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United Way

of Williams County

2006 Annual Report
to the Community
Our Vision
The United Way of Williams County enhances the quality of
life within our Community by providing a way to care for all of
our citizens.

With the goals of uniting our community’s outreach efforts
and meeting the true needs of our neighbors, we facilitate
financial giving, promote volunteerism and coordinate
human service providers.

Our partnership with the Business Community, Citizens,
and Agencies mobilizes our County’s aggregate efforts to
maximize the positive impact for our children, families and
senior citizens.

What Matters?
United Way is in the business of creating meaningful
and tangible impact in each and every community across
America. It is not how many individuals we provide for and
serve. It is not how many programs or partners we unite.
What matters is...

• The bottom-line results
• The lives we change
• The communities we shape

We know that’s what matters to you...
Message from the Chief Executive Officer
As I write this message to the community, it is snowing
outside, with wind-chills below zero. However, my heart
is warmed by the fact that I work in such a caring, gener-
ous county.

2006 was another banner year for United Way of Wil-
liams County. The annual fund-raising drive generated
the highest amount ever in our history – more than
$390,000. We really stressed reaching new givers dur-
ing this appeal, and more than $46,000 was given by
those new to the United Way.

Through the work of our 30 partner agencies, more than 14,000 Williams County
residents were assisted by a United Way-funded service in 2006. Thanks to you, our
donors, we were able to address the basic human needs of those who need it most.

One of our most treasured volunteers – Tom Herman – was named one of 20 Commu-
nity Service Award winners by the Northwestern Mutual Insurance Foundation. This
award resulted in a $10,000 donation to the United Way Endowment Fund in Tom’s
honor. We will be working over the coming years to further the growth of the endow-
ment with our ultimate goal to have it cover all overhead expenses.

We have also continued to build relationships with our donors. Our website has con-
tinued to grow and develop. We provided all Campaign 2006 materials online so that
they could be accessed as needed. We also purchased new e-Newsletter software so
that we may regularly communicate with our agencies and donors. As has been our
tradition, we again thanked every donor – those giving $1.00 to those giving $5,000.

We have recently moved into a new office in the One Stop Center. This larger space
was a necessity as we continue to grow our United Way. We were very fortunate to be
able to stay in this building, close to many of our agencies.

Our United Way has experienced much success over the past year. But we couldn’t
have done it without strong volunteers. Their efforts, chronicled in the pages of this
annual report, were instrumental in generating resources, addressing our communi-
ty’s needs with effective programs and services, assuring accountability and com-
pliance, communicating the United Way story, promoting volunteerism, and more.
Please join with them in doing what matters for our community – the UNITED WAY!


Christopher J. Malanga
Chief Executive Officer
Resource Development
The goal for United Way’s county-wide Campaign 2006, led by Bill Pepple, was
$350,000. In January, 2007, United Way announced exceeding this goal and
raising the highest amount ever in our history – $387,246. The total was achieved
through a combination of employee giving via payroll deduction, corporate gifts,
gifts from individuals, and leadership giving.

And now some campaign facts and figures:

• Corporate giving represented $125,166 or 32% of the campaign, while
giving from individuals amounted to $265,446 or 68% of campaign
• $46,983 was donated by 321 individuals who had never contributed
• New monies (i.e., increased gifts) made up 14% of the campaign.
• 149 individuals and couples gave $500 or more and were enrolled in
the United Way’s Leadership Giving program. Their gifts – totaling
$146,710 – made up a staggering 37% of the campaign.

United Way of Williams County volunteers
celebrated achieving 110 percent of the $350,000
goal. Seated from left are: Mark Miller, vice
president; Heather Teegarden, president; Chris
Malanga, CEO; and Pam Schroeder, executive
assistant. Standing from left are: Nikki
McCullough and Tara Brown of ITW/Tomco,
the campaign’s single largest contributor; Bill
Pepple, 2006 campaign chair; Tom Herman,
leadership co-chair; George Brown, leadership
co-chair and Campaign 2005 chairman and
Julie Brown, 2005 Campaign chairwoman. The
$387,246 raised to-date is the highest total ever
raised by the United Way of Williams County.

Resource Development Committee
Heather Teegarden, Chair
Bill Pepple, Campaign Chair

George and Julie Brown Richard and Charlene Hess
Dr. Laura Eckhardt Chip Wood
Tom Herman

The Marketing Committee is charged with developing plans to communicate the
impact of United Way on our community. It is important that our target markets
understand this not only during the campaign, but year-round.

Members of the committee helped plan “Pizza Day for United Way” which re-
sulted in donations made for each pizza sold by participating restaurants.

The Chief Radio Pacesetter Challenge provided a jump start to the campaign as
our United Way challenged givers to make their contributions early, during the
remote. WBNO’s Andy Brigle broadcast live from the Chief parking lot, with free
food, prizes, and fun. The grand prize was two tickets to see the Detroit Lions
play at the St. Louis Rams, donated by Keith Elting of Bryan Metals.

The Committee also helped to plan the
2006 United Way Campaign Kickoff at
the Williams County Fair (see photo at
right). A captive audience heard the
United Way story and were introduced
to Bill Pepple, campaign chair, prior
to the Kids’ Day activities. The event
culminated with hundreds of balloons
being released by volunteers from all
seven major communities in Williams
County, signifying the start of the cam-
paign in each town and village.

During the campaign, the committee was instrumental in planning United Way
week. United Way was in the spotlight all week with newspaper articles, a color-
ing contest, radio broadcasts, and “Donuts on the Way” – which provided free
donuts to motorists in all seven of our major communities.

Bryan Municipal Utilities aired a program featuring the United Way and spotlight-
ing four programs funded by campaign dollars. Additionally, the United Way was
featured as part of the “All Around Williams County” program on WDFM TV-26.

Marketing Committee
Jennifer Benner, Chair

Perry Bolton-Sell Cindra Keeler
Penny Claudio Heather Teegarden
Tara Cook Joyce Yoder
Holly Goodrich Vickie Zippay
Eric Herman
United Way’s Finance Committee, led by Treasurer Rob Vogelsong, did a great
job of keeping expenses down and collections up.

United Way continues to operate
mean and lean. Our annual audit
(for fiscal year 2005) showed
an overhead rate of only 19.2%.
This rate is calculated by adding
total fund-raising costs and
administrative costs and dividing
the total into total revenue (see
graph at right). All indications are
that this rate will remain steady
once the 2006 audit is complete.

United Way’s annual audit and 2005 IRS Form 990 are available for inspection
by contacting our office at 419-636-8603 or by visiting our web site at www. We also complete annual reporting for United Way of
America... all requirements were met and we are a member in good standing.

The sources of United Way’s annual revenue are too numerous to mention here,
but all can be found in our annual audit. In summary, sources of annual revenue

• donations from employees (private business and government)
• corporate gifts
• donations from individuals
• supporters of special events
• interest income
• in-kind donations

Finance Committee
Robert Vogelsong, Chair

Stacey Bock Elaine Willibey
Kasey Sanders

Statement of Financial Position

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Financial information was prepared prior to the independent annual audit,
which will be completed on or about July 1, 2007, and available for inspection at
the United Way office or on our website shortly thereafter.

Funds Distribution
In 2006, local volunteers determined in advance of the annual fund-raising
drive where the money that was to be raised should be invested. Thirty local
nonprofit organizations received partner agency status, and were recommended
for United Way investment. Due to the success of the annual drive, the initial
recommendations will be fully supported. Collectively, United Way’s community
investment volunteers spent hundreds of hours reviewing local nonprofit

Proceeds from the fall 2005 campaign that were collected in calendar year
2006 were invested in 30 nonprofit organizations across the county. Due to
strong collections, no reductions in funding amounts were made. United Way-
funded agencies assisted over 14,000 people last year – and improved lives all
over our county. See the “Programs and Services” section for the names of all
organizations funded.

Additionally, partner agencies that receive allocated United Way funding are not
charged any fee or dues to receive funding.

Funds Distribution Committee
Mike Winzeler, Chair

Dr. Richard Hess Mike Sheeran
Loralee Mercer Tom Voigt
Steve Rieman Jeannine Walker

Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning committee performs the “visioning” duties for our United
Way. In addition to regular tasks such as identifying potential board members
and campaign chairs, the committee also works on long-range planning.

One of our biggest difficulties
has always been to explain to
the public that we are a county-
wide United Way, serving people
throughout Williams County. To
that end, the committee worked
diligently throughout 2006 to
recruit board members from
outside of Bryan and Montpelier.
We now have representation
from Edgerton, Edon, Stryker
and West Unity, and hope to
have Pioneer volunteers shortly.
In addition, we will be holding
one board meeting per year in
each of our largest communities.

During 2006, the committee planned for a self-assessment, which is a United
Way of America membership requirement, which must be updated every three
years. With feedback from volunteers, staff and agencies, we have learned more
about our organization. We will use data collected as we continue discussing
community impact.

In 2007, the Strategic Planning committee will hold a “United Way Summit” to
gather feedback from our volunteers and constituents, and begin planning an
implementation of community impact funding. We hope that this all-day event will
help us develop future guidance for our organization.

As our United Way determines which direction it will go with regards to commu-
nity impact, we will rely on the leadership of the Strategic Planning committee to
help us along the road.

Strategic Planning Committee
Mark Miller, Chair

Julie Brown Mitchell Owens
Tim Herman Ryan Thompson
Dr. Jason Kunsman Larry White
Steve Myers

Programs and Services
United Way of Williams County helps in four specific impact areas:

Health and Well-Being Empowering Families
Helping Our Kids to Grow Caring for People in Crisis

Internally, United Way supports two programs – the “Let Me Play Fund” and Dolly
Parton’s Imagination Library. A Program Committee will be formed in early 2007
to act as the management of these two programs.

Recognizing that activities for kids, including sports, and recreation programs
help build self esteem and teach life skills like teamwork, dedication, and work
ethic, the Let Me Play fund was established in 2003 to provide player’s fees,
uniform costs, or even equipment to children who would like to participate in area
recreation programs and Community enrichment programs, but do not have the
means to pay the fees. The Let Me Play fund is administered by the YMCA.

Studies show that reading regularly to children during pre-school years gives
them the biggest boost toward a successful education, which is why country
superstar Dolly Parton established the Imagination Library program. Nearly 750
Williams County pre-schoolers were enrolled in the program at the end of 2006.
Each month, a new, age-appropriate book is mailed to children who are part of
the program, and the cost is underwritten by United Way and donor designations.
The CHWC Auxiliary has partnered with United Way to pay the cost for all
children born at the Bryan Hospital, and for that we thank them. Children ages
0-5 may be enrolled by contacting the United Way at 419-636-8603 or by going

Other partner agencies receiving funding in 2006 were:

American Red Cross Habitat for Humanity
Big Brothers & Big Sisters HELP Inc.
Boy Scouts of America Kidney Foundation of NW Ohio
Cancer Assistance of Williams County Legal Aid
Catholic Charities Lutheran Social Services
Center for Child & Family Advocacy NW Ohio Community Action Commission
Community Compassion RSVP
Community Health Professionals Salvation Army
Community Pregnancy Center Sanctuary of Williams County
Fellowship Club Shalom Ministries - VORP Program
First Call For Help SPARK
Five County Alcohol & Drug Wms. Co. Assn. for Mentally Handicapped
Four County Family Center Williams County Family YMCA
Girl Scouts of Maumee Valley Council Women and Family Services
Heather Teegarden Mark Miller
President Vice President

Robert Vogelsong Joyce Yoder
Treasurer Secretary

Board of Trustees

Term Expiring 12-31-06 Term Expiring 12-31-07 Term Expiring 12-31-08

Elizabeth Buchhop-Siler * Jennifer Benner Mark Miller
Stryker Public Schools Andres, O’Neil & Lowe Bryan City Schools

Cindy Castor Don O’Brien *
First Federal Bank Ferro Corporation

Dr. Richard Hess George Brown
Retired Retired

Loralee Mercer Ryan Thompson
Retired Thompson Law Office

Steve Rieman Robert Vogelsong
Retired Sky Bank

Heather Teegarden Tom Voigt
Andres, O’Neil & Lowe The Bryan Times

Joyce Yoder Pat Weber *
Williams Co. Public Library Hillside Country Living

Mike Winzeler
Winzeler Stamping

Chip Wood
Bryan Ford Lincoln Mercury

* Resigned
United Way Staff

Christopher J. Malanga
Chief Executive Officer

Pamela M. Schroeder
Executive Assistant

United Way
of Williams County

P.O. Box 525
Bryan, OH 43506