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BPM & SOA BPM Overview BPM Lifecycle BPMN Business Process Modelling & Analysis Process Orchestrations & Choreographies BPM Architecture Business Process Methodology BRMS Business Rules Configuration and Implementation BAM BPR & BPT Process Analytics & Visualization BPM Case studies Implement a BPM project Service Oriented Architecture Definition How Web Services fit into SOA? Why SOA? SOA Concepts Basic SOA architecture SOA Management What are the Business and Technical values of SOA? What are the key requirements of SOA? What is the SOA Implementation Roadmap? Implement a SOA solution

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EAI & Web Services Why EAI? EAI Overview EAI Terminology & Stack Types of integration Integration Patterns Messaging Patterns Integration Standards B2B Integration What is a Service? Service Description What is a Web Service? WebService Overview Introduction to XML technologies -XML/XSD/XSL WSDL SOAP UDDI Introduction to XSL/Xpath/Xquery Introduction to JAXM/SAAJ/JAXR APIs Web Service Technologies - WSDL/SOAP/UDDI Creating Web Services using AXIS: Top-Down and Buttom-Up approach Introduction to ESB Common Usage Patterns Service Component Architecture Mediation Flow Component Routing Messages Within a Mediation Flow Data Transformation Invocation of Services Error handling in the mediation flow component Testing and Debugging


New to SOA and Web services

Understanding Web Services specifications, Part 1: SOAP

Understanding Web services, Part 2: Web Services Descrip

Understanding Web Services specifications, Part 4: WS-Sec

Understanding Web Services specifications, Part 5: WS-Pol

Good reading series

Standards & References EAI Product Links

Open Source & Commercial BPM tools Bonita: Open Source BPM Jboss Jbpm ProVision Workbench Software Process Visual Architect ProcessMaker Intalio Tibco websphere cordys PEGA global360

Supply chain management The integration of lean management and Six Sigma;jsessionid=B7AEDF87DBB26DA35263BFEB9E211876?Filename=Published/EmeraldFullTextArticle/Pdf/1060 Lean project at Rio Grande Hospital VALUE STREAM MAPPING Business Process Architecture What is business process improvement? BPI.pdf BPI Methodology Business Process Improvement Project Guide A Visible Solution Paper Successfully Performing BPR What is Business process management? BPM and PI: Process discovery- the First step in BPM Making the Case for BPM What is the difference between Workflow Engines and BPM Suites? The Power of Two: Combining Lean Six Sigma and BPM Getting Started with BPM an Introduction to Business Process Management BPM Kit BPM- White Paper Best Practices in e-Business Process Management Business Activity Monitoring Economic Impact on Industry Verticals





Websphere Integration Developer Overview of WebSphere Integration Developer Business Integration Perspective WebSphere Integration Developer Editors Business Process Management New Features of WebSphere Integration Developer V7.0 Base Tools Support WebSphere Process Server Support Key Product Integration WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Integration Introduction to Service Component Architecture Overview of the Service Component SCA Module Assembly Service Data Objects Business Integration Programming Model Overview of the Enterprise Service Bus WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus in the WebSphere Product Family WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Concepts and Features ESB Mediation Module Mediation Module Deployment Mediations in WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Mediation Primitives Message Logger Message Filter Database Lookup XSLT Primitive Stop and Fail Primitives New Primitives Overview of Web Services Web Services Standards Web Services Gateway XML Path Language Basics of XSLT Service Message Object Manipulating a Service Message Object Custom Mediation Primitive WebSphere Process Server Service Components Business Process Choreography Business Process Design Human Tasks in WebSphere Integration Developer Administration of Human Tasks

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