July 3, 2011

Vol. 25 No. 1

Governor Cifra, Silver Presidents and District Officers to be installed today
The installation of Jose Francisco “Jess” Cifra as Governor of RI District 3780 for RY 2011-2012 shall be presided over by today’s guest of honor, Past Rotary International President Bhichai Rattakul. In addition to having been president of Rotary International in 2002-03, Dr. Bhichai Rattakul is an eminent statesman of Thailand. A Member of Parliament for nine terms since 1969 and Leader of the Democrat Party, he has served his country as Foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Speaker of the House of Representatives and President of the Parliament. He has also led many Thai delegations to the United Nations. He has been decorated with Special Class Honor from the King of Thailand and honors from the Emperor of Japan, Presidents of the Philippines, Korea, Austria, and Nicaragua. He was also awarded the highest International Olympic Award and the Asian Olympic Award by the International Olympics Committee. PRIP Dr. Bhichai Rattakul will deliver his message after the inaugural address of Governor Jose Francisco “Jess” Cifra and the installation of the Silver Presidents and the Silver District Officers. The installation ceremonies shall be followed by the commemoration of the District’s silver year anniversary, and then by a world-class entertainment and fellowship program arranged by host club RC New Manila Heights.

Starting the Year Right
District Governor Jose Francisco “Jess” Cifra, RY 2011-2012
A wise man once said that if we want our journey to be wonderful and reach our destination safely and with great success, we must start right. And that means we have to be prepared for the trip and committed to do what we have planned to achieve. So it is with our year. We want our year’s journey of service to be fruitful and rewarding. We want to scale the heights of new adventures. We want to reach our year’s end victorious. So, we must start right. We have taken many steps to prepare ourselves for our year. I have immersed myself in training both here and at the International Assembly. For your part, you have gone through all the RI mandated training meetings and then some. Looking through it all, we seem prepared for our year. But I believe there is still one more thing we need to do: to put the meaning of our year’s theme in our hearts and minds and let its spirit work, in our daily lives as Rotarians. Then and only then will we be able to fully implement the thrusts and realize the goals that Rotary International has set for our year. “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity” is our year’s theme – the core message that should inspire us to accomplish two things: to realize our individual and collective strengths or potentials and to use these strengths or potentials fully to serve humanity. Nobody is perfect, so they say. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. But to become stronger, we must accept change and make the necessary inner change to be able to convert weaknesses into strengths. We must set this example for others to follow. We find this thought clearly stated in the words of Mohandas Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” To gather more strength, we must muster all the forces within our reach. We must start with our families and our partners in service. We must build strategic partnerships to gather more resources to wage war against poverty, hunger, illiteracy, disease, crime, drug abuse, degradation of the environment, and all the other ills that beset humanity. To embrace humanity, we must be one with the rest of the world. For whoever we are, wherever we are, wherever we live, or whatever we believe in, we share the same concerns, the same dreams as citizens of the world. We all desire for happy and contented lives, for peace, and for a future that is bright and secure. We must be one with the world. And to achieve that, we must work for friendship and peace. Let us reach within ourselves and embrace the world through service and friendship. Let us do the best we can with what we have, where we are. That is where we can start and truly start right.


Preparing for the Future
By DS Jesse Tanchanco, Jr.
The start of every Rotary year brings much excitement and anticipation among the Rotarians in every district and in every corner of the world where our presence is felt. As far our District 3780 is concerned, our DGE Jess Cifra and the rest of his District core group have left no stones unturned in terms of delivering more than adequate training for the PE’s. This included the first ever President Nominee Training Seminar (June 2010) followed by 7 Pre-PETS (alternately held at the UP-Ayala Hub, Seameo Innotech and at the Ateneo De Manila University) where various relevant topics outside of the prescribed PETS subjects were taken up. A most meaningful PETS was held in February, 2011 at the Summit Ridge in Tagaytay hosted by RC Timog. Four Post-PETS ensued to further prepare the PE’s and these include a lecture and forum on the proper conduct of district elections which in the past have become a most contentious issue especially for the club presidents. The District Team Training Seminar was conducted in early March in Antipolo City (Hosted by RC Batasan Hills) followed by a record breaking District Assembly (with more than 800 in attendance) in May held at the Valle Verde Country club in Pasig and hosted by RC Commonwealth. Of course that’s not the end of it, we just had the combined Membership Development / Public Image seminar with an overflowing attendance of more than 300 Rotarians and ably hosted by RC Murphy and RC Cubao EDSA at the new GT Toyota Asian Center in UP Diliman. Not to be outdone was the Secretary Elect Training Seminar held at the Rotary Center complete with actual hands-on computer aided training which was organized by RC Diliman Heights. Don’t forget, this early, we have been able to choose a GSE team bound for District 5000 Hawaii. All these even prior to the official assumption of DGE Jess as District Governor. Other forthcoming events include the “Training the Club Trainers Seminar in July and the RI mandated Rotary Foundation seminar in August. In the midst of all these activities, we are also in the thick of preparations for the much awaited and anticipated District Induction on July 3, 2011. We expect it to be like no other in the past given the type of program, quality of guest of honor (none other than the highly charismatic PRIP Bhichai Rattakul) and entertainment being lined up for the occasion by host club RC New Manila Heights. Truly. Still so much to look forward to. This early, we are starting to get swamped with various requests from clubs, district officers and Rotarians. There are still many concerns and issues that need to be attended to. In this light, we have deemed it necessary to implement a more systematic means of supervision and monitoring of clubs in order to insure a faster and effective response from the district leadership to the clubs. Thus, the District 3780 Sub-Districting scheme. There are still many and greater challenges which lie ahead of us but we will not allow these to slow us down because as Joshua J. Marine once said: “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”


By GP Becca dela Cruz, RC Batasan Hills March 5, 2011 marked the official unveiling of the new theme for the Rotary Year 2011-12, Reach Within to Embrace Humanity, and the holding of the District Team Training Seminar (DTTS), the first major district event during the term of Governor Jose Francisco “Jess” Cifra. The DTTS held this year was for both the incoming officers of the District and the Assistant Governors and Assistant Governor Representatives who will serve during Rotary Year 2011-12. This year’s DTTS turned out to be one of the best attended DTTS, with about 150 participants. It was hosted by one of the best and multi-awarded clubs, the Rotary Club of Batasan Hills, at the Meralco Management Learning Development Center (MMLDC) with PP Renato Trinidad as Chair of the event. The DTTS featured prominent speakers led by Gov Jess Cifra who presented the RI Theme and the RI and District Thrusts for this Rotary year. Past District Governors (PDGs) from other districts including PDG Jaypee Cadaing of District 3790, Butch Francisco of District 3830, Mickey Ortigas of District 3800, and Tony Quila of District 3830 shared their knowledge and experience and passionately discussed their respective topics to ensure effective learning by the incoming leaders of the district. In the afternoon, there were separate breakout sessions for the district officers and the AGs/AGRs. The breakout sessions focused on the more detailed roles and responsibilities of the incoming district officers and AGs/AGRs in line with the RI and District theme and thrusts for the Rotary year. The other speakers were PDG Danny Fausto, DGN Penny Policarpio, DGND Francis Rivera, DSD Jesse Tanchanco, COSD Joe Baradi, LGD Butch Javier, and PP Paeng Arcega. Overall, the DTTS was a great success. It was led by the District Team Training Group of the ever untiring PDG Dan Espinosa and the very elegant lady PDG Dulce dB. Coyukiat. There is something unique about this DTTS in that for the first time, the DTTS was a product of the efforts of not just the host club but also by the co-host clubs who assisted in drumbeating for attendance and in the conduct of the entire program flow of the seminar. The success of the event can be attributed to the joint team effort led by the host club, RC Batasan Hills (GP Becca dela Cruz) and the co-host clubs namely, RC Ayala Heights (GP Bobby Sumulong), RC Biak na Bato (GP Alford Alvarez), RC Camp Aguinaldo (GP Adel Corpuz), RC Commonwealth (GP Eric Santos), RC Cubao East (GP Pol Mayuga), RC Diliman Heights (GP Mayumi Mabini), RC Midtown Cubao (GP Sally Cu), RC New Manila East (GP Bong Cruz), RC New Manila Heights (GP Baby Allado), RC QC Circle (GP Cristy Dagdag), RC Pag asa (GP Joe Montenegro), and RC SFDM (GP John Simon). With learning obtained from the notable resource persons and from each other during this seminar, the incoming district officers and the AGs/AGRs are now well positioned to effectively work with Gov Jess Cifra and the Silver Presidents as they together Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.

By PP Robert Theodore S. Romero, RC Commonwealth “The Golden Club” The 2011 Annual District Assembly (DISTAS) held last May 14th at the Valle Verde Country Club, Pasig City was graced by a record number of 806 attendees, by far the biggest in history of the District. It reminded us officers, past, present or elect, that our commitment to change the world starts with unity at our own home. SERVICE was emphasized in big bold capital letters through the convergence of high -calibre past district governors from D3780, D3810 and D3830 led by PDG / Secretary Sonny Coloma of D3830. They offered their time and resources as guest lecturers and workshop facilitators. The keynote speaker was Fr. Rocky Evangelista of the internationally well known "Tuloy Foundation, Inc." and his advocacy on helping the street-children of Metro Manila. The implementation of a computerized registration system made the flow participants easier and gave them more time to participate in all the activities. From event planning to activity implementation, the 2011 DISTAS was built on the themes of teamwork, selflessness and most importantly, service above self. For the first time, co-hosts clubs were not obliged to financially contribute but rather to pool their ideas, time and efforts together an activity well -loved not only by the participants but by the Rotary spouses themselves who turned up en masse for the event. From the convention kits to the actual presentations, each was received with excitement and kudos. The 2011 DISTAS was a reminder of teamwork, selflessness and most importantly – if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.

MAN IN THE MIRROR: Service Thru Introspection

Keynote Speaker Fr. Rocky Evangelista


Combined Membership Development and Public Image Seminar
Hosted by RC Murphy and RC Cubao EDSA, June 4, 2011 The event started early with a flag-raising ceremony and video-shoot, participated in not only by seminar attendees but also by EarlyAct children and the PNP band. The joint plenary session in the morning featured very informative presentations: Rotario: Noon, Ngayon at Bukas (Rotary: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) by Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator Melito “Bimbo” Salazar; RI Strategic Plan and the Rotary Coordinator Program by Regional Rotary Coordinator Dave Villanueva; and District Issues & Challenges by Incoming Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator Bobby Viray. PDG Bobby Viray discussed the key challenges facing the District and the individual clubs concerned. Those issues of concern include: 1) many clubs below charter strength; 2) non-functioning clubs; 3) quality and impact of projects; 4) declining/erratic membership figure; 5) terminations and suspensions; 6) low attendance in training programs; 7) paradox of developing leaders beyond club level; 8) stewardship of funds; 9) clubs solicitation from other clubs or Rotarians, perceived candidates; 10) election challenges; and 11) poor appreciation of true fellowship. In the afternoon, the 300 attendees split into two break-out sessions. The session on Membership had PDG Danny Fausto lead a discussion of Action Plan for Membership, Membership Growth and Active Recruiting. Then, DG Jess Cifra outlined District Policies and Guidelines for 2011-12. In the concurrent session on Public Image, Lynne Abanilla, RI Public Image Area Coordinator, South Pacific, spoke on Building a Powerful Image by Telling Your Rotary Story. GP Marilen Lagniton of RC Cubao EDSA enriched the session further by presenting Public Image Best Practices.


M.A.T. Caparas - President, Rotary International 1986-87 “Rotary Brings Hope” Several weeks ago, a house in an upscale part of town in Calamba was robbed, and a loyal and valiant watchman who tried to prevent it was killed for his effort. It was an incident that, unfortunately, is no longer uncommon and might have escaped the notice of many. But it was newsworthy to all the Rotary friends of the homeowner, PDG Kit Reventar, who wrote them of it and asked in anguish, “What can Rotary do?” Actually, Rotarians immediately did quite a bit by quickly sending Kit their sympathy and trying to restore her calm and peace of mind. Tragedy is never more tragic than when it happens to ourselves, but the pain from the injury it leaves is assuaged and lessened by the love of friends who share in bearing it. Short therefore of assuring the safety of the person, such help was perhaps the most important thing her friends could do right then in the kind of crisis Kit was in. For one can lose all worldly possessions and still remain content and undisturbed if left with a healthy body, a sound mind, and confident faith in the care of a loving God. The support of friends bolsters that faith. We are all thankful that no greater physical harm befell Kit and her family. I hope that she will in time regain the serenity to accept this misfortune as one of the vagaries of life that we need to accept with grace should it come, but which we should fight when we can. Some Rotarians in fact suggested several good ways to avoid its recurrence, and it seems some of those are being adopted with the cooperation of the authorities. We pray that they all bear good fruit. Implicit in every suggestion, however, was the admission that it would but alleviate a very, very bad situation – a national problem with touchstones like massive poverty, hunger, cronyism, and corruption. It will take generations to effect that cultural change. Fortunately, many Rotary activities, even those not expressly designed for that purpose, will help bring about such change. But those activities must be increased a thousand-fold and more, and should focus on immediately improving the health and education of our children, who will embody the Philippines when our generation is gone. Our values in Rotary are salutary to a healthy and progressive nation. Let us pass them as best we can to the generation coming after us. To that end, I suggest that all Rotary clubs in the country adopt a continuing Rotary program I call CHILDREN’S PARTY! To start it, I suggest that every club hold on Friday, July 1, 2011, a CHILDREN’S PARTY in a school in its territory (or elsewhere that it may deem suitable) instead of or in addition to its induction of new officers. The members of the club are to attend the party, which may be treated as an ordinary meeting at which the club may hold an abbreviated meeting that will not interfere with the merriment of the children. The celebration of a CHILDREN’S PARTY on the same day by all clubs in all the ten districts will be a dramatic signal to the country and its leaders of the desire of Rotary for cultural change. But, in any case, I suggest that all clubs continue the program through-out the year with the practice that would encourage every member who desires to celebrate his birthday, to host, instead of or in addition to his private party, a mini-CHILDREN’S PARTY for the children in a school of his or her choice. The party need not be expensive, for it takes little to please children, particularly the poor ones. It is my hope that we will persevere with this program for at least the next five years, when it will become a settled Rotary tradition. I hope other organizations will copy it to hasten the cultural change. I also will not mind if Rotary then gets to be known as the CHILDREN’S PARTY CLUB instead of just a bunch of old people who go to lunch. And if the idea appeals to others and is copied elsewhere like People Power, then let us call it CHILDREN’S POWER.
Editor’s Note: Portions of PRIP M. A. T. Caparas’ article have been abridged due to space limitation. Please email the editor at ric.salvador2011@yahoo.com for a copy of the unabridged document. 7


District Events in July 2011

Gallery of past RI presidents is here

DG Jess Cifra July 1, 2011 Golf Tournament

Host Clubs: RC Metro West Triangle RC Tandang Sora Chairs: PP Willy “Wiily” Manahan PP Jake “Jake” Ayson

Click the photo above to explore the new Gallery of Past Presidents to find quotes and photos of Rotary's presidents since 1910, along with RI themes since 1949. The presidents of Rotary International are elected for oneyear terms and must have served as a club president, district governor, and member of the RI Board of Directors. In addition to leadership experience, RI presidents bring a commitment to Service Above Self as well as the culture and pride of their home club and region. PRIP M. A. T. Caparas served in 1986-87 and PRIP Rattakul in 2002-03.

District July 1, 2011 Various Public Children’s Party Elementary Schools
& communities

District Induction July 3, 2011 Sofitel Hotel
Roxas Boulevard Host Club: RC New Manila Heights Chair: Daniel “Boone” Ongchoco Trainers Training July 16, 2011 Occupational Safety Host Club: RC Valencia and Health Center PEs’ Monthly Meeting (Post-PETS 5) AGs & AGRs Monthly Meeting July 30, 2011 Rotary Center

EDITORIAL BOARD DG JOSE FRANCISCO “Jess” Q. CIFRA Publisher JESUS “Jesse” TANCHANCO (RC Loyola Heights) District Secretary EDUARDO “Duke” ZULUAGA (RC New Manila East) District Chair, Public Image RICARDO “Ric” SALVADOR (RC Holy Spirit) Editor GARY TING (RC Pag-asa) Assistant Editor-Business Manager WINSTON SIA (RC VisMin) Associate Editor-Webmaster Associate Editors for Sub-Districts PASTOR “Mar” REYES (RC SFDM) MA. ELENA “Marilen” LAGNITON (RC Cubao EDSA) JUN SACAYAN (RC Batasan Hills) BOBBIE LAGUITAO (RC Cubao Kamias) OSTY MANLAPAZ (RC New Manila East) Printer Relations Manager BETSY BULANADI (RC Mega EDSA) Manager – Circulation & Distribution

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Vol. 25 No. 2

August 2011

Jose Francisco “Jess” Cifra sworn in as governor by PRIP Bhichai Rattakul

Past RI President Bhichai Rattakul administered the oath of office to DG Jose Francisco ―Jess‖ Cifra during the district installation ceremonies last July 3, 2011 at Sofitel Hotel in Manila. Spouse Helen and the Cifra children, PDG Bobby Viray (at right) and over 1,000 guests witnessed the momentous occasion. At the beginning of his insightful address, PRIP Bhichai described Governor Jess, a classmate of his when Dr Bhichai was RI President and Gov Jess was President of RC Loyola Heights in 2002-03, as one whose time has come and who is more than qualified to serve as governor of District 3780. The main theme of PRIP Bhichai’s message is that ―vocational service and integrity are the bedrock of Rotary.‖ Lt. Gov. Daniel ―Boone‖ Ongchoco, Chairman of District 3780 Silver Year Installation, happily reported the following facts and figures about the event:
 Start of District 3780 silver year  First time for a past RI president to serve as installing officer in District 3780  First time to have 50 Rotary clubs congregate in a multi-club induction ceremony  First time to recognize 179 Paul Harris Fellows (including 20 Major Donors) for a Rotary year right on installation night  Last but not the least, first time to breach the 1,000 attendance mark (1,084 to be exact) for a District 3780 installation-breaking the old record set way back in 1997

The event was hosted by the Rotary Club of New Manila Heights.

District’s silver year to be commemorated today, August 11
Past district governors of District 3780 in the last 25 years shall be recognized and honored at today’s silver year celebration at the Manila Hotel. Also at today’s occasion, the carefully researched and attractively designed coffee table book EMBRACE: The Heart of Service that chronicles some of the most life-changing and heart-warming club projects as well as historical highlights of the district, shall be formally launched with former President Fidel Ramos as guest of honor.

Making Waves of Change
Inaugural Address of District Governor Jose Francisco “Jess” Q. Cifra last July 3, 2011
Each morning when you wake up, you begin with a smile, a prayer, a shower, breakfast, and off you go to work. All this is what happens each morning in our lives as we prepare to meet the tasks and the challenges of the day. This is the same in Rotary. Each year is a new beginning, like the morning after a long, hard day of work in chasing a dream. A year comes to a close, and another begins. This, my friends, is the morning of my year as governor of our district. We have done our preparations, and like breaking bread in the morning, tonight we shall have our fill of fun and fellowship to begin the year. Tomorrow, we shall be off to work – real work - to pursue the dreams we have laid for our year. With rolled-up sleeves, we shall work to our bones as if it were the last day of our lives, to ensure our success. This reminds me of the words of John H. Finley, a famous American educator: “To be seeing the world made new every morning, as if it were the morning of the first day, and then to make the most of it for the individual soul as if each were the last day, is the daily curriculum of the mind’s desire.” In our desire to build a beautiful world, we shall give the best of ourselves to the tasks that need to be done each new day, but we shall work in the spirit of fellowship. We shall have fun and we shall enjoy ourselves as we toil in the company of friends who share the same ideal. Tonight I take up the challenge of my mandate as governor of our district. As I do, the words of the famous humanitarian, Mother Teresa come ringing in my ear: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” These words remind me of the impact of what the governor can do in the discharge of his duties and responsibilities. But no matter what he does alone, he cannot change the world. He is but one man in the sea of human concerns. He needs the help of every Rotarian in the district and of those well meaning individuals who share in the dream of a better world. Together they can make not only ripples but also waves of change that can build better lives for a bright and secure tomorrow. Mother Teresa’s words also remind me of the impact of Rotary on my life. My personal introduction to Rotary came in 2001 when I was invited to join the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights. Through the years I realized the magic that Rotary does in our lives. Rotary provides us with a mission to bring water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, medical attention to the sick, education to the illiterate, clothing to the needy. It also moves us to provide funds for disaster relief and gainful employment for the unemployed. Rotary helps us become better individuals while improving the lives of others, touching those lives to become better and more meaningful. These are but some of the things we do in Rotary. There is much more to be done for humanity. This is why Rotary empowers us through its spirit of service, the spirit that opens our eyes to the needs of others, to the misery that destroys the lives and future of people who have less in life. Now that the spirit is aglow in us, Rotary provides us with a guiding light to keep us moving in the right direction to achieve maximum results. Rotary provides us with a theme that inspires us to positive action. Our year’s theme, conceived in the heart and mind of RI President Kalyan Banerjee, is “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.” It is the core message that should inspire us to accomplish two things: to realize our individual and collective strengths or potentials and to use these strengths or potentials fully to serve humanity. Nobody is perfect, so they say. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. But to become stronger, we must accept change and make the necessary inner change to be able to convert our weaknesses into strengths. We must set this example for others to follow. We find the meaning of this thought in the words of Mohandas Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” To gather more strength, we must muster all the forces within our reach. We must start with our families and our partners in service. We must build strategic partnerships to gather more resources to wage war against poverty, hunger, illiteracy, disease, crime, drug abuse, degradation of the environment, and all the other ills that beset humanity. To embrace humanity, we must be one with the rest of the world. For whatever our way of life, wherever we are, wherever we live, or whatever we believe in, we share the same human concerns and the same dreams as citizens of the world. We all desire for happy and contented lives, for peace, and for a future that is bright and secure. We must be one with the world. And to achieve that, we must work to promote friendship and peace. My friends the dream to build a beautiful world, is one that captures the heart and mind of everyone. But it is one dream that needs a great multitude of men and women whose hearts are aflame with the passion to serve and whose hands can cast stones to create ripples of change in the troubled waters of people’s lives. This is why tonight as I take up the challenge of leadership, I ask you to stand by me and work with me. Following the thoughts of Mother Teresa, let us cast stones together. Individually, we may have made ripples through the years in our unique world of service, but those ripples may have died on the way to the outermost fringes of the water. This year, let us cast stones together and continue to create ripples of change that will last through time. Deep in our hearts we believe that others who see and feel those ripples of change in their lives will cast their own stones to help create waves of change in our world. By creating those waves of change we can build a more beautiful and peaceful world.

District Secretary’s Report
By DS Jesus ―Jesse‖ Tanchanco
We literally and figuratively hit the ground running in the month of July. The first day of the new Rotary year saw more than 30 clubs host ―Children’s Parties‖ within their respective jurisdictions. PRIP MAT Caparas had suggested that clubs should hold parties for children as a means to commemorate the start of the new year. This was replicated in all of the other 9 Rotary districts in the Philippines. A summary report of the event in our district has been prepared by AG Pastor ―Mar‖ Reyes, Community Service Chairman. Less than 48 hours later, we witnessed and participated in the most successful District Induction (Installation) rites in recent memory. More than 1,000 Rotarians attended the event, with the guest of honor being no less than the well-loved PRIP Bhichai Rattakul. Close to 50 clubs opted to participate in the mass club inductions administered by DG Jess Cifra. During the same affair, 20 new and continuing Rotary Foundation donors topped by 179 new and continuing Paul Harris Fellows were feted and given recognition. The first issue (July) of the Governor’s Monthly Letter was published and printed in record time and distributed during the same event. All these in just the first 3 days of the new Rotary year. It was also in the past month when we saw 16 Rotaract clubs in the district participate in the Rotaract District Assembly hosted by the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights. More than 150 delegates were in attendance in the whole day affair chaired by PP Bomber Olivares of RC Paraiso and ably supported by District DRR Marby Montellano and SNG Chair Benjie Tan Alonzo. For the first time in so many years, the Club trainer’s position was revived. RC Valencia successfully hosted the Training the Club Trainer’s Seminar under the able supervision of Deputy District Club Level trainer, PDG Dulce Coyukiat. Close to 80 veteran Rotarians attended the seminar which had been designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge that will allow effective implementation of training programs at the club level for the next three years. The past month also saw The Group Study Exchange committee (chaired by PP Bobby Romero of RC Commonwealth) select and finalize the composition of the GSE Outbound team headed for District 5000, Hawaii. The team will be led by PP Roby Montellano of RC Timog. They are scheduled to leave around the second week of August. By the end of July 2011, DG Jess Cifra and his team will have completed close to 20 Governor’s visits and 10 club inductions. All these and we are just getting warmed up. Expect more in August, the Membership and Extension Month in Rotary. Expect the chartering of the first youth-based Rotary Club – The Rotary Club of Timog Central (composed of former Rotaractors and GSE team members), and the first eClub in District 3780 and the second in the whole Philippines. Much more emphasis will be placed on membership development (recruitment of quality members and retention of those who are already part of our Rotary organization) as we aim to bring all the clubs up to charter strength (or more) by the end of this Rotary year. Finally, please allow me to end by quoting Rotary International’s 30th President, Armando de Arruda Pereira, RY 1940-41: "Just as Rotary itself can never keep its place unless it is constantly growing, so each individual Rotary club cannot afford to stand still while the stream of life moves onward."

Rotary Calendar
The Rotary calendar is a resource for planning weekly meetings. Clubs may also plan programs and training events based on these special Rotary year observances: July No Rotary designation August is Membership and Extension Month September New Generations Month October Vocational Service Month November Rotary Foundation Month World Interact Week (week including 5 November) December Family Month January Rotary Awareness Month February World Understanding Month 23 February: World Understanding and Peace Day/ Rotary’s anniversary March Literacy Month World Rotaract Week (week including 13 March) April Magazine Month May No Rotary designation June Rotary Fellowships Month

Silver Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter
EDITORIAL BOARD DG JOSE FRANCISCO ―Jess‖ Q. CIFRA Publisher JESUS ―Jesse‖ TANCHANCO (RC Loyola Heights) District Secretary EDUARDO ―Duke‖ ZULUAGA (RC New Manila East) District Chair, Public Image RICARDO ―Ric‖ SALVADOR (RC Holy Spirit) Editor GARY TING (RC Pag-asa) Assistant Editor-Business Manager WINSTON SIA (RC VisMin) Associate Editor-Webmaster Associate Editors for Sub-Districts PASTOR ―Mar‖ REYES (RC SFDM) MA. ELENA ―Marilen‖ LAGNITON (RC Cubao EDSA) JUN SACAYAN (RC Batasan Hills) BOBBIE LAGUITAO (RC Cubao Kamias) FAUSTO ―Osty‖ MANLAPAZ (RC New Manila East) Printer Relations Manager BETSY BULANADI (RC Mega EDSA) Manager – Circulation & Distribution The Silver Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter is available in both printed form and in web-linked digital format. To obtain the digital file simply send your name and email address to the Editor, Ric Salvador, phone no. 0919-361-6406 or by email to ric.salvador2011@yahoo.com.


Cultural Change Through Children’s Power: Rotary’s Children’s Party
By: PP Pastor ―Mar‖ Reyes — Associate Editor
It was an all-too-common occurrence in our country - a robbery that resulted into a homicide. It could have gone unnoticed and simply became part of police statistics, if not for the fact that the robbery was perpetrated in the home of a past District Governor. It impelled RI Past President MAT Caparas to ask: What can Rotary do? The response goes beyond security, public order, health or poverty alleviation measures bureaucrats and politicians would offer as solutions – it is a call for cultural change. It is a long drawn process that needs support from across all sectors of society. Rotary’s response is for national transformation that cuts deep into the core of the problem. It starts simply and inauspiciously with one of Rotary’s avenues of service – an investment in the future of our youth through service to the New Generation, the generation that will replace us in a better Philippines. Thus, the call to hold a Children’s Party by all clubs in the communities we serve on July 1, 2011. The motive is to commemorate a new year of service and let society know that Rotary cares for the welfare of our youth. Hopefully, the idea catches other organizations’ attention and makes the thrust a national effort. District 3780 led by our hardworking District Governor Jess Cifra heeded the call to share our passion and happiness to transform lives in the communities we serve, by holding the Children’s Party by some 30 clubs, benefiting around 3000 needy children in Quezon City. In most clubs, it was not just merriment. Rotarians launched significant community service projects, from literacy to health programs. DG Jess visited some of these parties on July 1, 2011. UNTV through the courtesy of RC Kamuning’s SP Efren ―Eco‖ Capa covered some of the events and featured them in ―Rotary in Action.‖ It is one activity that RI Past President MAT wants Rotary clubs to do annually, until it becomes a tradition. This is one noble and relevant social cause truly worth the time and effort of all Rotarians! Our thanks and congratulations to all the clubs that sponsored the Children’s Parties!
RC Bagong Silangan - Party for 60 pupils with unveiling of marker adopting Bagong Silangan Elem. School l school RC Batasan Hills - Party for 233 children, feeding program launch & equipment donation, Mother Ignacia Academy, Batasan Hills

RC Cosmopolitan Cubao - Party for patients in leukemia & cancers ward of National Children’s Hospital, July 1st

RC Cubao Central - Party for 35 children of Saint Anne Day Care Center, beneficiary of the club’s on-going nebulizer project

RC Kagitingang Cubao - Party with parlor games and contests for 59 students of 15th Avenue Elementary School

RC Kamuning - Party with fun games for 50 children of Sinagtala Home for Boys, Sinagtala St., Congressional

RC Midtown Diliman - Party with book donation to QC High School and story telling & talk on finance for HS seniors

RC Midtown Quezon City - Sagip children’s party at Gawad Kalinga Telus Village

RC Pag-asa - Party with school supplies donation, gift-giving, games, singing & dancing at Holy Trinity for Children in QC

RC Prima Vida - Party & gift-giving for kids with cancer at the Tahan-Tahanan Pediatric Oncology Center of the EAMC

Governor Jess comforts a child during RC Prima Vida’s party for cancer-stricken patients in Tahan-Tahanan Pediatric Oncology Center of the East Avenue Medical Center

RC Timog - Party for 120 grade I pupils timed with launch of Feeding Program and Clean Hands Campaign at Pasong Tamo Elementary School

RC Metro Diliman party-goer


List of Clubs whose reports of children’s party have already been turned over to the GML
RC Biak na Bato - Children's party & gift giving for 70 kids at Palmera 4 Homes Fairview RC Broadway - Book-reading party for 150 grade II Pupils of Diosdado Macapagal Elementary School, Bgy. Tatalon RC Camp Crame - Story-telling party for pupils of PNP OLC Pre-School

(July 30, 2011)

RC Diliman - Party for 25 children at Barangay Day Care Center, UP Village

RC Diliman Heights - Party for 48 patients and parents in a ward of National Children’s Hospital last July 2nd

RC Holy Spirit - Party with games, singing, giftgiving for 50 SPED pupils of Dona Juana Elementary School, Bgy Holy Spirit

RC Kamuning West - Book donation and story-telling party for SPED pupils of Batino Elementary School

RC Loyola Heights - Party for 120 children of Barangay Loyola Heights

RC Metro Diliman - Party with games, dancing, story-telling for 65 preschoolers of Yakap Day Care Center Bgy Paligsahan

RC Murphy - Party with parlor games and gift-giving for 30 kids at Transfiguracion Church Social Hall, 18th Ave. QC

RC New Manila Heights - Party for 50 grade I students of P. Tuazon Elementary School

RC New Manila QC - Party & gift-giving for 100 kids in each of 3 barangays.. Then, for Tahan Tahanan Pediatric Oncology Center of EAMC, with RC North Balintawak & RC Roxas

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Bagong Silangan Batasan Hills Biak na Bato Broadway Camp Crame Cosmopolitan Cubao Cubao Central Diliman Diiman Heights Holy Spirit Kagitingang Cubao Kamuning Kamuning West Loyola Heights Metro Diliman Midtown Diliman Midtown Quezon City Murphy New Manila Heights New Manila QC North Balintawak PagAsa Prima Vida Roxas Sta Mesa Heights San Francisco del Monte St. Ignatius Timog Uptown Novaliches West Triangle

RC Sta. Mesa Heights - Party for 50 daycare children and their parents in Bgy Salvacion, Laloma QC

RC SFDM - Party & story-telling for 140 kinder pupils, with launch of supplemental feeding and donation of books & furniture, Sinag-Tala Elem.

RC St Ignatius - Party, games & story-telling for 50 children from Sitio Gilid ng Katipunan, held at Blue Ridge A.

Feedback reports not included in this coverage shall be acknowledged in the next issue of the Governor’s Monthly Letter. The Editor

RC Uptown Novaliches - Party for children of Tawid Sapa 2, Bgy Kaligayahan, Novaliches

RC West Triangle - Party with games, singing, gift-giving for 42 underprivileged pupils of CFC Ancop Canada Learning Center in Bgy Culiat

RC Diliman party-goers


RI President’s August Message
My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary,
There is an old saying in India: “When you help your neighbor’s boat across the water, you find that your own has reached the shore.” By helping others, we often find that we have helped ourselves as well. Each of us came to Rotary to serve – and found the joys and satisfactions of friendship and fellowship. In August, the month we dedicate to membership and development, we focus on spreading the message of Rotary. By serving well, without hiding our Rotary light under the proverbial bushel, we find ourselves closer to our own goal: a stronger, more vibrant Rotary for generations to come. Public image and membership go hand in hand. Too many people – intelligent, educated, involved people – simply have no idea what Rotary is. This is something we need to confront. We have heard again and again about communities where, despite all the good work that Rotary clubs do, many people are unaware that those clubs even exist. This is not the way forward for our organization. Serving well is the essential first step – but it is only the beginning. We have to raise our profile with all the tools that are available to us, and there are more tools today than there ever were. We have to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and we have to be sure our clubs have an online presence. Having a website is not enough; it must be up to date, it must be appealing, it must reflect the work we are doing. And it must offer a way for prospective members, once they see what we do and become interested, to take the next step. Rotary has so much to offer. It is up to us to let others know what a fantastic organization we have, and to show people how they can integrate Rotary into their lives. Service does require time, and time is something nobody has enough of these days. So we need to ensure that all the time we spend with Rotary is worthwhile – that it is rewarding and never wasted. When we reach within ourselves and our clubs, when we learn what we are capable of and harness that power, we will elevate our communities as never before – and elevate Rotary as well.

District membership development strategy starts with strong momentum
By PP Rey David — Chairman, District Membership Development Committee
The Membership Development Committee, in full gear to improve the quality and quantity of Rotary Clubs in the District started outlining its programs and strategies for RY 2011-2012. With the vision to strengthen all Rotary Clubs, the Committee identified several projects which aim to promote Rotary to prospective members and the community as well. As kick-off activity, the Committee conducted a successful Membership Development Seminar held on 04 June 2011 at GT Toyota Asian Cultural Center in UP Diliman. This was hosted by the Rotary Club of Murphy with PP Eduardo Ferriol as co-chairman and in cooperation with the Public Image Committee. The purpose of the seminar which was attended by more than 350 participants is to guide Rotary Clubs on how to recruit possible members and project the positive image of Rotary. To evaluate the effectiveness of the aforementioned training and as a follow-up activity, the Committee is holding a grand District Fellowship Night scheduled on 29 October 2011. This is the first in the District and pioneered by the Chair of the Committee and Governor Jess Cifra. The concept of the project is to gather all Rotarians from the District for a celebration- a celebration of their involvement in Rotary. The event is open to non-Rotarians as well who are interested to join the organization. Most importantly, it is a way to honor and recognize Rotarians who never get tired of promoting Rotary by attracting new members. Fellowship is an important aspect of Rotary. Historically, it is through fellowship that Rotary came into existence and remains as one of the most widely joined organization in the world. Realizing the main objective of the Committee, the District welcomed a new addition to the Rotary family- the Rotary Club of Timog Central established primarily through the effort of the Rotary Club of Timog, Q.C. The Club, composed of young professionals, Group Study Exchange (GSE) alumni and former Rotaractors, is led by Pres. Kristine Felix. The month of July came swiftly but all efforts have been concentrated by the Committee in meeting its objectives and vision for the District. We are hoping that all Clubs will be cooperating in the future membership development projects of the Committee. Rest assured that we will do everything and stop at nothing in order to strengthen each Club through increasing the number of quality members.

Kalyan Banerjee — President, Rotary International

August is Membership and Extension Month
Start thinking about the new membership development initiatives your club can undertake throughout August to celebrate Membership and Extension Month. Consider scheduling the topics for each of the month’s meetings to focus on a different facet of membership development. Find suggested topic ideas in the Membership Minute Archives page on www.rotary.org.

District Events in August
Aug 6 Aug 11 Interact District Assembly District Silver Anniversary 8 am—5 pm 3 pm—6 pm QC Science HS Manila Hotel
Tribute to Past Disdrict Governors Launch of EMBRACE: The Heart of Service coffee table book

District Membership Facts
Online directory of Rotary International last July 25, 2011 showed
  

Aug 23 Aug 27 Aug 28

Guest of Honor: Former President Fidel V Ramos RCC Seminar 9 am—3 pm Hotel Intercon The Rotary Foundation Seminar 9 am—5 pm QC Sports Club Inspirational Speaker: Fr. Jerry Orbos Rotaract District Induction 4 pm onward Sir William Hotel, Timog

88 clubs in RI District 3780 2,135 Rotarians Largest club is RC Loyola Heights with 62 members

Full Listing of Clubs in the District may be viewed via the digital version of the Governor’s Monthly Letter

Why Clubs should have foreign sister clubs
By PP Mar Reyes, RC San Francisco del Monte
Many clubs, by fear of perceived expense and difficulties, shy away from forging sisterhood relations with foreign clubs. We do not have to be big clubs or clubs endowed with huge resources. Any club for that matter can enjoy the benefits of an enduring and enriching experience, from doing service together, and having fellowship, with a foreign club. After all, Rotary is supposed to promote world peace and understanding and at the same time making our world a better place to live in. So, what is the better way to experience the ―internationality‖ of Rotary? Get into a foreign sister club relationship. How do we get started? The late Louie Lopez, SFDM’s charter member and past president started it all with our club. Because of his vast business dealings in Japan, Singapore, Hawaii and the USA, he saw to it that his business partners and acquaintances introduced him to clubs in the countries he visited. Rotarians who travel abroad can exert a little effort to know clubs in the places they visit. Professional and alumni reunions are a rich source of getting to know foreign clubs. Only last June 29, 2011, we met Rotarian Dolores Bediones from the RC Honolulu Sunrise, in Makati. Her husband is a past president and many of her relatives (she is a Panlilio) are Rotarians. She was tasked by her club to check us out because they want to have their 1 st foreign sister club. She said a member of their club has a friend who attended a high school reunion of the Ilocos Norte High School in Laoag, and our Past President Arnold Guerrero happened to be there and handed out his calling card. Other clubs began with nonFilipino members of their clubs. But the biggest source of information could be rotary.org, ProjectLink and Rotary magazines. The rewards of sisterhood relations should not be limited to opportunities for financial assistance like grants or direct donations. A club grows and develops when it builds and nurtures sisterhood relations. Effective and interesting international service projects must always be in the menu because clubs from donor countries are often on the look out for projects to fund. But most of all, it is the excitement and enriching experiences we get from joint activities that make all our efforts worth our while. In my personal experience, when we were invited to attend the Discon in Japan of D-2480, hosted by our sister club RC Isesaki, whose member Tetsuo Ushikubo was the District Governor, I was presented among others, by DG T Tetsuo, with a ―special gift‖. Our member Takahiro Yoshida interpreted for me. DG Tetsuo actually handed me a specially folded parchment paper, with colors and strings, unique designs and delicate attachments, which is how marriage contracts are presented in Japan. DG Tetsuo told me: I should take care of our sisterhood relations like we take care of our marriage, and not let the bonds (strings) be detached or broken because it is their intention to keep our relationship an enduring, enriching and fruitful one. It was one Rotary moment I will never forget! Editor’s Note: This article has been abridged due to space limitation. The full manuscript includes more specific suggestions of PP Mar for successful sisterhood relations. Click this link, Foreign Sister Clubs, in the digital version of the GML. Rotarians may contact PP Mar Reyes for more information through email: pastor_mar_reyes@yahoo.com. The GML shall welcome write-up of your own club’s experience in sister club relationships that could be shared with others in the District.

Club secretaries upgrade understanding of their role & responsibilities
By PE Roy Taruc, RC Diliman Heights
June 18, 2011 presented a unique opportunity for then secretaries-elect of District 3780. It was a time of discovery, a time of learning and a time of training in cyberspace transactions on the occasion of Secretaries-Elect Training Seminar [SETS 2011-12] hosted by the Rotary Club of Diliman Heights. The event was called to order by the incoming District Governor himself, DGE Jess Cifra. DSD Jesse Tanchanco delivered the welcome remarks, followed by the introduction of guests and delegates by Lieut. Gov. Suzzette Lee. In the morning sessions, topics covering basic roles of club secretaries were discussed by the dynamic speakers: ―Roles & Responsibilities of Club Secretary‖ by GP Becca Dela Cruz; ―Monthly Attendance‖ by GP Bong Cruz; ―Semi-Annual Report‖ by DDS Angel Gahol; ―Philippine Rotary Magazine‖ by PP Ed Trinidad; and lastly ―Club Bulletin‖ by PN Bon Tagum. ―Hands-on‖ training characterized the afternoon sessions: ―Basic Computing - Creation of Email Account‖ by SP Jorge San Diego; ―Browsing of Rotary.Org Portal‖ by CP Winston Sia; and ―Member Access Registration‖ by PE Roy Taruc. SP Jorge San Diego together with IPP Yumi Mabini awarded certificates to the Co-Host Clubs: RC Batasan Hills, RC Kagitingan Cubao, RC Neopolitan Fairview, RC New Manila East, RC Quezon City Circle, RC San Francisco Del Monte and RC VizMin. DG Jess gave an inspiring message to Rotarians present, and awarded the host club, RC Diliman Heights, with plaque of recognition for the success of SETS 201112. District Admin Chair Lyndon Wong delivered his closing address to end the occasion.

Trainers complete their preparation to train Rotarians
By the Editor

Close to 80 club trainers, who must forthwith ensure that club members have the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their responsibilities and are up to date on Rotary, participated in the District Training the Trainers Seminar held last July 16, 2011. The once-in-three-years Training the Trainers Seminar held last month was hosted by the Rotary Club of Valencia, QC. PDG Dulce dB. Coyukiat, Deputy District Trainer and convenor of the seminar, set the tone by explaining how the one-day seminar had been designed to help prepare club trainers for their very challenging task of training Rotarians. And to emphasize further the key role of training in Rotary, PDG Dulce announced that club trainers of the district shall hold bi-monthly meetings, with the first of such meetings to be held on September 3, 2011 at the Rotary Center, for updates and sharing of practices. In his message, District Governor Jess Cifra reiterated the fact that indeed, training Rotarians is not “a walk in the park,” but one that calls for commitment, ability and a passion for excellence. During the seminar, the club trainers had the opportunity to listen to and get engaged with noted resource persons who are considered best qualified for their assigned topics. PDG Marikit “Kit” Reventar of D3820 presented Leadership Training Cycle at Club Level and related this to the training cycles at international and district levels. PDG Danilo “Danny” Fausto, Chair of Rotary Leadership Institute, presented the topic on Facilitating Learning, Training Rotarians, and Interactive Training Method in his trademark eloquent style. PDG Jaime “Jimmy” Cura of D3830 presented Championing Servant Leadership. Servant leadership covers concepts and practice for leading Rotarians who are themselves already proven leaders and are in Rotary as volunteers with limited time. PDG Marquez “Mark” O. Go of D3790 spoke on the Roles and Responsibilities of an Effective Club Trainer Under the Club Leadership Plan. Understanding the training needs of individual Rotarians is a necessary first step, according to PDG Mark Go. DGE Rufino “Penny” Policarpio discussed two important considerations when training Rotarians: Nonverbal Communication and Time Management. Then, PDG Danilo “Dan” Espinosa, Deputy District Trainer, facilitated a Group Dynamics /Workshop where the participating trainers were tasked to develop group reports about club training.

By Silver President Ernesto "Nitoy" Velasco, RC Loyola Heights
The Rotary Club of Loyola Heights is sponsoring the first Rotary internet Club or eClub in D3780. Club chartering is now being processed by RI and should be completed in August 2011. The eClub has 40 charter members, mostly Filipino-Americans based in the US. A number of them are from the Philippines. Their meetings will be online but they also plan to hold physical meetings in the US at least once a month and Skype meetings with those based in the Philippines. If everything works out, they plan to send a 40-member delegation to our District Convention in Tagaytay City in April 2012 enroute to the RI convention in Bangkok. Among the well known members are Past RI President MAT Caparas (the only Filipino RI President todate), Gawad Kalinga chairman Tony Meloto, recent Membership Development seminar guest speaker Atty Alex Lacson and many more distinguished personalities. The Charter president is Ernie Delfin, a PP of RC Newport Irvine D5320. He will be joined by 12 other former Rotarians based in the US and the Philippines. The rest are new in Rotary. The formation of the first eClub in the District is a brainchild of DG Jess Cifra who has been a close and long time friend of CP Ernie Delfin. DS Jesse Tanchanco has been appointed DGSR for the new Rotary club. There is a plan to do the Governor's Visit and Induction via Skype. To know more about our district's eClub, you may visit their website at www.gkerotaryclub3780.org

The first Rotary eClub in District 3780 is formed

Trustee Chair’s August Message
The Rotary Foundation supports your Rotary service
A few months ago, Lorna and I attended three district conferences. The conference programs featured several Rotary Foundation activities, and we heard from Ambassadorial Scholars, Rotary Peace Fellows, Group Study Exchange teams, and representatives from a number of excellent projects in which Rotarians and the Foundation have worked together. I reflected on how much our Rotary Foundation is woven into the fabric of our Rotary service. After the conferences, I went directly to a meeting of the Future Vision Committee. The committee heard from one of our RI senior managers, who had tested the process of applying for grants and found the global grants application to be too complex. We also discussed the definition of basic education within the areas of focus, possible strategic partnerships, and training for those districts not in the pilot. There were many other topics, but I mention these to demonstrate that there are big items and small items that need attention as we work our way through the pilot. We are all experiencing some frustrations as we build the Foundation for the future. The three years of the pilot will seem a long time for many of you, but we are shaping something that should help us serve humanity more effectively in the years ahead, and we need to test that we are getting it right. From that meeting, it was straight into the Finance Committee meeting, where senior staff and trustees spent a day and a half working through the budget to ensure that our operating costs could be as low as possible while still giving you the service you need. Our aim is to ensure that we spend the maximum amount on programs. This is our Rotary Foundation, and there are many people working in different ways to give you the best possible support in your Rotary service.

Membership Development
PRIP MAT Caparas reviews obstacles to growth
In an incisive article on Membership Development the first Filipino RI President MAT Caparas (1986-87) stressed that, “Club growth is a year-long subject that clubs address from early in the year because the capability of a club to perform its mission depends greatly on the size and quality of its membership. Indeed, the members are really the club: there would be no club without them, and who the members are determines what the club will ultimately be. August is, therefore, a very important month for the club and its leadership.” PRIP MAT Caparas then discussed some practices that had tended to impede growth of membership. Until 1966-67, “the rules of the organization tended to discourage any active membership campaign, for only one member could be accepted from every useful occupation in the town. Practically all of those occupations were filled up by the charter members at the organization of the club, and there were no one with the necessary qualifications to fill the remaining classifications.” “As a possible remedy, the classification principle was loosened by allowing admission of additional active, senior active, and past service members. But the pace of increase of membership in clubs stayed slow due to the membership and classification committees. Every proposal for membership had to go to the membership committee, which looked into all the negative things about the man, to make sure his good character and reputation were beyond question. If approved by the membership committee, the proposal was referred to the classification committee, which would make sure that the subject was not engaged in a business or occupation that could compete with the business or occupation of a current member. The result was the unfortunate public impression that Rotary was elitist and exclusive, which made it even more difficult for clubs to attract and enlist new members.” PRIP MAT Caparas noted that even with drives to increase membership, “in the last 25 years Rotary grew world-wide by barely 200,000 members, or less than 10,000 a year. Many believe Rotary can and should do better. But it must be noted that a good number of the clubs that hardly grew are situated in countries and areas where having even one or two clubs is already incredibly remarkable.” Membership drives provoke debate between Quantity and Quality. “Quantity says even a Deadwood can help financially. And Quality would go so far as to accept Deadwood that is not Badwood, but insists that a club with too many Deadwood would wind up dead. The usual upshot of that debate would be an agreement to make it known that it is easy to join Rotary, that it is not difficult to be a Rotarian, that the obligations are light and few, and that anyone with a decently paying job can be a Rotarian if invited. But membership in an organization that seeks to serve above self cannot be easy, and one who joins it with that illusion will likely resign on learning the truth. That is probably what happened more than once.”
PRIP MAT Caparas then reminded Rotary clubs: We should by all

Bill Boyd
Foundation Trustee Chair Past RI President 2006-07
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means make membership in Rotary pleasant and gratifying. The regular meetings should be enjoyable, by turns entertaining, informative, challenging, and catering to all interests in the course of the year if not all at once. The time and place of the meeting should be acceptable to most of the members. But, above all, the club should be actively involved in causes and undertakings that the members can be proud of and in which they would want to be personally involved.

Read the full article written by PRIP MAT Caparas
Rotarians On The Internet fellowship website www.roti.org

Vol. 25 No. 3

September 2011

FVR to Rotarians: Embrace the Heart of Service
By Silver President Melandrew T. Velasco, RC Cubao West
Former President Fidel V. Ramos urged Rotarians of Rotary International District 3780 ―to embrace the heart of service by caring, sharing and daring for others‖ even as he formally launched a commemorative book coinciding with the tribute to District Governors at the Pandanggo Hall of the historic Manila Hotel last 11 August 2011. The centrepiece of the District celebration was the recognition of all DG’s who served during the last 25 years that Quezon City had been assigned it’s own district number in the Rotary International organization. Each one of the district governors present was given a special plaque of appreciation. This was supposed to have been part of The District Induction program last July 3, 2011 but due to lack of time it was moved to another date which coincided with the launching of the commemorative book. ―It is therefore providential that on its 25 th founding anniversary, District 3780 under the able leadership of Governor Jess Cifra, book author Melandrew T. Velasco, RC Roces President Eren Noche Tumali and the 95 Rotary Clubs in Quezon City have gone out of their way to document the many little known, but inspiring projects that different clubs have undertaken through the past few years,‖ said FVR. The 260-page full color coffee table book is a commemorative book celebrating 25 years of District 3780 as a ―One City. One District‖ in the RI world. The book was earlier formally presented to PRIP Bhichai Rattakul last 3 July 2011 by Governor Cifra during the latter’s installation as district governor. District Gov. ―Jess‖ Cifra said the coffee table book titled ―EMBRACE: The Heart of Service‖ serves as a most authoritative reference containing the history of Rotary International, Rotary Philippines and R.I. District 3780, it’s leaders and all its members and what they have stood for since becoming part of the centuryold service organization that is Rotary. Gov Cifra said it is also in line with this year’s Rotary theme, ―Reach Within to Embrace Humanity,‖ adding that EMBRACE: The

Heart of Service tells the story of a long-standing challenge embraced by Rotarians all over the world: to serve others above self, and how this challenge is brought to life by the efforts carried out by RI District 3780. Among the most inspiring highlights of the book include a comprehensive look at the District’s Paul Harris Fellows, The Rotary Foundation, award-winning and world-renowned projects with Matching Grants from the Rotary International, and a special article contribution by President Ramos, also a full-fledged Rotarian. EMBRACE: The Heart of Service is co-published by the RI District 3780 with Media Touchstone Ventures, Inc led by SP Mel Velasco.

FVR seated “this close” to ladies L–R: IPP Beth Constantino, PP Maricor Imperial and Spouse Helen Cifra In this photo shared with the GML by PP Ma. Corazon Imperial

Plaques of Recognition presented to past district governors by former President Fidel V. Ramos and Governor Jess Cifra.

Let Us Fortify Our Friendship
(Speech delivered by DG Jess Cifra during the District Conference of RI D-5000 in Sheraton Kauai Resort, Kauai, Hawaii, USA on September 10, 2011)

Past Rotary International Director John Blount and Spouse Patti, District Governor Laurie Yoshida, Spouse Vernon and Daughter Brittney, District Governor John Boccarti, Fellow Rotarians from RI District 5000 and other RI districts, Fellow Rotarians from my country, the Philippines, Ladies and gentlemen: Good evening. First of all, I wish to thank Hawaii Representative George Fontaine for the prestigious Certificate of Recognition awarded me by the State Legislature of Hawaii at his instance. It is truly a great, wonderful surprise which I will treasure and be proud of the rest of my life. George, thank you very much. Friendship, my friends, knows no boundaries. This is why Rotary has spread to almost every corner of the world. This is also why I have come to join our GSE team to feel the warmth of your friendship which has touched the members of the team and to thank you in person for the great hospitality with which you have received them. We in the Philippines often boast of our hospitality as legendary. But I guess you have been more blessed with such a wonderful trait as a people. I have thought deeply about this shared quality and discovered that we have many things in common. We share the same Pacific sun and air, the same seasons, and the same profound love for beauty and life. This explains why Filipinos were among the first migrants of Hawaii. Our forefathers who were hired to till your land many years ago came to love the beauty of your country and embrace the Hawaiian way of life. The many things that we share also explain why of the many cities around the world, Philippine cities comprise the biggest number of sister cities of Honolulu and Maui County. These sister city relations speak of the warm friendships our two countries hold dear. And this great friendship between Hawaii and the Philippines and the bonds that we have created through the GSE program of The Rotary Foundation are strong foundations on which we can build new and wider horizons of Rotary service and a stronger Rotary movement in the Pacific region. The Group Study Exchange has been a long cherished tradition in our Rotary world and it is one that we in RI District 3780 look forward to year after year. We learn more about your way of life as you do ours and through this exchange we strengthen our friendships and face the future with more courage and confidence that we together can build a world that is better and more beautiful. With the past and present strong and warm relations between our two countries and our shared vision of a better world through Rotary and its Foundation, we can build more blocks of success to realize our common dream. It is therefore with all these, coupled with a sense of pride for the things that we share and our great admiration for you and your country that my spouse Helen and I have come to your land to give meaning to our friendship and to thank you for the fruitful and rewarding visit of our GSE team. With this deep gratitude we wish to extend our invitation for you to come and join us in our 2011-2012 District Conference which will be held on April 19-21, 2012 at Tagaytay City. Your presence at our Discon will most certainly lend more luster and meaning to the event. And it would be our great pride and honor to host you in our district. Your visit would ensure for us the rare opportunity to reciprocate the admirable hospitality that you have so generously showered on us and our GSE team. As a good friend would always say, ―We will not accept no for an answer.‖ For, according to Sydney Smith, an English writer, ―Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.‖ To build a better world, come visit us and let us fortify our friendship. Once again, thank you all very much for everything! Mahalo lui loa! Ahui hou! (Thank you very much! Until we meet again!)
D3780 DG Jess Cifra and D5000 DG Laurie Yoshida

District Secretary’s Report
By DS Jesus ―Jesse‖ Tanchanco
The past few weeks saw much of the time of the District Governor spent on the RI mandated club visits. With his entourage consisting primarily of the District Secretary, District Chief of Staff, Assistant Governor and Assistant Governor’s Representative, more than 40 Rotary clubs in the District shall have been visited as of this writing since the start of the Rotary year. Of course this does not include the numerous club inductions, charter anniversaries, project launchings, committee meetings and other activities. This early, we would like to commend the clubs and the Silver Presidents for consistently implementing the district policies, guidelines and protocols as called for by the District office. These include the timely payments of official district dues – the Governor’s Fund and contributions to the Disaster relief and rescue Fund. We are also very much elated at the response of the clubs visited so far when it comes to contributions to the Rotary Foundation. It has so far exceeded our best expectations. We have also noticed that there is also a significant increase in the number of clubs who expressed their intentions to apply for a Matching Grant this year compared to the pre-suspension years. This has certainly made the TRF committee very busy at this time. Speaking of the TRF, we just held a very successful TRF seminar at the Quezon City Sports Club hosted by the Rotary clubs of Cubao West and Roces. Also very much worth mentioning is the determination of the clubs to improve on their membership development and retention with the end in view of having at least 100% of the clubs at charter strength at the minimum. At this point, we have also noted that many of the major district committees have finalized or at least close to finalizing their various programs for the district and the clubs. As the District’s response to the current Dengue outbreak, two MOA’s were signed during the TRF seminar with various groups. First was with the QC Red Cross which encourages all the clubs to commit and help campaign for blood donations in order to re stock fast dwindling supplies. The second MOA was with the Philippine Federation of Professional Pest Management Operators Association the implementation of which already started in earnest last September 1, 2011 where several QC Barangays which were considered as Dengue “Hotspots” were treated with environment and human friendly pesticides. More than a dozen Rotary clubs participated by hosting the various teams of technicians. The month of August also saw the launching of the first ever District coffee table book called “Embrace, The Heart of Service” which contained inspiring stories of Rotarians and Rotary clubs as our District 3780 celebrates its 25th year. The guest of honor was no less than former Philippine president Fidel V. Ramos. During the same occasion, all the PDG’s who served during the period were similarly recognized and honored. Towards the end of August and not to be outdone, the Rotaractors held a well attended District Rotaract Induction and turnover ceremonies witnessed by various district SNG luminaries, other district officers and DG Jess Cifra with spouse Helen. The event was hosted by RC Metro Diliman. Surely a fitting end to a most productive month which also provided the much needed momentum going into the month of September with the RI theme, “New Generations Month” which aptly addresses and brings into focus, the various issues and concerns of the youth sector. Finally, please allow me to end with the following quote from Mitch Albom: “The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

September is New Generations Month
During New Generations Month, Rotary celebrates its commitment to youth and young adults through Interact, Rotaract, RYLA, and Rotary Youth Exchange. Rotary clubs are encouraged to focus on youth issues and undertake projects that benefit young people around the world.

Silver Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter
EDITORIAL BOARD DG JOSE FRANCISCO ―Jess‖ Q. CIFRA Publisher JESUS ―Jesse‖ TANCHANCO (RC Loyola Heights) District Secretary EDUARDO ―Duke‖ ZULUAGA (RC New Manila East) District Chair, Public Image RICARDO ―Ric‖ SALVADOR (RC Holy Spirit) Editor GARY TING (RC Pag-asa) Assistant Editor-Business Manager WINSTON SIA (RC VisMin) Associate Editor-Webmaster Associate Editors for Sub-Districts PASTOR ―Mar‖ REYES (RC SFDM) MA. ELENA ―Marilen‖ LAGNITON (RC Cubao EDSA) JUN SACAYAN (RC Batasan Hills) BOBBIE LAGUITAO (RC Cubao Kamias) FAUSTO ―Osty‖ MANLAPAZ (RC New Manila East) Printer Relations Manager BETSY BULANADI (RC Mega EDSA) Manager – Circulation & Distribution The Silver Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter is available in both printed form and in web-linked digital format. Please send your articles for publication to the Editor-in-Chief, Ric Salvador by email at ric.salvador2011@yahoo.com. Ric may also be reached through 0919-361-6406 or 810-0040 at Asia Business Consultants Inc in Makati City.

District Events in Sep-October 2011
Sep 24 Sep 29-Oct 2 Oct 8 Oct 15 Oct 15 Oct 23 Oct 26 Oct 29 ELKS Day (8 AM—12 PM) Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conf—Subic Tree-planting at La Mesa Eco-park (6AM) Club Administration Training Seminar (CATS) TRF Alumni—Global Lounge District Family Day—Amoranto Stadium Vocational Awards Night Membership Fellowship Night October is Vocational Service Month

The spouses have spoken
By Spouse Soc Yap — RC SFDM
Last 5 May 2011, fifty two (52) Rotarian Spouses and four (4) guests trooped to Valle Verde Country Club along their husbands for this year’s District Assembly. The spouses, consisting of 10 Past District Governors’ spouses, twenty five (25) Silver Presidents’ Anns and 17 Rotarians/spouses, were treated to an exciting program which was conceptualized and implemented specifically to address their concerns as Rotarian partners. This is a documentation of the said affair, the result of which is herein presented for the design of future spouses activities and as a learning tool for examining the psyche of a Rotarian Spouse. If the survey results were to be believed, the games that were intended to elicit the thoughts and awareness of the spouses on their Rotarian husbands’ support needs, the talk by Dr. Jim Sanchez on Health and Wellness, together with the laughing yoga session made the affair: a) ―out of the box‖ engaging b) superb c) a wonderful learning experience d) an excellent venue for spouses’ fellowship, etc.‖ These quotes were just a few of the documented feedback from participants who attended the spouses program. Others were more encouraging in their rally to keep up with activities similar to this so as to fulfil our role and confirm the proven adage of the importance of women in the success of their men. Still the more meaningful findings during the program were the concerns of the wives about their Rotarian husbands’ role as club leaders. There were those who worried about practical matters, such as lack of funds and logistics; health of their husbands due to added stress; possible neglect of family due to demands on time to implement programs and attend meetings, etc. With these fears, however, came other expectations about the positive aspects of their Rotarian husbands’ involvements such as, the ability of their men to help others who are less fortunate and how the Rotarians find fulfilment in Rotary in that this has become a passion and a venue for sharing their husbands’ professional expertise. Finally, we end this write up with yet another quote from one of the participants…. The Spouses’ Program has shown us how to ―make lemonade out of lemons‖. So there it is guys, the spouses have spoken.

More clubs welcome the new Rotary year with children’s parties
RC Diliman North - Fun-filled event with "Story-telling", "Book-Reading", and teaching of proper hygiene to the ROTAKIDS. Snacks, toothpaste and toothbrush were distributed. . RC Cubao Edsa Feeding program for day-care children of Barangay Alicia

RC New Manila East - McDo party for kindergarten pupils of Toro Hills Elementary School

RC North Edsa - Feeding program & party for children of St Maximillian Mary Kolbe parish, Novaiches RC Neopolitan Fairview - Party held at Cottolengco a caring house for children with physical and mental disabilities left by their parents at the doors of the said caring house

RC Cubao Sunrise Feeding program for street children


D 3780 Rotaract is reloaded!
By SNG District Chair PP Benjamin Alonzo
To address the dwindling numbers of Rotaract Clubs and Rotaractors in District 3780, lead host club Rotaract Club of Timog and co-host, Rotaract Club of Cloverleaf spearheaded “Rotaract Reloaded: A Strategic Recruitment and Membership Development Seminar” last June 11, 2011 at the Rotary Center. The strategic recruitment and membership development seminar was attended by 17 Rotaract Clubs, with a total of 120 participants, 70% of which are new members. RAC Timog Charter President Francoise Marie B. Alonzo discussed the basics of Rotaract. Past District Rotaract Representative Flo Espiritu of District 3790 enlightened the group on the opportunities and relevance of Rotaract. Lastly, PDRR Cathy Gonzales of District 3830 made an encouraging discussion with her topic “Reviving Servant Leadership”. Governor Jess Cifra delivered an inspirational message, emphasizing the importance of Rotaract as Rotary’s partner in service. Gov. Jess also urged Rotaractors to take the next step and join a Rotary Club when they are already eligible. SNG Chair Benjamin Alonzo, on the other hand, acknowledged District Rotaract Representative Marby Montellano and her Rotaract District Committee for their commitment to revive and strengthen Rotaract Clubs in the district.

District Rotaract officers are inducted
By DRR ―Marby‖ Montellano
Rotaract District 3780 literally weathered the storm last August 28, 2011 as Sir William’s Hotel in Timog Ave., QC was packed with 170 Rotaractors from 23 Rotaract clubs. Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative Virgil Patrick de los Santos delivered his Valedictory address and recognized the Rotaractors and Rotarians who helped him during his term. Service to New Generations Chairman Benjamin Tan Alonzo presented the new members and officers of Rotaract Clubs before they were inducted by DRR Marby Montellano and District Governor Jess Cifra. . Gov Gifra inducted DRR Marby Montellano and the District Officers. During her inaugural speech, DRR Marby Montellano emphasized the true meaning of service in Rotaract. According to her, the most opportune time to serve is when the chance for approval or applause is absent or even when our feelings go against our will. She emphasized that serving in Rotaract is not doing it for the applause of others but should be done truly for humanity and God. The highlight in the program was District Governor Jess Cifra’s inspirational speech where he stated that Rotaractors are like flowers in bloom. He also pointed out that Rotaractors are honed to become future Rotarians. The event was hosted by Rotaract Club of Diliman in cooperation with their sponsoring club, Rotary Club of Metro Diliman.

150 Rotaractors attend Distas
By Secretary Jessica Rose Capati, Rotaract Brick Road
Despite the hard rains, Rotaract District Assembly was successfully held last 9th of July 2011 at the Philippine School of Business Administration-QC. A record of 150 delegates from different Rotaract Clubs of D3780 and another from Essex County, New Jersey, USA gathered for the much awaited event which was hosted by the Rotaract Clubs from PSBA. The assembly was called to order by DRR Margaret Robyn "Marby" Montellano. President Ernesto "Nitoy" Velasco of the RC Loyola Heights (Rotary club sponsor of Distas), gave the welcome remarks, followed by DRR "Marby" Montellano who gave an overview for the assembly. Rotaractors were then grouped according to their positions. Each group had a Rotarian or Rotaractor to discuss its role and duties in the club. PP Abegaile S. Carreon of Rotaract Club of Timog, QC discussed action planning for projects. The Rotaractors enjoyed the activity as they met members of other clubs. PDRR Devie Ontolan (Rotaract Club of Cubao) led the afternoon Plenary. DG Jose Francisco "Jess" Cifra gave inspirational advice for the young Rotaractors.

Interact officers are inducted during Distas
By PP Bit Farolan, RC Bagong Silangan
Hurray! for the Interact Distas 2011 sponsored by RC Bagong Silangan and cohosted by 12 other clubs. It was held last August 6, 2011 at Quezon City Science High school and participated in by 89 Interactors from 17 high schools. DIR Mariel Rocaflor of Balara High school and her team were sworn in by DG Jess Cifra, while Interact Club Presidents and Directors were inducted by SNG Chair PP Benjie Alonzo. Also present were Interact Chair PP Bambi Verdote of RC Uptown Novaliches, DIC member PP Adel Corpuz of RC Camp Aguinaldo, and SP Sally Gonzalez of RC Bagong Silangan. Inspiring words from DG Jess Cifra set their hearts and mind to the culture of service above self. True to its theme, The New Gen Takes the Lead”, the Interactors took the lead in planning the service projects they aim to accomplish within this Rotary Year, with enthusiasm and energy. The speakers: Lt Gov. Duke Zuluaga; PP Suzette Lee of RC Diliman Heights ; AGR Cristy Dagdag of RC QC Circle; PP Elsa Unson of RC New Manila Heights; PP Francis Paderna of RC Timog; CP Winston Sia of RC VIS-MIN.


Dengue: symptoms, prevention & control
By PP Rogelio B. Belleza, MD, FPCP - RC Holy Spirit
DEADLY DENGUE IS BACK! Dengue season is back. Defend your family from this deadly fever. Signs and Symptoms: Sudden high fever (up to 40 deg C) lasting for 2 to 7 days Pain in joints, muscles, and behind the eyes Rashes (tiny red spots) all over the body, which may subside after a couple of days and then reappear Weakness Nausea, stomach pain, or vomiting of coffee-colored matter Bleeding from the nose, mouth, or under the skin (bruising) Prevention and Control: Use mosquito nets when sleeping, and install screens on windows. Cover water containers (drums, pails, etc) to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Clean containers weekly to remove eggs sticking to the sides of the containers. Replace water in flower vases every week. Dispose of all unnecessary cans, jars, bottles, and other objects which can collect water. Remove dead leaves and debris from roof gutters so that rain water will not accumulate. If you think you or your loved one has dengue, seek treatment immediately.

The war vs dengue

Gov Jess with Silver Presidents and leaders of PFPMOA prior to deployment to their assigned hot-spots, Sept1 at QC assembly

DCOS/PP Joe Baradi ensures that the dengue-busters cover all breeding places in Bgy Pansol

Large contingent of 20 dengue-busters gets briefing from PS Ped Condeno and Barangay officials prior to deployment in Bgy Holy Spirit

PP Maricor Imperial reports that early in the outbreak of dengue, RC Diliman North with support from city & barangay officials held dengue awareness campaign for residents of Sitio Pingkian, Bgy Pasong Tamo Aug. 17

To ensure total extermination, SP Becky Cruz of RC West Triangle, SP Marlyn Manabat of RC Cubao Central and SP Monica Legaspi of RC Malaya take the sprayers in their own hands at the breeding places in Bgy Pasong Tamo. Photo taken by team member SP Zeny Remolona of RC Centennial QC.

Dengue mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) RC Camp Crame, the PNP and QC Red Cross hold bloodletting activity for the benefit of dengue victims Sept. 2 6

RI D3780 Silver Year Marks 1st Literacy Congress
“Sa Pagbasa, May Pag-asa”
By IPP Becca dela Cruz, RC Batasan Hills
School Quality Education discussed by PP Carmen Ramos of RC North EDSA, English Enhancement and Personality Development by PP Boyet Alfonso of RC New Manila Heights, Kids Quiz Bee by PE Pettizou Tayag of RC Sta Mesa Heights, and the Dream Literacy Project which is the “Library on Wheels” or the Mobile Library, by IPP Bong Cruz of RC New Manila East. PBA players can also be invited in all the literacy projects, in conjunction with their “Read to Lead” project thru Ms. Rhose Montreal. Informatics, thru its Chair and PP Daniel Ongchoco, shall grant D3780 five College Scholarships, and guidelines for this will soon be announced. The Congress was hosted by IPP Baby Allado of RC New Manila Heights and IPP Eric Santos of RC Commonwealth. In addition, the other members of the Literacy Committee who participated were PP Butch Madarang, IPP Christy Dagdag, both of RC QC Circle, PP Greg Buhain of RC Timog, PP Boy Perlas of RC Roxas, PP Babet Aparato of RC Paraiso, IPP Cora Sison of Prima Vida, IPP Bobby Sumulong of RC Ayala Heights, and IPP Tante Tapuro of RC North EDSA. The lead clubs for the Literacy Congress and the different Literacy Projects are RC Ayala Heights, RC Batasan Hills, RC Commonwealth, RC Holy Spirit, RC Kamuning West, RC New Manila Heights, RC New Manila East, RC Paraiso, RC Timog, RC North EDSA, and RC QC Circle. For more inquiries about the implementation of the abovementioned literacy projects, please email becca_delacruz@yahoo.com or the respective project proponent. The Literacy Congress held last September 3 at the Rotary Center was conceptualized by the Literacy Committee aimed at providing a menu of literacy projects, which can be easily and consistently implemented across all clubs. The Literacy Projects being looked at will cater to all levels, from the formative preschool years up to the college level or even out of school youth and non readers. Such projects are envisioned to have high and long term sustainable impact to the beneficiaries. The event was graced by no less than Congressman Jorge Banal, who emphasized the importance of Reading as Hope for the future. A bill at both the Congress and the Senate is in the making and President Noynoy himself supports the “Araw ng Pagbasa”, which will be held to commemorate the birthday of former Senator Ninoy Aquino. The other partners who graced the Congress were Asia Pacific College, represented by its Managing Director Teresita Medado and her Assistant Adelina Calub. APC is a partner for the “Every Reader, A Leader” (ERAL) project, which is aimed at improving the reading comprehension skills of students across all levels. The other projects presented include the adoption of the Pre

A timely celebration of the International Literacy Day on September 8

ED is bravely discussed at Intercity Meeting
By CP Gary Ting, RC Pag-asa
As had been expected, the subject of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) gave birth to an interestingly lively interaction during the Intercity Meeting last August 25 at Shangrila Fine Chinese Restaurant. RC Pag-asa QC hosted the event with Dr. Jeff Peter Jubilado, urologist consultant from Marikina Valley Medical Center, as Resource Speaker. Thanks to the support of the co-host clubs namely: Biak na Bato, Camp Aguinaldo, Mabuhay Rotonda, Malaya, Metro Diliman, Metro Sta. Mesa, Quezon City Circle, Roosevelt, St. Ignatius and University District, the event was an overwhelming success. In fact, SP Jess Lim reported that more than a hundred attendees gathered at the pleasant venue. SP Doc Aga Agatep of RC Metro Sta. Mesa acted as the moderator for the forum. However, being an urologist himself from St. Luke’s Medical Center, he practically paired up with Dr. Jubilado in providing critical information as well as in enlightening everyone regarding questions and clarifications that the attendees asked. Equipped with incredible visual aids and illustrations, the presentation actually covered most of the dreaded symptoms and illnesses that afflict men of age. Having discussed the causes, conditions, remedies and treatments, the duo were swarmed by relevant questions. It was noteworthy though that during the earlier part of the lecture, Dr. Jubilado described most of the Filipino men age 50 and above as “arrogant” when it comes to admitting the truth of being able or not to “perform”. Eventually, the subject of an available and viable remedy for ED, popularly known as Viagra, elicited more questions from the floor. Obviously, a number of the older men turned out to be not that arrogant given their interest in the subject and the questions they asked. Notwithstanding reluctance in disclosing the true state of men’s health, these concerns should be freely discussed as in the forum provided by the Intercity Meeting. Through all these pondering on the facts of life, the arrival of DG Jess Cifra, PDG Dan Espinosa and several District Officers who just came from another commitment even made the activity livelier. DG Jess was evidently quick to catch up with the topic since he was able to include in his short message some humor pertaining to the subject matter. Without doubt, once again he brought in the essential touch to complete the elements of a successful affair.


187 Rotarians attend District 3780 TRF Seminar
By Silver President Melandrew T. Velasco, RC Cubao West
Despite the inclement weather brought about by Typhoon Mina, close to 200 Rotarians from District 3780 graced The Rotary Foundation seminar with the theme, Art of Giving, co-hosted by the Rotary Club of Cubao West and Rotary Club of Roces at the Quezon City Sports Club last 27 August 2011. District Gov. Jess Cifra formally opened the TRF Seminar as he underscored the relevance of the mandated RI-activity particularly among Paul Harris Fellows and the goals of the district under his administration. Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD served as the inspirational speaker at the plenary session as he highlighted the essence of true giving that comes from the heart. The missionary priest captivated the Rotarians as he regaled the Rotarians with his wit, humor, and candor. “Money can be earned. Let not money become our master. Instead, let money serve us and let us use money in helping others,” Orbos said. “The loss of your soul is your greatest failure.” Other resource speakers included RI TRF Zone 7-A Coordinator for Philippines and Indonesia PDG Bobby Viray, PDG and District Rotary Foundation Coordinator Dan Espinosa, PDG Marcos “Mac” Hermoso, PP and Chairman for Annual Giving Daniel Ongchoco, PP Romarico Tongos and PP Sammy Pagdilao. Two memorandum of agreements were signed by District 3780, one with the Philippine Red Cross, Quezon City Chapter facilitated by RC Crame President Nick Bartolome, new Philippine National Police Chief, and the other with the Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators’ Management Association, Inc. for the anti-dengue campaign in Quezon City.

District 3780 acts decisively to protect lives from deadly dengue
Last September 1, 2011 Rotary clubs in the district worked feverishly with professional dengue-busters from the Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators Association, Inc. in the very timely spraying of antidengue chemicals in four out of 15 barangays identified as hot-spots. The four barangays covered last September 1 were Bgy. Holy Spirit, with RC Holy Spirit coordinating; Bgy. Pasong Tamo with RC West Triangle, RC Malaya, RC Centennial QC, RC Cubao Central and RC St. Ignatius coordinating; Bgy Pansol with RC Loyola Heights coordinating; and Bgy San Bartolome with RC San Bartolome and RC Cubao Sunrise coordinating. Even with this dengue mosquito-busting operation in the barangays, RC Camp Crame and the Philippine National Police, now led by SP Nick Bartolome as Chief PNP, embarked on a blood-letting project (Dugong Alay, Pangsagip Buhay) for the benefit of dengue victims last September 2nd. These two community service initiatives implement the Memorandum of Agreement between RI District 3780 and the federation for the antidengue campaign in Quezon City, and the Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippine Red Cross about the blood-letting activity, signed just a few days earlier on August 27, 2011 at the closing of the TRF Seminar. Early in the outbreak of dengue, some clubs have on their own implemented dengue awareness and area clean-up campaigns. For instance, RC Diliman North in partnership with city and barangay officials conducted an awareness campaign for adopted Sitio Pingkian in Bgy Pasong Tamo last August 17th.

Fifty clubs join hands to distribute 13,200 reference books to 100 public schools

Photo shows R-L Gov Jess Cifra, SM Foundation Manager Mr. Bob Navida, SP Ped Condeno of RC Holy Spirit, and school officials with their sponsor SP Nitoy Velasco of RC Loyola Heights

Governor Jess Cifra witnessed last September 2nd part of the turnover of books by fifty Rotary clubs to principals & officials of many of the 100 public high schools, elementary schools and preparatory schools that the clubs had identified as needy beneficiaries. The large-scale book-distribution activity involved the donation by the SM Foundation of 13,200 volumes of mostly hardbound reference books that had originated from a US-based partner library. Mr Bob Navida, Project Manager for Outreach Programs of SM Foundation, thanked Gov Jess, the event organizer RC Holy Spirit and the 49 other Rotary clubs for identifying the public schools that badly needed books for their libraries, and for enabling the immediate turnover of the books to school officials. Mr. Navida said that this Donate-A-Book project of SM Foundation represents an additional initiative to the foundation’s signature literacy project, the college scholarships program. Finally, Mr Navida announced that forthwith, the book donation and distribution project would be an annual undertaking of SM Foundation with Rotary clubs in District 3780. Before the books turnover started, SP Ped Condeno presented to Mr. Navida a certificate of appreciation citing SM Foundation for its continuing support for the club’s health & wellness projects, gift-giving for indigent children and other projects.

Gov Jess thanks the District’s well-prepared partners in denguebusting at the QC hall assembly area at 7 AM Sept 1. 8

RI President’s September Message
My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary,
We have a color for the 2011-12 Rotary year, and that color is green. Why green? Because green is the color of spring, of new life, of bright leaves bursting forth from spreading branches. And there is no doubt that it is time to ―green‖ Rotary – to lift our deepening pallor of gray and replace it with brighter shades of green. Overall, in Rotary, only 11 percent of our members are under the age of 40, while 68 percent are over 50 and 39 percent are over 60. It’s not too hard to see where this will lead us in 10, 20, and 30 years down the line, if we don’t do something about it now. It is not enough to simply bring in new members. We need to bring in younger members, who will breathe new life and new vigor into our organization. How can we be more attractive to younger members, who are so different in so many ways from the young professionals of a generation or two ago? We have to come to them where they are – and for most young people, where they are is on the Internet, on Facebook, on Twitter and email, and on their smartphones. A club that doesn’t have a presence on the Internet simply doesn’t exist as far as they are concerned. A club’s website is its public face – and it has to be a good one. More than anything, I believe we need to bring back the idea of the family of Rotary. We need to look at all of Rotary as one family: Rotarians, their families, and also Rotaractors, Interactors, Youth Exchange students and alumni, Foundation alumni, and so on. And we need to consider retention as an idea that applies not just to Rotarians, but to the entire family of Rotary. Too often, we look outward to find new members, and we do not see our own young generation, waiting to be called upon. We must look to them to find the capable and enthusiastic new members who will be the club presidents, the district governors, and the RI senior leaders of tomorrow. We owe it to our Rotary family – past, present, and future – to make sure that our generation of Rotarians is not the last. We must, in a very real sense, reach within – to embrace our Rotary family, so that we can better embrace all of humanity.

Young Rotarians advocate new approach to Rotary
From ROTARY LEADER Online Magazine, September 2011

Katie Ischkin, a 28-year-old Rotarian and change management consultant, explains why breaking tradition is sometimes a good thing
I am very proud to be a young female Rotarian and a former Rotaractor. The club I founded, the Rotary Club of South Metro Minneapolis Evenings, Minnesota, USA, has introduced a non-traditional structure to our district, but we’re only changing surface elements, not the essence of Rotary. As a change-management consultant, I understand when Rotary clubs are resistant to change. But all clubs have the power to make small adjustments that can attract younger members. Meeting times and locations, program structures, member involvement, and committee formats are just a few possibilities. Our club is an evening club, which was sorely needed in my city. At this point in my career, it isn’t possible for me to attend Rotary meetings weekly during the day, or even before work. Also, our club doesn’t include meals at meetings. While in some Rotary clubs, the meal can be the draw, many of our members just can’t afford the extra expense. We’ve also accepted that, with a younger membership, we have a higher rate of turnover, mainly because some members aren’t quite settled on the city or their career. We can’t be afraid of inviting members who may leave. Technology plays an integral role. Our club has been testing Skype as a way for members to attend meetings and for speakers to ―present‖ when they can’t physically be at our meeting. Finally, our club meets four times a month, but not weekly. To hit our members’ areas of interest, we have regular program-type meetings every second week of the month; our third meeting is a happy hour/ networking event at various locations around the city; and our fourth meeting is a hands-on volunteering opportunity. Our members may not be able to donate their pocket change on a weekly basis, but they can — and want to — give back through their time and efforts. This new approach to Rotary, accomplished through such small changes, can help draw younger members, who will view Rotary as an attractive and worthwhile addition to their ever-growing list of commitments and interests.

Kalyan Banerjee — President, Rotary International
Click Images to View Content

How one Rotary club attracted younger members by rethinking meeting times
It’s important to bring younger members into Rotary. But how? When Rotarians in Walnut Creek, California found it difficult to attract young professionals to the area’s morning and afternoon clubs, they set out to establish a club that would accommodate busy schedules. The Rotary Club of Diablo View (Walnut Creek), chartered in 2009, meets in a local brewery at 5:30 p.m. every Thursday. Its president, Jennifer Beeman, says the club enjoys time set aside for socializing before moving on to club business, and that the relaxed atmosphere appeals to younger members. Beeman was only 24 when she became a charter member of the club, and she’s now one of the youngest female club presidents in Rotary. The Diablo View club has 26 members, 90 percent of them between the ages of 25 and 40. ―Because we have younger members, our attitude is different. People have told us how refreshing it is to have young faces behind Rotary, ‖Beeman says. She adds that the club’s active roster of community projects gives members the opportunity for hands-on service. For instance, the club plans a monthly outdoor project, such as cleaning up nature trails. Younger Rotarians usually have more time than cash at their disposal, she says, so they tend to contribute by volunteering. The club recruits new members through social media like Twitter and Facebook, and it has a mentoring program to help with retention. ―The modifications we’ve made have helped our club appeal to younger professionals and retain them,‖ Beeman says. ―They’ve created a highenergy club.‖

BY THE NUMBERS 1,222,293



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RCC MEMBERS All figures as of 30 April

Vol. 25 No. 4

October 2011

Rotary District 3780 honors ladies and gentlemen who have excelled in their vocations

P/Dir. Gen. Nicanor Bartolome
Police Service
Nominating club: RC Camp Crame

Prof. Leonor Briones
Public Accountability and Administration
Nominating club: RC Diliman Heights

Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy
Pubic Service – Legislation
Nominating club: RC South Triangle

Sen. Teofisto Guingona III
Public Service – Legislation
Nominating club: RC Holy Spirit

Usec. Jose Gutierrez, Jr.
Standing behind the award recipients are from left, AG Albert Lee, SP Terence Santos of RC Araneta, PDG Melito Salazar, Spouse Helen Cifra, Gov. Jess Cifra, PRID Rafael Hechanova, PDG Dulce dB Coyukiat, PDG Danny Fausto, PDG Dan Espinosa, DGE Penny Policarpio, and Lt. Gov. Chito Borromeo.

Drug Enforcement
Nominating club: RC North Balintawak

Arch. Eduardo Madulid
Nominating club: RC Cubao Central

Fourteen distinguished individuals of Quezon City who have excelled in their respective vocations, demonstrated commitment to high ethical standards, and established themselves as role models for others were honored by Rotary International District 3780 during the Vocational Excellence Awards Night held last October 26, 2011 at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. The awards were presented by Past Rotary International Director Rafael Hechanova, District Governor Jess Cifra, and Lt. Governor Chito Borromeo, chairman of the Selection/ Awards Committee. As part of the event, awards for three outstanding vocational service projects were presented by Gov. Jess Cifra and PDG Danny Fausto, as follows: 1) Rotacop: Pulis Na, Rotarian Pa project of RC Camp Crame; 2) Libreng Opera MSU medical missions of RC San Francisco del Monte; and 3) Malinaw na Mata, Para sa Maliwanag na Kinabukasan Vision Screening projects also of RC SFDM).

other things, that vocational service is a responsibility of both the individual and his Rotary club, that idealism should be valued more than materialism, and that four questions must always be borne in mind: 1) Do we pract is e what we preach? 2) Do we look down on the work done by others? 3) Do we keep p r o p o s i n g ―compadres‖ who are not reputable to be new members? 4) Do we use our vocational talents to help our community? PDG Melito ―Mel‖ Salazar delivered closing remarks to formally end the programme.

Gen. Eduardo Oban, Jr.
Military Service
Nominating club: RC Camp Aguinaldo

Mr. Daniel Ongchoco
Educator, Entrepreneur
Nominating club: RC New Manila Heights

Rev. Fr. Agerico Orbos SVD
Missionary Priest
Nominating club: RC Cubao West

Ms. Ma. Venus Raj
Television Host
Nominating club: RC Bagong Silangan

Mr. Daniel Razon
Broadcast Journalism
Nominating club: RC Kamuning

Atty. Jose Sison
Law Practice
Nominating club: RC Cubao West

Close to 240 guests attended the event hosted by RC Araneta. AG Albert Lee acted as overall chairman of the committee for the Vocational Excellence Awards Night, an initiaIn his address, Guest-of-Honor PRID ―Paing‖ tive of the District Vocational Service CommitHechanova reminded Rotarians, among tee which AG Albert also chairs.

BSP Gov. Amando Tetangco, Jr.
Banking and Finance
Nominating clubs: RC Holy Spirit & RC Kamuning

Ms. Rosalind Wee
Nominating club: RC Araneta

Vocational Excellence Awards: A Commitment to Vocational Service
(Speech delivered during the Vocational Excellence Awards Night held on October 26, 2011 at the Richmonde Hotel Eastwood)

Membership in a Rotary club is based on Rotary‘s classification principle which requires that every member must belong to a business, profession or a useful vocation. A Rotary club therefore is the microcosm of the community‘s business and professional world. This is the basic foundation for Rotary‘s profound commitment to vocational service. Through this second avenue of Rotary service, Rotarians around the world commit to adhere to and promote high ethical standards in all their business dealings, recognize the worthiness of all useful occupations, and contribute their professional expertise and skills to addressing relevant social problems and needs. One of the most beautiful ways to promote high ethical standards in the workplace is Vocational Excellence Awards. Through these awards we recognize those who give of their best in their business and professions and achieve tremendous success worthy of admiration and praise. Through these awards we make these special individuals role models for others to follow. In the words of a wise man, ―Every man looks up to someone or something that ignites in him the desire to succeed, to prosper, and to live a life better than he has dreamed for.‖ Role models provide this inspiration and become the catalysts for positive change in others. Inspired by the award, these role models strive to remain as examples while others endeavor to reach their level of excellence. Inspiration tickles the heart and ignites intense desire to achieve more. That is human nature and it is this that makes our world a great land of promise, a wonderful land of possibilities. Through tonight‘s Vocational Awards we are sowing the seeds of excellence that will grow in the hearts and minds of people in business and professions or in their vocations. It will be like a smile – pleasant, inviting, and contagious – and will have long lasting positive effects on the pursuit of our dream to build a better and more beautiful world. Through our Vocational Excellence Awards we inspire our business world and people in our communities to reach within themselves and harness their potentials for building a better world not only for us but also for our coming generations. To those who have been chosen to receive the award we give our deep admiration and praise. You have done great wonders in your businesses or professions and have shown that ordinary men and women can achieve extraordinary things to change lives and build a better world. To the host of the awards, the Rotary Club of Araneta, I take my hat off for taking up the challenge of making this meaningful endeavor change the landscape of our world of business and pro2

fessions. To the recipients of the awards, I give my deep admiration and express my hope that they will continue to show the world that high ethical standards are the key to peace and progress. In closing, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude, personally and on behalf of our district, to the Rotary Club of Araneta; its club president, my Silver President Terence Santos; and the chairman of the Vocational Excellence Awards Night and the district‘s Vocational Service Committee Chair, my classmate, past president Albert Lee. I would also like to thank the members of the Selection Committee for doing the difficult task of choosing only 14 awardees from among so many distinguished persons nominated by the different clubs in our district. The committee was chaired by Lieutenant Governor for Strategic Planning, past president Chito Borromeo, and the other members are: past district governor Bobby Viray; past district governor Dan Espinosa; past president Jun Sanchez and past president Ver Simbulan. I would like to thank the awardees who, despite their busy schedules, have shared their time to be with us tonight and honor us deeply with their presence. But more especially, I thank them for the excellence, the integrity and fairness, and the love, with which they have been practicing their vocations over the years that have served and will continue to serve as inspiration to us, Rotarians, and in fact to one and all. Finally, I would like to thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate vocational excellence and to celebrate Rotary! Maraming salamat po at magandang gabi sa inyong lahat.

District Secretary’s Report
By DS Jesus ―Jesse‖ Tanchanco
Please allow me to digress from my usual reporting format to tackle what I (and many others) strongly believe is of utmost importance to all of us as Rotarians but may not have enough awareness of. October is ―Vocational Service Month.‖ Vocational Service is the second of the original four (now 5) avenues of Rotary Service. Inherent in the Vocational Service Ideal are: 1. Adherence to, and promotion of, the highest ethical standards in all occupations, including loyalty to employers, employees, and associates, and fair treatment of those with whom one has business or professional relations; 2. The recognition of the worthiness to society of all useful occupations; and 3. The contribution of one's vocational talents to the problems and needs of society. Vocational Service is the responsibility of both a Rotary club and its members. The role of the club is to develop projects that help members contribute their vocational talents. The role of members is to conduct their professional lives in accordance with Rotary principles and to share in projects, which the club has developed. Vocational Service evolved from the classifications principle - a feature originally unique to Rotary that limits active membership to one representative from each business or profession. This one-member, one-classification system remains the basis for each Rotarian's personal obligation in Vocational Service - to serve as a representative of that classification within the club. This knowledge and experience gives each club the resources to complete projects that address all aspects of the second Avenue of Rotary Service. One of the more famous features of Vocational Service is the ―Four Way Test‖ of the things we think, say or do. Vocational service expects each Rotarian to act, perform, behave, work, deal and conduct oneself in a manner which will allow him or her to be an example to others in the community, workplace and family. A real Rotarian is not only somebody who spends time, talent and treasure on a regular basis in the service of others, but should be someone worth emulating in their Rotary, professional and family lives. That means we have to endeavor to follow rules and regulations, must practice fairness, promote goodwill and understanding and most of all, develop tolerance for one another. There are differences in the way other people express their beliefs and feelings which may or may not be acceptable to everyone. As in any organization, group, institution, company or Rotary club, what is involved is the regular interaction of persons deemed to be successful in their respective professions and are perceived to be leaders in their own right. Your ability to tolerate others will be tested many times as we deal with each other on a regular basis. Finally, please allow me to quote PRIP Donald A. Adams (RY 1925 – 26) : ―Primarily Rotary seeks to apply the theory of service to business and community life….This is expressed in the first part of our code of ethics: To consider my vocation worthy and as affording me a distinct opportunity to serve society. He Profits Most Who Serves Best is a less ideal expression, but the suggestion of egoism is removed by the added words, Service Above Self.‖

October is Vocational Service Month
Vocational Service Month promotes business integrity and professional development. Through the Avenue of Vocational Service, Rotarians contribute their professional expertise and skills to address societal problems and needs, promote high ethical standards in the workplace, support career planning and other vocational activities, and represent the dignity and value of their profession.

EDITORIAL BOARD DG JOSE FRANCISCO ―Jess‖ Q. CIFRA Publisher JESUS ―Jesse‖ TANCHANCO (RC Loyola Heights) District Secretary EDUARDO ―Duke‖ ZULUAGA (RC New Manila East) District Chair, Public Image RICARDO ―Ric‖ SALVADOR (RC Holy Spirit) Editor GARY TING (RC Pag-asa) Assistant Editor-Business Manager WINSTON SIA (RC VisMin) Associate Editor-Webmaster Associate Editors for Sub-Districts PASTOR ―Mar‖ REYES (RC SFDM) MA. ELENA ―Marilen‖ LAGNITON (RC Cubao EDSA) JUN SACAYAN (RC Batasan Hills) BOBBIE LAGUITAO (RC Cubao Kamias) FAUSTO ―Osty‖ MANLAPAZ (RC New Manila East) Printer Relations Manager BETSY BULANADI (RC Mega EDSA) Manager – Circulation & Distribution The Silver Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter is available in printed form and in digital format. The digital version offers access to more information than the 8-page print. Please send suggestions to the editor and articles for publication to Ric Salvador by email at ric.salvador2011@yahoo.com. Ric may also be reached through 0919-361-6406.

District Events in October-November 2011
Oct 23 Oct 26 Oct 29 Nov 11 Nov 25-27 District Fellowship & Rotary Family Day Vocational Excellence Awards Night — Eastwood Richmond Hotel, host RC Araneta New Members Fellowship, host RC Timog Testimonial Dinner for PHFs and Sustaining Members — Crowne Plaza Galeria RYLA - San Mateo, host RC Paraiso

“Rotary is fellowship. Real fellowship is frank, spontaneous, full of warmth, and if you want to gauge its depth you will find that it is the difference between „Mister‟ and „Bill‟ — „Reverend‟ and „Jack.‟”

Frank L. Mulholland - Rotary International President 1914-15

Polio eradication placed in the spotlight on October 24, World Polio Day

District spouses and Gov. Jess celebrate thanksgiving with cancer-stricken children
By Spouse Soc Yap, RC SFDM

For guardians and their children undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses, with little or no money for temporary shelter, Tahan Tahanan at East Avenue Medical Center offers a much needed lifeline. With a clean and safe shelter, albeit temporary, patient/guardian tandems are able to deal with the sometimes harsh therapies associated with the treatment. On this particular Saturday, September 24, 2011 the kids and their parents smiled their biggest, danced and pranced, momentarily forgetting their woes, while partaking of the lunch and receiving gifts from District 3780 spouses, led by our first spouse Helen Cifra.

Tahan Tahanan at the Lower Ground Floor, North Wing of East Avenue Medical Center was the venue for District 3780 Spouses‘ celebration of thanksgiving. The event marked another year in DG Jose ―Jess‖ Cifra‘s life which, according to Spouse Helen Cifra, is best celebrated in the company of those closest to his heart. His smile says it all, as shown in the photo, together with a young patient and Assistant Head of the Tahan Tahanan, Ms. Lita Avena. In attendance were members of the organizing committee composed of District Spouses, including Presidential Spouse Socorro ―Soc‖ Yap who prepared and emceed the short program for the event.


November is Rotary Foundation Month

District 3780 delegates shine at APRRC-Subic Bay
By DRR Marby Montellano
Twenty three Rotaractors of District 3780 from the Rotaract Clubs of Timog, Cloverleaf, Balintawak, AMACU, Paraiso, Cubao and Camp Aguinaldo and 3 Rotarians from Rotary Clubs of Camp Aguinaldo and Balintawak, attended the 8 th Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (8th APRRC) held last September 29-October 2 in Subic Bay, Philippines. Ambassador for the Youth of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Jose Sixto ―Dingdong‖ Dantes III talked about ―Youth Empowerment through Culture and the Arts.‖ District Rotaract Representative Marby Montellano acted as a workshop facilitator. Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative Virgil de los Santos and Assistant District Rotaract Representative Patrick Hermoso volunteered as SergeantAt- Arms. One of the shining moments of District 3780 was when PRO Paul Dennis Tangangco and District Secretary Claudette Lorraine Barba emerged as Mr. APRRC 2011 and 2 nd Runner-Up Ms. APRRC 2011, respectively, during the first ever Mr. & Ms. APRRC pageant. They competed with colleagues from Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, and Japan. District 3780‘s booth during the Rotaract Festival was also a big hit among the foreign delegates because of the “balut” challenge. Past Rotary International Director Kenneth Collins talked about the ―End Polio Now‖ program. TV and radio personality Chinkee Tan also graced the conference and discussed ―How to Set a Millionaire‘s Mindset.‖ Five hundred Rotaractors and Rotarians from all over Asia and the Pacific attended the conference. The conference achieved its goal to unite all Rotaractors through new ideas, knowledge, and sharing of best practices with each other. Rotaractors from District 3780 are already looking forward to the 9th APRRC in Bangkok on April 30 – May 3, 2012.

RC Loyola Heights hosts Singaporean Interactors
By PE Morris Agoncillo, RC Loyola Heights
The Rotary Club of Loyola Heights recently hosted the Interact Club of ITE College East, Singapore. Club visits have turned into an annual program between the RCLH and its sister club based in Singapore, the Rotary eClub of D3310, since RY 2006-07. District 3310 covers Singapore, Brunei and parts of Malaysia. For RY 2011-12, the inbound delegation included 31 Interactors and 3 teachers. The RCLH helped arrange all the schedules, housing and transportation throughout the one-week stay of the Interactors. They visited various projects of the RCLH such as the Ephpheta livelihood training for the blind, Brookside Rotary International Village, the Children‘s Joy Orphanage, and made a courtesy call to DG Jess Cifra at the Rotary Center. The ITE College East Interactors hosted a unique ―Dining in the dark‖ experience with the blind trainees, guests and members of the RCLH. The normally sighted were required to wear blind folds during the meal. At Brookside, they distributed school supplies and chocolates to the students of the Rotary Day Care Center and conducted parlour games. The Interact club continues to support the candle/soap making and quilting project for the unemployed women in the community by providing a market for the finished products in Singapore. At the Children‘s Joy Orphanage, the ITE Interactors donated more school supplies and other amenities to the orphans and held various bonding activities with the children throughout the day. The rest of their trip was spent sight-seeing and shopping within Metro Manila and an out-of-town trip to Villa Escudero. The RCLH intends to reciprocate the visit with a trip to Singapore of several members and their families before the end of October 2011.

Gift-giving at Children‘s Joy Orphanage 5

―International Action‖ is theme of this year‘s Interact video contest. Submit entries to RI www.rotary.org before December 16, 2011.

By Teodulo M. Topacio, Jr., DVM, Ph.D., National Scientist Honorary Member, RC Quezon City Circle
The program of eradicating rabies in Quezon City was launched last September 28, 2011 at the Bulwagan Amoranto, City Hall as part of the World Rabies Day Celebration. This illustrates worldwide recognition of the need for action to control this easily preventable disease which is 100% fatal in humans and dogs. Since its inauguration, ―World Rabies Day events have been held in 135 countries; educating 150 million people and vaccinating 4.6 million dogs‖. The Philippines readily joined this all important movement and is now included in all these activities through the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) of the Department of Agriculture. The launch was attended by over 100 guests representing different sectors in QC. Governor of Rotary International District 3780, Jose Francisco Cifra, stated his full support of the program in his remarks. Also present were President Dr. Eulalio ―Ayong‖ Lorenzo of RC Midtown Cubao, and Assistant Governor and District Anti-Rabies Committee Chair Rene ‗Butch‘ Madarang of RC QC Circle who coined the battle cry ―End Rabies in QC Now Na!‖ The ceremony was followed by simultaneous vaccinations in 9 selected barangays with reported incidence of death due to rabies. The drive was able to vaccinate more than a thousand dogs and cats in just one day. The Rotary Clubs which offered their services were: Agham, Camp Aguinaldo, Centennial QC, Cubao West, Diliman QC, Eastwood QC, Holy Spirit, Kamuning West, Metro Diliman w/ Rotaract and Interact, Metro Eastwood, Metro SFDM, Midtown Cubao, QC Circle, QC Southwest, Quirino, Roces, San Bartolome, South Triangle, Sta. Mesa Heights.
Editor’s note: The full article of UP Professor Emeritus Topacio may be read online by following the link in the digital version of the GML or by logging on to www.scribd.com/RotaryDistrict3780.

OPLAN Eradication of Rabies is launched

Seeds for Rotary Silver Forest are planted
By AG Rene ―Butch‖ Madarang, RC QC Circle Chairman—District Environment Committee
On October 8, troops of Rotarians braved the morning drizzle which later turned into a downpour to launch the Rotary Silver Forest Project and commenced the tree planting activities inside the La Mesa Watershed. More than a thousand seedlings need to be planted in the 10-hectare part of the watershed for D3780.

Tree-planters from Left: AGR Dodgie Osabel, SP Jess Lim (RC Pag-asa), District Chair AG Butch Madarang, AG Linda Palattao, SP Ped Condeno (RC Holy Spirit), SP Ber Bantola (RC Agham), SP Jun Baui (RC QCC), and Johann Montellano (RC Timog).

This collective effort would be our small contribution to reduce the great harm that man has been doing to Mother Earth. All participants - fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotary Community Corps, service partners, and the urban poor settlers who have become guardians of the environment - capped the day with a fervent hope and prayer that we can pass on to future generations a better place to live in. All Rotarians of D3780 shall be tasked to do the actual planting, monitoring for the proper maintenance, and protection of the area designated as the Rotary Silver Forest. The Environment Committee shall formulate financial and administrative systems for fiscal integrity. District 3780 Environment Committee Chair and members have been tasked to select and assign poor families living in the surrounding area to undertake site preparation/development e.g. clearing, staking and digging individual holes per plant; and provide for necessary funds as compensation for services rendered.

Search for outstanding Philippine organic agriculturists is launched
By SP Conrad Dieza Jr., RC Cubao East
RC Cubao East launched last October 12 the nationwide search for The Outstanding Philippine Organic Agriculturists (TOPOA) at Balay Kalinaw, UP Diliman. The project will help promote the objectives of R. A. 10068, the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010. District Secretary Jesse T. Tanchanco is shown swearing in the members of the TOPOA Executive Committee after having ―charged‖ them of their responsibility. District Gov. Jess Cifra, according to DS Jesse T., views the TOPOA initiative as a search for heroes: heroes of the health of man and his environment. In his keynote message read by Director Jake Abejar, DA Secretary Proceso Alcala expressed support for organic agriculture as a means to address food needs of a fast growing population and for environment protection, too. Information about the mechanics of the TOPOA search may be obtained from RC Cubao East, by logging on to www.topoa.org website created by SP Bong del Rosario of RC Tomas Morato, or reading TOPOA project brief at www.scribd.com/RotaryDistrict3780.


Youth learn about HIV/AIDS & dangerous drugs and how to avoid these
By SP Ped Condeno, RC Holy Spirit
Some 80 Rotaractors and Interactors attended the inter-city seminar on HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse Prevention held at the QC Red Cross Building last September 25, 2011, a Sunday. Ms Janice Melody Adolfo, RN, Head of the QCRC Community Health, spoke before Rotaractors on HIV/AIDS prevention. As President Ped Condeno mentioned in his welcome remarks, the seminar was very timely since recent data showed that for the past eight years, while most countries reported a steady decrease in HIV/AIDS infection, the Philippines and six other countries have reported an upward trend, increasing by more than 800% in less than a decade. Some of the points emphasized in the HIV-AIDS session:  HIV is a virus that infects people by getting inside their blood cells.

RC Agham seminar for parents of street children: How to be heroes to your kids
By SP Bermar Bantola, RC Agham
The Rotary Club of Agham, in cooperation with He Cares Foundation, held a parenting seminar entitled ―How to be a Hero to your Kids.‖ Twenty six (26) mothers and one (1) father were all ears in listening to Club President Engr. Bermar A. Bantola as he shared timely information on children‘s development and how to build positive relationships with them. He also related his personal parenting experience and gave practical tips to the participants, all of whom were parents of children who stray in the streets and are beneficiaries of the He Cares Foundation. Club President Bantola further disclosed the secret on how one can truly be an effective parent and a hero to other individuals; that is, having a personal relationship with the greatest parent of all, the Lord. The seminar was held at the He Cares Mission Street Children Caring Center at Mines street, Barangay Vasra, Project 6, QC.

To avoid getting HIV, a person must prevent the blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breast milk of someone who is infected from entering the body through anatomical openings such mouth or breaks in one‘s skin. Specifically the resource person reminded the Rotaractors and grown-ups of the time-tested ABCDE rule:

    

Abstain from sex Be faithful to your partner Consistently use condoms Do not use illegal drugs Educate yourself

In the concurrent session, Interactors interacted with Mesdames Lilybeth Selda and Maria Carmen Chua of the Quezon City AntiDrug Council who spoke on Drug Abuse and its consequences.  Top substances being used: Shabu (Methampethamine Hydrochlo
ride); Marijuana; Corex-DM (Cough/Cold Medicine); and Rugby Some proven ways to prevent drug abuse:

Volunteer doctors and partners of RC Biak na Bato continue to make more people smile
By SP Non Sariba, RC Biak na Bato
Another episode of the signature project of RC of Biak na Bato, the Libreng Pustiso at Libreng Bunot project, has been successfully completed. Started in Rotary Year 1985, the objective has been to help the less fortunate members of the community develop more self confidence and uplift their self esteem. Not one of us can freely smile if one or two of our front teeth are missing. The club normally conducts this project twice or thrice a year. This year, the first Libreng Pustiso at Libreng Bunot project was held at Camp Crame last July 24. Members of RC BnB, volunteer doctors headed by Dr. Liezl Ceballos, technicians and other support groups arrived early to prepare all the equipments and the materials. Thirty-two persons had their teeth extracted while 112 received free dentures. A short message by PP Freddie Ceballos, the major sponsor of the project, ended the event. The beneficiaries, in return, showed their gratitude by an unending ―Thank You‖ and all-out SMILE to all those who had served them.

   

DON‘T TRY, DON‘T START Close family ties Choose your friends Community vigilance

In her closing remarks, Ms. Annie D. Torres, RN, Administrator of QC Red Cross urged the young participants to share what they have just learned with their parents, relatives and friends. The inter-city meeting was organized by RC Holy Spirit in cooperation with the Quezon City Red Cross. Co-hosts of RCHS in the event were 8 clubs: RC Biak na Bato, RC Commonwealth, RC Greenmeadows, RC Metro Diliman, RC New Manila East, RC Pagasa, RC San Francisco del Monte and RC Timog. It was made possible through the efforts of the officers and members of the Interact and Rotaract Clubs of Holy Spirit, under the guidance of Sec. JR Delgra, Chair of RCHS New Generations Committee.

Rotaract club presidents call the inter-city meeting to order 7

COPS: Serving and protecting . . . . above one’s self!
By IPP Bong Cruz, RC New Manila East
With the help of the community, Supt. Ludan neutralized a kidnap-for-ransom gang and dismantled a shabu laboratory in Cavite. Supt. Turla of Pasay City broke an international gunrunning syndicate while Chief Insp. Ingalla of Taguig City rescued 30 victims of human trafficking. SPO4 Isiang of Surigao del Sur facilitated the peaceful surrender of a known NPA leader in their area while colleague SPO2 dela Cruz of the CIDG entraps drugs suspects then conducts lectures to the community on drug awareness and the evils of drugs. SPO1 Padlan of Antipolo City arrested members of two criminal groups involved in robberies and carnapping. SPO1 Alcano of Calapan City is the nemesis of drug lords and illegal loggers while PO2 Salaya of Maasin runs after child abusers as a life-long advocacy. thrusts – persevering, inspired and honest upholders of the law”. Not only are the police officers judged on accomplishment but on how they do it as well. “Their compassion and empathy in handling highly sensitive cases help keep our families safe, protect our communities, strengthen public confidence in the police force and reinforce the PNP’s moral renewal program”,

All of them have two things in common: first, they made a noteworthy career of serving and protecting the community as police officers by harFlanking President Noynoy Aquino are, from left, Dr Placido Mapa Jr, Vice Chair of MBFI; Dr SK Ty, Chair of MBFI; and Mr Aniceto nessing the community. Second, they Sobrepena, President of MBFI. Behind them are DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, PNP Chief Director-General Raul Bacalzo, Dr Cecilio Pedro, Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil, and Rotary Club of New Manila East President Bong Cruz. are all winners in the nationwide search for the Country’s Outstanding Policemen in Service (COPS) for 2011 by the Rotary Club of New Manila says PSBank President Pascual Garcia III. But of course, the greatest accolade to be bestowed on the COPS winners East and Metrobank Foundation. comes from no less than President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” C. Aquino III Metrobank Chairman & founder Dr. George Ty pays tribute to COPS winners himself who told them, “Your perseverance in maintaining peace and order by honoring them as true servants and protectors of the people, made out- has inspired not only the communities you serve and your colleagues in the standing by the commitment to maintain peace and order, at the same time police force but also all of us, your fellow countrymen”. contributing to nation-building through various community involvements. COPS was conceptualized and founded in 1998 by RCNME PP Atty. Sammy DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo agrees. “We acknowledge the triumph not only of Pagdilao, Jr., police director and currently chief of the PNP’s Criminal Investithe awardees but also of the thousands of policemen and women who con- gation and Detection Group (CIDG). “COPS is a career-achievement award. tinue to sacrifice and risk their lives in the service of their fellowmen”. The nominees are evaluated not just based on a single accomplishment but according to their overall contribution to the community and to the image of Indeed, COPS winners should be role models in the police force. Their ac- policemen in general. They must have used the community not only in solving complishments should be worthy of emulation by their peers. As Metrobank crimes but more importantly, in preventing them. They are the police officers Foundation president Chito Sobrepena aptly puts it, “As we move towards who give true meaning to Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self”, he says. becoming a developed nation, we desire that our peacekeepers sustain the

Top Cop: Leading, serving and protecting . . . . above one’s self!
By the Editor

President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III officially installed Police Director-General Nicanor A. Bartolome, PhD/CSEE as 17th Chief of the PNP last September 9. A member of the illustrious Philippine Military Academy “Mapitagan” Class of 1980, PNP Chief Bartolome served most of his junior officer years as a field operator in Central Mindanao. In all his 11 years of combat duty in Mindanao, Bartolome earned 10 Military Merit Medals, seven Military Commendation Medals, 17 Medalya ng Kagalingan, a Bronze Cross Medal for bravery, two Medalya ng Kadakilaan for heroism, the Mindanao-Sulu Campaign Medal and the AntiDissident Campaign Medal. Back in Luzon in 1993, he was given a series of field and staff assignments in the PNP Directorial Staff, including as PNP Spokesperson and publicist to three Chiefs of PNP from 1999 to 2001, Provincial Director of Tarlac in 2005 to 2007, PNP Spokesperson until 2009, Director of the Police Community Relations Group in 2009-2010, Director of Police Regional Office 4A (PRO4A) in Calabarzon and the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) in 20102011, and as Chief of Directorial Staff prior to his appointment as PNP Chief. Born in Gerona, Tarlac on March 16, 1957, Silver President Bartolome of RC Camp Crame is married to pathologist Dr. Noemia D. Bartolome of the Department of Health, a union blessed with children Nicar Noemi and Nicanor III.


“Vocational Service and Integrity . . . the Bedrock of Rotary”
Past Rotary International President Bhichai Rattakul
The following statements have been excerpted by the Editor from the Speech delivered by PRIP Bhichai during the D3780 Installation Rites last July 3, 2011

In my private life as a businessman and as a politician, I have become convinced that Vocational Service is the area in which we, as Rotarians, can act best and contribute most to improve the society in which we live. I sincerely believe that Vocational Service is essential to the lives of individuals and is perhaps the best area through which each Rotarian can express his or her idealism and a real sense of usefulness as an individual, as a citizen, and as human being. A motto had evolved which seemed to state our credo, ―He Profits Most Who Serves Best‖, was introduced and widely accepted by Rotarians from the very beginning. However, there is no greater peril which confronts an individual or a business or a society than that of giving everything and receiving nothing. When the primary purpose of business is lost sight of, then most certainly the days of that business are numbered. Every business in order to exist is under the compelling necessity to make a profit. This we have to be realistic. Because it has an obligation to its owners or stockholders, its employees and even to the community. But, no business is under the compulsion of making profit in a manner that is socially harmful. No profit that demeans or degrades either the buyer or the seller is worth its high cost. Financial gain alone does not satisfy nor is it a proper motive. Undoubtedly, the Four-Way Test has been a guiding light to Rotarians the world over. The ―test‖ was originally conceived to help make a bankrupt concern profitable. It did! If the ―test‖ had not been applied the firm would have gone out of existence. The employees would have lost their means of livelihood. Many would have suffered loss because indebtedness was not discharged. So many people would sustain injury when a profit is not made. Of course, the Four-Way Test came into existence because of a particular moment. Since it was successful in

restoring a profit, it accomplished something much more with farreaching results. The ―test‖ has become a factor interpreting the conscience of Rotarians in every area of their lives. I wish to add that Vocational Service is an activity of the Rotary programme for which you cannot simply give publicity or present in grandiloquent but meaningless words. It can only be demonstrated through example that each of us can give through our own behavior and conviction that is the guiding principle in our lives. A Rotary Club in a rural area in my country many years ago once presented a humble postman with an award for his honesty and devotion to work after almost 40 years of service without missing one day work. When asked how he was able to maintain such a record, he replied simply, ―I was aware that my work was important‖. My fellow Rotarians, we must remain aware that work is important. We must always keep in mind that Vocational Service is a gift which has more value and honour than any gift that Rotary has given us. It is a gift to enriching and uplifting the dignity and integrity of mankind. It is the ideal of Rotary….indeed the heart and soul of Rotary! My dear friends, Rotary certainly is not a spectacular organization because it works from man to man, and its achievements are not always recognized by contemporaries. Rotary has made a business and professional man and woman an important person. And with compassion in all its undertaking it has brought the business and professional men and women together in a realization of their social responsibility.

Read the entire speech of PRIP Bhichai Rattakul

Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions
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As a Rotarian engaged in a business or profession, I am expected to: 1) Consider my vocation to be another opportunity to serve; 2) Be faithful to the letter and to the spirit of the ethical codes of my vocation, to the laws of my country, and to the moral standards of my community; 3) Do all in my power to dignify my vocation and to promote the highest ethical standards in my chosen vocation; 4) Be fair to my employer, employees, associates, competitors, customers, the public, and all those with whom I have a business or professional relationship; 5) Recognize the honor and respect due to all occupations which are useful to society; 6) Offer my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community; 7) Adhere to honesty in my advertising and in all representations to the public concerning my business or profession; 8) Neither seek from nor grant to a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship.
Adopted by 1989 Council on Legislation to more clearly define the high ethical standards called for in the Object of Rotary.

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Service Award for a Polio Free World for Rotarians - 1 Nov 2011 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/polio_service_award_form_en.pdf Club Builder Award for Rotarians - 15 Nov 2011 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/awards_club_builder_en.pdf RI Distinguished Service Award for Rotarians - 15 Nov 2011 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_doc/distinguished_service_award_nomination_form_en.doc Matching Grant Requests ($25,001-$200,000) - 15th Dec 2011 http://www.rotary.org/en/ServiceAndFellowship/FundAProject/HumanitarianGrants/Pages/MatchingGra nts.aspx

Club Termination for non-payment of outstanding financial obligation arising from July Semi-Annual Dues - 1st Jan 2012
http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/collection_cycle.pdf RI Changemaker Award (2011-12) for clubs. Application to DG office - 15th Mar 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/900b_en11.pdf RI Significant Achievement Award for Clubs - 15th March 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/awards_saa_en.pdf Matching Grant Requests (Below 25000 USD) - 31st Mar 2012 http://www.rotary.org/en/ServiceAndFellowship/FundAProject/HumanitarianGrants/Pages/MatchingGra nts.aspx RI Presidential Citation (2011-12) for clubs to reach DG Office - 6th April 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/900a_en11.pdf RI Recognition of Membership Development Initiatives application to DG - 15th April 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/422en.pdf RI Membership Development and Extension Award - 15th May http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/901en.pdf RI Recognition of Smaller Club Membership Growth - 16 May - 30 June 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/416en.pdf


Vol. 25 No. 5

November 2011

Donors are honored during The Rotary Foundation Testimonial Dinner
mittee, has been mentioned for being the district‘s largest contributor to the foundation so far this year. Close to 300 Rotarians, guests and dignitaries in the Rotary world graced the memorable event.

The Major Donors
PDG Oscar “Oca” Inocentes - Level Three PDG Melito “Bimbo” Salazar - Level Two Major Donors Level One PDG Benjamin “Benjie” Bacorro PP Dominador “Jimmy” Buhain PP Freddie Ceballos DG Jose Francisco “Jess” Cifra PDG Dulce “Dulce” dB Coyukiat PDG Alexander “Alex” Cureg PDG Gil Divinagracia PP Bernadette “BH” Hererra-Dy PP Eduardo “Eddie” Enriquez, Sr. PDG Danilo “Dan” Espinosa PDG Danilo “Danny” Fausto PP Ma. Corazon “Maricor” Imperial PP Florencio “Rencie” Padernal PP Ed Sarmiento PP Roman See PP Johnny Yu Cumulative Giving for the Recognition Levels Level 4 $ 100,000 - $ 249,999 Level 3 $ 50,000 - $ 99,999 Level 2 $ 25,000 - $ 49,999 Level 1 $ 10,000 - $ 24,999

Past, present and future district governors and spouses pose with PRIP Wilfrid Wilkinson, Chairman-Elect of the Rotary Foundation Trustees, as they salute the honorees. Eighteen Major Paul Harris Donors and 212 newly inscribed Paul Harris Fellows, 67 Sustaining Members, 17 EREY Clubs and four 100% Contributing Clubs were extended due recognition for their generous support during The Rotary Foundation Testimonial Dinner held last November 18, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria in Quezon City. The level of contributions achieved so far has already surpassed the records set in prior Rotary years, according to Lieutenant Governor Boone Ongchoco, Chairman of the District Annual Giving Committee. Speaker. In his message, PRIP Wilf Wilkinson stressed the goals of The Rotary Foundation, including polio eradication, the Future Vision Plan and the six areas of focus suggested in RI Strategic Plan as guides for allocating foundation funds most effectively, and getting sustained support for the Annual Programs Fund.

Also presented and inducted during the evening are the 46 charter members of District 3780 Paul Harris Society led by PDG Oscar Inocentes who pledged to contribute View photos online by logging on to: $1000 annually to the Foundation. The testimonial event was made even more The testimonial dinner was hosted by RC  www.youtube.com/RotaryDistrict3780 (video) meaningful with the presence of Past Rotary Kamuning West, with Assistant Governor  www.scribd.com/RotaryDistrict3780 (downloadable .pdf file) International President Wilfrid ―Wilf‖ Wilkin- Rencie Padernal as Chairman of the Testison, incoming Chairman of The Rotary Foun- monial Dinner event. AG Rencie, who is  Or follow the links in the digital version of GML dation Trustees, as Guest of Honor and chair of the District Service Projects ComHelp transform lives worldwide by supporting the Annual Programs Fund of The Rotary Foundation.

We Hold the Key to Peace
(Speech delivered at The Rotary Foundation Testimonial Dinner held on November 11, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria, Quezon City) Past Rotary International President and Chair-Elect of The Rotary Foundation Wilf Wilkinson, Past District Governor from D3830 Guiller Tumangan, My classmate, District Governor from D3870 Sam Fontanilla, Past District Governor and District Rotary Foundation Coordinator Dan Espinosa and Spouse Julie, Past District Governor and Chair of D3780 Paul Harris Society Oscar Inocentes and Spouse Siony, Past District Governor and Co-Chair of D3780 Paul Harris Society Dulce Coyukiat, Past District Governor from the Host Club, the Rotary Club of Kamuning West, Mo Libunao and Spouse Irene, Past District Governor, the first District Governor of D3780, Jess Laxamana, Past District Governor, who served as District Governor with PRIP Wilf, Danny Fausto, My spouse, who is the real Major Donor from our family – not me – Helen Cifra, District Governor-Elect Penny Policarpio, District Governor Nominee Francis Rivera and Spouse Peth, The Chairman of this TRF Testimonial Dinner, Assistant Governor Rencie Padernal, The Chairman of the Annual Giving Program of The Rotary Foundation, D3780, Lieutenant Governor for Programs Boone Ongchoco, Other District Officers led by District Secretary Jesse Tanchanco, Chief of Staff Joe Baradi, Lieutenant Governor for Operations Butch Javier and Lieutenant Governor for Communications Duke Zuluaga, Silver Presidents, please rise, The Officers, Members and Spouses of the Host Club, the Rotary Club of Kamuning West led by Silver President Bob Ruiz, please rise, The Officers, Members and Spouses of my Home Club, the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights led by Silver President Nitoy Velasco, please rise,

Fellow Rotarians, ladies and gentlemen:

Good Evening!
A leader is one whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. Such is what happens when you travel across the world to be with your people and share with them the joys of a simple dinner such as the one we have tonight – a simple but meaningful testimonial dinner for those whose passion for service moves them to contribute to The Rotary Foundation. Tonight we are greatly honored by the presence of a great Rotary leader, the chairmanelect of the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, Rotary International Past President Wilfrid ―Wilf‖ Wilkinson. To him therefore, on behalf of RI District 3780, I express my profound gratitude for the inspiration he brings by being with us tonight. Let us give RIPP Wilf a thunderous round of applause.

Rotary Foundation Chair. We owe this success to our DRFC, PDG Danny Espinosa. Let us all give him a big hand, please. My friends the overwhelming success of The Rotary Foundation in changing lives for a better world is seen in the unquestionable success of PolioPlus and other Foundation programs. Such is the miracle of giving by Rotarians and friends who share in the dream that one day our world will have lasting beauty and peace to offer to our children. Let us continue to give to the Foundation and make it live to change lives for a better world.

Giving brings to mind the words of Mother Teresa, ―We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.‖ Let us continue to give and fill our Foundation‘s ocean of good deeds so that others may live and enI must also express my deep admiration and gratitude to our major do- joy the good life. The good life is the key to friendship and peace. And nors, benefactors, Paul Harris Fellows, Rotary Foundation Sustaining we hold that key. Members, and the members of Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) Clubs and the 100% Contributing Clubs, which we launched for the first time I would like to close by calling onstage our guest of honor and speaker, in our District this year, and have been pursuing them vigorously since, our dear Past RI President and TRF Chair Elect Wilf Wilkinson, and my for keeping our Foundation in the mainstream of changing people‘s wife, Helen, please join us as well, as we hand our token of apprecialives to build a better world. This testimonial dinner is tendered in your tion to him for taking time, and traveling thousands of miles, to be with us tonight. honor. Let us give ourselves a big round of applause. Rotary my friends, is a proactive organization – one reason it has withstood the test of challenges in more than 106 years. It is amazing how our great organization changes with the times to remain relevant in the lives of people around the world. One dramatic change is the formal approval of the Paul Harris Society by the Trustees of the Foundation in 2006. It is an exclusive society of Rotarians and friends who contribute annually US$1,000 or more to the Foundation. Tonight is the birth of the D3780 Paul Harris Society. For this, I want to thank profusely its chairman, PDG Oca Inocentes, for his untiring efforts to get the society organized in time for tonight‘s dinner. I would also like to call on the gentleman who was responsible for bringing PRIP Wilf to us, Past District Governor Guiller Tumangan. I now call on the Chairman of The Rotary Foundation Testimonial Dinner, Assistant Governor Rencie Padernal, and all the members and officers of the host club, the Rotary Club of Kamuning West led by President Bob Ruiz. And to all of you, thank you very much for taking time to be with us tonight to welcome PRIP and TRF Chair Elect Wilf Wilkinson, and to honor the benefactors, donors and contributors of The Rotary Foundation.

2 Every Rotary Foundation success story is written by a hand that makes things happen. On the district level, this hand belongs to the District Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!

District Secretary’s Report
By DS Jesus ―Jesse‖ Tanchanco
By the time this report sees print we would have completed the Governor‘s Visits (GV) to all 93 clubs in our District 3780. We would like to thank all the clubs profusely for the excellent preparations, presentations and productive discussions. Similar appreciation goes to the Assistant Governors (AG), Assistant Governor‘s Representatives (AGR), Deputy Chiefs of Staff (DCOS), Deputy District Secretaries (DDS) and of course, last but not the least, Lieutenant Governor Butch Javier who tirelessly coordinated the schedules and requirements of the GV‘s with the AG‘s and AGR‘s concerned. October was no less busy than the previous months. We had several well attended district activities beginning with the launching of the Silver Forest tree-planting activity (October 1) at the La Mesa dam that was participated in by a significant number of highly enthusiastic clubs despite the inclement weather. AG Butch Madarang, Chair of the Environment Committee made it all possible. This was followed by the fun-filled District Fellowship & Rotary Family day at the Amoranto stadium on October 23. Congratulations are in order for the District Club Administration team led by Chair PDS Lyndon Wong. Last October 26, the Vocational Service team of AG Albert Lim and his Rotary Club of Araneta hosted this year‘s Vocational Excellence Award at the plush Richmonde Hotel Eastwood. The jam-packed crowd witnessed the recognition of fourteen well known individuals based in Quezon City who have excelled in their respective fields of endeavor. PRID Paeng Hechanova was guest of honor. Towards the end of October, the District Membership Committee led by Chairman Rey David hosted the first ever ―New Members Fellowship Night.‖ Despite the short preparation period, the attendance, entertainment and other highlights of the evening were beyond expectations. Kudos to all the hard working district chairs and their respective committee members. The same goes as well to the Silver presidents who not only attended the events but likewise actively participated in the promotional activities. We are certainly looking forward to the November events. The first event for the month will be the PHF Testimonial dinner to be held in honor of the more than 200 (as of end of October, 2011) new Paul Harris Fellows, several new major donors, Sustaining Members, EREY Clubs, 100% Per Capita Clubs and 100% Contributing Clubs (who have all paid prior to the event). This will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel with no less than PRIP / TRF ChairmanElect Wilf Wilkinson as guest of honor. The event is chaired by PP Rencie Padernal and hosted by his home club, the Rotary Club of Kamuning West. Not to be outdone, the Silver spouses organized a fund-raising event based on pay-per-view of the Pacquiao-Marquez Fight on November 13 at the Global Lounge, to benefit cancer-stricken children in Tahan Tahanan of East Avenue Medical Center. Other forthcoming November events include the RLI leadership and faculty training headed by PDG Danny Fausto on November 19 at Innotech. This will be followed by the 3-day RYLA to be held at Ciudad Christia in San Mateo, Rizal. The event chair is PP Linda Elequin of RC Uptown Novaliches supported by SNG Chair Benjie Tan Alonzo and DRR Marby Montellano. Then, the Club Administration Training Seminar will be held on November 26th. As a final point, I would like to remind everyone that November is the Rotary Foundation month. While we will see a record breaking number of generous individuals this Rotary year sharing their hard earned resources, there is still so much work that needs to be done by the Rotary Foundation, not just in terms of Polio eradication but likewise in providing financial and logistical support to thousands of projects implemented by Rotary clubs throughout the world (primarily via the humanitarian grants program). Let us continue to support our foundation — The Rotary Foundation — even beyond this Rotary year.

November is Rotary Foundation Month
The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.

Editorial Board
DG JOSE FRANCISCO ―Jess‖ Q. CIFRA Publisher JESUS ―Jesse‖ TANCHANCO (RC Loyola Heights) District Secretary EDUARDO ―Duke‖ ZULUAGA (RC New Manila East) District Chair, Public Image RICARDO ―Ric‖ SALVADOR (RC Holy Spirit) Editor-in-Chief GARY ―Gary‖ TING (RC Pag-asa) Assistant Editor-Business Manager WINSTON ―Winston‖ SIA (RC VisMin) Associate Editor-Webmaster Associate Editors PASTOR ―Mar‖ REYES (RC SFDM) FAUSTO ―Osty‖ MANLAPAZ (RC New Manila East) Printer Relations Manager BETSY ―Betsy‖ BULANADI (RC Mega EDSA) Distribution Manager

District Events in November-December 2011
Nov 11 Nov 19 Nov 25-27 Nov 26 Dec 9 Testimonial Dinner for PHFs and Sustaining Members — Crowne Plaza Galleria RLI leadership & faculty training - Innotech RYLA - Ciudad Christia, San Mateo Club Administration Training Seminar (CATS) District Christmas Party - Hosts: Hands-on Presidents

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Sir Winston Churchill

The Silver Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter is available in printed form and in digital format. The digital version offers access to more information than the 8-page print. Please send suggestions to the editor and articles for publication to Ric Salvador by email at rp_salvador@yahoo.com. Ric may also be reached through 0919-361-6406.

December is Family Month in the Rotary calendar.

Debrief from the District’s GSE Team 2011 to Hawaii
By GSE Team Leader PP Roberto Montellano, RC Timog
ALOHA! Welcome, a greeting of hello, goodbye and love. The Group Study Exchange team of District 3780 recently completed its visit to District 5000 covering Hawaii. Governor Jose Francisco ―Jess‖ Cifra and Governor Luarie Yoshida of District 5000 had earlier finalized the arrangements for the visit through our GSE District Committee headed by PP Bobby Romero and his counterpart PDG Hal Darcey of Hawaii. The GSE team members had been selected from among the most qualified applicants. The team was led by Rotarian PP Roberto Montellano of RC Timog, an oral surgeon, orthodontist and cosmetic dentist. His team consisted of Chrylin Monica Laohoo, a preschool teacher; Marla Oliva, a television executive producer; Erika Marie Narciso, an interior designer; and Kathleen Anne Cruz, an environmental scientist. All four young ladies are non-Rotarians. About the GSE program The Rotary Foundation‘s Group Study Exchange (GSE) program is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for businesspeople and professionals between the ages of 25 and 40 who are in the early stages of their careers. The program provides travel grants for teams to exchange visits in paired areas of different countries. For four weeks, team members experience the host country's culture and institutions, observe how their vocations are practised abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas. Ultimately they develop global perspective. GSE team experiences Our team spent a month in the four major islands of Hawaii, namely Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii. We stayed in the homes of our host Rotarians, shared meals and customs and learned about Hawaii and the uniqueness of their culture through this immersion process. The ―Aloha spirit‖ has been so pervasive and this made us feel comfortable wherever we went. The islanders were quite warm and friendly… a handshake, a hug or even a kiss on the cheek is common. Hawaiians greet newcomers with leis… the lei is placed over the head and followed by a hug or a friendly gesAbove: DG Jess and Spouse Helen Cifra with GSE team lead ture of rubbing cheeks. The GSE team made presentations at a num- Laohoo, Erika Narciso and Marla Oliva at the D5000 Discon. ber of Rotary Club meetings. The team mem- Below: Team lead Roby with Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa bers also visited resource persons, worksites and offices pertaining to their respective vocations. Transportation was provided to and from formal and social visits and activities. The team attended the District Conference held at Kauai Sheraton Resort last September 9-11, where D3780 Gov. Jess Cifra was invited as guest speaker. Gov. Jess also received the prestigious Certificate of Recognition from the State Legislature of Hawaii during his visit there. The Rotary Club of Hawaii D5000 was established in 1915. The district has 2,200 Rotarians in 41 clubs. Incumbent DG Laurie Yochida is half-Filipina. A most unforgettable experience was riding in a helicopter and cruising in a yacht for panoramic views of the islands. We witnessed Luau performances, the Kona coffee tasting ceremony, the historical museum, National Historical Monument of Pearl Harbor and Waikiki beach. We also had a chance to snorkel at Beach Park, go sea-turtle watching, take strolls at downtown Honolulu and Waikiki Beach, and watch the live shooting of New Hawaii Five-O. The team with RC Metropolitan Honolulu (GSE outbound visit from Aug 13 to Sept 13.)

PP Roby Montellano and members Kathleen Cruz, Chrys

Another batch of senior Rotarians undergoes rigorous leadership and faculty training
Adopting a specially designed one-day program structure, the Rotary Leadership Institute led by its ―Dean,‖ PDG Danny Fausto, and a roster of distinguished faculty members conducted the RLI Student Courses at the SEAMEO Innotech Conference Center last November 19, 2011. Twenty-nine Rotarians - eight from District 3800 and the rest from District 3780 - participated in the program. Thirteen of them enrolled for Student Course I while the 16 others completed practical training in Courses II & III. Course I is intended for ―beginners‖ and Courses II & III cover advance topics for those who have completed the first course. Those who complete the requirements of all three courses may become faculty members of the RLI Philippine Division. These leadership courses provide participants with Rotary information and develop their skills for leading voluntary organizations. Participants also learn and sharpen their ability to conduct effective meetings, make heads-up presentations, lead and facilitate learning environments for Rotarians.

Rotarian Manny Pacquiao works out to knock out polio. Read more online.

Historic first District Fellowship and Rotary Family Day is held
By District Club Administration Committee Chair PDS Lyndon Wong
It was a day to remember as Rotary International District 3780 celebrated its historic first District Fellowship and Family Day last October 23, 2011 at the Amoranto Sports Complex along Roces Avenue, Quezon City. District Club Administration Committee Chairman Lyndon Wong, District Fellowship Committee Chair Myra Gonzales and their team conceptualized and planned this event with the primary objective of enabling the Rotarians to take a break from their hectic working lives and spend some quality time with their family and friends. Rotarians believe that family is the most important element in the development of our children, and events that celebrate, support and encourage family life are worth supporting. This event was attended by more than 600 Rotarians and their family members and Rotaractors of the District. It was a happy, encouraging and entertaining whole-day event filled with activities, contests and games. It started with the ribbon cutting in the booths area by District Governor Jess Cifra, assisted by Spouse Helen Cifra and witnessed by the Rotarians and their families. It was followed by a holy mass celebrated by Bishop Joseph Galarosa, a member of RC Pag-asa. The spouses later enlivened and energized the event with their aerobic dance routine under the guidance of an instructor from Slimmers World. contests to participate. "Rotakids Got Talent" for the children; "Talentadong Rotary" for the Rotarians; "Pang Rotaryo na, Pang Pamilya Pa" for the family; "Big Time, Rotary Time" for the clubs and their families; and ―Rotaract Got Talent‖ for the Rotaract Club members. ―Rotakids got Talent‖
Champion – Martin Angelo Bunag of RC Kamuning East 1st Runner Up – Mhon Jessrheel Diokno Castillo of RC Metro SFDM 2nd Runner Up – Martin Abad of RC Diliman All members of each family had their own Heights

―Rotaract got Talent‖
Champion – RAC GIST of RC Pag-Asa 1st Runner Up – RAC of Balintawak 2nd Runner Up - RAC of Holy Spirit

Aside from the talent contests, there were inflatable playpens for the children. Numerous prizes were also raffled out. Forty The winners in the different categories of booths were set up free by RC Cola, a sponsor of the event, to help participating clubs the Talent Contests were the following: to generate funds. Manila Water also par―Talentadong Rotaryo‖ ticipated in the historic event by providing a Champion – RC Kamuning East mascot to entertain the kids. 1st Runner Up – RC Pag-Asa The success of the historic event truly in2nd Runner Up – RC Vismin spired the District to make this a continuing rd Runner Up – RC Diliman 3 annual event! ―Pang Pamilya na, Pang Rotaryo pa‖ Kudos to members of the District Club Champion – Siony Uy Family of RC Eastwood Admin Committee, the six lead host clubs, ―Big Time-Rotary Time‖ all the participating clubs, the numerous Champion – RC Cubao Central Rotarians and their families who made the 1st Runner Up – RC Eastwood event a very memorable and successful 2nd Runner Up – RC Uptown Cubao one!


More photos of the event may be viewed in the facebook page of RC Diliman Heights.

RC Agham to students: Here’s how to have

better grades and have more fun, too!
By SP Bermar Bantola, RC Agham

RC Uptown Novaliches leads bloodletting project to save lives
By PP Manny Balane, RC Uptown Novaliches
Students and faculty members of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, College of Engineering, enthusiastically and positively responded to the bloodletting project of the Rotary Club of Uptown Novaliches led by President William Tasis last October 14, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The project which was a collaborative effort of the Rotary Club of Uptown Novaliches, Philippine Red Cross and the RCUN – PUP Rotaract has netted a total of almost 20,000c.c. of blood. A lot of blood donors were turned down because of low weight, while others would have wanted to, but were suffering from lack of sleep as it was examinations week. Eloisa Joy Quiambao, an 18-year old Computer Engineering student, was a first-time donor and long wanted to donate blood as she recalled the sad incidents that happened during super typhoon Ondoy, where many of the victims were in need of blood. She was glad that the opportunity came when the bloodletting program was held at PUP. On the other hand, Eugene Alexis, a Mechanical Engineering student, is a third-time donor and is appreciative of the fact that he is able to save lives through his donation. According to Jenny Bulatao, a young registered nurse who belongs to the volunteer staff of the Red Cross, donating blood has beneficial health effects such as the replacement of new blood cells manufactured in the bone marrow. She finds fulfillment in volunteering her services, knowing that she is involved saving lives. Rotary International District 3780 has recently inked a memorandum of agreement with the Philippine Red Cross pledging to donate 43 bags of blood, to immediately respond to emergency cases in need of blood.

The top Grade 6 students of Lagro Elementary School (LES) were treated to a morning of fun learning last September 12, 2011 as they took part in the How to Have Better Grades and Have More Fun Seminar. This was facilitated by the Rotary Club of Agham, headed by Silver President Bermar A. Bantola, in partnership with the University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus Crusade for Christ (UPCCC), with Carlo E. Bantola as one of its team leaders. Thirty four (34) grade 6 students belonging to the Section 1 class participated with much enthusiasm as student volunteers from the organization led a variety of activities and discussions. These were all designed to help make them progress in developing proper attitude, techniques and godly character in relation to their study habits. The seminar facilitators, made up mostly of senior UP students, emphasized having a meaningful personal relationship with God as the foundation for an excellent academic experience. The principal of the school, Dr. Lilian Garcia, sat in through the workshop and was so enthused with it that she requested the group to conduct the whole seminar again for the all of the school teachers.

“It has been said that the real test of Rotary is in the local clubs. The test reaches deeper than that. It reaches to every 6 single man in every local club.” Allen D. Albert - Rotary International President 1915-16

RC Biak-na-Bato distributes safe drinking water to areas flooded by “Pedring”
By SP Non Sariba, RC Biak-na-Bato
Typhoon Pedring, the storm that struck the country in late September, left Calumpit, Bulacan flooded for almost 2 weeks making it difficult for the residents to find safe drinking water. Last October 1, 2011, RC Biak-na-Bato as part of its outreach program distributed bottled water and hot porridge to the affected residents at Barangay Gatbuca and Barangay Poblacion. We served almost 300 people in the said area.

RC Cubao Central relieves suffering of “Pedring” victims in Navotas
By SP Marlyn Manabat, RC Cubao Central
RC Cubao Central responded to the sad plight of families in Barangay NBBS in Navotas City who had been temporarily relocated in a basketball court while awaiting transfer to a community with normal living conditions. These families had been victims of typhoon Pedring. The club in cooperation with St. Augustine School of Nursing distributed relief packs with rice, canned goods, noodles and other items to 100 families and new shirts to 100 children in the area. Hot chicken noodle soup was also served to 200 children. This project is part of the club‘s community service as its members ―reach within to embrace humanity.‖

Last October 12, the outreach program of RC Biak-na-Bato was extended to the evacuation site at Barangay Poblacion in Calumpit. We again distributed bottled water and hot porridge and served 370 beneficiaries thru the sponsorship of the company where President Non works.

RC St. Ignatius launches first major community project: typhoon disaster relief in Bicol
By SP Edna dela Cruz, RC St. Ignatius
The first major project of RC St. Ignatius, ―Bicol Relief Operations 2011‖ on September 9-11, was a big success. We served three barangays, namely San Agustin, Bulusan and Sta. Cruz in Libon, Albay. One hundred-fifty bags each containing 2 kilos of rice, canned goods, medicines and old clothes were given to the depressed communities which were affected by typhoons ―Juaning‖ and ―Mina‖ in July and August. Feeding Program and De-worming activities were also conducted for children of ages 4-15 years old in line with the District Rotary Project dubbed ―Bata‘y Pasiglahin, Bulate‘y Puksain.‖ Two thousand chewable tablets of Mebendezole 500mg provided by RC SFDM SP Ronnie Yap were distributed to the Health Officers of each Barangay.
RC STA. MESA HEIGTHS – SP Melinda Dancel RC METRO STA. MESA – SP Juvido Agatep, Jr. RC PRIMAVIDA CUBAO – SP Socorro Sison RC NORTH EDSA RC MEGA EDSA – SP Trel Hernandez – SP Marisa Santos RC PAG-ASA – SP Jesus Lim RC ROXAS – SP Belinda de Leon RC MALAYA – SP Monica Legaspi RC METRO SFDM – SP Lito Parel RC VISMIN – GP Caloy Bautista


RC Loyola Heights turns over container load of medical equipment & supplies to hospitals
By SP Nitoy Velasco, RC Loyola Heights
The Rotary Club of Loyola Heights turned over medical supplies and equipments worth approximately $375,000 to several recipients last month. The beneficiaries were the Quirino General Hospital, Philippine General Hospital, East Avenue Medical Center, the Heart Center, Lung Center, Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center, Rizal Medical Center, San Lazaro Hospital, Mariano Marcos Memorial Medical Center, Lubang District Hospital, The Emmahaus Home for the Aged in Bulacan, and the D3780 Rotary Center health clinic The donation was part of a continuing collaborative multi-District effort: The District 6110 Medical Supplies Network, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma (led by PP Larry Biron) gathered, prepared and consolidated the shipment; the Shiraki Foundation of PP Stan Tokigawa, District 5000 Maui, Hawaii shouldered the freight costs; and District 3780 through the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights made arrangements with the Department of Health (DOH) which paved the way for the shipment to be brought in free of duty and other related charges. The RCLH was likewise privileged to have been given the free hand by the DOH to choose the beneficiary-hospitals. The donation was turned over to the recipients after a brief ceremony at the Quirino General Hospital compound witnessed by the officers and members of the RCLH, representatives from the participating hospitals and the Department of Health represented by Undersecretary Gerardo Bayugo. This has been the eighth shipment since RY 2008-2009. RCLH typically receives and distributes at least 2 container loads of medical donations every year in this signature project of the club.

Gov. Jess and RC Pag-asa bring hope to abandoned “lolos at lolas” in home for the aged
By CP Gary and Spouse Rtn Giok Ting, RC Pag-asa QC
While RC Pag-asa QC has been known for its noteworthy service endeavors ―from the mountains to the ocean‖ and ―from the city to the mountains‖ as it continuously attends to the welfare of the Aetas schoolchildren and their community in Kanawan, Morong, Bataan, this time it was a twist to ―from Quezon City to Carmona, Cavite‖. singing and dancing with PP Oca Karaan in front of the troupe. As expected, most of the patients were found to have increased blood sugar coupled with high blood pressure. Some complained of skin and eyesight problems which may be inherent to old age. Be that as it may, the doctors ably finished the task without so much difficulty since the elderly patients were responsive and even cooperative. In addition to providing free medicines, the group donated medical supplies, personal hygiene items, food supplies like sacks of rice, and game boards that included ―sungka‖ to serve as amusement for the elderly residents of Tahanan.

It was certainly an auspicious day for the orphaned and abandoned elderly residents of Tahanan ni Maria when no less than RID 3780 District Governor Jess Cifra graced the medical mission and giftgiving project of the club some time ago. The well-rounded project entitled ―Handog Kalusugan Para Kay Lolo at Lola‖ perfectly coinThe presence of the gentle and loving Governor Jess inspired everycided with the biblical celebration of Grandparents Day. one involved in the delivery of service for the eldery. He conveyed A Holy Mass preceded all other activities with the sincere participa- clearly his message of love through short talk for the group. By retion of all who attended. Then all club members hastily went on to calling his relationship with his own parents, he aptly demonstrated undertake each one‘s assigned task. SP Jess Lim and PP Belle the theme, ―Reach Within to Embrace Humanity‖. By leading the Roquero promptly started the medical checkups while others pre- selfless dedication of the group, Governor Jess bestowed the magipared the food and gift packs for distribution. Amidst the hustle cal touch of HOPE behind the true meaning of Rotary motto, and bustle though, the Rotarians never neglected entertainment by ―Service Above Self‖.


RI President’s November Message
My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary,
In 1885, the London Times ran a series of editorials honoring the 100th birthday of Sir Moses Montefiore, the British financier and philanthropist knighted by Queen Victoria. The editorials commented on his honesty, his generosity, and his willingness to come to the aid of anyone in need. One story was particularly telling. Someone once asked Sir Moses, one of the wealthiest men of his era, how much he was worth. In the face of such an ill-mannered inquiry, he merely paused for a moment’s reflection before naming a figure – one that fell far short of his questioner’s expectations. Naturally, it was met with an objection; surely he must be worth 10 times as much! Sir Moses merely smiled. “Young man,” he replied, “you didn’t ask me how much I own. You asked me how much I am worth. So I calculated how much I have given to charity this year, and that is the number I gave you. You see, in life we are worth only what we are willing to share with others.” When we calculate our own worth, do we think about it in terms of what we have, or how we use it? When we say that all human beings are of equal worth, do our actions follow our words? I believe that being a Rotarian means looking at all of our resources differently. What is the most good that we could choose to do with what we have? What are the choices that will ultimately leave us the richest? In Rotary, we are all aware of the great needs in so many parts of our world. And we all know how much we can do to help through our Rotary Foundation. We can change lives, we can restore hope, we can build futures – if we choose to. In life, everything is a choice. We can choose to close our eyes to the needs of others, to keep what we have for ourselves, to declare the problems of others to be theirs alone. Or we can choose to look past distance, past color, past language and dress and culture, and see that people everywhere are just like us – and then refuse to walk away.

Foundation Chairman’s December Message
Make giving to our Foundation an annual tradition As Rotarians, we often reduce our words to initials. We talk of GSEs. VTTs, NIDs, and PHFs. Our district officers are DGs, DGEs, and DGNs, and in Evanston we have a GS. We have plenty of PDGs and an occasional PRIP. I am sure you could add many more. This month, I would like to focus on another set of initials: EREY. The words are Every Rotarian, Every Year , and they encourage every one of us to make an annual contribution to our Foundation. Despite the economic problems and the awful natural disasters, our giving to the Annual Programs Fund last year was the second highest in history. Thank you for your confidence that we are building a Foundation that will be stronger and even more effective in the future. I read a lot of district and zone newsletters, and I smiled at a quote in a recent newsletter from District 7600, in Virginia, USA. In it, Bill Billings talked about how Rotary became more important to him as he became more involved. He went on to say, ―These are my brightest days in Rotary because now I am learning what I can do for Rotary. I give to The Rotary Foundation every year because it feels so good.‖ At this point, his sense of humor came through. I am not sure if every country has telemarketing, but if yours does, you will appreciate Bill‘s next words: ―But I also give to the Foundation because it is the best defense against annoying telemarketers. When they call me I simply say, ‗I give my money to The Rotary Foundation, but thanks for calling and have a nice day.‘ Click!‖ Bill has made our Rotary Foundation his charity of choice. I hope you will too.

William B. Boyd - Rotary Foundation Chairman
The FOUR-WAY TEST of the Things We Think, Say and Do
Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Kalyan Banerjee — President, Rotary International

Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions
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As a Rotarian engaged in a business or profession, I am expected to: 1) Consider my vocation to be another opportunity to serve; 2) Be faithful to the letter and to the spirit of the ethical codes of my vocation, to the laws of my country, and to the moral standards of my community; 3) Do all in my power to dignify my vocation and to promote the highest ethical standards in my chosen vocation; 4) Be fair to my employer, employees, associates, competitors, customers, the public, and all those with whom I have a business or professional relationship; 5) Recognize the honor and respect due to all occupations which are useful to society; 6) Offer my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community; 7) Adhere to honesty in my advertising and in all representations to the public concerning my business or profession; 8) Neither seek from nor grant to a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship.
Adopted by 1989 Council on Legislation to more clearly define the high ethical standards called for in the Object of Rotary.

The Governor’s Monthly Letter is linked to:

Rotary International District 3780 Website Latest News Update from RI October Issue of GML Rotary Leader Online


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Important Rotary International and TRF Deadlines in 2011-2012
Matching Grant Requests ($25,001-$200,000) - 15th Dec 2011 http://www.rotary.org/en/ServiceAndFellowship/FundAProject/HumanitarianGrants/Pages/MatchingGra nts.aspx

Club Termination for non-payment of outstanding financial obligation arising from July Semi-Annual Dues - 1st Jan 2012
http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/collection_cycle.pdf RI Changemaker Award (2011-12) for clubs. Application to DG office - 15th Mar 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/900b_en11.pdf RI Significant Achievement Award for Clubs - 15th March 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/awards_saa_en.pdf Matching Grant Requests (Below 25000 USD) - 31st Mar 2012 http://www.rotary.org/en/ServiceAndFellowship/FundAProject/HumanitarianGrants/Pages/MatchingGra nts.aspx RI Presidential Citation (2011-12) for clubs to reach DG Office - 6th April 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/900a_en11.pdf RI Recognition of Membership Development Initiatives application to DG - 15th April 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/422en.pdf RI Membership Development and Extension Award - 15th May http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/901en.pdf RI Recognition of Smaller Club Membership Growth - 16 May - 30 June 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/416en.pdf

Reminder from the Hands-on Presidents . . Dec 9, 2011


Vol. 25 No. 6

December 2011

Gov. Jess Cifra establishes sister-district agreements with six neighboring districts
The 2011 Rotary Zones Institute held in Bali, Indonesia last December 2 to 4 provided a unique opportunity for District Governor Jess Cifra and the governors of six other districts to sign Sister-District Friendship Affiliation agreements which were witnessed by Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee. District sisterhoods have now been established between D3780 and the following districts:
District Area District Governor (Co-Signatory)

mutual interest between districts and clubs in those districts. Each of the district-sister agreements shall be effective for an unlimited time unless terminated upon mutual agreement. A copy of one of the agreements signed by the parties may be viewed or downloaded by following this link, by visiting the district website at www.district3780.org, or by reading the digital edition of this issue of the Governor’s Monthly Letter. The 2011 Rotary Institute for Zones 6B, 7A, and 10B held in Bali had been an occasion for past, current, and incoming Rotary International officers in those RI Zones, along with senior Rotary leaders, and their supportive spouses, to gather together and discuss Rotary affairs and enhance fellowship. During the yearly Rotary Institutes like this one, attendees are brought up-to-date on the current workings and trends in Rotary. The organizers of the 2011 Bali Rotary Institute have reported that there were 1,253 attendees including 280 spouses; from the Philippines, there were 233 delegates of which 18 were from District 3780.

3400 3450 3310 3330 3300 3360

Indonesia Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolia Singapore, Malaysia (Southern) and Brunei Thailand Malaysia (Northern) Thailand

Muhamad Ridio Eisy David Harilela Zainie Abdul Aucasa Orachorn Saisrithong Dr. S. Raavendra Kumar Chamnan Chanruang

In addition to providing a platform for strengthening ties of friendship and the furtherance of world peace and understanding, the agreement is also intended to promote closer cooperation with regards to project undertakings and activities of
Photos show DG Jess Cifra with DGs of sister districts

DG Dr. S. Raavendra Kumar of D3300

DG Orachorn Saisrithong of D3330

DG David Harilela of D3450

DG Muhammad Ridlo Eisy of D3400

DG Chamnan Chanruang of D3360

DG Zainie Abdul Aucasa of D3310

The Miracle of Christmas
(Speech delivered during the Christmas Party of RI District 3780 last December 9, 2011, at the Multi-Purpose Hall of Camp Crame, Quezon City)

The first Christmas was when the shepherds came to the manger where the child Jesus lay in a little town called Bethlehem and the angels sang to celebrate his birth. This is why today people around the world sing, “Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her king!” It was a day of rejoicing. It was the day that heralded the coming of Christ to save the world. Before that day came however Mary and Joseph traveled far and suffered much. It was a scene much like the one we see in our lives, especially in the lives of the less privileged in our communities. Day in and day out the whole year through, they lead lives of desperation - miserable lives. But when December comes and it’s Christmas once again they forget all their sufferings and join the rest of the world in the joyous celebration of the birth of Christ, our Savior. To them, Christmas is a very special time of the year, a time to sing carols to earn a few pesos for their daily bread. It is a time to ask for simple gifts – a few kilos of rice, a bundle of noodles, a few cans of sardines, and some old hand-me-down clothes.

Through selfless service, we strive to change their world of sadness and suffering into a world of hope and joy. We endeavor to change their lives to help them build better homes and better communities. Through relevant service projects we empower them to become self-sufficient and self-reliant so that one day they will realize a brighter future for their children.

To us, the spirit of Christmas is the spirit that is wrapped in the words of Agnes Pharo: “What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.” Yes, that is what we believe and that belief leads us to serve the less privileged every day of our lives. We look to the past for lessons that we can learn, for these are the lessons that can guide us to do better things. In our time, we take up the challenge of changing lives with our courage and commitment to change our world. We work hard and serve others so that they too will lead happy and abundant lives – lives that overflow with blessings. All this we do today to lead othThat is their miracle of Christmas. ers to the path of peace, for that is our dream – a BEAUTo the wealthy, Christmas is the time for parties, reun- TIFUL AND PEACEFUL WORLD. ions, and gift-giving. It is the time for decorating their It is in this spirit that I greet you all in our District Christhomes with colorful lanterns and Christmas trees commas Party. In our fun and merriment, let us lose ourplete with flickering Christmas lights and boxes of gifts selves in the celebration of Christmas but let us not forunderneath. It is the time to visit posh villages to see get the true spirit of Christmas – the spirit of service and homes with the most colorful decors and lights on the giving to build a new world of international friendship and outside. It is the time for buying a new car, a new house, peace. That new world is the miracle of Christmas that and new clothes. It is the perfect time for homecoming to we seek. greet family and friends. To them, that is the miracle of Christmas. What does Christmas mean to Rotarians? To Rotarians, Christmas is a wonderful blend of the two miracles of Christmas for the poor and for the wealthy. Many of us celebrate the miracle of Christmas of the wealthy and we share this miracle with the poor. We give them a taste of what Christmas is like through visits to their places of abode and by sharing with them our gifts of love and simple things that make them happy. To adults, we bring clothing, food, medicines, and simple things that matter in their lives. To their children, we give away books, toys, cookies, candies and chocolates. But that is not all. To us, every single day is Christmas.

Helen and my entire family join me in wishing you all, “Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!”

District Secretary’s Report
By DS Jesus ―Jesse‖ Tanchanco
The holiday season is a time of merriment, reunions, parties and non-stop celebrations. I hope that we can find time to share some of these cheers with the less fortunate. I have no doubt that there is really no need to remind our fellow Rotarians to do so. We are very much aware that most clubs, if not all, will organize Christmas parties and gift-giving activities specially for the children and those who do not have the capability to celebrate the holidays the way we do. Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), a 3-day youth event held at Ciudad Christia, San Mateo, Rizal hosted by RC Uptown Novaliches and chaired by CP Linda Elequin with the able assistance of the District SNG committee led by PP Benjie Tan Alonzo.

For the month of December, there are two district activities scheduled – The District Children‘s Christmas party hosted by RC Camp Crame and SP Nick Bartolome and the District Christmas party and fellowship Night organized by the Hands On Presidents led by their DG Dulce Coyukiat. Both events will be held at the Camp Lest we forget, Christmas is a time of giving and sharing with Crame Multi purpose hall and on the same date (December 9, those around us, but that sharing should not be limited to those 2011), the former in the morning and the latter in the evening. that we love and care for. It is also for the person that we have never met and will never see or may never see again. In particular, In addition, we would like to remind the clubs to pay their SAR on we should share with those who are not as fortunate in their lives or before December 31, 2011 as failure to do so will result in outas we are and who could use a helping hand. There is no doubt right termination. Same goes for the payment of district dues – that it is during the holiday season that the feeling of having less Governor‘s fund and Disaster Fund. Per MOP, said dues must be in life is more pronounced than in any other time of the year. It is paid within the first 6 months of the Rotary year. also the time when even the simplest gesture of generosity will be Finally, may I request the Silver Presidents to spend some of their appreciated much more. time over the long holidays to prepare for the Midyear Review Going back to District matters, we would like to thank the follow- scheduled on January 28 to 29, 2012. The Midyear reports are ing for an excellent hosting of district activities during the latter due for submission on or before January 15, 2012. part of November : 1) The On to Bangkok Fellowship held at Camp Crame and organized by the RI Convention committee led by CP Oyie Valarao; 2) The Club Administration Training Seminar (CATS), hosted by RC Kamuning Central and assisted by the District Club Administration committee led by CP Lyndon Wong; 3) The Rotary From the Editor — We thank all club leaders and district officers who have been helping us cover and write up district events and share news on their clubs’ activities, good practices and service projects. Please allow me to end by wishing one and all a most meaningful, fun filled and safe holiday. Let‘s hope and look forward to a more prosperous and productive New Year in 2012 and the second semester of RY 2011-2012.

Bato, Loyola Heights, Mega EDSA, New Manila East, Pag-asa and Uptown Cubao. These, and all other articles that we will
receive, shall be published in the next issues.

Please send in news of your club activities as part of promoting We have yet-unpublished contributions from Agham, Biak na Rotary awareness while raising your club’s profile further.

Editorial Board
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DG JOSE FRANCISCO ―Jess‖ Q. CIFRA Publisher JESUS ―Jesse‖ TANCHANCO (RC Loyola Heights) District Secretary EDUARDO ―Duke‖ ZULUAGA (RC New Manila East) District Chair, Public Image RICARDO ―Ric‖ SALVADOR (RC Holy Spirit) Editor-in-Chief GARY ―Gary‖ TING (RC Pag-asa) Assistant Editor-Business Manager WINSTON ―Winston‖ SIA (RC VisMin) Associate Editor-Webmaster Associate Editors PASTOR ―Mar‖ REYES (RC SFDM) FAUSTO ―Osty‖ MANLAPAZ (RC New Manila East) Printer Relations Manager BETSY ―Betsy‖ BULANADI (RC Mega EDSA) Distribution Manager

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“Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.”
Helen Keller

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January is Rotary Awareness Month.

Rotary clubs shared and spread Christmas joy in their own ways

RC Bagong Silangan
By CP Bit Farolan
The Rotary Club of Bagong Silangan shared Noche Buena gift goodies & hot caldrons of arrozcaldo with the residents of the Tumana area under the Dita tree on December 23, 2011. It was formerly called Binhi ni Abraham.

RC Cubao Central
By SP Marilyn Oliveros Manabat

RC Midtown Quezon City
By SP GiGi Alcala
The Rotary Club of Midtown Quezon City spread early Christmas cheers on November 29, 2011 with the children at Child Haus along Road 20, Quezon City. Child Haus is an institution that provides shelter for children with cancer while they are undergoing their chemotherapy cycle. Midtown Rotarians were joined by Ms. Earth candidates in bringing joy and Christmas spirit to the children. The beauty queens joined the kids while they create Christmas art with environment protection as theme. At the end of the program, the kids rendered heart melting songs of worship that left no dry eyes from the audience.

RC Cubao Central's gift-giving and Christmas party for pupils of our adopted school, the Esteban Abada Elementary School last December 13, 2011 On December 27, 2011, the cancer patients of Tahan-Tahanan, a half way house for patients who live in the provinces, were treated with Christmas gifts and snacks. A small group sharing followed that eased the emotional burdens of the parents of the housed patients. Tahan-tahanan is located at the East Avenue Medical Center in QC. The rest of the Christmas gifts were distributed at the other pedia wards on the 5th floor of the hospital.

By SP Marissa Santos
It‘s a tradition in RC Mega EDSA to give Christmas gifts/toys to young kids every Christmas in our adopted communities. This year we wanted to make it different. We decided to give food packs to 50 kids of the Jesus Cares for You Christian (JCFY) Fellowship Ministry in Baesa, Q. C. Before the actual gift giving day, our club held its own simple Christmas party at Central Colleges of the Philippines on December 12, 2011. It‘s really the fellowship and camaraderie that made such event special. We were so glad to see a member whom we haven‘t seen for months. Everyone brought food and gifts. Instead of spending money in a fancy restaurant, we decided to make it a simple celebration. Money saved was used to buy food packs for some 50 kids. We were on the road at 8:00 on a rainy Sunday morning last December 18, 2011 to JCFY Ministry in Baesa, QC. We were welcomed by the kids with songs, dances, and laughter! We gave out candies and food packs consisting of rice, canned goods and noodles which elicited smiles in their young faces. This simple act of giving made our day truly fulfilling.

RC St. Ignatius
By SP Edna dela Cruz
To share the blessings and make the children feel the spirit of Christmas, the Rotary Club of St. Ignatius and its Rotaract Club jointly held a Gift-Giving Project on December 17, 2011 in two Sitios of Barangay San Jose in Antipolo City, namely Sitio Tanza 1 and Sitio Kaysakat. Close to 200 gift packages with school supplies were given to the school children and loot bags with assorted biscuits and candies were also given to other children. Apples and juices courtesy of the Camillan Sisters were also given. The project was in cooperation with the Camillan Sisters Kalingap ni Maria Dominica.

RC Biak na Bato
By SP Non Sariba
The traditional celebration of a children‘s Christmas party of the Rotary Club of Biak na Bato and Seed Org was given more color through its Feeding and Gift Giving to some 50 young children who were housed by the DSWD in Payatas, Quezon City. The program was hosted by the Seed team where games and drawing of raffles for the children were the main event of the party, after which, food was served for the total enjoyment of everyone. December 17, 2011


Rotary clubs shared and spread Christmas joy in their own ways

RC New Manila East
By SP Ed Ayento

RC Pag-asa
From www.Philstar.com by CP Gary Ting
MANILA, Philippines - The adage ―Christmas never fails to bring good tidings‖ is indeed true as year after year the Santa Claus(es) for the children of Kanawan arrived as promised. Last December 11, RC Pag-asa QC brought fun and blessings to the indigenous community of Kanawan, Morong, Bataan, about 3 hours drive from Manila. Aptly titled ―Paskuhan sa Kanawan, Tulay ng Kaligayahan,‖ club members passed through the hanging bridge once again to reach the mountain site where the community anticipated traditional fun and laughter, prizes and gifts, food and RC Cola, medicines and medical checkups by Silver President Dr. Jess Lim. Club members and their families worked in unison preparing sumptuous food for hundreds of schoolchildren and community residents, and loot bags with toys, T-shirts and goodies for all the children. Even food supplies for the continuation of the daily feeding program after the Christmas break were also turned over to the head teacher of the school. The donations included eight first-aid kits in medicine cabinets from RC Eastwood.

RC Quezon City
By Club Secretary Christian Galpo
RCQC conducted a literacy, feeding and Christmas gift-giving program for 300 children of ages nine years old and below on December 3, 2011 at Payatas, Quezon City . Col. Roberto M. Jaymalin, head of Payatas Operations Group, delivered the welcome address. President Teofilo ‗Tim‘ Abejo II talked about the day‘s program and Rotary‘s concern for children. Community Service Director Cesar ―Poch‖ C. Jaymalin opened the events while PP Dwight Ramos acted as the emcee. The children presented dance numbers to the delight of every one. Thereafter, an illustrated children‘s book in our national language was distributed to the children; that is, one book to be shared by three children. Then the Rotarians took turns to guide and/or lead the children to read the book. It was heart-warming to see or know that these children were able to read aloud the printed text. After the reading exercise, Col. Jaymalin and President Tim reminded the children to study and study seriously to attain success in life.

December 13, 2011 Joint Christmas Party & Annual Gift Giving for Early Act of Toro Hills Elementary School, Interact Club of Pugad Lawin HS, Rotaract Club of Pugad Lawin & Milk Feeding Beneficiaries

RC Roces
By SP Erilene Tumali
RC Roces conducted two Christmas sharing events with a common theme: True happiness is found in Giving. The life we live will soon be past but the things we do for love will last.
December 16 - Gift Giving to the Elderly Bgy 343 AH Lacson, Manila 150 Senior Citizens December 18 - Children Christmas Party Area B Payatas QC 200 Children

RC New Manila Heights
By SP Alejandro Buot, Jr.

RC Holy Spirit
By SP Ped Condeno
RC Holy Spirit helped spread the spirit of Christmas through a number of events:  Nov 19 - Gift-giving for 300 poor children living   

Food was then distributed. Then President Tim and Rotarians distributed to each child school supplies (stationery, pencil and crayons) and a pack of Chocolait. The President‘s family was present in this mission. Others who joined the mission were President-Elect Cesar Baltazar, PP Popoy Flores, PP Fred Maghari, PP Dwight Ramos, PP Abe Genuino Rtn. Roger Ordinario, Rtn. Edgar Tapiador and Club Secretary Christian Galpo. The club expressed its thanks and appreciation to Col. Jaymalin and his staff for the nice preparation for the day‘s activities and for the gracious ―merienda‖. A singular recognition is due to Director Poch for the excellent management of the whole affair. This mission was supported by PE Eddie Enriquez Sr., San Miguel Corporation and our two sister clubs, RC Northeast and RC Yokohama Honggo of Japan.

in the depressed parts of Barangay Holy Spirit QC, in partnership with the SM Foundation Dec 19 - Gift-giving for 108 SPED pupils of Dona Juana Elementary School Dec 22 - Fun program for our young partners-inservice , the Interactors & Rotaractors Dec 23 - Program and distribution of Noche Buena packages given by Buklod ng Panginoon Foundation to 100 poor Payatas families and gifts to 80 kids from RCHS members & friends

RC New Manila Heights' Annual Christmas Gift-Giving at its adopted school Pedro Tuazon Elementary School in Cubao, QC last December 16. Beneficiaries were 650 elementary pupils, teachers and parents.


CATS further hones up knowledge of club officers
By PE Marcia Salvador, RC Holy Spirit
The Club Administration Training Seminar (CATS) held on November 26, 2011 at the Quezon City Sports Club was a very insightful seminar for all the 120 attendees. The topics were masterfully handled by noted resource persons: PDG Danny Fausto who spoke on Roles & Responsibilities of Club Administration Committee; PDG Mar Nery on Effective Club Meetings; DS Jesse Tanchanco on RI & District Reporting; PDG Dulce Coyukiat on RI, District & Club Resources for Club Administration; PDG Jess Laxamana on Club Protocol; and CP Winston Sia on Club Bulletin Template, Rotary Website, and Member Access. As District Governor Jess Cifra mentioned in his message, the CATS has always been an ―all-important seminar‖ for club officers to help ensure the effective and orderly operations of their clubs. The event, hosted by RC Kamuning Central led by Silver President Aiza Remedios and supported by Club Admin District Chair Lyndon Wong, was also meant to be a pre-Christmas fellowship. Raffle prizes were given away and a fellowship program was rolled out after the seminar proper had been concluded.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2011 - a success!
By RYLA District Chair PP Linda Elequin, RC Uptown Novaliches
RYLA 2011, which carried the theme ―BREAKING BARRIERS, CROSSING BORDERS‖, was held last November 25 to 27, at Ciudad Christhia, 9 Waves Resort with fifty two young people in attendance and several Rotarians from the sponsoring clubs. The Rotary Club of Uptown Novaliches was the host club and was assisted by five cohost clubs: RC Camp Crame, RC Neopolitan Fairview, RC Kagitingang Cubao, RC Cubao East and RC Timog. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is an intensive training program that brings together youth and young adults to further develop character and leadership skills while learning about Rotary and its ideals. Rotarians of District 3780 had an ample opportunity to mentor a promising group of participants ages 18 t0 30. PP Sammy Pagdilao, PP Boone Ongchoco, PP Jess Jacobe, SP Conrad Dieza, Rotarian Thirdy Princesa and CP Sonia Capio shared their expertise as resource speakers/trainers on topics especially selected to suit the needs of this particular age group composed of young professionals and college students. On fellowship night, November 26, Rotarians had the opportunity to visit and witness the activities which the delegates themselves organized and led. The ever so indefatigable District Rotaract representative Marby Montellano shared her rich experiences from her stint in RYLA 2011 of the Rotary Club of Carlington in Australia. Past District Rotaract representative Devie Ontolan gave an inspiring talk on how Ro6

tary's youth programs and her achievements as a Rotary Youth leader helped shaped her fruitful life with the experiences and confidence she gained through involvements in worthwhile projects.

Indeed, RYLA 2011 successfully achieved its goals. We cannot understate the fact that RYLA 2011 has so impressed the delegates that many came to a decision to organize their own Rotaract Clubs, as shown by now RYLA 2011 acknowledges and thanks the provisional RAC of Bestlink. following Rotary Clubs which, apart from the Graduation night was a joyous occasion, to co-host clubs, sent delegates and supported say the least. Awards were given, both by RYLA 2011: their own groups and by the organizing comNew Manila Heights, Primavida Cubao, mittee led by DRR Marby Montellano. District New Manila East, Cubao Central, North Governor Jess Cifra handed the certificates Balintawak, Balintawak, Paraiso, Bataand awards to the graduates and sponsoring san Hills, SFDM, and Uptown Cubao. Rotary Clubs in the presence of visiting Rotarians and guests. District RYLA chair Linda Rylarians 2011 are now expected to visit Elequin and silver president William Tasis of their sponsoring Rotary Clubs to share the RCUN assisted in the ceremonies amid the RYLA experience and start implementing cheers and laughter of the happy Rylarians. projects which will benefit their communities.

We congratulate some of the best participants- Aileen Gutierrez for winning the best action plan for her Alpha Group D; Gabs Torres and Kristelle Montoya for being the most outstanding male and female Rylarians 2011, respectively. Aileen was the delegate of RC Primavida Cubao, Gabs represented RC New Manila Heights, and Kristel RC Uptown Novaliches.

Club Trainers of District 3780 affirm their commitment to serve for 3 years
By CP Winston Sia, RC VisMin QC
The Club Trainers of District 3780 held its 3rd bi-monthly meeting cum Christmas party last December 3, 2011 at the PNP Museum, Camp Crame. This was hosted by RC Camp Crame led by its President Nick Bartolome, and his club trainers – father and son tandem of Deo Princesa and Thirdy Pricesa. PDG Dulce Coyukiat, recognized for her initiatives in keeping the group of club trainers motivated and intact for the next three years, is the Over-all Club Trainers‘ Team (CTT) Chairperson. In her message to the Club Trainers‘ Team, PDG Dulce honored them by referring to the club trainers as ―respectable Rotarians who have committed to teach your clubs and impart Rotary information towards making them strong, vibrant and highly effective. This forms part of the foundation for Rotary Clubs‟ success.‖

D-3780 Rotarians.‖ The CTT Chair later encouraged all Club Trainers of District 3780 to actively involve themselves in the CTT activities and meetings. “I am pleased and proud to announce that we are institutionalizing She further added: ―To train your clubs re- the Club Trainer position. The Club Trainers‟ quires zealous passion in order to bring your Team (CTT) starts with you to build a clubs to a higher tier of excellence. As PDG stronger Rotary movement worldwide.” Mar Nery puts it in a clear and bright perspective, „trainers are teachers in Rotary‟. DSD Mar Reyes, the designated Club TrainThey comprise the authority on Rotary ers of District 3780 Vice Chair, facilitated the knowledge. As for me, you are the cisterns of Human Bingo Game that served as a teamknowledge and wisdom in Rotary informa- building activity for the trainers. tion. Hence, you are obliged to equip your- CP Winston Sia, who played as the Quiz Bee selves with the right mix of competencies Game Master, prepared an exciting Rotary that will raise the bar of D-3780 trainers. Quiz Bee contest for the club trainers, with This is one reason why we have a continuing CP Irene Santos emerging as the top winner. “Train the Trainers” program; it is to enable A unique way of exchanging gift was introyou to deepen your knowledge and sharpen duced by PP Bobbie Laguitao after PP Alex your skills on Rotary Leadership.‖ Valencerina distributed copies of the TrainPDG Dulce later inducted all the club trainers present to ―affirm (their) willingness to selflessly serve for three (3) consecutive years – a responsibility that comes with distinguished honor bestowed upon hand-picked

the Rotary District 3780‘s 4 regions, namely: PP Babette Aparato (Region 1), CP Winston Sia (Region 2), PP Alex Valencerina (Region 3) and PP Angel Gahol (Region 4). The group also has launched an e-group to keep an active communications amongst the club trainers, moderated by CP Winston, who also designed the group‘s official logo, inspired by the inputs and suggestions from PDG Dulce and the other regional coordinators. After the Training The Trainers Seminar was initiated by PDG Dulce last July 16, 2011 at the Occupational Safety Health Center (OSHC), hosted by the Rotary Club of Valencia, the group had conducted three bimonthly meetings, so far.

The first Club Trainer's Meeting was called by PDG Dulce Coyukiat last September 3, 2011 at the Rotary Center, while the second bimonthly meeting happened last October 29, ing Syllabus to the Club Trainers. 2011, at the Camp Crame Main Conference In order to ensure a sustainable long term Room, hosted by RC Camp Crame, with PDG program for the club trainers, PDG Dulce Mar Nery as Guest Speaker. appointed 4 regional coordinators to lead

District Silver Spouses raise funds for cancer-stricken children
By Spouse Socorro ―Soc‖ Y. Yap, RC SFDM
cited spectators. Over 90 boxing aficionados came, consisting of district officers, silver presidents, Rotarians with relatives and friends. Everybody enjoyed the relaxed ambience, taking advantage of the opportunity to bond while cheering for the “Pambansang Kamao” and reeling at the direct blows he received as though they were there in the ring with him. The group watched the fight via live screening at the Global Lounge of our Rotary Center courtesy of Solar Sports and CP Lyndon Wong who provided the live feed and projector/sound system, respectively, at minimal costs. The spouses extend their District Silver Spouses‘ Fund Raising Project The Pacquiao-Marquez fight was held at the warm appreciation and gratitude to all who last 13 November 2011 was designed Global Lounge of the Rotary Center with the gave their support to the project. around the then much awaited Pacquiao – District First Couple leading the group of ex7 Help transform lives worldwide by supporting the Annual Programs Fund of The Rotary Foundation.

Marquez third encounter. The event was sponsored by the spouses of the Silver Presidents of the District to raise funds for the benefit of the cancer stricken children who are temporarily housed at Tahan Tahanan at the East Avenue Medical Center. Tahan Tahanan is a halfway house for out-oftown cancer patients.

Record-setting “Mardi Gras” in December lights up District 3780 Silver Year
By Lt. Gov. Daniel ―Boone‖ Ongchoco, HOP RY 2009-10
For the first time ever, a batch of Rotary presidents hosted the District Christmas Party and Past Presidents Fellowship Night— and oh, what a party it was! A record number of over 700 Rotarians braved flooded streets and holiday traffic to pack the Camp Crame Multipurpose Hall last December 9, 2011. Amidst an atmosphere and feel akin to a district induction night, the party billed as ―Mardi Gras in December‖ did not disappoint. Hosted by the proud batch of Hands-On Presidents (HOPs) of RY 2009-10, led of course by PDG Dulce Coyukiat, event chairman HOP Kiko Gutierrez, overall event coordinator HOP Noemi Hernandez and countless hardworking HOPs left no stone unturned to ensure a truly memorable night. Aside from the sumptuous food with roasted calf and overflowing drinks, the Mardi Gras dancers from Resorts World and the Sabor Latino band highlighted the memorable night. Countless raffle prizes were also given away to lucky Rotarians. major awards. The GPs, replete in their splendid Mardi Gras attire, rendered a show -stopping performance and emerged as the judges‘ choice for the night‘s best group performance, besting 9 other participating groups. For their efforts, they were awarded texted in the allotted time of just 30 minutes, the GPs came away with close to 40 percent of votes to cop the special award and cash prize of P4,000. They also won the biggest delegation award with 45 GPs showing up for the night, winning another

Ed: Photo from Facebook account of SP Marilyn Manabat - RC Cubao Central

the top prize of P15,000. Second place went to the Silver Presidents of RY 2011-12 (P10,000), while third place went to the Dream Maker Presidents of RY 2008-9 and RC North Triangle (P5,000 each). Other participants included the ballroom queens of RC Central Fairview, the always game performers of RC Cubao Central, the Flintstones-inspired group of RC Loyola Heights, the ―ethnic‖ dancers of RC Eastwood, the carolers from the Leader Presidents batch While the HOPs of RY 2009-10 may have and the Rotaractors of RC New Manila East. been the night‘s gracious hosts, the Global Presidents (GPs) of RY 2010-11 stole the Also for the first time, a texters‘ choice show as they romped away with the night‘s award for best group performance was up for grabs. Out of the more than 1,500 votes

P5,000. The HOPs and the Silver Presidents actually had more attendees (with 56 past presidents and 51 presidents, respectively) but did not qualify for the award, being the host and incumbent batches. Other major awards included the biggest club delegation won by RC North Triangle and RC Loyola Heights, carrying with it a cash prize of P5,000 each. The best Mardi Gras costumes and cash prizes of P3,000 each were awarded to PP Brian Lu of RC North Triangle (male category) and CP Oyie Valarao now with RC Pag-Asa QC (female category).

District 3780 and RC Crame organize first district-wide Christmas party for children
The first-ever District Children's Christmas Party was organized and held in the morning of December 9 by RI D3780 DG Jess Cifra jointly with the Rotary Club of Camp Crame headed by Silver President Nick Bartolome and Secretary Thirdie Princesa with unqualified support from the Philippine National Police and the PNP Officers Ladies Association.


RI President’s December Message
My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary,
In late August, Binota and I were in Ghana, where Rotary Foundation Trustee Vice Chair Sam Okudzeto and enthusiastic local Rotarians took us to the ribbon-cutting for a water project in a little village, Abutia Teti, about 60 miles from Accra. We arrived at about 11 a.m., and the whole village seemed to be there. Everyone had been waiting since early morning to welcome us. In the past, the women had to walk over 3 miles to carry pails of water from a river. Now they had a supply of safe, clean water from tube wells in the village itself. It was a simple but effective project in which Rotary and USAID had worked together. But what struck us most that day was family: The men, the women, the children were all there together, dancing, singing, and welcoming us. It made me think about how everywhere around the world, people come together in families, and families join together as communities. And this made me happy that the first of our emphases in this Rotary year is the family, because the family is where everything begins. It is where life begins, it is where our day begins, and it is where our Rotary service must begin. Because it is the family, and not the individual, that is the building block of the community – and of Rotary. It is one of my great priorities to encourage the involvement of families in Rotary service. I feel incredibly strongly that Rotary should never, ever come between the Rotarian and the family. Rotary service should be something that brings the family closer together. For myself, if I cannot bring Binota with me to a Rotary event, it’s simple – I don’t go! Rotary is not just for me; it is for both of us. This is why I encourage districts to welcome families at district conferences, to involve spouses and children in service projects, and to plan meeting times with families in mind. The more that families are involved in Rotary, the more Rotary will thrive – today and tomorrow. What is Rotary about? It’s about so many things, but at its core, Rotary is about these words: Love your neighbor as yourself. Rotary is about love, and that love has to start with us – and with those closest to us.

Foundation Chairman’s December Message
Make giving to our Foundation an annual tradition As Rotarians, we often reduce our words to initials. We talk of GSEs. VTTs, NIDs, and PHFs. Our district officers are DGs, DGEs, and DGNs, and in Evanston we have a GS. We have plenty of PDGs and an occasional PRIP. I am sure you could add many more. This month, I would like to focus on another set of initials: EREY. The words are Every Rotarian, Every Year , and they encourage every one of us to make an annual contribution to our Foundation. Despite the economic problems and the awful natural disasters, our giving to the Annual Programs Fund last year was the second highest in history. Thank you for your confidence that we are building a Foundation that will be stronger and even more effective in the future. I read a lot of district and zone newsletters, and I smiled at a quote in a recent newsletter from District 7600, in Virginia, USA. In it, Bill Billings talked about how Rotary became more important to him as he became more involved. He went on to say, ―These are my brightest days in Rotary because now I am learning what I can do for Rotary. I give to The Rotary Foundation every year because it feels so good.‖ At this point, his sense of humor came through. I am not sure if every country has telemarketing, but if yours does, you will appreciate Bill‘s next words: ―But I also give to the Foundation because it is the best defense against annoying telemarketers. When they call me I simply say, ‗I give my money to The Rotary Foundation, but thanks for calling and have a nice day.‘ Click!‖ Bill has made our Rotary Foundation his charity of choice. I hope you will too.

William B. Boyd - Rotary Foundation Chairman
The FOUR-WAY TEST of the Things We Think, Say and Do
Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Kalyan Banerjee — President, Rotary International

Rotary Code of Conduct
Click Images to View Content
(Formerly Declaration of Rotarians in Business and Professions)

As a Rotarian, I will
1. Exemplify the core value of integrity in all behaviors and activities 2. Use my vocational experience and talents to serve in Rotary 3. Conduct all of my personal, business, and professional affairs ethically, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to others
The Governor’s Monthly Letter is linked to:

Rotary International District 3780 Website Latest News Update from RI November Issue of GML Rotary Leader Online

4. Be fair in all dealings with others and treat them with the respect due to them as fellow human beings 5. Promote recognition and respect for all occupations which are useful to society 6. Offer my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community 7. Honor the trust that Rotary and fellow Rotarians provide and not do anything that will bring disfavor or reflect adversely on Rotary or fellow Rotarians 8. Not seek from a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship


Watch songwriter Jerry Mills sing Come Join Us. Click the link.


Vol. 25 No. 7

January 2012

District 3780 responds swiftly for the relief of typhoon Sendong victims
Typhoon Sendong (international name Washi) struck Northern Mindanao, the Visayas and Palawan last December 17, 2012 when everyone was preparing for the Christmas holidays. The storm, now known as the deadliest this year, killed over 1,000 people (mostly in the Cagayan De Oro and Iligan areas) and is now considered more destructive than Typhoon “Ondoy” in terms of casualties and level of destruction. DG Jess Cifra (who was in the Middle East at the time) immediately sounded off the Rotary clubs in the district for an organized relief effort to help the typhoon victims. DS Jesse Tanchanco was tasked to coordinate the activity. Despite the short notice, about 40 Rotary clubs responded by bringing cash, food, clothes, toiletries, blankets, slippers and medicines to the Rotary Center non-stop from December 18 to 23, 2011. More than two dozen Rotaractors from 12 Rotaract clubs headed by DRR Marby Montellano and the Rotary Center staff spent the several days sorting, repacking, marking, and loading the relief goods. The donations were shipped free of charge via Air21 before Christmas. A parallel effort initiated by RC SFDM and in partnership with the Radio Mindanao Network yielded 2 x 20-ft container loads of goods which were shipped via Negros Navigation at no extra cost. The donated goods were turned over to District 3870 in coordination with DG Sam Fontanilla. All told, the value of the D3780 donations amounted to more than one million Pesos in kind and about P200,000 in cash.

RI President Kalyan Banerjee presents the Zone Public Image Award to D3780
DG Jess Cifra accepted from RI President Kalyan Banerjee the Zone Public Image Award for RI D3780's UNTV Rotary in Action TV Program during the 2011 Rotary Zone Institute held in Bali, Indonesia last December 2 to 4.

Rotary in Action traces the social services rendered by Rotary clubs

through numerous outreaches for the people. The weekly UNTV program has been conceptualized and is hosted by Rotarian Daniel Razon of RC Kamuning. Upon their return from Bali, Governor Jess and Lyne Abanilla, RI Public Image Coordinator in South Pacific, presented the Public Image Coordinators PR Award to UNTV’s Daniel Razon. The award came less than two months after Daniel Razon received the Vocational Excellence Award for broadcast journalism from District 3780

State of the District, First Half, RY 2011-2012 and Our Challenge for the Second Half
(Speech delivered during the Opening Plenary Session of Rotary International D3780 Mid-Year Review held on January 28, 2012 at Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac, Bataan)

The past is a wellspring of lessons to learn from. One of those in-  First time to have 50 clubs congregate in a multi-club induction cerevaluable lessons is looking back to where we started and realizing mony what we have achieved to gain inspiration and more energy to  First time to recognize 179 Paul Harris Fellows (including 20 Major Donors) for a Rotary year on installation night move on. Looking back is what has made people and organizations tremendously successful in the pursuit of their dreams. As a wise  First time to breach the 1,000 attendance mark (1,084) for our district turnover ceremonies man once said, ―Remembering the past gives power to the present.‖ Let us give a round of applause to the host club of that historic Many times I heard about this story about a businessman who put event, the Rotary Club of New Manila Heights, led by Silver Presithis lesson into practice in his daily life. In the evening he would dent Alex Buot. The chairman of our district induction, as you will write down on his planner all the things he would do the next day. recall, was Lt. Gov. Boone Ongchoco. But he was not content with that. He would re-write everything on a The Children's Parties held by our clubs in different areas of Quepiece of paper and when he’d leave his home in the morning he zon City also marked the beginning of our ―Silver Year.‖ Through would hang that piece of paper inside his car so he wouldn’t miss the love and care as well as the food, gifts, and fun that we shared anything. with the children, we have most certainly initiated waves of change At the office he would open his planner and every time a task was done he would place a check mark on it to indicate which tasks had been done and which ones still needed action. At midday he would make a review of his planned activities for the day and what he had achieved in the morning. Then, resolving to get everything done before sundown, he would enjoy his lunch and continue on his day’s work. At the end of the day he would make a final review and reward himself with a good dinner with his family and a restful night. This Midyear Review is like that man’s midday activity. Here we shall take a good look at what we have achieved so far in the first six months of our year and see what still needs to be done in the second half of our year. And as I have stated earlier, we shall draw inspiration from our achievements and gain strength from them to enable us to move on to complete our year’s success. in their young hearts and minds – waves of change that will secure their future and that of the world. May I request all Silver Presidents who led their clubs in conducting the Children’s Parties in early July or even later than July to please rise. To celebrate August as Membership Development Month, we organized a welcome fellowship for new members, to pave the way for their assimilation into our unique world of service. The first-ever welcome fellowship was hosted by the Rotary Club of Timog led by Silver President Johann Montellano. Another spectacular event we had was the celebration of our district’s 25th anniversary at the historic Manila Hotel which featured our tribute to all past district governors who served during the last 25 years since our district was assigned its own district number in the worldwide Rotary movement.

Also at our Silver Anniversary celebration we launched the book titled, ―EMBRACE: The Heart of Service,‖ a 260-page full color coffee table book celebrating 25 years of District 3780 as a ―One City, One District‖ in the world of Rotary. Written by Silver President Melandrew T. Velasco, and published with funds mostly solicited by Silver President Eren Tumali, the book was launched by the former President of the Philippines Fidel V. Ramos who was the evening’s guest of honor and speaker. This book has been hailed as an unparalleled public image initiative. May we ask Silver Presidents In the meantime, let us go through some of the spectacular events Mel and Eren to stand to acknowledge our gratitude and admirawe had in the district to demonstrate our excellent performance tion. during the first half of our year. Our Vocational Excellence Awards night, which we held on October I know deep down inside me that we have done more than what we had planned to achieve in the first half of our year. I have seen how you and your clubs worked so hard to pursue your plans and programs. I know you have toiled passionately as I have been to your projects and we have had our monthly meetings. I have seen in your eyes the glow of contentment emanating from your sweet success. However, I would like this Midyear Review to reveal all that when all the figures are written down on paper. We began our year with the awe-inspiring district induction on July 3, 2011 at Hotel Sofitel, graced by no less than the most revered and loved, RI Past President Bhichai Rattakul who flew all the way from Thailand to administer my oath of office. Hosted by the Rotary Club of New Manila Heights, the great event also witnessed the installation of the ―Silver Presidents‖ and district officers and established the following ―firsts:‖  26, 2011 at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, was also one of the biggest events during the first half of our year. On that eventful night we honored fourteen distinguished individuals in Quezon City who have excelled in their respective vocations, demonstrated commitment to high ethical standards, and established themselves as role models for others. PRID Paing Hechanova was the guest of honor and speaker. The Awards night was hosted by the Rotary Club of Araneta, whose president is Silver President Terence SanFirst time for a RI past president to serve as installing officer in tos, and the affair was chaired by the District Vocational Service D3780 Committee Chair Albert Lee.


(Continued on pages 6 and 7)

District Secretary’s Report
By DS Jesus ―Jesse‖ Tanchanco
The change in calendar year also provides us with opportunity to assess and analyze the first 6 months of the Rotary year and to initiate necessary changes for the next 6 months. It is often said that a Rotary year usually starts out with a bang on July 1, reaches peak by the end of December, and then things go downhill thereafter. On the other hand, we should look at it this way – when we If you are not a Rotarian, you may not under- go downhill, our speed usually increases due to gravity. It should stand what I am talking about. We have just toasted and hailed be no different in Rotary. The finish line is in sight and we should the change in calendar year from 2011 to 2012. On July 1, 2012, pull out all the stops to reach it with flying colors. we will see the advent of the new Rotary year wherein as expected By this time, practically all clubs have completed their Governor’s there will be mass changes in leadership from RI President visits. That means there will be more time to focus on completing (except those on a 3-year term), to District Governors, to Club the plans and programs which the clubs have set out to do at the Presidents and officers. start of the Rotary year. Club Presidents and district officers must At the end of a calendar year, many of us promise and swear to now assess what they have achieved and what still needs to be initiate changes or make what we call New Year’s Resolutions. done. Questions that need to be answered: Are we getting closer But how many really follow through or carry out those commit- to our targets? Do we need to change courses of action in order to come closer to our original objectives? Are we better off now comments through the New Year and even beyond? pared to last year? If the answers are yes, no and yes, respecOn the other hand, the new Rotary year is well planned for in adtively, then we are in good shape. The Midyear Review on January vance. Leaders and officers are elected and/or appointed at least 28 and 29, 2012 at the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, 18 months in advance (as in the case of RI Presidents, DG’s and Bataan (hosted by RC Paraiso) will be a good opportunity for the Club Presidents). District and Club training and planning sessions district governor to gauge how the clubs and the district as a are initiated months prior to the end of the Rotary year in preparawhole have performed so far. Remember, we still have 5 months tion for the next RY based on time enduring principles and pracahead of us, enough time to initiate changes or adjustments. So tices in order to continue the tradition of service, as well as to adlet’s focus on our priorities and do what is doable and realistic just to new global conditions and priorities. Rotary leaders of the based on resources available to us. current year in turn monitor the performance of clubs and even From the Editor — We thank all club leaders and district offiI guess Rotarians are quite fortunate that instead of celebrating one New Year, we actually celebrate at least two (more if you also follow the Chinese New Year, etc.). That means at least two opportunities to initiate changes, improvements or new directions in our personal, professional or even in our Rotary involvement. individual Rotarians to make sure that we do not veer off course.

cers who have been helping us cover and write up district events and share news on their clubs’ service projects. All clubs are invited to continue sending news of their community service projects, joint activities with other clubs, and

service-support practices such as fund-raisers, for example. Publication would help promote public awareness of Rotary while enabling the sharing of experiences with other clubs. This magazine particularly its digital edition is widely distributed in the Philippines and abroad.

Editorial Board
DG JOSE FRANCISCO ―Jess‖ Q. CIFRA Publisher JESUS ―Jesse‖ TANCHANCO (RC Loyola Heights) District Secretary EDUARDO ―Duke‖ ZULUAGA (RC New Manila East) District Chair, Public Image RICARDO ―Ric‖ SALVADOR (RC Holy Spirit) Editor-in-Chief GARY ―Gary‖ TING (RC Pag-asa) Assistant Editor-Business Manager WINSTON ―Winston‖ SIA (RC VisMin) Associate Editor-Webmaster

RI President-elect Sajuki Tanaka will ask Rotarians to build Peace Through Service in 2012-13.

Associate Editors PASTOR ―Mar‖ REYES (RC SFDM) FAUSTO ―Osty‖ MANLAPAZ (RC New Manila East) Printer Relations Manager BETSY ―Betsy‖ BULANADI (RC Mega EDSA) Distribution Manager

The Silver Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter is available in printed form and in digital format. The digital edition offers access to more information than the 8-page print. Please send suggestions to the editor and articles for publication to Ric Salvador by email at rp_salvador@yahoo.com. Ric may also be reached through 0919-361-6406.

RC Uptown Cubao opens free clinic for the poor
By SP Armand Santos, RC Uptown Cubao
In a move to bring Rotary closer to the heart of the community, the Rotary Club of Uptown Cubao formally opened the D3780 Rotary Center Foundation Clinic to the public on July 29, 2011. On hand for the ceremonial ribbon-cutting were District Governor Jess Cifra and Past District Governor Oscar ―Oca‖ Inocentes, the club’s chairman emeritus. The opening coincided with the club’s induction of its 2011-2012 officers led by Silver President Armand Santos. tal and nursing services as well as medicines to 2012. But it is the club’s flagship project that will the less privileged in the nearby communities. It is touch people’s lives daily. open from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM every day except Friday (where services are available 2:00 to 9:00 PM,) and Sunday. Medical services include consultation for obstetrics & gynecology, surgery, urology, and cardiology. On the other hand, optical services are focused on refraction while dental services include tooth extraction, filling, and cleaning. Nursing services cover blood pressure taking with temperature, respiratory rate, and The clinic is the brainchild of PDG Oca Inocentes, pulse rate taking; wound care; first aid treatment; also the chairman of the Rotary Center Foundamedication (parenteral with doctor’s prescription); tion, Inc. and was established in cooperation with physical assessment; and health education. the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. Viewed as a major project of the club and of RI District The clinic is just one of the many major projects 3780, the clinic offers free medical, optical, den- RCUC has lined up for implementation in 2011-

RC MegaEDSA in Araw ng Pag-asa : Beyond reading
By Club Secretary Cora Abio, RC MegaEDSA
Streamers showing former senator Ninoy Aquino (whose eloquence as a writer and speaker inspired the event’s concept) hanged conspicuously in every school around the country to remind that November 25, 2011 is the Araw ng Pagbasa. The Rotary Club of Mega Edsa Silver President Marissa Santos together with PP Lino Atienza, club secretary Cora Abio and treasurer Tess Benitez impressed in the minds and hearts of the pupils at the Balara Elementary School the essence of reading in their daily lives. Days before Araw ng Pagbasa, PP Lino Atienza, assisted by Balara High Interact adviser, Dr. Aurelio Almario distributed 50 pieces of Super Pinoy Kid komiks book at the Grade 3-class. The demo-class was instructed to prepare a presentation (role-playing) based on the four (4) stories in the komiks book that depict important values that every student should possess. RC Mega Edsa offered tips on characterization specifically on facial expression (proper display of emotions), pacing, blocking, voicing and delivery. PP Atienza explained Araw ng Pagbasa and the role of Rotary in this endeavor. He underscored that the values depicted in the komiks book are the same values being taught in the FourWay Test of the Rotary. ―I hope someday you will join the Ro-

Rocaflor (DIR), Janelo Mariamonte and Kevin An- tary,‖ he said. geles to the demo-class of around 50 pupils. In closing, President Santos expressed gratitude Selected pupils in their costumes performed a for the cooperation and enthusiasm of the class role-playing based on the first story about hon- as well as the team from the Balara High School esty. Performers for the second and third stories and Balara Elementary School. Indeed, the Araw were chosen by RC Mega Edsa. Interpretation of ng Pagbasa went beyond its objective of propaOn November 25, 2011, the RC Mega Edsa group the fourth story was done by RC Mega Edsa and gating the value of reading. The activity also bewas accompanied by Balara High School coordi- the Interactors with the pupils playing the role of came a channel of peace and friendship towards nator Dr. Almario assisted by Interactors Mariel narrator. a meaningful service.

RC New Manila East raise funds for children
By SP Ed Ayento, RC New Manila East
Last December 7, 2011, the Rotary Club of New Manila East held a fundraising concert at the UP Ang Bahay ng Alumni for the Benefit of the Grade 1 pupils at Toro Hills Elementary School, who are the beneficiaries of our Milk Feeding Program. Milk feeding for school children has been one of the club’s signature programs. The AMP Band staged the ―Big Heart Concert,‖ with Mel Villena as the Musical Director, while the featured vocal artists were Cookie Chua and Art Manuntag. RCNME Director Allan Cueva acted as overall chair of the event. 4

RC Camp Crame and PNP join hands to serve
By Sheena Montierro, RC Camp Crame
A Memorandum of Understanding underscored the joint collaboration and cooperation of the Rotary Club of Camp Crame and the Philippine National Police in the conduct of various community-based projects and humanitarian activities. RC Camp Crame is a duly registered civic organization within the jurisdiction of Rotary District 3780, and under the Rotary International. It is a socio-civic organization that aims to bring together business and professional leaders to provide community-based humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

RC Biak-na-Bato feeds body and mind of young elementary school pupils
By SP Non Sariba, RC Biak-na-Bato
In order to augment the Feeding Activity at Dalupan Elementary School for both Kindergarten and Grade 1 students, the Rotary Club of Biak na Bato has been giving a monthly donation of one sack of rice which started last October 7, 2011. President Non Sariba, PE Ed Corpuz, Rtn Jolan Salino and Principal Agnes Noble witnessed the said activity which was done during lunchtime at the school canteen. The project aims to help feed the children well, because only children with full stomach can concentrate on their studies and participate well in school activities. On the same occasion, RC Biak-na-Bato turned over volumes of hardbound books to the elementary school.

RC Cubao Central promotes health through free chest x-rays and treatment
By SP Marilyn Manabat, RC Cubao Central
RC Cubao Central recently sponsored a community project, "Health is Wealth, Free Chest X-Ray," at Villa Arman Resort, Barangay Caniogan, Malolos, Bulacan last January 7, 2012. This continuing medical project is chaired by PP Arman Sy of RCCC in cooperation with St. Augustine's School of nursing and Barangay Chairman Ms. Precy Mateo. This was a preliminary step for our big Medical Mission on February 18, 2012 at the same venue. Close to 300 indigent residents of Barangay Caniogan benefited from this free chest X-ray. The results have been evaluated by doctors and those found with ailments would be given free check-up and medicines on Feb.18. On that date, we will also offer free circumcision, free check-ups and medicines. We will also be donating medical instruments and kits to Barangay Caniogan.

RC Agham serves 600 poor patients through integrated healthcare care mission
By SP Bermar Bantola, RC Agham
The Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Agham and the University of the Philippines (UP) Pan Xenia Fraternity successfully held a medical mission in Brgy. Lupang Pangako, Payatas, Quezon City. This was done in partnership with Unilab, Euromed, Bantex, Cong. David Kho, and The Generics Pharmacy, together with 14 doctors from the University of Santo Tomas Hospital and other volunteer specialists. surgical patients. Over 600 patients were served. 250 children and 140 adults were given general checkups, multi-vitamins, ascorbic acid, and the medicines they needed. Some 112 patients went home with a brand new set of reading glasses. 85 patients had dental checkups and tooth extractions. Lastly, 25 extremely blessed patients were given surgical attention. Minor surgeries were performed, treating tendon cysts, and the like. One patient, for example, who had been The medical mission catered to children & adults, living with a tendon cyst on his arm for 18 years, dental patients, ophthalmologic patients, and was very delighted and relieved. We are happy we truly were able to change some lives. a means of primary healthcare, and hopefully Unlike other medical reduce the number of illnesses in their commumissions, we sought nity. The hygiene kits included toothbrushes, to look more into the toothpastes, and face towels. Furthermore, longer term. We through the generosity of Bantex, we were able to cannot really make a include slippers in the kits to protect them from lasting difference diseases they can pick up from dirty roads and floors. A total of 500 hygiene kits were given simply by providing away. secondary and tertiary health. The prob- The medical mission was indeed a great success. lem needs to be We helped people in need of immediate medical stopped at its root. attention, fed them, and provided kits for better Thus, we gave the primary health care. It was a touching scene seeresidents hygiene ing how thankful the people were after the miskits: the basic tools sion. Many of them walked out with exactly what they need to main- they needed, and got rid of what they did not tain good hygiene as need like decayed teeth and cysts, for examples. 5

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We also launched the district’s First Literacy Congress during which were launched a menu of literacy projects that Rotary clubs may choose to adopt and implement this Rotary year. The Congress featured full descriptions of the various literacy projects presented by their respective proponents, from the district and from other institutions, our cooperating organizations. The First Literacy Congress was a multi-club activity, with the Rotary Club of Batasan Hills as lead club, chaired by RCBH Past President Becca de la Cruz and Silver President Agnes Santos. May I request Agnes and the Silver Presidents of the Co-Host Clubs to rise to be recognized. Pag-Asa Past President Oyie Valarao and Rotary Club of Kamuning West Past President Rencie Padernal for the food and gifts they donated which were distributed to the children. The District Christmas Party will be remembered for its many firsts. For one, it included already what used to be called in previous years as the Past Presidents Fellowship Night. This was meant to emphasize the spirit of oneness and equality among Rotarians -past presidents, and for that matter past district officers including past district governors, and other Rotary club members. What also made our District Christmas Party this year special was that for the first time ever, a batch of Rotary club presidents hosted the event with a "Mardi Gras" theme. Hands-On Governor Dulce Coyukiat (2009-2010) and the Hands-On presidents led by event chairman PP Kiko Gutierrez and overall event coordinator Noemi Hernandez left no stone unturned to ensure a very colorful and truly memorable night. To salute our Hands-On Governor Dulce and all the Hands-On presidents, let us all rise and give them our applause!

Our District Fellowship and Rotary Family Day, another ―first‖ in our district’s history, gathered more than 600 Rotarians, their families and Rotaractors in the spirit of fun, great fellowship and friendly competition. Again, this activity was a multi-club affair, with the Rotary Club of Diliman Heights as lead club, with RCDH Past President Lyndon Wong as Chair, Rotary Club of Pearl of the Orient Past President Myra Gonzales as Co-Chair, and they were supported by mostly Dream Maker Presidents of several other Rotary Clubs. May I cannot forget the trips I made to Hawaii to support our GSE team, we ask Silver President Jorge San Diego of RCDH and the Silver to the Bali Zone Institute to participate in this annual Rotary event, Presidents of the other Clubs which co-hosted the District Fellowand to Hongkong to join the Rotary Club of Quezon City as they parship and Rotary Family Day to please stand. ticipated in their sister-club's charter anniversary celebration. All of Our Testimonial Dinner for Paul Harris Major Donors, fellows and these helped to promote friendship and goodwill with other counsustaining members had no less than PRIP Wilf Wilkinson as guest. tries. It was an elegant formal function hosted by the Rotary Club of KaThere is one event that until now stirs my imagination and that is muning West whose president is Silver President Bob Ruiz. Our the thanksgiving celebration of our district spouses with cancerTestimonial Dinner was chaired by District Service Projects Chair, stricken children. On this rare occasion, the kids and their parents RCKW Past President Rencie Padernal. On that occasion we also smiled their biggest, danced and pranced, momentarily forgetting launched the RI District 3780 Paul Harris Society with PDG Oca their woes, while partaking of the lunch and receiving gifts from Inocentes as PHS coordinator. D3780 spouses led by our first spouse Helen Cifra. Helen was The On to Bangkok Fellowship organized and sponsored by the joined by the spouses of our District Secretary Jesse Tanchanco, District's International Convention Committee chaired by CP Oyie Joji, and of our Chief of Staff, Anne, as well as the spouses of many Valarao of the Rotary Club of Pag-Asa was another meaningful of our Silver Presidents. Let us honor them through you who are and fun-filled event. With a presentation of Thai dances and a buf- here, and so, may I request Helen, Jesse, Joe and the Silver Presifet of Thai food, the affair signalled what I am very confident will be dents of spouses who have been serving the children afflicted with the most attended and best organized participation of our district cancer, to please rise. in an international convention. I ask that the presidents of the RoI would also like to mention with great modesty our district’s efforts tary Club of Pag-Asa, SP Jess Lim, and the presidents of the other to develop sister-district relationships with six neighboring districts clubs which have a past president who is a member of the Internathe ultimate goal of which is to pave the way for D3780 clubs to tie tional Convention Committee to please stand up to be recogup with foreign clubs for sister club arrangements, possibly leading nized. Now, I ask the club presidents who already confirmed attento Matching Grants and other joint undertakings. Forged during my dance and the presidents of clubs with members who have already foreign trips, these sister-district relationships were signed with the signed-up for the convention to stand, also to be recognized. Figovernors of D3300 of Northern Malaysia, D3310 of Singapore, nally, I ask the presidents of clubs who have not signed-up and Southern Malaysia and Brunei, D3330 of Thailand, D3360 also of those without any member yet who have signed Thailand, D3400 of Indonesia, and D3450 of Hong Kong, Macao up: Why? Please register now! and Mongolia. It warms the heart to realize that more than 700 children shared The list goes on and on but I cannot mention them all in order to gifts, fun, and laughter at our First District Children's Christmas keep our timelines for this Midyear Review. I would like however to Party. Such a sight brings us back to our youth and inspires us to share with you a glimpse of our tremendous success as seen from devote our lives to serving the new generations. Held at Camp our performance in the areas of Membership Development and Crame, the Christmas Party we provided the children, aged besupport for The Rotary Foundation. The figures you will see should tween 5 and 9 years, mostly coming from depressed communities, stir our imagination and inspire us to the heights of heaven. public day care centers and pre-schools, was hosted by the Rotary Club of Camp Crame, led by Silver President and Chief, Philippine These are our figures on Membership Development: National Police, P/DG Nick Bartolome. Adding glitter to the occaMembers Clubs Net Gain % Net Gain sion was the participation of about 20 police officers who helped Members Clubs Members Clubs serve food and hand gifts to the children. The Children’s Christmas As of 1 July 2011: 2,187 93 Party was a gesture most appreciated by the children, their parents As of 31 Dec. 2011: 2,306 95 119 2 5.44 2.15 and teachers. It was the first time for many of the kids to receive Special notes: a. D3780 ranks 4th in Membership Gain in the 11 districts of gifts and the party certainly lent meaning to the oft-repeated stateZone 7A (Philippines & Indonesia) ment that Christmas is for children. Let’s acknowledge Silver Presib. D3780 has 52 clubs under 25 members or 56% of total dent Nick, RCCC Vice President Alfred Bayan and Secretary Thirdy number of clubs, the 3rd lowest in Zone 7A. Princesa. Allow me to reiterate my gratitude also to Rotary Club of

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On The Rotary Foundation, here are the figures that should inspire us all:

dreams to fulfill. For this reason, I would like to remind you that the deadlines for the 2011-12 Changemaker Award and Presidential Citation. The submission of your entries is very, very urgent! Let us quickly go through some of the most important things we need to know about these two awards: Changemaker Award Recognizes achievements related to each of the five avenues of service. Rotary clubs, Rotaract clubs, and Interact clubs may qualify. Qualifying clubs must submit a completed Changemaker Award brochure to the district governor by 15 Match 2012 The district governor must report the names of all qualifying clubs online no later than 22 March 2012.

Special Note: D3780 ranks 2nd in total annual giving, with D3800 topping the list with US$314,581. YTD DECEMBER 2010 US$12.39 PER CAPITA GIVING YTD DECEMBER 2011 US$74.37 COMPARISON 500.23%

Presidential Citation Recognizes achievements in Foundation giving and member ship at both the club and district levels. Only Rotary clubs may qualify Qualifying clubs must submit a completed certification form to the district governor by 6 April 2012 The district governor should review all club certification forms and submit the district certification form to RI via fax My friends, these facts and figures demonstrate our passion and or scanned attachment to email by 10 April 2012 commitment to the spirit of our theme, ―Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.‖ And these are just two areas of Rotary concerns that I Let us continue to work with passion, commitment, and excellence have presented for your appreciation. With these alone, we can to complete our mission for 2011-2012. We know how it feels to modestly claim that D3780 belongs to the top 3 or top 5 Rotary be successful, plainly because we have made our first six months a districts in Zones 7A and 7B. And that is because of our combined big triumph over our challenges. Let us move on and never tire. spirit of teamwork. That is because of your effective and efficient Remember, in our unique world of service, ―. . . the best is yet to leadership of our clubs. I therefore ask you now to give yourselves be.‖ There can be no end to our quest for excellence. a big round of applause! And another thunderous round of apLet me therefore close with a challenge. Greg Hickman aptly puts plause! this challenge in his words: ―Paint a masterpiece daily. Always autoLess than six months from now we shall look back to our year with graph your work with excellence.‖ mixed feelings of great pride and nostalgia. We shall all long to remain in the festive mode of success. But that is still some 60 That is the best way to ―Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.‖ weeks and 3 days from now. We still have work to do and other

Special Notes: a. Since the target per capita giving is only US$50, we surpassed the target by US$24.37 b. D3780 ranks 3rd in per capita giving in Zone 7A. c. None of the 28 districts in Australia and New Zealand surpassed D3780’s per capita giving. D3780 therefore also ranks 3rd in per capita giving in Zones 7A & 7B.


Message of Thanks
By Lt. Gov. Daniel ―Boone‖ Ongchoco, D3780 Annual Giving Chair
I am a believer in the saying that true altruism is best manifested during the most difficult of times—when the giving truly hurts. With the cloud of uncertainty hovering around us once again due to the European sovereign debt crisis and the threat of another global financial meltdown, it has been most heartwarming to witness how the Foundation contributions in our district has already breached the record total set two Rotary years ago. So, at the half-way mark of our Annual Giving campaign, on behalf of Governor Jess Cifra, RRFC Bobby Viray, DRFC Dan Espinosa, Annual Giving Committee Adviser PDG Dulce Coyukiat and my hard-working Annual Giving Committee Vice-Chairs PP Chito Borromeo, PP Noemi Hernandez, PP Rose Imperial, PP Roland Tan, PP Irma Pizarro, PP Ricky de Guzman, PP Fe Canton, and PP Connie Aguila, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our Foundation donors this Rotary year, specifically our 18 continuing and new Paul Harris Major Donors, 215 multiple and new Paul Harris Fellows, 80 Paul Harris Sustaining Members and to the rest of As of December 31, 2011, we already have our District 3780 record and R.I. Zone 7Atotal check collections of $197,449 (versus high of 834 TRF contributors. Thank you for the old record of $170,233). With a number your selfless contributions. of pledges still in the collection pipeline, we look forward to surpassing the $200,000 To the Silver Presidents of RY 2011-12, it mark soon and to hopefully achieve $100 has truly been a pleasure to see all of you per capita contribution in our district of very much involved and at the heart of this 2,300 plus members. Yes, these lofty goals campaign. Thank you for inspiring your club are within our reach in the most unlikely of members to be Foundation donors this Rotimes. Indeed, when the going gets tough tary year. Without a doubt, you have been and the giving really hurts, the generosity of the X-Factor behind whatever success we District 3780 Rotarians overflows. have achieved thus far. As a final message, may all our donors this Rotary year serve as inspiration to the rest of the District 3780 Rotarians to contribute as well to the noble cause of The Rotary Foundation. Lest we forget, we are just halfway in our journey as there remains another 6 months in this Rotary year to achieve our goals, and the rest of our lifetimes to continue spreading the good being done by the Foundation not just in our country but all around the globe. As I always say, in my opinion, one cannot be a true Rotarian without being a donor to The Rotary Foundation. Whether it be $1,000, $100 or just $10, one must find it in his or her heart to give to the Foundation. After all, regardless of the times, I would like to think that we remain much better off than our underprivileged brothers around the globe, and as the biblical saying goes, ―to whom much is given, much is expected.‖ May we continue to master the art of giving and cultivate the kind of heart that never stops giving. May God bless you all and reward your generous hearts ever more abundantly!

Silver Presidents roll out project to renovate the 4th floor of Rotary Center
By SP Ped Condeno, RC Holy Spirit
During the Fellowship of Silver Presidents hosted by RC Camp Crame last February 2nd, SP Nick Bartolome led the unfolding of plans to renovate and transform the 4th floor of the Rotary Center into a multipurpose hall that will include provisions for a 36 square meter Audio-Visual Room, an 11 square meter elevated stage, and upgraded comfort rooms for ladies and gentlemen with an open wash area in between. The total floor area is about 286 square meters with granite flooring and powder coated swing doors. Walls and ceiling shall be repainted to reflect the colors of the Silver year. Club presidents present during the fellowship event each committed to share P10,000 to kick off the fund raising. SP Ronnie Yap of RC SFDM pledged a whopping P50,000 as his club’s contribution. The renovation work shall start in April 2012 and is planned to be completed by June 30, 2012.


“It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Walt Disney

RI President’s January Message
My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary,
At Arlington National Cemetery outside Washington, D.C., stands a memorial to the Seabees, formally known as the U.S. Naval Construction Force. An inscription reads, “With willing hearts and skillful hands, the difficult we do at once; the impossible takes a bit longer.” In Rotary, we already have our own mottoes. If we didn’t, I might be given to nominate those two lines. The power of combined effort, as Paul Harris once wrote, knows no limitation. When we work together, the impossible becomes possible. I thought of this when I read, a few months ago, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the premier medical journal in the United States. Titled “The Polio Endgame,” it outlined a strategy for a post-polio era, including managing post-eradication risks. Thirty years ago, such an article could never have been published. Today, it is a testament to the power of dedication, of persistence, and of combined effort. The impossible has, indeed, become possible. A post-polio world, once the stuff of dreams, will soon be here. My friends, the day that polio will be eradicated is close at hand. We have to be ready for it with a powerful Rotary – a Rotary of enthusiasm and confidence, of bold vision and clear ambitions. It is time for us to prepare by taking an honest look at our clubs. Are our projects meaningful, sustainable, and relevant? Are our meetings productive and enjoyable? Are our clubs welcoming to new members, and are our schedules and events friendly to young families? And once people join us, do we welcome them properly, involve them enough? Do we make them a part of the family of Rotary quickly enough? The figures tell us that while enough new individuals join Rotary every year and everywhere, too many exit Rotary, on an ongoing basis. What unfulfilled hope do they leave with? What expectations are we not meeting? Can we do more and better? Now is the time to focus our energies on our clubs, and on the way people see them. It is time to show our communities that the Rotary of today is not the Rotary of their preconceptions. Rotary is a way to connect, to do more, to be more – it is a way to take our idealism and our vision, and turn them into reality.

Foundation Chairman’s January Message
Areas of focus are the causes that drive Rotary Areas of focus are the causes that drive Rotary. We are now halfway through the pilot of our Future Vision Plan, and as I look to the future I think the most significant change will be the adoption of the six areas of focus -- and not just for our Foundation. I recently heard RI Director Stuart Heal, the chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, say that our areas of focus fit very comfortably into our RI Strategic Plan. Today’s generation supports causes rather than organizations, and so we in Rotary should be able to clearly identify the causes that drive us. When somebody asks you what Rotary is, you do not have to fumble for words. Tell the person that we are an organization of service-minded individuals around the world who are working to make the world a better place with our efforts in water and sanitation, basic education and literacy, maternal and child health, disease prevention and treatment, economic and community development, and peace and conflict resolution. You can say that in 20 seconds! You can see how this may bring new members to Rotary and increase the giving to our Foundation. If you approach corporations for a contribution, they are much more likely to respond if they know how their money will be spent, and that we will spend it wisely. We are building on a strong record of performance over a long period of time. Bill Gates has said as much on a number of occasions. He has shown his faith in us through his significant gifts for polio eradication. While I am writing this from a Foundation perspective, the membership factor should not be overlooked. Plenty of organizations talk about issues, but Rotary is about action, not words

William B. Boyd - Rotary Foundation Chairman
The FOUR-WAY TEST of the Things We Think, Say and Do
Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Kalyan Banerjee — President, Rotary International

Important RI and TRF Deadlines
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RI Changemaker Award (2011-12) for clubs. Application to DG office - 15th Mar 2012

RI Significant Achievement Award for Clubs - 15th March 2012

Matching Grant Requests (Below 25000 USD) - 31st Mar 2012
http://www.rotary.org/en/ServiceAndFellowship/FundAProject/HumanitarianGrants/Pages/Ma tchingGrants.aspx
The Governor’s Monthly Letter is linked to:

Rotary International District 3780 Website Latest News Update from RI December Issue of GML Rotary Leader Online

RI Presidential Citation (2011-12) for clubs to reach DG Office - 6th April 2012

RI Recognition of Membership Development Initiatives Application to DG - 15th April
2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/422en.pdf

RI Membership Development and Extension Award - 15th May

RI Recognition of Smaller Club Membership Growth - 16 May - 30 June 2012 http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/416en.pdf

Watch songwriter Jerry Mills sing Come Join Us. Click the link.

Vol. 25 No. 8

February 2012

District 3780 commemorates Rotary’s 107th anniversary by serving less fortunate others
Medical, surgical, dental, optical and diagnostic services for poor patients
Close to 2,000 patients from indigent families were served during the district-wide medical, optical, dental, diagnostic mission held last February 25, 2012 at the Quezon City Hall, with RC Kamuning, RC Kamuning Central, and RC Camp Crame as lead host clubs supported by other clubs. The beneficiaries included about 600 children and 550 adults for free medical consultations and medicines, 300 optical patients, 250 dental patients, and 85 free x-ray, ecg & cbg examinations Free medical and surgical services were concurrently provided by RC San Francisco del Monte at the nearby campus of Ramon Magsaysay High School as part of the district program.

Rotary 2012 Fun Run-for-a-Cause benefits cancer-stricken children
Hundreds of Rotarians, members of their families, friends, health enthusiasts, and volunteer public servants participated in the Rotary Run 2012 (5K Run for a Cause) event that started at 4:30 AM on February 26th. The fund-raiser was hosted by RC Diliman and supported by RC New Manila East, RC Midtown Cubao, RC Cubao West, RC Roces, RC Kamuning, RC Valencia, RC Camp Crame, and RC Cubao East. The beneficiaries of the event are cancer-stricken children from poor families housed in the Tahan-Tahanan facility at the East Avenue Medical Center.

107 Years of Service to Mankind
It’s seven years more than a century ago that Paul Harris breathed life into the world’s first service organization. He and his three friends gathered together on that wintry evening of February 23, 1905 and began what is now known as Rotary International. Feeling cold and lonely, they were one in creating our unique world of fellowship and service. Did Paul Harris ever think his four-member organization would grow into a worldwide movement of more than 2.2 million? Perhaps not. On one occasion he was asked about it and he said casually that if one planted a seed it would have to contend with the sun and rain and all the forces that would influence its growth. He didn’t live long enough to witness the growth of Rotary from one small club to more than 32,000 clubs around the world. He died in 1947. But until today his dream has continued to live in the hearts and minds of Rotarians and the Rotary movement has ceaselessly moved forward to change people’s lives to attain the dream of building a beautiful and peaceful world. This month, Rotarians have every reason to celebrate Rotary’s 107th founding anniversary. For 107 years Rotary has overcome the challenge of every generation and has continued to do good in the world to promote friendship and peace. It has continued to change lives through relevant service projects that empower people to attain self-sufficiency and self-reliance. It has continued to bring hope to millions of people who would otherwise have spent their lives in misery. Through programs and projects focused on poverty, health and hunger, literacy, crime, drug abuse, and the environment, Rotary has made its mark in the history of mankind. One fine example is The Rotary Foundation’s PolioPlus program which was started right here in the Philippines in 1978 in collaboration with the Philippine government. With its initial success, PolioPlus was adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and implemented worldwide in 1988 with the goal of banishing the dreaded poliovirus from the face of the earth by 2005. Today, Rotary is that close to eliminating polio. Only three (Nigeria, Pakistan, & Afghanistan) of the 125 polio-endemic countries in 1988 remain with pockets of polio outbreaks. In 2011, less than 650 polio cases were reported. When PolioPlus was launched, polio infected an estimated 350,000 children a year. But today, more than 2 billion children have already been immunized in 122 countries, preventing 5 million cases of paralysis and 250,000 deaths. With these figures, can you imagine what our world would have become under the clutches of polio? Those more than 2 billion children who have been immunized are now living normal and happy lives and are looking forward to a future that is bright and secure. Rotary’s success in the PolioPlus program demonstrates its tremendous relevance to our world. This success has drawn the support of international partners, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has contributed some US$405 million to beef up funds to completely eliminate polio. relevant projects, lead to peace. When a poor child is able to go to school through a scholarship grant, when a person is given access to employment, when a family is benefited by a livelihood program, when the poor is able to enjoy free health services and medicines, these are simple avenues of service that bring peace to people’s lives in almost every corner of the world. Add to these the many programs of The Rotary Foundation and you have a kaleidoscope of life-changing miracles that bring rainbows to the lives of the poor. Departing from the tradition of holding a dinner among a few hundred Rotarians, to commemorate Rotary’s anniversary this year, our district decided to hold two memorable events which lent more meaning to the celebration of the founding of our organization. First, last February 25th, we held a big medical, dental, optical, and diagnostic mission at the Quezon City Hall. Dubbed as the ―mother of medical missions‖ several teams of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and optometrists attended to close to 2,000 patients from the indigent communities in Quezon City. Almost a hundred Rotarians from RI D3780 led by the Silver Presidents came to serve the patients who were then attended to by the medical practitioners from UNTV Cable TV, Ang Dating Daan Foundation and Kuya Daniel Razon, as arranged by the Rotary Club of Kamuning headed by Silver President Eco Capa; the Philippine National Police medical and dental corps through the courtesy of Silver President PNP Director General Nick Bartolome of the Rotary Club of Camp Crame; the Philippine General Hospital upon the invitation of the Rotary Club of Kamuning Central headed by Silver President Aiza Remedios; and the Armed Forces of the Philippines medical corps whose presence was requested by Silver President Col. Bong Jungco, IPP Adel Corpus and Rtn Col. Gerry Samudio of the Rotary Club of Camp Aguinaldo. There were unlimited supplies of medicines and eyeglasses, laboratory examinations were provided free, snacks were served and entertainment was given to the patients while waiting for their turn. Additionally, the Rotary Club of San Francisco del Monte, led by Silver President Ronnie Yap, held a parallel medical and surgical mission at the Ramon Magsaysay High School in Cubao. Forty-five patients were operated on including 22 major surgeries inside the club’s mobile surgical unit. Second, on the following day, February 26th, to commemorate World Peace and Understanding, our district held the first-ever Rotary Run, a 5-kilometer fun run that started from Quezon City Hall, to Commonwealth Avenue and around the Quezon Memorial Circle. Rotarians, with a number of them with their spouses and children, ran side-by-side hundreds of police officers from the PNP and soldiers from the Armed Forces in a display of unity and peace. The Rotary Club of Diliman led by Silver President Jeng Ronquillo and the Rotary Club of Roces led by Silver President Eren Tumali were lead host clubs, which apart from organizing the event, provided the cash prizes and medals awarded to the winners.

This month therefore as we celebrate Rotary’s 107 th founding anniversary, let us reflect on the many simple ways that we have touched people’s lives and find real joy in our contributions to world peace. From this, let us find inspiration to continue serving others While PolioPlus stands as Rotary’s single greatest contribution to as we move forward to our dream of building a beautiful and the world, Rotary clubs bring other miracles to the lives of people in peaceful world. their communities. These miracles, brought through simple but

District Secretary’s Report
By DS Jesus ―Jesse‖ Tanchanco
February is World Understanding and Peace Month in Rotary. I consider this as one of the more significant themes made more apparent with the unveiling by RIPE Sakuji Tanaka of the next RI theme, ―Peace Through Service‖. The recent series of disasters in parts of the world (including the Philippines in Cagayan De Oro, Iligan City, Dumaguete, etc.) caused by typhoons, landslides, snowstorms, tsunamis and earthquakes have brought out the best in those who care and understand the need for international unity and call for immediate humanitarian action in order to help those who had been most affected and in dire need of immediate assistance. If you have been following these events closely, you will find that Rotary is consistently present and doing its part to the fullest. Let us continue to do our part because together we can create a bigger impact and a greater difference. has survived through the years and even expanded to more countries than what Paul Harris could have ever imagined when he started this great organization 107 years ago. Rotary has developed a unique ability to sustain international cooperation and understanding. This has been going on through the implementation of joint projects between 2 or more clubs from different districts and from different countries. Of course the various Rotary Foundation scholarships and exchange programs contributed tremendously towards the development of tolerance and awareness of different cultures and beliefs. fer and how we can be an important element of a greater effort. In 1956-57 Gian Paolo Lang of the Rotary Club of Livorno, Italy, was the 46th President of Rotary International. His Rotary vision: To educate, encourage, and foster understanding among all peoples. He was quoted as saying in an address to the 1957 Rotary Convention, Lucerne, Switzerland: "The spirit of Rotary is not exclusive; it expands. It is not local, it is universal. It is the wish to understand and be understood, to see virtues rather than faults in others, to find what we have in common rather than what divides us." Let us not forget to celebrate the 107th anniversary of Rotary. Let’s observe this milestone by participating in and supporting events that will create more awareness of the good that Rotary brings to those who are most in need in this imperfect world of ours. In order to commemorate the birth of Rotary International and live up to the February RI theme, our District 3780 has lined-up two activities – District-wide medical missions on February 25 and runfor-a–cause the following day.

Actually this thought will never be appreciated by Rotarians who have never involved themselves in the many aspects of Rotary. Merely attending meetings will not make one a committed Rotarian though it is necessary part of our involvement. The greater part is to be able to experience what Rotary has done and continues to do for the communities and the world. Only then will one start to appreciate what being a Rotarian is all about. Many of us have been able to I always believe that the Internationality of realize this because we took the extra step Rotary is one of the primary reasons why it of trying to discover what Rotary has to ofFrom the Editor — We invite district officers and club leaders

to continue sending brief write-ups of their community service projects, joint activities with other clubs, innovative club practices, and service-support initiatives such as fundraisers, for example. Publication would help promote public
Rotarians have reason to celebrate as Rotary reaches 107 years
By Arnold R. Grahl and Wayne Hearn Rotary International News – 23 February 2012

awareness of Rotary while enabling the sharing of experiences among clubs. The GML is widely distributed in the district, in the Philippines and throughout the Rotary world. The digital edition of your GML is shared with all district governors of RY 2011-2012.

Editorial Board
DG JOSE FRANCISCO ―Jess‖ Q. CIFRA Publisher JESUS ―Jesse‖ TANCHANCO (RC Loyola Heights) District Secretary EDUARDO ―Duke‖ ZULUAGA (RC New Manila East) District Chair, Public Image RICARDO ―Ric‖ SALVADOR (RC Holy Spirit) Editor-in-Chief GARY ―Gary‖ TING (RC Pag-asa) Assistant Editor-Business Manager WINSTON ―Winston‖ SIA (RC VisMin) Associate Editor-Webmaster Associate Editors PASTOR ―Mar‖ REYES (RC SFDM) FAUSTO ―Osty‖ MANLAPAZ (RC New Manila East) Printer Relations Manager BETSY ―Betsy‖ BULANADI (RC Mega EDSA) Distribution Manager

Major gains have been made in the fight to eradicate polio, Rotary’s top priority. In January, India reached a historic milestone by marking a full year without recording a new case of polio. Worldwide, fewer than 650 polio cases were confirmed for 2011, less than half the 1,352 infections reported in 2010. Overall, the annual number of polio cases has plummeted by more than 99 percent since the initiative was launched in 1988, when polio infected about 350,000 children a year. More than 2 billion children have been immunized in 122 countries, preventing 5 million cases of paralysis and 250,000 deaths. Also in January, Rotary leaders announced that Rotary clubs raised more than US$200 million in response to a $355 million challenge grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In recognition of Rotary’s commitment, the Gates Foundation contributed an additional $50 million. All of the resulting $605 million will be spent for polio immunization activities in polio-affected countries.

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Watch RI President Kalyan Banerjee on video: Rotary celebrates India’s first polio-free year.

RC Neopolitan Fairview erects “info board” to create Rotary awareness
By PP Erick M. Tarranco, Service Projects Chair, RC Neopolitan Fairview
In January 2012, motorists, commuters, and bank clients and passing by saw a new billboard on the vacant lot adjacent to the BPI Family Bank along Commonwealth Avenue in Fairview, Quezon City. The 6 ft. by 9 ft. ―Info Board,‖ designed and erected by the Rotary Club of Neopolitan Fairview (RCNF) with the permission of the BPI Family Bank, presents a 58 photo montage of the key programs and projects of RCNF from July to December, 2011. The Info Board is not only part of the club’s public image program but also aimed to celebrate January as Rotary Awareness Month. Among the service projects featured in the Info Board are the programs for children starting with the Children’s Party on July 1, 2011 for the handicapped and abandoned children of the Cottolengo Filipino in Montalban, Rizal; the Pamaskong Handog for the cancer-stricken children at the Pediatric Ward of Rizal Medical Center in Pasig City; and the Pamaskong Handog for the kindergarten chiland AG Sonny Dimaliwat participating last December 8. In October, children and adults from the underprivileged communities of the Ascension of Our Lord Parish in Lagro, Novaliches, were the beneficiaries of the club’s medical mission conducted in cooperation with the Rizal Medical Center and United Laboratories, and a Dental Outreach Program undertaken in cooperation with the Dentus Et Cus Group Volunteers. RCNF’s book donations project continued for the club’s ―adopted‖ North Fairview High School and a new beneficiary, the Taliptip dren from poor families in Taliptip, Bulacan. Elementary School in Bulacan. The 3rd book donaFor the Greater Fairview communities, the Club tion for North Fairview High School and Elemendedicated its signature project for RY 2011-2012 tary School. – the greening of some 1.3 kilometers of the center island of Mindanao Avenue from Common- Other projects included a career talk for graduatwealth Avenue to Regalado Avenue. The project ing students of North Fairview High School. The consists of 350 banaba seedlings planted on the club also set up and refurbished Four Way Test center island, with District Governor Jess Cifra signs along Commonwealth Avenue..

RC Camp Crame, the PNP and partners join hands to save lives
By Asst. Club Secretary Sheena Montiero, RC Camp Crame
The Rotary Club of Camp Crame and the Philippine National Police joined hands in the Nationwide Bloodletting Activity in cooperation with the Philippine Red Cross-Quezon City Chapter and the Philippine Blood Center with the theme: ―Dugong Pandugtong Buhay, Kapulisan Handang Mag-alay‖ held on February 21, 2012 at Multi-Purpose Center, PNP National Headquarters, Camp Crame. This activity is in line with the Gift of Life-A Blood Letting Program of the Rotary International District 3780 and the Philippine National Police Project Love Month/Valentine's Day celebration with the aim of extracting blood to save lives. Silver President Nick A Bartolome graced the activity with PDG Hermogenes D Jarin from the Philippine Red Cross and Dr. Andres S Bonifacio, officer-incharge of the Philippine Blood Center. Out of 504 registrants, two hundred ninety four were successfully screened and qualified to donate blood. 65, 700 cc (146 bags) of blood were extracted by PRC and 66, 600 cc (148 bags) by PBC. Members of PBC and PRC expressed their appreciation not only to the donors but also to the PNP Leadership and the Rotary Club of Camp Crame for the noble and timely activity.

RC Commonwealth de-worms high school students
By SP Dino Dionisio, RC Commonwealth
In line with the community de-worming project, ―Bata’y Pasiglahin, Bulate’y Puksain,‖ of Rotary International District 3780 and RC San Francisco del Monte, RC Commonwealth turned over 15,000 de-worming tablets to Commonwealth High School and its affiliate, Holy Spirit National High School, last January 16, 2012. Commonwealth High School has a student population of about 10,000 while Holy Spirit High has close to 5,000 students. In the photo are members of RC Commonwealth headed by Silver President Dino Dionisio; Dr. Sally Barcelona, principal of Commonwealth High School; Ms. Zaida Padullo, principal of Holy Spirit National High School; school officials; and members of the Interact Club of Commonwealth High School. 4

RC Cubao East and partner organizations recognize outstanding philanthropists
By SP Conrad Dieza, RC Cubao East
The Rotary Club of Cubao East in partnership with the Countrywide Technology Development (CTD) Foundation, Inc., and the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Senate Philippines (Bantayog Chapter) held the recognition ceremonies for the first nationwide search for ―THE OUTSTANDING PHILIPPINE LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD IN PHILANTHROPY‖ (TOP-LEAP), last January 20, 2012 at AFP Commissioned Officers Clubhouse, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, with former Senator Nene Pimentel gracing the event. The objective of the TOP-LEAP project is to recognize Filipinos for their social entrepreneurship, community and international volunteerism, corporate social responsibility, and charity grants and/or services, exposing their good works that may be emulated by others so that the culture of love for human kind may be propagated continuously. The twelve distinguished personalities recognized as Outstanding Philanthropists were Dan Stephen Palami in Sports; Florencio Poly Lat in Environment; George SK Ty in Promotion of Excellence; Jaime Augusto Zobel de

Ayala in Youth Leadership Mentoring; Marilou Veloso Galenzoga in Youth; Daniel S. Razon in Journalism; Manuel V. Pangilinan in Business; Alexander Manguba in Community Welfare & Development; Michael S. So in Non-Profit Organization; Alejandro T. Escano in Education; Benjamin Abalos in Public Governance; and ER Ejercito in Civil Service.

RC St. Ignatius extends care to remote village
By SP Edna Dela Cruz, RC St. Ignatius
On January 14, 2012, RC St. Ignatius brought free dental services to residents of a remote community in Pakil, Laguna. Barangay Saray, situated in the mountains of Pakil can only be reached by hiking for 5-6 hours or by riding a horse. About 70 families came down to the Poblacion where the dental mission was held. A dental awareness talk was also conducted by Dr. Maria Fe Mangulabnan, an RCSI dentist. CP Boy Balana on the other hand, talked on values. After the dental mission, gift-giving followed. We were assisted by Ms. Ascencion Vito, our partner in service in Pakil.

RC Cubao Kamias learns myths and facts of lung cancer
By SP Dodge Limjoco, RC Cubao Kamias
Officers and members of RC Cubao Kamias led by Silver President Dr Dodge Limjoco pose with Dr. Gigi Garcia of St. Luke’s Medical Center after listening to her speak on the ―Myths and Facts of Lung Cancer,‖ during the club meeting last February 2, 2012.

RC New Manila East continues to search for COPS !
By SP Ed Ayento, RC New Manila East
For the last fourteen years the Rotary Club of New Manila East has been involved in the search for the Country’s Outstanding Policemen in Service (COPS). This project was a brain child of Rotarian Sammy Pagdilao Jr. which was first launched in 1998 as a vocational service project. Started as Metro Manila wide search for the ―Community Oriented Policemen,‖ this public relations project, whose purpose was to honor the gallant men and women of the Philippine National Police, grew in prominence and on the second year was taken nationwide, by the Philippine National Police. RC New Manila East later partnered with the Metrobank Foundation and Philippine Savings Bank (PS Bank) and has since produced more than one hundred winners. From its humble beginnings, the COPS search is now conducted in the 17 PNP regions in the Philippines and is supported by 24 Rotary sister clubs in the ten Rotary districts nationwide. The 10 winners each receive a cash prize of three hundred thousand pesos, the Medalya ng Katangitanging Gawa and a trophy awarded in Malacaňang by no less than the President of the Republic. The search for COPS receives both national and regional promoting high ethical standards in the workplace and in public life. For maximum tri-media coverage, not just for the Philippine National Police but more information on how to join the search go to www.cops.com.ph or efor Rotarians nationwide. This search enhances the public image of Rotary, mail ednayento@yahoo.com : Ed Ayento; RCNME Silver President. 5

D3780 Rotabowl 2012 tournament rolls off
By SP Jun de Guzman, RC Ayala Heights
The much-awaited ―District 3780 ROTABOWL 2012‖ hosted by RC Ayala Heights formally opened last January 22, 2012 at the Sta. Lucia Bowling Center, Sta. Lucia Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal. DG Jess Cifra did not miss the event and delivered his inspirational message. World bowling champ Olivia ―Bong‖ Coo officiated the ―Oath of Sportsmanship.‖ The panel of judges composed of Spouse Helen Cifra, PDG Dulce Coyukiat and DGN Francis Rivera named the RC Metro Diliman team as ―Best in Uniform‖ and accorded the RC Paraiso team the ―Best Muse‖ award. The Rotabowl ceremonial opening march was joined by 31 participating teams, including Silver Presidents (3 teams), Global Presidents, Ayala Heights (3 teams), Biak na Bato, Camp Aguinaldo, Cubao, Cubao East, Cubao Sunrise, Cubao West, Diliman, Diliman Heights, Kagitingang Cubao, Kamuning, Metro Diliman, Metro SFDM, New Manila East, New Manila Heights, Pag-asa, Paraiso, Quirino (2 teams), Roces, SFDM (2 teams), Sto. Domingo, and West Fairview. The SPs uniform was sponsored by LG Boone Ongchoco, SP Jun of RCAH, SP Jeng Ronquillo of RC Diliman and AG/PP Roland Tan. Rotabowl Chair is PE Ed Santos while Rtn John Tionson is Technical Committee Chair. With games held every Sunday, the tournament will end in March 2012.

Youth understand climate change and commit to help reduce carbon emissions
By Summit Convenor and Project Chair Thirdy Princesa, RC Camp Crame
. third year students with their advisers from 27 Quezon City public high schools. The first official summit document (SD001-2012) was the scientific result of the carbon footprint of the delegates amounting to 1,330 metric tons representing 190 individuals which translates to 7 metric tons per capita. DG Jess participated in the survey and his initial carbon footprint result was 8 tons per year not including his travels abroad and other carbon-heavy activities. Average carbon emission or footprint of Filipinos per capita according to a UN survey is 0.9 metric ton. The summit also achieved equally important objectives thru sharing information on the effects of climate change and natural hazards on the youth of Quezon City. The summit empowered the youth by encouraging them to present their views on how they can directly address the issues of climate change and lower personal carbon footprint or emission. The students were tasked to draw out short term plans for the remaining period of school year 2011-2012 and longer term plans for their respective schools which will form part of the agenda of the second gathering of student leaders in QC in the very near future. The First New Generations Climate Change Summit in Quezon City was successfully convened by the Disaster Relief and Operations Committee of the Rotary International District 3780 and the Rotary Club of Camp Crame in partnership with the Philippine National Police and the Rotaract Club of Camp Crame-St. Paul University, Quezon City at the AVR of the PNP Museum on February 20, 2012. Disaster Relief and Operation District Committee Chair and SP Nicanor A. Bartolome of RC Camp Crame welcomed the youth and challenged them to continue doing relevant projects especially for 6 the protection of the environment. DG Jose Francisco Q. Cifra inspired the youth by giving an insightful message on the roles of the youth in combating the causes and impact of global warming and climate change. Summit Convenor and Project Chair Thirdy Princesa of the Rotary Club of Camp Crame reported that the summit surpassed expectations on attendance and achieved for the first time carbon footprinting of all the delegates. The Rotaract Club of Camp Crame-St. Paul University Quezon City conducted an online carbon footprint survey throughout the summit. The attendees were second and

Calculate your carbon footprint online.

Governor-Elect Penny Policarpio shares cherished moments at the International Assembly
DGE Penny Policarpio describes his participation in the Rotary International Assembly as ―a wonderful, and at times, overwhelming experience because you can really see the internationality of Rotary, and the heroic service we do in the world.‖ DGE Penny participated in the Rotary International Assembly (IA) 2012 held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego California, last 15-21 January 2012. The IA is the training conference for incoming District Governors & their spouses. More than 1200 Rotary leaders from 200 countries attended this year's Assembly, including the 10 district governors from the Philippines. DGE Penny and spouse Joan attended as DGE for our district.

Top photo: Philippine Governors-Elect and spouses pose with Past RI President MAT Caparas seated third from left. Lower photos from left: DGE Penny with RI President-Elect Sakuji Tanaka; DGE Penny and spouse Joan flank RI President Kalyan Banerjee and spouse Binota; with DSE partner and DGE Colin Ince from UK; and DGE Penny with his lovely spouse Joan at the International Fellowship Night in a photo from the RI Web.

DTTS 2012 prepares incoming district officers to help build Peace Through Service
By DTTS Co-chair PP Becca dela Cruz, RC Batasan Hills
DGE Rufino ―Penny‖ Policarpio III led the District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) 2012 held at the Miriam College last February 25 and hosted by the Rotary Club of Batasan Hills under SP Agnes Santos, with PP Edgar Mendoza and PP Becca dela Cruz as Co-Chairs of the event. There were about 195 registered participants and guests. With the RI theme to build ―Peace through Service‖ in RY 2012-13 as conceptual framework, this year’s DTTS focused on effective planning, alignment and coordination of projects consistent with the RI Strategic Thrusts and Future Vision. The DTTS is the annual RI mandated training seminar for all incoming district committee officers and members to ensure that the new District Team is ready to assume respective positions for the incoming Rotary year. The Training was ably organized by the District Training Team under the leadership of PDG Dan Espinosa. The seminar was formally opened by DG Jess Cifra. The proceedings were then turned over to DGE Penny Policarpio, who presented the RI Theme and Thrusts, Presidential Citation and District Thrusts. DSD Mar Reyes and COSD Arnold Guerrero discussed the District Administra7 tion and Policy Guidelines and the Communica- len Lagniton, Baby Allado, Christy Dagdag, Cartion Structure, respectively. men Chua and Bong Cruz. Notable speakers from other districts such as PDG Isidro ―Sid‖ Garcia of RID 3830 and PDG Mark Go of RID 3790 discussed the Roles and Responsibilities of District Officers and the New Club Leadership Plan, respectively. PDG Danny Fausto covered the topic, Resources and How to Use Them. The plenary sessions were followed by breakout sessions of 8 different committees, namely, The Rotary Foundation chaired by PDG Dulce Coyukiat, Club Administration by PP Ed Trinidad, Membership by PP Rey David, Community Service by PP Baby Allado, Public Image by PP Marilen Lagniton, Vocational Service by PP Sammy Pagdilao, International Service by PP Bobby Romero, and Service to New Generation by PP Bomber Olivares. The original 6 Committees had been increased to 8 by breaking the heretofore largest committee, Community Service, into three - the Community Service proper, International Service, and Vocational Service - to reflect importance and lead equal attention to all those areas. The breakout session reports were very interesting as the rapporteur focused on novel ideas and projects agreed upon in each committee. Those who reported out their committee plans and programs were PP Roby Montellano, PP Bobby Romero, PP Ed Trinidad, and Global Presidents MariThe DTTS was also highlighted by the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on Concentrated Language Encounters (CLE), an RI supported and encouraged literacy program. The CLE project envisioned for RID 3780 will be pursued in partnership with RID 3800 and the Department of Education QC Division. Those who signed the MOA were DG Raffy Garcia, PDG Tony Puyat, DGE Lirio Sandoval, and PP Albert Ang of RID 3800; Dep Ed QC Superintendent Dr Corazon Rubio; and DG Jess Cifra, DGE Penny Policarpio, and DGN Francis Rivera for our district. Because the MOA is designed to support a long term sustainable project, present and future Rotary leaders from both districts have been involved in the agreement. Spade work done by the Literacy Committee headed by PP Becca dela Cruz and PP Eric Santos paved the way for the multi-party agreement. RID 3800 and its component clubs have had very favorable experience with the CLE program. CLE has emerged as a classic example of a literacy project designed to benefit more students and teachers, not just for the incoming school year but also in the future school years. A fellowship program followed the whole day training. Raffle prizes were provided by PP Rene Trinidad and a generous Rotarian who prefers anonymity.

D3780 Interact Discon 2012 molds youth for future leadership
By District Interact Chair Bambi Verdote and PP Manny Balane, Public Image Chair of RC Uptown Novaliches
It was a shining moment for the youth as they demonstrated that they could make a difference and contribute towards nation-building. Ninety-eight delegates representing 18 schools participated in the Interact Discon held last February 18, 2012 at the RI 3780 Rotary Center hosted by the Rotary Club of Uptown Novaliches. The conference had the theme, ―Interactors – Reach Out and Serve the Community.‖ District Governor Jess Cifra, the inspirational speaker, was himself impressed by the projects enumerated by the Interactors who hone his leadership skills and interact with others. stated their aspirations and pledged before him that they will continue to take to heart Rotary’s PP Bambi Verdote, District Interact Committee Chair and concurrently Interact Discon Chairman, theme of ―Service Above Self.‖ District SNG Chairman Benjamin Tan Alonzo, who According to the delegates of the Blessed Angels earlier talked about ―RI Service Projects BenefitHigh School, being Interactors taught them pa- ting the New Generation,‖ CP Linda Elequin, and tience, concentration and team work. Though, PP Manny Balane led the conduct of the election they got nothing in return for the implementation of the new set of District Interact Representatives. of their projects, they were gratified that they were Elected as DIRN was Brylle Bonque, Lea Torzan as able to be of help to the community. On the other DISN and Patrick Tarucan as DITN. Outgoing DIR hand, students from the Holy Spirit National High Mariel Rocaflor of the Interact Club of Balara High School narrated how tiring it was to sort and dis- School gave a short message calling on the young tribute 15,000 books in connection with the book participants to engage in meaningful and praisedonation project of RC Holy Spirit and 50 other worthy activities. clubs, but the sense of fulfillment that they got was indescribable. Kier Berce, a 3rd year student Scholarship certificates from Informatics of Holy Spirit said that this was his first time to (courtesy of Lt. Gov. Daniel Ongchoco) were attend an Interact Discon and it taught him to awarded to two interactors who garnered the

highest number of name listing of attendees. A cash prize was awarded to the Holy Angels National High School for having made the best project presentation. DGE Penny Policarpio discussed ―The True Essence of the Four-Way Test‖ and explained its practical applications and exhorted the participants to make it a part of their daily dealings. PP Bambi M. Verdote and lead host President William Tasis thanked everyone and the co-host clubs: Cubao Edsa, Neopolitan Fairview, New Manila Heights, North Edsa, Paraiso, SFDM, Timog Q.C. and the other participating clubs, namely: Bagong Silangan, Batasan Hills, Centennial Q.C., Commonwealth, Holy Spirit, Metro Diliman, New Manila East, Quezon City Circle, Masambong, and San Bartolome which contributed towards the successful event.

How RC Mega EDSA celebrated Rotary’s 107th anniversary
By SP Marissa Santos, RC Mega EDSA
As RI District 3780 commemorated Rotary’s 107th year anniversary on February 25-26 through a district-wide Medical Mission and Rotary Run-for-a-Cause, RC Mega EDSA joined the celebration in parallel ways. SP Marissa Santos identified two indigent patients who badly needed surgical treatment from among residents of the club’s adopted community at Brookside. These patients were then referred to RC SFDM’s surgical mission on February 25, 2012 at the Ramon Magsaysay High School. Judith, 47 years old with 3 children had a cyst on her left shoulder which caused numbness of her arms. The cyst was removed along with her fears! The other resident, Nenita, 35 years old, single mother with 8 children, had goiter. She did not want to be operated on for the reason that nobody would care for her children. After giving her moral support, she bravely entered the RC SFDM mobile clinic. Dr. Juan P. Sanchez, Jr. assisted by Dr. Gloria told her that an operation was not needed. They suctioned off the big lump on her neck and prescribed medicines with instructions on proper diet and nutrition to get rid of her goiter. A BIG thank you to SP Ronnie Yap of RC SFDM for this commendable project! Early morning the following day, SP Marissa and Rtn. Tess Benitez joined the 5K Run-for-a-cause event at the Quezon City Circle along with 8 fellow Rotarians and a number of policemen and policewomen. Both ladies have had no running experience but chose to be there to show that they also cared for the cancer stricken children staying in Tahan Tahanan at the East Avenue Medical Center. What a great, meaningful way to celebrate Rotary’s anniversary!

RI President’s February Message
My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary,
This November, I had the opportunity to speak at the Rotary institute in Kolkata, India. The focus of this institute was on peace and the ways in which we in Rotary could work to build peace. When I received the invitation, I began to think about what I might say, knowing that with all that Rotarians do in this area, my main challenge would be keeping within the time limit! But just before I arrived in Kolkata, I spoke at a water conference in Tel Aviv. It was a wonderful event at which Rotarians and non-Rotarians from all over the world came together to discuss the many challenges of keeping an ever-growing population supplied with an increasingly scarce resource. Before I could begin to talk about Rotary’s contribution, however, I had to explain what Rotary is and what we do – because even in that very educated audience of scientists and entrepreneurs and executives, there were many people who had simply never heard of Rotary. As I left that event, I began to think again about what to say in Kolkata, because so much of what we do in Rotary to build peace depends on public awareness of who we are. Why have we been so successful in our work to eradicate polio? Because Rotary is able to go where no government and few other nongovernmental organizations can – into homes, into schools, and into communities, with the trust and confidence of the people we serve. When we in Rotary work for peace, we don’t do it by negotiating treaties or demonstrating in the streets. Instead, we build peace by example – by working together, whatever our nationality or background, and putting others’ needs above our own. We build peace by dealing with the problems that disrupt people’s ability to live normal, peaceful lives – whether those problems are a lack of water, or sanitation, or safe, affordable housing; whether they stem from a shortage of education or health care, or a need to build productive and positive connections between communities. In everything we do, we rely on our good name. This is why all of us have a responsibility to be sure that our good name is indeed known. We need to not just work through Rotary, but talk about Rotary – letting the world know about the work we are doing, the differences we are making, and the benchmarks we are setting. Our Rotary work speaks to our belief that a better, more peaceful world is possible, and we need to be sure that our voices are heard.

Foundation Chairman’s February Message
Our Foundation helps us help others
A friend who is an Arch C. Klumph Society member recently sent me an email ending with words that remind us of why we support our Foundation. John began life in humble circumstances and became a successful businessman. Through our Foundation, he has shared that success with people who have no ability to help themselves. He said: ―As someone who was born poor on a farm during the Depression, I can confirm that when you have nothing, a little bit goes a long way to help. I remember like it was yesterday those neighbours and relatives who helped our family of nine and gave us support and encouragement. In essence, this is our Foundation’s mission.‖ Another quote that impressed me recently came from a Rotarian at a Rotary institute: ―I joined Rotary for business and fellowship. I stayed to change the world.‖ For many of us, Rotary is our only way to change the world. As individuals, there is little we can do on our own, but when we join with our fellow Rotarians, we do make a difference. How we do that depends on where we are. If you are in a country with great needs, then you will be involved in identifying the needs of people and developing and implementing projects that will change their lives. If you are one of this generation who has been blessed with success, then you can help by making resources available. Our Rotary Foundation, in a sense, sits in the middle and makes the connection. Our business model works, which is why we will in a few years celebrate 100 years of supporting Rotarians in making the world a better place. We have passed the test of time.

William B. Boyd - Rotary Foundation Chairman
The FOUR-WAY TEST of the Things We Think, Say and Do

Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Important RI and TRF Deadlines

Kalyan Banerjee — President, Rotary International

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Scenes from the commemoration of Rotary’s 107th year in RI District 3780


Vol. 25 No. 9

March 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Rotary International District 3780 Conference
Silver Year Discon 2012 represents the culminating event of Rotary in the District for RY 2011-2012. Rotarians gather together on April 20 and 21, 2012 to experience the well balanced program of learning, recognition, service to others, and fellowship painstakingly prepared by District Governor Jose Francisco ―Jess‖ Q. Cifra together with conference co-chairs PE Morris Agoncillo and PND Paul Galang, both from the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights, and their various working committees. At the core of the conference program are inspirational addresses of distinguished leaders and honored guests led by the Vice President of the Philippines, Hon. Jejomar Binay, the keynote speaker for the first day of the conference, by the Rotary International President’s Representative Mr. Kamal Sangvhi and Spouse Sonal, and by a roster of distinguished speakers for Rotary related information and concerns. The recognition of achievements and achievers in the District, opportunities for networking and meaningful fellowship experience among Rotarians, and having fun are key components of the agenda, too. And the spouses group led by Spouse Helen Cifra will have a unique opportunity to serve the less fortunate others in a nearby home of 75 abandoned, physically and mentally challenged children. As in previous district conferences, an essential objective of the program is to inspire Rotarians to become more involved in service and for them to develop a vision of Rotary beyond the club level. Silver Year Discon 2012 is a phase in the ongoing seamless transition process from Silver Presidents to Peace Presidents and their respective District leaders.

Silver Presidents serenade their PEs, the incoming Peace Presidents, during fellowship night at the PETS
During the fellowship night of the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar last March 17 in Tagaytay City, club presidents came to greet their presidents-elect as part of traditional practice. This time, the Silver Presidents with District Governor Jess and Spouse Helen rendered a heart-warming ―HARANA,‖ complete with a rose offering to DGE Penny Policarpio and Spouse Joan and to each of the 90 PEs. Indeed, the gesture created waves of very touching moments among the enthused leaders!

La Salle Lipa Gawad Alumni Award Acceptance Speech
(Speech delivered on the occasion of the conferment to DG Jose Francisco “Jess” Q. Cifra of the La Salle Lipa Gawad Alumni Award - Most Outstanding Alumnus in Community Service held at La Salle Lipa, Lipa City on March 22, 2012)

It is with great humility that I accept this priceless award as “Most Outstanding Alumnus in Community Service” from our dear alma mater, La Salle Lipa. It is priceless because with it comes the great honor that money cannot buy. It is a gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am aware however that with this award goes my great responsibility to continue serving others to build better lives, better communities, and a better world. To this responsibility I commit myself – my heart, my mind, my soul – so that many others may spend their lives in the service of others. Following my La Sallian formation, I believe that success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others. And I am happy to realize that Martin Luther King, Jr. shares this belief. He said, “We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles, rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to humanity.” This is why it is our social responsibility to share with others, especially the less privileged in our communities, what we have: our time, talent, and resources to help them build their lives and give them hope for a brighter and more secure future. By helping others we empower them to become self-sufficient and selfreliant and enable them to lead their children to that beautiful world that has been the dream of every generation. By helping others we sow the seeds of friendship and peace not only in our communities but also in our world. Service, most especially community service, brings to the man, woman, or child that serves with love and cheerfulness happiness beyond compare. This kind of happiness makes a perfect day and a perfect life, and it is at2

tained only through service to others. As Ruth Smeltzer, the American movie and TV producer said, "You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you." My friends, our life on earth is not a perfect one. But selfless service gives us that taste of perfect happiness as the fruit of what we do. So, the more often we serve others the closer we get to a perfect life. This is why people who serve others in their communities find themselves coming back to give more of themselves. The happiness they derive from service is something that fills the inner craving for fulfillment. This is what I have discovered as I served others as an individual and as a Rotarian. This is one reason I have committed myself and my family to serving others in our communities. As a Rotary governor and as a Rotarian I am committed to lead by example so that others may follow. With them and with the rest of our communities we can help change our world into a better and more beautiful place to live in. The dream of a better world can only be achieved through people sharing that dream and working together to make that dream come true. Thank you for this wonderful gift of honor and recognition. I share this with others who offer their lives in the service of others, of our communities, and of our world.

District Secretary’s Report
By DS Jesus ―Jesse‖ Tanchanco
We often hear the words from Matthew 22:14 ―Many are called, but few are chosen.‖ And it is often applied to various situations wherein only the best, the finest, the top, those with the strongest convictions, beliefs, commitments, etc. stay on to harvest the fruits, receive the rewards, gain the satisfaction of achieving their ultimate objectives and goals in life. identify with what is being discussed regarding club and district projects or any other activities (including fellowship) outside of a regular club meeting. These members have failed to bond or establish closer personal ties with the other members. They missed the opportunity to make new friends outside of their respective clubs – with Rotarians from other clubs in the district, from other districts in the Philippines and in other countries. These are the type of members who have not experienced the satisfaction of being able to help others, see the smiles and hear the unending ―thank you’s‖ of those who were helped, of those whose lives were changed for the better, and those whose lives were saved. blame?‖ ―Is it their sponsors, the club president, the membership chair, the past presidents, the other members?‖ The obvious answer is ―all of the above.‖ Trying to mold a new member to become a true blue Rotarian is a collective task and not just of one or few individuals. When members leave, the reasons for leaving in most cases would be that they had joined for the wrong reasons or that they have not been properly ―Rotarized.‖ It seems to me that the root of the problem is that many of us who have early on discovered what Rotary is truly all about, who have learned how to enjoy Rotary and make Rotary part of our life, have failed to share with the new members the ―not-so-secret‖ secrets of Rotary that made us decide to stay on, stay committed and involved. The new Rotary year is just about 3 months from now. We are again presented with the opportunity to introduce new members into the organization. Let’s pledge and commit to keep them coming back and to stay on as we have. Let’s make this our new challenge. Any takers? Hello? Anybody out there?

The same can be applied to Rotary. Just observe how many are inducted at the start of every Rotary year and how many still remain at the end and who continue on. These are the Rotarians who have learned what Rotary is all about, what it can do for For many of them, attending meetings soon you and not just what you can do for others, becomes a burden and an unnecessary or though this is a prime consideration for even expensive exercise. Unless something joining. is done to drastically alter the way they look Many new members confine themselves to at Rotary, these members may already be just attending meetings, regularly at first considered as good as gone. and then less and less with time. Members I guess the next logical questions to ask who belong to this category soon become are, ―What happened?‖ and ―Who is to bored with the meetings as they cannot From the District Editor — Have your projects and Service-

Above-Self activities covered in the remaining issues of the Silver Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter. The GML is widely distributed in the district, in the Philippines and throughout the Rotary world. The digital edition of your GML is shared with all district governors of RY 20112012. Because we want to make sure that the photos in your service project reports would look great in print and on the computer screen, we prefer to receive digital photos in .jpg file format with size of about 1 MB or more. Please avoid sending photos embedded in Word documents and PDFs, or images downloaded from Facebook, because resolution suffers as file size is reduced. We have in the pipeline a number of yet unpublished materials from the Rotary Clubs of Agham, Bagong Silangan, Camp Crame, Holy Spirit, Metro Diliman, New Manila East, North Edsa, Pag-asa QC. These along with ones that we will receive shall all be published in the next issues. Digital issues of GML may be viewed and downloaded from:

Editorial Board
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The Silver Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter is available in printed form and in digital format. The web-linked digital edition offers access to more information than the 8-page print. Please send suggestions to the editor and articles for publication to Ric Salvador by email at rp_salvador@yahoo.com. Ric may also be reached through 0919-361-6406.

District website at www.district3780.org./ or District account at www.scribd.com/RotaryDistrict3780

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela


March is Literacy Month in Rotary. Watch video Concentrated Language Encounter, Key to Literacy.

RC Quezon City and partner organization agree to build road-safety consciousness
By PN Pocholo Jaymalin, RC Quezon City
Last March 5, another milestone was added to the rich history of the Rotary Club of Quezon City (RCQC) when it entered into a partnership with the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP). Its major concern is to make every ROAD USER aware of his duties and responsibilities and to raise public awareness on the need for the continuing education on Road Safety. Both parties agreed to combine their efforts, skills, technology, resources and knowledge for the purpose of educating all ROAD USERS, particularly in the public transport sector by conducting a massive campaign in making our roads safer. Present during the signing were Johnny Angeles, Jr., Vice President of AAP; Cynthia Reyes (AAP); PN Pocholo Jaymalin, Chairman Community Service Projects, RCQC; and PP Fred Maghari, Secretary, RCQC. PDG Tony Sibal, RCQC, and PP Mariano Santiago, RCQC, witnessed the ceremony.

RC Agham sews up self-sustaining livelihood project for urban poor
By SP Bermar Bantola, RC Agham
Last March 21, 2012, Officers of the Rotary Club of Agham trekked to the He Cares Village, an urban poor relocation site in Montalban, Rizal, to turn over two industrial sewing machines as the Club’s initial contribution in helping provide livelihood to the residents there. Inside the Village are 385 families relocated from different areas and for various circumstances- squatters from Culiat, Intramuros, Central Avenue, San Roque, North Avenue; fire victims from San Andres Bukid; Typhoon Ondoy victims; homeless street-children, and the like. As our Service Project to the poor community, the initial provision of sewing machines would be an answer to residents’ need for a continuous source of income. Most women in the Village are skilled sewing machine operators because there are 19 privately-owned sewing machines in the area which are used only when the owner subcontracts sewing works to the residents. The machines could only be used for the owner’s requirements. Due to the seasonal demand for garments, there are times when the residents have no outsourced work and are idle. If a family is provided with a sewing machine to operate on their own, the family could negotiate contracts, market their own finished products and thus be financially stable. The Club in partnership with the He Cares Foundation has devised a program where the recipient of the sewing machine will have to pay for the machine eventually as he/she starts to make profits out of the machine. The proceeds will then be used to buy another machine to be given to another family.

RC Biak na Bato continues to assist victims
By SP Non Sariba, RC Biak na Bato
The Rotary Club of Biak Na Bato through its President Non Sariba and with the assistance of Datelcom Corporation, sponsored recently an outreach project that offered free-overseas calls for residents of Barangay Corazon, Calumpit, Bulacan. This project was conceptualized as a continuing aid to the families who had been affected during the previous typhoons and flooding. They had been assisted by RC Biak Na Bato then. In this latest project, there were 59 beneficiaries who were able to call their love ones abroad, mostly in the Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and other Asian countries.

RC St. Ignatius lets donors bleed to save lives
By SP Edna Dela Cruz, RC St. Ignatius
In celebration of its 2nd charter anniversary, RC St. Ignatius in coordination with The Philippine Heart Center through the kindness of Mr. Jeric Baluyut conducted a blood donation project at the Barangay San Agustin covered court in Novaliches, Q.C. on February 26, 2012. Of the 65 who signified their intention to donate blood, 47 were approved. Donors are residents of Barangay San Agustin, parents of San Agustin Elementary School students and volunteer policemen from Station IV referred by Col. Marcelino Pedrozo. A token of 2 kilos of rice and snacks were given to the donors. The project was chaired by PN Kgd. Abella A. Talite.

RC Holy Spirit provides first-aid kits to 8 teams of garbage collectors serving 150,000 residents of Barangay Holy Spirit to safeguard their health in case of accidents and ensure uninterrupted community service.
By SP Ped Condeno, RC Holy Spirit
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RC VisMin, QC serves mothers and their newborn babies
By CP Winston Sia, RC VisMin, QC
The Rotary Club of VisMin, QC celebrated its 2nd Charter Anniversary last February 26, 2012 with a simple yet meaningful get-together dinner. The celebration was preceded by an outreach project for the benefit of the mothers and their new-born children at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, the leading maternal and newborn tertiary hospital in the country located in Manila. The club through its Silver President Armin Camacho donated brand new infant dresses, baby socks and booties, as well as baby leggings/ tights to help protect them from the Dengue disease. One ward with a total of 70 mothers and new-born infants was benefited by the outreach project that focused on maternal and child care. This is the second time that the club has rendered an outreach project at Fabella Hospital. Last year, on February 25, 2011, RC VisMin, QC held the first one in celebration of its 1st charter anniversary, after donating relief goods to the Barangay Bahay Toro fire victims.

This year, the club decided to hold the event one day after its charter date, to give way to the district-wide medical mission at the Quezon City Hall quadrangle, which is now known as "the mother of all medical missions."

RC Cubao Central expands medical mission to reach more needy patients
By SP Marilyn Manabat, RC Cubao Central
The Rotary Club of Cubao Central conducted its Medical Mission Part II at the Villa Arman Resort in Barangay Caniogan, Malolos Bulacan last February 18,2012. Chaired by PP Arman Sy, this project represented the culminating part of the "Free Chest X Ray" program launched last January 7, 2012 at the same venue. This mission was participated by the Rotarians of RC Cubao Central headed by SP Marilyn Manabat, Brgy. Chairman Precy Mateo and the Brgy. Council of Caniogan, St. Augustine's School of Nursing, the Philippine National Red Cross through PDG Dan Espinosa, Rtn. Dra. Jiji Bobadilla, and Dra. Perla Ejerta. The first part of the mission was the donation and turn-over of medical equipments such as blood sugar kit, nebulizer, digital thermometers, sphygmomanometer and weighing scales with economic value of Php33,000, to be used in the barangay health center.

the disease, and were given free medicines 162 patients were given free medical check After the turn-over of medical up and medicines. equipments, the team started the  61 young boys were given free circumcision. medical mission proper where a There was also blood-letting where 20 volunteers total of 251 patients benefited. donated blood to the PNRC QC Chapter.  28 patients were ―re-X Rayed.‖ Patients diagnosed posi- It was a tiring day but a sense of fulfillment entive of tuberculosis were given a gulfed everybody as the beneficiaries showed lecture by Rtn. Jun Andal, RN, on their unending "Thank You!" to all those who had the treatment and prevention of served them.

RC Bagong Silangan helps to sharpen vision of The Boys
By PP Bit Farolan, RC Bagong Silangan
On February 1, 2012, the Rotary Club of Bagong Silangan commemorated Valentine’s day by donating eight pairs of optometric prescription eyeglasses to eight physically challenged residents of Sinag Talag for Boys in QC, most of whom were polio victims. The high quality eyeglasses were provided by PN Andy Almendral, an optometrist by profession, and also through the generosity of PP Connie Aguila. This project was completed in cooperation with the UP College of Medicine Class 2016 Phi Lambda Delta 2011 B.

18th Alay Ng Rotary Sa Araw Ng Kabataan showcases talents of young students
By SP Efren ―ECO‖ Capa, RC Kamuning
Last February 4, 2012 the Rotary Club of Kamuning headed by its Silver President Efren ―ECO‖ Capa and chaired by PP Romy Roxas successfully staged the 18TH Alay Ng Rotary Sa Araw ng Kabataan. It was on record one of the highest participated Alay since this event was founded and conceptualized by Dr. Francisco ―TOTO‖ Sarabia 18 years ago when he was then the president of the Rotary Club of Kamuning (ROCK). This year more than 3,OOO students participated in 7 events for elementary and high school levels; Drum and Lyre for both elementary and high school levels was as always the crowd drawer. Other events were the Rondalla, Chorale, Vocal Solo, On-the-Spot Painting, Rural Dance, and Interpretative Dance. Since Alay has been adopted as a district event, no less than our energetic Governor Jess Cifra led the show of force of district officers and Silver Presidents who joined and co-sponsored this successful staging of Alay Ng Rotary Sa Araw Ng Kabataan. In addition to the cash prizes awarded to the winners, the Grand Champion Commonwealth High School was the recipient of the special award given by Mr. Public Service, Dr. Daniel Razon, a proud member of ROCK and CEO OF UNTV, a Computer Lab worth 300,000 Pesos. In behalf of the Rotary Club of Kamuning I would like to thank Gov Jess and my Silver Classmates for the support in making this Alay a very successful one. We also thank our beloved Past President Herbert ―BISTEK‖ Bautista who not only provided the logistical support but also made sure that the venue was exclusively reserved for the staging of this year’s Alay.

RC Loyola Heights reciprocates visits of Singapore sister Rotary & Interact clubs
By PP Raymund Catabijan, RC Loyola Heights
The Rotary eClub of D3310 Singapore, a sister club of the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights and the Rotary Club of Marina City have been sending their respective Interact Clubs to District 3780 on an annual basis for both educational and cultural immersion and project visits (supported RCLH projects). The RCLH has been hosting these Interactors and Rotarians for the past 5 years. The RCLH was finally able to return the visits recently when a team of 20 members and spouses led by SP Nitoy Velasco visited the ―Lion City.‖ They toured and met with the officials of the ITE College East (one of the biggest technical schools in Singapore and home of the recent Interact visitors) and conducted meetings and fellowships with its sister clubs to discuss current and future projects / activities.


Presidents-elect complete their training for club leadership in 2012-13
By PE Marcia Salvador, RC Holy Spirit
It was a unique opportunity for learning and inspiration as well as for expanding one’s circle of Rotarian friends. The 2012 Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) held at the Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay City last March 17 & 18 was a truly wonderful Rotary experience. The slew of qualified speakers, all seasoned Rotarians, imparted such wealth of information to prepare all attending 80 presidents-elect for the responsibility of leading their clubs come July 1. The seminar started with District Governor-Elect Rufino ―Penny‖ Policarpio presenting the RI theme and RI & district thrusts and goals. This was followed by District Secretary Designate PP Mar Reyes who spoke on ―Understanding District Policies, Awards Guidelines,‖ then by Chief of Staff Designate PP Arnold Guerrero who presented ―Establishing a Communication Structure.‖ PDG Lindy Garcia of D-3820 talked on ―How the PRM Supports Rotary and You,‖ PDG Oyan Villanueva of D-3790 (Membership Recruitment and Education), Rtn Baby Jamias of D-3810 (Enhancing Rotary’s Public Image), PDG Sonny Coloma of D-3830 (Role & Responsibilities of the Club President), Lt Gov Chito Borromeo (Accountability), and PDG Danny Fausto (Goal Setting). Lastly, DG Jess Cifra talked on, ―If I Could Be A President Again,‖ and gave practical and valuable tips on how to become an effective club president. DG Jess reminded the PEs that ―your leadership is the heart and soul of your club.‖ The first-day sessions were capped by worship service, dinner and fellowship at the Le Jardin Rosella. The event was co-hosted by RC New Manila East. Some 53 Silver Presidents came to render a heart-warming ―HARANA‖, complete with a rose offering to each of the PEs. It was a night of dining, wining, singing, dancing, and sheer fun! Thanks to PP Sammy Pagdilao of RCNME for making Le Jardin Rosella available as venue. The second training day was no less important as PDG Bobby Viray and PDG Dulce Coyukiat spoke at length on ―The Rotary Foundation‖ and how each Rotarian can support the efforts of Rotary International. After the pledging session, the PE’s proceeded to a workshop where they met their Lieutenant Governors and Assistant Governors to plan for the incoming Rotary year. For RY 201213, clubs will be grouped into 4 regions. After the workshop, all PE’s donned togas for the closing ceremony and graduation rites where PDG Jimmy Cura of D-3830 spoke on ―Servant Leadership‖ with such eloquence and profundity. After a somewhat late lunch and some photo ops, the PEs prepared for home, energized and inspired to take up the challenges of RY 2012-13. Kudos to the Rotary Club of Metro West Triangle who ably hosted the 2012 PETS!

Register now to join 2012 District Assembly on Saturday, April 28th
The RI-mandated District Assembly (DISTAS) will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2012, at the COC, Camp Aguinaldo, QC.
Attendance IS A MUST for incoming club presidents and their officers including PNs & club committee chairs. The DISTAS is the venue for communicating the RI and District thrusts, goals, guidelines and policies, as well as the plans & programs of District Committees, to the clubs' incoming officers. There will be a separate but equally interesting & informative program for the spouses of Peace Presidents. PLEASE BRING YOUR SPOUSE. Program will start at 8:15 am and will end at 5:45pm; cocktails and fellowship to follow. Come in business attire.

Register on or before April 15 at the DGE office at the Rotary Center. Fee is P1000 per Rotarian; P500 for spouse.

Host Club: RC Murphy

RC Pag-asa QC inspires youth, their parents and teachers during commencement rites
By CP Gary & Rtn. Giok Ting
March 31, 2012 marked another milestone for RC Pag-asa QC as members and friends led by Silver President Jess Lim, PE Renzie Dizon, and CP Gary Ting once again trooped to Morong, Bataan to honor the graduates of Kanawan Elementary School, a tradition in the club. The club salutes AG Pete Murao and Club Consultant PDS Badong Viari who braved the trek on more senior knees, and IPP Malou Menina who joined the group for the first time. CP Oyie Valarao, now with RC Pag-asa QC, also joined the climb for the first time. These demonstrated ―Service Above Self‖ at work among Rotarians, a conscientious sharing of time and resources for the less-fortunate ones. community. SP Jess Lim thanked the following in behalf of the club: AG Pete Murao for the P3,500 cash gifts given to the first honors of all levels; CP Gary’s friend Jumar Ilagan Gregorio for soliciting the gold medal for academic excellence from Senator Chiz Escudero that was awarded to class valedictorian Angelica Arevalo; CP Gary’s grandchildren, Ivan and Hannah, for the gifts handed to each graduate; Asiawide Refreshments Corporation and its Marketing Director Pag-asian Rizza Alfonso for providing the thirst-quenching RC Cola drinks; and CP Oyie Valarao for the cash gifts, books, and six full scholarship grants (from high school through college) that include free books and free board & lodging in Bulacan. RC Pag-asa QC has always hoped that more teachers and professionals would be produced from the Aetas community. The club also expressed its appreciation to the eight teachers by giving each one a rice cooker from SP Jess Lim. The Department of Education through the faculty members of the school awarded a plaque to the club in recognition and appreciation of all the support and gifts. The usual feast for the community of about 800 persons followed the commencement exercises. The graduates and guests were treated to a special meal that included ―lechon.‖ The event truly left everyone with a feeling of fulfillment for a day worth the challenges of crossing the hanging bridge along the way and the sweaty breathlessness of the mountain trek. Congratulations to 2012 graduates and to RC Pag-asa QC led by SP Jess Lim, MD, who despite the tight schedule of activities, was still able to provide free medical check-up and medicines for residents who were sick but had no means of going for consultation or treatment. Mabuhay!!!

As in the past years, graduation rites in the club’s adopted school are tearjerkers. The joy, sense of gratitude, hopes and apprehensions are explicitly expressed by the graduates to their parents, teachers and benefactors. RC Pag-asa QC has been regularly providing school supplies, educational materials, and daily feeding for the pupils, meeting health and wellness needs of both young & old, and introducing livelihood programs for the

RC Broadway joins District celebration of Rotary’s 107th year with gifts of love
By PE Vicente ―Bong‖ Fuerte Jr, RC Broadway
Answering District 3780’s call for public service, Rotary Club of Broadway Silver President Atty. Eleuper ―Per‖ Martinez called on his members to actively participate last February 25, 2012 during the Medical Mission conducted at the Quezon City Hall grounds. Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Broadway readily joined the event with shoulder-loads of medicines tirelessly solicited by the Club from various drug companies through Botica Caritas Manager and Rotarian Daisy Jean Apillanes. As proof of family and friendship orientation in the Club, some members even brought with them their respective families so that they may be more Rotarized. As expected, Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Broadway flocked the event. Governor Jess Cifra received the medicines shared by the Rotary Club of Broadway. The Governor personally thanked the club members through SP Per for the support to the program.

RC Broadway President Per Martinez and member-Rotarians turn over the medicines to Gov. Jess Cifra during the Medical Mission.


RC New Manila QC helps lessen poverty in the community by supporting scholars
By SP Absalon ―Jun‖ Zipagan Jr, RC New Manila QC
Silver President Absalon ―Jun‖ Zipagan of the Rotary Club of New Manila QC launched the Club’s major thrust, ―Adopt a Scholar,‖ to contribute to the eradication of illiteracy and ignorance in the community. SP Jun and club members believe that poverty can be alleviated through education. Once a person is educated, he will have the opportunity to seek gainful employment and improve his life. RC New Manila QC supports 120 scholars for Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Service, and Care-giving Courses. 8

RI President’s March Message
My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary,
In the first message I wrote for this magazine, last July, I quoted Mohandas K. Gandhi, who said, ―You must be the change you wish to see in the world.‖ And in the months since, I have had incredible opportunities to travel the Rotary world and see how Rotarians everywhere are bringing those words to life. Creating positive change means, at its simplest, using our knowledge and resources to solve a problem. But when we are talking about solving humanitarian problems in a real and lasting way, knowledge and ideas and resources are not enough to ensure results. We have to remember something else that is no less important: sustainability. A sustainable solution is one that will continue to work even after the Rotarians who proposed and facilitated it are gone. This means that even though the project might have come from Rotary originally, the community will take ownership of it. That, of course, means that when a part breaks on a water pump, there will be a process in place to repair it and to keep that pump functional – carried out by the community, and without further recourse to Rotary. The first step toward sustainability is understanding the need – for example, the cooking fuel problem common in much of the developing world. In many regions, solar ovens are a wonderful solution: They are inexpensive; they rely on a source of energy that is free, non-polluting, and inexhaustible; and they are simple to use and maintain. But before we step into a community and attempt to solve its fuel problem with solar ovens, we have to fully understand its situation – and look beyond the problem we see. Perhaps the local foods need to be cooked at a temperature higher than the solar oven can provide. Perhaps the area is windy, and the solar ovens would blow away. Perhaps it’s traditional in that area to begin cooking before dawn, which, of course, you cannot do with a solar oven. These are issues you simply might not have thought of, but that could soon lead to the solar ovens being used to patch roofs or keep animal feed dry instead of for cooking. If we are trying to bring about change, it’s not enough to say, ―My way is the better way.‖ We have to be listening and watching, not just talking. We can only help others if we reach out with an open mind – and with the knowledge, the commitment, and the perseverance to deliver on what we promise.

Foundation Chairman’s March Message
Get ready for a simpler, more powerful Foundation with Future Vision
I am still occasionally asked why we decided to develop our Future Vision Plan. The question is, if the Foundation wasn’t broken, why fix it? The truth is that our Foundation, which has served Rotary and the world so well for over 90 years, was becoming dated. We were reacting to a changing world by adding yet another program or altering our rules, which made the Foundation increasingly complicated and expensive to administer. It was time to face the reality that we must change or see our impact on the world diminish. We asked over 10,000 Rotarians what changes we should make and then began to work on a Foundation that is simpler and easier to understand, that involves clubs and districts more in spending and stewardship, and that builds more sustainability into our activities. Just as polio eradication has defined Rotary to the international community in recent years, in the future, our six areas of focus will define us. We will have lifted ourselves above the multitude of little projects that felt good but addressed symptoms, not causes, and too often had a shortterm impact. We have demonstrated through our polio efforts what we could do, and we will show the world that there are answers to other major issues, and that Rotary is prepared to lead the way. We can’t do it on our own, but we can and will make a difference. The pilot districts are saying that Future Vision is exciting, leads to greater engagement and enthusiasm, is more efficient, is creating more interaction between clubs, is making Rotarians more aware of opportunities, has scaled up the size of projects, and is leading to greater giving to the Foundation. As chair of our Foundation, I can only agree!

William B. Boyd - Rotary Foundation Chairman

The FOUR-WAY TEST of the Things We Think, Say and Do

Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Kalyan Banerjee — President, Rotary International
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RI president presents polio medal to Afghanistan president in Kabul
Rotary International News -- 4 April 2012

The Governor’s Monthly Letter is linked to:

Rotary International District 3780 Website Latest News Update from RI February 2012 Issue of GML Rotary Leader Online

Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee presented a medal to Afghan President Hamid Karzai on 2 April in Kabul, in recognition of Karzai’s support for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, in which Rotary is a spearheading partner. Banerjee is the first RI president to visit Afghanistan. His visit was made possible through the work of Rotary Foundation Trustee Stephen R. Brown and Fary Moini, both members of the Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Triangle, California, USA, which has carried out numerous successful educational projects in Jalalabad. During their 45-minute meeting, Karzai and Banerjee discussed how lessons learned from India’s success might be applied in Afghanistan. Banerjee’s home country of India was removed from the polio-endemic list in February. ―I encouraged the president to keep up the intensity of the immunization program because, by doing so, they can stop polio as we did in India,‖ Banerjee said. ―Once it stops, it stops. You don’t know when it will happen, or where the last polio case will be; but one day it will happen if you remain ever vigilant.‖ Afghanistan is one of only three countries where the wild poliovirus has never been stopped. So far in 2012, Afghanistan has reported five new polio cases out of the 36 recorded globally. The country reported 80 cases in 2011. The other two endemic countries are Nigeria and Pakistan. Polio infections due to cross-border traffic between Afghanistan and Pakistan are a continuing problem, making bi-national cooperation essential. Pakistan has reported 15 cases this year after posting 198 in 2011.


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Scenes from District events

February 4 - Alay sa Araw ng Kabataan hosted by RC Kamuning

March 27 - Silver Presidents with DG Jess and DS Jesse at the PETS fellowship night DG Jess Cifra and DGE Penny Policarpio

March 24 - Silver Presidents’ meeting hosted by RC Camp Crame

SP Nick Bartolome of RC Camp Crame shown presenting an update on the Silver Presidents’ project to renovate 4th floor of Rotary Center Bldg.


Vol. 25 No. 10

April 2012

Discon 2012 marks culminating point for a Rotary year like no other!

Hon. Jejomar Binay, Vice President of the Philippines, delivers keynote message on April 20, first day of Discon

Rotary International President’s Representative PDG Kamal Sangvhi

RI D3780 Governor Jose Francisco “Jess” Q. Cifra

RI D3780 DGE Rufino “Penny” Policarpio III

District Governor Jess Cifra, Spouse Helen and Silver Presidents render song number for Discon attendees

Gov Jess Cifra and Awards Committee Chair Lt. Gov. Chito Borromeo of RC New Manila East flank Most Outstanding President awardees SP Ed Ayento of New Manila East (large size club), SP Aiza Remedios of Kamuning Central (small club), and Eren Tumali of Roces (medium club).

SP Nick Bartolome is Most Outstanding Rotarian of Rotary International District 3780 for RY 2011-12
General Nicanor “Nick” A. Bartolome, Silver President of the Rotary Club of Camp Crame and Chief of the Philippine National Police, has been cited for merging and strengthening the efforts of both organizations to provide service beyond the call of duty. Examples of these efforts include ROTACOP project, “Pulis Na! Rotarian Pa!” which promotes the ideals of Rotary and high ethical standards in the vocation of the police/law enforcement; environmental and disaster mitigation efforts including massive tree planting activities, and ”Rotary Mitigation and Adaptation Project” to address the impacts of climate change through extensive information, education and clean-up campaigns; large-scale blood-letting that raised 1.3 million cc of blood to save lives; fun-run events that raised funds for the Rotary Foundation and for polio victims in D3780; and nationwide campaign on violence against women and children.

Memories of the D3780 Silver Year: A Year Like No Other

State of the District
(Speech delivered during the Opening Plenary Session of the District Conference of RI D3780 held on April 20, 2012 at the Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City)

My friends, it has been ten months since we shared our dreams for our district and our clubs and committed ourselves to build on those dreams. Today, just two months before the end of our year, we are all gathered here for our Discon 2012 to see if and how those dreams have come alive.

the rainbow, the symbol of hope for everyone in the world – most especially for those we serve. Those dreams could have vanished into thin air if we had not opened the doors to our hearts and minds and kept them there to grow and become a reality in our year. We held on to those dreams no matter what the cost to make them come true. Like the dewdrop turning into a pearl our dreams The unfolding of those dreams into reality reminds me of a story have now come alive and like the colours of the rainbow those about the making of a pearl. An old tale says that a pearl owes its dreams are giving hope to people through the changes we make in life to a dewdrop. Here’s the story: their lives. One morning an especially big dewdrop fell from the leaves of a tree right into the ocean. The waves took her along with them. She tried to free herself, but in vain. She was afraid that at any minute she could be wiped out but she heard a voice call out, “Hurry up. Come into my house; here you’ll be safe.” While our success in the pursuit of those dreams may dance before our eyes in this conference, let us not be misled by the thought that our year has already ended. This Discon marks the beginning of our celebration of success which will end at the dying seconds of June 30, 2012. Like a pearl that is plucked from its shell and made an accessory, our dreams fulfilled will become part of the pages of Blindly she followed the saving call, and the door of the clamshell a book that will tell the story of our year. This is the reason we have closed tight. At first the dewdrop gave a sigh of relief. But then published the book, “Memories of the D3780 Silver Year: A Year slowly it dawned on her that she might be safe in this new house, like No Other.” This book tells our story of success in 2011-2012. but never free again. She would never again be able to reflect the Today at this District Conference we shall present our pearls – the rainbow colors of the sunlight. towering achievements we had worked so hard for in our “Silver She confided her worries to the friendly lady of the house. The old Year” of service. Like pearls, our magnificent achievements will clamshell told her, “If you stubbornly fight against what fate has in reveal the beauty and meaning of our year together as well as the store for you, you’ll just find yourself suffering hopelessly and help- inner strength our district and clubs have gained as we labored to lessly. But if you patiently accept all that fate has in store, you’ll be give luster and meaning to our 2011-2012 RI Theme, “Reach at ease.” And then she added mysteriously, “Then you will grow Within to Embrace Humanity.” stronger from within yourself. And one day you’ll be a thousand We began our year with the awe-inspiring District Induction on July times more than when you fell off the tree.” 3, 2011 at Hotel Sofitel, graced by no less than my good friend, RI The dewdrop sulked but finally decided to follow this advice even Past President Bhichai Rattakul who flew all the way from Thailand though she did not understand it. Gradually, she felt there was to administer my oath of office. The great event also witnessed the something growing inside her and giving her strength. installation of the “Silver Presidents” and “Silver District Officers” and established the following “firsts:” One day when the clamshell had its shell opened, the dewdrop saw fingers of a pearl diver, which plucked the clamshell along with 1. First time for a past RI president to serve as installing officer in many others from the reef. D3780 Soon they were all laid out on the beach and a girl opened each of 2. First time to have 50 clubs congregate in a multi-club induction them very carefully. Suddenly she jumped up with joy as she be- ceremony held the perfect pearl she found and said. “It has the shape of a 3. First time to recognize 179 Paul Harris Fellows (including 20 dewdrop and it reflects all the colors of the rainbow. It must be Major Donors) for a Rotary year on installation night worth a fortune.” First time to breach the 1,000 attendance mark (1,084) for our They all looked at the precious pearl in her hand, as it lay on top of district turnover ceremonies a lotus leaf. Let me now lead your minds to the wonderful journey we had in That pearl had started out as a very short-lived dewdrop, like the 2011-2012. And as we go back in time when we started our journey of service in July 2011, let us enjoy every minute of it. thousands of others around it . . . – Willi Hoffsuemmer Our dreams are like that dewdrop. To us they reflect the colors of


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District Secretary’s Report
By DS Jesus “Jesse” Tanchanco
Rotary year 2011-2012 will be part of D3780 history in less than 2 months. Collectively as a team – the District Officers and the Silver Presidents have so much to be proud of and I’m not saying this just because of my affiliation with the Silver year. The awards and recognitions that you were honored with during the Discon 2012 were richly and truly deserved. I have served many DG’s in the past but I have to say that DG Jess Cifra is second to none in terms of leadership, passion, and unparalleled commitment to Rotary. I may be accused of being biased but that is my point of view and I will stick with it no matter what. Of course just like what they always say in Rotary, the best is yet to come. And so with bated breath we eagerly anticipate the term of the next Governor Penny Policarpio, his “Peace Presidents” and the new set of district officers. Discon 2012 at the Taal Vista Hotel was indeed a grand celebration which befits the year that was (or will be). It was the first time to be held in Tagaytay city and the first time that the District and Governor’s awards ceremonies were incorporated in the program. Of course as member of the host club, the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights, the amount of preparations and expense was much greater than what you would normally expect in a District Convention. speaker from Hong Kong to talk about the activities of Grameen Bank. The discussions on the proposed enactments and resolutions were very lively and enlightening. The Nominating Committee process proceeded without a hitch. The spouses program was enjoyed by all who joined. The Governor’s ball co-hosted by mother club of all D3780 clubs, RC Quezon City was memorable to say the least with The initial unofficial events were all well at- dance presentations from both the Silver and tended and were efficiently and effectively Peace Presidents. hosted by RC’s SFDM and New Manila East for the golf tournament at Splendido and the Last but not the least; we have to thank RI District Leadership seminar by RC Roces. President Kalyan Banerjee for sending us one of the best RIPR in the person of Kamal SangThe club exhibits were very impressive. Kudos vhi and his gracious spouse Sonal. to all the participating clubs and most specially to the host, RC Cubao Central Unfortunately, we cannot turn back the hands of time, but we will keep all the fond and unThe awards part of the Discon saw for the first forgettable memories of RY 2011-2012 fortime in the history of our district, the long ever in our minds and hearts. I will always be overdue recognition of club efforts based on proud to have been a part of the great Silver their size (small, medium and large). In the Team! Thank you DG Jess Cifra for the rare past, the awards were dominated by mostly opportunity to have served the district and large clubs. The fellowship night featured more importantly, on a more personal level, some of the best talents in the district. Food for the trust and confidence that you have and drinks were aplenty. generously bestowed upon me and the rest of your district officers. We had wonderful speakers starting with Philippine VP Jojo Binay. We even brought in a

From the Editor-in-Chief of the Governor’s Monthly Letter
With this issue of the GML, I sincerely thank District Governor Jess Cifra for the opportunity to have served with his district team and for having given me editorial independence in producing the publication. Indeed, it has been a privilege to observe at close range and to report on the district’s accomplishments during the year that has turned out to be like no other. I also thank DS Jesse Tanchanco for patiently helping me crawl up the learning curve in Rotary which I now realize is an endless challenge. Lt. Gov. Duke Zuluaga organized the district editorial team for RY 2011-12 and we highly appreciate his initiative for doing that. We value Duke’s continuing encouragement and support. Thanks to the key people who have worked closely with me as editor in chief: assistant editor CP Gary Ting of RC Pag-asa QC, associate editor/district webmaster CP Winston Sia of RC VisMin, associate editor Osty Manlapaz of RC New Manila East, and associate editor PP Betsy Bulanadi now with RC Philam MM. One accomplishment of the GML editorial board is our success in getting an increasing number of clubs – small, medium and large clubs including the venerable RCQC – to write about their serviceabove-self projects and activities, and to share these with others through the GML. We encourage all clubs to continue doing so. Sincerely, Ric Salvador Editor-in-Chief RY 2011-12

Editorial Board
DG JOSE FRANCISCO “Jess” Q. CIFRA Publisher JESUS “Jesse” TANCHANCO (RC Loyola Heights) District Secretary EDUARDO “Duke” ZULUAGA (RC New Manila East) District Chair, Public Image RICARDO “Ric” SALVADOR (RC Holy Spirit) Editor-in-Chief GARY “Gary” TING (RC Pag-asa) Assistant Editor-Business Manager WINSTON “Winston” SIA (RC VisMin) Associate Editor-Webmaster Associate Editors PASTOR “Mar” REYES (RC SFDM) FAUSTO “Osty” MANLAPAZ (RC New Manila East) Printer Relations Manager BETSY “Betsy” BULANADI (RC Mega EDSA) Distribution Manager

“My dream is to one day take poverty out of our society and put it in a museum that our grandchildren can visit to see what it was like.”
Mohammad Yunus, microcredit pioneer and Nobel Peace Prize laureate,
May 7, 2012 at the 2012 RI Convention

Watch Kalyan Banerjee and Community Leaders during Rotary International Briefings at the White House


Selected slides from the State of the District Address of District Governor Jess Cifra during the D3780 Discon

District Induction
• First time - RI president as installing officer in D3780 • First time - 50 clubs in a multi-club induction ceremony • First time - 179 Paul Harris Fellows (including 20 Major Donors) for a Rotary year on installation night • First time - to breach 1,000 attendance mark

Service to the New Generations

Community Service projects: Rotary Center Clinic Nutrition and feeding, Scholarships, Book donations, Computer literacy, Medical-dental-optical missions, Mobile surgery unit, Water stations, Waste management, Pasig River rehabilitation, Skills and livelihood training, and many more…

• Children’s Parties • District Children’s Christmas Party • Thanksgiving Celebration district’s spouses with cancer-stricken children. • Rotaract District Conference • Interact District Conference • RYLA Camp • Rotaract Club of Paraiso’s BBLISS project - most outstanding project in the Asia Pacific region. • Araw ng Kabataan, Alay ng Rotaryo

Testimonial Dinner
RI District 3780 Paul Harris Society launched

Vocational service excellence recognition & awards

Members As of July 1, 2011 As of Feb. 29, 2012 2,187 2,324 Clubs 93 93 Net Gain % Net Gain Members Clubs Members Clubs 137 0 6.26% 0.00%

Special Note: D3780 ranks 3rd in Membership Gain in the 11 districts of Zone 7A (Philippines & Indonesia)

Existing July 1, 2011 93 March 31, 2012 - 95 April 30, 2012 May 15, 2012 July 1, 2011 May 15, 2012

Clubs to Charter Total

Membership % Increase

2,187 2,409
6 101 150



Additional Note: March 31, 2012: Rotarian/club ratio: 25.36 52 clubs (56%) below charter strength May 15, 2012: 51% below charter strength

The Rotary Foundation
ANNUAL GIVING Total Contributions $224,470

The Rotary Foundation
Contributing Clubs (100% of total clubs in D3780) 100 Percent Contributing Clubs EREY Clubs New/Continuing Major Donors New/Continuing PHFsPH Sustaining MembersPH – Incumbent Presidents –
– –

Total Individual Contributors 1,088 Rotarian and non-Rotarian Contributors $224,470

29 22 18 234 112 54


Promotion of International Goodwill and Peace Foreign Trips: Hawaii Bali Zone Institute Hong Kong

Sister-District Relationships
D3300 of Northern Malaysia D3310 of Singapore, Southern Malaysia and Brunei D3330 of Thailand D3360 also of Thailand D3400 of Indonesia D3450 of Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolia.

Rotary’s 107th Year Anniversary World Peace and Understanding Day Celebrated with mother-of-all medical/dental/optical mission and Fun-run for a cause

Our achievements have made miracles happen in the lives of others.


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On Club Administration, we held the Training the Trainers’ Seminar with emphasis on adequate preparation for trainers to empower them to guide our clubs in every aspect of effective leadership and administration. This was followed by our Club Administration Training Seminar (CATS) for our club administration committee chairs and members. Our District Fellowship and Rotary Family Day, another “first” in our district’s history, gathered more than 600 Rotarians, their families and Rotaractors in the spirit of fun, great fellowship and friendly competition. We also organized another fellowship, this time for new members. To further strengthen fellowship among Rotarians, we organized our district bowling, golf, and chess tournaments. These friendly competitions brought our clubs and Rotarians together to build warmer friendships and stronger clubs. On Membership Development I would like to share with you a glimpse of our tremendous success as seen from our performance. The figures you will see should stir your imagination and inspire us to the heights of heaven. These are our figures on Membership Development:
Members As of July 1, 2011 As of Feb. 29, 2012 2,187 2,324 Clubs Net Gain % Net Gain Members Clubs Members Clubs 93 93 137 0 6.26% 0.00%

assimilation into our unique world of service. On Service Projects, our clubs have been very active in all five avenues of service. Our Community Service projects covered almost every aspect of human life These projects include nutrition and feeding, scholarships, book donations, computer literacy, medical-dental-optical missions, the mobile surgery unit, water stations, waste management, Pasig River rehabilitation, skills and livelihood training, and many more. To promote literacy in our part of the world, we held the first ever Literacy Congress where we presented to our clubs a menu of literacy programs and projects that they could choose from and implement at the club level or jointly with other clubs in the district. Also, our district finally adopted Rotary International’s CLE program guided by the principal district proponent – D3800 – and in cooperation with the Department of Education. On Vocational Service, our Rotary Vocational Excellence Awards Night, which we held on October 26, 2011 was also one of the biggest events during our year. On that eventful night we honored fourteen distinguished individuals in Quezon City who have excelled in their respective vocations, demonstrated commitment to high ethical standards, and established themselves as role models for others. RIPD Paing Hechanova was the guest of honor and speaker. The promotion of Rotary’s Public Image took a front seat during our year’s journey. We celebrated our District’s 25th Anniversary at the Manila Hotel which featured our tribute to all past district governors who served during the last 25 years since our district was assigned its own district number in the worldwide Rotary movement. Also at our Silver Anniversary celebration we launched the book titled, “EMBRACE: The Heart of Service,” a 260-page full color coffee table book celebrating 25 years of RI District 3780 as a “One City, One district” in the world of Rotary. The book was launched by former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos who was the evening’s guest of honor and speaker. Known as the only project of its kind in the Philippines and perhaps in the Rotary world, this book has been hailed as an unparalleled public image initiative. To further promote Rotary’s public image, the UNTV, run by Rotarians from RC Kamuning, covered every major Rotary activity in the district and aired their coverage on TV twice a week. Rotary is also promoted through the daily newspapers and radio, with Rotarians taking the lead. Service to the New Generations has been brought to a higher level during our year of service. The Children’s Parties held by our clubs in different areas of Quezon city marked the beginning of our “Silver Year.” These parties were held in answer to the call of RIPP Mat Caparas to help indigent children and promote Rotary to the community. Through the love and care as well as the food, gifts, and fun that we shared with the children, we have most certainly initiated waves of change in their young hearts and minds – waves of change that will secure their future and that of the world. It warms the heart to realize that more than 700 indigent children coming from different depressed areas in Quezon City shared gifts, fun, and laughter at our District Children’s Christmas Party. Such a sight brings us back to our youth and inspires us to devote our lives to serving the new generations.

Special Note: D3780 ranks 3rd in Membership Gain in the 11 districts of Zone 7A (Philippines & Indonesia)

Those were the figures as of February 29, 2012. But a lot has happened since then and more exciting things will happen between April 30 and May 15. Here’s why. March 31, 2012 - We had 95 clubs 2,049 Rotarians April 30 – May 15 - 6 new clubs will be chartered 101 total number of clubs (highest ever attained in the district) 150 charter members/new Rotarians 2,559 Total number of Rotarians (highest ever attained in the district) May 15, 2012 17% (increase from 2,187 as of July 1, 2011 to 2,559 as of May 15, 2012) Additional figures tell us that as of March 31, 2012 the Rotarians/ club ratio was 25.36 and 52 clubs or 56% of our total number of clubs was below charter strength. However, with the addition of 6 new clubs and at least 150 charter members, the percentage of clubs below charter strength will go down to 51%. These are the fruits of our efforts to promote membership through our Membership/Public Relations Seminar. Public relations build public image which in turn motivates qualified individuals to join the Rotary movement. This is why we have combined membership and public relations into one seminar. To support our efforts towards membership retention, we celebrated August as Membership Development Month by organizing a Welcome Fellowship for New Members, to pave the way for their

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There is one event that until now stirs my imagination and that is the Thanksgiving Celebration of our district’s spouses with cancerstricken children. On this rare occasion, the kids and their parents smiled their biggest, danced and pranced, momentarily forgetting their woes, while partaking of lunch and receiving gifts from D3780 spouses led by our first spouse Helen Cifra. Service to the New Generations includes youth programs like Rotaract and Interact, and RYLA. For this special reason we held separate district conferences for the Interact and Rotaract and organized a RYLA camp which was participated in by Interactors, Rotaractors and other youth. We are very proud to say that we have worked closely with our Rotaract and Interact clubs. It is also with great pride that I share with you the great news that the Rotaract Club of Paraiso’s BBLISS literacy project was adjudged by Rotary International as the most outstanding project in the Asia Pacific region. The Araw ng Kabataan, Alay ng Rotaryo, led by RC Kamuning and other host clubs was also one of the big events during our year. It is a youth program that promotes leadership and friendly competition among the youth. Another Partner in Service, the Rotary Community Corps is an active ingredient in our district’s success. Our RCC district officers attended the nationwide RCC Seminar with RIPE Sakuji Tanaka and his spouse as guests of honor. Your governor takes special pride in mentioning that he is the current vice chair of the Board of Trustees of the RVC Foundation in the Philippines, the supervising body of the more than 1,200 RCCs in the country. On The Rotary Foundation, here are the figures that should inspire us all: ANNUAL GIVING Total Contributions (Including PDCs) - $206,090 DDF 20,000 $226,090 (vs. previous record of $170,232 set during RY 2009-10) First time to breach the hallowed $200,000 mark in district history Total Individual Contributors - 1,067 Rotarian and non-Rotarian Contributors (most likely the highest number in Zone 7A this RY as well) Contributing Clubs 95 (100% all clubs in D3780) 100 Percent Contributing Clubs - 29 EREY Clubs 22 New/Continuing PHFs 222 PH Sustaining Members 98 PH – Incumbent Presidents 54 I must also mention that as a result of a devastating earthquake last year, our district contributed US$20,000 from our DDF to New Zealand to support them in the recovery and rehabilitation of their emergency response equipment. On the promotion of international goodwill and peace, I cannot forget the trips I made to Hawaii to support our GSE team, to the Bali Zone Institute to participate in this annual Rotary event, and to Hong Kong to join RCQC as they participated in their sister club’s

charter anniversary celebration. All of these helped to promote friendship and goodwill with other countries. It would be a sin if I fail to mention that my Spouse Helen and I were treated like royalty in Hawaii by DG Laurie Yoshida and Spouse Vernon. In response to this special treatment, I invited them to come and join us in our Discon 2012. And indeed, they have reciprocated our visit to Hawaii by their warm presence here with us. I would also like to mention with great modesty our district’s efforts to develop sister-district relationships with 6 neighboring districts, the ultimate goal of which is to pave the way for D3780 clubs to tie up with foreign clubs for Matching Grants and other joint undertakings. Forged during my trip to Bali to join the Bali Asian Institute, these sister-district relationships were signed with the governors of D3300 of Northern Malaysia, D3310 of Singapore, Southern Malaysia and Brunei, D3330 of Thailand, D3360 also of Thailand, D3400 of Indonesia, and D3450 of Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolia. Back in our district, the promotion of world peace transcended ordinary activities with our celebration of Rotary’s 107th year anniversary together with that of Rotary’s World Peace and Understanding Day. We celebrated Rotary’s 107th anniversary with the mother-of-all medical/dental/optical mission held at the Quezon City Hall. More than 100 doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists and other medical personnel came to serve more than 2,000 patients coming from depressed areas of the city. The following day, we celebrated World Peace and Understanding Day through a fun run where Rotarians and their families ran alongside soldiers and police officers – a unique way to demonstrate partnership between Rotary and the military in promoting peace in the community. Our Testimonial Dinner for Major Donors, Paul Harris Fellows and Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members had no less then RIPP Wilf Wilkinson as guest. On that occasion we also launched the RI District 3780 Paul Harris Society, an exclusive group of Rotarians committed to contribute at least US$1000 each year. As I come to the last part of our achievements, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for two very special awards which I received this year and which I could not have been honored with if not for Rotary. The first award came from the State of Legislature of Hawaii, a certificate of recognition for humanitarian service to poor communities in the Philippines in cooperation with RI District 5000 Hawaii. The second recognition was given by my high school alma mater, La Salle – Lipa through the Gawad Alumni Most Outstanding Alumnus Award for community service. These two awards mean so much to me and I shall cherish these throughout my life. With you I share the honor, for you and I have dreamed together and worked together to change lives for better communities and a better world. My friends all that tells the story of our year – our “Silver Year.” That is the story that has carved our names with excellence and pride in the history of our district. With our towering achievements we have proved our unbending commitment to the Rotary ideal and to the dream of building better lives in our communities to build a better world.

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Today at this District Conference, we find that our year together is coming to an end. We have looked back to it and are proud to have achieved what seemed impossible in the beginning. Through our achievements we have made miracles happen in the lives of others. And that is one great source of fulfillment in our lives as Rotarians. But we cannot stop there. In the words of a wise man, “The problem with being a success is that you have to continue being a success.” The happiness derived from success is the element that soothes the heart and soul and drives one to do more service to others. As I end, let me share with you a thought about RI President Kalyan Banerjee’s advocacy for change. He believes that we must embrace change and that change must begin with us. Changing lives reminds me of my own experience with a little girl who was diagnosed with cancer. I took pity on her and silently prayed to God and asked if it was possible to take away her pain and let me share it with her. I soon forgot about that moment of our encounter and then one day I was brought to the hospital. I was told that I could lose my life because of my serious condition. Then the news came. I was told by the girl’s mother that her daughter had been miraculously healed. She was free of malignant cancer. And there I was in the hospital putting my faith in God to let me live. I said to myself, “Did God answer my prayer by setting the girl free from cancer and letting me share the pain?” Whatever the answer was, I accepted God’s will. All it mattered to me was that in my own little way I had changed her life from sadness to joy. Would it not be a source of happiness if we could, in our own little ways, change people’s lives by making changes in our own? All that we have done in our year was a simple way for us to change lives to build a better world. But we did it all because we believed in changing our lives from indifference to compassion. We believed in touching people’s lives through the changes we made in ourselves. My friends, there is no end to the things we can do to change and improve lives to build friendships and peace in our communities and in our world. This noble purpose opens endless opportunities that feed a Rotarian’s insatiable thirst for human service. Let us therefore make the most of the remaining 71 days of our year and make each day a pearl – a rainbow of hope - in the lives of others. Each of these remaining 71 days could be the turning point in the lives of people and their families. Let us make each of these 71 days a masterpiece in our “Silver Year” by turning dewdrops into pearls for those we serve. Let us make miracles happen in other people’s lives through the changes we make in our own. To achieve this, let us continue to “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.”

Silver Spouses serve abandoned children during Discon
By: Spouse Socorro “Soc” Y. Yap (RC SFDM)
The spouses’ day long activity on April 21 had been designed to provide yet another venue for a gathering of silver spouses who were pillars of strength for the Silver Presidents. The morning program kicked off with a warm welcome for Rotary International President Representative’s (RIPR) Wife Sonal Sangvi, with no less than our own DG Spouse Helen Cifra doing the honors. We then proceeded to the Chosen Children’s Village in Silang, Cavite to distribute goods valued at around P 50,000 from the spouses and their clubs. The village is actually a safe haven for abandoned children who are physically and mentally challenged, some of whom are severely disabled. It consists of several living cottages, a school, a rehabilitation center, and additional facilities.

100 Rotarians participate in leadership seminar
By: SP Erilene “Eren” Tumali (RC Roces)
About 100 Rotarians attended the pre-Discon Leadership Seminar held last April 19, 2012 at the Taal Vista Hotel. The participants sharpened their knowledge in leadership as they engaged with PDG Marquez “Mark” Go who presented Leadership Opportunities and Motivation Skills; DGE Rufino “Penny” Policarpio III who discussed Strategic Planning; and CP Teodorico “Jun” Sanchez who dwelt on District Meeting. Leadership Seminar chairperson SP Eren Tumali of the host club, RC Roces, coordinated all aspects of the seminar from planning to implementation. RC Cubao West, RC Diliman, and RC Kamuning co-hosted the event.

1st DG Jess Cifra Golf Cup successfully launched
By: SP Ed Ayento (RC New Manila East)
Before buckling down to the serious business of the District Conference, some 65 golfing Rotarians took to the fairways and greens of the Splendido Golf & Country Club in Tagaytay City last April 19, 2012 for the 1st DG Jess Cifra Golf Cup. This tournament was hosted jointly by RC New Manila East and by RC SFDM. Rtn David Kim of RC Holy Spirit emerged as overall champion. During the pre-Discon fellowship event attended by some 200 guests at the Le Jardin Rosella Event Center, Governor Jess Cifra handed out the trophies for tournament winners. Everyone had fun dining, drinking, dancing, singing and just wishing they could have won the TV set, aircon unit, refrigerator, washing machine and other valuable prizes raffled off.

RI President’s April Message
My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary,
In the April issue of the Rotarian, you will read about what Rotary is doing to combat one of the most pressing humanitarian crises facing us today: hunger. It is, I think, common knowledge that when we talk about food shortages, the problems we face are nearly always local. There is more than enough food produced in our world to feed everyone in it. The problem is getting the food where it is needed, and helping people in the poorest regions achieve food security. In so many parts of the world, subsistence farming practices are the only way food can be acquired, and a few months of poor weather, or even a single storm, can mean catastrophe. It is unfortunately also the case that the parts of the world where food supplies are the most vulnerable are often those that receive the least attention when disaster does strike. But this is one of the greatest advantages of Rotary: our local presence in so many parts of the world, and our ability to see, and react to, crises when they occur. More important than this, however, is our commitment to a long-term approach to addressing the root causes of hunger. There is a great deal that all of us in Rotary can do about global hunger, but as always, we rely on the work of local Rotarians to bring help to where it is needed the most. And there is little question that when we look at the world today in terms of poverty and hunger and extreme material want, the place we need to be looking first is Africa – which is why Africa is also where we should be looking to expand. Rotary’s Reach Out to Africa initiative seeks to increase Rotary club membership in Africa, mobilize African Rotarians to address local needs, and raise awareness of African issues among Rotarians in more developed regions. It is just one way to connect the people who need help with the people who want to give it but may not know where to begin. There is no question that the obstacles to global food security are significant. But they are not insurmountable, and the Rotary model is perhaps one of the most promising paths forward for development – if we continue our work to build Rotary into an ever more effective agent of global change.

Foundation Chairman’s April Message
Keeping our promise for a polio-free world
As I write this, we are still reflecting on the achievement of a full year in India without a case of polio. As recently as 2009, India had more cases than any other country, so this represents a tremendous effort by Rotarians and our partners, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the government of India and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It shows what can be done when people of goodwill work together toward a goal. As Rotarians, we should feel proud of our fellow Rotarians and the whole family of Rotary in India. This is not the time to relax, however. India is close to two countries where polio still exists, and China had an outbreak in 2011 because of an importation. India has shown that winning the battle is possible, but some hard work remains to be done. One of the “unsung” aspects of our effort has been advocacy. The governments of the world have contributed billions of dollars for polio eradication, and much of it has come because of the advocacy of Rotarians. This work is quietly performed in the background, but the results have been significant. The Gates Foundation gave us another US$50 million gift in January to help us remain an effective member of the partnership. We have several years to go before the world can be certified polio-free. Please do not stop giving because we have achieved the target of Rotary’s Challenge, for every dollar you give for the eradication of polio will be used exactly for that. We made a promise to the children of the world that they would live in a world free of polio. As Rotarians, we keep our promises!

William B. Boyd - Rotary Foundation Chairman
The Governor’s Monthly Letter is linked to:

Kalyan Banerjee — President, Rotary International

Rotary International District 3780 Website Latest News Update from RI March 2012 Issue of GML Rotary Leader Online

RI President-Elect Sakuji Tanaka will ask Rotarians to build Peace Through Service in 2012-13
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Tanaka unveiled the RI theme during the opening plenary session of the 2012 International Assembly, a training event for incoming Rotary district governors. "Peace, in all of the ways that we can understand it, is a real goal and a realistic goal for Rotary," he said. "Peace is not something that can only be achieved through agreements, by governments, or through heroic struggles. It is something that we can find and that we can achieve, every day and in many simple ways." people. "I realized that by helping others, even in the simplest of ways, I could help to build peace," Tanaka said. He noted that the Japanese tradition of putting the needs of society above the needs of the individual helped his country rebuild after the tsunami and earthquake in March.

"This is a lesson that I think the whole world can learn from, in a positive way. When we see the needs of others as more important than our own needs -- when we focus our energies on a shared goal that is for the good of all -- this changes everything," he said. "It changes our priorities in a completely fundamental way. And it changes how we understand the idea of Peace has different meanings for different people, Tanaka said. "No definipeace." tion is right, and no definition is wrong," he said. "However we use the word, Tanaka will ask Rotarians to focus their energy on supporting the three prithis is what peace means for us. orities of the RI Strategic Plan, he said. He added that he will ask the incom"No matter how we use, or understand the word, Rotary can help us to ing leaders to promote three Rotary peace forums, to be held in Hiroshima, achieve it," he added. Japan; Berlin; and Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Tanaka, a businessman from the greater Tokyo metropolitan area, shared “In Rotary, our business is not profit. Our business is peace,” he said. “Our how becoming a Rotarian broadened his understanding of the world. After reward is not financial, but the happiness and satisfaction of seeing a betjoining the Rotary Club of Yashio, in 1975, he said, he began to realize that ter, more peaceful world, one that we have achieved through our own efhis life's purpose was not to make more money, but to be useful to other forts.” 9

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Scenes from 2012 RI District 3780 Conference


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