The topics include: 1.Generator protection. 2.Transformer protection. 3.Combined cycle power plant over view. 4.

Combined cycle power plant operation and control. 5.SCADA control system in power plants or generator and gas turbine control mechanism. 6.High voltage (HV) motor protection. 7.Synchronous motor or generator protection. 8.Bus bar protection. 9.Study on circuit breakers. 10.Study on transformers. 11.Study of bus bar schemes. 12.Study of substation protection. 13.Study of 440/220 kv,33/11 kv substations

The objective of this document is to present the general guidelines for the writing up of a proper mini-project report. We were very confused as to what we had to do as this was only a mini project on whether we have to go to industry,scope of project etc.But as in most colleges we were given choice to a study project or kit based and this could be done in an Institute,Industry or own.Most of chose to do a study project and were given permission for this and we had to submit this report as soon as IV/I starts and had to work on project in III/II break.This project will be evaluated during IV/II (Along with the Final or Main Project). Basically in this mini project student can take up any Industry oriented application in his/her field of interest in their respective field/branch.First one has to submit an Abstract of the project to their concerned department head (HOD) and once he approves it ,he will assign a project guide to the individual or batch after this project work is to be started. Generally batch for a mini project may have 1 to 3 members in it.

Impotant Points: 1. 2. 3. 4. There is no page limit only thing to be considered is that concept is complete. One must acquire all data and concepts related to one's project. The Format Guidelines given by respective Dept.heads for report layout. Project should have good idustry oriented applications.

[b]The below info will give you the complete and detailed description of the mini projects reports. [/b] It is essential that you produce a clear and concise report that reflects the literature survey, problem identification,

Paragraphs and Line Spacing : 1. Right: 30mm. Left aligned • For the main text: Times New Roman Size 12. Figures and tables : . the engineering design work carried out. Right: 25mm. Headers/ Footers : Times New Roman Size 10.5 throughout. tests performed and discussion of results. Equations : Should be edited with Microsoft Equation. and should be numbered in ascending order in each chapter: E. Margins : Top. start the new section or subsection on the following page. Font and Size : • For Chapter Numbers and Titles: Times New Roman Size 18. Upper-Case. Left aligned • Sub-section Numbers and Titles: Times New Roman Size 12. Page numbers should be centered at the bottom of the page. the mini-project report should normally not exceed 30 pages(excluding the appendix). Centered.project aims and objectives. • If there are less than four lines remaining at the bottom of the page. Bottom. REPORT FORMAT : With the format given below. you should avoid downloading bulk text and images from books or the Internet or use unconventional fonts or graphics with a view to impressing the reader You should rather show the reader that you have understood the problem at hand and used an engineering approach to produce a working solution by working as a team with your group members.g: is the first Equation in Chapter 2. Page Numbers : Start with Page 1 at the beginning of Chapter 1.Reviews will be conducted by your college in order to know the progress of your project work( 2 to 3 reviews will be taken generally). The emphasis should not be on the length of the report. Justified. You should also be able to explain the working principle and design of each stage of the developed system. Bold. • Sections Numbers and Titles: Times New Roman Size 14. Bold. and should not be shorter than 20 pages. NOTE : • Do NOT put the Chapter Number and Title on a separate Page. Leave a blank space from one paragraph to another. but rather on the way by which the above aspects are presented In this context. Bold.

• A statement that the report is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Practical Training of the B. In particular the following should be included: . sections and other parts of the report. • Figures and Tables should be numbered in ascending order for each chapter. • The number of the table and its caption should be typed immediately above it in Times New Roman Size 12. • Date of submission TABLE OF CONTENTS : The table of contents should list all the chapters. along with their page numbers. • The number of the figure.• Position Figures and Tables as close as possible to the text where they are referred.Eng. TITLE PAGE : The title page should include the following information: • Mini-Project Title • Student Names and ID Nos. (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. and its caption should be typed immediately below it in Times New Roman Size 12. using the same sequence as for Equations.

institution. Figure 2.g. department or lab. and their title (E.Techs. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT : Any person. whose help or support you want to acknowledge for the project. the approach used and the main results obtained. All the best to all B. ABSTRACT : A summary of 300 to 400 words of the practical application. the problem to be solved. organization. along with the page numbers. LIST OF TABLES : A list of Table Numbers presented in the report and their title. . LIST OF FIGURES : A list of all Figure Numbers presented in the report.NOTE: The above page numbers are given as examples only.1 Circuit diagram of the Traffic Light Controller) along with the page numbers.

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