Bugs: When you go here, you see all the information regarding all users http:// educateme.


Homepage : -Questions is shown in full. We can limit the character number to 160 -Show Subscribe, Like buttons to anonymous users as well. When they click on it, sign in/sign up pop-up window will show up. -For Hot Q&A block, it should be hot Q&As of today, not all time. So everyday, we will show whichever courses are most active in that day. -For Popular People section, similar to Hot Q&A, can we show popular people of the day since same people will be shown forever if it stays this way? -Once user signs in, we will show people, and Q&A related to their skills and background (same company & school) -Remove text “First level” at the top . Also we don’t need “Submit” button there. It should automatically load whatever category we choose. -”Show more” button. Can we replace it with “ Load more “ button and slide it down when clicked on it, instead of loading next page. -View count on home page does not work. They are always zero. They will show how many users viewed the course.

Q&A form : -Q&A form theme should be done according to last PNG file. By default, Questions, and Suggest button will be shown to everybody, including anonymous users. Please refer to the last Q&A PNG file that I sent you. -I don’t see any social networking buttons such as Tweet, Share, and “Link to this post” links. -Add “Newest first” and “Unresolved first” sorting functionality to Q&A. “Unresolved first” will show the questions that are not solved yet. - “Suggest a solution” and “Add comment” boxes are expands out of frame. -No need to show “Load more” button if there are no more than 10 Questions.

Profile: -User sign up steps is still not there. This was part of the extra work and I think we should implement this in this first phase. -Make following, followers clickable so that user can see list of people who are following and are followed by the particular user -Make company/school clickable so that people can see list of people from same school/company -Make skills clickable so that users can see list of people with same skills. People with highest rated skills will be shown first. -Suggest users to follow people with same skills that are high rated , or people with same school/

company . -At profile page, “Show more” button is shown regardless of how many classes I took. If # of classes I took is between 0 and 10, don’t show the button. After 10, show it. Change “Show more” name to “Load more”, and when you click on it, it will expand down to show more courses, instead of loading another page. -Biography does not work. Whatever I put in my Bio, it does not show up. -Badges are not working. This was used to work before. -Users should be able to remove Courses shown in their “Course taken” section of the profile. -Everything (courses taken, likes, teaching, questions, solutions ..etc. ) in the user profile should be ordered such that the most recent ones will be show first.

Course Page: -In Article, show images at the bottom, instead of just showing title links of images. Can we also make article font color black, and body text font size 0.5, or 1 point bigger. -Make link colors blue and add some spacing between link and edge of the next item.Example: “Back” link. is very next to Save button. We can put a little extra spacing there. -Move “Add article”, “Add video”...etc. links to above the content, not bottom. -In the course page, lectures that are completed should have a green check mark on them. -Can we also show social sharing buttons (twitter, facebook, etc.) at the article page. -Organizing courses does not work well. For example, I have 10 video courses, and want to create only one folder, called Introduction, in which I want to put only first 4 videos. But, I want this folder to show up first in the course page so that order in the course page will be like Folder (Introduction), Lecture 5, Lecture 6... With the current way of organizing, I can’t do it. Only way to put first four videos in the folder would be that I need to place first four videos at the bottom of the organizing page, and placing folder above four videos. In this case, order of lectures in the course page will be Lecture 5, Lecture6, …...., Folder(introduction) - Can we change name “Add Scribd” to “Upload PDF” files, and “Add Slideshare” to “Upload Slides”. In this case, we should explicitly state that particular pages support scribd and slideshare. Please refer to the PNG files , called “create_course_next(recommended reading).png” and “create_course_next(uploading videos).png” to see what I mean. -Can we change name “Add Article Lecture” and “Add Video Lecture” to “Add Article”, and “Add Video”. Also, please change the “Course organaizing” to “Organize Your Course” -In “Add Video” page, explicitly state that Video import supports Youtube abd Vimeo. -When creating a course, can we add a section so that user can choose the difficulty level of the course.

3 different levels: Introductory,Intermediate, or Advanced -At course page, below user profile, Tweet link and “Link to the course page“ , i.e. http:// www.example.com, is not working. http://www.example.com is menat to be a link to the course. -Also Tags for the course are not working. Also can we make tags clickable so that it will show list of courses with same tags when clicked on it. -Can we change section name “Followers” to “Subscribers” -Can we move section that includes links “All, Videos, Academic and White Papers.....etc.” as well as course description and followers (Subscribers) section above the section that includes 5 star with Review section (i.e. right below user’s user name). -Followers section is not working correctly, This should show the list of subscribers for the course, not the list of followers of the instructor. Can we also make each avatar shown here clickable so that people can go to profile page of a particular subscriber. -In course organization, once user created a folder, if there is no avatar uploaded by user for the folder, then can we show the avatar of the first lecture as folder avatar? -In Scribd content page, I see a commenting back slashes on top and bottom of the content : “\ \ \ \ \ \ \ “ . Also, I see a link called “scribd”. Can we remove these? Please check: http://educateme.dev.webeuphony.com/course/signal-processing/principles-of-cmosvlsi-design

-At course creation page, we added a section, called “Prerequisite courses” . Below that, can we add a similar section with the name “Next courses to take”. This is to show which courses user should take next. This should be very simple to do since it is pretty much same functionality as “Prerequisite courses” just with different name.

Lecture page: --In lecture pages, can we show list of lectures in the same course on the right side? The lectures that are already completed should have a green check sign on their top right hand side so that user will know which ones user have completed already.

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