A. Essay Type Questions (PPT: Lecture 6) 1. What is Zakat? (Pages 366-367; PPT 13-14) 2. What are the benefits of Zakat? Explain. (Pages 367-368) 3. What are the TWO types of Zakat? Explain. (PPT 19-25) 4. What are the conditions for Zakat Al Fitr. (PPT 22-23) 5. Describe the conditions of Zakat payment. (Page 369) 6. Describe the eight (8) categories of people who can receive Zakat. (Pages 369-370) Are there 7 /8 beneficiaries in Malaysia? (PPT 30) 7. Describe those who cannot receive the Zakat. (Page 370) B. Quantitative Type Questions (PPT: Lecture 7) Zakat Calculation Students are advised to follow the same Math alike to their Mid-Term exam.

Waqf (Follow the Lecture 08 final updated)
Essay Type Questions 1. What is Waqf? (Pages 380-381) 2. What are the different types/ categories of Waqf? Explain. (Article Page no 12156) 3. What are the characteristics/ restrictions to Waqf? Explain. (Page No 382-383, PPT 7) 4. Describe the conditions for validity of Waqf. (Page No. 384-385) 5. Describe the three types of endowment Assets. (Page No. 385) 6. What are the TEN (10) stipulations for the creations of Waqf? Explain. (Page no 386; PPT. 13-15)

There are different types of Waqf model. Describe Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process. Writes short notes on The Islamic Equities Market. (PPT 7-8) 7. Page no 182-183) 4. 41-47. Explain any one of them. What makes securities so attractive that shareholders are willing to part with their ownership when they go public? (PPT 29) 6. (PPT 19-24. (PPT 5-6) 3. Explain the Stock Screening for the Dow Jones Islamic Index. (Page no. (Article Page no 1257.7. (PPT 54-56) .) 10. (PPT 27-28. 388-389. Explain the Shariah Screening of Stocks in Malaysia. Describe different types of Debt instruments. What are the main features of investments in Real estate. 185) 5. What are the components of Islamic Equity Market? (PPT 9-10) 8. (Page no. Identify risk elements inherent in the investment in securities. 12159-12162) Investment in Securities (PPT: Lecture 10) Essay Type Questions 1. (PPT 31-36. PPT1718) 8. (PPT 51-52) 11. Page no. (PPT 48-50) 10. Make Comparison of Stock Screening Techniques between the Dow Jones Islamic Index (DJII) with that of the Malaysian SAC. and Securities? Discuss their differences. What is the significance of cash Waqf over other types of Waqf particularly land? (Article pages no 12156. What are the different types of securities? Explain. Describe the modes of Financing for Movable Waqf. 387-388. Describe the modes of Financing for Immovable Waqf. (PPT 17-18) 2. Page no 185-188) 9. PPT 19) 9.

209-210) Issues Related to Wealth Planning and Management (PPT: Lecture 09) Essay Type Questions 1. . Explain the typical structure of sukuk. Page no 192) What are the features of sukuk that are globally acceptable? (Lecture note/ Critical thinking) 14. (PPT 79-89. (PPT 70) 15. (PPT 5963) 13. Describe the users and providers of wealth planning services. Page no 192-193) 16. Compare and contrast between Sukuk and Bond.12. What is Islamic Debt Securities (Sukuk)? (PPT 64. Is there really a need for regulatory control when you find that the banking and other financial sector has gone into deregulation instead? (Lecture note/ critical thinking). Page No. Page no 195-201) 17. Explain different types of model that are for pricing / valuation of stocks. What in your opinion is the most important function of governing bodies in the wealth management industry? (Lecture note/ Critical thinking) 3. (PPT 4-9. (PPT 56. Describe different types of Malaysian Islamic Money Market Instruments. 406-409) 2. (Page No. Elucidate CAPM model.

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