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Choir Critique #1 Myan Rush 11/9/10

Sehome High School Fall Orchestra Concert
I attended the Sehome High School Fall Orchestra Concert on Thursday October twenty eighth. I was very impressed with the overall performance of the orchestra and all of the select groups. The entire orchestra had a very positive energy; they seemed well prepared and ready to perform. The Intermediate orchestra was well defined by being the only group to wear white tops and black bottoms. However both the other ensembles, chamber and advanced, were wearing solid black. My first form of evaluation was by section. Starting with the violins, In general the violins were very nice, they were not extraordinary; however they were pleasing to listen to and seemed well prepared. The cellos were fabulous! I have never before experienced such beautiful cello music from a high school ensemble. The cellos, as a whole, had perfect timing, they played as if one instrument, and exceeded all prior expectations that I had. Unfortunately the violas seemed to be having a difficult night. Throughout all of the pieces performed the violas were not up to standard. The violas seemed to be having a pitch problem and were almost always flat. The timing in the viola section was a problem because they weren’t watching Mrs. Doud; the violas were always rushing and they were not united. My next evaluation was by ensemble. The first ensemble to perform was the Chamber Orchestra. They played all three movements of Mozart’s Divertimento. The entire piece was breathtaking; however I was not surprised because the Chamber Orchestra is always amazing. My favorite movement was the Presto (third) movement, because I loved how well executed it was and how the music made me want to dance. Divertimento is so full of emotion which I

The climax of the song was incredible. the Advanced Orchestra performed Psalm and Fugue by Hovhaness. The next ensemble the performed was the Intermediate Orchestra. It was well executed however I did not enjoy it just because of the style in which it was written. The ensemble that stood out to me the most. I was very pleased with their performance and surprised by the confidence with which they played. I particularly didn’t enjoy this song. The violins were sharp throughout the majority of the piece and the tempo between the violins and the violas were not always correct. This piece was so beautiful and full of emotion. following a hard act. I was very impressed with the Intermediate Orchestra. I enjoyed how the andante movement was so beautiful and melancholy which then accentuated the frivolity of the Presto movement. The first piece the performed was the Serenade for String Orchestra by Suk this piece was beautiful and well executed but was not extraordinary. Along with the glory of the composition and the complexity of its many harmonies there was a definite uncertainty. both for its flaws and its much strength. I don’t believe that the Advanced Orchestra was prepared enough for this piece however through some musical miracle they turned their uncertainty into an intertwined masterpiece. was the Advanced Orchestra. I loved the intricacy of the violin part and how the cellos were so steady and supportive. The first piece they performed was Farandole by Bizet. and in my opinion the highlight of the evening. Next. Next they performed Corelli’s gorgeous Sonata da Chiesa I was blown away by the beauty of this piece. Next. I was totally absorbed by the music. they performed Scarlatti’s Concerto in G minor. I was so enthralled by the complexity of this piece. I loved how this piece had so many complex emotions and was so well executed.Choir Critique #1 Myan Rush 11/9/10 believe was best shown in the 2nd and 3rd movements. and winded down to a perfect finish. This piece was very nice and well .

The most impressive aspect of the Advanced Orchestra was how beautifully the cellos played. For . They sounded so smooth and like one solid instrument. Their tone was so rich and full I was amazed.Choir Critique #1 Myan Rush 11/9/10 executed however it was nothing in comparison to the Concerto in G minor. The finish to the fall Orchestra concert was very impressive.