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June 6, 2012

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Chris Vaughn for US Congress Rep. Steve Davis Golf Tourney Stanley for Henry School Board Henry County Beekeepers Academic Parenting Mike Griffin for Henry BoE Cherokee GOP Debate Danny Dukes for Cherokee BoE Mr. Ethics fails the test There Oughta be a Law Courthouse Square Market Lunch with your Congressman

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For U.S.CongressGeorgia District 4th
Today I saw this picture graphic on Fox News! Amazing that today 25 year olds who graduate and hold a Bachelors degree have an unemployment/underemployment rate of 53.6%!

To purchase that many we need your help and EVERYONE helping with a few signs will take care of the cost! To help us RIGHT NOW you can securely give using this link

One statistic I ve been using is a graduate today has a 50% chance of employment in their chosen field, and a 100% chance for being underemployed! Extreme regulations, excessive spending, and an out of touch tax code are strangling our economy. We have qualified with the State and are an official candidate for U.S. Congress! NOW the real work begins as we get our message and name out to the Republican Base for the Primary, July 31st and the General Election, November 6th. We need your help! Our strategy is to blitz the District with Campaign Signs during the week of July 4th! To do that we need to order 1000+ to 2000+ signs! We ve found an incredible price on quantity and to have the signs by the end of June we need to order them this week. We also need teams to help place signs out too.

As most of you already know I have Primary opposition and I would like to humbly ask for your support again in this campaign. I know many of you have already contributed and I thank you for your continued support we could not have done it without you. I have a luncheon that will be keynoted by Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones the highest ranking women in Georgia state government. You have an opportunity to get two sponsorships for one contribution, for $250 you will get 4 tix to the luncheon and a hole sponsorship at the golf tournament. This is perfect for the non-golfers.

June 25th, 2012 9AM Sign in 10AM Shotgun Start Crystal Lake Golf & Country Club 100 Crystal Lake Boulevard Hampton, Georgia 30228 770-471-3233
The list of sponsorship levels for the golf tournament are below, but feel free to be creative with your own unique sponsorships. I will entertain any ideas. I particularly like the Tee Box sponsorship which will allow for you to set up

shop on the hole and interact with every group that comes through, you could do prizes, giveaways, presentations or whatever you choose. As always we will have some amazing prizes, gifts and door prizes, this year will include a Ruger P345 (45 Caliber) NRA Special Edition handgun just to name one. $125 per player includes golf, lunch, and drinks. $500 Team Sponsorship (4 players) $200 Hole Sponsor $250 Hole Sponsorship plus 4 tickets to Leadership Luncheon on June 12th. $300 Tee Box Sponsor (hole sponsor with booth) $1000 Birdie Sponsor (2 teams, hole sponsor, company info for tournament bag) $2500 Eagle sponsor (2 Birdie Sponsors plus Tournament Name Sponsorship) *If your company has other ideas for specialty sponsorships we will consider your idea. Business Name for Hole Sponsorship: __________________________________________ Business Address: __________________________________________ Sponsorship Level: __________________________________________ Name of Players: __________________________________________ Make Checks Payable to Friends of Steve Davis 1109 River Green Ct. McDonough, GA 30252 You can RSVP by sending in form or simply email or call 678-215-2569 Additionally you can pay with credit card on PayPal, just go to and follow the link. Campaign Contributions are not tax deductible. Thank you in advance, Steve Davis

Both the Henry Daily Herald and Henry Chamber of Commerce have delivered questionnaires for candidates. Here is one query, with Larry s response to the Chamber of Commerce: What are the most important issues facing the Henry County Schools? What are your recommendations for addressing them? Our funding formula in Georgia originated back in the Joe Frank Harris administration in 1984. It may have been a good idea in 1984, but 28 years later, much has changed. I will work with fellow school board members across this state and legislators to update how our schools are funded. It is time to stop delaying this change. It must be done. The fact that Henry County will enter 2013 with 40,000 students and less than 1,200 teachers creates a ratio of 33 to 1. The student-teacher ratio must become a high and key figure in the budgetary process whereby the student s environment and benefit outweigh other maintenance and operation concerns. We must cut non-essentials and re-allocate funds to minimize this ratio. Changing the funding formula may also assist with this endeavor. With a 70% graduation rate, it is clear that Henry County schools are not meeting the needs of all the students. Henry County students and parents could benefit from educational initiatives. Some programs can be enhanced such as work based learning, which can more directly involve internships with local businesses. For example our Chamber of Commerce partners with


educational institutions to strengthen educational opportunities and workforce development. Working more closely with the Chamber s initiatives could provide a program whereby students are provided real work experience and training. Another type of program would involve local businesses in a scholarship program, based on competitive achievement and possibly tied to internships. The Chamber of Commerce forum for BoE candidates is set for Tuesday, June 12th at 11:30am.

Can t Do Math? Or Just not Math Literate?
Academic Parenting Commentary by Bruce Kendall Mathematical literacy, what does it mean? After visiting web sites like the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS, COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS INITIATIVE, two Google searches, reading several academic papers, and cutting and pasting definitions from various web sites I came to this conclusion. There are multiple definitions, and one academic paper was about all the differences. No wonder Nobody, is the only person who knows what it means! However, I did find one definition that was, somewhat un-confusing. MATHEMATICS LITERACY is an abstract term that refers, broadly, to an individual's ability to incorporate mathematical skills in a constructive, conscientious, and concerted manner into his or her life For my edification of the word ABSTRACT, and with your indulgence listed the six most applicable definitions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. apart from concrete realities. theoretical; not applied or practical. difficult to understand. a summary of a text. to divert or draw away. to steal.

Henry County Beekeepers
Fall Short Course The Henry County Beekeepers Fall Short Course will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2012, 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. The location in McDonough, at our normal meeting place, Public Safety Building, 116 Zack Hinton Parkway. Please see the attached file for more information (file in Adobe PDF and MS-Word formats). Please feel free to email to Businesses, Family and Friends. If you need extra copies printed please let me know prior to the next meeting. Byron Aherns, our webmaster, will put this information on our website for future access. Tom Bonnell ~ Horticulture Program Assistant Clayton County Extension Service 1262 Government Circle Jonesboro, GA 30236 PH: 770-473-5434; FAX: 770-473-5438 Email:

How then can anyone understand a mathematical term (word) that is apart from concrete realities, or not applied or practical, and difficult to understand, that diverts, draws, or steals the students attention from what the teacher is doing, and learn math?


So while the great educated minds at the state and local education authorities wrestle with their definition of Mathematical literacy, I decided to address the practical side of the situation. As a parent, lets start with five key functional parts to this puzzle. First math is 80% literacy skills, and 30% rote memorization. Yes that s 110%, but we want our kids to be good at math don t we. So why is math 80% literacy skills? The answer is so simple that it is almost impossible to believe. Complete this problem: 2+2= Besides your brain, what did you use to solve the problem? Words, two plus two, equals four. It is impossible to do math without words. Don t believe me, try it, and you will find that you say or think with words even when using a calculator. What I struggle with, and I suspect that I am not alone is the terms that teachers use to teach math. That is why you need to know the next four key functional parts to math instruction. In Amy Benjamin s education White Paper, THE ROLE OF ACTIVE LITERACY IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION she wrote: In the language-rich math classroom, students engage all four language modes (reading, writing, listening, speaking) to make sense of math and therefore, find it meaningful and memorable. Literacy is not a separate subject from math. All students need to understand definitions beyond the ability to recite them. All students need to decipher what written mathematical problems are asking them to do, and that ability requires good old-fashioned reading comprehension.

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are the four functional skills that your child must be applying in the language rich math classroom. Reading involves comprehension of a nonfiction text, and active writing, listening, and speaking support and build on understanding mathematical language. Writing is more than copying naked math problems on paper. Evidence of this type of writing can easily take one of the following forms: o By writing out the steps used to solve a math problem, as I did for the addition problem. o Writing a short paragraph describing a mathematical concept and provide examples. Similar to the text you would find in a textbook. o Creating word problems, and an answer sheet with a description of how the problem was solved (proof). Listening, is not a passive skill, it must be actively practiced, and one that you can help your child develop. One method is to give your child simple directions and then have them repeat them. Number-one-son hates this exercise, so if you have one you would be willing to share, afore mentioned teenager might appreciate it. Finally yet importantly is speaking. One of the greatest teaching tools for learning is having the student teach. Instead of asking what did you learn in school today, have them play teacher, and you be the student. One word of caution, what you learn from your child could be frightening, as they will model somebody, and it might not be the classroom teacher. What I have shared is just the beginning of what you should expect from a languagerich math classroom.


If you are interested in learning more about what you child learned this past year or to prepare for next. Follow this link to the CENTER FOR EDUCATION INTEGRATING SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, AND COMPUTING, or CEISMC part of the College of Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. CEISMC, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education, developed one page letters you can download to support students, parents, and teachers. Each letter provides glimpses of the content investigated in class, with suggestions for activities to explore at home, vocabulary, grade-appropriate readings related to the math content, and links to websites for additional background information or practice opportunities for skills development.

system. Focusing on continuous improvement and "best practices" will help us move from "good" to "great".

Building the Path to Future Learning
More skills are demanded by today's market place. We want to help students connect with the right college or the right skill training that will help them build a career.

Building-up Teachers, Our Most Important Asset
Teachers are our most important resource. They directly touch our children every day. Their best energy and ideas must be cultivated and rewarded. Let's support them and thank them and not over burden them with unrealistic expectations or unnecessary paperwork. Mikes community activities include · Co-founded the Ferst Foundation of Henry County in 2006. This non-profit has sent over 75,000 free books to preschool children in our county. · Mike also started ChangeOneLife, an Africa-focused, medical mission non-profit. · Mike was the chairperson of Committee for Our Children's Future (2011) which successfully promoted the Henry County School's SPLOST IV referendum. Contact Mike at MIKE@GRIFFININSURE.COM and visit his campaign website at HTTP://WWW.MIKEGRIFFINSCHOOLBOARD.COM

Mike Griffin is

running for Henry County School Board District 3
Mike and his family have lived in Henry County for 12 years. Mike's two sons attend Henry County schools. Mike co-owns Griffin Insurance Agency in Stockbridge. I am running for the school board because I believe that as goes the school system so goes the county. Productive leadership is key to success for our school system. I am motivated to make a positive difference because my two boys are coming up through Henry County Schools. I would appreciate your vote on July 31st.

Mike's Education Emphases
Building A Culture of Excellence Our guiding
priority should be building a culture of excellence where everyone believes that we will be a top 10 Georgia school

It's not too late for anyone who is not signed up to vote. It can be done on line easy. Or I have some forms - just fill out and drop in a mailbox. No excuse - GET OUT AND VOTE.

Cherokee County Republican Party Debate
CHEROKEE COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY 1428 Towne Lake Pkwy, Suite 107, Woodstock, GA 30188 Senator Chip Rogers - Brandon Beach Danny Dukes - Board Member Janet Read Monday, June 25, 2012 at 7:00pm

One of them, eight-year veteran Janet Read, is now running for chairman of the school board a new, countywide position approved by the Legislature. Her opponent is Danny Dukes, a financial consultant who also is a member of the Cherokee Charter Academy s governing board. Reacting to change is not the appropriate way to manage change, Dukes said. A lot of times, I think just think that we can do better in education. It s not that there s anything falling apart in Cherokee County. But we re missing the innovation in education.

Official website:


The man slamming Rep. Steve Davis as unethical and proposing laws that are pure nonsense is Dale Rutledge. Mr. Ethics fails the test. His campaign staffers have been stuffing mailboxes. The practice is a violation of federal law. As a candidate he should know that. He should know a lot that simply eludes him.
HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/#!/PHOTO.PHP?FBID=377 9330515134&SET=A.1697580112675.95034.1033031014&T YPE=1&THEATER

Please sign up for our newsletter and stay updated on all news releases and events. Also, please sign up to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Cherokee County needs an innovative approach to education. We are good, but not good enough. As long as there is another school district better than us, we can be better. This spring, the governor pushed through a proposed constitutional amendment to permit the state to override local school systems on the establishment of charter schools. It will be on the ballot in November. Also this spring, state lawmakers passed, and Deal signed, new district lines for the Cherokee school board. Two charter academy opponents were drawn out of their districts.

Ethics reform for Henry County?
As we all know ethics reform, or a consistent and meaningful code of ethics in Henry County is a mere dream. Noting the way a citizen s group was demeaned and slammed down, something tangible has come up.


The Henry School Board has a clear code of ethics. One stipulation is that no political campaigning can be done on school property. Clear, concise. No tee-shirts, no signs, no campaign literature. The Henry Board of Commissioners has never adopted a similar ordinance to regulate their own behavior. Vehicles parked at the Judicial Parking Lot in McDonough are on public property not private property! They are in plain view of drivers and pedestrians. When we saw a car parked at the open-air parking lot with a BJ Mathis sign positioned for easy visibility, the need for ethical campaigning came to mind. Getting an ego-driven commissioner to support real ethics reform would mean they would have to behave honorably. Alas, no such ordinance exists to stop commission candidates from openly campaigning on our tax-funded, public properties. They will report a competitor s yard sign for improper placement. But using public property for overt campaigning is A-OK. There oughta be a law.

The market will be small in the beginning, but with the support of the community could grow into something great. The market will be every Saturday morning from 8-12. Come on out this Saturday and show your support for the Market and the other downtown merchants.

Republican Women of Henry County Come and join Congressman Lynn Westmoreland and Congressman Paul Broun for lunch and a congressional update. This is an opportunity to get to know your congressman and ask him questions. Cost is $12.00 per person.
Henry County Moose Lodge, Hwy 155, McDonough, GA Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 12 noon

Please RSVP immediately so we have an accurate headcount. RSVP to Donna Walls at 770-289-2401 or DKAYWALLS@YAHOO.COM. Candidates are welcome to come and be recognized.

Ok it is official!!!! We will be a vendor at the new Courthouse Square Farmer's Market in downtown McDonough. The market will be located in the parking lot between the Chafin Building and the Welcome Center.
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