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SCENE 1 DOROTHY enters stage right carrying tons of shopping bags. MOTHER: Dorothy, where have you been!? DOROTHY: (cheerfully) Shopping, mom! MOTHER: With what money? Were you using your credit cards again?! DOROTHY: (smiling) Not mine

MOTHER: Dorothy, you didnt! (searches through her purse) Do you have my credit card? I only have it for emergencies! DOROTHY: Of course! What did you think, I would use mine?!? Mine are maxed out! Use cash?!? I dont have any money left after making payments on my credit cards! MOTHER: Thats it! Dorothy, you need to learn how to budget your money! You dont need anything you just bought! DOROTHY: Mom, of course I did. Look! These shoes just came in today and I just had to have them! MOTHER: But you have those shoes already! DOROTHY: No, these are in red. I only have them in purpleand blueand green and yellowoh and pink MOTHER: (interrupts) You dont get it, Dorothy! If you have all of this wasteful spending now at your age, itll only get worse from here! Im cancelling your credit cards, and dont even think about using mine again!! (She walks out of the room.) DOROTHY: (looks at audience) Seriously!?! (Sits on her bed, exasperated, and looks at fashion magazines.) MOTHER: (shouting) I am going out for a bit, Ill be back soon!! DOROTHY: (mutters) Whatever. A few minutes later, a thud and creaking is heard. Breaking glass and squeaking shoes are also heard. The bedroom door bursts open. Thieves come in (masked and holding bananas like guns) other thieves start throwing DOROTHYS products and clothes, and people from stage right and left are throwing stuff across stage. DOROTHY tries to grab her things from the air, but she only succeeds in grabbing her new red shoes. DOROTHY: (as stuff is thrown across stage) Stop, stop!! No, wait!! Not my new shoes!! STOP!! After grabbing the new shoes, DOROTHY stops, and becoming too freaked out, she hyperventilates and dramatically falls to the floor, clutching her shoes. SONG: Opening Song While music begins, Munchkins come across the stage and look at Dorothy while carefully taking props off stage. SCENE 2 DOROTHY: (waking up) Where am I? Hello???? (GLINDA enters stage left) GLINDA: Well, who are you? (with attitude)

DOROTHY: I'm Dorothy, I'm from New York City. Someone broke into my house, and there was a tornado of clothes and shoes and wait a minute. Where am I? GLINDA: Well, you are a long way from New York City. Youre in Munchkinland. And (GLINDA notices the dead WWE who has been knocked out by Dorothys shoe) oh! Um wellhere's you and there's the Wicked Witch of the East so I guess youre responsible for that (points at dead witch). DOROTHY: Responsible for wha (sees WWE) Oh! No! I didn't do that! GLINDA: Well, you're the only one here sooo.. But it's ok, love. No its more than ok. It's the best thing that has happened here for years! How about we meet the munchkins? SONGS: Opening Song, GLINDA: Come out, come out, where ever you are, And meet the young lady, who fell from a star. She brings you good news, or havent you heard, When she fell out of New York a miracle occurred. DOROTHY: It really was no miracle, what happened was just this The wind began to switch, the house to pitch And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch Just then, a witch, to satisfy an itch, Went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch Munchkinland, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, Lullabye League, Lollipop Guild, Munchkinland WWW: (witch enters, menacingly, as choir holds last note on page 17 measure 165) Who killed my sister? GLINDA: (smiling and pointing to DOROTHY) She did (MUNCHKINS all point at Dorothy, too, scared) DOROTHY: Hey! (upset that they pointed her out. WWW walks menacingly to DOROTHY) I'm sorry I didn't mean to WWW: (complete change of character to easy-going) Its ok, she was annoying any way. I just came to get her bag. DOROTHY: (confused) Her bag? GLINDA: Yes, her bag, the amazing overly expensive Coach bag (goes to pick up the bag). I havent been able to afford one yet for myself, but Im saving up for it a little each month. Its just sobeautiful (gets emotional) WWW: Yea, and its mine now (yanks it out of GLINDAS hands). Ive been waiting for months to get that bag. Ive already maxed out my credit cards buying the matching wallet, and shoes, and GLINDA: (yanks it back from WWW) Wait a minute its not yours. Its Dorothys, seeing how shes the one who murdered the owner.

DOROTHY: Hey, didn't I already say it was an accident? GLINDA: Okay shes the one who unknowingly caused deadly harm to the Wicked Witch of the East. Is that better? It was YOUR shoe that knocked her out for the last time, so this is rightfully yours. (hands bag to DOROTHY) WWW: Hey, thats mine!! (tries to snatch it from DOROTHY who pulls back) GLINDA: Well fix that (waves wand toward DOROTHY). Dorothy cant even hand it over if she wanted to, now. (Dorothy tries to take it off her arm and cant) WWW: So I'll just have to take it by force (pulls out wand). GLINDA: Apparently you don't remember you cant use your powers here in Munchkinland. Dorothys protected by my special, goody-two-shoe, credit-card-free magic that I have put on that bag. WWW: Ugh I hate that! Since theres nothing I can do here, I better be going, sooo you(points at DOROTHY) better watch out because she (points at GLINDA) wont always be there to watch out for you. I'll get you, my pretty, and your little bag, too. (WWW exits). DOROTHY: (turns to GLINDA) So, how do I get back to New York City? I still have my moms credit cards to pay for a ride. GLINDA: Credit cards arent accepted here in this part of Oz. Do you have cash? DOROTHY: (sadly) No, no cash. GLINDA: Then you just have to get to the Emerald City and the Wizard of Oz on foot. DOROTHY: Wheres that and how do I get there? MUNCHKIN #1: (pushes between them) Just follow the yellow brick road (annoyed). DOROTHY: The yellow brick road? MUNCHKIN #2: (sarcastically) Nah, the red brick road. What other road would we be talking about? DOROTHY: Well, guess I didn't think about that. MUNCHKIN #3: Of course you didn't. Now, get on your way. The faster you start, the faster you'll get there. DOROTHY: Ok, well, thanks, I guess. SONGS: Follow The Yellow Brick Road, Were off to see the Wizard

SCENE 3 (DOROTHY walks down the yellow brick road and finds the Scarecrow on top of a pole with binoculars.) SCARECROW: Darn it! I cant see the Emerald City from here. DOROTHY: (walks up to the pole and looks up) Excuse me? What are you doing? SCARECROW: Huh? (shocked, falls down and gets stuck on a nail on the pole) What! Oh man, not again! Thats the fifth time this week! DOROTHY: Oh, Im sorry. Are you alright? SCARECROW: Do I look alright to you? How about you help me out and get me down from here! DOROTHY: You got twenty bucks? SCARECROW: What? DOROTHY: I need cash to pay for a ride to the Emerald City. I can help you if you have money. SCARECROW: Fine then. (Pulls out twenty bucks and hands it to DOROTHY) Here you go. DOROTHY: (grabs the money) Thank you (she helps the scarecrow down) SCARECROW: Thanks for the help, even though it cost me. DOROTHY: No problem. Say, whats your name? SCARECROW: Scarecrow. Whats yours? DOROTHY: Dorothy. What were you doing up there, anyway? SCARECROW: I was trying to see Ozma from here. DOROTHY: Whos that? SCARECROW: What! You dont know who Ozma is? Shes the daughter of the Wizard of Oz, the most beautiful woman in history. How is it you dont know who she is? DOROTHY: Sorry, I just got here. It sounds like you really like this Ozma. SCARECROW: Yeah, I do. I love her! But, I cant figure out how to win her over. I need to be smarter! What are you doing here by the way? Nobody ever walks down this path. DOROTHY: Im going to see the Wizard of Oz to see if he can get me back home to New York. This coach bag is keeping me safe from the Wicked Witch of the West. SCARECROW: Do you think the Wizard of Oz could help me too? I would do anything to be smart enough to win Ozma.

DOROTHY: I dont see why not. What would you do if you managed to win her? SCARECROW: What would I do? Well, together. SONG: If I only had the brains (remixed) We would while away the hours, cuddlin in the flowers, dancing in the rain. And her hair Id be strokin, and on our dates wed be jokin, if I only had the brains. I'd unravel any riddle, for any individ'le In trouble or in pain With the thoughts I'd be thinkin' I could be another Lincoln if I only had a brain Oh, I would tell you why the ocean's near the shore I could think of things I never thunk before And then I'd sit and think some more I would not be just a nuffin my head all full of stuffin, my heart all full of pain I would dance and be merry life would be a ding a derry if I only had a brain DOROTHY: Wow. Well Im definitely going to help make sure you get to see the Wizard of Oz now. SCARECROW: Oh, thank you! Thank you, so much! DOROTHY: To the Emerald City? SCARECROW: To the Emerald City, and to Ozma! SONGS: Were off to see the Wizard SCENE 4 (DOROTHY and SCARECROW walk back onto stage. TIN MAN is sitting on the edge of the stage, looking gloomy. They walk up to him.) DOROTHY: Hi! This is Scarecrow, and Im Dorothy. You look so sad. Can we help you? TIN MAN: No, no one can help me now. My girlfriend left me and took my heart. Its gone! Just gone! DOROTHY: Im so sorry. Maybe we can help. Were on our way to the Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz. I am going to ask him to help me get home, and Scarecrow here is going to ask him for brains to help him win Ozma. Maybe he can help you get a new heart! TIN MAN: Do you think he can help me? I do miss the tick-tick-tick sound my heart used to make. DOROTHY: I bet he can. What would you do with a new heart? TIN MAN: What would I do? Well, I would

SONG: If I only had a heart (remixed) When a man's an empty kettle he should be on his mettle, And yet I'm torn apart. Just because I'm presumin' that I could be kind-a-human,If I only had heart. I'd be tender - I'd be gentle and awful sentimental regarding Love and Art. I'd be friends with the sparrows and the boys who shoots the arrows If I only had a heart. Picture me - a balcony. Above a voice sings low.Wherefore art thou, Romeo? I hear a beat....How sweet. Just to register emotion, jealousy - devotion, and really feel the part. I could stay young and chipper and I'd lock it with a zipper, If I only had a heart. DOROTHY: When the Wizard hears your story, hes just going to have to give you a new heart. TIN MAN: Then lets get going! DOROTHY: To the Emerald City! SCARECROW: And to Ozma! TIN MAN: And to a new heart! SONGS: Were off to see the Wizard SCENE 5 (Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Tin Man walk on stage) LIONESS: (talking to a tree) uh,...look nice todayanyways, I wasya know...wonderingummm..I LIKE YOUR GREEN APPLES!!! TIN MAN: What are you doing!?!? LIONESS: What are you doing here?? If you dont leave, Ill um Illoh, whats the use? I am such a coward! SCARECROW: Sowhat were you talking about with the...umm tree? LIONESS: I waspracticing. DOROTHY: Practicingwhat? LIONESS: (shyly) Talking to guys. Oh, its horrible! Whenever I see a guy I like and try to talk to him, I just freeze up. If I just had a little bit of courage, it would be so much easier! SCARECROW: I know how you feel. If I had just a bit more brains I could win my Ozma. Lioness hold on for a minute. Hey Dorothy, can I talk to you for a sec? (TIN MAN, DOROTHY, and SCARECROW huddle up and start whispering) DOROTHY: Well, Lioness, weve talked and we were wondering if youd like to come with us to the Emerald City and meet the Wizard of Oz. He might be able to help you. LIONESS: How is he going to help you guys?

DOROTHY: Hes going to find me a way to get home to New York! SCARECROW: And hes going to get me some brains! TIN MAN: And a heart for me! LIONESS: Really?!?! You think he could help me? TIN MAN: Well, sure! So how bout it then? LIONESS: Oh my goodness! YES!! Thank you so much! This will mean everything! SONG: If I only had the nerve (remixed) Yeh, it's sad, believe me, Missy, When you're born to be a sissy, without the vim and verve. But I could show my prowess, be a lion not a mou-ess, If I only had the nerve. I'm afraid there's no denyin' I'm just a dandelion, A fate I don't deserve. I'd be brave as a blizzard, but as gentle as a lizard If I only had the nerve. Oh, Id be who I am inside, A queen down to the core Oh, Id flirt the way I never flirted before, and then a hair flip and flirt some more I would not be just a nuffin my head all full of stuffin, my heart all full of pain And perhaps Id deserve him and be even worthy of him SCARECROW: If I only had a brain TIN MAN: A heart DOROTHY: A home LIONESS: The nerve ALL: Were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz (Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the Lioness walk off stage) SCENE 6 SONG: Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my! DOROTHY: (all have stopped in awe at break before this song begins) Oh, look at all the sales people I want to buy something I still have my moms credit cards! ALL FOUR: (chanting with music) Purses and clothing and shoes, oh my! Purses and clothing and shoes, oh my! SALES PERSON #1: We take credit cards, my pretty, you know you want to buy something!

ALL FOUR: (chanting with music) Purses and clothing and shoes, oh my! Purses and clothing and shoes, oh my! DOROTHY: Look at all the things they are selling! If I just use my moms credit card SALES PERSON #2: We also take trades how about that nice bag of yours for something I have here, like this (holds up a product)? SALES PERSON #3: Thats so lame, you really want this (shows an item). LIONESS: Dont fall for it, Dorothy! SCARECROW: That bag is protecting you from the Wicked Witch of the West! DOROTHY: But, theyre all so nice TIN MAN: Hey, everyone look! Its the Emerald City!!! SONG: Optimistic Voices SCENE 7 DOROTHY: Its so beautiful here! SCARECROW: Look at all the people! TIN MAN: I wonder what its like to live here in the Emerald City. LIONESS: It must be wonderful! SONG: Merry Old Land of Oz (ends with yelling to look at the sky, etc.) DOROTHY: Its the Wicked Witch of the West! SCARECROW: Shes written Surrender the bag, Dorothy across the sky! TIN MAN: Whatll we do now? Shes found you, Dorothy! LIONESS: In my experience, its always better to run and hide! (hides behind Tin Man) OZIAN: Are you the Dorothy that the Witch is writing about? DOROTHY: (apprehensively) Yes. OZIAN: Then come with me. The Wizard and his daughter Ozma want to see you immediately. (All four follow, not sure whether to be scared or excited. They are brought before the Wizard and Ozma) OZMA: I am Ozma, daughter of Oz, the Great and Powerful! He is here to listen to your plea. DOROTHY: Oh, Oz, your majesty, we have come -

WIZARD: (interrupting) I know why you have come! You dare to come to me for gifts!?! I may be willing to help you, but first, you must prove yourselves worthy by performing a very small task. Bring me the no-limit credit card belonging to the Wicked Witch of the West! SCARECROW: Her no-limit credit card? I dont understand WIZARD: Of course you dont understand, you brainless idiot! I must have that card! OZMA: Dad! Dont be so mean to him! (smiles and waves at SCARECROW behind WIZARDS back) WIZARD: (glares at Ozma, then talks to group) If you must know, its time to make a payment on my castle here in the Emerald City, but I am out of money. OZMA: Dad used all his cash and maxed out all of his credit cards shopping on the internet. WIZARD: Oh the things Ive bought! Have you heard of footsie pajamas? I bought them for Christmas gifts for everyone in Oz! OZMA: Dont forget the hundreds of dollars in iTunes gift cards you bought, and dont even get me started on the number of Amazon boxes that come in every day! WIZARD: Well, now I am out of money and I have to make a payment on the castle or Im going to get kicked out the Emerald City. I must have the Witchs no-limit credit card if I am going to continue as the Wizard of Oz if Im going to help you get home, brains, a heart, and some courage. OZMA: Can you help us? Please? (bats eyes at Scarecrow) TIN MAN: (to group) I dont have the heart to tell her no. LIONESS: (to group) Im scared, but it sounds like the only way to get what we need, is to help them get what they need. DOROTHY: Okay, were in, Wizard, but you better come through for us. What do we do? WIZARD: She lives in a mall outside of the Emerald City. Listen close (All follow Wizard as he explains what to do and walks group off stage. While they walk, Scarecrow and Ozma flirt.) SCENE 8 SALES PERSON #1: (walks in with other sales people) So the witch said we have one more chance to catch Dorothy. SALES PERSON #2: Her crystal ball showed her that Dorothy is coming today. SALES PERSON #3: No mistakes this time - we have to get that coach bag from Dorothy and give it to the Wicked Witch! WWW: (walks in, starts primping) I love living in a mall, surrounded by stuff to make me pretty. (to sales people) Why are you just standing there! Get ready! You better get my sisters coach bag

from that evil little girl and bring her straight to my office!! (turns her back on them and continues primping, sales people being setting up their wares) (DOROTHY, SCARECROW, TIN MAN and LIONESS walk in together, unnoticed by all, tiptoeing quietly) DOROTHY: We need a plan. SCARECROW: Ive got a plan! Lioness, you walk over to those sales people and get rid of them so we can sneak up on the Witch and take her credit card. LIONESS: Me?!? Butbuttheres a GUY over there! I cant talk to them! TIN MAN: Lioness, you can do anything. Youre smart, beautiful - that guy would be lucky if you even looked at him. LIONESS: (blushing) You really think so, Tin Man? Well, thanks! I guess Ill give it a try! (walks over to sales people) uh,...anyways, I wasya know...wondering ummm.., DOROTHY: Shes going to ruin it! TIN MAN: Just give her a chance! LIONESS: Wellum..can you show me what you have for sale here? SALES PEOPLE: Sure! Let me show you(they talk over each other trying to sell her their products) TIN MAN: See! She can do it! LIONESS: That all looks great, but I already have that in those colors. Do you have other colors, in storage maybe? SALES PERSON #1: Sure, Ive got a pink and white polka dot one youd love! Dont leave, Ill be right back! (runs off stage) SALES PERSON #2: Ive got a better one in purple stripes! (runs off stage) SALES PERSON #3: Ive got one in gold sparkles! (runs off stage. The lioness motions for the group to join her and sneak up on the WWW) WWW: (catches them sneaking up on her and backs away) What! What are you doing here?!? Where are my sales people? Im supposed to catch you, youre not supposed to catch me! DOROTHY: We want your credit card. Just give it to us and well go. WWW: My credit card?!? (takes it out and shows it) My no-limit credit card? I dont think so! (puts it away in her pocket) Maybe we can work a trade for something else - give me that coach bag and Ill give you something much more valuable.

DOROTHY: No way Im not stupid. This bag must be very powerful if you want it that badly. WWW: I guess Ill just have to take it from you. (turns to get her wand, SCARECROW sneaks up and pick pockets her, gives it to DOROTHY) Give it back! You dont understand! I have to have that card! The more debt I rack up the more evil I am! I cant live without it! Ill do anything, please! Just give me back my credit card! TIN MAN: Its like shes addicted to it! We cant bring this credit card back to the Wizard the same thing will happen to him! SCARECROW: I have a plan the Wizard never said we had to bring the card back in one piece. Dorothy, cut it up! WWW: Cut it up?!? No, you cant! Dont do it, stop! (DOROTHY takes the scissors from her bag and cuts up the card. The WWW dies as the card is cut up.) LIONESS: Lets get out of here before those sales people get back! SCENE 9 (Wizard and Ozma are set just as the in Scene 7) WIZARD: Who dares enter my lair?!? DOROTHY: Its us. Oh great and powerful Oz! We have the credit card. WIZARD: (in surprise) You were able to get her credit card? The one with no limit? SCARECROW: Yes. But it looks a little different now. (shows cut up credit card pieces, drops them into OZS hands) WIZARD: What is this! LIONESS: We saw what the card did to the Wicked Witch running up debt is not pretty. We didnt want that to happen to you, too. You need to find another solution to your money problems instead of charging everything. OZMA: Dad, theyre right. You had to stop this spending some time. TIN MAN: Can we have our rewards now? I really want my heart back, and Scarecrow here needs brains, and Lioness needs courage, and Dorothy, well, she wants to go home. WIZARD: This is a bit awkward. I really wasnt expecting you guys to survive. DOROTHY: But you promised to help us! WIZARD: All right, All right!!! Scarecrow you first! You say you need brains, but from what the powers tell me, you came up with the plan to sneak up on the Wicked Witch of the West, and to cut up the card. If you still feel like you need something to make you smarter than you already are (looking through boxes seeing what he can find) what do we have here ahhh (pulls out hair gel) Here is some hair gel that makes you smart.

SCARECROW: Awesome, Im going to look good and be smart. OZMA: (smiling at SCARECROW) You already are to me, Scarecrow. TIN MAN: What about me? WIZARD: Tin Man, you say you need a heart, but (pulls TIN MAN to the side) it seems that the way you look at Lioness over here that you have already gotten your heart back, and are preparing to give it away again. But, if you still feel like you need help (looking through boxes seeing what he can find) what do we have here ahhh (pulls out paint can) Here is some gold paint to attract the ladies. TIN MAN: Ive already attracted the lady I want. (Walks back to the group) LIONESS: What about me? WIZARD: Lioness, you say you need courage, but here you are standing up to me, the great and powerful Oz, and I hear you did a great job at the Wicked Witchs mall, too, talking up a few sales people. But, if you still feel like you need help (looking through boxes seeing what he can find) what do we have here ahhh (pulls out book) Ill give you a guide on how to talk to guys. LIONESS: Woohoo! Wait - what if it dosent work? WIZARD: Trust me, it will. Try it out on Tin Man and tell me how it goes. LIONESS: Okay(not understanding) DOROTHY: How am I supposed to get back home? WIZARD: I had planned on giving you a ride on my private jet, but I dont have the money to do that anymore since Im not using credit cards. I promise, though, I will save up and as soon as I have saved up enough money, a ticket home for you is the first thing Im buying. DOROTHY: But, I want to get home! I need to tell my mom that Im sorry I used her credit card, and Ive got to start applying for jobs Im not going to end up like that Wicked Witch, its all cash and no cards from here on out. (Glinda shows up) GLINDA: Finally, youre ready. DOROTHY: What? Where did you come from? GLINDA: Ive been following you all along. You needed to learn for yourself just how bad it can get when you start charging away without thinking. Now the coach bag can take you home. DOROTHY: The coach bag? You mean this whole time it could have taken me home? GLINDA: Now that youve learned, it can. Just rub your purse 3 times and say No charging, just cash. (Dorothy rubs her purse, passes out, everyone disappears and takes all evidence of Oz, she wakes up on the floor and sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow)