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Universe is combination of matter, energy, and the bond between energy and matter.

Bondage is the force, which transforms matter to energy and energy to matter. This is a perpetual expansion and contraction in the universe. Who, how, why, when, where are causing is the root cause of this lively universe. Assuming there is a root cause; one can perceive the effects that are available in the universe. The truth of the effects are hidden and not perceivable because the truth of universe is hidden. All the species on earth too are the effects of the root cause. The effects have relative dependencies over the other due to the bondage rather the attractive and repulsive forces. If one may call this root cause as the soul, so the fragments of the soul are the species on earth. Even though the super soul had fragmented, its significances are not lost. Hence the attractive and repulsive forces between the species effects into species population growth. The expansion starts with the repulsive forces and contraction starts by the attractive forces. Hence every fragmented soul at their birth goes away from the super soul and while contraction the fragments soul starts back towards the super soul. The characteristics of the super soul is not defined and so the effects characteristics. Not able to perceive the truth is the ignorance by the fragmented soul Examination of the human fragmented soul shows their behavior or attitude as the learning process during expansion and while contraction leans towards the super soul to get merged with the super soul. Human miseries are due to the hidden truth and humans attitude is same in interaction with other humans and species not able to express the truth which is the ignorance and leading to the ignorance in relating the bond between the super soul and self soul. Since the soul cannot be physically be seen, the brain which gets the inputs from the five sensory organs dominates in understanding. The force or bondage between the soul and super soul could be identified by each individual through intuition, meaning feel of the force between the soul and super soul. Human body is controlled by five sensory organs which acts as both input and out devices. The command from the brain is due the data collected through these five sensory organs. The data from soul is communicated through the basic five elements of the universe: Fire, Land (Minerals), Water, Air and ether (space). All the species are formed with these elements and the fragmented soul passes information to the brain through these. The failure in reaching the data from the fragmented soul to the brain depends more on the data from the sensory organs. Also the data what the soul receives from super soul is getting annihilated and does not get the full data to the brain. Some of the species including humans are able to get the message from super soul which is called intuition. But the brain does not have any previous stored data of these intuitions, which makes further difficulty in interpretation of the message through intuition. Human miseries are due to the non availability of data from its own fragmented soul and super soul. So one has to tune up the body to receive the complete data and pass on without annihilation to brain.

All the seers tried various techniques in making the body to receive the message what soul receives from super soul. So ones way of living helps in the understanding of this bond between the fragmented soul and the super soul