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December 2 7 ,


Mr. Richard K. Otley Director of Evaluation Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board Post Office Box 33 16 Englewood, Colorado 80155 Dear Rich: This is in response to your December 23,2005, letter requesting approval for a promotional partnership with The Quizno's Master LLC to promote the new Prime Rib and Peppercorn Sub Sandwich. We understand that the promotion will include brand or trade names in promotional materials produced by Quizno's We have reviewed and concur with your decision to approve this promotional partnership. Sincerely,

Barry L. Carpenter Deputy Administrator Livestock and Seed Program






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P0 Box 331 6, Englewood, CO 801 55 .. 9 10 E. Nichols Ave., Suite 303, Centennial, CO 80112-3450 1

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'Mr. Bany Carpenter, Dspury ~dministra~or Liveslock & Seed Program USDA-AMS IZooin 0249 - Roo1112092-S 1400 Independence Ave., SW Washington, DC 3,0250-0249 Deal- Bailry: Enclosed is a proposal fro111 rhc Narional Carrlcrnen's Beef Association seeking approval Tor a parrnership wirh T11c Quizno's Mas~cr LLC. Quizno's will be adding a ncw Prime Rib and Peppercorn Sub Sandwich.

The attached proposal describes the complete pi.omorion, product and dates.
Based on the guidelines adoprsd by rbs Bccf Board Execurivc Commirtee, wc will approvc rhis brand or trade name referei~ce seek USDA colicurrence on tl~ar and decision. Sincerely?

Richard K. Otley Direc~or Evalua~ion of

Alrachinents cc:
Kenny Payne Wayne Watlcinson


12 :33


Checkoff Foodservice Partnership Proposal
for Review by Cattlemen's Reef .Board and USDA
1. Corporate name and address oI' ~ 0 m p h n y involved: The Q L I ~ Z I I O ~ S LI,C Master
1475 Lawrence Suite 400 De~ive~.. 80303 CO

2. Brief derci-iption of project:

Quizno's is adding by a lilnired ~ i r ~offcr (LTO) a new sanilwiclz ro rhcir mcnu rl.lar ?c involves the usngc oTa new beefprodrrc~. A delicious Prime Rib Sub made with slowroasted, sliced Prime Rib o f Bezf. Saur2ecl Oniorz and ~nzltsclmozzarella clicesc and a mild pcppercorbllsauce. Will bc callccl Quizno's Piime Rib Sub.
3. .Produets to be refere~~ced, using. exacr name'tllat they will appear:

Quirno's PI-imcRib Sub Sandwich
4. Anricipared dates of effort:

February 20, 200G dlrough May 3 1,2006

5. Approximate amollnt of Beef Checkoff fi~nding involvecl ns well as backgl-onnd on how funds will he used:
6. Approsimate zimount of firnding to bc providcd by the participating partner:
7. . ~ e s c l - i b the visual represenration of rhe Beef Check logo: e


Beef Check 1,ogo wi II appear on 'TV Commercials, Menu Boards, B1.aggcrqSrand Poster, Large Window S~aric CIings and Table Tenrs. Materials and Beef Check niay appear'on Quizno's web site w v _ w ~ ~ i z ~ ~ o s . c o ~ ~ ~
8. Special objecrives to be accomplished: Add sandwich and Primc Rib Beerpi-oducl as a pennanem irem ro Quizno's menu if sales objec~ives anaintd. are Increase rcaclz and frcq~~cncy rhroughoi~r: chain. the Active promotion tl~rougli public rslarions to attain newspaper, magazine, racl io and ~elevision coverage. Increase beef' salcs incremcnrally. Pi~rcliase million increnien~al 2.0 pounds of Prime RibIBsef 9. Authorization request number and cost center which funding for this project comes from:

CBB # 1060504

NCBA # 14 1 0- 1 36G0 AR# P-05-300G

10. How will this project be evaluated: Number of sandwich's sold and pounds of beef (Prime Rib) purchased through approved distriburors.