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Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay prison is a high security prison, located on the southeastern coast of Cuba. Guantanamo Bay prison first opened when 20 prisoners were shipped there in January 2002. It has since then been populated with terror suspects, and has been populated up to 558 prisoners. Since its opening most people have started to lose respect to America, with all the things going on in Guantanamo Bay. The main problem in Guantanamo Bay prison is the amount of torture that they inflict on the prisoners that may or may not be guilty. As former Us secretary Colin Powell said "If it were up to me I would close Guantnamo not tomorrow but this afternoon...Essentially, we have shaken the belief that the world had in America's justice system...and it's causing us far more damage than any good we get from it." (Quotes on Guantanamo).Guantanamo Bay prison caused more harm than good and has not served its purpose due to the unlawful detention, lack of legality and minimal protection against another attack.

One of the main reasons to open Guantanamo Bay prison was to protect People around the globe, and punish what men included in terror have done. After the 9/11 attacks the worst terror attack yet, people around the world, especially America felt vulnerable. So to be able to protect and punish the people that planned the terror attacks. But in the end they have not only decided to punish, but to influence pain onto the prisoners very severely. One man named Murat Kurnaz stated that In Gitmo I was punished with 30 days in darkness for feeding iguanas (RT) That makes the prisoners over punished, which then could eventually make the terrorists outside of Guantanamo have more of a grudge against the United States of America. Another example is a leaked video of an inmate being water boarded 87 times (BBC). They also put them there to prevent history to repeat itself. The USA also must feel reassured knowing that the terror planners that may have planned 9/11 are in their hands. Having the prisoners there would also help to stop future plans that they could have been involved with. But in the end it also is located there to be able to hold the terrorists and punish them the way that they are. So without them having the prison under their control they wouldnt be capable of doing that. In the creation of the Guantanamo Bay prison, some of the main causes towards it being created are to provide protection and punishment, but in the end neither has been accomplished.

Guantanamo Bay was created to serve multiple purposes, the second one is to gain answers to questions. After the Multiple attacks at 9/11 people all around the globe were worried, and scared for what then, had just occurred. The attacks would and should have struck terror all around the world especially in America. So to prevent this from occurring again they created Guantanamo Bay prison to gain answers. The main problem that happens is that they do particularly anything to gain those answers, torture is one of them. Torture is a reoccurring theme in Guantanamo Bay prison which is the main reason why it is so criticized. The torture includes a lot of different techniques and ways to make somebody tell them information, about specifically what they may want to know. Some

techniques include waterboarding, sexual abuse, discrimination, sleep deprivation, Stress positions, Semi starvation and Exploitation of wounds (CBC news Guantanamo bay history).The amount of torture that is influenced on to the prisoners does eventually lead to suicides and, until today 8 deaths have happened from when it first opened (Wikipedia Guantanamo Bay). The torture also doesnt always get any answers, from the amount of torture that the prisoners receive. The torture can also cause the prisoners to give false information. False information is the result of a prisoner not knowing an answer, but is so desperate so that he says something that is not true. Whilst using the torture to gain answers, it doesnt always gain the results that are necessary, but does inflict pain physically and especially mentally. That is the main reason why Guantanamo bay shall close, to stop the torture that the convicts have to go through daily.

Lastly Guantanamo bay was created, in its location on the south eastern coast of Cuba, for a purpose. In Cuba the law system isnt even close to being as long and lawful, as the USAs. That is the main reason why potential terror threats are put directly into Guantanamo bay. Without the prisoners going through the US law system, they potentially save months and or years, with the terror suspects in Guantanamo Bay (BBC). It would also be a problem to go through USAs law system, just because most of the population in Guantanamo bay is usually prisoners that are potential terrorists, not terrorists. So in court they would be incapable of proving that most of the prisoners are guilty of terrorism when they are actually innocent (CNBC News) The prison would also be incapable of functioning In the US, because of the amount of more publicity that it would gain. If the prison were to be positioned inside of America then it would have been potentially, closed a long time ago. Since the more people that know what is happening inside the walls of Guantanamo, the more that are going to be against the prison. That could lead eventually to the prison closing. To conclude the Guantanamo bay prison was opened to help improve the safety and protection of countries all around the globe. But now that 10 years have passed, has it full filled its goals as a prison? I would even want to argue that it has done the opposite, created more tension between al Qaeda and America which should and will cause more violence. So in the end if Guantanamo Bay were to close, I believe that the tension between Al Qaeda and America will loosen, as well as a step in the right way, for human rights.