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Lila Camilla / The cleanness fairy

Package design
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Visual identity

Package design

Activating for more than 30 years on the Romanian market, Vrancart is one of the most important producers of curled cardboard, curled cardboard paper and hygienic paper products nation-wide. In 2010, with the acquisition of a new production line that can deliver superior hygienic soft paper products, the companys management decides to start the construction of its portfolio of consumer brands that would increase Vrancarts reputation level among the domestic consumer.

Vrancart entrusted Brandtailors with the creation of a new brand that would support the new toilet paper and paper towel products, made of cellulose and positioned within the medium-price segment. The task of positioning the new brand on a relevant consumer need, of giving it a name and a design concept that could be implemented at the visual identity and package design levels was a major challenge for Brandtailors, given that the toilet paper and paper towel market was a profoundly commoditized one, the consumers having weak emotional ties to this product category.

Following a thorough category analysis, Brandtailors consultants discovered that the most important consumption motivation, both in the paper towel and toilet paper categories, was the need for sanitization. 1/2

We found out that the hygienic paper products are highly generous as far as their attributes and functional benefits are concerned. However, because of the weak brand communication activities in the category, the consumers find it hard to emotionally relate to toilet paper and paper towels. Andreea Florea Client Service Partner

In order to build a strong brand that responds to the need for cleanliness and sanitization, Brandtailors search led the firms consultants to note the existence of a medicinal herb accepted and used on a large scale in every household for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, strongly associated with the natural sanitization process the chamomile. Thus was born the brand name, Lila Camilla, which, together with the slogan The Cleanness Fairy, creates all the necessary premises for the development of a brand thats to be loved by a large array of consumers. The names high degree of recall is ensured by means of the playful rhyme, while the brands associations with the chamomile supports the brands positioning as the sanitizing agent for the entire family.

Mothers feel the need to be ever-present and attentive at every detail in order to take care of the entire family. From the first uttering of the brands name, we felt that Lila Camilla would turn into the lovable character that would help mothers in keeping the house clean by way of its magical absorbent power.

The graphic concept was conceived so as to allow for the brands future extension into different hygienic paper products subcategories. Thus, the package design is centered on the cleanness fairy, while the color code (light blue, white, blue and green) and the brands visual territory (chamomile flowers) support the idea of perfect cleanness.

Melania Moisi Group Creative Director

Brand strategy - Andreea Florea, Beatrice Dani Creative concept - Diana Papuc Package design - Melania Moisi Project management - Anca Andronescu, Andreea Florea Image retouching and preproduction processing - Mihai Prplea
Project implementation started in June 2012. Follow us on LinkedIn Download our credentials

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