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Course Code: Course Objective:

The objectives of this course are to help the students develop an understanding of the dimensions of the management of human resources, with particular reference to HRM policies and practices in India.

BBA 406

Credit Units: 03

Course Contents:
Module I: Fundamentals of HRM Introduction, Concept and Functions, Scope and Significance of Human Resource Management, Personnel to HRM, Overview of basic HRM Model, Role and Responsibilities of the Human Resource Manager and essentials of Sound HR Policies. Module II: Acquisition of Human Resources Objectives, Policies and Process of Human Resource Planning, Job Analysis, Recruitment (process, methods: internal, external), Selection (process, tests, interviews), Induction, Placement. Module III: Development of Human Resources Training and Development(process, methods: On-the job, Off-the job), Evaluation of training( Kirkpatrick model) and Performance Appraisal(concept, significance, process, methods-Graphic rating scales, essays, confidential report, BARS,360 Degree, etc, errors during appraisal, reducing errors). Module IV: Maintenance of Human Resources Job Evaluation: concept, process, compensation: concept, components, Designing and Administering the Wage and Salary Structure, Grievance Procedure and Handling. Module V: Retention and Separation Processes Procedure of separation: Discharge, Retirement, Layoff, Retrenchment, VRS, Promotion and Transfer, exit interview, attrition and retention (concept, significance, determinants and strategies). Module VI: Current Issues in HRM Increased concern for HRM( Sound IR, dual career couples, flexi-working hours, work-from home facility), International Human Resource Management-Managing inter country differences, SHRM, talent management, Employee engagement, competency mapping, HR accounting-cases Indian organizations, HRIS, HR audit.

Examination Scheme:
Components Weightage (%) P1 10 C1 10 CT1 10 EE1 70

Text & References:

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