Thursday Kicking Script

After a few weeks, the whole script can be completed in 45 minutes. THE SCRIPT BEGINS WITH THE... 1. Kickoff Return 2. Offense. The offensive team runs five plays vs the scout defense. We move the ball about five yards on each play, and punt as the sixth play. 3. Punt. The punting team uses its normal coverage against the particular opponent, stressing any special keys that have been worked on during the week. 4. Defense. The defensive team comes in for three plays run by our scout offense from the script used during our mid-week practice. 5. Punt Return. On fourth down, the scout offense punts and the return team runs the designated return for the week. 6. Offense. The offensive team returns for five more plays, scoring on the fifth. 7. X-pt Team comes on for the try after the score. 8. KO Team. The kick-off coverage team works on its normal deep kick coverage. 9. Defense. The defensive team returns for three more plays, during which we work on nohuddle situations and third-down long counts. 10. Punt Return. On this fourth down, we run a special return and/or block situation. 11. Offense. After the punt, the offense runs three plays, after which we fake a punt (12), then run three more plays to score (13). 14. Two-Pt. Conversion. We leave our offense on the field to go for two points, using preselected plays. 15. On-Side KO team works on one or more of its kick recoveries. 16. Defense (GL). Our defense sets up on the goal-line for three or four goal-line plays, most specific for the upcoming game. After the plays, we run our field-goal/x-pt block scheme. 17. Offense Close to GL. The offensive team comes on after the block to run two or three goalline plays, takes a safety (18), which leads to the next progression, a kickoff/punt after a safety (19).

25. three deep and one to two short. Tight Punt/Quick-Kick Situation from deep in our territory. We work on fair-catching the punt. (Victory Formation) . Defense. The offense is given the ball on the 20-yard-line to work on its two-minute offense. This usually ends with our field-goal team running out for a quick field-goal (27). 29. The offense returns for three more plays close to the goal-line. 24. We align in a defensive front with six to seven players and use the four to five secondary players to spread out over the field. drill). 28. Run Out the Clock.Thursday Kicking Script 20. with a special alignment to set us up for a free kick. After the catch. our kicker will get a chance to "win the game" from 35-50 yards out. we work on a long field-goal attempt with return (21) by the defensive unit. At the end of this series. We run several pass plays against our nickel/prevent package. We send an on-side kick recover team (the good hands people) to recover a kick.. 22. Offense (Two-min. 26.. Offense Close to GL. We now flip-flop our scout and start teams so that the scouts are punting from the end zone. Fair Catch/Free Kick Situation. then a. 23. We end the script with the offensive team returning to the field to 'take a knee" two plays to run out the clock. Defense (Nickel). On-Side Kick Return. We run another three-play defense series using backups at each position. to make sure the fair catch is made. making sure we have a substitute ready for Friday night.

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