Unfair trade practices [sec.

2(1) (r)] It means trade practices which a trader, for the purpose of promoting the sale, use or supply of any goods or for the provision of any service, adopts any unfair method or unfair or deceptive practice. The practices included are: (1)The practice of making any statement, whether orally or in writing or by visible representation which• Falsely represents that the goods are of particular standard, quality, quantity, grade, composition, style or model; • Falsely represents that the services are of particular standard, quality or grade; • Falsely represents any rebuilt, second hand, renovated, or old goods as new goods; • Represents that the goods or services have sponsorship, approval, performance, characteristic, accessories, uses or benefits which such goods or services do not have; • Represents that the seller or the supplier has sponsorship or approval or affiliation which such seller or supplier does not have; • Make a false or misleading representation concerning the needs for , or the usefulness of, any goods or services; • Gives to the public any warranty or guarantee of the performance or length of life of a product or of any goods that is not based on an adequate or proper test thereof. • Materially misleading the public concerning the price at which a product or like products or goods or services, have been or are ordinarily sold or provided. 2. False offer of bargain price [section 2(1)(r)(2): • A price that is stated in any advertisement to be a bargain price by reference to ordinary price or otherwise • A price that a person who reads, hears or sees the advertisement would reasonably understand to be a bargain price having regard to the prices at which like products are sold. 3. Schemes offering gifts or prizes [section 2(1)(r)(3)] • Offering gifts or prizes or other items with the intention of not providing them and conducting promotional contests. • Creating an impression that something is being given free of charge when it is fully or partly covered by the amount charged in the transaction. • Conducting of any contest, lottery or game of chances etc for the purpose of promoting-directly or indirectly- the sale, use or supply of any product or any business interest. 4. Withholding any schemes [sec 2(1)(r)(3A)] • Withholding from the participants of any scheme offering gifts, prizes or other items free of charge, on its closure the information about final result of scheme. The participants of a scheme shall be deemed to have been informed of the final results of the scheme where such results are within a reasonable time published prominently in the same newspapers in which the scheme was originally published. 5. Non compliance of prescribed standards [sec 2(1)(r)(4): • The prescribed standard may relate to performance, composition, contents, design, packaging etc as are necessary to prevent or reduce the risk of injury to the person using the goods. 6. Hoarding, destruction or refusal [sec 2(1)(r)(5): Hoarding, destruction or refusal to sell the goods which raises or tends to raise the cost of those or other similar goods or services shall amount to an unfair trade practice. 7. Manufacturing or sale of spurious goods [section 2(1)(r)(6): Spurious goods and services means such goods and services which are claimed to be genuine but are not so.

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