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After several weeks of careful consideration, extensive discussions with family and friends, and prayer, I have decided

to seek the Republican Party of Minnesota Nomination for the United States Senate. Over the last several years, along with many of my fellow Americans, I have witnessed the failure of Americas politicians to move our nation forward, boldly confronting and solving the major issues and challenges facing our state, and the nation as a whole. Along with many conservatives, I watched as a very small fringe group of Libertarians infiltrated the Minnesota Republican caucus, uncompromisingly backing a slate of candidates who in large measure do not represent Minnesota values, and thats evident by Congressman Ron Pauls dismal 27% voter support in our statewide Presidential caucus. Many of these disciples chosen by their kingmaker, are widely viewed in our state, and nationally, as completely unelectable, with negative views that do not reflect the heart of the Republican Party. In fact, I wholeheartedly believe that if we nominate Kurt Bills to represent the Republican Party, leading the state ballot, his radical affiliation with Ron Paul will crush any chances the Republican Party has of maintaining the Minnesota State House and State Senate. It is my belief that we as a party must draw a line in the sand. Furthermore, that this senate seat, represents the principal battleground for the future of the Republican Party nationally. As a three time Marine infantry combat veteran of the War in Iraq, and a father, I cannot sit idly and watch my party be destroyed and completely redefined, by the very few, most uncompromising, and divisive amongst our party.

Growing up on the East Side of Saint Paul, attending public schools my whole life, graduating from the University of Minnesota, being a small business owner, combat Marine veteranand most importantly, Dad, I feel my diverse background gives Minnesota conservatives the best chance to win come November. We must nominate candidates who have broad appeal, across party lines, especially against a popular and well-funded incumbent. I look forward to having several debates about the critical issues that Minnesotans are truly concerned about. In the end, I felt it was my duty to give Minnesotans who would prefer to not have to vote for either Amy Klobuchar or Kurt Bills, the best chance at our state having a Republican United States Senator come this November.


David J. Carlson linkedin/in/davidcarlsonusa