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CARDIO KICKBOXING (All Levels) Kick, jab and upper-cut your way to fitness with this high energy

workout. MOUNDS VIEW Monday This class incorporates a variety of 6:00-6:30AM kickboxing moves to compliment your 6:30-7:15AM current cardiovascular and strength Interval Express training regimen. 11:15-11:45AM






FITNESS YOGA (All Levels) 11:30AM-12:15PM Strength Training Designed to strengthen the entire body and11:45AM-12:00PM improve your physical health and 12:00-12:45PM mental well-being, this yoga class focuses on combining movement and breath. 12:15-1:00PM Fitness Yoga Fitness Yoga is appropriate for all 4:30-5:15PM individuals of all fitness and Yoga levels. STRENGTH TRAINING (All Levels) RICE CREEK Monday Strengthen the entire body with this 7:00-7:45AM workout. You will use a variety of 11:15AM-12:00PM Turbo equipment including: dumbbells, Kick resistance tubing, stability balls, balance 12:00-12:45PM trainers and mat work to train all of the 12:00-12:15PM Core Training major muscle groups of the body.

Interval Express CORE TRAINING (All Levels) A strong core is essential toMixwellThe a balanced fitness program. This 15-minute Turbo Kick Turbo Kick Express workout uses a variety of abdominal and Express back exercises to improve your core body Strength Training strength. Core Training Core Training Fitness Yoga Boot Camp

Cardio Express Strength Training Express (11:45-12:15PM)

THE MIX (All Levels) Boot Camp Mix it up! Class will vary from week to Fitness Yoga week and will incorporate everything from step, The Mix hi/lo and cardio kickboxing to Balance trainers and strength moves. Come ready for a mixture of formats that Tuesday Wednesday include both cardiovascular and strength The Mix training exercises.
Boot Camp Zumba


Monday CARDIOWHQ (All Levels) MIX This class will vary from week to week 11:15-11:45AM and workouts will incorporate everything from 11:45-12:30PM step, hi/lo, balance trainers, Training Strength intervals and cardio kickboxing. This class 12:30-12:45PM will always have a mixture of formats that Fitness Yoga focus 12:30-1:15PM on your cardiovascular endurance.

STEP (All Levels) Fitness Yoga Yoga Express (12-12:30) Challenge your cardiovascular endurance with this fun and energetic class. This classic fitness style will take you through creative combinations to step your way to Tuesday Wednesday Thursday a great workout.
Beginner Step Express BOOT CAMP (All Levels) Boot Camp Strength intense If youre looking for a more Training

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Strength Training Core Training

Cardio Mix (Latin Dance 3rd Thurs of month) Core Training

Wellness Centers

Strength Training Express

STEP & STRENGTH: (All Levels) Alternating circuits of step with strength SULLIVAN LAKE Monday training combine the best of both worlds 11:15am-12:00PM Strength Training in this class. Plan to get your heart pumping and muscles working for a great 11:30AM-12:00PM workout.
12:00PM-12:15PM Yoga/Stretch

EXPRESS CLASSES: Fitness Yoga Express (All Levels) 5:15PM-5:45PM Experience the same great classes - just dance background to get a great workout. in a shorter amount of time! All EXPRESS classes listed on the schedule INTERVAL TRAINING (All Levels) This class is an excellent way to burn are 30 minute workouts. calories, build cardiovascular endurance and your workouts more interesting. Interval training involves alternating high

Core Training combination of strength training, plyometrics and cardiovascular exercises, Fitness Yoga then thisMix class is for you! Boot Camp The combines sports training drills and calisthenics to give you an intense Please note: Tuesday Wednesday workout. A minimum of three Strength participants must Training LATIN DANCE (All Levels)be on ThisCardio Mixanfloor within 5 minutes class is the international rhythms of cardio dance class that mixes Latin, hipCore Training the designated class Yoga/Stretch start time to hold class.not need hop and belly dancing. You do

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World Headquarters 763-505-3202 Rice Creek 763-505-8989 Mounds View

Fitness Yoga Express (11:45-12:15)

Boot Camp

Core Training