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Your Reference : 365N_1_361SH_1 Reference Date : Due Date : 03/06/2012 03/06/2012

No.35 & 36,SURVEY No.74/2A, 15th CROSS, B.KRISHNAPPA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE,SRIGANDHA NAGAR, HEGGANAHALLI, Bangalore - 560091 Karnataka PH : 2836 7425 Mob : 9141646261

Kind Attn. MR.SYED

Sir, We acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your below enquiry and have pleasure in quoting the following against your requirements. Our Ref. : BQ/A95/12/1291 Date : 04/06/2012 Qty Unit Rate Amount Nos. Rs. Rs. KALPA Item No : 1
L.T. Indoor Resin Cast Current Transformers, Single Phase, 50/60Hz.., ILV: 0.66/3kV. Ins.Cl-B, Ref.Std.IS-2705/1992.

L.T Resin Cast Ring Type CT 50/60 Hz Ratio 400/1-1A Core1 - Class 0.2 @ Burden 10VA Core2 - Class 5P10 Burden 15VA STC: 50 kA Time: 1 Sec ILV 0.66/3 kV. Ins Class B Ref Std IS:2705/1992 ID 55mm OD 140mm HT 135mm. With Mounting Clamp. Note: For STC 50 kA/1 Sec, suitable Primary Busbar to be provided by the customer.



Item No : 2

L.T.Resin Cast Wound Primary Type CT 50/60 Hz Ratio 275/1-1A Core1 - Class 0.2 @ Burden 10VA Core2 - Class 5P10 Burden 15VA STC 50 kA Time : 1 Sec. ILV 0.66/3 kV. Ins Class B Ref Std IS:2705/1992. With Mounting Clamp. Dimension: LxBxH: 185x150x180mm.



Total Qty :


Total Amount :


PRICE : The prices quoted / stated above are net and on " F.O.R Ex-Works basis exclusive of all taxes,packing,frieghts,insurance etc.. Force Majeure arising out of National / International disturbances will entitle us to review the prices all the then prevailing circumstances from time to time.


EXCISE DUTY : Central Excise Duty 12% and 3% cess on B.E.D supported by excise invoice shall be charged extra under Heading No. 8504 as applicable at present.
SALES TAX : VAT. @ 14 %
Any statutory variation in the rate of Sales Tax after the date of this offer will be to your account. Our CST Regn.No. is 01250334 / 01.12.89 and TIN . No . 29190055052 Within 2 - 3 weeks from the date of receipt of your Purchase Order and clarification of all outstanding technical / commercial points and approval of drawings whichever is later but subject to Force Majeure conditions. The delivery is stated in good faith. We shall make every effort to supply the material within the delivery indicated. However any penalty or liquidated clauses are not acceptable to us.


TESTS : All routine tests will be carried out as per relevant Standard and test certificate will be submitted alongwith supply. If any Type Test or other specific tests are called for the same will be conducted if mutually agreed and at an extra charge to your account. TERMS OF PAYMENT : 50% advance, balance against Proforma Invoice VALIDITY : Valid for 30 days from the date of offer . ORIGIN & GUARANTEE : The units offered above are of our own make and guaranteed against defective material and faulty workmanship for a period 36 months from the date of supply. If material is found defective under normal operating conditions during this period it will be replaced or repaired free of charge if returned to us. Our liability against above guarantee is restricted to replacement or repairing to the equipment and does not cover any consequential damages due to unlikely event of equipment being found defective during the period stated above.
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Our Ref. : BQ/A95/12/1291 KALPA Make Qty Nos. INSURANCE : Transit Insurance for the goods shall be arranged by you.
Awaiting your valued order and assuring you of our best attention at all times , we remain Thanking you Yours faithfully

Date : 04/06/2012 Unit Rate Rs. Amount Rs.



S . RAMESHA Managing Director .


Manager - Technical

This offer is computer genarated & does not require signature

MKT-R-02 / 28

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