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Series List Chomsky’ Universal Grammar {An Introduction V. J. Cook The ELT Curriculum Dasign, Innovation and Managernont Ranale V. Write THE ELT CURRICULUM Design, Innovation and Management Ronald V. White Contents Note to the Reader Acknowledgements 1. Approach, Design, Procedure 2 Two Traditions Language Curriculum: Values and Options Language Syllabus Design: ‘Pwo Types Where, What and How: Other Bases to Syllabus Design ‘ype A Syllabuses: Notional-Functional The Type B Tradition 8 Language Curriculum Design: Process and Maagement Innovation: Managing and Evaluating Appendix Follow-up Activities Bibliography Inve 4 3 136 157 mm 189 Note to the Reader ‘This book is arranged in four parts, of which each contains @ number of chaprers. Each chapter has a number of sections and the final «wo include 2 summimary of the chapter and suggested follor-up reading. Inthe Appendix, there are follow-up activities for each chapter. These activities are intended to be done by groups, and they should invaive discussion Some of the activites cam also be done indivially they are linked to the content of eck haps, atl prsde some an oot practical development of the paints covered in the chapters themsetes, "You may find st useful to skim the follow-up activities Asfre you sead cach chapter Acknowledgements ‘Authors always take 2 great risk: they receive praise if their work is good — and Citicism if it isn't, Whatever the reception of this pubication, I should like t2 Aistibute some praise of my own, Fitsly, 10 the students who have attended the courses which provided the basis lor this book. Seconaly, 9 my colleagues, for their helpfsl suggestions. Thirdly, to Keith Johnson, series editor, for his critical comments and encouragement. Fourthly, to Sue Vice, for her keen editorial eye which identified many 2 solecism belore it reached print, Finally, ‘but_most significactly, to my wife, Nors, for the kind of support and understanding which only she ean provide. ‘The bleme for what follows is entirely mine ‘The author and the publishers are gratefel to the following for permission to reprosiice material which originally appeazed elsewhere: ‘The Council for Educational Technology for the United Kingdom, for two figures trum ® Havelock (1971) ‘The utilization of eduestional research and development’ Britt Jonrral of Eaucational Tehao'egy, 1, 2/2: 84-97. ‘The British Council for figures trom Dunfrd House Seminar 197% ELT Couse Design, BLT Deut: 1, Laenguage Teaching Proje for the Third Worl, BLT Deewmenss LIB, General Engh Silas Design, copyright © ‘The British Council. B. T. Batsford Ltd for a figure from RT, Boll (1981) a Friraaction to Applied inguin: Approaches ad Methods in Leaguage Teaching. Unesco for a figure from A.M. Huberman (1973) Undersnading Change in Filwation An Jarvtuction copyright © Unesco 1973. Cambridge University Press for figures, one from J. Yakden (1983) The Conmncative Syllabus: Exobtion, Design and Inplomcntatiny; and one from J.C. Richards and T. Rodgers (1986) Agprosch ond Methods im Language Teaching. Simon and Schuster lot & figure from C, Candin and D. Murphy (eds) 1987) Lemciter Prariced Papen in ELT, wo. 7. Ron Whive Reading