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The Most Important Titles of the Fall 2012 Season.

Hand Selected for Librarians

Chris Bohjalian

The SandcaSTle GirlS

Bohjalian relies on his Armenian heritage to deliver a book that is tailor-made for groups. The story goes back-and-forth in time between a modern day novelist exploring her familys history, and the story of Elizabeth Endicott, a young woman from Massachusetts who journeys to Syria with her father to help the Armenian people who are suffering unimaginable horrors in the desert. This is not an easy book to read, Bohjalian does not gloss over the atrocities, but he manages to offer moments of hope and humanity throughout. I am still thinking about it weeks later.


From the co-author of the mega-bestseller The Rule of Four comes a riveting new thriller centered around December 21, 2012the day the ancient Maya calendar predicts the world will end. Vince Flynn calls 12.21 the most exciting novel of its kind since the days of Michael Crichton .


978-0-385-53479-6 | $25.95/$28.95C | 100,000 | Doubleday | HC | July e 978-0-385-53480-2 | ] AD: 978-0-307-91740-9 | ] CD: 978-0-307-91739-3 | Historical Fiction


Promo: Book Group Guide and Book Trailer available RA: For Bohjalian fans, people of Armenian heritage, and readers of books like Sarahs Key RI: Westchester, NY and Watertown/South Hadley, MA

Dustin Thomason 12.21: A Novel

Mark Z. Danielewski

The FiFTy year Sword

The bestselling author of House of Leaves has crafted a powerfully creepy novellaa ghost story for grownup readers. At an East Texas ranch house, five orphans come to hear a story about a quest for a horrid weapon. As the owner of a mysterious box settles into a curious tale of revenge, the children grow more captivated, even as we grow more afraid that a new crime may await them all. A must for any Danielewski fan!
978-0-307-90772-1 | $23.95/$26.95C | 60,000 | Pantheon | HC | October 978-0-307-90773-8

978-0-385-34140-0 | $27.00/$29.95C | 50,000 The Dial Press | HC | August 978-0-679-64428-6 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01161-4 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01162-1 Fiction/tHriller

Promo: Book Trailer, Interactive Website: RA: For fans of Steve Berry, Dan Brown, and Preston & Child RI: Los Angeles, CA Story Locale


Promo: Author Video and Author Website, RA: For the many fans of House of Leaves RI: The book takes place in Texas


Editors of

Steig Larsson

Geek MoM:
Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st Century Families

The Girl wiTh The draGon TaTToo Book 1

A new way to fall in love with Stieg Larsson! Vertigo will publish official graphic novel adaptations starting in Fall 2012 with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Each book in the Millennium Trilogy will be adapted into two hardcover graphic novel volumes.
978-1-4012-3557-4 l $19.99/$23.99C l 250,000 l Vertigo l HC l November GrapHic novel


My nesting instinct has pretty much centered around stockpiling parenting books, no surprise there! From video games to Harry Potter movies and eReaders, everywhere you look kids are immersed in activities that can be labeled geeky. Any mom, whether she considers herself a true geek (in the coolest sense of the word) or not will want to explore the ideas, projects, and tips in this book.
978-0-8230-8592-7 | $19.99/$23.99C | 20,000 | Potter Craft | TR | October 978-0-8230-8593-4

craFts & Hobbies

Promo: Physical and Digital ARCs,Book Trailer RA: For fans of the Millennium Trilogy RI: Scandanavia


KEY: Promo: Book Promotional Material | RA: Readers Advisory | RI: Regional Interest

Emily Colin Vincent Lam

The MeMory ThieF: A Novel

When Madeleines husband is killed climbing Mount McKinley, she can only think of his promise to return to her and their son. Across the country, Nicholas Sullivan wakes from a motorcycle crash with his memory wiped clean, and replaced with dreams of a woman and a five-year-old boy. One mans promise drives this tale of love lost and found.
978-0-345-53039-4 | $15.00/$18.00C | 40,000 | Ballantine Books | TR | August 978-0-345-53558-0

The headMaSTerS waGer

A highly suspenseful and deeply affecting debut novel set against the turmoil of the Vietnam War from the internationally bestselling author of Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures.
978-0-307-98646-7 | $25.00 | 40,000 Hogarth | HC | August

E 978-0-307-98647-4 | ] CD 978-0-449-80829-0
] AD 978-0-449-80830-6 literary Fiction


Promo: eGalley available RA: For fans of Cutting for Stone and The Piano Teacher RI: Saigon, Vietnam

Promo: Reading Group Guide RA: For fans of Kristin Hannah RI: Author lives in Wilmington, NC

Kathleen Alcott

Kim Fay

The Map oF loST MeMorieS: A Novel

1925 Shanghai: the international treasure-hunting scene is a mans world. But, Irene Blum may be on the brink of the greatest archaeological discovery of the century. She possesses a map believed to lead to scrolls that chronicle the history of Cambodias ancient Khmer civilization.
978-0-345-53134-6 | $26.00/$31.00C | 30,000 | Ballantine Books | HC | August

The danGerS oF proxiMal alphaBeTS: A Novel

An emotional, deeply layered love story that explores the dynamics of family when it defies bloodlines and societal conventions.
978-1-59051-529-7 l $14.95/$17.95C l 10,000 Other Press l TR l September | 978-1-59051-530-3

literary Fiction

Promo: ARCs and Reading Group Guides RA: For readers of Vaclev & Lena RI: Author lives in New York City

E 978-0-345-53135-3 | ]
Historical Fiction

CD: 978-0-449-01146-1 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01147-8

Harry Bingham

Promo: Scribd Excerpt, Author Website: RA: For fans of Calebs Crossing and Anne Fortiers Juliet RI: Far East Story Locale

TalkinG To The dead:

A Novel

Rebecca Harrington

When Penelope arrives on the Harvard campus, everyone is overwhelmed and overworked and the dorm room pregame sessions never lead to a real game. When Penelope finds herself roped into a production of Camuss Caligula, she begins to worry that her entire college experience is starting to resemble an absurdist play.
978-0-307-95031-4 | $14.95/$17.95C | 35,000 | Vintage | August | Fiction

Welsh Detective Fiona Griffiths is on the cusp of breaking her first big case. A gruesome double-murder initially seems like an open-and-shut drug deal. But, why was a millionaires credit card found at the scene? Fiona must untangle a conspiracy that draws her deeper into a world where rules dont apply.
978-0-345-53373-9 | $26.00 | 40,000 Delacorte Press | HC | September

E 978-0-345-53374-6 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01175-1 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01174-4

Mystery, tHriller & suspense

E 978-0-307-95033-8

Promo: Scribd Excerpt RA: For fans of Tana French RI: Cardiff, Wales story locale

Promo: Author Video RA: Prep meets The Marriage Plot RI: Set in Boston, MA

Shani Boianjiu

Peter Heller

The doG STarS

Hig survived the flu that killed everyone he knows. In his 1956 Cessna, he flies the perimeter of the airfield or sneaks off to the mountains to fish and pretend that things are the way they used to be. But when a random transmission somehow beams through his radio, the voice ignites a hope deep inside him that a better life exists beyond the airport.
978-0-307-95994-2 | $24.95/$27.95C | 60,000 Knopf | HC | August | 978-0-307-96093-1 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01313-7 ] AD: 978-0-449-01314-4 literary Fiction

The people oF Forever are noT aFraid

The story of three girls who join the Israeli Defense Forces at eighteen, where they experience a typical coming of age at the same time as preparing for the ever-present threat of war.
978-0-307-95595-1 | $24.00 | 50,000 Hogarth | HC | September

E 978-0-307-95596-8
literary Fiction

Promo: eGalley available RA: The Tigers Wife by Ta Obreht and Swamplandia! by Karen Russell RI: Israel

Promo: Book Group Guide and eGalley available RA: For readers of The Road and The Passage RI: Denver, CO 2

Richard E. Gropp Juliann Garey

Bad GlaSS
Something has happened in Spokane. The military has locked down the city. Disturbing images seep onto the Internet, spreading curiosity and panic. Dean Walker, an aspiring photographer, sneaks into the city in search of fame, but what he finds will change him in unimaginable ways.
978-0-345-53393-7 | $15.00/$18.00C | 15,000 Del Rey | TR | September | 978-0-345-53564-1

Too BriGhT To hear Too loud To See

Takes us inside the restless mind, ravaged heart, and anguished soul of Greyson Todd. A successful Hollywood studio executive leaves his wife and young daughter and for a decade travels the world giving free reign to the bipolar disorder hes been forced to keep hidden for almost 20 years.
Soho Press l HC l December |

science Fiction

Promo: Excerpt on, Author Website: RA: For fans of Lost and House of Leaves RI: Spokane, WA Story Locale

E 978-1-61695-130-6

978-1-61695-129-0 l $25.00/$29.95C l 15,000 Fiction

Timothy L. OBrien

Promo: Book Group Guide, ARCs, and First Chapter on RA: For readers of Girl, Interrupted, and I know This Much is True RI: Story Locale New York, Rome, Israel, Santiago

The lincoln conSpiracy:

A Novel

Maryka Biaggio

A nation is shattered by its presidents murder. Two diaries reveal the conspiracy. And, a detective is determined to bring the truth to light. This gripping historical thriller poses the question: What if the plot to assassinate Lincoln was more sinister than we ever imagined?
978-0-345-49677-5 | $26.00/$31.00C | 30,000 Ballantine Books | HC | September

parlor GaMeS: A Novel

A sweeping historical novel about May Dugas, a beautiful con-artist whose turn-of-the-century escapades take her around the world as shes doggedly pursued by a Pinkerton detective.
978-0-385-53622-6 | $25.95/$29.95C | 50,000 Doubleday | HC | January

E 978-0-385-53623-3 | ] AD: 978-0-449-80671-5

] CD: 978-0-449-80670-8 Fiction

E 978-0-345-53559-7 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01214-7 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01215-4

Mystery, tHriller & suspense

Promo: Scribd Excerpt, Author Website: RA: For readers of Mary Doria Russell, David Liss, and Matthew Pearl RI: Washington, DC Story Locale

Promo: Book Group Guide, Scribd Excerpt, and eGalley available RA: For fans of Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire RI: The author lives in Portland, OR

Andrew Porter

Elizabeth Black

in BeTween dayS
The Harding family is teetering on the brink. Elsononce one of Houstons most promising architectsis recently divorced from his wife of thirty years. Their grown son, Richard, is still living at home: driving his mothers minivan, working at a local coffee shop. But when Chloe Harding gets kicked out of her East Coast college, the Hardings lives begin to unravel.
978-0-307-27351-2 | $24.95/$28.95C | 30,000 | Knopf | HC | September 978-0-307-96107-5

The drowninG houSe:

A Novel

Photographer Clare Porterfields marriage is coming apart due to a family tragedy. When she receives an invitation to direct an exhibition in her hometown of Galveston,TX she jumps at the chance to escape her grief and reconnect with the island she hasnt seen in years.
978-0-385-53586-1 | $25.00/$27.95C | 40,000 Nan A. Talese | HC | January 978-0-385-53587-8 | ] AD: 978-0-385-36022-7

literary Fiction

literary Fiction

Promo: Book Website:, Excerpt and eGalley available RA: For fans of Sue Miller and Anita Shreve RI: Texas

Promo: Book Group Guide and eGalley available RA: For readers of Netherland by Joseph ONeill RI: Texas

Ayana Mathis

Ben Masters

nouGhTieS: A Novel
Ben Masters has written a thoroughly modern coming-of-age story full of style, heart, and humor. Eliot Lambfor all his mastery of literary theory, postmodern novels, and classic poetryis going to be dragged into adult life, whether he likes it or not.
978-0-307-95566-1 | $23.00/$26.95C | 25,000 Hogarth | HC | October | 978-0-307-95567-8

The Twelve TriBeS oF haTTie

In 1923, seventeen-year-old Hattie Shepherd flees Georgia for Philadelphia, where, though her first two babies die because she cant afford medicine, she keeps nine children alive with collard greens, old southern remedies, and sheer love. Their trials are the trials on which the history of America was forged, a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.
978-0-307-95942-3 | $24.95 | 50,000 | Knopf | HC | January 978-0-307-95943-0 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01303-8 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01304-5

literary Fiction

Promo: eGalley available RA: With the comic timing of Paul Murrays Skippy Dies meets David Nichollss One Day RI: Oxford, England

literary Fiction

Promo: Book Group Guide and eGalley available RA: For fans of Olive Kitteridge and The Known World RI: Set in Georgia and Philadelphia 3

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Erin Morgenstern Cindy Woodsmall

The niGhT circuS:

A Novel

a SeaSon For TendinG:

Book One in the Amish Vines and Orchards Series

Two starcrossed magicians engage in a deadly game of cunning in The Night Circus, the spellbinding bestseller that has captured the worlds imagination. An Alex Award winner.
978-0-307-74443-2 | $15.00 | 250,000 Anchor | TR | July 978-0-385-67173-6 | $21.00C | Anchor Canada | TR 978-0-385-53464-2 | ] CD: 978-0-307-93892-3 ] AD: 978-0-307-93893-0

Cindy Woodsmalls new series begins with a moving story of what it means to be unique in a culture that cherishes conformity.
978-0-307-73002-2 | $14.99/$17.99C | 125,000 WaterBrook Multnomah | TR | September

E 978-0-307-73003-9
aMisH Fiction

literary Fiction

Promo: Book Group Guide and Author Website: RA: For readers of Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke RI: Author lives in Massachusetts

PROMO: Quarterly Newsletter, Author Website: RA: Amish Fiction/Romance RI: Story Locale Mid-Atlantic states & Maine; Author resides in Georgia

Susan Elia MacNeal

Jeffrey Fleishman

princeSS elizaBeThS Spy:

A Maggie Hope Mystery

Shadow Man
A smart, suspenseful psychological novel, at once poignant and heartbreaking. Shadow Man is a novel of identity and suspense that travels across continents and deep into the pasts that make us each who we are. It explores the power of memory to heal and to mask, and the limits of unconditional love.
978-1-58642-198-4 l $15.95/$18.95C l 10,000 l Steerforth Press l TR l August | 978-1-58642-199-1

Spirited Maggie Hope returns in this follow-up to Mr. Churchills Secretary. Fresh from her MI-5 training, Maggie expects to gather intelligence for the British front. Instead, she is dispatched undercover at Windsor Castle, where she will tutor the young princess. Yet, soon she uncovers a vast conspiracy that places the royal family in peril.
978-0-553-59362-4 | $15.00/$18.00C | 30,000 | Bantam | TR | October

E 978-0-553-90757-5 | ] AD: 978-0-449-80852-8 | ] CD: 978-0-449-80851-1


literary Fiction

Promo: eGalleys and ARCs available RA: For readers of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time RI: Story Locale Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic shoreline

Promo: Reading Group Guide, Scribd Excerpt RA: For readers of Jacqueline Winspear and Rhys Bowen RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY

Robert K. Massie

Carla Buckley

caTherine The GreaT:

Portrait of a Woman

inviSiBle: A Novel
A devastating secret compels Dana Carlson to flee from home, not to see or speak to her sister for sixteen years. When Dana returns to Minnesota for her sisters funeral, she learns that Julie has left behind a shattered teenage daughter and a mysterywhat killed Julie may be killing others, too.
978-0-440-24605-3 | $15.00/$18.00C | 50,000 Bantam | TP | December | 978-0-345-53216-9

The Pulitzer Prizewinning author of Peter the Great returns with another masterpiece biography, the extraordinary story of an obscure German princess who became one of the most powerful and captivating women in history.
978-0-345-40877-8 | $20.00/$24.00C | 60,000 Random House | TR | September

E 978-1-58836-044-1 | ] CD: 978-0-307-97021-3

] AD: 978-0-307-97022-0 bioGrapHy & autobioGrapHy


Promo: Reading Group Guide, Splash Page: Catherine-The-Great RA: For readers of narritive biographies RI: Author lives in Irvington, NY

Promo: Reading Group Guide RA: For fans of Jodi Picoult and Nancy Pickard RI: Minnesota Story Locale

P. D. James

Susan Meissner

deaTh coMeS To peMBerley

P. D. James combines her two lifelong loves, Jane Austen and murder mysteries, in this pitch-perfect sequel to Pride and Prejudice, which finds a guest shockingly murdered on the Darcys estate. A magnificent novel.... Incomparably perfect.... Its as if James is channeling Austen. USA Today
978-0-307-95065-9 | $15.00 | 250,000 | Vintage | TR January 978-0-307-36204-9 | $22.00C | Vintage Canada | TR Mystery, tHrillers & suspense

The Girl in The GlaSS:

A Novel

Meg Pomeroy is fed up after a broken engagement and the disappearance of her father. Traveling to Florence, she hopes to find her father, but instead meets Sofia, a writer who claims shes the last Medici.
978-0-307-73042-8 | $14.99/$17.99C | 20,000 WaterBrook Press | TR | September 978-0-307-73043-5 Fiction

Promo: Book Trailer, Reading Group Guide, Author Website: RA: For readers of Sarah Dunant and The Violets of March RI: Story setting California and Florence, Italy 4

Promo: Book Group Guide and Author Website: RA: For mystery readers and Jane Austen fans RI: Author lives in England


Shana Ab

The SweeTeST dark

Sixteen-year-old Lora Jones knows shes different. She hears songs that no one else can hear, dreams of smoke and flight, and lives with a mysterious voice inside her that insists shes more than what she seems. When WWI begins, Lorna is spirited away from her London orphanage to an elite boarding school where she meets two young men who challenge her heart and change her destiny.
978-0-345-53170-4 | $16.00/$19.00C | 40,000 | Bantam | HC | August 978-0-345-53171-1

Introduction by Rob Reiner and foreword by Normal Lear

The princeSS Bride:

A Celebration

A fully authorized companion to the 25th anniversary celebration of the film. This is the first and only book to combine the script, movie stills, behind the scenes photos and reminiscences from the all-star cast. The perfect way to relive the magic and memories of the film again and again. As you wish.
978-0-7893-2442-9 l $35.00/ $35.00C l 15,000 | Universe l HC l September nonFiction

younG adult/paranorMal

Promo: Excerpt Online RA: For fans of Libba Bray RI: Author lives in Denver, CO

Promo: Facebook giveaway campaign RA: For readers of Breakfast at Tiffanys 50th Anniversary and Dirty Dancing

Terry Brooks
Legacy of Shannara

Charles Burns

wardS oF Faerie: The Dark

In the Four Lands a struggle rages between the powers of magic and science. But, when a young Druid unearths an antique diary, he could hold the solution to the increasing tensions between humans, Elves, and Druids.
978-0-345-52347-1 | $28.00/$34.00C | 60,000 Del Rey | HC | August | 978-0-345-52349-5 ] AD: 978-0-307-91367-8 | ] CD: 978-0-307-91366-1

The hive
From the creator of Black Hole (The best graphic novel of the year. Time; the second part of a new epic masterpiece in brilliant, vivid color.
978-0-307-90788-2 | $21.95/$25.95C | 40,000 Pantheon | HC | October GrapHic novel

RA: For fans of Burns earlier work, Black Hole and Xed Out. RI: The author lives in Philadelphia, PA

science Fiction/Fantasy

Promo: Scribd Excerpt and, Author Website: RI: Author lives in Seattle, WA

Sandra Cisneros Illustrated by Ester Hernndez

have you Seen Marie?

Andrew Motion

Silver: Return to Treasure Island

A swashbuckling tale of adventure, by a literary legend, that revisits the characters of Treasure Island. Andrew Motion has written a rousing novel of young friends with big hearts, an adventure that rides high the wild seas, and a thrilling work of literature that would make Robert Louis Stevenson proud.
978-0-307-88487-9 | $24.00 | 13,500 | Crown Trade HC | August | Fiction | 978-0-307-88489-3

The word orphan might not seem to apply to a 53-year-old woman. Yet this is exactly how Sandra feels; motherless and alone like a glove left behind at the bus station. What just might save her is the search for someone else gone missing: Marie, the black-and-white cat of her friend Roz. As Sandra and Roz scour the streets of San Antonio, the pursuit of this one small creature takes on unexpected urgency and meaning.
978-0-307-59794-6 | $21.00/$25.00C | 40,000 | Knopf | HC | October 978-0-307-96086-3 Fiction


Promo: eGalley available RA: March by Geraldine Brooks and Finn by Jon Clinch

Promo: eGalley and Author Website RA: For Sandra Cisneros fans and readers of Shel Silversteins The Giving Tree RI: San Antonio, TX

Otto Penzler

R.A. Salvatore and Geno Salvatore

The BiG Book oF GhoST STorieS

A chilling, enthralling collection of over 80 tales spanning over a hundred years, from the Victorian and Edwardian shivers of Rudyard Kipling and Saki to the pulp magazine eras lurid frighteners August Derleth and Henry S. Whitehead, to masters Joyce Carol Oates and Donald E. Westlake.
978-0-307-47449-0 | $25.00/$29.95C | 17,500 Vintage | TR | September Fiction

STone oF TyMora
Featuring the sage wisdom of R.A. Salvatores best-selling character Drizzt Dourden, the Stone of Tymora is packed with action, magic, intrigue, and a heart-stopping twist. Originally published as a YA trilogy, this single volume edited to flow as a continuous narrative has been redesigned into a handsome adult package, with a newly designed cover featuring art by Salvatore staple Todd Lockwood.
978-0-7869-6224-2 l $27.95 $33.00C l 20,000 l Wizards of the Coast l HC l October 978-0-7869-6138-2

RA: For fans of Penzlers Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! and The Vampire Archives. RI: Author lives in New York, NY


RA: For readers of The Stowaway and The Shadowmask 5

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Dan Fesperman Julia Stuart

The douBle GaMe

A few years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, spook-turned-novelist Edwin Lemaster reveals to up-and-coming journalist Bill Cage that hed once considered spying for the enemy. More than two decades later, Cage, by then a lonely, disillusioned PR man, receives an anonymous note hinting that he should have dug deeper. Spiked with cryptic references to some of his and his fathers favorite old spy novels, the note is the first of many literary bread crumbs that soon lead him back to Vienna, Prague, and Budapest in search of the truth, even as the events of Lemasters pas t eerily and dangerouslybegin intersecting with those of his own.
978-0-307-70013-1 | $26.95/$32.00C | 40,000 | Knopf | HC | August 978-0-307-96090-0

The piGeon pie MySTery:

A Novel

With her trademark wit and charm, Julia Stuart (author of the bestselling The Tower, the Zoo and the Tortoise) introduces us to an outstanding cast of lovable oddballs, from the palace mazekeeper to the unconventional Lady Beatrice (who likes to dress up as a toucandont ask), as she guides us through the many delightful twists and turns in this fun and quirky murder mystery.
978-0-385-53556-4 | $24.95 | 50,000 | Doubleday | HC | August 978-0-385-67660-1 | $22.95C | Bond Street Books | TR 978-0-385-53557-1 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01375-5 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01374-8

Historical Fiction

Mystery, tHrillers & suspense

Promo: Book Trailer, Downloadable Poster and eGalley available RA: For readers of John LeCarre, Daniel Silva, Alan Furst, and Robert Harris RI: The author lives in Baltimore, MD

Promo: Scribd Excerpt and eGalley available RA: For readers of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency RI: London, Englan

Kingsley Amis

Victor LaValle

lucky JiM
One of the most celebrated comic novels of all time, particularly known for its famed hangover scene and out of print for nearly five years. Its the story of Jim Dixon who begrudgingly endures the mediocrity of provincial, collegiate life, until he can take it to no longer and sets forth on one of the funniest, and ultimately successful, rebellions of all time.
978-1-59017-575-0 l $14.95/$14.95C l NYRB l TR l September | 978-1-59017-591-0

The devil in Silver: A Novel

From the award-winning author of Big Machine, comes a thrilling new work of literary horror. Pepper shouldnt have been there in the first place. But on his first night at the New Hyde Hospitals mental ward he witnesses an impossible vision: the Devil appears in the guise of a murderous old man. Pepper teams with three other patients to try to kill the monster. But can the Devil die?
978-1-4000-6986-6 | $27.00/$32.00C | 30,000 | Spiegel & Grau | HC | August 978-0-679-60486-0



Promo: One of The One Hundred Greatest Novels of All Time (The Guardian) RA: For readers of A Meaningful Life, and The Old Devils RI: The author, now deceased, was a Booker Prize recipient

Promo: Excerpt Online, Author Website: RA: For fans of genre-mashing fiction like Zone One RI: Author lives in New York, NY

James M. Cain

The cockTail waiTreSS

The last, lost crime novel by one of the greatest noir novelists of all time. Never before published in ANY format. When Joan Medfords husband dies under suspicious circumstances, shes forced to take a job serving drinks in a cocktail lounge, where two men enter her life: a handsome young schemer she falls for and a rich older man she marries...

George Minot

oM love
Billy, a once trendy artist whos lost his bearings, finds his life reinvigorated by his new yoga practiceand his barefooted yogi teacher. They fall in (ananda / blissful) love and she becomes his muse. But when real life forces its way into their transformative dream zone, everything Billy thinks he knows about himself, and everything he has learned, is called into question.
978-1-4000-4274-6 | $25.95/$30.00C | 30,000 | Knopf | HC | August 978-0-307-96102-0

E 978-1-78116-035-0

978-1-78116-032-9 l $23.99 $27.99C l 20,000 l Hard Case Crime l HC l September

Mystery, tHriller & suspense


Promo: Editor available for email and phone chats RA: For readers of The Postman Always Rings Twice and Mildred Pierce RI: Author deceased

Promo: eGalleys available RA: For readers of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake RI: Downtown New York City


Lee Child Pat Barker

a wanTed Man:
A Jack Reacher Novel

ToByS rooM
The incomparable Booker Prize winner once again demonstrates her ability to eloquently convey simple, moving truths. The enormity of the wars impactnot only on soldiers at the front but on the loved ones they leave behindis poignantly expressed in her unflinching and elegant prose.
978-0-385-52436-0 | $25.95/NCR | 35,000 Doubleday | HC | October | 978-0-385-53502-1

The New York Times bestselling authors latest masterpiece of unrelenting suspense picks up where Worth Dying For left offwith Jack Reacher hitching a ride to DC. The result is a rollercoaster ride no reader will soon forget. Plus, keep an eye out for the movie adaptation of One Shot, starring Tom Cruise, set to release Christmas 2012!
978-0-385-34433-3 | $28.00/$29.95C | 450,000 | Delacorte Press | HC | September Historical Fiction

E 978-0-440-33936-6 | ]

AD: 978-0-307-74963-5 | ] CD: 978-0-307-74962-8 LP: 978-0-307-99085-3

Promo: Excerpt on Scribd, eGalley available RA: Admirers of the Regeneration trilogy and fans of Downton Abbey RI: England

Mystery, tHriller & suspense

Promo: Book Trailer, Scribd Excerpt, Author Website: RA: For readers of action thrillers

Da Chen

My laST eMpreSS: A Novel

A sweeping story of passion and obsession, set against the upheavals of 19thcentury imperial China from the author of Brothers, winner of the 2007 APALA award for adult fiction.
978-0-307-38130-9 | $25.00/$29.95C | 20,000 Crown Trade | HC | October | 978-0-307-95270-7

Michael Ennis

The Malice oF ForTune

Machiavelli and Da Vinci join forces with the courtesan Damiata to expose a serial killer in their midst as we learn the secret history behind one of the most controversial political works ever written, Machiavellis The Prince.
978-0-385-53631-8 | $26.95 | 100,000 | Doubleday HC | September 978-0-7710-3075-8 | $29.99C | McClelland & Stewart HC

Historical Fiction

Promo: eGalley available RA: Lisa Sees Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Arthur Goldens Memoirs of a Geisha RI: Author resides in New York State

E 978-0-385-53632-5 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01286-4

] CD: 978-0-449-01285-7 Historical Fiction

Justin Cronin

The Twelve: A Novel

The hotly anticipated sequel to The Passage. Present day: Three strangers attempt to navigate the chaos created by a government experiment gone wrong. The future: Amy, Peter, and Alicia attempt to hunt the original twelve virals...unaware that the rules of the game have changed, and that one of them will have to sacrifice everything to stop them.
978-0-345-50498-2 | $28.00 | 350,000 | Ballantine Books | HC | October 978-0-385-66953-5 | $32.95C | Doubleday Canada 978-0-345-53489-7 | ] AD: 978-0-307-70205-0 | ] CD: 978-0-307-70203-6

Promo: Scribd Excerpt and eGalley available RA: For readers of The Instance of the Fingerpost and The Shadow of the Wind. RI: The author lives in Texas

Lawrence Osborne

The ForGiven: A Novel

This is a haunting tale of a deadly accident and the reverberations it has on the lives of a group of Moroccan Muslims and expat Eurotrash that converge at a luxurious ksar during a decadent weekend-long party. Perfect for book clubs!
978-0-307-88903-4 | $25.00/$29.95C | 20,000 Hogarth | HC | September | 978-0-307-88905-8



Promo: eGalley available RA: Andre Dubus III, Ian McEwan, and Paul Bowles RI: Moroccan desert

Promo: Scribd Excerpt, Website: RA: For fans of Stieg Larsson, Stephen King, and Michael Crichton RI: Author lives in Houston, TX

Peter Hoeg

The elephanT keeperS children

Told from the precocious perspective of fourteen-year-old Peter, this story follows three siblings and their dealings with their eccentric parents. The family lives on the (fictional) island of Fino, where people of all religious faiths coexist peacefully, yet nothing is how it seems.
978-1-59051-490-0 | $27.95/ $33.00C | 10,000 Other Press | HC | October 978-1-59051-491-7

Fiction General

Promo: ARC and Reading Group Guides available. RA: John Irving meets Sophies World RI: Author resides in Denmark Visit us at our website: 7

Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis Orhan Pamuk

inviSiBle Murder
From the authors of The Boy in the Suitcase comes the second installment in the bestselling Danish crime series starring Red Cross nurse Nina Borg. Nina cant say no to her friend who begs her to help a camp of mysteriously ill Roma refuge children. The situation quickly reveals itself to be much more complicated and perilous than she originally could have imagined.
978-1-61695-170-2 l $25.00/ $25.95C l 50,000 l Soho Crime | HC l October 978-1-61695-171-9

SilenT houSe
In a crumbling mansion in Cennethisar (formerly a fishing village, now a posh resort near Istanbul) the old widow Fatma awaits the annual summer visit of her grandchildren. Now mostly bedridden, she is attended by her faithful servant Recep, a dwarfand her husbands illegitimate son. Mistress and servant share memories, and grievances, of those early years. But it is Receps cousin Hassan, a high school dropout and fervent right-wing nationalist, who will draw the visiting family into the growing political cataclysm.
978-0-307-70028-5 | $26.95 | 75,000 | Knopf | HC | October 978-0-307-40265-3 | $29.95C | Knopf Canada

Mystery, tHriller & suspense

Promo: Book Group Guide, ARCs, and eGalley available RA: For readers of The Boy in the Suitcase and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series RI: Scandinavian Fiction

E 978-0-307-95855-6
literary Fiction

Karen Marie Moning

Promo: Book Group Guide and eGalley available RI: Turkey

This first book in Monings hotly anticipated new urban paranormal trilogy catapults us back to the frenetic world of the Fever series. Picking up where Shadowfever ended, Dani OMalley, the powerful, tough-talking teen sidhe seer, must capture an elusive new Fae creature on a murderous rampage.
978-0-385-34440-1 | $27.00/$29.95C | 150,000 Delacorte Press | HC | October 978-0-440-33980-9

Tarun J. Tejpal

The STory oF My aSSaSSinS

A sweeping saga of corruption and social injustice in Modern India. Inspired by an infamous real-life sting operation, this story of a celebrated journalist learning that the police have captured five killers enroute to his office continues on to an absorbing saga that causes the journalist to re-examine his own life, while compulsively investigating the lives of his would-be killers.
978-1-61219-162-1 l $27.95/$27.95C l 25,000 l Melville House l HC l October 978-1-61219-163-8


Promo: AREs, Book Trailer, Scribd Excerpts, Countdown Widget, Author Website: RI: Story locale, Dublin; Author lives in Florida


Promo: ARCs available RA: For readers of Every Man Dies Alone, and Tokyo Cancelled RI: Modern-day India

Ben Winters

Q&A with Ben H. Winters

The laST policeMan

Whats the point of solving murders if we are all going to die soon anyway? Detective Hank Palace has faced this question ever since the asteroid hovered into view. Theres no chance left, no hopejust six precious months until impact. This book is at once a page-turning case to solve and at the same time a challenging philosophical drama that leaves you with questions you will long ponder.
978-1-59474-576-8 l $14.95/ $14.95C l 40,000 l Quirk Books l TR l July 978-1-59474-577-5

The laST policeMan

The Last Policeman is set in a world in which a massive asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, but the novel centers on one detectives murder investigation. Where did you get the idea to combine these two disparate elements of storytelling?
Well, you know, story ideas are like giant planetdooming asteroids: they always take you by surprise. But Ive always had a soft spot for certain kinds of science fiction, books that imagine one grand change to the human situation and tease it out. The obligatory question: What would you do if Earth would be annihilated in six months? Well, Im under contract with Quirk Books to write the sequel to The Last Policeman, so first Id get that done. Just kidding. I think, honestly, that I would spend time with my children. Id read them a lot of books, and take them to beautiful places, and try to prevent them from hearing anything about what was coming. (The idea of that, by the way, makes me tearful, as it did periodically over the course of writing this.) What would YOU do? Share your pre-apocalyptic plan at For full interview visit


RA: A Police Procedural meets the Apocalypse RI: New England


Sara J. Henry Stuart Neville

a cold and lonely place:

A Novel

In the long-awaited first novel in the Lieutenant Albert Ryan series, by award-winning Northern Irish novelist Stuart Neville, a serial killer in 1963 Belfast is targeting former Nazis. When Ryan closes in on the killers, his loyalty is torn between country and conscience. Why must he protect the very people he fought against twenty years before?
978-1-61695-204-4 l $26.95/$32.00C l 30,000 l Soho Crime l HC l January 978-1-61695-205-1

The second work of suspense featuring troy chance, the feisty protagonist from, Learning to Swim. Described by Lisa unger, bestselling author of Fragile, as a thoroughly modern heroine with an independent spirit and a tender heart, [who] deftly navigates the treacherous waters of betrayal and loss.

E 978-0-307-71843-3

978-0-307-71841-9 | $24.00/$28.00C | 25,000 Crown | HC | November

Mystery, tHriller & suspense

Mystery, tHriller & suspense

Promo: eGalley available RA: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and Too Close to Home by Linwood Barclay RI: Story Locale New York State; author resides in Vermont

RA: For readers of Ghosts of Belfast RI: Story Locale Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ian McEwen

George Saunders

SweeT TooTh: A Novel

The year is 1972, Serena Frome, the beautiful daughter of an Anglican bishop, has just completed her maths degree at Cambridge. Her brief affair with one of her professors leads to an interview with MI5. Serena lands an assignment in Operation Sweet Tooth: the funding of artists and writers with whom MI5s political views align. Her target is Tom Healey, a promising young writer. First she falls in love with his stories, then she begins to fall in love with the man. Ian McEwan will keep you guessing in this superbly deft and witty story of betrayal, intrigue, and love.
978-0-385-53682-0 | $26.95 | Nan A. Talese | HC | November 978-0-307-36334-3 | $29.95C | Knopf Canada | HC 978-0-385-53683-7

TenTh oF deceMBer:

One of the most blazingly original writers of his generation, George Saunders is an undisputed master of the short story, and Tenth of Decemberhis first collection in six yearsis his most honest, accessible, and moving collection yet. Writing brilliantly and profoundly about class, sex, love, loss, work, despair, and war, Saunders cuts to the core of the contemporary experience.
978-0-8129-9380-6 | $26.00/$31.00C | 35,000 | Random House | HC | January

E 978-0-8129-9381-3 | ] AD: 978-0-385-35976-4 | ] CD: 978-0-385-35975-7



Promo: Short Story Teaser on, Author Website: RA: For fans of Alice Munro and Nathan Englander RI: Author lives in Oneonta, NY

Promo: eGalley available. Promotion via RA: McEwens first female protagonist since Atonement. RI: London

Kieran Shields

a STudy in revenGe:
A Novel

Gwen Cooper

love SaveS The day: A Novel

From the author of the bestselling memoir, Homers Odyssey, comes a tender novel told through the eyes of Prudence the cat. For years, Prudence has lived blissfully with her roommate Sarah. But when Sarah doesnt return one day, Prudence must now navigate the home of Sarahs daughter, Lauraa woman healing after the loss of her mother, learning to adapt to married life, and discovering how the love of an animal can make us better people.
978-0-345-52694-6 | $26.00/$31.00C | 60,000 | Bantam | HC | January 978-0-345-52696-0

The highly anticipated sequel to The Truth of All Things, featuring the same intriguing detective duo in a similar spooky setting and gothic time period: 1890s New England.
978-0-307-98576-7 | $25.00/$29.95C | 20,000 Crown | HC | January

E 978-0-307-98577-4
Historical Fiction

Promo: eGalley available RA: Caleb Carr and Matthew Pearl RI: Maine


Promo: Reading Group Guide, Author Website: RA: For fans of The Art of Racing in the Rain RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Visit us at our website:

Brian Castner Thomas J. Craughwell

The lonG walk:

A Story of War and the Life That Follows

Brian Castner served three tours of duty as an officer in the Middle East, two of them as the head of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team. And then he came home to his wife and family, only to wage a different, far harder war against an internal enemy, the gnawing, unshakable Crazy that dogged him day and night, the toxic memories that would not be erased.
978-0-385-53620-2 | $25.95/$28.95C | 75,000 | Doubleday | HC | July 978-0-385-53621-9 | ] AD: 978-0-449-80643-2 | ] CD: 978-0-449-80642-5

ThoMaS JeFFerSon crMe Brule: How a Founding

Father and His Slave James Hemings Introduced French Cuisine to America

The incredible true story of how Thomas Jeffersonand his slaveintroduced French Cuisine to America.
978-1-59474-578-2 l $24.95/ $26.95C l 25,000 l Quirk Books l HC l September | 978-1-59474-579-9

MeMoir/bioGrapHy/ cookinG

RA: For readers of Stealing Lincolns Body RI: France and Virginia


Tony Danza

Promo: eGalley available RA: In the searing tradition of Michael Herrs Dispatches and works by such masters of the form as Tobias Wolff and Mary Karr RI: set in the Middle East and Buffalo, NY

Jonathan Kozol

Teacher at Northeast High

id like To apoloGize To every Teacher i ever had: My Year as a Rookie

A sitcom icon teaches high school in inner-city Philadelphia and gives readers a backstage pass to what being a teacher is really like.
978-0-307-88786-3 | $24.00/$28.00C | 50,000 Crown Archetype | HC | September 978-0-307-88788-7

Fire in The aSheS:

Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America

Fire in the Ashes has been five years in the making, and appropriately reflects over 25 years of Kozols thinking about children, poverty, and the future of the united States.
978-1-4000-5246-2 | $27.00/$32.00C | 60,000 Crown | HC | August 978-0-7704-3595-0 | ] CD 978-0-449-01261-1 ] AD 978-0-449-01262-8

MeMoir / bioGrapHy

Promo: eGalley, Discussion Guide, Author Website: RA: Esme Codells Educating Esme, Frank McCourts Teacher Man, Erin Grunwells The Freedom Writers Diary, and Tracy Kidders Among Schoolchildren RI: Author resides in New York

social science

Promo: eGalley available RA: Rachel and Her Children, Amazing Grace, Savage Inequalities, The Shame of the Nation

Richard Kurin

Madcap May:

Mistress of Myth, Men, and Hope

Gyrgy Moldova
Grit, Perilous Times, and the Invention that Changed the Way We Write

BallpoinT: A Tale of Genius and

The triumphs and the trials of the men who invented the modern ballpoint pen as they battled corporate greed, dark eras and each other. The race to perfect the ballpoint pen was a major engineering challenge and surprisingly a dramatic international struggle. Strange, fascinating and true.
978-0-9825781-1-7 l $14.95/$17.95C l 10,000 l New Europe Books l TR l August 978-0-9825781-7-9

The tale of May Yohe, a popular entertainer who charmed her way to international repute despite tragic losses. She married a wealthy English Lord who owned the fabled Hope diamond, went on to have numerous lovers and at least three husbands(though the tabloids rumored twelve). The tabloid queen of her day.
978-1-58834-326-0 l $27.95/$33.00C| 15,000 l Smithsonian l HC l September 978-1-58834-327-7 MeMoir/bioGrapHy

RA: For readers of Clara Bow; The Hope Diamond RI: Author residence, Washington D.C.


Tom Reiss

Promo: eGalleys available RA: For readers of Pencil and Zipper RI: Story set in Hungary, Spain, Argentina, US and Germany

The Black counT: Glory,

Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo

Bob Spitz


The Remarkable Life of Julia Child

The definitive biography of Julia Child with access to Julias diaries and letters written by the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed The Beatles and timed to Julias 100th birthday.
978-0-307-27222-5 | $28.95/$32.00C | 100,000 Knopf | HC | August 978-0-307-96112-9 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01290-1 LP: 978-0-307-99083-9 ] CD: 978-0-449-01289-5 |

By the author of The Orientalist, the true story of a French hero who, in a time of slavery, rose from bondage to become a commander of vast armies and a rival of Napoleon. Extensively researched and partly ignited by the exclusive discovery of Alexandre Dumass (the authors father) long-forgotten papers.
978-0-307-38246-7 | $26.00/$31.00C | 100,000 | Crown | HC | September

E 978-0-307-95295-0 | ] CD 978-0-449-01269-7 | ] AD 978-0-449-01270-3



Promo: eGalleys available RA: For readers of My Life In France and Appetite For Life RI: The author lives in New York, NY 10

Promo: eGalley available RA: Alexandre Dumass The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo RI: Author resides in New York City


Steven Rinella
an American Hunter

Nate Berkus

MeaT eaTer: A Natural History of

From the author of American Buffalo and host of the Travel Channels The Wild Within comes an exploration of humanitys oldest pursuit. Rinella chronicles his evolving, lifelong relationship with hunting, and along the way grapples with the vanishing frontier, the ethics of killing, and the responsibilities human predators have to our prey.

The ThinGS ThaT MaTTer

From design expert Nate Berkus, who rose to fame on The Oprah Winfrey Show, comes a gorgeous, illustrated book that will inspire us to create homes filled with things that reflect who we are. Berkus invites us into his favorite homes those of friends, celebrities, and regular folks with a knack for creating stunning spaces that showcase the story of their lives.
978-0-679-64431-6 | $35.00/$41.00C | 100,000 | Spiegel & Grau | HC | October 978-0-679-64432-3

978-0-385-52981-5 | $26.00/$31.00C | 30,000 | Spiegel & Grau | HC | September 978-0-679-64528-3


Promo: Scribd Excerpt, Author Website: RA: For fans of Into the Wild and A Walk in the Woods RI: Author lives in Brooklyn, NY


Salman Rushdie

Promo: Author Video, Contest Online, Author Website: RA: For fans of The Nate Berkus Show and Martha Stewart RI: Author lives in New York, NY

JoSeph anTon: A Memoir

On February 14, 1989, Salman Rushdie learned that hed been sentenced to death by the Ayatollah Khomeini. It was the first time Rushdie heard the word fatwa. His crime? To have written a novel called The Satanic Verses, which was accused of being against Islam, the Prophet, and the Quran. A provocative and extraordinary memoir of how a writer was forced underground.
978-0-8129-9278-6 | $30.00 | 150,000 | Random House | HC | September 978-0-307-40136-6 | $34.95C | Knopf Canada | HC 978-0-679-64388-3 | ] AD: 978-0-449-80784-2 | ] CD: 978-0-449-80783-5

Robert Graysmith

Black Fire: The True Story of the Original Tom Sawyerand the Mysterious Fires That Baptized Gold Rush-Era San Francisco
From the author of Zodiac, Black Fire interweaves the fascinating biography of the little-known real-life Tom Sawyer, poker buddy of then San Francisco Call reporter Mark Twain, with the dramatic account of Sawyers involvement in the hunt for a serial arsonist on the loose in early 1850s San Francisco
978-0-307-72056-6 | $26.00/$31.00C | 30,000 | Crown | HC | October 978-0-307-72058-0


Promo: Author Website: RA: For fans of Hitch-22 and Infidel RI: Author lives in New York and London


Jeffrey Toobin

Promo: eGalley available RA: Erik Larson RI: Story Locale & authors residence San Francisco

The oaTh: The Obama White

House v. the Supreme Court

Joseph Peter

From the prizewinning author of The Nine, a gripping insiders account of the momentous ideological war between the John Roberts Supreme Court and the Obama administration.
978-0-385-52720-0 | $28.95/$31.00C | 250,000 Doubleday | HC | September 978-0-385-53630-1 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01370-0 ] CD: 978-0-449-01369-4 law

The aFrican Book oF happineSS

During the 2010 World Cup former soccer player Joseph Peter traveled to 50 nations in 90 days and shot 150,000 imagesmostly portraits of proud, glorious faces. He curated a selection and gave a small number of handmade editions as gifts to his heroes, including Nelson Mandela. Now available in paperback, this is a dazzling, uplifting photo book that captures the joyful spirit of a continent. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.
978-1-4000-6961-3 | $25.00/$29.95C | 30,000 | Spiegel & Grau | TP | October 978-1-4000-6961-3

Promo: Author Website at RA: For readers of The Nine RI: The author lives in New York, NY

Jonathan Alderfer

naTional GeoGraphic Bird-waTcherS BiBle:

A Complete Treasury


The ultimate book for every bird lover and bird-watcher. With a lighter approach than a field guide, this is the ultimate book for everyone passionate about birdsnot only the dedicated birder but also the family that maintains birdfeeders all winter long.
978-1-4262-0964-2 | $40.00/$45.00C l 50,000 National Geographic l HC | October | 978-14262-0964-2

Promo: Give Happiness Website: RA: For fans of Annie Leibovitz RI: Author lives in New York, NY


RA: For readers of The Bedside Book of Birds RI: Mid-Atlantic states, author lives in Washington, D.C. Visit us at our website: 11

Will Schwalbe Alex Kershaw

The end oF your liFe Book cluB

Mary Anne Schwalbe was an educator and spent ten years building libraries in Afghanistan. But her story here begins at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where, accompanied by her son, she is waiting for chemotherapy treatments to begin. Will casually asks her what shes been reading, and the conversation they have grows into tradition: soon they are reading the same books in order to talk about them as Mary Anne is given her treatments. The books they read range from classic to popular, from fantastic to spiritual, and we hear their passion for reading and their love for each other in their dynamic and searching discussions around each one.
978-0-307-59403-7 | $25.00 | 100,000 | Knopf | HC | October 978-0-307-39966-3 | $29.95C | Knopf Canada 978-0-307-96111-2 | ] AD: 978-0-449-80666-1 | ] CD: 978-0-449-80663-0

The liBeraTor: One Soldiers Odyssey from the Invasion of Sicily to the Liberation of Dachau
The riveting true story of the bloodiest and most dramatic march to victory of the WWII, following the battlefield odyssey of a maverick u.S. Army officer and his infantry unit as they fought from the invasion of Italy to the liberation of the Nazis first concentration camp at wars end. It would be their greatest challenge, a soul-searing test of their humanity.
978-0-307-88799-3 | $28.00/$34.00C | 60,000 | Crown | HC | November 978-0-307-88801-3 | ] CD 978-0-449-01265-9 | ] AD 978-0-449-01266-6


Promo: eGalley available RA: Kershaws The Longest Winter & The Bedford Boys; Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose RI: Story Locale WWII Italy, France & Germany; Author resides in Massachusetts


Promo: Book Group Guide and eGalley available RA: Mitch Albom and Joan Didion RI: New York, NY

Jon Meacham

ThoMaS JeFFerSon:
The Art of Power

Rod Stewart

never a dull MoMenT:

My Autobiography

The extraordinary life and career of music legend Rod Stewart, in his own words for the first time. Rod will also provide photos from his personal collection, including many never-before-seen images.
978-0-307-98730-3 | $27.00/$30.00C | 300,000 | Crown Archetype | HC | October 978-0-307-98731-0 | ] CD 978-0-449-01129-4 ] AD: 978-0-449-01130-0

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning, bestselling author of American Lion comes a rich, unprecedented biography of Thomas Jeffersonfrom birth to his last days, through the Revolutionary War and his years as President. John Meacham brings to life this original thinker and a master politician who helped create and sustain the American republic.
978-1-4000-6766-4 | $35.00/$41.00C | 500,000 | Random House | HC | November 978-0-679-64536-8 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01134-8 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01133-1 LP: 978-0-307-99087-7

MeMoir / bioGrapHy


Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Promo: Jefferson Trivia on, Author Website: RA: For readers of American Lion and Franklin and Winston RI: Author lives in New York, NY


Things That Gain from Disorder

Richard Russo

From the bestselling author of The Black Swan comes an exploration of how some systems actually benefit from disorder. What Taleb calls the antifragile is one step beyond robust, as it benefits from adversity, uncertainty, and stressorsjust as human bones get stronger when subjected to stress and tension. Antifragile provides a blueprint for how to behaveand thrivein a world we dont understand.
978-1-4000-6782-4 | $30.00/$35.00C | 125,000 | Random House | HC | October 978-0-679-64527-6 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01132-4 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01131-7

elSewhere: A Memoir
After eight commanding works of fiction, the Pulitzer Prize winner now turns to memoir in a hilarious, moving, and always surprising account of his life, his parents, and the upstate town they all struggled variously to escape.
978-0-307-95953-9 | $25.95/$28.95C | 75,000 | Knopf HC | November 978-0-307-95954-6 | AD: 978-0-449-01254-3 ] CD: 978-0-449-01253-6



Promo: Book Trailer, Author Website: RA: For readers of The Tipping Point RI: Author lives in New York, NY

Promo: Downloadable Poster, Shelf Talker, and eGalley available RA: Tobias Wolffs This Boys Life to Mary Karrs The Liars Club, Rick Braggs All Over but the Shoutin, and Jeannette Wallss The Glass Castle. RI: Gloversville, New York and Camden, Maine



Oliver Sacks Lauren Slater

From the best-selling author of Musicophilia and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, a provocative investigation into hallucinationsauditory, visual, tactile, olfactorytheir many guises, their physiological sources, and their personal and cultural resonances.
978-0-307-95724-5 | $26.95 | 100,000 Knopf | HC | November 978-0-307-40217-2 | $29.95C | Knopf Canada

The $60,000 doG:

My Life with Animals

E 978-0-307-95725-2 | ] AD: 978-0-307-96735-0 | ] CD: 978-0-307-96734-3


Lauren Slater discovers in animals a refuge from the troubled life of her suburban home. As she matures, her bond with animalsraccoons, horses, swans, cats and, above all, dogsstrengthens and grows more complex and compelling. They offer relief from the pain of her mothers mental illness, from a foster family where she feels not at all at home, from her own periodic bouts with depression, she draws us into the stories of her love for the animals that are so much more than pets.
978-0-8070-0187-5 | $26.95 /$31.00C | 25,000 l National Geographic l HC | November

Promo: Author Video and eGalley available RA: Readers of Sackss previous books as well as anyone fascinated by the human brain RI: The author lives in New York, NY

E 978-0-8070-0188-2

Promo: ARCs and eGalleys available RA: For readers of the Puppy Diaries and Following Atticus RI: Author lives in Massachusetts

Brian McGrory
Made Me a Family Man

Buddy: How a Rooster

The unlikeliest of teachers, Buddy adds comedy to every page of this touching love story. Its not only about the lighthearted devotion between a family and its animals, but about Brian finding his true match as an adult and giving up his entrenched life in order to finally settle down with the woman who makes him better.
978-0-307-95306-3 | $24.00/$28.00C | 100,000 Crown | HC | November | 978-0-307-95308-7

was a rooster that was serving as my personal drill sergeant. Maybe it was the tenth time he chased me across my new lawn, maybe it was the fiftieth, but at some point it dawned on me that there might be a book in all this. What does the book mean to you? There would be days that Id be sitting in my little study writing my column for the Boston Globe, the two kids bouncing in and out, one of the cats walking across my keyboard, and the rooster would position himself just underneath the open window and scream his twitching little head off because he heard me talking to people on the phone. Could have been the mayor or the governor or my editor or an everyday person I was writing about. It didnt matter. My orderly little life had become total bedlam. But as time went on, I started drawing lessons on commitment, on family, on happiness in general, from this bird that was so completely committed to his flock. And sitting down and penning this book, the good and the bad that go with these significant transitions in life, helped me sort it all out. Its a story about a rooster, yes, but its also a story about tremendous change and how we cope with it. Whats one of the funniest or most surprising lessons Buddy has taught you? Being there. Buddy showed me that, when it comes to kids, mates, people you love, being there is critical, whether its convenient or not. And not just being there in physical presence but investing yourself in the moment. Buddy was always there, watching his flock. He didnt care about what happened outside of our yard, because everything he ever wanted in his life, everything that mattered, was right there. It was nice to see and important to understand. What do you hope readers will take away from the book? That animals play a critical role in our lives, or at least they can. That they make us better people in surprising ways. That transitions are difficult, but so often for the better. That youre never too old too learn a few new tricks. That thick skin is an asset. That the more you give, the more youre likely to get in return. Should everyone (or anyone) have a pet rooster? Every enemy I have ever had or will have, please, get one. They are utterly delightful animals. But to the saner among you, be careful. Chickens are great, and thereeres are great, and there direct writing style than, say, a magazine writer. I always feel the need tan you think, more interesting, endlessly devoted to their families. Buddy spends an inordinate amount of time pecking at the doors and peering through the windows to see whats going on inside. But most people get hens, because hens arent as protective of their flock or potentially aggressive to men or visitors or outsiders as roosters. Pam and the kids wouldnt change a thing with having a rooster. I might have preferred a henand I think my neighbors would agree.

MeMoir / bioGrapHy

Promo: eGalley available RA: Marley and Me and Dewey RI: Author resides in Massachusetts

Q&A with Brian McGrory

MeeT Buddy
How did you come to write this book? One day I woke up and the reality dawned on me that, good God, Im living with a rooster; how did this happen to me? I knew how it happened. I fell for a woman unlike anyone I had ever met. She lived in the suburbs, while I had spent my adult life in the city. She had two daughters. The older of those daughters incubated eggs at an elementary school science fair, and from one of those eggs came a little chick they called Buddy. The chick grew up watching television in their laps and sleeping in a little cage in the living room. When it got bigger, the kids pleaded with Pam to keep it, so the chicken lived in the yard by day and slept on a perch in Pams garage at night. Even when the chicken proved to be a big, white, crowing rooster, it didnt matter to any of them. He still came inside to watch TV. He pecked at the doors. He doted on the kids, and they on him. When Pam and I bought a house and we all moved in together, the rooster came with the whole package deal. There was one essential problem with all this, quite apart from the weirdness of a rooster living in a suburban house: This rooster had utterly no use for me and wasnt shy about demonstrating the sentiment. Amid all these transformations in my lifemoving from the city to the proverbial leafy suburbs, from a life of total independence to one with two very outspoken young girlsthere

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Jacob Tomsky Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd

headS in BedS:

A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality

Good proSe:

The Art of Nonfiction

Tomsky memorably dishes the secrets of what goes on behind the scenes of the hotel business. From his front-desk perch of an ultra-upscale Manhattan hotel, he brings us an incredibly funny, insightful, and no-holds-barred chronicle of the highs and lows of the other side of luxury.
978-0-385-53563-2 | $26.95/$31.00C | 40,000 | Doubleday | HC | November

From bestselling author Tracy Kidder and Atlantic editor Richard Todd comes an essential, elegant book about writing an account of what good prose is, how it is created, and lessons learned by both men during forty years of working together. Good Prose includes both the practical and the personal, and is an essential book for anyone who loves to read, or longs to write.
978-1-4000-6975-0 | $26.00/$31.00C | 35,000 | Random House | HC | January 978-0-679-60472-3

E 978-0-385-53564-9 | ] AD: 978-0-449-80710-1


Promo: eGalley available RA: In the tradition of Kitchen Confidential and Waiter Rant. RI: The author lives in Brooklyn, NY


Sean Michael Wilson Translated by William Scott Wilson Illustrated by Chie Kutsuwada Written by Miyamoto Musashi

Promo: Scribd Excerpt, Author Website: RA: For fans of Bird by Bird, On Writing, and Eats, Shoots & Leaves RI: Authors live in Massachusetts

John Elder Robison

raiSinG cuBBy: A Father and

The Book oF Five rinGS

This manga version of The Book of Five Rings, reinvigorates the classic making it more accessible and appealing to a wide audience. With atmospheric drawings and a distilled but faithful text. The Book of Five Rings comes alive both as a guide to swordsmanship and strategy, and as a view into Musashis world.
978-1-61180-012-8 l $16.95/ $19.95C l 15,000 l Shambhala l TR l November GrapHic novel

Sons Adventures with Aspergers, Trains, Tractors, and High Explosives

The inspiring (and hilarious) memoir of a gloriously eccentric dad raising an equally eccentric son, by the bestselling author of Look Me in the Eye.
978-0-307-88484-8 | $26.00/$31.00C | 80,000 Crown | HC | January 978-0-307-88486-2 | ] CD 978-0-307-88137-3 ] AD 978-0-307-88138-0

MeMoir / bioGrapHy

Promo: ARCs available RA: For readers of The Book of Five Rings

Promo: eGalley available RA: Michael Lewiss Home Game and Michael Chabons Manhood for Amateurs RI: Author resides in Massachusetts

Haylie Pomroy

Keep It Off Forever by Unleashing Your Bodys Natural Fat-Burning Power

The FaST MeTaBoliSM dieT: Lose 20 Pounds in 4 Weeks and

Neil Shubin

The univerSe wiThin:

Discovering the Common History of Rocks, Planets, and People

From the nutritionist to such stars as Jennifer Lopez, Robert Downey Jr., Cher, and Reese Witherspoon comes the silver bullet for chronic dieters. An easy to maintain plan that has you eating real, delicious food in specific combinations carefully designed to turn the body into an extreme fat burnerwhile you feel full, satisfied, energized, and on your way to better health.
978-0-307-98627-6 | $26.00/$31.00C | 100,000 | Crown Archetype | HC | December

From one of our finest and most popular science writers, the bestselling author of Your Inner Fish, comes the answer to a scientific mystery story as big as the world itself: How have astronomical events that took place millions of years ago created the unique qualities of the human species?
978-0-307-37843-9 | $25.95/$28.95C | 100,000 | Pantheon | HC | January

E 978-0-307-90786-8 | ] AD: 978-0-449-01295-6 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01294-9


E 978-0-307-98628-3

RA: The Dukan Diet by Pierre Dukan and Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels

Promo: Author Video and eGalley available RA: For readers of The Elegant Universe and The Beak of the Finch RI: The author lives in Chicago, IL



Melissa dArabian & Raquel Petzel Dr. Marwan Sabbagh & Beau MacMillan

Ten dollar dinnerS:

140 Recipes & Tips to Elevate Simple, Fresh Meals Any Night of the Week

The alzheiMerS prevenTion cookBook:

This debut cookbook from the host of Food Networks Ten Dollar Dinners and season-five winner of The Next Food Network Star makes good on the $10 promise of dinner for four.
978-0-307-98514-9 | $24.99/$28.99C | 90,000 | Clarkson Potter | TR | August

100 Recipes to Boost Brain Health

E 978-0-307-98515-6

A full-color cookbook and health guide featuring 100 recipes designed to reduce the risk and delay the onset of Alzheimers, dementia, and memory loss, for people with a family history of these conditions or those already in the early stages, and their caregivers.
978-1-60774-247-0 | $30.00/$35.00C | 10,000 | Ten Speed Press | HC | October 978-1-60774-248-7

Promo: Scribd Excerpt;

Jesse Griffiths Foreword by Andrew Zimmern


Michael Symon with Douglas Trattner

A Chefs Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish

Michael SyMonS carnivore

Michael Symon is loved across the country by folks who watch him on Food Networks Iron Chef America, Cooking Channels Cook Like an Iron Chef, and ABCs much-buzzed The Chew.
978-0-307-95178-6 | $35.00/$41.00C | 40,000 Clarkson Potter | HC | October 978-0-7704-3342-0

A delicious manifesto for the local, sustainable food movement introducing old and new hunters to the game and cooking skills that our ancestors possessed, with great pictures from hunt to feast. From catfish to crab, duck to dove, and deer to wild hog, Griffiths teaches us how to scale, clean, skin, stuff, fillet, grill, and fry a myriad of wild seafood, poultry and game.
978-1-59962-114-2 l $40.00/$40.00C l 15,000 l Welcome Books l HC l September

Promo: YouTube Videos and Minisite: RA: For readers of Hunt, Gather, Cook RI: Author lives in Texas

David Venable Foreword by Paula Deen

Marvin Taylor and Clark Wolf foreword by Marion Nestle

in The kiTchen wiTh david:

101 claSSic cookBookS 501 claSSic recipeS

This is the ultimate book for those who keep cookbooks at their nightstand for bedtime reading. With 101 entries on the best cookbooks of the 20th century, this book is meant for dipping in and out of, to take little walks down memory lane to the totemic books of our past and to discover long-lost gems of recipes.
978-0-8478-3793-9 l $50.00/$50.00C l 20,000 l Rizzoli l HC | October

QVCs Resident Foodie Presents Comfort Foods That Take You Home

David Venable, star of QVCs most popular cooking show, has hosted the biggest names in the culinary industry: Rachael Ray, Gordon Ramsay, Lidia Bastianich. Now he delivers a cookbook of his own a collection of recipes from starters to desserts, as perfect for holiday cooking as for weeknight family meals.
978-0-345-53628-0 | $30.00/$35.00C | 150,000 | Ballantine Books | HC | October (Enhanced Edition): 978-0-345-54097-3 | 978-0-345-53629-7

Promo: Book Trailer, Recipes on RA: For fans of Rachael Ray and Paula Deen RI: Author lives in Pennsylvania

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Tanya Steel

Cynthia Nims

The epicuriouS cookBook:

SalTy SnackS:
Other Savory Bites

Make Your Own Chips, Crisps, Crackers, Pretzels, Dips, and

More Than 300 of Our Best-Loved Four-Fork Recipes for Weekend, Weeknights, and Special Occasions

This collection of 75 recipes for savory puffs, chips, crackers, breads, nuts, veggies, and meats puts a fresh, crunchy spin on homemade snacks. With inventive flavors and easy techniques, whipping up your own savory treats will soon become second-nature.
978-1-60774-181-7 | $16.99/$19.99C | 10,000 | Ten Speed Press | TR | October 978-1-60774-182-4

An impeccably curated collection of make-again recipes, compiled in a book with new photography and informative user tips.
978-0-307-98485-2 | $27.99/$33.99C | 50,000 Clarkson Potter | TR | November 978-0-307-98486-9

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Were thrilled to welcome beloved New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber to Ballantine Books. Were even more thrilled to be publishing two books from her this fall. In August, well launch a brand new series, set in Cedar Cove. And, just in time for the holiday season, Debbie will return with a new Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy story.

The inn aT roSe harBor:

A Novel

anGelS aT The TaBle:

A Shirley, Goodness and Mercy Christmas Story

Jo Marie Rose first arrives in Cedar Cove seeking a sense of peace following the death of her husA brand band. She purchases a local new bed-and-breakfast, the newly series! christened Rose Harbor Inn, ready to begin her life anew. Yet the inn and its first guests hold more surprises than Jo Marie can imagine: love, forgiveness, and renewal.
978-0-345-52892-6 | $26.00/$29.95C | 250,000 Ballantine Books | HC | August 978-0-7393-7828-1 ] AD: 978-0-307-93927-2 | ] CD: 978-0-307-93926-5 Fiction

Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy know that an angels work is never done, especially during a time as wondrous as New Years Eve. With an apprentice angel, Will, under their wings, they descend upon Times Square in New York City eager to lend a helping hand to two lonely strangers in the crowd. Mix true love, a second chance, and a generous sprinkle of mischief for an unforgettable Christmas miracle.
978-0-345-52887-2 | $18.00/$21.00C | 200,000 | Ballantine Books | HC | October 978-0-345-53596-2 | 978-0-7393-7826-7 ] AD: 978-0-307-93919-7 | ] CD: 978-0-307-93918-0 Fiction

E 978-0-345-53511-5 |

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Jo Nesb Speaks
i coMe FroM a FaMily oF readerS and SToryTellerS. My mother was a
librarian and my father used to sit in the living room reading every afternoon. And he told stories. Long stories we had heard before, but in such a way that we wanted to hear them again. When I was seven I pulled Lord of the Flies off the bookshelf and asked my father to read it to me. Not so much because I had good taste, but because on the cover there was a picture of a pigs bloodstained head impaled on a pole. My father read it and I thought I could have made the story more exciting myself. I had already begun to impress friends my age, and some older children, with my gruesome ghost stories who are your favorite authors? Jim Thompson, Vladimir Nabokov, Knut Hamsun, Henrik Ibsen, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Bukowski, and Frank Miller. which are your favorite books? Lolita (by Vladimir Nabokov), The Killer Inside Me (by Jim Thompson), Pan (by Knut Hamsun), Ham On Rye (by Charles Bukowski)
Jo Nesb

how strong is your connection to your character harry hole? I used to think him and I were two completely different persons. I see now thats not true. He may not be my alter ego, but Ive certainly used a lot of my own person in Harry. Lets say 70%. The best parts. Well, some of the not so good, too. do you sometimes dream of harry hole? Never. Thank God.

Arvid Stridh

Following from Jo Nesbs electrifying international best-sellers The Snowman and The Leopard, now comes Phantom, which plunges the brilliant, deeply troubled, now former police officer Harry Hole into a full-tilt investigation on which his own tenuous future will come to depend.
978-0-307-96047-4 | $25.95 | Knopf | HC | October 978-0-307-36108-0 | $19.95C | Vintage Canada | TR 978-0-307-96048-1 | 978-0-307-99081-5 ] AD: 978-0-449-01366-3 | ] CD: 978-0-449-01365-6

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