Omnibus Sponsorship 6 June 2012 Senator Edgardo J. Angara Chair Committee on Education, Culture and the Arts

Another school year began this week, but one unlike many we have had in decades. We have started the transition toward a more responsive and sensible basic education curriculum by implementing the first seven-year plan, including the mandatory kindergarten, of the K to 12 program.

In this regard, it is highly timely that your Committee on Education, Arts and Culture recommends the speedy passage of 134 school bills, as well as one measure on culture.

More than half of our population consist of young people 25 years and younger—35 percent are even not older than 14 years.


This means that many of our youth are still in school—ripe for learning and training.

This also means that the investments in education we make today will, to a large extent, define the future of this young people—and, consequently, of our country.

The school bills your committee is putting before the body today involve the creation of new schools, renaming of existing ones, or their conversion into independent units.

We believe these measures will be instrumental in improving the quality of education and widen access to learning facilities.

As the number of school-age children continues to increase, so must our schools’ capacity to accommodate them. This


necessitates the transformation of certain annexes of secondary schools into autonomous units with full financial and administrative mandates.

Your committee, as well as the House Committee on Basic Education, believes these units have demonstrated the capability to stand on their own. By making them independent, they will be able to better serve their immediate communities. They will be more attuned to the needs of their constituents, particularly in putting out-of-school youth back into school.

Some of these schools respond to the special requirements of their communities as they specialize in trade, technical-vocational or agricultural studies.


Allow me to show select education indicators of the provinces involved (Annex I) and their ranking in the Human Development Index (HDI).

The HDI measures life expectancy, literacy, education, and standards of living of a country, and serves as a standard gauge of well-being.

As we can see, some of these provinces perform better than the Philippines taken as a whole. In terms of the percentage of population 18 years and above who are high school graduates, several provinces, like Bataan, Batangas, Ilocos Norte and Misamis Oriental, exceeded the country’s average.

La Union even stands out for having 100 percent enrollment rate at the primary and secondary levels.


However, many of these provinces fall short of the performance of Metro Manila, arguably the standard of competitiveness in our country.

We hope to help them be on the same level as the National Capital Region, if not better. The first step toward realizing that is improving their educational facilities.

SUC’s With that Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, your committee proposes the following measures pertaining to some emerging competitive State Universities and Colleges (SUC’s):

• Converting the Catanduanes State Colleges into the Catanduanes State University;


• Transforming the Camarines Sur Polytechnic College Naga City Campus into the Bicol State Colleges of Applied Sciences and Technology; • Converting the Negros State College of Agriculture into the Central Philippines State University; and • Converting the Quirino State College into the Quirino State University, with which integrated are the Quirino Polytechnic College and the Maddela Institute Of Technology.


Additionally Mr. President, your recommends the following measures covering secondary schools:

• In Ilocos Norte:


o Establishing the Isic-Isic National High School in Vintar.

• In Nueva Ecija: o Conversion into an independent unit of the Caanawan National High School.

• In Nueva Vizcaya: o Establishing the Eastern Nueva Vizcaya National High School Barangay Didipio, Kasibu; and o Separation of the Santa Fe National High SchoolCanabuan Annex into the Canabuan National High School.

• In the Mt. Province: o Conversion of certain annex schools into the Balugan National High School, Subaba National High School,


Paracelis Technical and Vocational High School, Sta. Isabel National High School, Anonat National Agricultural and Vocational High School; and o Establishing the Bunga National High School, Balaoa National High School and Agawa National High School.

• In Kalinga: o Transformation of the respective annexes into the Tappo Vocational High School, Mananig National High School, Camalog National High School, New Tanglag National High School and Mananig National High School.

• In Bulacan: o Creation of four new national secondary schools in the suburban city of San Jose del Monte, namely Kaypian


National High School, Sto. Cristo National High School, Citrus National High School and San Martin National High School.

• In Bataan, renaming the Orion National High School to Justice Emilio Angeles Gancayco Memorial High School, a tribute to the memory and service of Orion’s beloved son and retired Supreme Court Justice.

• In La Union: o Creation of the Agoo National Vocational High School; and o Conversion of the Acao National High School into the Eulogio Clarence de Guzman Junior Memorial National Vocational High School.

• In Aurora:


o Establishing the Dianawan National High School in the municipality of Maria Aurora.

• In Tarlac: o Establishing the Mayantoc National TechnicalVocational High School.

• In Metro Manila: o Establishing the Industrial Valley Complex National High School and Jesus dela Pena National High School in Marikina City; o Making annex schools independent as the Wawang Pulo National High School and Canumay East National High School in Valenzuela City; o Renaming the Bignay Elementary School in Valenzuela City to the Roberta de Jesus Elementary School.


• In Batangas, creation of the Apolinario Mabini National High School in Barangay Malimatoc I.

• In Occidental Mindoro: o Conversion into independent units of the Poypoy National High School, Manoot National High School and Caminawit National High School.

• In Romblon: o Renaming the Romblon National High SchoolOdiongan to the Odiongan National High School;

• In Camarines Sur: o Separation from the parent school and formation into the Hanawan National High School, Bagong Sirang National High School, Quipayo National High School, Buenavista National High School, Himanag National


High School, Carmel National High School, Eduardo T. Agomaa National High School, Dr. Nelson Mejia National High School, Antipolo National High School Del Rosario National High School, Pinamasagan National High School and Tinalmud National High School; and o Creation of the Calabanga National Science High School and the Computer Science High School of Bicolandia in Pili;

• In Sorsogon: o Establishing the Bantayan National High School, Buenavista National High School, Bagatao National High School, San Antonio National High School, San Rafael National High School, Sto. Nino Integrated School and Bogna Integrated School; and


o Creating an independent Cagbolo National Vocational High School and Mayon National High School.

• In Cebu: o Separating the Calape National High School-Tapilon Annex into the Tapilon National High School;

• In Iloilo: o Making certain annex schools independent as the Cambitu National High School, Bad-as National High School and Bagacay National High School.

• In Capiz, the creation of the Congressman Dinggoy Araneta Roxas Memorial Elementary School in Barangay Linampongan, Pontevedra, which is named in honor of the late member of the House of Representatives.


• In Western Samar: o Independence from the parent school and formation into the independent Napuro National High School;

• In Leyte: o Establishing the Buli National High School and V&G National High School; and o Formation into an independent Sogod National High School;

• In Southern Leyte: o Creation of the Liloan Technical-Vocational High School and Hinapu National High School.

• In Misamis Oriental: o Renaming the Gusa National High School into the Gusa Regional Science High School.


• In Bukidnon: o Establishing the Sumilao National High School-Vista Villa Annex and Baungon National High SchoolDanatag Annex; and o Transforming an annex school into the San Vicente National High School.

• In Camiguin: o Renaming the Sagay National High School to Eulalio U. Pabillore National High School.

• In South Cotabato: o Conversion of annex schools into the Rotonda National High School and Lamsugod National High School.

• In Zamboanga del Norte:


o The creation of the following: Lapero National High School, Lipakan National High School and Dona Natividad L. Macias Memorial National High School; and o Separation of certain annex schools into the Moliton National High School, Sitog National High School, Basagan National High School, Sinuyak National High School, Gunyan National High School.

• In Zamboanga del Sur: o Creation of the Tinggabulong National High School, Camalig National High School, Ignacio Garrata National High School, Fatima National High School and Old Mirapao National High School; o Separation of certain school annexes into the Norberta Guillar Memorial National High School, Golictop National High School, Dumingag National High


School, Bag-ong Kauswagan National High School, Paquito S. Yu Memorial National High School, Parasan National High School, Sumalig National High School, Dawa National High School, Kauswagan National High School, Gubaan National High School and Boniao National High School.

• In Zamboanga Sibugay: o From an annex school, making the Dalama National High School an autonomous unit.

• In Davao Oriental: o Establishing the Panikian National High School, Lawigan National High School, Bagumbayan AgroIndustrial High School and Macambol National High School; and


o Transforming respective school annexes into the Dona Rosa Garcia Rabat Memorial National High School and Leandro G. Japos National High School.

• In Surigao del Norte: o Conversion of annex schools into the independent units Cantiasay National High School, San Jose National High School and Taft National High School.

• In Surigao del Sur: o Conversion into the annexes of the Bislig City National High School into the San Isidro National High School, Bucto National High School, San Vicente National High School, Sta. Cruz National High School and Mabog National High School; o Conversion of the Santa Juana Public High School into the Santa Juana National High School; and


o Making certain annexes into the independent units Tagbina National High School, Calabanga National High School, San Jose Pili National High School, Bigaan National High School and Tumanan National High School.


Finally, Mr. President, your committee also recommends that the Sheikh Karimul Makhdum Mosque be declared a National Historical Landmark. Located in Tubig Indangan, Simunul, Tawi-Tawi, this site is one of the oldest existing Muslim houses of prayer in the country, having been constructed in 1380 AD.


For its tremendous cultural and religious significance to our Muslim brothers and sisters, we hope to protect this site and further promote it as an invaluable part of our heritage.

These are the humble submissions of your committee, Mr. President. We appeal to our esteemed colleagues for their swift approval of all these measures.

Thank you.


ANNEX I Human Development Index 2006 HDI Rank 2006 (out of 77) % of HS graduates (18 and above) 2006 55.3 81.1 72.0 62.8 54.6 66.5 63.9 53.5 62.9 56.0 61.7 55.3 58.4 48.1 54.5 52.3 Primary & HS enrollment rate (%) 2004 90.8 93.8 91.5 90.6 92.2 100.0 88.9 91.1 90.0 87.1 89.8 89.3 90.3 89.0 89.4 91.6


Philippines Metro Manila 4 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 21 25 Bataan Ilocos Norte Nueva Vizcaya La Union Bulacan Iloilo Misamis Oriental Davao del Sur Batangas Tarlac South Cotabato Quirino Cebu Cagayan


26 28 30 34 36 37 43 44 46 48 49 51 52 55 59 60 65 66 68 69

Negros Occidental Bukidnon Zamboanga del Sur Camiguin Camarines Sur Aurora Southern Leyte Nueva Ecija Surigao del Norte Mt. Province Leyte Sorsogon Occidental Mindoro Western Samar Catanduanes Surigao del Sur Kalinga Davao Oriental Romblon Zamboanga del Norte

51.5 40.1 46.1 55.9 50.0 52.3 44.9 54.0 47.3 44.8 42.0 47.7 42.1 37.4 46.9 46.9 44.7 29.9 42.3 34.0

87.6 84.6 88.1 94.3 88.2 92.2 90.8 89.1 90.0 94.6 87.5 90.9 89.5 86.2 87.2 87.2 83.2 81.9 90.1 79.4

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