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406-WAPDA House, Shahrah WAPDA Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore-54000 54000 Telephone (92) (92)-42-9202666 Fax: (92)-42-9202799

No. PITC/ G-224/06 M/s SeeSam Solutions Private Limited House #12 PCSIR Employees Cooperative Housing Society Pahse-1, Lahore Tel#042-36293441-42,35411232 42,35411232 Fax# 35450875 E-mail Subject: Ref: RATE CONTRACT FOR THE SUPPLY OF SCANNERS i. Tender No. PITC/G PITC/G-224 (42)/06-2011 Opened on 21-07-2011 ii. Your quotation TDR TDR-G/REP-110712/11 dated 12-07-2011.


Rate contract for the supply of scanners at the rate specified below is hereby entered ate scanners into between you i.e. M/s SeeSam Solutions Private Limited and this organization subject to the General Conditions of Contract and special conditions laid down in this contract:contract: 1. Description ITEM Avision AV176+ Automatic Document Feeder Scanner 2. SPECIFICATION 600 X 600 dpi 24 bit colour Speed 12 PPM 8.5 x 14 paper size Avision button Manager, Avision AvScan 5.0, ScanSoft Paper Port 11SE Power & Interface cables & Dust Covers Note: Specifications must be equivalent to above or higher/the latest in the same price. 3. PERIOD OF RATE CONTRACT The Rate Contract will remain enforced for a period of three months from the date of its issuance and further extendable to three months repeatedly if agreed by both the parties, not exceeding one year in total. 4. SPECIAL CONDITIONS In case your firm subsequently quoted less prices for the items under Rate Contract in any other organization, during the currency of this Rate Contract, the amount rece received in excess shall be refundable to purchasing agency.
Signature: Venders Authorized Representative Signature : PITCs Representative_

Unit rate with all Taxes on F.C.S basis. Rs. 41,000/-

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TERMS OF DELIVERY The rates shown in the table (Clause No.1) are on the basis of free delivery and you will be required to dispatch the material to the consignee at out station on freight paid basis. The relevant receipt should be forwarded to Indenter/Consignee through any courier service with covering letter, so as to reach him well in advance of the arrival of the consignment at store. A confirmatory letter showing receipt (No. & date), Purchase Purch Order (No. & date) quality and quantity of good dispatched should be sent to consignees ate) enabling them to take delivery of the consignment against an indemnity bond. In the event of receipt not being received by them in time, you will be responsible for any loss, theft, demurrage until goods have been received by consignee at designated store consignee (anywhere in Pakistan).


QUANTITY Firm orders based on the Rate Contract may be placed by various formations. No guarantee can be given as to the quantity of stores which would actually be lifted during stores the period of this Rate Contract by the indenters by placing direct orders on you. You d indenters will, however, not be absolved of the responsibility to meet the demands of indenting officer, if the quantities exceed the estimated requirement. The Indenter, however, estimated reserves the right to obtain from any source the stores covered by this Rate Contract to meet in an emergency, if the CEO, PITC (whose decision shall be final) is satisfied that hose you are not in a position to supply the specified quantities within the period in which supplies are required and you will have no claim on this behalf against the purchaser.


DELIVERY PERIOD Normally stores will be delivered to indenter/consignee against the purchase order placed by them during the rate contract period, but you shall not be absolved of the responsibility of delivering the quantities on firm orders issued during the currency of Rate Contract. Supply against each purchase order will be completed within 45 days. The term Delivery Period shall mean the date of receipt of consignment at destination. ivery

8. 9. 10.

INDENTER All WAPDA/PEPCO formations including all DISCOs. CONSIGNEE All WAPDA/PEPCO formations including all DISCOs. INSPECTION Inspection of the equipment will be carried out at firms premises jointly by the CEO, PITC and consignee or their authorized representatives. Venue of inspection can however be changed by CEO, PITC depending on nature of P.O. Notice in writing shall have to be given by you to this office and consignee concerned, when the stores against the order are ready for inspection. All reasonable facilities provided in the specification are allowed by the industry or trade in general shall have to be afforded to the Inspecting Officers by you at your expense and cost for carrying out the inspection. The inspection team will seal the material after inspection, which will be unsealed by the consignee on receipt. The Company may send its representative to be present at the time of unpacking.

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If you fail to present the complete consignment with respect to specification or quantity, re-inspection fee will be charged, as per prevailing rate in the purchase procedure, before inspection re-inspection. 11. DESPATCH INSTRUCTIONS The rates approved are on the basis of FCS (Free delivery to Consignees Store) through Store reliable transport company and as such material should be dispatched at your firms risk. All losses during transit will be replaced at your cost against the claim pref preferred on you within fifteen days of the receipt of consignment by consignee. The consignee will hand over the number of items damaged during dispatch for replacement. 12. SALES TAX & OTHER GOVT DUTIES. The price given in the rate contract is inclusive of packing charges, government duties, ate overnment taxes, sales tax, surcharges etc. subject to adjustment (increase & decrease) in case of enhancement/imposition or decrease/withdrawal of taxes, duties surcharges etc. during the currency of Rate Contract. However, before acceptance of your revised rates you will provide reasons for increase with respective supporting documents. Similarly, if any duties, taxes, sales tax, surcharges etc are withdrawn or decreased, you will promptly inform PITC of the same together with necessary orders/notification etc and calculations for corresponding decrease of rates. If you fail to do the same in case of withdrawal/decrease of taxes, duties etc. PITC reserves the right to take suitable action against you including blacklisting and to take necessary steps to recover excess payment. ncluding 13. WARRANTY You will furnish a full comprehensive warranty certificate, certifying that the goods supplied conform exactly to the specifications laid down in the contract and are brand new and that in the event of the material being found defective at the time of delivery at and for the period of warranty (as given below) from the date of supply/installation, you will be held responsible for all losses and that the un acceptable goods shall be un-acceptable good substituted with acceptable goods at your expense and cost. Period of Warranty for: i. ii. iii. 14. All hardware three years with parts and labour. Consumables either six months or till As applicable. consumption of material, whichever is earlier. Software free maintenance support for one year.

SECURITY You shall deposit not exceeding 5% of the value of the proposed Purchase Order in shape of Bank Draft or Bank Guarantee issued by any scheduled bank, in favour of t indenter, as security. The same shall be released after expiry of warranty period. You same can however split the security amount according to Clause 13, Sub Clauses i, ii and iii above in case of mixed purchased order.


DEMURRAGE Should any demurrage charges be incurred due to any of the reasons mentioned below the same shall be deducted from your bill or recovered from you as a separate item (the decision of the competent authority, regarding fixation of responsibility in this connection shall be binding on you): -

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Signature : PITCs Representative_

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ii. iii. iv. 16.

Owing to delay in forwarding the relevant courier information (bilty/receipt) and packing list to the consignee well in advance of the arrival of the material at consignees store. Late receipt of courier information (bilty/receipt) by the consignee due to incorrect or incomplete address. ncomplete Defective making or packing of the goods ordered. Due to reasons not specified above but for which you are responsible.

FAILURE AND TERMINATION a) If you fail to deliver (including installation & commissioning) the stores or any ommissioning) consignment within the specified delivery period, department shall be entitled at his option either:i. To recover from you liquidated damages levied at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof up to 10% (The liquidated damages shall be recovered only for the stores supplied late or not supplied except where un-delivered stores e unheld up the use of other stores, when it shall be for the total value of the the contract). The recovery of the liquidated damages mentioned above can be affected from any payment due to y from any unit of WAPDA/PEPCO/ you WAPDA/PEPCO PITC. OR ii. To purchase from elsewhere without notice to you at your risk and cost, the stores not yet delivered without cancelling the contract in respect of the consignment yet due for delivery. OR iii. To cancel the contract at your risk and cost. In the event of action being taken under (ii) or (iii) above, you shall be liable for any loss which the consignee may suffer on that account, but you shall not be entitled to any gain on re-purchase made against the supply order. purchase b) If during the course of execution of this contract, your firm is black listed, the department may proceed with all or any of the action detailed below: i. ii. iii. To allow the contractor to complete the contract in accordance with the terms & conditions of contract. To stop further supplies with or without financial repercussions. To cancel the contract with or without reservation of rights.


FORCE MAJURE While terminating the contract for breach of contract or imposing liquidated damages, the purchaser shall give due consideration to the circumstances leading to the breach of er contract or delay on which you had no hold, examples of which are: are:i. ii. iii. Act of State, Enemy or God Almighty; Lockout, strikes; Restrictions imposed by the government in the matter of import/export;

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Injunction granted by a lawful court restraining you from executing the contract unless such injunction was due to any alleged irregularity committed by you.

While determining liquidated damages the purchaser shall not consider any of the following circumstances, a clause under Force Majeure and shall not allow any relaxation in the liquidated damages on that account. i. ii. 18. Delay on the part of contractor in the arrangement of raw materials. Defect or failure occurring to any machinery or equipment installed at the equipment contractor works during the currency of the contract. The Inspection team may reject a part or the whole of the consignment offered for inspection, if after inspection such portion thereof as it may decide in its discretion, it is satisfied that the consignment is below the requirements of the particulars governing the supply given in the purchase order; The decision of the Inspection team shall be binding on you. If the stores are rejected as aforesaid then without prejudice to the right, the aforesaid purchaser shall have the following rights: rights:a. To purchase the stores in place of rejected goods at your cost and expense. b. To terminate the contract and recover from you the loss, the Purchaser thereby incurs. 19. MARKING OF MATERIAL. Each package delivered under contract shall be marked by and at your expense, clearly showing the name of the consignee and destination (all previous marking being carefully obliterated). In case these instructions are not followed, the loss if any due to defective the or incorrect marking shall be to your account. 20. INSURANCE. The dispatch of goods by any means shall be done in safely packing conditions at carriers risk. In case of demurrage, loss or pilferage in transit, the consignee shall be required to obtain a certificate from Transport Co. about the damages/short supplies and sent the same to you for preferring claim on the carrier. In case of non supply of certificate by consignee within fifteen days of the receipt of consignment, your responsibilities shall cease. 21. PACKING You will be responsible for packing the stores suitable for transit so as to ensure their being free from loss or damage on arrival at destination. The packing of the stores shall be done by and at your expense in accordance with the standard specification. Goods will be packed according to the trade practice to ensure safe receipt at destination.


ii. iii.

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PAYMENT You will be entitled to receive 100% payment from the consignee for supplying goods contained in purchase order to concerned formations. The payment will be made in the shape of crossed cheque payees account through an authorized person. The crossed cheque will be handed over only when stores /material are received and accepted against material manufacturers warranty and to the entire satisfaction of consignee or his representative. Payment of sales tax will be made on actual basis on production of documentary evidence and in line with approved procedure of CBR of Pakistan. Your bill should be idence supported by the following documents: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Bill in triplicate having NTN. ll Warranty certificate as per clause clause-13 above. Non Payment Certificate. Inspection Certificate. A certificate that the security amount against said Purchase Order has been received. vi. Goods Receipt Note issued by the consignee. i. This contract sha be governed by the existing laws of Pakistan as amended shall aws from time to time. ii. Subject to the above conditions, a binding contract is concluded with the issuance of this letter and provisions of this contract shall be binding on you, on your assigns, executors, administrators and all those who have any interest pecuniary or otherwise in your concern. Please acknowledge receipt in token of acceptance of the terms & conditions of this rate contract within three days from the date of issue of this rate contract. In case the acknowledgement is not received within the stipulated period, it will be assumed that you have accepted this contract, which has acquired the status of legally binding contract status between you and PITC with effect from the date of its issuance Note: All the pages including annexure(s) must be signed by the firms representative in token of acceptance. This issues with the approval of CEO, PITC.



signature: Safdar Bakht (Venders Authorized Representative) (Ahmad Kausar Agha) Addl. Director General (Technical)

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