Of Basques, Blood, and Blue People

A View from The Urantia Book

By Vince Migliore

The Basque people are a fiercely independent group, even to this day clashing with authorities to claim some form of distinction from their Spanish counterparts. Indeed, there is growing scientific evidence that the Basque people are genetically distinctive (1). They have a much higher incidence of Rh-negative blood too. They are so different, in fact, that some ancient alien theorists claim these people are humanalien hybrids. Many legends refer to the Blue People.
The blue people are a common story to the Appalachians. I do have a thought for you, or thoughts. Edgar Cayce predicted that when the last throes of Atlantis finally sank into the sea, its people were spreading to colonies across the world, one group in the Yucatan, some to what we call Morocco, another to the Pyrenees, and more even to what we today call the Carolinas region of North America. Now we know through DNA testing that the NON-Iindo-European Basques of the Pyrenees, the Berbers of Morocco, and the Mayans of the Yucatan are almost a perfect match in DNA testing. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_basques02.htm (2)

That last line about DNA testing is true. A paper identifies a unique haplogroup, H2a5, closely linked with the Basques.
(W)e have characterized, by way of complete genome sequencing, a new autochthonous clade of haplogroup H in the Basque country, named H2a5. Its coalescence age, 15.6±8 thousand years ago (kya), dates to the period immediately after the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2660437/?tool=pmcentrez (3)

Does this mean the theorists are correct in suggesting the Basques are alien hybrids? Well, if you consider angels and spiritual beings “alien” then there may be some truth to that idea. At least according to a The Urantia Book, a master work gaining in popularity. The Urantia Book has its own category on Amazon.com.


The Urantia Book The Urantia book is an astounding, if controversial, tome comprised of four parts entitled: Part I – The Central and Superuniverses Part II – The Local Universe Part III – The History of Urantia (Earth) Part IV – The Life and Teachings of Jesus

It’s Part III, the History of Urantia that contains a detailed description of the evolution of life on Earth and the spread of mankind.
The Urantia Book (sometimes called the Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation) is a spiritual and philosophical book that discusses God, Jesus, science, cosmology, religion, history, and destiny. It originated in Chicago, Illinois, sometime between 1924 and 1955. Its authorship remains a matter of speculation The book and its publishers do not name a human author. Instead, it is written as if directly presented by numerous celestial beings appointed to the task of providing an "epochal" religious revelation. For each paper, either a named celestial being, an order of being, or a group of beings is credited as its author Wikipedia (4)

Some believe the author to be a psychic channel working with Dr. William S. Sadler (4), while others suggest it is the work of famed psychic Edgar Cayce (5). Whoever the authors might be, the book is amazingly consistent, mind-boggling to read, and contains many scientifically verifiable facts. Actually you don’t read it. It sits on your nightstand for years at a stretch and you take in as much or as little as your mind can tolerate. That much is true in my case, anyway, and it’s been a continuous educational process since 1982.

The First Humans According to the Urantia Book, the Kingdom of Heaven is a real manifestation of celestial government formed of spirits, light beings, angels, Sons of God, energy forces, and a vast array of created personalities. Just one of many life forms is the material existence so familiar to humans. The implantation of life on the physical plane is fostered by a Creator Son, a Planetary Prince, the Life Carriers, Melchizedek overseers, energy controllers, angels, and a dizzying network of spiritual beings.


The initiation of material life forms on habitable planets generally follows a set process and sequence of events, but every 10th such planet, or decimal world, variations are permitted. Earth is one of those planets.
The majority of inhabited worlds are peopled in accordance with established techniques; on such spheres the Life Carriers are afforded little leeway in their plans for life implantation. But about one world in ten is designated as a decimal planet and assigned to the special registry of the Life Carriers; and on such planets we are permitted to undertake certain life experiments in an effort to modify or possibly improve the standard universe types of living beings. Paper 58, Life Establishment on Urantia (6)

Life came to Earth (Urantia) starting with the marine era, and eventually evolved to primates. About 1 million years ago the first human evolved when a threshold of reasoning ability and human will was achieved. Two creatures, a brother and sister were born who far surpassed their primitive parents. These were later named Andon and Fonta, and their offspring created the first early humans. This was the culmination of a long process of waiting by the celestial forces overseeing earth.
We, the Life Carriers on Urantia, had passed through the long vigil of watchful waiting since the day we first planted the life plasm in the planetary waters, and naturally the appearance of the first really intelligent and volitional beings brought to us great joy and supreme satisfaction. Imagine our joy one day — the twins were about ten years old — when the spirit of worship made its first contact with the mind of the female twin and shortly thereafter with the male. We knew that something closely akin to human mind was approaching culmination; and when, about a year later, they finally resolved, as a result of meditative thought and purposeful decision, to flee from home and journey north, then did the spirit of wisdom begin to function on Urantia and in these two now recognized human minds. There was an immediate and new order of mobilization of the seven adjutant mind-spirits. We were alive with expectation; we realized that the long-waited-for hour was approaching; we knew we were upon the threshold of the realization of our protracted effort to evolve will creatures on Urantia. Paper 62 Evolution of the Human Mind (7)

The clan created by Andon and Fonta became known as the Andonites, and spread all across Europe and onto the far reaches of the globe. They passed through several variations and subgroups, including the Foxhall People, the Neanderthals, and the Badanan Tribes. Then, about 500,000 years ago, a major evolutionary event took place when suddenly the six colored races of mankind appeared. These were the red man, the orange man, the yellow man, the green man, the blue man, and the indigo race. These were known as the six Sangik races of mankind, and they arose from the children of one family in the northwest highlands of India.

The Blue People The six major colored races spread across the earth for the next 500,000 years, with much intermingling and conflict. No modern race has evolved without admixing of these types, but for the most part descendants of the yellow man and red man moved to Asia, the orange, green, and indigo man to Africa, and the blue man to Europe. The red man, admixed with some yellow and blue, moved to Mexico and Central America. The blue race moved westward into Europe where they encountered the previous migration of the Andonic clans and the descendents of the Neanderthals. The conquest and intermingling of the blue people with these earlier migrations eventually led to the white races.
European researches and explorations of the Old Stone Age have largely to do with unearthing the tools, bones, and artcraft of these ancient blue men, for they persisted in Europe until recent times. The so-called white races of Urantia are the descendants of these blue men as they were first modified by slight mixture with yellow and red, and as they were later greatly upstepped by assimilating the greater portion of the violet race. Paper 64 The Six Sangik Races of Uranita (8)

What happened next, according to the Urantia Book, was life changing and almost as unusual as aliens coming down to alter humanity. It’s known in our culture as the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. These events had lasting effects not only on the blue race, but all of the human races. The celestial government overseeing this planet came to the conclusion that mankind would benefit from being assigned a Material Son and Daughter. These were Adam and Eve. The interesting point here is that powers in the spiritual realms monitor the progress of the planet and make plans for its spiritual uplifting. Such interventions and the engineered social changes are apparently part of a repertoire of spirit-to-human tools used for advancing the race. The appearance thousands of years later of Jesus Christ is just one such bestowal, and if history is any guide there will be more in the future. The idea for the Garden was to allow Adam and Eve to start a generation of their own children who would later intermarry with the peoples of Earth and this new interbreeding would benefit evolution. Adam and Eve brought with them an improved gene pool, and this combined with schools of education would uplift civilization on the planet.


Adam and Eve were the founders of the violet race of men, the ninth human race to appear on Urantia. Adam and his offspring had blue eyes, and the violet peoples were characterized by fair complexions and light hair color — yellow, red, and brown. Paper 76 The Violet Race (9)

As most students of religion might remember, things did not go well in the Garden. Nevertheless, Adam and Eve were eventually able to create a new breed, the violet people, though in lesser numbers. The original plan was for the interbreeding to start when their children numbered about 500,000; Material Sons and Daughters lived much longer in the days before the default. Soon after the banishment, a second garden was created, and here “Adamic life plasm” was introduced to 1,570 women selected from the “highest strains of the Nodites.” This impregnation of the locals is reminiscent of the many current stories in UFO literature of abductions and interbreeding with space aliens. The violet race from Adam and Eve’s children combined with the interbreeding with Adamic life plasm ultimately led to the creation of an improved human stock, variously intermixed and referred to as the violet race, the Adamsonites, the Adamites and eventually the Andites. It was the Andites who spread from the area of the Tigris and Euphrates to Europe and in interacting with the blue Sangik tribes formed the Cro-Magnoid blue man. Subsequent waves of migrants from Mesopotamia eventually created the current white races now predominant in Europe.
In the north the Andites, through warfare and marriage, obliterated the blue men, but in the south they survived in greater numbers. The Basques and the Berbers represent the survival of two branches of this race, but even these peoples have been thoroughly admixed with the Saharans. Paper 80, The Three White Races (10)

That last sentence lends some credence to the legends of blue people in the ancient history of the Basques. It would be difficult to argue, however, that Basques have any claim to superiority since they actually received a smaller dose of the supposedly uplifting Adamic stock. While the Urantia Book claims that the land around some of these early Adamic centers sank into the sea, there is no clear link to the legends of Atlantis.


Conclusion If we are to believe what the Urantia Book is telling us, then many of the rumors about the Basques have at least some basis in fact. They do have an ancient history that includes blueskinned people; they are unique in blood type make-up, having avoided some of the post-Adamic interbreeding with people from Mesopotamia; there was intervention by other-worldly sources. On the other hand, these interventions, coming from the spirit realms, have affected just about all members of the human race. The fact that the Basques and the Berbers were able to escape to some degree the interbreeding with Adamic stock may explain the differences noted in gene and blood types.


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Contact Vince Migliore is a writer and researcher. BlossomHillBooks@aol.com

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