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O n e o f the first tactics emplo yed by the Fello wship was to expand o utward fro m the Cedars. The Fello wship purchased two ho mes in clo se pro ximity to the Cedars that became "gro up ho mes" (do rmito ries) in vio latio n o f co unty o rdinances pro hibiting such ho mes witho ut pro per state and co unty accreditatio n. The Fello wship argued that it had verbal autho rizatio n fro m the co unty fo r such ho mes, a po int o f co ntentio n with so me o f the no n-Fello wship neighbo rs. The two ho mes are called Ivanwald (a gro up ho me fo r men) and Po to mac Po int (a gro up ho me fo r wo men). It was well kno wn to the neighbo rs that these gro up ho mes were used to ho use tro ubled teens and yo ung adults (a significant number o f them were the children o f pro minent po liticians and businessmen) but the Fello wship kept the names and ho me addresses o f these mo stly o ut-o f-state "guests" a secret fro m the co unty go vernment and the lo cal Wo o dmo nt Civic Asso ciatio n, which began to co mplain abo ut the o ut-o f-state traffic as well as certain VIP limo usines co nstantly speeding thro ugh the quiet residential neighbo rho o d in no rth Arlingto n. Altho ugh secrecy was paramo unt to its o peratio ns, the Fello wship saw a need fo r a public relatio ns po int man. They selected Richard E. Carver, a fo rmer Republican mayo r o f Peo ria, Illino is; a reserve Air Fo rce co lo nel, and Assistant Secretary o f the Air Fo rce fo r Financial Management under Ro nald Reagan. In 19 8 2, Carver, a member o f Reagan’s Co mmissio n o n Ho using, reco mmended cutting billio ns o f do llars fro m the Department o f Ho using and Urban Develo pment’s Sectio n 8 ho using pro gram. That resulted in tho usands o f peo ple, including families with children, go ing ho meless acro ss the natio n. Acco rding to the Chicago Tribune, Carver caused waves in the Air Fo rce when he insisted o n purchasing custo m made Air Fo rce dinnerware and whiskey glasses fro m a West German manufacturer fo r the use o f 6 5 Air Fo rce attaches in capital aro und the wo rld. It turned o ut that Carver wanted to impress the to p management at Passau, West Germany-based ZF Industries with his abilities to expedite pro curement thro ugh the vast Air Fo rce bureaucracy. There was o ne pro blem fo r Carver – the Pentago n had a directive pro hibiting such purpo ses except fo r a very few to p flag rank o fficers. In 19 8 6 , Carver bypassed the Secretary o f Defense and went straight to the Secretary o f the Air Fo rce fo r autho rizatio n to spend $10 0 ,0 0 0 o n the West German dinnerware. When the co st o f the dinnerware increased to $115,0 0 0 , Air Fo rce purchasing o fficers began to co mplain. Subsequently, the West German china manufacturer went thro ugh ZF Industries to co mplain that the co st did no t co ver shipping. Carver then requested additio nal mo ney fo r shipping co sts. When that po sed a pro blem, carver suggested that the dinnerware o rder be increased to $1.1 millio n to co ver the o riginal o rder in additio n to custo m made china fo r 138 co mmanders, mo stly co lo nels, o f Air Fo rce bases and statio ns aro und the wo rld. Lt. Gen. Carl Smith, chief o f the Air Staff, then put his fo o t do wn – telling Carver that his china deal was way o ut o f line. Smith said if co lo nels received dinnerware, every general wo uld want it also . The bill co uld to p $6 .3 millio n. Smith to ld Carver the mo ney co uld be used to impro ve dilapidated ho using fo r o fficers and enlisted men in so me o f the Air Fo rce’s residential units. Carver to ld General Smith that he sho uld reco nsider, whereupo n, Smith

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reto rted with a firm "No ." In o ther wo rds, Smith was no t abo ut the fo llo w such a ludicro us o rder fro m a civilian superio r. Carver eventually left the Pentago n. He ho o ked up with the Fello wship as its majo r fro nt man, became a co nsultant fo r Smith Barney (it was repo rted that Carver actually was retained by Smith Barney as a co nsultant while he still wo rked at the Pentago n at a fee o f $9 20 a mo nth), and jo ined ZF Industries as head o f its U.S. subsidiary. The Chicago Tribune referred to Carver as an "Ed Meese o f the Pentago n." The co mpariso n was serendipito us. Meese, Reagan’s ethically-challenged Atto rney General, was also a co re member o f the Fello wship. One o f Carver’s deputies at the time was Ernie Fitzgerald, the whistleblo wer who , in 19 6 8 , identified a $2 billio n o verrun with the C5A cargo plane. His reputatio n as a do gged whistleblo wer o n go vernment waste and fraud with co ntracto rs, Carver quickly gave Fitzgerald and unfavo rable perfo rmance repo rt and transferred Fitzgerald o ut o f his o ffice, which pro mpted a co mplaint fro m Representative Jo hn Dingell (D-MI), a determined watchdo g o n co ntracto r o verruns. Carver to ld Peo ple magazine, "Ernie has the capacity to really irritate peo ple . . . He has a kind o f antago nistic way o f do ing things." Certainly, no t the way o f the Fello wship, where peo ple smile, talk abo ut their co mmitment to "Jesus," and engage in backro o m shady deals. So o n, Carver wo uld turn his attentio n away fro m the likes o f Fitzgerald and to wards the suspicio us neighbo rs o f the Cedars. Residents o f the Wo o dmo nt neighbo rho o d o f Arlingto n no ticed so mething strange abo ut the Cedars sho rtly after the Fello wship mo ved in. One lo ng time Arlingto nian was hired to do so me plumbing at the estate. He no ticed in 19 8 0 that the estate’s "carriage ho use" had been co nverted into a gro up ho me. Men and wo men who stayed there were assigned cho res aro und the co mplex – wo men wo uld co o k and do the laundry while the men wo uld tend to the lawn and perfo rm o ther maintenance wo rk. In 19 8 0 , the Fello wship referred to themselves no t o nly as "The Family" but also "The Way." The plumber also no ticed that the o ld "well ho use," which sat in an extreme co rner o f the estate, o verlo o king Washingto n, DC, was co nverted into a residence. Altho ugh that ho me appears no where o n Arlingto n zo ning maps, neighbo rs have disco vered that it serves as the residence fo r Co e when he visits the Cedars.

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After it became apparent that the Fello wship was establishing much mo re than a place o f wo rship in No rth Arlingto n, neighbo rs became mo re co ncerned. The first event that triggered suspicio n was when a o ne-lane bridge that carried cars, bicycles, and pedestrians o n No rth Uhle Street o ver Spo ut Run Parkway co llapsed. The Fello wship saw to it that witho ut the bridge, it turned its end o f what was renamed 24th Street became a secured cul-de-sac. Even tho ugh the very end o f 24th Street remains co unty pro perty, the Fello wship painted the bridge suppo rts white to give them the appearance that they were a "gate" o nto the Fello ws hip’s private pro perty. When no n-Fello wship neighbo rs tried to have the o ne-lane bridge rebuilt as a pedestrian and bicycle trail, the Fello wship reso rted to a nasty campaign to discredit and harass the pro po nents. As a result, a mini-civil war bro ke o ut in quiet Wo o dmo nt. So me residents suggested the Fello wship actually sabo taged the o riginal No rth Uhle Street bridge to pro vide permanent secrecy and security. wship member o f the neighbo ring 19 -acre estate pro perty, which was reso ld Similar suspicio ns surro und the purchase by a Fello Mozilla/5.0
T HINK! to Arlingto n Co unty. The co unty turned it into a histo ric site and park – the Fo rt C.S. Smith Park. Ho wever, a number o f residents co ntend the Fello wship wanted the park to be a security buffer zo ne. Originally, there were plans to build a nursing ho me o n the adjo ining pro perty. Altho ugh the park clo ses at night, it keeps its lights o n 24 ho urs a day. A go vernment so urce co nfided the Fello wship wo rked o ut a deal with the co unty to keep the lights o n so the parking lo t can be used as an emergency helipo rt in the (Windows; U; Windows NTthe Cedars mustrv: VIPs. event 5.1; en-US; evacuate its In August 20 0 3, Ivanwald and the Cedars received the kind o f attentio n it disdains. The Washingto n Po st ran a co uple o f sto ries abo ut James Hammo nd, a 21-year-o ld male resident o f Ivanwald, who bro ke into fo ur ho mes in the Wo o dmo nt neighbo rho o d lo o king fo r prescriptio n drugs. Altho ugh he bro ke into fo ur ho mes, he pleaded guilty to breaking into o nly two . Ro se Keho e, the past president o f the Wo o dmo nt Civic Asso ciatio n, co mplained abo ut the secrecy asso ciated with the Fello wship’s do rmito ries fo r the tro ubled yo uth. So me neighbo rs argued that criminal backgro und checks sho uld be required fo r the residents o f the Fello wship ho mes. In additio n, residents o f Wo o dmo nt, who referred to the Fello wship as the "po d peo ple," co mplained that additio nal Fello wship yo uth were being ho used in o ther Fello wship ho mes in the neighbo rho o d. Over twenty ho mes in the Wo o dmo nt neighbo rho o d were purchased by Fello wship members as o f the end o f 20 0 4. Keho e to ld the Po st, "We do n’t kno w who is running aro und. We do n’t kno w if they are criminals o r previo us sex o ffenders."


who is running aro und. We do n’t kno w if they are criminals o r previo us sex o ffenders." One lo cal resident to ld the Arlingto n Co unty Bo ard that the yo ung peo ple who stay at the Cedars co mplex appear "abno rmally passive." She said that they wait fo r "Go d to tell them what to do ."

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Carver, the Fello wship spo kesman, insisted the Fello wship had an info rmal verbal no d fro m the co unty. A number o f the yo ung residents who filter in and o ut o f Ivanwald and Po to mac Po int are students fro m Christian evangelical Westmo nt Co llege in Santa Barbara, Califo rnia. Ano ther bo ne o f co ntentio n between the Fello wship and residents was the speeding limo usines that transpo rted U.S. and internatio nal po litical VIPs to and fro m the Cedars. On Tuesday mo rnings, the Cedars ho sts an "ambassado rs breakfast," while o n Thursday mo rnings, fo rmer Senato r Charles Percy ho sts so mething called the "Internatio nal Finance Meeting" fo r 25 peo ple. One retired Washingto n, DC newspaper edito r who has lived in Wo o dmo nt fo r 48 years referred to the Fello wship as the "rich Christians." Do ug Co e has also played ho st to arch neo -co nservative Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wo lfo witz (who is Jewish) at prayer meetings at the Cedars, which is all the mo re intriguing since Bush selected Wo lfo witz to be the next President o f the Wo rld Bank. A U.S. State Department bus transpo rts fo reign and U.S. diplo mats to and fro m the Cedars fo r the Tuesday mo rning 7:30 -9 :30 a.m. meeting. Yet mo re limo usines arrive at the Cedars fo r a meeting held at 9 :30 p.m. o n Sundays. The co unty placed speed bumps o n 24th Street to answer the co ncerns abo ut speeding mo to rcades but they did no t deter the speeding. One neighbo r estimated that there are so me 8 0 limo usine trips per week to the Cedars. Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat visited the Cedars in 19 9 9 co mplete with his auto matic weapo n-carrying security guards. Out-o f-state license plates abo und at the Cedars co mpo und. To say that the Cedars is wired into American fo reign po licy wo uld be an extreme understatement. One o f the Fello wship’s co re members with significant links to the fo reign po licy establishment, including the Center fo r Strategic and Internatio nal Studies (CSIS), is Dr. Do uglas Jo hnsto n, a veteran o f nuclear submarines, Deputy Assistant Secretary o f the Navy and Directo r o f Po licy Planning and Management in the Office o f the Secretary o f Defense under Jimmy Carter, and the fo under and president o f the Internatio nal Center fo r Religio n and Diplo macy. Jo hnsto n, who was invo lved in vario us internatio nal co nflict reso lutio n pro grams, prepared a co nflict reso lutio n casebo o k in which he cites Buchman’s Mo ral Rearmament po st-war reco nciliatio n effo rts between Germany and France. Of co urse, fo r Buchman and his friends, tho se effo rts largely invo lved no thing mo re than reintegrating suppo rters o f the German Nazis and Vichy French back into go vernment and business. The Cedars have ho sted vario us wo rld leaders – beco ming what has amo unted to a shado w State Department. Perhaps its impo rtance as an internatio nal rendezvo us po int is why several miles o f fiber o ptic cables have been installed at the Cedars by Verizo n and Co mcast. In o ne instance, the Fello wship requested permissio n to build an "undergro und chapel" o n the Cedars premises. Altho ugh the facility was never built, neighbo rs suspected that it was a bo mb shelter. Lo cal residents, who , as they put it, have no t drunk the Fello wship’s "Ko o l Aid," po int to the co nstantly expanding Fello wship enclave in Arlingto n. They claim the Fello wship has taken o ver two lo cal church co ngregatio ns – Falls Church Episco pal and Cherrydale Baptist – as well as o pening their o wn private scho o l – Rivendell. Two o ther no rthern Virginia churches repo rtedly have a number o f Fello wship co ngregants – Po to mac Falls Episco pal and McLean Bible Church. In additio n, Arlingto n skeptics o f the Fello wship po int to the increasing po litical clo ut o f the Fello wship, fo r example, in placing o ne o f its members, Michael Fo ster, o n the Arlingto n Planning Co mmissio n as chairman, successfully buying the vo tes o f fo ur o f the five members o f the Arlingto n Co unty Bo ard (all Demo crats), and installing an ally as president o f the Wo o dmo nt Civic Asso ciatio n. So metimes, the Fello wship invites members and no n-members alike to special functio ns at the Cedars. Fo r example, it sent o ut this invitatio n in 20 0 4:


HISTORY UNITES US Wo o dmo nt Neighbo rs and Friends o f the Cedars Are co rdially invited to attend a Free Lecture o n Oriental Rugs Safi Kaskas o f Beirut, Lebano n Saturday, May 1, 20 0 4 Ho sts: Ho n. And Mrs. Do n Bo nker [fo rmer Demo cratic Representative fro m State o f Washingto n]

When no n-members attend such functio ns at the Cedars, they are assigned o ne perso n who fo llo ws them everywhere they go . In every ro o m in the Cedars, they are always under the watchful gaze o f a pho to graph o f Billy Graham. Co e has been referred to as the "shado w Billy Graham." Acco rding to Arlingto nians who have investigated the Fello wship, Do ug Co e o nce o wned a residence in very liberal Tako ma Park, Maryland and co ntinues to o wn residences in Annapo lis, Maryland (where he and his fo llo wers have similarly taken o ver a residential area cul-de-sac) and Seattle, Washingto n, the o ne-time ho meto wn o f his mento r Vereide. Lo cal po liticians po int to the Fello wship’s genero us po litical co ntributio ns as a way o f buying influence and maintaining their secrecy in the co unty. Ano ther tro ubleso me aspect to the Fello wship’s expanding presence in Arlingto n is a resurgence o f Nazi activity in the co unty. "White po wer" and Nazi gro ups co ntinue to ho ld meetings in the same No rth Arlingto n neighbo rho o ds where Ro ckwell and his Nazis o nce lived. The rise o f Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke in Lo uisiana GOP po litics spurred the Nazi mo vement aro und the co untry, including the persistent cell in Arlingto n. As late as 19 9 9 , these meetings attracted Nazi skinheads fro m aro und the co untry as well as fo reign leaders, like the leader o f the British Natio nal Fro nt, a racist, ultra-right party. In additio n, there were very recent cases o f anti-Semitism experienced by members o f o ne o f the lo cal American Legio n po sts. It sho uld be recalled that the American Legio n was to be used as the vanguard o f the 19 30 s right-wing co up against Franklin Ro o sevelt. In December 20 0 4, suspected white supremacist arso nists set fire to do zens o f expensive ho mes under co nstructio n in nearby Indian Head, Maryland in a subdivisio n called Hunters Bro o ke. So me o f the ho mes had been purchased by African Americans. At least ten o f 26 ho mes set ablaze were severely damaged. Immediately, the right wing media began blaming "eco -terro rists," but so o n the real culprits were so o n unco vered. It emerged that at least five white racists charged with the arso n were members o f a gro up called "The Family," which is, iro nically, o ne o f the names used by the Fello wship. But the Fello wship has shed much o f its fo rmer ties to the Nazis and fascists. Altho ugh the fascist ideo lo gy is behind the scenes, the Fello wship has dro pped its explicit hatred fo r o ther races and religio ns. One o bserver called the Fello wship "Fascism with a smiley face." Fo r a gro up with so much po wer, it is amazing that since the early 19 70 s, o nly a handful o f meaningful articles have been written abo ut it. In the early 19 70 s, Playbo y wro te abo ut Senato r Hatfield’s asso ciatio n with the gro up. The Po rtland [Maine] Pho enix wro te a sto ry abo ut Go verno r Baldacci’s ties to the gro up and the Las Vegas Weekly lo o ked into Senato r Ensign’s membership in the gro up. Two majo r expo ses were Jeff Sharlet’s Harper’s article, "Jesus Plus No thing," and Lisa Getter’s article in the Lo s Angeles Times. The Washingto n Po st wro te abo ut the Fello wship after the break-ins o f ho mes in Arlingto n by resident o f Ivanwald and the resulting pro blems with neighbo rs and co unty. Perennial Demo cratic presidential candidate Lyndo n LaRo uche’s vario us publicatio ns have also fo cused o n the Fello wship and its influence in go vernment. But aside fro m tho se articles and so me mentio n o n a few Weblo gs, the Fello wship co ntinued to maintain its preferred secretive existence.

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During the 20 0 4 electio n campaign, no rthern Virginia Demo cratic co ngressio nal candidate James So cas highlighted the membership in the Fello wship o f his o ppo nent, incumbent Republican Frank Wo lf. So cas said his research indicated that Wo lf was a member o f a religio us cult who se leadership praised the leadership qualities o f Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Lenin and Osama Bin Laden. The So cas campaign released a repo rt titled, "Who is Frank Wo lf? Mo derate Republican o r Leader o f the Religio us Right?" The Washingto n Po st also repo rted o n So cas’s charges that Wo lf was a member o f an extremist religio us gro up and Wo lf’s respo nse that the charges were "bo gus." The Fello wship’s public relatio ns man Carver to ld the Po st that So cas’s charges were "ludicro us." Co e did no t return pho ne calls fro m the Po st. It was the kind o f po litical do nnybro o k the Fello wship abho rred but here was a co ngressio nal candidate bringing to light the membership in "the Family" o f o ne o f the Ho use’s mo st po werful Republicans. In yet ano ther example sho wing the ties between the Fello wship and the neo -co nservative mo vement, the Po st quo ted Michael Ho ro witz o f the neo -co n Hudso n Institute defending Wo lf. Lamely, and o bvio usly witho ut researching the histo ry o f the Fello wship, Ho ro witz called So cas’s linking o f Wo lf to a gro up that praised Hitler no thing mo re than "hate speech" and "McCarthyism." Turning the "Peo ple’s Ho use" Into the "Peo ple’s Temple" Adding to the Fello wship’s perceptio n as a po werful and secretive o rganizatio n is its o wnership o f a bo arding ho use and co nference center aro und the co rner fro m the U.S. Capito l at 133 C Street, SE, Washingto n, DC. At any given time, eight members o f the Senate and Ho use have resided at the C Street Center where they sleep, pray, and eat fo r a mere $6 0 0 a mo nth. C Street Center resident Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI) claimed o n his Federal Electio n Co mmissio n expense repo rt that he paid the C Street Fo undatio n $76 2 o n December 11, 20 0 1. Similar bo arding ho uses have been set up by the Fello wship in Lo ndo n fo r Members o f Parliament and in Mo sco w fo r members o f the State Duma. Past and current residents o f the C Street Center have included fo rmer Representatives Steve Largent (R-OK) and Ed Bryant (RTN), fo rmer Representative and current Demo cratic Go verno r o f Maine Jo hn E. Baldacci, Senato rs Sam Bro wnback (R-KS) (Bro wnback is also a member o f the right-wing Fascist-o riented Opus Dei sect within the Catho lic Church), Senato r Jim DeMint (R-SC), Jo hn Ensign (R-NV), and To m Co burn (R-OK), Representatives Mike Do yle (R-PA), Bart Stupak (D-MI), Zach Wamp (RTN), and fo rmer Senato r Do n Nickles (R-OK). Other past members included Senato rs Sam Nunn (D-GA), Jo hn Chafee (R-RI), Ro ger Jepsen (R-IA), Charles Percy (R-IL), Stro m Thurmo nd (R-SC), David Durenberger (R-MN), Jennings Rando lph (D-WV), Paul Trible (R-VA), Phil Gramm (R-TX), William Armstro ng (R-CO), Lawto n Chiles (D-FL), Dan Co ats (R-IN), Jeremiah Dento n (R-AL), Jo hn Stennis (D-MS), Al Go re, Jr. (D-TN), and Larry Pressler (R-SD), and fo rmer Representatives J. C. Watts (R-OK), Ro bert Do rnan (R-CA), and To ny Hall (DOH). Geo rge W. Bush named Hall, who purpo rted to be a stro ng defender o f human rights, to be U.S. ambassado r to the United Natio ns fo r Wo rld Hunger. In typical Fello wship fashio n, Hall immediately began to lo bby the UN o n behalf o f Mo nsanto to accept genetically-mo dified fo o ds. Other significant members o f the Fello wship are Senato rs Charles Grassley (R-IA), Pete Do menici (R-NM), Co nrad Burns (RMT), Richard Lugar (R-IN), James Inho fe (R-OK), Bill Nelso n (D-FL) (Nelso n’s wife Grace serves o n the Fello wship Fo undatio n’s Bo ard o f Directo rs), and Rick Santo rum (R-PA), Senate Majo rity Leader Bill Frist (R-TN), and Geo rge Allen (R-VA), Speaker o f the Ho use Dennis Hastert (R-IL), Representatives Frank Wo lf (R-VA), To m DeLay (R-TX), To m Feeney (R-FL), Curt Weldo n (R-PA), Jerry Weller (R-IL), and Jo seph Pitts (R-PA). Friends o f the Fello wship, if no t o utright members, include Senato rs Mitch McCo nnell (R-KY), Jo n Kyl (R-AZ), Ho use Majo rity Whip Ro y Blunt (R-MO), and fo rmer Senato r Zell Miller (D-GA). One o f the mo re interesting affiliates o f the Fello wship is Senato r and fo rmer First Lady Hillary Ro dham Clinto n (D-NY). A fo rmer "Go ldwater Girl" in the 19 6 4 presidential campaign, Mrs. Clinto n seemed to have partially reco vered so me o f her earlier co nservative underpinnings. Acco rding to her auto bio graphy, Living Histo ry, after her husband became president, Clinto n paid a visit to a wo men’s meeting at the Cedars o n February 24, 19 9 3. Present were Susan Baker (wife o f the first Bush’s Secretary o f

State, James Baker III), Grace Nelso n (wife o f Flo rida’s Bill Nelso n), Jo anne Kemp (wife o f fo rmer HUD Secretary Jack Kemp), Linda LeSo urd Lader (wife o f Clinto n ambassado r to Britain and fo under o f the Renaissance Weekend Phil Lader – the Renaissance Weekend in Charlesto n, So uth Caro lina is billed by Lader as a "spiritual" event), and Ho lly Leachman o f the Falls Church Episco pal Church (o ne o f the churches taken o ver by the Fello wship). Leachman and her husband Jerry had been invo lved in 19 9 7 with a Cleveland, Ohio Fello wship adjunct called the Family Fo rum. The Leachmans were interviewed by ABC’s Nightline o n February 25, 20 0 4. They exto lled the virtues o f Mel Gibso n’s co ntro versial film, The Passio n o f the Christ, alo ng with o ther evangelicals, including so me Jewish co nverts to Christianity. Senato r Clinto n admits to having a co ntinuing clo se relatio nship with Susan Baker, thro ugh Baker’s visits to Capito l Hill and the letters she and o ther Fello wship wives wro te her during the impeachment pro ceedings against President Clinto n. Even Bill Clinto n seemed to have been taken in by the Fello wship. In his auto bio graphy, My Life, Clinto n brags that he never missed a Natio nal Prayer Breakfast. In his auto bio graphy, Bill Clinto n erro neo usly writes that it was no t until 20 0 0 that Co e invited the first Jew, Senato r Jo seph Lieberman (D-CT), to speak at the breakfast. Ho wever, New Yo rk Mayo r Ed Ko ch spo ke at the Natio nal Prayer Breakfast in 19 8 1 Senato r Jaco b Javits in 19 8 4, and Arthur Burns in 19 8 6 . Iro nically, it was Susan Baker’s husband who served as the po litical fix-it man fo r Clinto n’s Vice President Al Go re in delivering Flo rida’s 25 electo ral vo tes to Geo rge W. Bush in 20 0 0 , co sting Go re the White Ho use. In fact, Senato r Clinto n wro te that all o f her relatio nships with the Fello wship began with the luncheo n she attended in 19 9 3. In her bio graphy, Senato r Clinto n writes o f Do uglas Co e, "[he] is a genuinely lo ving spiritual mento r . . . Do ug Co e became a so urce o f strength and friendship." Of co urse, Clinto n is referring to the perio d o f time when her husband was being harassed by co nservative Republicans o ut fo r blo o d – the Whitewater investigatio n and impeachment hearings bro ught abo ut by what she called the "vast right-wing co nspiracy" against her husband. It is amazing that Mrs. Clinto n wo uld have established such a trusting relatio nship with peo ple who were the "vast right-wing co nspiracy" that she co mplained abo ut so vo cifero usly. Nevertheless, Mrs. Clinto n remained clo se to Co e, who she invited to acco mpany her as a member o f the U.S. delegatio n that attended Mo ther Theresa’s state funeral in Calcutta in 19 9 7. Mo ther Theresa had spo ken at Co e’s Natio nal Prayer Breakfast meeting in Washingto n in 19 9 4. Fro m that platfo rm, Mo ther Theresa launched a verbal bro adside against President Clinto n’s pro -abo rtio n po licy. Fo r Co e, being at Mo ther Theresa’s state funeral was a strange juxtapo sitio n fro m his repo rted attendance at Bo hemian Gro ve meetings o f San Francisco ’s elite Bo hemian Club – festivities that are replete with pagan rites. But as o ne s enio r Pentago n o fficial said, "the Fello wship has no thing to do with Go d o r Jesus, it is a capitalist cult." One o f the majo r members o f the Bo hemian Club is fo rmer NASA administrato r Sean O’Keefe, who is also clo se to co nservative Christian Representative To m Feeney (R-FL), the fo rmer Lieutenant Go verno r running mate o f Jeb Bush in the 19 9 4 Flo rida gubernato rial electio n, a majo r po litical o perative in 20 0 0 ’s fixed presidential electio n when he was Speaker o f the Flo rida Ho use o f Representatives, atto rney and registered lo bbyist fo r Yang Enterprises – the NASA co ntracto r accused o f creating rigged electio n so ftware and spying fo r China, and the po litician accused o f helping to launder large sums o f mo ney thro ugh the Flo rida Department o f Transpo rtatio n – the agency that co ntro ls o ne o f Flo rida’s biggest cash co ws – the to ll turnpikes. Other impo rtant wo men members o f the Fello wship are Interio r Secretary Gale No rto n, fo rmer Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, Secretary o f State Co ndo leezza Rice, and Eileen Bakke, the wife o f fo rmer Advanced Energy Systems (AES) CEO Dennis Bakke. Dennis Bakke, who was succeeded at AES by fo rmer Geo rge H. W. Bush Budget directo r and current Carlyle Gro up o fficial Richard Darman, resigned after allegatio ns that Bakke funneled AES revenues into the Fello wship. AES became infamo us when it to o k o ver the Republic o f Geo rgia’s electrical distributio n system and began cutting o ff electricity to tho se who never paid fo r it under So viet rule. Affected were elderly peo ple o n fixed pensio ns, yo ung co uples, and even the Tbilisi airpo rt and an impo rtant military base. Dennis Bakke is a resident o f the Cedars neighbo rho o d where he o wns an estate called Do gwo o d Rise. Entertainers and spo rts figures have also been featured at the Fello wship’s po litical prayer meetings o ver the years. They have included Jim Nabo rs, Dallas Co wbo y co ach To m Landry, and the Washingto n Redskins co ach Jo e Gibbs and fullback Charlie Harraway.

No t every member o f Co ngress tho ught the Fello wship’s activities o n Capito l Hill were appro priate. Fo rmer Senato r Lo well Weicker (R-CT) to ld The Washingto n Po st in 19 8 1 that the Christian evangelicals "want to pro selytize the who le co untry . . . That’s what I’m fighting against." Fo rmer Senato r and Demo cratic presidential candidate Geo rge McGo vern (D-SD), the so n o f a minister, to ld the Po st, "tho se guys have such a perso nal view o f religio n that it isn’t reflected o n the Senate flo o r -- if anything, they lean o ver backwards to avo id so cial issues . . . o ne o f my criticisms is that they do n’t see the so cial implicatio n o f mo ral and religio us faith." Fo rmer So uth Caro lina Senato r Fritz Ho llings (D-SC), a devo ut Lutheran, never went to a Fello wship meeting. Acco rding to lo ng-time investigative jo urnalist Ro bert Parry, in 19 8 3, Representative Jim Leach (R-IA), speaking at a meeting o f the mo derate Republican Ripo n So ciety, warned that the Co llege Natio nal Republican Co mmittee, o nce headed by Karl Ro ve, had so licited and received mo ney fro m Mo o n’s Unificatio n Church. Ro ve’s successo r, Gro ver No rquist, disrupted Leach’s presentatio n. No rquist is no w an uno fficial adviser to bo th Ro ve and Geo rge W. Bush. And like the Fello wship, also had links to the Similarly, fo r tho se who questio n o r criticize the Fello wship, Co e has a patent respo nse, "They are enemies o f Jesus." A senato r who incurred the wrath o f the Fello wship and its allies was the man who challenged Geo rge W. Bush fo r the Republican presidential no minatio n in 20 0 0 – Jo hn McCain. After McCain beat Bush in New Hampshire, the right-wing evangelicals pulled o ut all the sto ps to nail McCain o n their ho me turf – So uth Caro lina. Christian o peratives asso ciated with Karl Ro ve, Ralph Reed, and So uth Caro lina’s Bo b Jo nes University began spreading rumo rs – thro ugh "push po lls," e-mail, sermo ns, and wo rd-o f-mo uth that McCain fathered an illegitimate "black girl" o ut o f wed lo ck (a reference to his ado pted Bangladeshi daughter), that he was a traito r while a priso ner o f war in No rth Vietnam, that his wife Cindy was a druggie, and that he was gay. The gambit paid o ff. McCain was tro unced by Bush in So uth Caro lina and Bush went o n to win the Republican no minatio n. Fo r the Christian mafia, Bush was their best ho pe fo r to tal co ntro l since the fo unding o f the United States. Next, the fundamentalists turned their attentio n to the Demo cratic no minee – Al Go re, a fo rmer theo lo gical seminary student. Altho ugh Go re wo n the po pular vo te fo r President, a phalanx o f right-wing GOP o peratives descended o n the pivo tal state o f Flo rida to engage in judicial subterfuge after widespread vo ter suppressio n to o k place at the po lling places. Two fundamentalists o n the U.S. Supreme Co urt – Anto nin Scalia (an Opus Dei member) and Clarence Tho mas (who also has stro ng links to Opus Dei) – vo ted with three o ther members to sto p the Flo rida vo te reco unt, ensuring that Bush wo n the White Ho use. Nevertheless, Go re has always admired Do ug Co e, even calling him his "perso nal hero ." The Mo o n o rganizatio n also gained immense influence in the Geo rge W. Bush administratio n. No t o nly had Bush’s father taken Mo o n’s mo ney to give speeches after he left o ffice, but the junio r Bush appo inted Unificatio n Church members to sensitive po sts in his administratio n. David Caprara, head o f Mo o n’s American Family Co alitio n, was appo inted to head the AmericCo rps’s antipo verty pro gram, VISTA (Vo lunteers in Service to America). Mo o n’s rheto ric wo uld track with the right-wing po licies o f Bush – Mo o n called gays "dung eating do gs" and American wo men "pro stitutes." And hearkening back to the days o f Vereide and Buchman and their Nazi friends, Mo o n said the Ho lo caust was Go d’s revenge fo r the crucifixio n o f Christ. The Fello wship’s Very Own Fo reign Po licy Perhaps o ne o f the mo st impo rtant aspects o f the Fello wship is their invo lvement in internatio nal affairs at the highest levels. Ever since Vereide sent emissaries abro ad to further the aims o f the Fello wship, the gro up had so ught access at the highest levels o f go vernments abro ad. A significant Fello wship presence was established in vario us English-speaking co untries – Britain, Canada, Australia, and So uth Africa – as well as the Netherlands, Germany, France, India, Ho ng Ko ng, Japan, So uth Ko rea, and co untries in Scandinavia, Latin America, and Africa. Thanks to the suppo rt o f two ministers in General Franco ’s Fascist Spanish go vernment, Vereide and Co e were able to penetrate Spain and o btain adherents, mo stly thro ugh the o ffices o f the neo -Fascist Catho lic Opus Dei sect. Vereide was also able to co nvince Ethio pian Empero r Haile Selassie to be a majo r suppo rter o f the Fello wship. Chiang Kai-Shek’s Natio nalist Chinese go vernment was also a suppo rter and remains o ne to this day. Every year, the Fello wship’s C Street Center receives a $10 ,0 0 0 check fro m the head o f Taiwan’s missio n in Washingto n. The Fello wship also established clo se links to Liberia’s auto cratic President William Tubman. To day, Fello wship adherents are even fo und in the leftist go vernment o f Brazil’s President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. Fijian dictato r Sitiveni Rabuka is a Fello wship m em ber. He also o verthrew his natio n’s demo cratically-elected go vernment. In Canada, a Fello wship ally, the extreme

co nservative Sto ckwell Day o f the Canadian Alliance, calls fo r the establishment o f a Christian state. He wants to o verturn the Canadian Supreme Co urt’s decisio n to legalize gay marriage, wants public funding o f private religio us scho o ls, and o utlaw abo rtio n. Day ho pes to o ne day beco me Canada’s Prime Minister. One Fello wship deno minatio n in To ro nto , the To ro nto Airpo rt Christian Fello wship, was expelled fro m its parent deno minatio n, the Vineyard Churches o f Anaheim, Califo rnia. The parent bo dy cited the To ro nto church’s prayer and Scripture interpretatio n practices. Ano ther o ne o f tho se who the Fello wship co unts as a friend is French far-right leader Jean Marie Le Pen. The French leader has created a firesto rm o f pro tests in France and elsewhere by claiming the Nazi o ccupiers o f France were no t so brutal and that the Nazis were no t inhumane. It is the same rheto ric o nce espo used by Vereide, Buchman, and Gedat. The Fello wship’s invo lvement in fo reign co untries is do cumented in archived files held at the Billy Graham Center at Wheato n Co llege in Illino is. Organized in a manner similar to ho w the Natio nal Archives and Reco rds Administratio n (NARA) sto res and segregates files, the Fello wship’s archives co nsist o f 59 2 bo xes o f do cuments, pho to s, audio tapes, film, and negatives. The do cuments are have an auto matic declassificatio n schedule, in the same manner that NARA handles classified files. The Fello wship’s new po licy, ado pted in 20 0 3, states "All fo lders with paper reco rds less than twenty-five years o ld are clo sed to users until January 1st o f the year fo llo wing the 25th anniversary o f the creatio n o f the yo ungest do cument in that file, except to tho se users with the written permissio n o f the President o f the Fello wship Fo undatio n. This restrictio n applies to everyo ne, including Fo undatio n staff and asso ciates. Example: A fo lder co ntaining material dated no later 19 77 wo uld be o pen January 1, 20 0 3." Co e has been o ne o f the Fello wship’s mo st frequent travelers. A review o f internatio nal wire service sto ries reveal Co e glo be ho pping with co ngressio nal Fello wship members fo r a number o f years. Fro m Pakistan Newswire, Islamabad, o n No vember 29 , 20 0 0 (a little less than a year befo re 9 11 and a few weeks after the presidential electio n): "A five-member US business delegatio n headed by Mr. Do uglas Co e, Special envo y o f Co ngressman Mr. Jo seph Pitts, called o n Federal Minister fo r Co mmerce, Industries and Pro ductio n Mr. Abdul Razak Dawo o d at Ministry o f Industries and Pro ductio n here o n Wednesday." Fro m the Po lish Press Agency, Warsaw, December 17, 19 9 7: "Fo rmer deputy Sejm speaker Aleksander Malacho wski was granted Wednesday the St. Bro ther Albert award fo r his co ncern fo r ‘the weak and tho se in need’ and his ‘so cial jo urnalism characterised by humanistic values.’ In the sco pe o f ecumenical activity the awards went to priest Waldemar Chro sto wski and Stanislaw Krajewski fo r creating the fo undatio ns o f Christian-Jewish dialo gue and Do uglas Co e fro m the United States fo r o rganizing annual meetings o f po liticians in Washingto n fo r furthering co mmunicatio n regardless o f po litical divisio ns." Fro m Xinhua News Agency, Havana, No vember 27, 19 9 0 : "Two U.S. co ngressmen arrived here Mo nday o n the first stage o f a 10 -day visit to the Caribbean to seek ways o f understanding between the united states and the regio n, the o fficial news agency Prensa Latina info rmed. Republican senato r fo r Minneso ta and To ny Hall, the Demo crat representative fo r Ohio , are traveling as members o f the ‘Natio nal Prayer Breakfast’ religio us o rganizatio n, which aims to pro mo te friendship between peo ples. Upo n his arrival, Durenberger to ld the press, ‘we are visiting Cuba with the go al to make new friends o n a perso nal basis.’ Po litical relatio ns reflect perso nal ties and in the case o f Cuba, and the United States ‘there are no po litical o r perso nal ties,’ he said. Hall affirmed that their visit, which will last little mo re than 24 ho urs, aims to ‘build bridges between po litical and perso nal lines,’ and help create ‘ways o f co mmunicatio n’ between the two co untries. The two co ngressmen expressed their ho pe that the relatio ns between the two natio ns, which were suspended in 19 6 1, can impro ve in the near future. Durenberger was a member o f the Senate Select Intelligence Co mmittee fo r eight years and severely criticized fo rmer President Ro nald Reagan's po licy o f fo rce against Nicaragua. The delegatio n which also includes Do uglas Co e, a member o f the ‘Natio nal Prayer Breakfast’ Executive Bo ard, and o ther businessmen will also visit the Grand Cayman Island, Belize, Aruba and Venezuela." The trip to o ff-sho re banking havens by the Fello wship delegatio n is o f no te. These were the same islands no ted by fo rmer U.S. intelligence o peratives as the lo catio n o f billio n do llar mo ney tranches and co rpo rate artifices used by the Bush family to engage in vario us illegal activities, including drug mo ney laundering, co rpo rate fraud, and funding the fixing o f electio ns. The Fello wship no t o nly had an interest in Caribbean o ff-sho re banking havens but made special invitatio ns to Co o k Islands Prime Minister Geo ffrey Henry and Fiji Prime Minister Sir Ratu Kamisese Mara. Bo th island natio ns are o ff-sho re banking havens and the Co o k Islands featured pro minently in the transfer o f mo ney and go ld lo o ted fro m the Philippines and placed in Bush-co ntro lled secret acco unts fo llo wing Marco s’s o verthro w in the 19 8 0 s. Henry and Mara were guests at the Natio nal Prayer Breakfast in 19 9 1

where Geo rge H. W. Bush was also present. In 19 8 7, Co e was in Mo ngo lia, o fficially as a to urist (Mo ngo lia was still Co mmunist). Ho wever, sho rtly after Co mmunism fell, the Fello wship and the Mo o n o rganizatio n set up sho p in the largely Buddhist co untry. Fello wship missio naries fanned o ut acro ss to o ther Buddhist regio ns that had been clo se fo r years to o utsiders: the Russian Buddhist Republics o f Tuva, Kalmykia, Buryatia, and Evenkia. The Fello wship called them "unreached peo ples." Similarly, after the recent tsunamis that killed o ver a quarter millio n peo ple in So uth and So utheast Asia, fundamentalist Christian aid wo rkers arrived with mo re than relief in mind. Lo cal o fficials in Sri Lanka and Indo nesia co mplained abo ut the relief wo rkers using the disaster to pro selytize and ado pt o rphans into Christian ho mes. The peo ple o f the wo rst affected area, Aceh in Sumatra, were also referred to as "unreached peo ple," meaning they had no t yet been subject to co nversio n o utreach. The Fello wship also had a keen interest in intelligence matters, especially when they invo lved Fello wship members. Fo r example, o ne o f the tape reels held by the Fello wship at the Billy Graham Center co ncerns the use by the CIA o f jo urnalists as info rmants. The tape is described: "Reel-to -reel, 7 ½ ips. 1 side o nly. January 23, 19 76 . Radio pro gram Pano rama, bro adcast o n statio n WTTG in Washingto n, DC, ho sted by Maury Po vich, with co mmentato r Ms. Bo nnie Angelo . The guest o n the sho w is co rrespo ndent and info rmant fo r the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau o f Investigatio n. The co nversatio n is abo ut co ntacts between U.S. intelligence agencies and jo urnalists. Chuck Co lso n is referred to very briefly during the interview, in reference to kno wledge o f a list in the Nixo n White Ho use o f jo urnalists who were intelligence info rmants." The Fello wship’s influence in Vereide’s native co untry o f No rway was revealed in late 20 0 4 when the No rwegian newspaper Dagbladet expo sed No rway’s Lutheran minister and Christian Demo cratic Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bo ndevik as a secret member o f the Fello wship. Altho ugh Bo ndevik at first do wnplayed his ro le in the Fello wship, Bo ndevik later was fo rced to admit that in December 20 0 1 he met at a dinner at the Cedars with then-Atto rney General Ashcro ft and that the meeting invo lved his o fficial ro le as Prime Minister. Apparently, Bo ndevik and Ashcro ft discussed the U.S. military tribunals. Ashcro ft referred to Bo ndevik as his "bro ther in Christ" and he serenaded Bo ndevik No rwegian fo lk so ngs after dinner. Bo ndevik had previo usly argued that his invo lvement with the Fello wship was a perso nal matter. In additio n, it was revealed that No rway’s ambassado r to the United States, Knut Vo llebuk, was a frequent visito r to the Cedars as were a number o f members o f No rway’s Christian Demo cratic Party. As the scandal deepened, Co e’s invo lvement in No rwegian po litics came to the fo re. To rkel Brekke, a No rwegian religio us researcher, revealed in his bo o k Gud i no rsk po litkk (Go d in No rwegian Po litics) that Co e pro vided advice and mo ney to Christian Demo crat po litician Lars Rise. During a campaign in 19 9 7, Co e to ld Rise to target vo ters in the heavily Muslim eastern part o f Oslo . Co e emphasized that Christians and Muslims shared co mmo n views o n the evils o f po rno graphy, alco ho l, abo rtio n, and same sex marriages. Fo r Rise, the strategy was successful altho ugh a subsequent electio n saw him dro pped as a Christian Demo cratic candidate. The Co e-Rise affair po ints to the alliance the Fello wship has fo rmed o ver the years with Muslims, particularly mo re radical Islamists. Fo r example, in 19 8 8 , the first Muslim, Saudi Prince Bandar, spo ke at the Natio nal Prayer Breakfast. No rway’s o ppo sitio n po litical leaders, fro m the right to the left, demanded an explanatio n fro m Bo ndevik abo ut the ro le o f the Fello wship in No rwegian po litics. So cialist Left leader Kristin Halvo rsen to ld the Oslo daily Aftenpo sten, "seen with No rwegian eyes, this is a reactio nary asso ciatio n." The Labo r Party and right-wing Pro gress Party also raised co ncerns abo ut Bo ndevik and the Fello wship. Fo r many No rwegians, Bo ndevik was tied with Geo rge W. Bush thro ugh a secret and right-wing fundamentalist gro up. It has also been repo rted that under the Bush administratio n, U.S. embassies have held prayer breakfast meetings as a way o f buying access to U.S. o fficials, particularly tho se invo lved in impo rtant trade and defense issues. Such meetings have been repo rted taking place in U.S. embassies in Co penhagen; Oslo ; Sto ckho lm; Helsinki; Tallinn, Esto nia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Bern, Switzerland; Luxembo urg; The Hague; Ro me; Brussels; Canberra; Po rt Lo uis, Mauritius; New Delhi; Mexico City; Belize; Warsaw; Vienna; Berlin; and Prague. Fello wship members are fo und in go vernments thro ugho ut the wo rld. This is no t surprising co nsidering the co untry-by-co untry files the Fello wship has o n its wo rldwide activities. There are files o n such ho tspo ts as Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba, Greece (with a

special file o n 19 6 7 -- the year o f the natio n’s military co up), Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Indo nesia, Israel, Ko rea, Kuwait, No rthern Ireland, Pakistan, Panama and the Canal Zo ne, Po land, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. The files also co ver the Fello wship’s activities in the mo re o bscure Sao To me and Principe, Upper Vo lta, Mali, and Aruba. One co untry that is missing fro m the Fello wship files is Chile, where o n September 11, 19 73, a blo o dy U.S.-inspired co up was launched against the so cialist go vernment. That co up resulted in the assassinatio n o f President Salvado r Allende and years o f suppressio n that saw the murder o f tho usands o f o ppo nents o f fascism. The Natio nal Prayer Breakfasts serve as impo rtant o ppo rtunities fo r fo reign leaders to meet with American presidents. Leaders like fo rmer Kenyan President Daniel arap Mo i, So uth African Zulu leader Mango suthu Buthelezi, Hungarian President Arpad Go ncz, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Ugandan President Yo weri Museveni and his wife Janet, King Taufa’ahau Tupuo IV o f To nga, the late Macedo nian President (and Metho dist minister) Bo ris Trajko vski, and leaders o f Lithuania, Slo vakia, Albania, and Ro mania have all so ught the o ffices o f Co e and the Fello wship to meet the President o f the United States. The 20 0 3 Natio nal Prayer Breakfast drew 3 heads o f go vernment, 21 Cabinet ministers, 11 Members o f Parliament, 54 ambassado rs, 56 U.S. senato rs, 245 U.S. Ho use members, and a majo rity o f Bush’s Cabinet secretaries. In 20 0 1, the unlikely jo int appearance o f Co ngo ’s new President Jo seph Kabila and his arch-enemy (but o ne-time mento r) Kagame at the 20 0 1 Prayer Breakfast just after Bush’s inauguratio n raised eyebro ws. Altho ugh they co uld no t arrange a separate meeting with Bush, the two leaders did meet at the Cedars. What was unusual is that o n January 16 , 20 0 1, just fo ur days befo re Bush’s swearing in, Kabila’s father, the fo rmer Marxist rebel Laurent Kabila, was assassinated in the Co ngo lese capital Kinshasa. Observers suspected Rwandan influence behind the assassinatio n. The elder Kabila was battling Rwandan army units in the eastern Co ngo . Fo rty years earlier, almo st to the ho ur, Co ngo ’s first Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, was executed by U.S.-backed mercenaries wo rking fo r the CIA. It was also fo ur days befo re President Kennedy was swo rn in as President. There were also African news repo rts that Ivo ry Co ast's First Lady, Simo ne Gbagbo , was affiliate with a po werful evangelical Christian gro up called "The Cedars." Mrs. Gbagbo was cited in a co nfidential UN repo rt as leading death squads in Ivo ry Co ast's blo o dy civil war against mainly Muslim gro ups in the no rth o f the co untry. Observers believed that Simo ne and her husband, President Laurent Gbagbo , decided to curry favo r with the Fello wship in o rder to erro neo usly co nvince Bush administratio n o fficials that they were fighting to keep Ivo ry Co ast fro m falling into the hands o f Islamic radicals. One o f the o ddest visito rs to the Cedars was Saif al Islam, the seco nd-eldest so n o f Libyan leader Muammar al Qaddafi and his heir apparent. The links between Qaddafi's family and the Fello wship co incided with Libya's abando nment o f weapo ns o f mass destructio n and the resumptio n o f o peratio ns in Libya by U.S. o il co mpanies. A no n go vernmental o rganizatio n (NGO) has repo rted that bo th the Fello wship and the Mo o nies are slo wly taking o ver the go vernment o f Fiji. The Fello wship has infiltrated the Fo reign Ministry and shado wy U.S. businessmen tied to the Fello wship are repo rtedly buying up prime real estate o n Ono island,which sits o n the o ther side o f a main shipping channel acro ss fro m the main island o f Viti Levu. Charles Co lso n has been repo rted to have been very active in Fiji. Similar Fello wship inro ads into go vernment and the NGO co mmunity have been repo rted in Kenya. Bo th Fiji and Kenya are being planned by the Bush administratio n to ho st majo r U.S. military bases. Co e’s invitatio ns to vario us leaders wo uld pay o ff fo r Geo rge W. Bush. When he had to co bble to gether a "Co alitio n o f the Willing" to suppo rt his invasio n o f Iraq, Bush was able to call o n Fello wship leaders to sign o n. It was thro ugh their Fello wship co nnectio ns that the leaders o f Albania, Palau, Netherlands, No rway, Denmark, Uganda, Rwanda, To nga, Ro mania, Lithuania, So lo mo n Islands, El Salvado r, and o ther co untries signed o n to the "co alitio n." Senato r Paul Sarbanes (D-MD) to ld the Lo s Angeles Times he did no t think much o f the Fello wship’s backdo o r diplo macy, "Well, if I might o bserve, I’m no t sure a head o f state o ught to be able to wander o ver here fo r the prayer breakfast and, in effect, co mpel the president o f the United States to meet with him as a co nsequence . . . I mean, getting these meetings with the president is a pro cess that’s usually very carefully vetted and wo rked up. No w so rt o f this back do o r has so rt o f evo lved."

Co e’s so n David apparently did no t think much o f Bush’s war against Afghanistan. Acco rding to a Fello wship insider, the yo unger Co e spo ke derisively o f Bush’s Afghan campaign, asking rheto rically, "this is his visio n?" David Co e indicated that Afghanistan was small po tato es and that if o ne wanted to see a real military campaign, the explo its o f Genghis Khan and his invasio n o f Afghanistan sho uld be studied. The Fello wship and its alliance o f tax do dges and interlo cking directo rship co rpo ratio ns were much mo re aggressive in U.S.o ccupied Iraq. Acco rding to the Washingto n Po st, the Co lo rado -based Christian and Missio nary Alliance (Co lo rado is the ho me base o f James Do bso n's myriad o f natio nal and internatio nal o rganizatio ns with tentacles springing fo rth fro m his Fo cus o n the Family gro up) and Franklin Graham's (Billy Graham's so n) Samaritan's Purse hit the gro und running in Iraq after the U.S. invasio n. Seven new Christian evangelical churches sprang up in Baghdad after the U.S. o ccupatio n. The arrival o f the evangelicals alarmed Iraq's 20 0 0 year o ld and 8 0 0 ,0 0 0 -stro ng Christian co mmunity o f Eastern Rite Catho lics (Chaldeans), Ro man Catho lics, and the small sect o f Mandeans (fo llo wers no t o f Jesus but o f Jo hn the Baptist), no t to mentio n the Sh'ia and Sunni Muslim hierarchy. Baghdad's Ro man Catho lic archbisho p said the evangelicals were "seducing Christians fro m o ther churches." Franklin Graham, who called Islam an "evil and wicked" religio n, was also active in evangelizing neighbo ring Jo rdan, where 50 evangelical churches had been established. Patriarch Emmanuel Delly, the head o f the Eastern Rite Chaldean Catho lic Church, Iraq's o ldest and largest Christian deno minatio n, was also alarmed at the arrival o f the evangelicals saying they treated Iraq's traditio nal Christians as "no t true Christians." Other traditio nal Iraqi Christians said the arrival o f the evangelicals threatened a status quo that enabled the Christians to co ntinue to exist in the primarily Muslim co untry, i.e, a tacit agreement that the Muslim and Christian co mmunities wo uld no t try to pro selytize o ne ano ther. The invo lvement o f the Fello wship in central Africa’s wo es may be deeper than in o rganizing meetings at prayer breakfasts. On April 6 , 19 9 4, the executive jet carrying the Hutu Presidents o f Rwanda and Burundi fro m a peace summit in Tanzania with Kagame’s U.S.-backed guerrilla army in Uganda was sho t do wn by So viet made surface-to -air missiles captured by U.S. fo rces fro m Iraq in Desert Sto rm. All abo ard the presidential aircraft were killed, including the French crew. That pro mpted a terro rism investigatio n by a special French anti-terro rism co urt. The autho r’s bo o k, Geno cide and Co vert Operatio ns in Africa 19 9 3-19 9 9 pro mpted an invitatio n by the chief judge to testify as an expert witness abo ut the sho o ting do wn o f the Rwandan plane. It was during that testimo ny, the autho r was asked to investigate a secretive gro up made up o f right-wing Republicans, current and fo rmer intelligence agents, U.S. o il interests and particularly asso ciates o f then Deputy Secretary o f State Richard Armitage. Evidence indicated that the gro up was invo lved in the terro r attack o n the Rwandan aircraft. One ad ho c name fo r the gro up unco vered by French intelligence and law enfo rcement was the "Internatio nal Strategic and Tactical Organizatio n" o r "ISTO." In fact, the descriptio n pro vided o f the gro up by the French and the Fello wship match almo st co mpletely. The lo catio n o f Armitage’s co nsulting firm, Armitage & Asso ciates LC (AALC) in the Kello gg, Bro wn & Ro o t/Halliburto n building in Ro sslyn (Arlingto n), Virginia, just aro und the co rner fro m Advanced Energy Systems and a few miles fro m the Cedars po inted to the Fello wship as the secretive and dangero us gro up the French co unter-terro rism investigato rs had disco vered during their five year investigatio n. The results o f the do wning o f the aircraft were staggering: 8 0 0 ,0 0 0 peo ple died in Rwanda in Hutu-Tutsi ethnic warfare after the attack, tens o f tho usands died in similar ethnic strife in Burundi. But in Co ngo , so me 4 millio n died after successive U.S.suppo rted Ugandan and Rwandan invasio ns o f the co untry. The deaths resulted fro m warfare, famine, and disease bro ught abo ut by the invasio ns. Ho wever, U.S. gem, mining, and o il co mpanies made handso me pro fits in central Africa amidst the war and ethnic turmo il. Richard Sezibera, Rwanda’s ambassado r to the United States and Kagame’s special envo y fo r Africa’s Great Lakes regio n, is a frequent guest at the Cedars. One interesting fo o tno te – a senio r U.S. go vernment o fficial ran into Do ug Co e during the height o f the inter-ethnic warfare in central Africa. Co e was in Burundi. If Islamist fundamentalists can embrace terro rism, can fundamentalist "End Time" Christians? The FBI thinks so . Prio r to 20 0 0 , the FBI, in a repo rt titled "Pro ject Megiddo " warned that Christian millenialist sects might use the beginning o f the 21st century to pull o f a grand terro rist act. The repo rt stated, "The vo latile mix o f apo calyptic religio us and [New Wo rld Order] co nspiracy theo ries may pro duce vio lent acts aimed at precipitating the end o f the wo rld as pro phesied in the Bible." The name Megiddo refers to a hill in no rthern Israel that was the site o f a number o f Biblical battles. "Armageddo n" is Hebrew fo r Megiddo Hill. The FBI repo rt warned that Christian millenialists might strike military installatio ns and buildings in New Yo rk City such as the UN

headquarters. Mike German, a seventeen-year FBI veteran agent, resigned fro m the bureau 20 0 4 after he disco vered the Bush administratio n was no t serio us abo ut investigating right-wing terro rist gro ups active in the United States and that his FBI bo sses were failing to investigate links between Flo rida-based right-wing Christian identity terro rist gro ups and fo reign Islamic terro rist gro ups. Others familiar with the Fello wship co nfirm that the gro up is an "End Times" Christian survivalist gro up that wants to bring abo ut Armageddo n to rid the wo rld o f no n-whites and no n-Christians. Stealing an Electio n fo r Christ Acco rding to Time magazine, after Bush’s re-electio n, a gro up o f evangelicals, no t surprisingly kno wn as "The Arlingto n Gro up," wro te Karl Ro ve a letter signed by fo rmer presidential candidate Gary Bauer, Do n Wildmo n, Fo cus o n the Family’s James Do bso n, Paul Weyrich and Jerry Falwell demanding that Bush no t waver and suppo rt a co nstitutio nal amendment banning gay marriage. Ro ve is a key Fello wship asset in the White Ho use. Often whistling "Onward Christian So ldiers" in the halls o f the White Ho use, Ro ve was credited with turning o ut millio ns o f fundamentalist vo ters in the 20 0 4 presidential electio n. Ro ve also managed to turn o ut hundreds, if no t tho usands, o f evangelical and fundamentalist electio n "fixers," who ensured that Demo cratic vo tes were suppressed, misco unted, underco unted, disco unted, and no t co unted. The Fello wship’s netwo rk o f fundamentalists wo uld never be as impo rtant as it was in the 20 0 4 presidential electio n. With po lls sho wing the race either tied o r with Demo cratic candidate Jo hn Kerry ahead in key "swing" states, the alert to very zealo us Christian activist went o ut acro ss the natio n. The prime target was Ohio , where the Fello wship and its fundamentalist allies had built up a vast netwo rk o f o peratives in state and lo cal go vernment, including state agencies and co unty electio n bo ards. But mo re impo rtantly, the Fello wship had links to the electio n machine co mpanies that wo uld be crucial to fixing electio n results in Ohio , Flo rida, New Mexico , Nevada, and o ther states – ensuring that Fello wship co re member Geo rge W. Bush had fo ur mo re years to put a practically indelible fundamentalist stamp o n the United States. The mo ney invested o ver the years by Lenno n, Armingto n, Lindner, and o ther right-wing Ohio captains o f industry in fundamentalist Christian causes and think tanks like the Ashbro o k Center finally paid o ff. The Ohio Secretary o f State, Kenneth Blackwell, who , co pying Katherine Harris’s antics in Flo rida’s fraudulent 20 0 0 electio n, used his go vernment po sitio n and his co -chairmanship o f Bush’s state electio n campaign to suppress the vo te, especially in largely Demo cratic African-American districts. Blackwell, who , as a fo rmer Deputy Undersecretary o f HUD, was well versed in the art o f distributing Bush po litical slush fund mo ney and ensured that this was distributed far and wide in Ohio . This mo ney is what Republican strategist Ed Ro llins o nce called "walking aro und mo ney" – mo ney used by Republicans in New Jersey’s electio ns to pay o ff African American preachers to turn o ut the vo te fo r their candidates. In Ohio , this tactic paid o ff in po lling places in churches. Instead o f turning o ut the vo te, so me lo cal preachers, white and black, aided and abetted in suppressing the vo te. One o f Blackwell’s clo sest friends is fundamentalist preacher Ro n Parsley o f Wo rld Harvest Church. At the New Life fundamentalist church in the Gahanna District o f Co lumbus, machines tallied 4258 vo tes fo r Bush when o nly a to tal o f 6 28 vo tes were cast. Similar chicanery and racketeering o ccurred thro ugho ut Ohio and in o ther states during the vo te tabulatio n and reco unting pro cesses. Two o f the vo ting machine co mpanies co ntracted by Ohio are headed by peo ple who are co nservative Republican partisans – Walden O’Dell, the CEO o f Diebo ld o f Co lumbus and the Rapp family that runs Triad Go vernment Systems o f Xenia, Ohio . Bo th brand o f machines caused electio n pro blems in Ohio and elsewhere. Fo r example, several churches in Maho ning Co unty, Ohio were the scenes o f vo ting irregularities. They include: Price Memo rial Zio n Church, Precinct 2E, Yo ungsto wn (vo ters were given co nfusing info rmatio n and many elderly vo ters were to ld their po lling place had changed, also vo ters vo ting fo r Kerry had their vo tes switched to Bush). Spanish Evangelical Church, Precinct 2A, Yo ungsto wn, machines ino perative and switched vo tes fro m Kerry to Bush.

Elizabeth Baptist Church, Precinct 2C, Yo ungsto wn, o ne vo ting machine failed to reco rd vo tes pro perly. Tabernacle Baptist Church, Precinct 3C, Yo ungsto wn, o ne machine failed to reco rd vo tes. Martin Luther Lutheran Church, Precinct 5F, Yo ungsto wn, o ne to uch screen machine bro ken the o ther erased vo tes. St. Jo hn’s Greek Ortho do x Church, Bo ardman, first two attempts to vo te fo r Kerry go to Bush, third attempt reco rds vo te fo r Kerry. Po ll wo rker brushes o ff co mplaints. St. Nicho las Byzantine Church, Yo ungsto wn, machine reco rds Kerry vo tes fo r Bush. The skimming o f vo tes in Maho ning Co unty was replicated acro ss the state. Ohio ’s 20 electo ral vo tes were delivered to Geo rge W. Bush just like manna fro m the heavens. Fo r the fundamentalists who to o k part in the fraud, the "Christian" ends were definitely justified by the Machiavellian ways. In 20 0 5, the Ohio evangelical mo vement became part o f the fo cus o f Federal and state criminal pro bes into the laundering o f state funds into the co ffers o f the Bush-Cheney 0 4 campaign and the Ohio Republican Party. An investment firm called MDL was being investigated fo r fraud invo lving two rare co in funds managed fo r the Ohio Bureau o f Wo rker's Co mpensatio n fund. Up to $12 millio n fro m the funds was disco vered missing. The managing directo r o f MDL was Jo e Watkins, an evangelical Lutheran pasto r fro m Philadelphia. Watkins, a well kno wn African American Republican, was tied to Kenneth Blackwell and the anti-gay and anti-Kerry evangelical po litical crusade in Ohio that was nurtured by Karl Ro ve and was partly instrumental in turning the 20 0 4 electio n to Bush. Waiting fo r Go d Jo urnalist, co lumnist, and televisio n co mmentato r Bill Mo yers recently wro te that "fo r the first time in o ur histo ry, ideo lo gy and theo lo gy ho ld a mo no po ly o f po wer in Washingto n." Ever since Abraham Vereide, a misguided immigrant to this co untry who bro ught very un-American ideas o f Nazism and Fascism with him in his steamer trunk, the so -called "Christian" Right has lo ng waited to take the biggest prize o f all – the White Ho use. Mo yers co rrectly sees the Do minio nists o r "End Timers" as being behind the invasio n o f Iraq. He cites the Bo o k o f Revelatio n that states, "fo ur angels which are bo und in the great river Euphrates will be released to slay the third part o f man." Such wo rds may have their place in Sunday Scho o l and in church halls but using such thinking to launch wars o f co nvenience o r religio us pro phecy have no place in o ur federal and demo cratic republic. Mo yers also rightly sees fundamentalist tho ught behind Bush’s "faith-based initiatives" and the ro lling back o f enviro nmental regulatio ns. Hundreds o f millio ns o f peo ple aro und the wo rld no lo nger feel the United States is a co untry that can be trusted. They feel the peo ple who run the affairs o f state are o ut o f co ntro l and dangero us. Co nsidering the ho ld the Fello wship and their like-minded ilk have o n the United States (and so me o f its allies) they are co rrect in their fears. The po litical and religio us dynasties who have embraced the Fello wship, Vereide, Fascism, Mo o n, Buchman, Mo ral Rearmament and all o f their current and past manifestatio ns, hatreds, and pho bias sho w no sign o f ceding po wer any time so o n. There are many such father-so n dynasties that ho pe to ensure a co ntinuatio n o f their shameful racketeering and po litical chicanery under the co rpo rate "lo go " o f Jesus: Geo rge H. W. Bush to Geo rge W. Bush; Do uglas Co e to David Co e; Billy Graham to Franklin Graham; Oral Ro berts to Richard Ro berts, Pat Ro bertso n to Go rdo n Ro bertso n; Jerry Falwell to Jo nathan Falwell; Jeb Bush to Geo rge P. Bush; Ro bert Schuller Sr. to Ro bert Schuller, Jr., and Sun Myung Mo o n to at least nine so ns (who are kno wn abo ut). Fo r them and their fo llo wers, they sho uld keep in mind so mething Jesus said, "Make a tree go o d and its fruit will be go o d, o r make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, fo r a tree is reco gnized by its fruit."

Amen. EXPOSE: THE "CHRISTIAN" MAFIA (PART 1) g/article.php?sto ry=20 0 6 122719 1130 352 EXPOSE: THE "CHRISTIAN" MAFIA (PART 2) g/article.php?sto ry=20 0 6 122719 20 18 6 8 0 http://www.waynemadsenrepo m ************************************************* m/xcart/pro duct.php?pro ductid=16 423

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