whisper against it. she knew that. scared her. feeling Quinn trembling slightly. with the lights off. but either the headache or the need to have Quinn in her arms kept her awake. "I know. hands aching to hold each other. and that was why she rather be alone at home. and she was a coward. But she couldn't. Quinn was crying softly and she knew nothing else to do but to stoke her hair and run her hands up and down her warmer than usual back. and took off her shoes to get under the covers as well. but she refrained. even though she had stronger feelings. but there was no certainty that things would stay the same. She sighed as her ears buzzed from the sudden quiet. She decided on just waiting to see if that was the problem. Quinn was hiding her face on her arms resting on her desk. can we go now?" She turned in her seat. circling her waist with her arms. "Do you want to go home? I could drive you and we could stay quiet. but she missed her even when they were together. Rachel rounded her neck with her arms and stroked her hair. and Rachel bit her lip at the unusual distance. closer to becoming a fever with each passing minute. She hoped Rachel didn't remember her mother's schedule and realize it was a blatant lie. Rachel bit her lip. Rachel went to the kitchen to grab water bottles and Advil as Quinn went up to her room. and everything would go to shit." Quinn shrugged. Surely Quinn could feel and hear Rachel's heart beating strongly against her ear. and she pressed her cheek against the cold window to lessen the heat that accompanied her headache. let's go. otherwise Rachel would know something was wrong. what would she do. Rachel reflected on what to do. the door. she didn't know what to do with them. closed her eyes and tried to sleep. the physical pain in her chest. Once at Quinn's house. "Nothing. barely letting her keep her eyes open at school. "Does it hurt?" She asked softly as soon as they were alone in the classroom. she left a bottle on each side of the bed and bent over to take Quinn's shoes off.

"If it has to come down to hunting or killing sheep. But Rachel fought against her urge to go to their usual feeding spot. please. barely tickling the skin beneath her paws. Her slender. wheezing and looking straight to the sky. and once she figured the path the animal was sure to take. Quinn wasn't able to hold it in much longer. But it was the shaky breath she exhaled the one that woke Rachel up. rubbing their muzzles and licking their faces. Quinn watched her intently. The animal never had a chance. she sprinted forward. she was surprised that she didn't woke up as soon as the brunette left her arms. It was the first time they were able to be peaceful since the whole thing started. could she at least close her legs? Rachel grimaced and bit her lip. whatever sort of power Rachel had over her when they were wolves won. voice a little raspy. she could hear the leaves as they moved together against each other and Rachel's breathing next to her. she changed into the usual ruined clothes she wore in case she lost them and hastily left her house. "I'm going to the bag!" She screamed at the blonde's general direction. if only. they wouldn't be able to see anything if they were human. As if sensing her. Rachel closed her eyes again and nuzzled her nose against Quinn's palm. She was tying her shoelaces when she saw Quinn approaching. like a collective thought. Her breath hitched at the skin visible. the pain served as a distraction from her friend lying on the grass. They were standing and running to the line of trees in a second. using all of her willpower to look away. Her legs were shaky as she walked away. Rachel thought that everything between them was both natural and supernatural. inhaling her scent and wrapping her arms firmly around Rachel. They greeted as usual. see. It took Rachel longer than usual to find her wolf. but she still hadn't decided if it was better or worse. and Quinn was able to really appreciate the peace and quiet of the forest. It was the first time they woke up next to each other on a transformation day. hair blissfully obstructing her vision of the blonde next to her. and it was making her anxious. and finally feel asleep. listening intently to the movements. The way the grass felt under her body. Rachel a hair behind her. but their wolf senses were superior. pale fingers traced the bridge of the brunette's nose and her cheek bone. I think I prefer the latter. she had to get away from Quinn's naked body as fast as she could. God. as with everything else. and Rachel uncovered her face to see a naked Quinn running through the trees. She swore she felt her more and smelled her stronger on these days. "Oh. She decided it was both. It was a rumbling of leaves that came from afar. Even in the dark. Quinn opened her eyes to find Rachel asleep next to her. Quinn turned her head and immediately got to Rachel in a leap and a fast run. She tried to focus on the sound in order to stay calm and still. putting clothes on. something running against the wind. just inches away from her warm. but she relaxed. or probably smelling her. But finally. that they weren't going to find anything wild that night. Rachel jumped from the grass and flew to press her back against a tree. and they were almost sure. wrapping her in her arms tightly for a second as she hid her face against Quinn's chest. Rachel wasn't sure if she imagined a kiss to her neck or if it was really there. But then there Quinn was. soothing her. soft skin. her body almost trembling when she realized Rachel wasn't going to move and she tried to figure out whether to stay or go without her. still on each other's arms but now face to face. she could detect birds passing from one tree to the other. then breathed out heavily and huddled close to the blonde. but it was Rachel who detected the noise first. one arm around her chest and the other around her stomach. influenced by the feel of Quinn. but she kept her touch as soft as she could. Rachel hit her back against the tree and covered her face with her hands. God. and she lay next to her on the snow. down her jaw and the rim of her ear. She didn't know how much time they spent there." Quinn breathed out. Her hands were trembling. a rush cursing through her when she found her body obeying her orders and staying right where she stood. The next time she woke up. for her legs to jump on top of Quinn and cover her body. It would take just a second for her hand to travel down her body. smell and feel that much more." Rachel commented as they walked to the bus . and the improvement of her senses that allowed her to hear. For a second. She realized Rachel wouldn't have been able to stay even if she wanted to. please…" She whispered. specially next to Rachel's. Please. the warmth of her body. and Quinn looked straight to her eyes like a deer caught in headlights with her hand still on her ear. and she ducked her head. Getting up quickly. a long t-shit covering her mid-thigh. "Yeah. either because her scent improved or because Quinn's hormones were changing already. Rachel was gone. If the throbbing between her legs was any indication. The wood digging against her back and scratching her skin every time she exhaled a panting breath was oddly soothing. "Better?" She whispered against Quinn's hair. warm breath caressing her skin. the way the air rushed around them. but then her head was hurting like it was about to split in half. The winter night crept up upon the trees dark as a blanket.scent under her nose that kept her awake. her dark gold fur shining as a substitute for the Moon light that was barely visible in the darkest night Rachel had ever been under. bugs climbing plants or flying around her. Quinn bit her lip and buried her nose in soft brown locks. "A shirt!" Quinn screamed suddenly.

it's a matter of us. it was something else. "Isn't it a little hypocrite?" "It's not a matter of them." Quinn shrugged. and Rachel was already preparing herself for the pain of being alone. you're right. She had to break the silence.stop. as close as they could be with their arms and legs around each other. like every day lately. The rest of the walk was silent. but if it comes down to one thing or the other. what if we come across something bigger? Or something with friends?" "Okay. . Rachel knew her choice was the right one. "Hungry or sleepy?" The blonde asked as they stepped into her house. It was as close as she would ever get." "I still think we ought to control ourselves not to kill. but Quinn grabbed her hand to keep her from getting off on her stop. I'll go with safe choice. But if she had to choose… "Sleepy. a new third choice she would have to take care on her own." Quinn nodded." Once they were huddled under the covers. "Something could go wrong. The truth was neither. Rachel bit her lip.

She tried to ignore the almost physical pain of lying to Rachel and took a deep breath before answering. Mr. Rachel eyed her suspiciously a couple of times. Then there was only him and Quinn gaping at the door where Rachel had walked out from. and it seemed as if they had all it took to win this year. but it proved to be a difficult task. It could only be possessive and jealous. Everyone had to sit on the risers while he pointed out things he claimed couldn't notice when he had to watch everyone else as well. "It's part of the performance. tried to act normal around Rachel and tried not to act like she wanted to bite Finn's jugular. and no. "I believe that's enough for today. I have to look like he's the light of my life. A part of her believed it was a little of something else besides herself that felt possessive over Rachel. looking at each other with their arms helplessly hanging at their sides. And he isn't good enough for you. Quinn sat on the front row. but Quinn couldn't look away. "No. So it wasn't exactly a lie. How could she say that she was jealous and she wanted her friend all to herself? She couldn't. But she wasn't hard to find. But it was extremely hard to concentrate on singing and dancing and simultaneously trying not to send murderous glares to Finn. but it wasn't the complete truth either. I'm not in love with him. while he constantly touched Rachel and grabbed her by the wrist and waist. Schuester. She realized after every time that it only made her look guiltier of whatever was going through Rachel's mind. Schuester had finally managed to get a tentative set list with enough time to be practiced and perfected. then? If you don't want to be with him…" Quinn ignored the mad beating of her heart and the heat rising to her cheeks. No one else was paying attention since the beginning of rehearsal. Quinn knew it was all part of the choreography. Schuester decided on that class that only Rachel and Finn would practice. The blonde felt a normal kind of headache coming from watching them perform the same song for the third time in a row. Quinn tried not to let it show." Rachel stated with her hands on her hips. Santana on one side and an empty chair on the other. in search for Rachel. before giving him a curt nod and walking straight out of the room. Rachel shrugged. as if the brunette could read her mind. . I don't want him." "Why… are you so upset. Mr. where Rachel should be if she weren't parading around the room with Finn. "Do you want Finn again?" "Are you still in love with him?" "Of course not!" "You're the one that wants him!" They both stood perplexed. Schuester cleared his throat. She could practically see the cartoon version of herself blowing smoke out of her ears and shooting darts at Finn's stupid face. and Quinn felt the urge to look away. standing against the blonde's locker with a scowl and her arms crossed in front of her chest. Glee was a difficult affair as Quinn had to endure two and a half weeks of Rachel and Finn rehearsing a duet that had potential for the competition. I thought you…" "But you where… the way you looked at each other… and why would I want him?" Quinn scrunched up her nose in disgust. whilst Rachel kept her show face on perfectly. but her mind couldn't be objective. tell Rachel we'll have to rehearse that again on the next meeting. fine. "Whoa –"He didn't even try to finish the sentence as everyone stood up and started walking out of the room.*Chapter 12*: Untitled 11 Chapter Eleven. "Right… uh. "Okay…" Rachel began. Finn looked a little tired as well. Quinn. the prince that I always dreamed o –" "Okay! I get it. even if it felt like it had part of the fault. Mr. Mr." Quinn only nodded absentmindedly while she shouldered her bag and walked out of the Choir room. Objectively. "I just don't want you to get hurt. but she tried not to blame everything that happened and everything she felt on her condition." No one is.

Quinn was a curled figure on Rachel's side of the bed." Quinn nodded and moved back. was precious. "Bathroom." "Quinn! is rude to keep people waiting." Rachel shrugged meekly while Quinn rolled her eyes. she had all the love Rachel was able to give to her. beating so strongly she felt it could wake Quinn up. Rachel bit her lip and looked up before answering. by the look in her eyes. deep breath. anything to distract herself from the feeling of the length of Quinn's body pressed up against her." "We're going to be late!" "She can wait five minutes. Rach." "Okay. and she wanted to tear her brains off. her pelvis against her ass and Quinn's breasts pressed against her back. she burrowed under the covers with a shiver and Rachel tensed when she felt arms around her waist and Quinn's face hiding against her stomach. and good enough. She wanted to reach back and run her hands all over. It was an uncharacteristically warm night. school. It made the brunette's heart skip a beat. And even if it hurt. hug her tightly and stroke her hair and her skin and crawl inside her bones. sighing contently as she treaded her fingers softly in blonde hair. Rachel tried to think about Glee. and Rachel moved under the covers as well. and the warmth of Quinn's breath against her neck made her mouth dry. but Quinn smiled back with the knowledge that. Quinn thought she didn't believe her. hear every exhale and little whimper. and everything she gave. but the frown on Quinn's sleeping face was stronger than her will. turn there!" "Shi –shoot. hugging Rachel's pillow to her chest. Rachel breathed in deeply through her nose and tried to calm the maddening beating of her heart against her chest. go to the bathroom to press her forehead against the cold linoleum wall and slip a hand inside her underwear. showing her perfect row of teeth to Quinn. She took a deep. but the blankets were almost up to her neck and the heat emanating from her friend's body was making her sweat slightly. tracing her cheek with her index finger when the blonde didn't respond. you're going fast enough!" "Stop telling me how to drive. Quinn…" She whispered next to the blonde's face. "I can't promise you I won't ever be hurt. I already told you like. You know I feel the same for you. and her body nearly hummed from the energy that being so close to Quinn gave her and she wasn't using. too cold outside the bed and too hot inside the covers. "Hey. A second later. out of love. "You're on my side. She wanted to move her head and kiss Quinn –everywhere she could reach. Quinn wouldn't find out… "Where'd y'go?" She mumbled sleepily. but Rachel could feel everything. Eventually. She could feel the blonde's knees molded to the back of her thighs. just barely. Scoot over. But all she could do was clench her legs and bit her lip and beg for sleep to come and take her away from the torture." Rachel smiled widely. tingling kiss against Quinn's cheek. But then Rachel stood up on her toes. just to see what it felt like. even if Rachel would never love her as much as she loved Rachel. When she came back. okay…" "But don't speed. "Do you really promise we're going to try?" "I swear. honey. not taking her eyes out of the road. with the help of her right palm against the lockers. right?" Rachel smiled. and placed a soft. she really had no idea what those words really meant for Quinn." The frown banished from her friend's face as she sighed in her sleep. even if it's your Mom. The blonde shifted almost unperceptively. right below her cheekbone. her dog.Rachel smiled. allowing Rachel to climb in bed next to her. The room was too dark." "Just seven. everything Rachel had. though. It worked after a moment. she had no idea that she was unconsciously lying. Rachel's hands tingled from being kept still by sheer will power. the only solution was to take a deep breath full of Quinn's perfume. sedated but embarrassed. but it's incredible to know you care. forcing herself not to be aroused and instead feel the flutter in her chest that loved proximity and hugs and Quinn's warmth. it's distracting!" "I'm sorry. "Hey. . ten times. and for a second. She contemplated going to sleep downstairs on the couch." She said softly. Rachel was fully tempted to press her lips against Quinn's. and it also made her feel incredibly guilty about what she'd just done. "Thank you.

you're quite hard on the eyes yourself. the way her eyes pierced right through her. "You're pretty. inside and out. And maybe that's why she was so scared of letting her in." The brunette rolled her eyes. a little annoyed. low in their throats. "Bitch. Quinn wasn't sure what had changed. "I know. Whatever it was. for as long as she could remember. because it suddenly smelled different. lonely girl she was as a freshman that everything was going to finally be okay in time for senior year. which Rachel made incredibly hard by being so cute and pretty. running straight at her." Quinn laughed. Once her running stopped and she took some time to breathe properly." Rachel said softly. even as a wolf. And if the only thing that kept her life from being perfect was to have Rachel as a friend and not as something more. and the feelings she never wanted to acknowledge but were always there. School was going great. without giving in to pressure and status and petty high school drama. skating made her feel good. which always amused Quinn. That's why she was scared of losing her. She was terrified. "I'll go to the back seat. "I'm scared for you too. she had Glee and Rachel and she wished she could go back in time and tell the scared. "No when you put that face. I don't want you to ever get hurt. Rachel and her mother carried the conversation by themselves perfectly fine. but then she saw Rachel's expression and her features softened. They growled a little. but that didn't stop her from licking up Rachel's face and letting out a playful bark. all it took was a terrible accident and a life-long supernatural condition for her to realize what she needed. helped her through every full moon night and made her feel alive. "Well. . and the way her whining sounded. A bark left her throat before she could stop it. tilting her head to the side and opening her eyes wide while keeping her scary smile. Her life had been a mess for a long. it was good and it made her feel light and like everything smelled amazing. to get the courage to get what she needed. long time." Quinn grinned. once upon a time. Her wolf's smell kept getting stronger by the second as she approached and finally jumped and landed next to her. She was her best friend. so be it. hitting her ribs with her head and knocking her to the ground. and the distinctive sound of paws hitting the ground. thoughtful. she could hear the river flowing a couple of miles away. and it became sort of a ritual for them to pick her up and have lunch after. your mom's coming. in the back of her mind every time she fought with Rachel or heard her sing. Quinn was startled by the smell her wolf emitted. This was her life. a certain flutter she'd never felt before in her chest. hear the birds as they flew high above the trees."Oh. as they kept rolling around and jumping to knock each other to the ground. richer. But Rachel whined again." Rachel straightened herself and smiled wide. "Tell me an eighth time?" She asked bashfully. you're not. She'd finally found something she loved and was amazing at. and it was finally good. she kept her grounded. She trained her hears as she looked up at the wolf's dark haired face. "I promise to try my best not to hunt animals next week. followed by a whine as Rachel delivered a generous lick to the side of her muzzle. God. And sure." She took the brunette's hands between her own. "That's scary. stronger and sweeter. "I know. and Quinn remembered to deliver the well-deserved lick to the face before jumping up and knocking Rachel to the ground." Quinn was quiet during dinner. Quinn knew instantly that there would be no hunting this time. She quickly reached for one of Quinn's cheeks to rest her palm on while she kissed the other. I mean it. Her mother was going to AA meetings every week." "Language!" Quinn parked the car and looked to the door where her mom was supposed to be waiting. trying to keep her eyes on the road. it was liberating to finally have peace there. Rachel was the most incredible thing in her life. stop it!" "Aren't I beautiful enough for you?" Rachel faked-whined. okay?" She lowered her head to meet Rachel's eyes." Quinn repeated. and a part of her always knew Rachel would be the one to help her push through her walls and be okay again. Perhaps it was the wind or changes in its direction. The whooshing of the air hitting against her fur as she ran was as exhilarating as the smells around her everywhere she went. that. made her happy." The brunette rebutted with a raised eyebrow. but today it gave her a different kind of feeling. and it so happened to involve Rachel most of the times. She could be content with how it was now. but everything smelled that much better. "Hey.

When she called out to Quinn. For the first time in a long time. and it scares me. she had no idea. Chapter twelve. like a normal volume of sound. "It's nice to know that I don't have to keep my guard up all the time." Quinn didn't whisper. It seemed as if she was right next to it. For a few minutes. Rachel woke up and immediately jumped from the ground at the sound of the river. like people talking while they walked past her front door. "Are you ever going to speak?" Quinn's irritation leaked and so she took a deep breath. It was like Glee two years ago all over again." Rachel moved to her bed and sat down next to the blonde. they could be in the crowded halls without wincing and they didn't jump when someone near them spoke a little too loudly. and settled her left hand right in the middle of Quinn's chest. but Rachel heard her just fine from her spot against a tree. in the quiet. Walking through the trees. here's a new chapter a little longer than usual. climbing on the tree to get it was an easy affair. the TV from the house next door. Listening to the Glee Club sing wasn't the hardest thing to do. she could hear Quinn's breathing and heartbeat. Now she could hear and feel her heart. which made the screaming matches that followed a little harder to bear. People thought Rachel spoke a lot. lying down on the brunette's bed. except everyone was able to calm down quickly and no one made Rachel feel like crap just because. the loud sound of her voice made her wince. Once she got to the bag. or floating in it." Quinn whispered." Rachel didn't know what to say to that. she could hear the crushing of the leaves she stepped on and the little animals running around or climbing trees that she couldn't see. The birds where chirping too loudly. "Everything sounded so… clean last night. mindful to look elsewhere while her friend was topless. they went up to her room. without needing to speak and not being awkward or boring. and her heart was pounding in her ears. closed the binds. but sometimes I feel like I depend on you too much." Once they were at Rachel's house. windows and curtains and breathed a sigh of relief. "If you feel sometimes that I pull away. Quinn knew the difference between quiet Rachel and upset-quiet Rachel. "I thought we were done with the changes. "What do you mean?" "You always find what to do. Rachel was even more aware now of their flaws. but when she took in her surroundings. One of my favorites so far." Rachel turned to her side. seeking refuge in the soundproofed bliss of the auditorium. but almost no one knew that sometimes she could be extremely quiet. "Sorry. So she shrugged. After the first week. there was silence and the noises she normally heard as a background or didn't even notice." Quinn didn't open her eyes while she spoke. Quinn was thankful that Rachel was someone who she could be in silence with. the bugs buzzing madly. Quinn's breathing. the better she heard it. Thankfully the latter wasn't too recurrent. "Keep quiet…" She whispered. "Everything's so loud. "What's going on?" Quinn whispered. which more often than not was already occupied with Rachel. with only her bottom underwear and both hands covering her ears and a permanent grimace on her face. And it's surprisingly… liberating. too. "We should go. it actually felt great because. Quinn's heartbeat. closing her eyes. It was amazing. sometimes next to each other and sometimes in completely opposite ends of the seats. and the more seconds went by. I think we'll need some cotton for our ears. a car driving by. And their balance returned just in time before Rachel started pulling her hair out because she . how to act with this thing. damn they could sing. but Rachel could see the emotions written on her face. which was true. she couldn't even see it. that her hearing was sharp –extremely sharp." Rachel just nodded.*Chapter 13*: Untitled 12 As a sort of apology for the last chapter being a little shorter than usual." Rachel nodded. "And you'll start getting used to it. It's… just because… because you're too perfect. even with her hands and legs shaking. If she stayed still. Rachel immediately dug in the bag for a shirt and handed it to Quinn. but she realized. They sat there. don't think you've done something wrong. but Rachel's ears didn't hurt from the volume anymore. Quinn sometimes found herself a little dizzy from the noise in the hallways. Clear. once she heard the thump when it landed on the floor." Rachel lay down and rested her head on Quinn's shoulder. in the quiet. propping her head on her elbow. Rachel was putting on her sweatpants when Quinn arrived. Quinn's sigh… "You're so much better at this. running a hand through her hair and down her cheek.

" The blonde whispered against Rachel's ear. sure. "Slow down! Why are you so nervous? You've been practicing for months. she was friends with Santana. Berrys on the front and Rachel next to her. what if I pass out from the effort? What if I change ahead of time from the pressure? I swear I can feel my temples pounding. Rachel hugged them quickly before running to the dressing rooms. ASAP" She hadn't finished pulling back the curtain behind her when a pair of slim. and Rachel wasn't making any sense. But then… "Three minutes. muttering to herself and checking mental lists with her fingers. but Quinn wasn't upset because she knew how hard the brunette was practicing. I wish my head would stop hurting. she had tutored Finn in math and had two years of cheerleading practice with coach Sylvester. specially her role as Titania in her number of Midsummer Night's Dream." The blonde tensed at the traitorous nickname. All in all. a huge bag in between them. "I don't know why I'm so nervous. Once they got into the theatre. the brunette was calm. Quinn knew better than to speak. and Quinn waved at the girls she knew as they passed by them. strong arms wrapped themselves around her neck and pulled tight. you're not. Quinn wrapped her arms firmly around Rachel's waist. and yet Rachel was a terrifying little monkey. Oh God. You've got all the moves down. But finally. After ten minutes passed. but she did. what's wrong?" "I'm dying." Rachel's voice seemed calmer and Quinn chuckled. the only thing that bothered them was not being able to ignore Kurt and Mercedes gossiping in Glee. relieved it was almost over. "You think so?" "I've never seen anyone more graceful. pulling her up above the ground. and just when she was starting to think the lights would turn off at any second. and she really. stupid Mr. And the only thing stopping her from slapping Rachel all those previous days or shaking her today just to get a non-creepy reaction out of her were those pretty little outfits the brunette wore for practicing: tight tank-tops and sweatpants. "No. on the actual day of her recital. by the third week. her phone vibrated in her dress pocket with a message from Rachel –"Please come back stage. you're gonna be fine babe. no!" Rachel cried. leotards and tights. What's going on?" Quinn ran her palms down Rachel's hair and back as her friend kept her vice grip on her neck. everyone knew better than to make a noise. almost bending her back. or Santana and Brittany whispering blush-inducing things to each other during lunch when they thought they weren't paying attention. folding and unfolding her costume. and everyone was afraid of ruining it. she had even given birth. Quinn sat motionless on the back seat of the Berry car. . stretching and warming up and doing pirouettes and pliés and muttering about adagios and doing unstoppable fouettés and things even Quinn didn't understand. I've seen you. It was like the calm before the storm. Rachel wished she never heard some of the things they said to each other. "Trust me. Rachel! Hey. really didn't want to imagine those things about Quinn. For the past two days." Quinn smiled. Cute. but terrifying. the finale of her recital. all with matching panicking expressions on their faces. because they wouldn't leave her head at night. all the lights still on and workers finishing the stage. especially when it was about them. and ashamed her when she looked at her friend smiling softly at her when they slept over. a dreading sense of peace had washed over her. She had sat primly on the brunette's desk doing homework while Rachel screamed to her dads from the top of the stairs about ticket reservations and schedules and running around the house like a mad woman. everyone!" "Oh God. Schuester for taking us on that stupid trip! Stupid werew–" Quinn wasn't sure how she caught all that mumbling against her neck." The brunette muttered against her neck. Rachel missed almost all her skating classes. Rachel had been preparing her bag over and over. It mortified her. and Quinn was not ashamed to admit she was frightened. "Don't lie to me. the two Mr. Most of their time the following weeks was spent in the ballet studio –Quinn watching Rachel and her classmates rehearse over and over again. because Rachel had been running around in hysterics for the past two days and today. but Rachel pulled away and smiled widely. Yes. I've seen Brittany dance.couldn't practice for ballet. Quinn took her seat right in the middle of the second row while people started coming. "Ouch. I think it's making it worse. peaceful and polite.

" Rachel faked indifference like a true performer. "I know you don't like dead flowers…" Quinn began while Rachel took them."Okay. Rachel's dads were waiting for them at the front door with Rachel's bag and they walked towards the car to go to dinner. catching up to Quinn in a matter of seconds. Once they were at the Chinese restaurant. but Quinn didn't. Then." She bit the corner of her top lip. but she thought nothing of it." "Yes. "It's not real silk either… I-I know it's not vegan s–"An armful of Rachel Berry stopped her words. "I love you. nothing's going to attack us. crouching down and jumping to attack. She could see the glimmer in her eyes. Quinn smiled softly anyway. Rachel limited herself to a nod. she stopped and let out a terrifying growl. the way the corners of her mouth were always a little up in a small smile. They always tried to talk as little as possible about the alibi they used for their monthly disappearances for an entire day. It was like she could almost feel everything Rachel felt about the things she was passionate about. ears strained to Quinn's movements. The dark wolf emitted a long growl. It was in the back of her mind. The now familiar noises around her kept her alert. Rachel immediately stopped. "I believe you. The wind brought along a delicious yet familiar smell to their location. which the girls made sure never happened. she heard her jumping the fence. But Rachel was having none of it. and then proceeded to be in awe for the next two hours. signaling that she was starved." Quinn pulled away softly and grabbed Rachel's hand. And she knew Rachel's dads loved it too." Rachel blurted against her ear. For a few minutes. they're gorgeous. the sound of a heavy body hitting the ground as the sheep fell to the ." Quinn hurried down the stage steps and to her seat next to Leroy. we promise. moving her head a little to kiss Rachel's cheek." Of course. Quinn started panicking a little. Rachel's hairs stood on end all along her spine. Linton had his own supply of food and water and never went to the town if he could help it. its broad day light. then her Dad almost crushed her with a hug." Rachel traced her fingers down a petal of the silk roses. and what he said had worried both of the girl's parents after what had happened last year. and her father sighed. making the corners of her eyes smile too. who was standing a few feet away. I really don't think you should be going…" "Dad. but the distinctive sound of paws hitting the grass was non-existent. so no one would have a chance to ask him about Quinn and Rachel unless they drove to his house. Rachel waited patiently for her wolf in the middle of the clearing. The brunette was pressed up against her in every single place from their knees up. and the only answer she got was a whine from the back of her wolf's throat. Rachel's ears flattened to her head as she bore her teeth. She bit her lip as she slowly walked towards the blonde. and before she could put her arms around her. "I guess you're right. but hearing her speak non-stop about something she loved was the most amazing thing. As they ran along Mr. "I love them. Linton's shed. "Are you going to help Mr. next to the trees. Quinn produced a little bouquet of flowers from behind her back. Rachel stood on her spot. When almost an entire minute passed and Rachel didn't say anything. and she sprinted. She waited approximately an hour before succumbing to worry and impatience and running in search of her wolf. Perhaps Quinn wouldn't have been over-enthusiastic if Rachel hadn't found her running and ran along with her instead of stopping for greetings. She growled again while they ran. Mr. Three months ago he'd been on the news. her heart pounding in her chest. but the dark gold wolf growled once again before turning around and disappearing along the side of the building. "Has he caught that animal that was attacking his farm a few months ago? Because if he didn't. Quinn liked Rachel when they were quiet together. signaling for her wolf to stop –but she didn't. Didn't think it could possibly mean something. The Moon light shone on the top of the trees and on the water flowing down the river. Quinn's breath catched in her throat. and Quinn stopped abruptly. but you have to be careful. turned around. Linton with the sheep next week?" Hiram asked them while they were driving back to the Berry home. Once Rachel finished laughing and jumping with the other ballerinas. she ran to her Daddy's arms and he picked her up and spun her around. if the smiles they kept during the duration of dinner were any indication. almost forgetting by now that that was the exact same spot where they were attacked. "So I got those for you. wanting to come out of her throat or maybe from all her pores." "I'm glad you liked them. Rachel turned to Quinn. watching her with an expression the brunette couldn't really put a name on and her hands behind her back." The night was beautiful. Quinn watched Hiram chuckle before she buried her nose in her friend's hair and wrapped her arms around her. and growled right back. Rachel proceeded to tell them all about the backstage gossip and costume drama and she didn't stop talking for the three hours they were there. "You're the best friend I've ever had.

she guessed Dutch. Quinn's eyes seemed to be wild still. licking along her wolf's face and finding the wound to lick as well. before colliding with the man and sending him flying to the ground. didn't surpass the feeling of anxiety she felt for Quinn. pulled up and back. Rachel's legs wobbled and bended from the weight." Carefully. Quinn's raged breath stopped Rachel in her tracks. right behind her ear. curled up on herself. she slowly made her way down the hallway. There was what looked like a slave chain on her left foot. that sounded like Ms. Rachel ran to the back of the house and strained her ears. and a whine as a body collided with the floor. Once she got to the town. They walked for a while. Then there was a distinctive sound of someone dragging something very heavy. at her wolf. causing her wolf to fall to the ground. She was trying to take the halter quickly but softly when Quinn stirred and her eyes opened. unconscious. she heard them going back to bed. a trembling old man with a shotgun pointing at her. She'd heard Brittany's parents mumbles at night while they operated Quinn. The pounding of the black wolf's heart reached her ears and all her muscles tensed. almost falling. The golden wolf stood shakily on her legs for a few seconds before collapsing sideways into her wolf. so she gathered all her strength and fought back. but Rachel caught her by the neck. The pain on every single nerve ending of her being. almost broke her heart. please don't be scared. but she took a deep breath and stood up. in the same position she had fallen. while simultaneously shifting to the left. Rachel's legs carried them faster still. one of her front paws pressing on the doorbell. She whined. Her mind almost when blank with blinding rage as she leapt once. almost like a horse. Rachel was happy. Rachel let out a minute-long howl. and a bang. was a plaque that read: "Alexander Pierce –veterinarian. Right next to the door. Quinn jumped back from the table and flattened herself against the opposite wall. She went to the hook next to the door that held the keys. stopping every minute when Quinn slumped over Rachel and the black wolf helped her up by the neck. and whatever was inside her veins ran cold. a feeling of dread creeping up her spine the more she got away from the forest and the faster she went as her body got used to the weight. She went straight to the laundry room and put on a pair of Brittany's shorts and an old shirt she didn't think they would miss. Lima at night was dark and deserted. she closed her eyes and slipped in. The door opened. too. The road wasn't too far away from Mr. twice. afraid of what she would find. she was already running faster than she thought was possible. and found it was the hallway that led to the veterinary clinic. After a few tries and experimental moves. it imposed on all the other houses on the street. turning her face to lick up her wolf's face. She could smell the blood on her wolf's flesh. and for a second she thought she was having a seizure of some kind. She sunk her teeth onto Quinn's neck and pulled her up. anger creeping up her spine and running through her veins. and urged her to move along. For a second. but once they reached it. Rachel ran to the window once she saw a light on. the pressing of her skull against her brain. but her eyes were closed and her body felt heavier as she slumped unconscious against Rachel. whimpering slightly before growing silent. and it scared her. Rachel could feel them heating. one front and one back leg on each side. trembling. drying in her hair. The door to the room Quinn was in was locked with a chain lock. It went against all of her wolf instincts to turn away from the safety of the trees. After a lick to the face and another to her wound –answered by a week whimper from Quinn. The Pierce residence was grand and tall. Once she was able to stand up. Her muscles prepared for jumping but her instinct told her not to appear from the same side Quinn did. that she lived in a small town. and was greeted with a whine as scared eyes looked up at her. and an awkward looking dog-halter hanging from her neck. Rachel thought she looked like some kind of creepy fetish fantasy.grass." And a second one above it that read: "Daphne Jansen-Pierce –veterinarian. The sight of Quinn. bleeding herself dry. and so. and bounced her two back legs. Seconds later. but it went against the root of her core to lose Quinn. and she fell to the ground. and the door closed after a minute. and they hadn't woken up yet. and her jaw clenched before she sunk her teeth onto Quinn's neck once more. with one last look at Quinn. Rachel carefully opened the back door and slipped inside the kitchen. There was only one place on her mind. as if she were still a wolf. and the bad kind of people hid in dark bars and corners of alleys. She reached Quinn in the second that followed. Rachel let go of Quinn's neck and moved her body to the right. It was the first and only time Rachel didn't pass out when she changed back into her human form. probably for the first time. Linton's farm. twitching. She rounded the shed and poked her head to find her wolf lying on the ground. Rachel's muscles were hot and trembling. naked and fragile. But then her jaw clenched . Rachel stood on her back legs. But then there was a noise. Rachel got Quinn's body to be right on top of hers. As soon as she visualized it. her heart pounding painfully inside her chest and on her ears. The good kind of people slept soundly and warm at their houses. Her brain almost felt like it was pounding. and after two seconds. and she desperately tried to find the strength to concentrate on her wolf next to her. Rachel wasn't prepared for the shove that came next. Rachel began to walk slowly down the road. She could hear the mad pounding of her wolf's heart. Do you remember anything about what happened?" Rachel spoke from the ground. "Quinn. Rachel whined right back. tugged softly on Quinn's ear with her teeth. Rachel whined. a blur of two people in their pajamas carrying a stretcher with an injured wolf crossed the window before disappearing. Grabbing clothes for Quinn. eyes wide and chest heaving. above the door bell. and once she unlocked it and opened the door. Jansen-Pierce calling to her husband. closing the door behind her. sending her flying on top of her body. And she won. A growl ripped itself from the very back of her throat. It rang for an entire minute before she heard footsteps hurrying down the stairs. Keeping her hold on that spot on her wolf's neck. and she was running straight at it. Quinn's body slid to the right. and then proceeded to fumble with all of them until she found the one that opened the chain around Quinn's foot. she heard a scream in a language she didn't understand. sliding down her paw.

and the brunette dragged her body between her legs by wrapping her arms around her neck. From the outside. settling her body comfortably on Rachel's. sleepy voice." Rachel answered just as quietly. People walked down the street chatting and children played in their gardens and back yards. and her eyes filled with tears as her hand went to her ribs. Quinn sat up slowly and wrapped her arms around Rachel's waist. sitting with her back against the headboard. exposing her injury. snuggling to Rachel and sighing. The world went on." "I won't touch it. and the wind was gentle as it lightly blew their tussled hair. Rachel heard the noises Judy Fabray made as she woke up. Quinn raised her arm sleepily to touch her dampened cheek and shushed her. the blonde with one arm around Rachel's shoulders." Quinn mumbled with a small voice. had breakfast and then left for work. "Rach?" The brunette looked up to Quinn's face. She got under the covers as well. The sun got higher and higher in the sky as she watched it through the window." "Oh baby. "It doesn't hurt. violet line surrounded by purple. Rachel's mind became foggier." Rachel scrambled to her feet and rushed to the blonde. started their cars and drove off. Unexpectedly. four kisses to Quinn's cheek. shaking her head a little. She heard more noises as the neighbors around the Fabray house left their homes. She pressed one. softly wrapping her arms around her naked form. until she finally fell asleep. . The pavement under their bare feet was cold and oddly soothing." She whispered in a harsh. they probably looked like two drunken teenagers coming home from a party. Rachel bit her lip and nodded. they walked the five blocks to Quinn's house in silence under the pink sky. Mommies called them for lunch. Rachel didn't let go of the blonde until she sat her on the bed and gently pulled her down by the shoulders until her back was resting against the mattress. it was alive. sleeping soundly in her bed." Once they sneaked quietly out of the house. Then she kneeled next to her and pushed her shirt up. She wasn't entirely surprised to find it closed. Quinn's mom was home. Her eyes were wide. snuggling to her and falling asleep once Rachel had stopped crying.and unclenched. just as she started shivering. Quinn arched her back and then lifted her hips as Rachel drew back the covers. sweetie. to smell Quinn. a thick. After a while of staring out of the window to try to keep herself distracted. releasing all of the dread and anxiety and just pure terror she experienced that night. two. She needed to feel Quinn. but it only served to make her cry harder. "Can we sleep now?" They kept Brittany's clothes for sleeping." She mumbled. hiccupping and sobbing. three. With Quinn's facer buried in her chest. Her friend seemed to understand. "Please put these clothes on and let's go. took a shower. Rachel hid her face in her blonde locks and inhaled. innocent and full of tears. "Only if you touch it. Quinn did after less than a minute. then fluffed Quinn's pillow and kissed her forehead. and Quinn was sleeping quietly in her arms and against all of her. then mommies called them for a nap. but couldn't fall asleep. if the dark patches under their eyes were any indication. but they still climbed the stairs slowly and quietly to Quinn's room. hold her to know she was alright. then they played again. her eyes heavier. trying to comply. The woman next door watched the news in a TV that was probably next to her kitchen window because Rachel heard it clearly. Quinn's warmth washed over her. accompanied with a killer pout when she murmured "Ouch. before anyone wakes up. Rachel finally tangled a hand on blonde hair and let her tears fall freely. "You scared me so much. leaning against her. "Don't cry.

a scar within her she didn't think it could heal. more in love than she mistakenly thought she was before. She knew she would have lost herself if it wasn't for Rachel's support. it wasn't an excuse. her warm body around her arms. while Quinn stuffed as much toast as it fit inside her mouth and Rachel looked at the verge of tears. Quinn didn't know if it was chance. He described it as a dark-blonde female wolf with a bullet lodged in its rib area.] com / post / 11298784999 Amazing. Rachel and Quinn were having breakfast with Hiram when they saw the news." Rachel chimed in. Watching Rachel sleep made her feel all of those emotions. all because she had protected her. Quinn smiled. It was mostly a huge patch of purple skin. The first thing Quinn noticed was Rachel's stomach below her head. Rachel could have ended up hurt. too sleepy and too charmed to stop herself from leaning towards her friend and kissing her cheek. she was more lost and less stable. Rachel could have been shot or discovered as a wolf. they felt Hiram's gaze on them. Mr. that had helped her start to find herself. Pierce was telling the story about how his doorbell rang mysteriously in the middle of the night and his wife had found the injured wolf on their doorstep. almost covering her entire face with her mug of tea as she drank it. One of Rachel's legs was over both of Quinn's. There was little light coming in from the window. or if there was something wrong with her. a thick. "Girls. She'd been a little edgy the last week before the transformation. but she was too preoccupied with grabbing a fistful of blanket and hugging it to her body. I'm sure it's not the same –" "We don't think that. had always put up a brave front and had taken the insults and slushies to her advantage. it's nothing you should worry about. and Quinn had slid along with her. Quinn raised her eyebrows at her incredulously. Berry. "Still. Rach. Quinn could admit. but also anger. which were a lot numb. with two broken ribs and a serious bleeding. which hadn't served to keep her in control. The blonde fought the urge to groan when the pain in her legs made it impossible for her to keep the position any longer and she had to move. I hope you like it as much as I did and reblog it for her if you'd like! Chapter thirteen. Mr. She almost felt like crying for not having more time to consciously enjoy it. but when they woke up in the morning. Once the story was over. she'd been in a sour mood. She didn't know if it was because of whatever her friend was dreaming or if it was because she'd moved. using every negative thing to make her stronger. though of course hurt. Feeling drained but unable to sleep. taking little but confident steps. Darkness engulfed the entire room when she opened her eyes. Although I think most of you already saw it. Quinn made a decision. Rachel had slid down the bed sometime after she fell asleep. She knew that. and the brunette's arms wrapped around her shoulders. the most broken. how everything seemed to come almost as second nature to her. but Quinn's improved sight was enough for her to lift her shirt –after checking that Rachel was asleep– and inspect her wound. Quinn came face to face with the frown between the brunette's eyes. short line for a scar from where the bullet had entered." She mumbled. Rachel's dreamy. "Er – well…" Hiram seemed a little confused. The involuntary pout would have made her blush if Rachel had seen it blossom. like a raw version of what she used to feel. all because of Quinn's inability to control herself and her stupid impulses. Anger at herself. That night she'd been hungry. The story about the mysterious bullet-wounded wolf was in the morning news on Thursday. that she was vulnerable. Quinn sighed. sighed 'Quinn' sent crows to bat away in her stomach. It wasn't anger against the brunette. happiness. a little like he wasn't sure if he believed them. it had vanished into thin air. that everything that'd happened to her during her life had left a permanent mark unable to erase. He and his wife had taken care of it by taking out the bullet and applying stitches. Sometimes she hated how much more in control Rachel was. at least to herself and perhaps to Rachel to some extent. He went stiff as he listened to the story intently. love.*Chapter 14*: Untitled 13 Have a look at what my friend Laura did: lrbcn [. Being a werewolf gave her an even bigger emotional instability. the headaches had hurt a lot more. That's why she was angrier when she was angry." Quinn said a little too brightly." . Slowly raising her body above Rachel's with her arms. because she'd put Rachel in a dangerous situation that could have ended a lot worse. she was the weakest of them. The blonde's right foot hooked around one of Rachel's. Quinn left the bed to stand in front of her full length mirror. "Maybe it was just a big dog or –" "Or maybe they have a gas fluke. physical proof that they hadn't gone mad. He said no one was around and there were no signs of how it got there.] tumblr [. While Rachel. lifting her hips and moving away from the warmth. Inside a little bag he had the bullet. and running with Rachel had sent a thrill to every nerve end in her body. "Sorry. perhaps because emotions felt stronger. and Rachel had been in pain as well. happier when she was happy. Still. even if it didn't seem like it. but against herself.

Rachel hid her face in her hands. so used to Rachel and Quinn being close it was no novelty anymore. Even if they still gossiped about them. Quinn could've kissed her. Santana tried to scare them away. I promise I'll make it better. Are you better now?" Quinn's hands moved to wipe away the tear tracks on Rachel's cheeks."We don't. no more bruise or pain. Martinez had his eyebrows raised at them. Quinn. "It's been three weeks. "I'm okay now. "We've been there lots of times. don't climb the stairs like that!" was muffled by both of their giggles. "I'm so sorry. but all I could think about was h-how to get there f-fasted and –and – what would I do? I can't lose you. And in less than two weeks. I can barely see the wound by now. Everyone was asking Brittany lots of questions at school. I know it was scary. knowing that if I just stopped running for a second and think. just a scar. the scar was clear almost right below her left breast. or having Puck throw him in ." Rachel wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck again and tightened her grip with her legs. Needless to say. you couldn't have known –" "Okay. Don't blame yourself. and the only thing she knew was that the wolf must have been cold. But I'm okay now." Rachel's voice was sweet and soft when she looked at Quinn in the eyes. ignoring the clutching in her heart that had her brain on a blank page. she had been the reckless one. "I thought I'd lost you! You were bleeding and whimpering and you were so –so helpless. fine. Yet. and certainly nothing to fuss so much about." Rachel mumbled helplessly against her hands." Quinn whispered as close to the brunette's ear as she could get. but it's over. I'm okay. Rach. red puffy eyes that shone with tears and tear tracks on her cheeks. Fabray?" Mr. "Come on. Rachel lifted her head abruptly and looked at her. I could control my –" "But it wasn't even a dangerous situation. It was all her fault. Her lips quivered and her brow was furrowed." That wasn't entirely true. Even the authorities. I'm better. It could have been me that –" "Don't say that. but they were so curious they forgot they were supposed to be afraid of her. Some of their classmates rolled their eyes. She was contemplating punching his face. because it took clothes from her laundry room. Okay. so many at the same time that she got quite confused in less than a minute. they got bored of that fantasy story really fast." Rachel's raspy voice was muffled against the blonde's chest. rubbing soothing wide circles. "It was all my fault. a science tube precariously dangling from his trembling right hand." Quinn spat. I can't –" Quinn regained her senses on that moment. resting a hand over one of Rachel's." Hiram's scream of: "Girls. "Stop worrying. Rachel. "I'm sorry. both fresh and slightly dry. sweetie. "Nothing. it's just… you know. really. I don't know how I got the strength to carry you all the way to Brittany's home. they acted like they didn't care. "Are you sure you're okay? Not dizzy or in pain?" Rachel whispered for the tenth time that day. But it was that." Quinn placed her hand on the brunette's back. "Now take me to my room so I can change. Please –" "Oh. "Yes. sobbing. "It wasn't your fault. letting her impulses take the lead when she knew it was the last thing she had to do as a wolf." Quinn said comfortingly. Her expression was as broken as Quinn had ever seen her." "But it's true." "But I went there. She stood up from the stool and wrapped Rachel in her arms. Quinn. Brittany kept telling that she was asleep and saw nothing of what happened. Quinn hoped it was the truth. and… who knows? Maybe we would have gone there later." Quinn answered with a smile when she saw Rachel still hadn't got a grip on her tears. Rachel. The brunette immediately rounded Quinn with her arms around her neck and her legs around her waist. but she knew that Jewfro still stalked them around Lima at least once a week. "Didn't catch that. everyone had forgotten about it. Once he left the kitchen." Quinn assured her. a side smile on her face. "Care to share something with the class." Rachel blushed. or next month… there's no telling what could have happened. making her smile. it barely hurts. Ms. Her heart was beating madly inside her chest and on her throat because she couldn't find any words to soothe her friend.

amused. both of their bags on her shoulder." The evening with Santana turned out to be a fiasco. Without Brittany.the dumpsters a couple of times until he got that he had to back off. "Jesus. what was so interesting in Rachel and Quinn going to the park? They were fools. there was no filter to the hoard of nastiness coming out from Santana's mouth. Quinn. "Don't make comments like that." "Brittany's mad at her. "Why? She's been a bitch just now before I left her. the most comments he got on his blog were on the stories about them." Quinn growled right in Santana's face before walking away to catch up with Rachel." The brunette commented. I vote for you to come to my place. "Get a room!" Some hockey guy yelled at them as they passed. Rachel a few seconds after her. "She'll get tired when she sees we're not paying attention to her. and with their fight putting their friend in a sour mood." "None taken. we'll have to stay away from them for a week once they make up. Getting up from their seats." Quinn growled. In the end." The Latina rolled her eyes at her annoyance that Rachel wasn't playing her game. I'm not so sure. "Sorry. "Be nice. Quinn refused to put up with her any longer and fled the room. She hadn't been paying attention to a word Santana said. "You haven't been paying attention.. this time with force. and she wasn't sure how the tiny brunette wasn't falling to the side. "We should give Santana a break once we're at her house." She rolled her eyes. "Are you even listening to me. got distracted. and while Quinn would've been pleased with the attention a couple of years ago." Rachel pursed her lips.. sorry… what?" Santana made a face while Rachel shook her head. "Whatever. "Looks like you got her trained good." Rachel chided her with no real force. Quinn sniggered." Quinn squeezed her hand. "You know how they get. "If we have to get that assignment done. "Hey Whipped." Quinn rolled her eyes sarcastically. Rachel rested her hands on the blonde's arms. It was one of his favorite hobbies. and headed towards her car. and to anything that had happened on Glee. crossed against her chest. . "We'll follow you." Rachel shook her head while she put both of their bags in the trunk of Quinn's car. Quinn turned to Rachel to find her already walking out of the Choir room. "I swear I'm going to punch her today. I hate your houses. okay. making the brunette smile." Rachel hugged Quinn's waist to keep her from answering and gently pushed her to the driver's door. not before telling Santana that the assignment wasn't over. I would have clawed her eyes out. Streisand." "Are you sure it doesn't –" "I'm sure. no offence." Santana sniggered." She scolded with her finger pointing at the blonde's face. Really. her bag was full of books she was taking home for homework." "So let's get our revenge in advance and not give in to her stupid moods now!" "No. "Get a toothbrush!" Rachel yelled without turning around. Santana. She took one of the bags from the brunette's shoulder and grabbed her hand while they walked. it just served to irritate her already fragile mood now. Q?" "Um. Quinn stretched her arms as if to stop her. But it wouldn't be easy to dissuade him. it seemed. Rach. hitting her back against her car." "Yeah. "If this had happened a year ago." Quinn growled once Rachel got in." She muttered.

She pulled back after a minute. "I don't know. even for a little while because they had ballet. "Put yourself in her place. okay? It's no use. Quinn leaned forward. it'll happen again." Quinn couldn't help but burst out." She reached back for Rachel's bag and handed it to her. you know. Quinn. Damn. "I know." Rachel handed it back. turning it in all directions. "We'll go to Santana's after school tomorrow. "Did you just use a lot of force?" The brunette frowned as she stared at the plastic intently. Quinn made a non-committed sound." Quinn broke the silence when they were almost at the Berry home." "There's nothing wrong with you. it will at its own time. allowing the brunette to uncross her arms and wrapping them around her waist. The blonde's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as the stared at the piece of plastic with her finger's indentations. "See you in the morning. "A bit too forcefully." Quinn sighed. Rachel nodded. The brunette gasped as she stared at the handle Quinn passed to her. "It has to be related to our condition." Rachel smiled. Quinn. but the handle stayed the same when she opened her hand. "Squeeze it as hard as you can." "I'd like that very much. This day would turn out not to be good. and turned sideways to put on her seatbelt. okay?" Rachel lowered her head to meet hazel eyes with her own. and don't forget about those vegan muffins you promised daddy for breakfast. . because of Santana." Rachel grinned and leaned forwards to kiss Quinn's cheek. and then cracked. "Take you home?" Rachel nodded and headed towards the passenger seat. maybe. Quinn opened her car door a little too forcefully and the plastic of the handle made a nasty noise. "It can't be a coincidence." Quinn did as she was told. It's not such a big deal." She said. You know. "Please promise to be tolerant?" Rachel pleaded as they once again followed Santana back to her house. it was that I didn't believed in coincidences about this. if you were fighting with your boyfriend –" Quinn felt a sting in her chest at those words. resting her head against Rachel's chest and feeling her heartbeat. take a deep breath. She took a deep breath and let it out as a sigh when the brunette's hands ran down her hair to her back. It was even worse when she realized they had to go over to Santana's again after school. and no answers. I was just… I'm just mad. "Okay. "Look what I just did!" She shrieked at Rachel. trying to make her heart match the soothing sound of Rachel's own. as if Quinn's answer had been of any use." "I won't. "Please don't dwell on it." Quinn scowled. If it has something to do with our wolves."Calm down. "But I don't think we can hurry this. my mom's going to kill me." "Here." "If there's something I decided when I realized something was wrong with me. "I just… pulled. but she still couldn't help over-analyzing the moment. what she was feeling. Quinn nodded reluctantly. then I'll take you to ballet if you'd like. "We'll just see. just confused and maybe a little freaked out. What she'd been thinking. Whatever has to happen. "What did you do?" She asked in awe. which in turn made her really grumpy the next day. what exactly were her movements… in the end. thank you." "If she ever calls you a name again I'll –" "I'll defend myself. With a scowl. all she got was very little and bad sleep." "And Quinn?" Rachel bent over to look at the blonde through the driver's window." Except Quinn wasn't mad anymore." Quinn decided to follow Rachel's advice.

so close to the full moon. And her anger couldn't let her think properly. that was not the way she was planning to say it. perhaps we should arrange another meeting when we're –" "Twice is enough for me. anger and frustration fighting for dominance on her face. She nodded curtly and turned around from a scowling Santana and retreated to the kitchen with a hand on the small of Rachel's back. That's why what happened last month happened. I don't know… you're just… you know what you're doing. Rachel filled a glass with tap water and outstretched her hand to Quinn. "Rachel…" "What are you talking about. it seemed almost impossible to dodge it now. somehow making herself heard through the blonde's loud outrage and resting a hand on her friend's shoulder." Rachel stated calmly. "Just pick a damn song. but the blonde stood against the kitchen island with her arms crossed in front of her chest."I don't have a boyfriend. as if she did understand but hoped she heard wrong. I would not take it out on my supposed friends!" Perhaps that could have been her in the past. it wasn't going to be easy. Her eyes immediately shut tight." Quinn answered grumpily. and –" "Could you at least be nice for a change?" Quinn nearly shouted as she stood up from her chair. yes?" Quinn calmed down to a glare upon having physical contact with Rachel. I think I need to find a way to keep myself under control before I expose you to that sort of thing again –" "You're being ridi –" "I'm not! I can't go out with you like that." She huffed." Quinn blurted. although I appreciate the sentiment. that this day would not turn out good. She knew. She'd been avoiding that subject with Rachel all month. I don't know why they're so strong. "Perhaps it's best if we go to the kitchen and get some water. Rachel sighed. Quinn?" The blonde sighed. to respond. and I don't. so… so carelessly. "I've been having strong one's today. "Strong headaches today?" "No. Santana sat on her dining room table with her arms crossed in front of her chest and an annoyed expression that matched Quinn's. and it's only the second day. and risking you to rescue me if I do something stupid again!" "And you think being away from you it's going to be better?" Rachel seemed to be fighting hard to keep her voice down. Quinn. but didn't answer. "Quinn? Are you listening to me?" "Sorry… What?" "I said we have to watch each other this time and see if there's anything odd going on –" "I'm not going with you. "Look. "I'm defending you. The brunette sighed and sipped the water. "Although last month's were particularly strong as well." She mumbled almost to herself. Rachel! I'm tired of her nicknames and her pathetic sulk–" "I can defend myself. you can just rest there –" "Just rest there?" Rachel's face seemed to be contorted in a mixture of outrage and disbelief. "What?" Rachel seemed confused. "We're putting up with your stupid sh–" "Quinn!" Rachel stood up and nearly ran to her side. from that moment. "If you're not willing to cooperate. Smurfette. although not as heartfelt as Rachel's. I just think… I think I've fallen behind. finding a way to tell Rachel what she'd been meaning to tell her all month and delaying because of fear. "We can't work like this. "Just imagine for a second . but certainly not now. and if I had and we were fighting. Do you think it means something?" Quinn was too busy. Quinn's face was red and her hands balled into fists were trembling. "You think I'll be relaxed and alert if you're not next to me? If I don't know where you are?" "You'll be okay. but her voice had raised an octave." Santana grumbled.

"What the fuck did you do?" Came Santana's voice from the kitchen door." Quinn said softly. opening the water. "I'm not going to change my mind. Quinn hurriedly gripped her wrist and took her to the sink." Quinn lied solemnly. Definitely not a good day. the squeeze in her heart at the thought of it made it incredibly hard to breathe. "Do you have bandages?" "Yeah…" She heard Santana leave and brought Rachel's hand under the water once more before carefully drying it with a cloth. not caring about language for the first time. not turning around and batting Rachel's other hand away as she carefully extracted the glass from between the brunette's thumb and index finger. Santana nodded. "Are we going to talk about this?" Rachel spoke to Quinn's profile as she drove." Quinn pinched the bridge of her nose. or what I'm doing or if maybe I'm hurt and you… and you're just resting there. "She accidentally dropped the glass. still a little confused and perhaps a little sorry for her actions. This was raw human emotion and wolf instinct at the same time. "I don't care about me!" Rachel cried. she turned to Santana. "I think we should leave. "I just know you'll be okay…" She said lowly. Rachel's sharp turn of her head to look through the window told Quinn she was right before. "Shit. She didn't need to imagine. and suddenly there was a sound of broken glass and water splashing against the floor. Santana. Once the hand was properly bandaged.that I'm on the woods alone and you don't know where I am. . clutching her heart in a vice grip." She whispered. Rachel looked down in disbelief at the bits of broken glass in her palm." She said dryly. stained with blood. as if trying to convince herself as well.

dread creeping up her spine as the memories of two full moons' ago flooded through her mind. It had been forty minutes. because she couldn't take her friend's silence and she certainly couldn't stand another transformation alone. "Okay. she rang the doorbell. . She was strong set on pushing through her fear though. "See you at eight. listening intently to the sounds of the woods. because that's just the way she was. She had curled up under a tree. had howled until Quinn thought her ears would bleed. The problem was. Rachel wouldn't take her calls or answer her messages. She wasn't in the mood to deal with Santana. and she didn't think she could do it again. and instead began walking back to the clearing and curled up on the ground where she could still faintly smell Rachel's wolf scent. and Rachel never passed out on opportunities to help the other Glee club singers or give voice lessons. Quinn stood. But still. having been ignored since she dropped the brunette at ballet class after their last time at Santana's. more than restraining herself from hunting or from jumping her friend when they woke up after a hunt. She didn't want to go in there. Brittany's request. her trembling hands were cold and her heart pounded strongly inside her chest along with her head. She knew the brunette probably wanted nothing to do with her right now. Taking a deep breath. How is her hand?" Quinn merely shrugged. Kurt was on a date and Rachel had no one to hang out with. Sounds good?" "I don't know. just where she was waiting for her. She didn't give up in calling her three times a day and texting various versions of a heartfelt apology every night. standing in front of her with her hands on her hips. her back against a tree. The blonde hadn't been expecting anything else. She had to apologize. "Did you get that stick out of your ass?" "Yeah. didn't call her to join a ballet lesson… Quinn didn't want to smother her." Because she still wanted to be the last one saying goodnight to her. "So it's Rachel now?" Quinn retorted bitterly. but after hearing her howling all night. and fast. Rachel. But a second later her eyes were hardening and she walked straight past Quinn and to the road. because she knew Rachel wouldn't enjoy any of that. watching the animals scurry through the dark of the night and listening to any approaching pounding footsteps. she had been fighting against her most powerful instinct –protecting Rachel– every second of the night. Rachel wouldn't speak to her at school. stop the pity party. me and BritBrit tonight at my house. because Rachel hadn't spoken to her in two weeks. though shocking. didn't show at skating lessons that week. She didn't want to tell Santana she couldn't possibly know. The brunette's eyes widened when she saw her. And Rachel. "Okay. The wind was strong and it kept blowing her hair to her face. She decided to let the brunette take the bus alone. She knew Rachel was okay. and didn't want to ring the doorbell her paw had ringed. it was impossible for Quinn not to be shaken. Finally. and no less than a minute later. didn't want to see the window in which she'd sneaked in to wake Quinn. and that was the only thing that kept her from running to her as fast as she could. not too far away from her. something akin to relief as her shoulders sagged and her chest lowered with the force of her sigh. it was better than to stay home alone watching personal favorites of Rachel's old MySpace videos. She ended every one of them with a "Good night. Besides." Quinn looked away from staring at Rachel's back in homeroom and looked up at Santana. It had been the most difficult thing she'd ever done." "Come on. you can do one night with us now you're not superglued to Rachel anymore. the door burst open and Rachel was mildly shocked when she saw Brittany grinning widely at her with a top hat on. Santana sighed. though." Rachel stood a block away from Brittany's home. but she knew she'd go to her house anyway. she heard Rachel's distinctive footsteps walking along the path to the road. didn't want to invade the privacy of her home." Santana huffed. Brittany had asked for help perfecting her part in their upcoming group song for Nationals. hadn't been bad received.*Chapter 15*: Untitled 14 Chapter fourteen. How about a peace offering? You. yet she refused to go without at least seeing Rachel. sorry about that.

"Oh! Wizard was just really cold and shivery. "I'm sorry. whipping her face with the back of her hands. but not even singing could keep her mind full off the thoughts of what had happened in the house before. Never would she have expected that. "Oh. was a tiny black kitten. seemingly forgetting about her hat until she almost bowed her head to look at her clothes and gasped at the last second. Like a wizard suit. holding her stomach with one hand and covering her mouth with the other. On top of her head. Rachel smiled. join the party!" . on both sides of the kitten were two patches of white hair that indeed looked like quarter moons. "I didn't know you don't like kittens! I'm sorry I made you even more sad!" Rachel hiccupped." Brittany patted her girlfriend on the head. "Yeah. Why did you name him that?" "His white hair looks like moons." "Hey!" The Latina screamed indignantly. without really knowing how it happened." Quinn mumbled. Have fun with us!" "I hate you. She followed the blonde to the living room and sat on the couch. Santana's just jealous that you're super close with Rachel now and you don't pay attention to her." "Guys. "Um… what are you wearing?" The blonde furrowed her eyebrows. and since San told me she would take care of her I decided to invite you to my house to sing. don't cry. "He didn't. "Yeah. Quinn just went bright red and grabbed the now warm screwdriver Santana made for her over an hour ago." She stated. don't fight! San. "Quinn. She was half distracted when they started doing scales. Rachel snorted before releasing a loud belly laugh. you could use a drink." Rachel was almost afraid to ask. "Fuck you." Rachel chuckled. "He likes to sleep on my head. "Since singing isn't making you happy do you maybe want a ham sandwich?" "No. I do like cats. We could just watch TV. Rachel!" Brittany took the kitty out of her head carefully and placed him on the brunette's lap before wrapping her arms securely around her." Rachel smiled faintly." Rachel said politely. Rachel couldn't help herself anymore." Brittany immediately grabbed the remote and set the TV to Disney channel. Q's just sad because she isn't with Rachel. he's cute. She tried so hard to keep her laughter in that her chest hurt and her eyes watered. "What –who is… exactly… Wizard?" Brittany giggled before carefully taking off her hat. and in a second. curled up into a ball. "Cheer up. "What do you mean." Quinn said for the tenth time that night as her friend made yet another screwdriver and handed it to Brittany. Once they ran through Brittany's part of the song for the first time. Q-Q!" Brittany giggled as she dropped herself on Santana's lap. Brit. and Quinn was sad. sadder?" "You were sad. bitch. "Hi Brittany. "Santana. tracing the little cat's ears and nose with her index finger. it's a school night. I'm sorry if Wizard ruined it. because I know singing makes you happy. trying hard not to stare in the direction of the white hallway. holding the hat to her head. Quinn grimaced at the nickname. Rachel was crying instead. thanks Brit. Maybe the blonde's crazy could keep her mind off of other things."Hi Rachel!" She exclaimed as she grabbed the brunette's hand and dragged her in." She assured her.

"Hey. Quinn!" Brittany said happily. that's what Finn always did –" "I'm not Finn!" Quinn sat up abruptly." Quinn grinned." Brittany stated from her spot upside-down on the loveseat. Santana slapped her hand on her face. Quinn. her eyes full of tears." "Oh. just sing her a song or something. too! And she can sing. alarmed. you have to come. right S?" "Whatever. and she smiles… have you seen her smile?" Quinn seemed very somber all of the sudden. like. I'll hit you if you do. "Is it my perfume or something? I made Rachel cry today. I'm sure it can wait for when the sun's out. "What the –look Q. "It's just Rachel's very… um." "San!" Brittany scolded her girlfriend as she patted her hand on Quinn's hair. She had wrapped her arms around Santana's neck from behind. now." "Haven't you seen her?" Quinn threw her hands up in the air and Santana sighed in relief. "Vegan non dead flowers are expensive!" Quinn wailed. "I haven't in a while. and started crying again. you're pretty. Stupid vodka. "Hello to you too. I mean… it's just that I…" "You're in loooooove with her. resting both of her hands on Brittany's cheeks." Quinn pouted at Brittany. Brittany joining her on the other side. I miss the dimple." Santana mumbled as she kneeled at the side of Quinn's head. "Was it small and pretty or big with the dimple? Man. and dance."I'm sorry you're jealous. the back of the couch between them. "Stupid and early arriving?" Santana added. grinning. "Look. "She smiled with me today. "She did?" Quinn tumbled over to her friend and kneeled in front of her head." But at hearing that Rachel had cried. too. "I wish I could make her smile. Quinn is drunk and hasn't stopped crying for over an hour and my head is really hurting and I might just slit her throat if you don't come here and shut her the hell up. hitting her palms on the floor. "She's smart." Brittany drawled. "Mierda. I really can't tell you. "Maybe that's why she doesn't –why I'm not…" "Tall and ugly?" Brittany suggested. Quinn laughed a little through her sobs." "You smell great. Santana. don't be mad. too." ." She added softly. BritBrit. Rachel sleepily groped for her phone under her pillow and sheets." She sighed. "Don't cry." Quinn slurred two hours and five screwdriver's later. what's wrong?" "I w-wish she c-could forgi-ive me!" "Have you tried with flowers?" Brittany asked hopefully. she's got… you know. "Don't cry. Streisand. "So you're dumping your friends over a pretty chick?" Santana crossed her arms in front of her chest. really crying. and was nearly chocking her friend. "Yes. "No!" Quinn sniffed. She had fallen asleep stupidly waiting for an apology slash goodnight text from Quinn that never came. "She's pretty. Quinn!" The blonde said. "Why on Earth are you calling me at three in the morning?" She grumbled." "I'm not going to your house now. She squinted at the bright screen with Santana's name on it." "Yeah. "No. "Hey!" Quinn narrowed her eyes." She finished in a whisper. Quinn had thrown herself to the floor on her back and covered her face with her hands. but you can see everything else. "She's just so… she's so…" "She's hot." Santana muttered. right?" "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Rachel had gotten out of bed at the word drunk and was already down the stairs when Santana finished her sentence. Driving was a definite no with her mild state of unconsciousness, so she ran the blocks to Santana's house. Her feet felt as if they barely touched the pavement and the speed was blowing her hair back, making the cold night air wake her a little more. She was there in less than five minutes and Santana was already outside her door, a cigarette in her hand. Rachel wasn't out of breath when she stopped in front of her. "She's upstairs with Brit, second door to the left." Rachel nodded and entered the house, running up the stairs and stopping at the door. She heard a muffled voice talking and sniffs. Biting her lip, she turned the doorknob and slowly opened the door. Both girls looked up when she didn't make a sound. Quinn's eyes were red and puffy; her cheeks entirely wet and slightly flushed like the tip of her nose. Her hair was disheveled on the sides, as if she'd been running her hands through it, and her expression turned alarmed when she saw the brunette. "Rachel." She whispered so lowly that only they could hear. Her lower lip started trembling again. "Don't cry again, Quinn." Brittany sounded devastated. "It's okay, Brittany. Santana's outside, why don't you go with her?" The blonde nodded and stood up, placing a soft kiss on top of Quinn's head before heading towards the door. "Be nice." She warned Rachel before closing the door behind her. "I'm sorry they called you." Quinn said quietly. "I swear I didn't tell them to." Rachel moved to Santana's bed and sat down, looking at her hands. "Rach, can I… talk? And maybe you'll listen?" The brunette nodded and Quinn sighed in relief. "I'm really sorry about what I did, but… but I needed it. I was so scared of anything happening to you because of me. And it might have seemed pointless to you, but I felt like… like I needed to be more in control, and when I'm with you, it's amazing, and I feel like I make progress all the time, but it's also… it's distracting. I'm just so happy that sometimes I can't control myself, and I couldn't have that happening again." "You don't seem so drunk." Rachel furrowed her eyebrows. "I might have… vomited. But I swear I brushed my teeth!" The hint of a smile appeared on the brunette's face, and Quinn hurried to finish before what was left of the alcohol made her stupid with giddiness. "I heard you all night, and it was so difficult to just… do nothing. But I knew you were okay, that was the only reason I didn't go with you. And I think… I used all my self-control to restrain myself; I really don't think there's anything else I could do to improve it. Besides… I don't think I could take another night like that." Quinn breathed deeply, biting her lip. "I miss you." When Brittany and Santana went back to the room to make sure they hadn't killed each other, and perhaps hoping to catch them making out, they took one look at the bed and couldn't really say where one ended and the other began, tangled with each other in their sleep. They decided it was just as good as catching them getting their mack on. The night on Friday was clear, no clouds and no wind. The air was still, the woods were quiet, and the only thing making contrast were two wolves running, trying to catch each other between growls, barks and whines. Some animals hid from them, others observed them from the top of threes or the safety of burrows. Rachel sometimes wondered if animals could sense they were something else, not entirely wolfs. Sometimes she wondered, too, if her dog could tell she wasn't entirely human anymore. Right now, though, all she could think about was if everything could be this perfect forever. Her clouded mind didn't allow for such complex thoughts in a state like this, surrendering herself to Quinn because, surprisingly, she was tired of running. Quinn leaped on top of her to deliver a generous lick to her face, whining when all Rachel did was stay still. She could almost hear Quinn saying "It's not fun if you play dead." So she decided to stop with the human thinking and give the wolf instinct a chance to come out again, because she had plenty of time to worry later, but not enough wolf time to enjoy with Quinn. After all, they had to make up for last time. Several animals passed nearby them, they could smell some others hidden not too deep beneath the earth, and they could sense when they flew low on top of their heads, but both of them were too preoccupied with each other. Having already tested speed –three times faster in getting from the clearing to the edge of the road and back– Quinn was anxious to test the strength they showed signs of improving in the last month; Rachel more so than her, what with carrying Quinn all the way to Brittany's house. They had tried to find a reason behind their improvements, the cause of their strength showing itself at its highest. Rachel had been able to develop it when the threat to Quinn's life had made her feel determined to save her at whatever costs, and Quinn's showed itself when she was frustrated and angry when trying to

defend Rachel. It was no surprise now that their bond had been the cause of it, their strongest will of all –defend and protect each other. Rachel had refused to test their strength by hunting, which Quinn didn't bargain because she was still letting Rachel do whatever she wanted out of the happiness of being with the brunette again. In the end, they hadn't decided on anything in a week, and the one that followed the strong headaches had made it impossible. Quinn had to miss skating and Rachel couldn't go to ballet, the headaches so strong they were starting to mess with their balance. Rachel guessed their bodies were still trying to get used to the new changes, and the headaches resembled the ones they got when they first started transforming every month. But the night was far too perfect to be spent thinking, Quinn decided, as she tackled Rachel to the ground and sprinted towards the road once more. It was better to enjoy now and worry later, when there would be plenty of time. And when Rachel growled playfully, chasing after her, Quinn thought she agreed.

*Chapter 16*: Untitled 15
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Chapter fifteen.
Only three words danced and bounced around Quinn's head when she rang the doorbell of the Berry household on Friday morning. "Are you blind?" No, of course she wasn't. Those words had come out of Santana's mouth two days ago as they watched Finn and Rachel perform a song for Nationals. (They won.) She'd been trying to hide her scowl by concentrating on Rachel's beaming face, but Finn kept obstructing her vision with his gigantic form and his stupid voice and… okay, she knew she was being unfair. He'd moved on, and the only times he acted more than friendly towards Rachel were when they had to perform and he had to put an act, but still, it was pretty hard to control her jealousy once it rose, it was the most challenging emotion to keep in check. Santana, of course, had noticed, and then she'd uttered those words. When Quinn asked her what she meant by it, she had just huffed and rolled her eyes. No, Quinn wasn't blind, but had Santana just meant that Rachel didn't love Finn anymore? Had she meant more than that? That week was the worst week to think about those things. The headaches made it almost impossible to think about anything, really. But when Rachel opened the door with that beaming smile and those bright eyes and those warm arms and soft lips pressing against her cheek… Quinn felt her brain go silly. She may not be blind, her sight was superb, excuse you, but maybe she was a little… stupid, around Rachel. The brunette pulled her in and dragged her to the kitchen by the hand, where Hiram and Leroy were watching the news and making breakfast. She dug in her bag for the vegan cookies she'd baked with Rachel last afternoon and set them on the island. Leroy was making the orange juices and Hiram was pilling toast onto a plate. Rachel turned around with the almond milk and the cereal box, and Quinn settled in front of her on a stool and started her morning duty of cutting fruit. It wasn't weird, really. Best friends had breakfast on their best friend's houses every morning, and their parents knew which jam she liked and how she liked to cut her toast… it wasn't weird. Was it? Quinn's mom always went to work early, and the Berrys didn't want her to eat alone. Maybe Santana was just trying to mess with her head… it was pretty cruel, giving that she knew how she felt about Rachel, but it was Santana, so… She could admit that their relationship was a little out of the ordinary, but she really didn't have other best friends slash werewolves to compare. Sometimes she thought she saw something in Rachel's eyes when she looked at her, the way they were always so bright when they were together. Sometimes she would turn to find Rachel staring at her and she would blush and duck her head, hiding her face on her dark hair… She realized she was staring and looked away, only to find Hiram looking at her with a small, mysterious smile, like he knew a secret she was a part of. Blushing, Quinn hid her face on her glass and looked to Leroy, who was quickly finishing his breakfast, barely swallowing his cookie as he kissed his husband's lips and first Rachel's cheek and then hers. "Have a good day, Mr. Berry." She said shyly, receiving his usual playful eye-roll at her politeness. "We should get going, too." Rachel announced as she hopped off her stool and grabbed both hers and Quinn's backpack. The blonde tried to grab her own, but Rachel swatted her hand away and then grabbed it, interlacing their fingers. "Bye, Daddy!" She said cheerfully after kissing his cheek. "Bye Baby, bye Quinn." He smiled at them and Quinn felt herself blush, still not forgetting how he caught her staring just a minute ago. Rachel slumped against the car seat once they were both inside and sighed. Dropping the act completely, she grabbed the Advil from the glove compartment and swallowed it without water. "I'm dying." She moaned dramatically. "Yeah, me too." Quinn sighed, turning the ignition. "At this point, I don't know how I'll drive us back today." Rachel's head felt more and more constricting as the day passed, like her brain was pounding inside of it, beating against her temples. She felt as if she wouldn't survive through lunch, and one look at Quinn at their shared AP History class told her the blonde definitely wouldn't. Quinn was paler than usual, but her cheeks were a bright scarlet, and Rachel could hear her breathing through her mouth. Although she didn't want to admit it, and even if it hurt her heart, Rachel noticed they got like this every time they didn't hunt the month before. Their bodies were used to the changes by now, they could handle their sight and their hearing, and their muscles weren't hurting anymore by the cramps they used to get because of their strengthened muscles. But maybe they needed to hunt in order to get that adrenaline that wired their bodies, otherwise they woke up more tired after the transformation and their bodies couldn't handle the week before, were too weak to handle the headaches and muscle pains.

silly. Quinn's arm around Rachel's shoulders and the brunette's arm around Quinn's waist. or a kiss on the cheek. "Oh. Rachel could feel the press of lips against her skin for a second and then the blonde pulled away. So trust me. Sighing. those always make me feel better. or possibly cry. " "Oh." Brittany's face brightened considerably. Rachel wanted to reach out and smooth that frown with her fingers. Now was really not a good time to be having such a revelation. Rachel ran a hand through her blonde hair. where are you going?" Brittany fell into step with her on the hallway. "To my locker. Something inside of her. Then she straightened and beamed once more. um… she's not feeling so well. Quinn's perfume fogging her mind even more so… Quinn kissed her cheek softly. she inhaled deeply. as if she was just talking about the lovely weather while Rachel felt her heart rise to her throat and then lower to her stomach. they had done all those things before. barely conscious. I mean. almost wide eyed… ." She patted her head with one hand and Rachel frowned. that pull in her chest every time she looked at Quinn.When the bell rang. She'll love them!" "Um… actually. sitting on the front seat. as–" "She's – in – love – with . gently scratching her nails against her scalp. so I'm taking her home. and just the thought that Quinn might possibly let her… She knew they couldn't talk about it when they were like this. bowing to look at Rachel straight in the eyes. Quinn was hiding her face in her arms resting on their shared desk. every time she made her blush. and Quinn shuddered before whining and turning her head to look at the brunette. I mean. when she realized she'd forgotten her house keys. resting both shaking palms against the desk and pulling herself up.you. I mean with Quinn. "She'll love your lady kisses because she loves you!" The blonde beamed. "Of course. Rachel lay down as well. Quinn extended her arms for Rachel to pull her up. Rachel headed for the school again. Once in the parking lot. unable to walk past the two cars that separated her from Quinn's. "You should just give her tons of lady kisses. her stomach twisted." "No. those times when she wanted a hug." Rachel watched her leave bouncing down the hallway. curled on the backseat with a frown on her face. "Of course she'll want them. was now accompanied with tingles. hmm?" Quinn nodded. I don't think –"Rachel cleared her throat. Had that really just happened? Had Brittany actually understood what Quinn might have possibly told her when she was drunk? The pounding of her heart inside of her body –all over her. She didn't want to get her hopes up. but she was stiff. lady kisses. every time she caught her looking back. "How about we go home. A revelation that maybe… Rachel bit her lip to stop herself from grinning to wide. and numbly walked out of the school. They walked all the way to the car. what if Britt just misunderstood? But… no. just a stomachache." Brittany said very slowly. "Hey. it's not –we don't –" Brittany gave her a pitiful look. hugging and kissing and walking hand in hand. blushing profusely. resting her arm around Rachel's shoulders. It wasn't new. The brunette's body did all kinds of things inside of her. Her hands shook. Rach. "I'm not sure Quinn would want them. and Quinn beat her to it. reach down for her keys on the floor once more. bouncing up and down. the blonde fell gently onto her body and hugged her lightly. "She told us when she was drunk." "What's wrong with her?" "Nothing serious. waiting for Rachel to lock the car and then grabbing her hand as they walked inside the Berry house and headed upstairs to Rachel's room. or with her lips. she's my best friend. Britt. so she just gently woke her up without a word when they got to her house. but suddenly it didn't feel the same. Rachel froze on her spot." "Oh. resting her head against Rachel's. suddenly very awake. if there was even an it to talk about. as if they were connected… as if… Rachel stopped herself from looking at Quinn until she was on the safety of the car. her heart clenched. okay?" At the blonde's nod. and when she did. as if she just didn't… didn't say… She closed her mouth. but it's not the same as. She was so pretty. and her head felt like it was cracking right in the middle." "Wha –um… I don't…" Rachel straightened from picking up her keys from the floor. And when Quinn got under the covers. The blonde was already asleep. "Lay down in the back seat and I'll go get them from my locker.

Her palms dragged down Quinn's hair to her back. but Rachel didn't feel hostage by the feeling. Every single soft patch of Quinn's warm skin was suddenly against her own. laying wide eyed next to her. it wasn't such a problem for her. couldn't think. this time. Quinn followed her a hair behind. She was watching a firefly with more attention that she would have normally." Rachel breathed out. She seemed to be listening intently. as she turned around. straining her ears to the sounds between the woods. "Come here. the way the coyote's smell flooded her senses. Rachel tangled both hands in blonde hair. dark and blown. running faster along the trees until she pounced. There was a second. growling playfully at her at first. but it was different. but it was there. a metallic smell of blood. pressing her knees and her left palm against the ground. and her wolf surprisingly licked her face in response. There was earth. grass. entering her own. of which one of them moved first. It looked like the closest thing to a smile they would ever get to do. Rachel whimpered and exhaled. but not even the good weather seemed to make animals get out of their hidings. as she searched Rachel's face. It was almost like déjà vu. and protected her. lifting herself to a sitting position and carrying . she figured Quinn wouldn't mind. Quinn settled between them and against her. forcing her nostrils and ears to locate their prey better. Quinn. But Rachel didn't seem to be thinking the same. but everything flew from her mind once Rachel reached her. Quinn lay down after a while." Rachel said softly. brushing her thumbs against every inch of it before cupping her cheeks and pulling their lips apart as softly as she could. She wondered for a fleeting second about what they were going to do. Rachel sighed deeply. The sound that left Quinn's mouth. She suddenly didn't know why she was so nervous. Her body shook as their breasts pressed together. How could she have been so blind? "Let's just rest. She didn't know. and… There was no time for the whimper to escape her lips as they clashed forcefully against Quinn's. just to have something to do. making Quinn look that much more like an angel than ever before. and the heat on her face that spread along her neck and chest. and that made her think that perhaps her wolf felt the change as well. because this time she could hold back. like a magnet. letting her tongue fall to the side afterwards. and took the lead in the chasing that was usually reserved for Quinn. but Rachel seemed on a more serious mood. I love you. Rachel smiled and bowed her head to kiss Quinn's cheek. Rachel woke up with the sun shining on her face. Her hair was tussled. and Quinn took her bottom lip between her own. She followed her running to the clearing. She mimicked Rachel's position. it didn't smell or feel different. because her body was tensing and relaxing and burning all at the same time. The sun that shone above them as background seemed to serve as a halo. and Rachel could feel her eyes rolling to the back of her head. just because the golden wolf was always the first to lose control."Are you okay?" Quinn whispered. and could immediately smell it as well. and she couldn't have managed to stop. Quinn felt a different kind of adrenaline at seeing her wolf ran up to her." The blonde frowned. never minding the dirt she left on her path. like a change of energy. and Quinn felt the rush of adrenaline all over again. even if she'd wanted to. Quinn stood up. still alert but relaxing her body. When it landed right in the corner of her mouth. She sat up shakily when there was no response. although she wouldn't act on anything unless her wolf did it first. the pull in her chest. alert. Quinn's hands were running up her back. and the coyote didn't have time to make a sound. to her face. her chest was heaving. and her eyes managed to shine. her back against the grass and something akin to heartburn all over her body." Her eyes were drifting shut as she spoke. But Rachel was already ahead of her. making her hands clench unwillingly to the skin of the blonde's back. and loved her." She opened her arms and. pressing and sliding against her. because every single one of the dark wolf's moves was calculated and deliberate. the wind was blowing softly and the grass was greener than ever. They greeted as usual. It wasn't like that. "Do you need me to get anything for you? Are you… cold or hungry or…?" "No. when she felt Rachel straightened beside her. They spent a fair amount of time there. Quinn groaned. "I love you. Quinn landed next to her a second later. If they didn't find anything. and then a devilish grin spread on her face as Rachel craned her neck up to join their lips once again. had her back arching. but Rachel relaxed against the bed and under the covers and so she followed. even with her pupils dilated like that. in which she took in Quinn. turned her head to look at Quinn and smiled. Rachel took in her eyes. It was just Quinn… who took care of her. if such thing were possible. if her posture when they stopped was any indication. digging her nails in as Quinn's tongue met her own. it wasn't something she could get a hold of. as Quinn dragged her lips softly along her jaw and down her neck. but… it couldn't be. There was something on the air around them. This impulse. Quinn approached her and nudged her muzzle against Rachel's with a little whine. breathless. her voice rough and sleepy. it liberated her. we should… just sleep. she could hear her shallow breathing and smell every single scent on her body. the unique perfume that was Quinn. perhaps a little more enthusiastically. "Are you okay?" "Yeah. to her neck.

She just knew they were moving against each other in all the right ways and touching and kissing all the right places. out of breath. They mumbled and gasped against each other's lips. Every movement of their bodies. She watched as Rachel's eyes transformed into something else. every stroke of their hands. made her dizzy. but not for long after that sound. raking her nails down her back as Quinn lowered her head to give into taste. Quinn brought both of her hands to the brunette's cheeks. sending heat all over. Rachel…" Quinn didn't know what to say or do to make that bubble in her chest." She sighed. "I can't believe you love me. and suddenly sounds were coming from her mouth and she couldn't stop them. and Rachel was on top of her and her hands were… Quinn's brain shot down with sensory overload. Her back arched and her muscles tightened. Quinn shivered and her muscles jumped. black coal and piercing as she licked her lips. her mouth fell open and her head pressed against the grass. "Quinn. Their lips lingered millimeters from each other's and Rachel's eyes met her own before her middle finger glided inside." The brunette sighed. Her hands finally released the brunette's face. casting goose bumps down to her stomach. "Oh my God. swallowing her sounds. She felt and explored and knew what the right place for her fingers to be was when Rachel released another one of those amazing sounds that seemed to make the earth quiver. her hips shooting upwards into Rachel's hand. trying to suppress some of the sounds she was making. only managing to grasp Rachel's hips before the brunette's hands started kneading and stroking and caressing. The hand clutching at Rachel's back moved to the ground. trying to put into words how they felt. feeling something akin to an epiphany when her tongue swirled around and Rachel released the most beautiful sound. And suddenly. you're so gorgeous. warmth of passion and of love. digging her nails into the skin under her shoulder blades. "You feel amazing. she didn't try to control it. their gasps mingled in the little air between their mouths. and her brain felt dizzy from the sensations and the lack of breath. kissing her softly and stroking her skin all over. wrapping her right arm around her torso. desperate to anchor somewhere to keep her from going mad. every kiss and suck of their lips and every lick of their tongues… everything felt overwhelming. above and around her. Quinn couldn't help to lift and rotate and thrust her hips to keep the pace and not have their skin away for a second as her hands found security on Rachel's back. locking with her own. Quinn didn't know exactly what to do. Rachel's mouth fell against her own. Rachel's hand moved from between her legs and held Quinn's hand on the grass. expanding and beating and heating. her neck arching as well. She couldn't help the whimper that escaped her mouth into Rachel's when her hand squeezed her inner thigh. holding for dear life as she hid her face on a long." Rachel murmured to her against her ear. She didn't know if Rachel knew what she was doing. She wasn't sure what her body was doing. entwining their fingers. extraordinary. around her stomach. "Baby. please…" The words were no sooner uttered and Rachel's lips met her own. but their bodies knew better in the end. "Do you feel good?" Quinn nodded frantically. The soulful brown penetrated into her brain. "Kiss me. making Rachel's hips jolt forward. everywhere. pale neck. "I love you. softly and slowly. and more sounds like that.Rachel along with her. it was in Rachel's. but Rachel stayed there. but she didn't dwell on it. I love you too. stroking them and keeping her in place. what they wanted. and longer and louder… soon they were on the ground again. breathtaking. Their lips met again. feeling as its muscles quivered. Rachel made the most amazing sound she'd ever heard when she cupped her hand there and felt the wet heat. but Rachel's right hand stoked a path from the middle of her chest. her lungs were deprived of air. explode. and then around and between her legs. But she could be more than delicate. as strong and fragile all the same when she relaxed against her. . her head ducked to that pale. Rachel sneaked both arms around her neck and moved her legs to imprison Quinn's body between them. She had to taste everything." She breathed out." Quinn moaned into Rachel's mouth. resting their foreheads together. Her right hand stroked down the brunette's back to her ass. but her body was not on her control now. down to her legs and the back of her thighs. "I've never…" "It's okay. long neck and her lips reverently traced that faint scar only visible to them by now. and it seemed as if Rachel had lost herself on the smoothness and softness and forgotten what Quinn craved. her body shaking and quivering. this time gently and purposely. but it definitely seemed like it. without any other possibility but to trace her hands down her back. She swallowed Rachel's gasp as she cupped her breasts." She gasped in awe. Quinn took a deep breath and lifted her hips again. The feel of Rachel's warm body completely at her reach. she had to make her produce that sound again. gripping grass and a fistful of earth as she came. and Rachel's eyes popped open. not missing the way her hands treaded in her hair and her legs squeezed her waist. Their touches started to get more frantic and desperate as Quinn felt herself full with something about to explode. Her hips jolted upwards when their tongues met. She'd never held anything as soft as Rachel. and Quinn lost all sense of self-awareness when Rachel touched a place that made her body shook again.

The brunette lifted her head a little to rest her lips against the underside of Quinn's jaw as they catched their breaths." She declared before Quinn could say anything. Quinn slumped against the grass. "I know now I've never loved someone like this before." The blonde dragged her lips from Rachel's neck up to her chin. "I've waited more. too. "I'm in love with you." Rachel smiled shyly. They were sweaty. and I want to protect you. "We're not doing that again until I take you on a date. at least for a while. almost… supernaturally." The brunette bit her lip. "Quinn." Quinn chuckled. and Rachel never felt purer." Rachel stated softly but confidently. "Maybe two dates." The blonde said it with such naturalness it made Rachel tingle all over. "And I love you. . She saw the blush that came from Quinn's face all the way down to her neck. "I'm kidding." "Mhmm. trying not to laugh. pressing her lips softly against the skin at her reach. and guessed the blonde realized what they'd just done. arms moving like magnets to hold Rachel against her. her chest heaving. "Perhaps I should wait until I'm twenty five. are you listening to me?" "Mhmm. trying not to look scandalized at what Rachel had said." Her lips moved along Rachel's jaw to her ear. "Mhmm." Quinn bit her lips between her teeth. Rachel laughed quietly and the blonde tightened her hold on her torso. and –" Rachel's lips silenced her. her eyes sparkling. and I think you're gorgeous. with earth and grass sticking to their skin and dried leaves between their tussled hair.coming undone after her." Rachel's screaming giggles made the birds fly away when Quinn attacked her neck with kisses." Quinn nodded. silly. hiding her face in the brunette's neck and nuzzling her nose there. "I'm in love with you. "Uh –what?" Quinn lifted herself up on her elbow. "I've waited a really long time to do that.

"I'm sorry. heading towards . but Quinn knew she was actually really emotional about ending Glee. asking her to stay alive. Santana. "Don't pout at me. Despite the fact that they couldn't stop touching each other in some kind of way." Santana looked away. It seemed that. What have you done to her. "Years of practice. carrying her voice around an entire auditorium full of people at Sectionals. They all ended up in tears. Rachel opening her arms wide. Quinn couldn't imagine what her life would be now if it weren't for him. let's go now. "I was spying on you." Brittany interjected. and they headed towards the Choir room.*Chapter 17*: Untitled 16 Chapter sixteen. they'd kept her safe and grounded. coming out of the next stall. They found that. "For Christ sake. Rachel was another situation entirely. Rachel's eyelashes. it didn't translate to human when she was around Quinn. sad smile." Quinn whispered. and was trying to avoid thinking about it. They were in the back of Mike's car." Rachel ducked her head with a small. in their houses. her fragile figure on a hospital bed. watching Rachel jump to chairs and dance with her little skirt and pretty legs. Having it over was breaking her heart. her warmth when they slept through their headaches under the covers. if you don't come out right now I'll tell everyone what you were doing and then you'll definitely come out. Q?" "Go away. a little red in the face." She beamed. Mr. as were most of everyone else's. Quinn chuckled. the feeling of one of her hands in her own… of their lips pressed together… of her smooth legs… her sounds of ecstasy… Quinn hid her face in Rachel's neck as the brunette sat on her lap. following Rachel to the second row. her boisterous laughter when Quinn complained about Twilight. Kurt. and turned her hand to entwine their fingers. Rachel never missed an opportunity when they were alone to attack Quinn's lips with her own." The door opened to an amused Quinn and a frowning Rachel. Berry. Rach. her smell when she hugged her after weeks at Santana's bedroom. "Are you rabbits?" Santana pounded on the door. vanishing impossibly inside her cheeks as she offered herself for a punch. you are never late for Glee club. but. "There's no point in being on time when we already won Nationals. "How do you do it?" Rachel panted against a stall door. of course. resting her hand on the brunette's. fingers woven in blonde hair to keep her in that spot of her neck." Rachel rolled her eyes. Rachel's hopeful eyes when Quinn told her Finn loved her. and found that doing specific things with her mouth distracted Rachel quite a bit. and her mind and vision was fulfilled with Rachel. moving her lips to the brunette's cheek and lingering. afraid it would all be over if they did." Rachel yelled after covering Quinn's ears with her palms. "I know you don't want it to be over. So many things had happened. raking her nails over the forming bruise and making Rachel shut her eyes. "Glee started fifteen minutes ago. but let's best enjoy today. for the Glee Club. Quinn didn't protest. her family. Rachel's scream. or in Santana's bathroom or even at school. Quinn squeezed and they turned their attention to the teacher." Santana opened the door. no matter how controlled she was as a wolf. incredible and impossible. yeah. Quinn managed only when Rachel's dad's got home. "It's our last meeting. as always. Mr." Quinn apologized as they entered. Quinn detached herself either way to answer. Rachel broke her promise as soon as they got to her home. Schuester. the soft skin of the dark circles under her eye after a transformation. Mercedes and Rachel took the lead. her playful barks. to think of all the good things that came from Glee." "Hey!" "Yeah. and this group of people was her support. Berry. didn't even remind her they were supposed to wait until after one or two dates to do more than chaste kissing. and she happily swayed in the background. her piercing eyes when she found her lying on the ground. Schuester's speech was what got them sobbing in the end. Quinn gave her an odd look. Quinn's throat was too constricted to sing. but she tried to stay positive. "It affects her because she likes you. once they could finally attend to their third option after the transformation –one that wasn't either sleep or hunger– it was a little difficult to stop.

and drown in her. Quinn knew they wanted to keep their relationship on the down low. She reached distractedly for a slice of the vegan pizza and Brittany eyed her curiously. When the pizzas arrived." Brittany's alarmed "what?" was lost on Rachel's amazed "Quinn…" "Rachel. Everyone was chatting excitedly. They would probably throw a party for them or something. After a minute or so. we figured it out. Happily. The woman behind it took her sweet time on the phone and Quinn waited distractedly. her whole body on top of hers as they kissed. Kurt cleared his throat. it took at least half an hour before they decided what they wanted to order –Brittany's pepperoni and pineapple was discarded swiftly. and crawl into her bones. and as much . thank you. almost eighteen for Rachel." Quinn ignored both of them. There was an almost deafening silence in the room." Quinn didn't know whether to squeak or melt when there were lips sucking her earlobe. ladies…" Rachel seemed to gather her common sense at that." This caught Rachel's attention. and "Mailman" couldn't separate the two girls. and Rachel was heading back to their table with one drink in each hand. trying to calm her thoughts now that her girlfriend had stopped crying and was supposedly asleep or on her way there. fellow friends. confounded. Quinn found they were missing two drinks and headed towards the counter. held their memories of many years. and her strong smell. She followed numbly and sat down at the end of the table next to Rachel. we're in a public place! Now. "When was the last time you saw me eating something with an–" The squeal that left Rachel's mouth drawled everyone's attention on them. "You're not eating bacon?" "Rach… it's bacon." Rachel nodded. except for Rachel's heavy breathing and heartbeat." "No. Except the only thing Quinn wanted to do right then was to snuggle with her girlfriend as tightly as she could. all she and Rachel wanted was peace and quiet and privacy. but Rachel more so. but they vanished as soon as they appeared. in the entire home. as her ear rested against her girlfriend's warm back. Packing had made them both emotional. Brittany bouncing excitedly next to them was drawing all of Santana's attention. scratching her scalp lightly. "Why not?" "It makes me want to kiss you so badly. reaching across the table to pat Quinn's hand as she blushed to the tip of her ears. moving her hands to smooth Quinn's hair. She sneaked her arms around Rachel's waist and just basked in the warm and soft perfection between her arms until they got to the venue. and Quinn listened to them as best as she could while trying to ignore the warmth of the body next to her. and Quinn was sure they'd be delighted to hear they finally did it. intervening on the conversation between Brittany and Santana about all of the foods that were actually dead animals while Quinn listened to all of them along with Rachel's heartbeat and breathing. just in time to catch Rachel's arms around Quinn's neck. Quinn's mind. and possibly make love later until they turned into dust. we get it. as oppressive as it was. because apparently everybody's gasps and exclamations of "I knew it". "Don't do that. Rachel moved to Quinn's lap. playing with her bottom lip between her fingers. "We ordered the one with the bacon bits. and Tina was paying them no mind as she talked to Mike in the passenger seat. already focused on those lips since five minutes ago. "…bacon… it's pig. Quinn lay as motionless as she could listening to it.the only pizza place with an option for veggie pizza. her eyes twinkling. even if everyone knew what they felt towards each other before they confessed it to themselves. Rachel's hand moved to her hair. talking about their holidays before college and their last minute arrangements. Once they got enough tables put together to fit all of them. Quinn and I–" "Save it. Still. "One less speciesist. "Hot damn". This town." Rachel whispered right next to her ear. couldn't care less that everyone was watching as she kissed and hugged back. grinning against Rachel's lips. but after all that happened." Mercedes chuckled. "Well.

." "You're not exactly complaining. even when everybody else did. you are. pecking her lips playfully. and knew she would after they moved together in New York. "Yes. her body shaking slightly." "We had a good time either way. now are you? Because I could make it to once a week.as it suffocated them and as much as Rachel longed for New York. to her baby. It was that thought. That. "Sex maniac!" A pillow connected full on the brunette's face. "Domestic violence!" Quinn cried." "Even your parents. you're taking care of that. Quinn. most of all. "Except for the sexual frustration. And sex… "Why did we wait so long before admitting our feelings?" She hadn't been thinking about that. They still had one last full moon in a couple of days. "You were embarrassing me!" Rachel yelped defensively. Not much had changed since they admitted their feelings towards each other. pointing a finger at her girlfriend. you're thinking too loud." Quinn laughed quietly. just bolder touches and kisses on the lips. adjusting herself more comfortable on top of and around Rachel. and the steady heartbeat she could her from below her ear. or a month…" "You don't last a day. "Quinn!" Rachel's palm connected softly with the blonde's temple. deeply related to the memories." Rachel grinned devilishly down at her. don't worry. "This is not sex." Quinn snorted. "Abusive girlfriend!" "You hit me first!" "Immature girlfriend!" Soon there was a mess of sheets. "We were scared. She was most excited for their future to begin." Rachel quipped. "For all the time we missed." Quinn giggled. I'm not." "I couldn't even phantom the idea of being without you. It had become her constant companion for many months now." "I can't sleep. Rachel pinning Quinn to the mattress by the wrists and kissing her forcefully on the neck. muffling her scream of surprise." Quinn raised an eyebrow. sometimes she swore she heard it all the way across town when they were apart. lifting her hips and making her girlfriend groan." Quinn smiled. "Oh. making her sit up the bed. Lima was still her home town. but it had been on the surface of her mind for almost the entire month. Quinn couldn't imagine not hearing that every day now. A deep intake of breath distracted her from her thoughts as Rachel lifted her hands and rested one on her hair and the other on the small of her back. merely twenty subway-minutes away from Brittany and Santana. "Even my dads. "You… sex… maniac…" Quinn panted. as cheesy as it sounded." "Yeah. of her fingers gently running through her hair. exactly. and then they'll be off. that kept her sane. to fully let go of her past and start a new chapter. and most of all to the forest." "Yes." "No. before answering. Quinn felt a depression to the core of her being when she thought of driving away from here. I was so blinded by those thoughts I didn't see what was right in front of me." Rachel laughed. it was as calming as Rachel's singing. covers and pillows. What's going on?" Quinn basked on the warmth of Rachel's body for a few seconds. "It will be soon. "Are you awake?" She whispered. trying to get free. "Yeah.

Rachel felt something in her chest inflate. that they were careful now. drowning the sense of uneasiness she felt when she was alone and replacing it with that pull. Her footsteps rang among the trees and Quinn's smell grew steadily stronger. looking up at the house. The luggage was enormous. Quinn could see a silhouette behind one of the curtains. She felt so blissful she could fall asleep. Brittany's parents would probably think it was from a stray dog. where the smell of the fresh concrete of the driveway made them want to step away. and so she carefully stepped on the concrete with one of her paws. felt amazing. but now it was more like a blessing if it meant having the strongest love she'd ever felt inside her. She could feel her heart pounding. and Brittany was leaning out of the window with her elbows on the sill. stronger than ever. As Quinn woke up. She could hear her steady heartbeat and breathing. and they sat there for a while. and could almost drown in her scent. and now that they had. Surprised though she was. the wind was light and fresh. Being a werewolf might have felt like a punishment in the beginning. Decisions were trivial with the knowledge that she wouldn't be alone to face them. "Mom. please…" . Quinn knew she was still a little scared of what happened that day. Quinn standing awkwardly against the hallway wall as he pretended not to. only to find Leroy and Judy there. about herself. about her body. whining a little as she nudged her head with her muzzle. Quinn followed behind her and they moved to the kitchen. a dim light was on. but everything smelled great." Brittany whispered at last. in control. about the future. Quinn thought it was a good idea to give them their thanks for saving her life. and Quinn felt like she could fully appreciate it now. but she was sure they would be able to face whatever came their way if they were together. and as long as they were together nothing like that would ever happen again. but how wrong she'd been… This? This was perfection. She walked quietly next to her and lay down. She'd had enough moments in her life to feel insecure." Rachel didn't know what to expect on this night. but it was the best gift they could give them. They knew it was necessary if they were to leave town a couple of days later. and she nudged with her muzzle. Lima was actually really beautiful… But much more were the trees and the river. "There's more clothes in the hamper if you get cold. was amazing. Rolling her eyes. it would complicate things concerning her career. Rachel leapt to her feet to make Quinn get up as well. the full moon shined against the tree tops and along the way. They walked quietly back to the woods. and Quinn barked joyfully as she felt it. laying on the clearing next to her wolf. earning a generous lick to the face. Quinn wouldn't be surprised if Rachel had somehow packed her framed Barbra playbill in there. Before they could even move. until she spotted her fast asleep almost right by the river. Quinn with confusion and fear and Brittany with a small smile on her face. Everything was alive. hooting and swooshing as they flew. with time. and then she waved and closed the curtains. and her brain so very deep engraved with her wolf's scent that she almost immediately knew which way to run. but they still tried to keep quiet. Lima was quiet. and as they got closer to the town. Of course. She moved quietly to sit next to her. Everything smelled like only nature could. The leaves spreading oxygen. the window was open and the curtains drawn. feeding from the warmth she irradiated. They had proved that in the year and a half it took them to figure everything out. staring at each other for a minute. yes it will. enjoying the place for the last time. Rachel smelled amazing. Quinn felt Rachel slump against her in relief. her muzzle barely against Quinn's belly. and she knew she would blush if she were human. but she could have never been prepared for the feeling that overwhelmed her when she woke up as a wolf. Everything felt so easy now. but the tiny brunette hoisted it over her shoulder and gingerly walked down the stairs to the hall. They sprinted towards the road and along the edge of the trees. The night was as clear as it ever was. The absolute certainty that she would never lose Quinn. She remembered feeling things were perfect just a few months ago. they could feel that dread at leaving the forest disappearing from their chests. covering his mouth with his palm to prevent them from hearing his hiccups. which had never happened before. whatever they were. Rachel moved to gently rub their cheeks together. that they belonged to each other. Their energy was pumping. Suddenly Rachel tensed next to her. but she now knew the best was to show her. at least from their point of view. which seemed full of possibilities without the scowling man and disdainful women on the streets."Oh. to be next to her wolf. the water moving quietly and the animals. Rachel rested the side of their heads together. Looking up. disappearing inside. but those hadn't come in a while. her print neatly marked. It was time to go. some sleeping and some staring wide-eyed from their burrows or the top of the trees. they were happy… Hiram started crying as soon as Rachel finished packing. The future was much less scary. The need to see Quinn was so great. fresh and wild. it was a silly thing they were about to do… They reached the Pierce residence at last. she could feel it in her veins and radiating off of Quinn. Brittany had mentioned to them that her parents had finished remodeling the garage and were finishing with the driveway today. the streets were deserted and the people fast asleep at their beds. taking in their town at night. Quinn looked away to find Rachel sitting straight. the wind blowing and carrying it. they were sure nothing could come between them. crying over their surely cold cups of tea. They stood there.

"No! It's okay…" Her mother jumped from the stood." Rachel mumbled as they followed their parents outside." "Tank full?" "Yes. mom. walking backwards towards the car. just took her hand on her own. Quinn moved slowly to hug her mother while Rachel was being crushed between her two dads." . "I couldn't have done it without you. Rachel didn't answer. and it seemed that Rachel's was going to be kept in the backseat." She whispered at last. yes. Everybody seemed to be making an effort not to cry." Rachel stated softly. Rachel looked out the window at the almost blur of green and brown. you're not old." Leroy nodded." "Well. "You're going to c-college! Of course we are!" Hiram sobbed from the kitchen door. Once she couldn't see them. covering his face with his hands." Quinn nodded. Judy looked up to the ceiling and her body shook with silent laughter. "At least they're not crying anymore. backed from the driveway and Rachel leaned half her body out of the window to wave at them as Quinn drove away. wiping the tears and make up from her cheeks and trying to smile. "Grandchildren?" "You're giving us grandchildren?" "None of you are pregnant. and she swore she could see some animals peeking from between the trees. She didn't realize her breath had caught in her throat until they passed the Lima sign and Quinn exhaled loudly. "We're… leaving now. "We are. soon leaving the buildings and shops and reaching the trees. They drove in silence. pressing Quinn's palm against her cheek." Rachel smiled lightly. dad. "That's biologically impossible." Leroy called. and she could see her mother crying as she gently wrapped her arms around Rachel. then you'll be old. and then they swapped. she sat properly. "We're just being silly…" "Silly old people. bringing both her hands and Quinn's own to her face. "Okay…" Rachel sniffed. you're right…" Hiram blushed. "Dad. staring curiously. "Are your cellphones charged?" "Yes. They started the car. daddy. are you?" Quinn slapped her hand to her face. "You okay?" Quinn asked quietly. blindingly moving her hand and stroking her hair as she looked forward. surely there was no room. wrapped between both of her hands. trying her hardest not to laugh as she exchanged a look with Rachel." Rachel chuckled. Quinn felt a great deal of affection for these two men who were hugging her like a daughter. put her seatbelt on and sighed." "Have a safe trip. But that seemed to sober them up." "Bellies full?" "Yes. then. moving to palm his back. kissed her palm and rested it on her lap. "You won't have to do anything alone anymore. Quinn bit her lip. wrapping an arm around his husband's waist and placing his other hand on Judy's shoulder. "Wait until you have grandchildren. "We're leaving. Quinn's luggage was already in the trunk." Rachel joked.

the base for every chapter was already on paper. This idea came to me and I planned the entire story on one night." I decided to post this today. I want to thank all of you who have read this.Rachel moved her face to kiss her palm. See you guys tomorrow :) . review or not. and the epilogue tomorrow. but a lot of things came from suggestions or comments from you." Quinn smiled. "Are you ready?" "As I ever will be. "I love you. as this story is ending now. so there's a bit of you in here as well… I hope you had as much fun as I did.

listening to your CD. They went slowly down the corridor together.*Chapter 18*: Epilogue Epilogue. "Mama's on bed. They were two good. we was snuggling with 'er. fast to her home." "Oh. Michael." Quinn shrugged. it was often what Quinn said about their sons. "What are you doing up?" She gasped as the two boys squeezed her." "They're spoiled." "Will do. they were talking all afternoon about you. all the other windows open as her driver carried her trough the highway. discarding her clothes on a hamper and putting her pajamas on. "Hi. She closed her eyes. Have a good weekend. reaching back absentmindedly to pull the covers high over their sons' bodies." Quinn retorted. When she approached the bed. one hand tangled on her sleeping daughter's hair. awestruck. Harry and Tommy ran towards the bed and climbed as best as they could on the other side of their Mama. and Rachel decided to adopt them when Kia died three days after her arrival. both talking quietly with her because they knew that when their moms felt ill. opening the covers for Rachel to climb in. Monday." He waited until Rachel was inside the gate safely to drive away. considered little gentlemen. Rachel walked through the front garden. being immediately crushed by one pajama-clad beauty on each leg. filling her lungs with the smell of the flowers and the acres of trees around her house before opening the door. pausing after three steps to take off her heels and walk barefoot the remaining distance. she found everyone pressed together. and all she wanted to do was hide under the covers." Rachel grinned. and of course. Rachel put Harry down and opened the door gently to find her wife and seven year old daughter Priscilla snuggled under the covers." The car had stopped and the breeze gone. see you on Monday?" "Yes. they were terrible." She whispered. Rachel felt her heart pounding joyously inside her chest. making room for her. "They missed you today." Rachel smiled down at her three year old boys." "You were? And where's your sister?" "Still on bed with Mama. soft bed. Rachel. their blonde hair peeking out. picking Harry up and grabbing Tommy's hand. Rachel laughed quietly. Their mother Kia was dying from AIDS related diseases even before giving birth to them. the brunette placed one kiss on her daughter's cheek and. They hadn't been able to prevent them from being born with the virus. moving to her walk in closet and closing the door quietly. surely everyone was asleep. Quinn smiled gently at her. earning a groan from her. these are my couple of days off for the month. but today's medicine made it almost impossible for them to get sick because of it. awaiting wife and… "We're here. their sons didn't remember any of that and were too young to ." "No play tomorrow?" "No. fluffy pillows. I see." Quinn grinned foolishly. "Strong headaches?" She breathed out once she got comfortable. imagining her warm. The babies' names were given by the nurses that took care of them and gave them their medicine every day since they were born. "I'll see you next week. Michael. Headache days were still awful after all these years. but combined with filming an episode for a TV series. spent a good minute kissing her wife hello. Quinn had flew to meet them and travel back with them and Rachel two weeks later. Once under the sheets and blankets. faking jealousy. Rachel smiled. "Hi. they often felt ill together. It was late." Rachel said tiredly." "Alright then. Say hi to Nora for me. Rachel rested her cheek against the cold glass of the backseat window. leaning on her elbow against the mattress. She breathed deeply. resting a hand on her driver's shoulder. "Just normal. on a Red Cross mission to take medical supplies two and a half years ago. like every time she looked into those hazel eyes. having been Rachel the one that met them and their mother on Liberia. "Thank you so much. "You're their favorite.

and raising children was hard even without the werewolf part… But they had found that nothing was impossible or too terrible if they were together." Rachel whispered back. They had found. rooms apart or a tangled mess of arms and legs under the covers on a headaches week." Rachel smiled. suffering a week-long of headaches during college was terrible. "Because the doctor said their viral load was undetectable. getting slowly out of bed and easily picking up her daughter. but they soon realized that adopted children could be just as theirs as biological ones. gently picking Tommy up and cradling him against her chest. with the heartbreaking knowledge that they could never carry children… the most frightening or distressing things weren't so terrible. "I have to go to the Catskill Forest Preserve in a couple of days. watching the dark shadows under Quinn's eye. just –" "Sh. and they had fallen in love with her as soon as they met. like every month for the past thirteen years. which they were." "Okay. so it was impossible for Rachel to be their favorite just because of that. "I know they're okay. "He smells so sweet. They were everything she could ask for. to be brave enough to be together. Even with mistakes and fights. after giving away her first baby. Rachel carried her to her room next door and tucked her in. I was just thinking about that. finding a play that let Rachel have days off every month was almost impossible." She smiled at Rachel when she caught her staring. it would be impossible for them to carry babies if their bodies transformed every month. Being a werewolf and living in the city was hard. hugging their daughter lightly when she stirred in her sleep. Once in bed. that even if they were able to have children." Rachel smiled gently. first being bitten and then taking almost two years to dominate their condition. I'm fine. two years after being in New York. "Want some Advil?" Rachel asked." Quinn smiled softly. finding a place to be as wolfs in New York and then finding a home to spend the full moon nights in peace. countries apart. with the time that took them to find out they didn't have to hunt anymore. that they were soulmates or wolf mates or simply supernaturally in love. and always would be. curly short hair. Rachel was adopted and Quinn's baby was adopted. Quinn took Rachel's hand. Their path had been rough at first. beautiful and loving. About how healthy and happy they are. Have them meet the new cubs. in Rachel's not-so-humble opinion. and the easy things enjoyable. that repressing their feelings was what made them suffer those dreadful headaches all those years ago. and they turned to walk to their room." Quinn breathed out. healthy. unbreakable. she wouldn't be able to have another. Priscilla was adopted three years after they were married. spending years sneaking into the New York Forest Preserve. "Let's take the kids to their beds?" Rachel nodded. under the covers. "Where did you go?" Quinn whispered. running her thumb along her wife's frown and smoothing it. they snuggled right in the middle. She shook her head. they already had proven how strong that bond could be." "Okay. Rachel and Quinn were. Quinn. squeezing Rachel's hand on her own resting on their daughter's torso. hiding her face on his thick. "But I think they'll love to go. coming back to find Quinn with Harry on her arms. Quinn had been devastated because. so hard to face. "They still smell like babies. And with the knowledge that they would never be apart. Their love was big and their love for their children enormous… they were a family. They tucked them in. if they were together. pausing in the doorway to watch them sleep peacefully. she was three and lived in foster care since she was born.understand. or plainly in love… the hardest things were easy. have fresh air…" "Fresh air? Baby. perhaps I'll take them." "Are you worried?" Quinn frowned. . cupping her wife's cheek. they have fresh air just walking out of the house. Priscilla immediately wrapped her arms and legs sleepily around her Mom and rested her head on her shoulder. And whether it was continents apart. "I want to cuddle with you. "I was just… thinking about our babies. Their family was perfect." Quinn whispered. entwining their fingers.

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